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The Maple Express


HEY KEY CLUBBERS! It is OFFICIAL, the new Key Club year has started!! With that said, it means thanking our outstanding past officers over the year for their hard work and dedication in building each club. Personally, I want to thank you all and Brenda Nguyen for leaving me with a fantastic and striving division. Without all your passionate work, I'd be crying in a corner .... Finally, this applies to graduates as well, I wish you all the best in all that you will do in the future. Don't forget about us little innies! As well, a warm welcome to the new officers, you are embarking on a scary, but a once in a life-time adventure. Don't be intimidated by workload, just try your best and always come out with a smile. Lets make the 2012-2013 term the best yet! To the members, a new Key Club year is always a new beginning. Continue to volunteer because that is ultimately the underlying reason why you are still in Key Club. Take up new roles and explore the different committees in your club. Be attentive and sincere AND LOVE YOUR OFFICERS. and GO TO MY FUTURE DCMS !! :DD In service and friendship, Jennifer Zhen


april dcm recap

I held my first DCM yesterday! I was pretty nervous , but totally excited to see everyone’s lovely faces .We had a great time playing icebreakers and listening to each officer present their Me in a Bag! There was much to cover, but we did it and ended it off with making cards for the BC Children’s Hospital. The next DCM will be on Saturday, May 19th, 2012. We will be going for all you can eat sushi after! So please save the date..and some money! See you all there with the DCM agenda!

Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper

Farewell from Brenda Nguyen Hello everyone! First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me the most amazing experience of my life! Throughout my term I met so many new people and learned a bunch new things. It was a lot of hard work, but the price we had to pay was definitely worth it for all the countless and unforgettable memories we were able to create. To my officers, I love each and every one of you deeply so! Tears start to form as I reminisce our term together. From dancing in spandex during DCMs to cheering until our voices are gone at DCON, you all made an incredible impact in my life and in the lives of others and for that I am incredibly proud to serve you as your lieutenant governor. To the members who are the foundation of our organization, continue to develop your passion for service because the work that you do is so very meaningful and with one service project at a time, we can change the world together. Finally to the officers of 2012-2013, your term has officially started. There are only 365 more days left, so cherish it and work hard to make the best of it! Listen to your Kiwanians and LTG, as they are there to support you and lend you their shoulder when times are tough. It is a long journey but keep your will to serve strong and you will definitely make it, carving your own path along the way. I love you all very much and although I am sad to see it end, I have full faith in the new LTG Jennifer Zhen and I know that she will definitely open up opportunities that will allow our division to rise to new heights! And with all that being said, "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss. In caring and service, Brenda Nguyen

We will miss you!

Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper

Officer Training Sessions As you are transitioning into your new term as a club officer, it Is vital that you are prepared and educated about both Key Club and your duties. I will try my best to educate you all, but that can only happen if you make the time and effort as well. So please attend your respective officer training session and be a good officer!

Presidents + Vice-President: CHECK!

Secretary & Treasurer

 

We need to decide on training date. Fill out doodle form on your preferred date. Pick either Sat. April 14 or Sun. April 15. Both from 10:30AM-12:00PM by Monday April 9th We can go for lunch after if you want! :D Bulletin Editor

 

We need to decide on training date. Fill out doodle form on your preferred date. Pick either Sat. April 28, Sun. April 29. Both from 10:30AM12:00PM http:// by Monday April 16th We can go for lunch after if you want! :D

Every day 1 in 8 babies in North America arrive too soon. Any pregnant woman is at a risk of having a premature birth. The reason why? Nobody knows. But we do know that is a serious and common problem that has a price tag attached to it. That is why, Key Club members are helping reduce the cost by raising thousands of dollars annually for the March of Dimes Youth Programs, a program dedicated to preventing premature pregnancies. The two major goals of the campaign are to raise awareness of prematurity and reduce the rate of premature births. In 2011, Key Club raised over $116,000 for March of Dimes. It is as simple as hosting a school-wide coin drive! Collect those coins and dimes! The biggest fundraiser is the March for Babies in spring. So please do your part and register online at and find the date and location in your area. Together we can march into a healthy future for all babies!

Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper

March of Dimes

This one’s for the mommies and babies out there!

Club Reports



March has been an inactive month for Key Club. Spring break had taken place, and also, most of the immediate past executives were away in Europe as a school trip. However, the DCON attendees and all execs (new and immediate past) attended the March DCM/PRECON rally (with the exception of two members). Eight of the people in Pinetree’s Key Club also attended DCON, and everyone that went seems to have had a great time. As a club, we have not done much yet, but the executives and I are planning to change that and provide more opportunities for the members of the club. But as a recap, in the month of March, Steve Yang had introduced me to our sponsors and with them made plans to have a volunteering activity at the Eagle Ridge hospital for mother’s day.

The month of March was unfortunately a slow one for Tupper Key Club. The beginning of the month revealed the new executive board as follows. We also had to scrap the idea of a bake sale at a local community centre. The idea was very difficult to work out as our executive board really did all consist of the President and Vice President at the time. There was a loss of commitment and organization as well as complications about food safety and sale. No major events happened for Tupper Key Club. For the March DCM, only 3 executives attended including myself. Our first meeting back from Spring Break saw the idea of an Egg Hunt fundraiser for Kids Up Front. The newly elected executives decided to run this meeting as none of the old executives were present. We all knew Tupper Key Club needed to step it up and will do so in the month of April.

Prince of Wales Prince of Wales Key Club is definitely ready for the new 2012-2013 term! The new executives started off the year attending the DCON with the outgoing executives and Mr. Eckersley, the West Vancouver Kiwanis president. Upcoming projects for the following month are the Relay for Life fundraisers and the Key to Health project!

Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper

Van Tech

Club Reports In the month of March, Van Tech Key Club has been gearing up for district convention. VanTech key clubbers enthusiastically participated in the pre-con rally held by Immediate Past Lieutenant Governor Brenda Nguyen. Members had lots of fun and was anticipating for the countdown to district convention. Members spoke up and told us that the Incoming officer's initiation during the Pre-con Rally was really memorable and saw another side of club officers. Overall, the month of March was a preparation month for district convention.


This month, the Claremont Key Club executives spent a lot of time paying attention to minute details about running the club and all of its events. We had recycling weekly, as usual, with the exception of Spring Break, and collected money for Gloria at every club meeting. With DCON coming up fast, those attending the trip often stayed behind after the rest were dismissed to receive details and make preparations. A pizza sale was in its planning stages.

Killarney Over the past month, Killarney Key Club has helped our school market, Cougar Mart, advertise and host a popcorn sale. We have also wrapped up donations for Cutting Edge, collecting an extremely generous sum for our past District Project- The Kiwanis Children's Cancer Program. In the future, we are planning to possibly work with our community centre in providing more volunteer and leadership opportunities for our members


In the month of March, the new executive positions for Churchill were decided. In addition, Churchill Key Club collaborated with World Vision Club for their annual 20 hour famine. Lastly, Churchill proposed to host a MUN conference for the purpose of uniting all Key Clubs in Vancouver.

Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper

DCON 2012 The Canadians definitely made a red carpet entrance this year at District Convention in SeaTac, WA from March 30– April 1! This year’s DCON was a weekend of fun and learning with over 1600 Key Clubbers from Alaska, Canada, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Northern California gathered at the Double Tree Hotel to celebrate their love and passion for service. Key Clubbers participated in activities such as caucusing, House of Delegates, service fair, workshops, and the governor’s banquet and ball. The opening and closing ceremonies were unforgettable as they were both inspiring and entertaining for all to enjoy. Not to mention, the energy and spirit I witnessed during both ceremonies and throughout the weekend was phenomenal! I had the chance to present the coveted spirit stick to the winning division, who displayed the most spirit. Let me just say this, by the end of DCON you will have no voice and be running to Walmart to buy Halls!!

Congratulations Van Tech! VanTech won Distrct Project’s Award at DCON. Literally out of 300 clubs, VanTech was better than all of them at hosting a Kiwanis Childrens Cancer Program Project! Way to go VanTech and congratulations to all the clubs and officers for their hardwork this past year. This year will be just as amazing, I just know it! Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper

ICON 2012 What? KEY CLUB INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION 2012!! Where? Orlando, Florida When? Friday, June 29th -Sunday, July 8th, 2012 Who? Key Clubbers from all over the WORLD! Why? You will truly witness Key Club at an international level , get a chance to meet the international candidates during caucusing, learn new things at ICON’s engaging forums, have fun at ICON’s two dances, and attend opening and closing session. Not to mention experience Disney World and have the time of your life ! TOTAL COST: $1,450 (option 1): Just Disney World $1,530 (option 2): Disney World and Universal Studios) eabl Registration DUE DATE: April 25th—$700 DEPOSIT DUE “first come, first serve” for plane seats May 25th— REMAINING BALANCE DUE

International Convention 2012 in Orlando, Florida is going to be phenomenal this year! If you can’t tell already, I’m so stoked to be attending my first ICON ever!! So here’s the plan… For the first four days as a district, we will be playing at Disney World and Universal Studios during the day and settle into our beds at The Disney All-Star Sports Hotel at night! After, we will then transfer to our Icon Hotel, Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista.! HELLO ICON2012! We will have a massive amount of fun and I can definitely tell that I won’t want to leave and return back to Canada! So, if you’ve experienced DCON, this is even bigger and better! ICON 2012 at Orlando, Florida here we come! If you are interested, email me for the ICON starter kit !

Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper

Reminders Divisional Tshirt and KCCP Crewnecks for Sale! If you like what you see please purchase! Purple Ninja Panda : $10 KCCP Crewneck: $20 Funds raised from selling KCCP Crewnecks will go towards finding a cure for children’s cancer. Please support by purchasing one! Contact me to buy. Message me for sizes too!

Key Dates: Club visitation date due: April 16th Kiwanis One Day: April 20th March DCM: May 19th

Governor Giovanni Mckenzie Secretary Kelsie Hoppes Treasurer Kenneth Lam Editor Bassel Hamieh Convention Chair Andy Nguyen International Trustee Cole Hickman

Jennifer Zhen (h) 604 582 8987 (c) 778 858 7393

Ask Away!

Pinetree • Churchill • Van Tech • Claremont • Prince of Wales • Killarney • Tupper

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