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Salient Features of Dance Any visual activity has a good impact on the mind of man. Dance is the imitation of our own action, reaction and conviction presented in sophisticated gesticulation, exploiting the body mind and soul. These three aspects are represented in the form of Nritta, Nritya and Natya. Nritta Nritta is pure dance or rhythmic movement of the body. There are several intricacies of Nritta like the defined positions starting with a ‘Samapada’ position. There are innumerable combinations of adavus (the basic dance steps), the variation of foot movements. Nritya Nritya is the application of physical movement sin conjunction with the mind, a combination of rhythm and mind. To express one needs a language. The traditions have evolved a perfect system of gestures. The basic alphabets of this gestural language begin with the single handed gestures and move onto double handed gestures. These alphabets form words and then make sentences. Expression comes from the mind and is shown through the face and eyes. Natya Natya is dramatic representation of stories from mythology. The concept of dance actually originated in the form of dance dramas and later gained importance as a solo performance. Even here the dramatic representation is prominent. To read more please visit

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