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KEY CLUB Division 13/15/17 – May 2012 3636 WOODVIEW TRACE INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46268 USA 1-800-KIWANIS FAX 1-317-879-0204

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March of Dimes & Children’s Miracle Network


Club Reports


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The Maple Express

Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper• Oak Bay • Van Westside

Despite AP testing season, I expect all of you to continue with your duties & volunteer AND I believe you will get those well deserved 4’s and 5’s! Enjoy the little bit of school left (YES!) and we will Key Club into the sunny weather TOGETHER !! ON A WAY HAPPIER NOTE: I have some exciting news to share with you! Our division is growing, growing, and growing like a Wisconsin fast plant! (HAHA) -DRUMROLL- We have TWO new official chartered/charting Key Clubs in our division!!: Killarney and Vancouver Westside Key Clubs!!! YAY!! Ninja Panda Hugs!!! YAY!!

In service and friendship, Jennifer Zhen


It’s been a whole month already! What have I done?! I’ve been caught up with attending Kiwanis meetings and Spring Board; organizing divisional events, training sessions, and PCMs; visiting clubs; and volunteering! As you can tell Key Club is pretty much my life! So with summer quickly approaching, I have a lot in store for our division like kicking the summer off with the Shoreline Cleanup + Picnic and ending with the infamous… Canadian Rally! Luckily for you, both of which are detailed in my newsletter.

OH I FEEL SO GOOD! During the second last weekend of April, I travelled all the way to the states, almost to Portland, to attend my Spring Board meeting! I had a ton of fun meeting other Lt. Governors from all over the Pacific Northwest District. There I also learned more about my duties as Lt.G and planned the Canadian Rally. To celebrate Kiwanis One Day and give back to the campsite, we had a bunch of fun making birdhouses and pulling weeds with our Kiwanians!


Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper• Oak Bay • Van Westside

Killarney Key Club

HI KEY CLUB Killarney is so proud to announce that we have finally found an amazingly wonderful Kiwanis Club to sponsor us- North Vancouver Kiwanis. They are a true positive addition to our club. And now, with their help, we can reach our hands out to more of our peers, our school and our community. We couldn't have done it without the help of our past LTG, Brenda Nguyen and our current LTG Jennifer Zhen. We love them! We really do. With such amazing key clubbers like you all and the help of an amaaaazing LTG, the sky is our limit. We hope to share the spirit of service and friendship with everyone around us and infect the community with positivity and enthusiasm. Cheers to all the fun we will have in the future and all the change we will make, one club at a time. To express our passion, one dedicated key clubber once said, "Key club is the incandescent in a stormy hour, [and] being chartered helped me find my way in this unmapped world." Sincerely, KILLARNEY KEY CLUB

yay!yay!yay!im!so!proud!yay!yay!yay!yay!yay!yay!yay yay!yay!yay!yay!yay!yay!tear!tear!yay!yay!yay!yay!


Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper• Oak Bay • Van Westside

March of Dimes

Every day 1 in 8 babies in North America arrive too soon. Key Club members are helping by raising thousands of dollars annually for the March of Dimes Youth Programs, a program dedicated to preventing premature pregnancies. The two major goals of the campaign are to raise awareness of prematurity and reduce the rate of premature births. In 2011, Key Club raised over $116,000 for March of Dimes. It is as simple as hosting a school-wide coin drive! Collect those coins and dimes!

Do it for the babies

Children’s Miracle Network What’s that? How can you help? Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) —— is a nonprofit organization that raises money to benefit hospitalized kids. All CMN contributions directly benefit hospitals, helping to purchase up-to-date specialized equipment for tiny children , train staff, conduct life-saving research, implement outreach programs and provide health care for children whose parents can’t afford to pay. CMN saves more than 14 million children annually from life-threatening injuries, birth defects, cancer, and numerous other ailments. For more than a decade Key Club has been supporting CMN by hosting various fundraisers and service projects with affiliated CMN children’s hospitals

Sell Miracle Balloons: Sell red and yellow helium balloons! Very simple. DO IT !! Music Lessons for Miracles: Kids that can play certain instruments offer to teach other students for a donation to the hospital. Movies for Miracles: Host a movie night in the gym/ auditorium. You can’t require tickets or donations for the movie (copyright laws), however you can ask for donations and/or sell concessions for cash. • Fashion Show/Pageant/ Auction for Miracle Kids. • Making and selling apparel/goods: wristbands, tshirts, decals. • Sports tournament – soccer, dodgeball, tennis, etc.

Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper• Oak Bay • Van Westside


April was a month of planning and 'doing' for Claremont Key Club. It was also a month of food. On Apr. 7, our club helped at an Easter Egg hunt at a local park, by barbequing and running the concession for the event. Subsequently, on April 20th, we held a pizza sale for KCCP, where we raised almost $250. We also continued to plan events into May including cleaning up our schools Japanese garden and helping at a local elementary schools fundraising market. In June, we are planning to assist with a track meet for youth with disabilities, and we are also planning our year end social.

Prince of Wales April was a busy month for Prince of Wales! We finally started our Key to Health project, a collaboration between Key Club, Health Club and the Cafeteria. Twice a week, the cafeteria sold healthy menus priced at $6 each, putting $1 into the donation can for every menu sold. The donations will go towards the Canadian Cancer Society (Relay for Life) and Kiwanis Children's Cancer Program. There will also be a small fundraiser in May to wrap up the project! On April 28th, the Kiwanis Read Around the World took place in the Kerrisdale Library. Key Clubbers not only read books to children but also colored pictures and made crafts. The event was definitely a big hit and the Kiwanians are looking forward to more interaction with Key Club!

Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper• Oak Bay • Van Westside



The month of April has been a month where the new execs, including myself, got accustomed to our positions. We are now somewhat comfortable with our responsibilities, and as well know mostly what to do. April also has been a month where we got started on our volunteering and fundraising. We had two volunteering activities, one where we cleaned up our local area, and second where we helped with the gardening at Eagle Ridge hospital. Gardening was tough, and it was actually some back-breaking work. As for our fundraiser, our club hosted a coin drive at our school, and it turned out to be a success we didn’t anticipate. We had a surprising outcome of $162.41, and this money will go towards the March of Dimes.

April saw a new executive board revive Key Club at Tupper. Our goal was to take Tupper Key Club's reputation into a great productive and large club. Our first event was our Bunny Egg Hunt fundraiser! This hunt built community and also really helped with member numbers. Many people, especially junior grades, overwhelmed our organizers. In turn we raised around $70, considering it was first event it was very successful. Also our school was holding their Tupper Greenway Annual Green Streets Plant Swap. What got my attention was commitment of members as only 4 members showed up however, our numbers are increasing a lot in late April and early May. We also held a simple social gathering originally planned at a nearby park but the weather kept us in our school hallways. With games and food, it turned out to be very fun! April was a great month for the new term, and

Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper• Oak Bay • Van Westside


In terms of our goals, we will try to get 10 key club members to attend DCM, Shoreline Cleanup volunteer and 5 members to the Kiwanis ground breaking event. If possible, I would like to get chartered before school ends so we can give our memberships and make the members feel special. :)

Hello all! Van Tech Key Club has had a busy month! During the month of April, we gathered some volunteers to help out with the Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival, Bank of Montreal Marathon, and we started selling Kiwanis Children Cancer Program Wristbands! We will be having an exciting month as our faculty advisor decided to fund us to create VanTech's very own club t-shirt! How cool are we? For the month of May, we are packed with lots of fun and exciting events with our Kiwanians as well as engage with other clubs from our division.


For the month of April we organized many events although we haven't done any yet. Projects currently in the works include the following: KeyMUN Procrastination Apple Canadian international boat festival Letters to MLA ChildRun Oakridge reading Defeated Van Tech in the banner contest Our goals are to organize these projects and prepare for them

Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper• Oak Bay • Van Westside


In the month of April, we have decorated the school and advertised Staff for Laughs. In May, we have been collecting funds through Staff for Laughs for KCCP. In the following week, we will be volunteering at the Kiwanis ground breaking event. To raise funds for our club, we will do a lemonade tea sale in the third week of May.

May dcm

Shoreline Clean Up What? Divisional Wide Service Project When? Saturday, May 26th, 2012 @ 9AM Where? English Bay along Bidwell street to Bute St. Meeting place: outside Burrard Skytrain Why? Experience divisional bonding through providing service to our shores! Lets clean up English Bay, KEY CLUB STYLE!

What? May Divisional Council Meeting When? Monday, May 19th, 2012 @ 5PM Where? DCM: Meet Street Level Patterson Skytrain AYCE Sushi: Kingsway Sushi Cost? $30 MAX for sushi Why? Stay updated with the division, meet Key Clubbers from all over Division 13/15/17 while having fun, and eating ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI!

We will be having a picnic afterwards. So please bring FOOD! RSVP HERE : http:// events/236855443082778/



CANADIAN RALLY Theme? Under the Sea of Service When? Monday, August 20th, 2012 @ 10AM-4PM


University of British Columbia (UBC)


YOU and Key Clubbers from all over the BC!

Cost? $5 Early Bird $7 Late Fee

Why? To experience a mini DCON, meet a ton of new people, attend workshops, play icebreakers, and get pumped about Key Club and volunteering!! Look out for registration package this month and register with your club by June 30th! THE CANADIAN RALLY IS ONE EVENT YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS!

Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper• Oak Bay • Van Westside

Clubs can easily earn points through certain tasks such as handing in monthly reports on time, attending DCMs, etc. The more active members that are in your club, the more points you’ll get!


So what does BoMS stand for? The acronym BoMS stands for Board of Magical Surprise. This board creates a little friendly competition between the clubs in the wonderful division of 13/15/17. As well, prizes are awarded when clubs have reached a certain # of points!

In the end, TWO clubs (1 established club and 1 new club) that gets the most points will be receiving a magical sur-



I have started visiting clubs around the division in the month of May. I am excited to see the rest of you! Below are the dates you can anticipate to see me! May 15 —Pinetree May 17 —Claremont May 21 —Van Westside May 22 —VanTech May 25 —Tupper May 29 —Killarney TBA —Prince of Wales TBA —Oak Bay

We are sly and ninja about the service we do. Shhhh!

We believe in diversity! (Black, white, & Asian!)


Our divisional colors are RED AND PURPLE! (Don’t like the colors? We’ll discuss at May DCM! )

Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper• Oak Bay • Van Westside



We are the Ninja Pandas for a number of reasons!

Divisional Tshirt and KCCP Crewnecks for Sale! If you like what you see please purchase! Purple Ninja Panda : $10 KCCP Crewneck: $20 Funds raised from selling KCCP Crewnecks will go towards finding a cure for children’s cancer. Please support by purchasing one! Contact me to buy. Message me for sizes too! Key Dates: May 12th—West Van Ground Breaking May 19th—May DCM May 26th—Shoreline Cleanup & Picnic Earn some BOMS points HERE!

June 5th —Secretary Reports Due

The first 15 Key Clubbers who tell me when and where the Shoreline Cleanup happens and their favourite charity will earn 5 points for their club!

June 5th —President’s Club Reports Due

Txt/facebook/email/call me!

June 30th—Canadian Rally Registration Due

June 10th—Newsletters Due

Governor Giovanni Mckenzie Secretary Kelsie Hoppes Treasurer Kenneth Lam Editor Bassel Hamieh Convention Chair Andy Nguyen International Trustee Cole Hickman

Jennifer Zhen (c) 778 858 7393

Ask Away!

Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper• Oak Bay • Van Westside

Maple Express May Newsletter  

Division 13/15/17 by Jennifer Zhen

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