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KEY CLUB Division 13/15/17 – June 2012 3636 WOODVIEW TRACE INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46268 USA 1-800-KIWANIS FAX 1-317-879-0204

In This Issue: Lt.G Greetings


May Recap


Hersheys Track and Field & Children’s Miracle Network


Club Reports


Upcoming Events


Divisional Business


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The Maple Express

Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper• Oak Bay • Van Westside

But can you promise me one thing? When summer weather approaches, yet again, have fun volunteering and stay active in Key Club. I’ll try my best to incorporate as much volunteering at my DCM’s so its like killing a bird with two stones. So come to DCMs! DO VOLUNTEER SON! Have you registered for the Canadian Rally? GET ON IT, it’s going to be an amazing event and you definitely don’t want to miss out on the FUN! Finally this is a shout out to all the graduates. We would be no where if it weren’t for you guys. Always guiding us along the way and looking after us. Look after yourselves in the big world and know that Key Club is ohana, we’re all family, especially since you’ll be joining Circle K anyways. Right? ANYWHO WE WILL MISS YOU GRADS 2012! <3

In service and friendship, Jennifer Zhen

double it up!


I can’t believe we’ve been together for 2 months now! I’ve been around the division left and right and I’m overjoyed at seeing all of you through my club visitations. Lets all continue to work hard at school for the next two weeks. Afterwards, HELLO SUMMER! That means plentiful time to Key Club the day/night/24/7 away! YAY!

I want to let everyone know I will be able to receive my official Lieutenant Governor Training at International Convention in Orlando, Florida this summer because of the generous donations from the following Kiwanis Clubs: West Vancouver Kiwanis Vancouver Kiwanis Langley District 100 Kiwanis South Surrey Kiwanis White Rock Kiwanis Vancouver Technical Key Club No words can describe how grateful I am, but thank-you so much for your support and I can’t wait to bring back all that I can to further develop this wonderful Canadian division!


Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper• Oak Bay • Van Westside

May DCM I hope everyone had a ton of fun at the last DCM! I know there was sayings like “BEST DCM YET” YAY . We talked lots, or well I talked lots, so thanks for listening! Also kudos to those who helped with the Canadian Rally Promo Video, * Lily, Annie, Jerry, Nicole especially! THANKS! As for...SUSHI: it was “total rip off” amen, lets NEVER EAT again! AHAHA. The June DCM is coming up so keep reading to find out details! ;) SEE Y’ALL THERE!

Shoreine Cleanup Thank-you everyone in participating in the divisional shoreline cleanup! It was a big success, we had 42 Key Clubbers show up at English Bay and GUESS WHAT?! We picked up roughly 90lbs of garbage consisting of over 825 cigarettes butts 2 dead animals, 6 condoms and many more. Special thanks to Kirstie Feng, our adult site coordinator! I am missing waivers from Churchill, Killarney, VanTech. Get those in to either Kirstie or myself pronto!



Ma(n)y fun times!

Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper• Oak Bay • Van Westside

Officers looking adorable as always! Officers with Rosemary, Tom DeJulio, and Kelly Ho!

We met someone famous! A few privileged Key Clubbers and myself had the chance to meet Mr. Tom DeJulio THE KIWANIS INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT-ELECT and his wife Rosmary! Greg Holland our Kiwanis PNW Governor-Elect was also there. Wow some very very special people! We were so honoured to be in the same room as so many Kiwanians. It was a bit overwhelming, but we had a ton of fun. Kiwanians were also talking plans for the Kiwanis International Convention which is being held in our very own city, Vancouver next summer 2013!! It will be very exciting and just o let you all know, we’ll mostly likely be volunteering for their convention! VERY EXCITING !!

Cheers to a successful year!

Check out Jasmine and Darcy’s height difference!


Ma(n)y fun times!

Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper• Oak Bay • Van Westside



There’s a new sponsor in town! That’s right, Key Club International has partnered up with a new sponsor this year: Hershey’s Track and Field.

The HERSHEY’S Track & Field Games is the largest youth sports program of its kind in the United States and Canada. Events take place in every state and every province in North America, and hundreds of athletes make it to the grand finale — the North American Final in Hershey, Pennsylvania. By volunteering for a track and field event or even creating one, we are promoting a HEALTHY active lifestyle and friendly competition for children! Doesn’t this just scream FUN!? ALRIGHT NOW GO TO ->

http:// For more information!

having fun every step, leap, throw along the way

Children’s Miracle Network What’s that? How can you help? Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) —— is a nonprofit organization that raises money to benefit hospitalized kids. All CMN contributions directly benefit hospitals, helping to purchase up-to-date specialized equipment for tiny children , train staff, conduct life-saving research, implement outreach programs and provide health care for children whose parents can’t afford to pay. CMN saves more than 14 million children annually from life-threatening injuries, birth defects, cancer, and numerous other ailments. For more than a decade Key Club has been supporting CMN by hosting various fundraisers and service projects with affiliated CMN children’s hospitals

Sell Miracle Balloons: Sell red and yellow helium balloons! Very simple. DO IT !! Music Lessons for Miracles: Kids that can play certain instruments offer to teach other students for a donation to the hospital. Movies for Miracles: Host a movie night in the gym/ auditorium. You can’t require tickets or donations for the movie (copyright laws), however you can ask for donations and/or sell concessions for cash. • Fashion Show/Pageant/ Auction for Miracle Kids. • Making and selling apparel/goods: wristbands, tshirts, decals. • Sports tournament – soccer, dodgeball, tennis, etc.

Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper• Oak Bay • Van Westside


Despite several setbacks, Claremont Key Club was able to keep busy in May. Our first problem was our schools musical production, running the first 2 weeks of May, involving 4/5 of our executives, and nearly half the club. Secondly, we were unable to clean our schools Japanese Garden on the May long weekend due to teacher job action and scheduling conflicts. So we had to keep chipping away at it little by little on Friday's like we had been before. On the 26th, we sent volunteers to a local elementary school to help at an outdoor market organized by the schools PAC. This market was to raise funds to buy assistive computer hardware for children with autism. We also continued planning and getting ready for events such as our school's 50th anniversary, Operation Trackshoes, our Year End BBQ, next years recruitment video, and Canadian Rally. Woohoo!

Prince of Wales

The school year is almost over and there is only one Key Club meeting left! During the month of May, we finished the Key to Health project with a total of $300 raised. $250 was made by the cafeteria by selling healthy menus and collecting donations, and $50 was donated by Canuel Catering. Also, the cafeteria has agreed to work with us on this project again next year. On Monday, May 28, the PWKC President, along with other Key Clubbers from the division, attended the Kiwanis President Reception and met the Kiwanis international president; and on Wednesday, May 30, we had an amazing time with our Ltg Jennifer Zhen visiting our meeting.

Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper• Oak Bay • Van Westside

Try to spot me in this Killarney Club Visitation Photo!

Killarney In the past month, Killarney has fundraised for March of Dimes by having a homemade lemon tea sale. The profits totalled out to be only $13, but it was 'super duper' fun! We have also finished off our Staff for Laughs fundraiser. It was a quick fundraiser that took a lot of dedication from our vice president and committee chair, Jonathan Vu. We successfully raised over $200 for KCCP and convinced our Grade 11 counsellor to come to school as a woman. ^_^v We have wrapped up our year, but our Kiwanians have invited us to volunteer and help them with their tea party for their senior home. This will take place on July 20 from 12:30 to 4:30. During the summer, we will be having one volunteer opportunity to be announced for all our key clubbers to have a chance to celebrate service even during their summer vacation. So if you guys have nothing to do.. come volunteer with us!!

Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper• Oak Bay • Van Westside

Pinetree In the month of May, our club has been very busy and active. First and upmost, our club has created a bank account separate from the shcool, so we are now able to create and receive cheques directly to the club (our account name is Key Club Coquitlam). This has been discussed beforehand with our Kiwanian advisor Andre LaFluer. Besides that, we have involved ourselves in numerous volunteering activities, such as the Shoreline Clean up our division took part in, and as well with the Kiwanis&Eagle Ridge flower sale. With this, our club raised over a $1000, and we plan to use part of this money to donate.

Tupper May was an okay month, despite missing one meeting due to the entire exec board being absent. Divisional event attendance was still an issue with our club but we're still trying our best to get to go whether it be schedule conflict or disinterest. We also tried to participate in the city's campaign, Keep Vancouver Spectacular, to clean up litter around the city. However due to some miscommunication between us and their organizers, the event was unfortunately cancelled. The highlight of May was our own March of Dimes fundraiser where we sold gelato at our annual carnival and raised $261! We are planning to participate in the Carfree Day festivites on June 17th. Even with the school year ending, I hope Key Club will not die in the summer!

Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper• Oak Bay • Van Westside

For the month of May, Churchill Key Club volunteered in several events and held a fundraiser. We volunteered in events such as a shoreline clean-up and helping set-up for a Kiwanis breaking ground ceremony for an addon onto the Kiwanis complex at West Vancouver. For the fundraiser, Churchill Key Club raised more than 70$. Churchill Key Club also sold apple timers as a fundraiser on the side. Churchill was also partook in two Kiwanis events. Churchill Key Club has also managed to extend their active membership by 6 members, despite nearing the end of the school year.

Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper• Oak Bay • Van Westside



Hello everyone! It has been a busy month with Van Tech Key Club! Our president from 2 years ago Iris Zhou came to visit us! She brought us cookies and updated us about her life in UBC's Circle K. It was an emotional event for everyone as it was during Iris's term that Key Club reached its prosperous times. On May 12th 2012, Van Tech Key Clubber's created a closer connection with West Vancouver Kiwanis Club by volunteering at their Kiwanis Groundbreaking Village Ceremony. The West Vancouver Kiwanis is going to build another manor to help home more senior citizens! Key clubbers enthusiastically served Kiwanians with cake and drinks and had an amazing bonding time. Every year at school we would host our own carnival and this year at TECHnival Van Tech Key Club worked hard and sold 20 Viet Subs, sold executives and key club t-shirts. Basiacally, whoever payed us money is allowed 2 water gallons where they are allowed to choose which executives they want to throw it to. We were all SOAKED! but we all had a fantastic time and the water was cooling under the summer heat! ChildRun organized by BC Children's Hospital was a marathon designed to help raise money to find a cure to cancer. Van Tech's Key Clubber's enthusiastically volunteered for the marathon waking up nice and early! The work they had to do include route marshals, greeters, and cheering team. A Few weeks ago, our Lt.G organized a divisional project where key clubbers go to pick up garage along the beach. It went successfully with our school's key clubber working passionately picking up litters such as cigarette butts and plastic bottle. Hard work pays off! Members then stayed to enjoy the view. June just kicked off and everyone is going to be busy studying for exams! So I wish everyone greatest luck!

June dcm



What? June Divisional Council Meeting When? Monday, June 25th, 2012 2PM-6PM Where? Rupert Park Why? Stay updated with the division, meet Key Clubbers from all over Division 13/15/17 while having fun!



RSVP HERE : http:// events/383278635053743/


CANADIAN RALLY Theme? Under the Sea of Service When? Monday, August 20th, 2012 @ 10AM-4PM


University of British Columbia (UBC)


YOU and Key Clubbers from all over the BC!

Cost? $5 Early Bird $7 Late Fee

Why? To experience a mini DCON, meet a ton of new people, attend workshops, play icebreakers, and get pumped about Key Club and volunteering!! Here’s the registration package

register with your club by June 30th! THE CANADIAN RALLY IS ONE EVENT YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS!

Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper• Oak Bay • Van Westside


So what does BoMS stand for? The acronym BoMS stands for Board of Magical Surprise. This board creates a little friendly competition between the clubs in the wonderful division of 13/15/17. As well, prizes are awarded when clubs have reached a certain # of points!


Clubs can easily earn points through certain tasks such as handing in monthly reports on time, attending DCMs, etc. The more active members that are in your club, the more points you’ll get!


In the end, TWO clubs (1 established club and 1 new club) that gets the most points will be receiving a magical surprise. GOOD LUCK!

Killarney-485 Churchill-305 Pinetree-270

Prince of Wales-245 Claremont-225 VanWestside– 210 Oak Bay– 150



Its finally here! The divisional forum is a place for all members within the division to connect! There are topics that get to know members, talk about favourite service projects, gaming, pretty much… anything! GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER, we’re all cool people ! ALSO I'd like to officially thank Jerry Yang for working so hard on it. Please register and make your first post in members 411 in Introductions. Again, keep it toddler appropriate and you'll be fine. Read the rules before you post. SEE YOU ON THE FORUM! :)

We are the Ninja Pandas for a number of reasons! 

We are sly and ninja about the service we do. Shhhh!

We believe in diversity! (Black, white, & Asian!)


Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper• Oak Bay • Van Westside



Divisional Tshirt and KCCP Crewnecks for Sale! If you like what you see please purchase! Purple Ninja Panda : $10 KCCP Crewneck: $20 Funds raised from selling KCCP Crewnecks will go towards finding a cure for children’s cancer. Please support by purchasing one! Contact me to buy. Message me for sizes too! Key Dates: June 20th—JUNE PCM June 25th—JUNE DCM June 30th—Canadian Rally Registration Due Earn some BOMS points HERE!

July 1st—Canada Day! :D

When and where is the JUNE DCM? What are you bringing to the DCM? (hint...Miracle Minute)! You have until June 15th to message me the answer to win 3 points for your club!

July 5th—Secretary Reports Due July 5th—Club Reports Due July 10th—Newsletters Due

Txt/facebook/email/call me!

Governor Giovanni Mckenzie Secretary Kelsie Hoppes Treasurer Kenneth Lam Editor Bassel Hamieh Convention Chair Andy Nguyen International Trustee Cole Hickman

Jennifer Zhen (c) 778 858 7393

Ask Away!

Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper• Oak Bay • Van Westside

June Newsletter  

For Div 13/15/17 by Lieutenant Governor Jennfier Zhen

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