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An Indian Journey

Jennifer Harrison

India’s railways criss-cross the entire country. The network consists of almost!40,000 miles of track and 8000 locomotives. The rail network in India is also one of!the worlds largest employers, employing over 1.6 million people. When traveling on India’s railways you become one of the 22 million people squeezing onto this mode of transport daily. ! Traveling by rail in India granted me precious insight into the true heart and culture of the Indian people. It is an experience that I shall never forget. - Jennifer Harrison

All images were taken while travelling through the following stations:


Grant Road Victoria Terminus Byculla Bombay Central Matheran


New Delhi Cantonment Metro



An Indian Journey  
An Indian Journey  

While travelling in India I documented the amazing trains that I encountered. This book visually represents my experience and what I saw tra...