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PRESIDENTS 1747-2013 1747-1788

Abraham Redwood


Henry Marchant


William Vernon


John Bours


Jonathan Easton


Robert Stevens


David King


Audley Clarke


George G. King


William Hunger


David King


George G. King


William Cozzens


Henry Ledyard


Edward King


Francis Brinley


James E. Mauran


Henry E. Turner


LeRoy King


Henry G. Marquand


Arthur B. Emmons


Daniel B. Fearing


J. Fred Pierson


Roderick Terry


Henry Barton Jacobs


Roderick Terry, Jr.


Andrew Chalmers Wilson


Hugh B. Baker


William P. Sheffield


Donald B. Fletcher


John J. Slocum


C. Mathews Dick, Jr.


Ann F. Conner


Stephen G.W. Walk


Douglas R. Riggs


Ann F. Conner


Edwin G. Fische r, M.D.

Cover: These volumes are in the Library’s Original Collection, a selection of 751 titles purchased from London by Abraham Redwood in 1747.



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C H A R L E S B I R D K I N G S O C I E T Y: P L A N N E D G I V I N G

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C O M M I T T E E S , S TA F F & L I B R A RY VO L U N T E E R S

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This report covers the fiscal year July 2012 - June 2013.



Mission The Company of the Redwood Library and Athenæum is an educational and cultural institution that remains true to its 1747 Colonial charter establishing a library for “propagating Virtue, Knowledge and useful Learning.”

Purpose Reflecting its history and traditions, the Redwood Library and Athenæum is a library, a museum, and a historic building. Each of these aspects of its identity is key to the institution’s future, as well as to understanding its past. In order to encourage public access to its building, programs, and collections, the Library actively pursues policies and opportunities to increase its presence in the national and international educational and cultural environment by expanding, cataloging, preserving, and disseminating its collections and programs.

The Redwood Library and Athenæum celebrated the 265th anniversary of its Charter on August 24, 2012. From its incorporation in 1747 by a group of 46 colonists to its standing today as the oldest continuously operating lending library in its original building in America, the Redwood remains dedicated to fulfilling its Charter, “having nothing in view but the good of Mankind.”



M. Therese Antone, RSM, Ed.D. Joanne Breyer Elisabeth R. Clark Grenville Craig David K. Elwell, Jr. Tylor Field II Edwin G. Fischer, M.D. David B. Ford Bernard S. Gewirz Esmond V. Harmsworth Nannette C. Herrick Edward W. Kane Lisa S. Lewis Kenneth M.P. Lindh Janet Alexander Pell R. Daniel Prentiss Molly de Ramel Peggy C. Richmond Douglas R. Riggs Richard B. Sheffield Jeffrey M. Siegal Dennis E. Stark Stephen G.W. Walk Michael Warren

The American School Boy by Joseph Mozier, 1857 Gift of Edward King, 1863



The Redwood has had a terrific 266th year, and the accomplishments of our hard-working staff and volunteers are a source of great pride to all of us. Executive Director Jen Tuleja is moving ahead with so much energy and enthusiasm that she makes writing my letter for the Redwood’s Annual Report a daunting task! Brenda Konopelko, the Library’s new Director of Finance and Administration, has brought order to the Redwood’s financial systems. The Children’s Library is enjoying a renaissance under the vibrant leadership of Melissa Hurley, our Children’s/Young Adult Librarian. The beautifully renovated Carol and Les Ballard Annex is a pleasure to visit, and the Library hums with activity and children’s laughter during story times and other programs. In the handsome office spaces provided by the Helen Elizabeth Peirce Prince “Gallery to the Garden” project, Special Collections Cataloger Phoebe Bean is working hard on the Redwood/John Carter Brown Library joint digitization project. Assistant Director Maria Bernier has brought back the many Special Collections volumes which were being stored off-site and has reinstalled them in the newly-renovated Alletta Morris McBean Wing. Such efforts all serve to enable our members and visitors to rediscover the treasures of the Redwood. These successes represent just the tip of the iceberg. The Redwood has installed a professional donor database with funding generously provided by an anonymous donor. The 2012 Gala, A Revolutionary Soirée, was a wonderful evening and a great success – as was its featured dance revue, performed by a lively group of talented Redwood members. With the invaluable help of Caroline Considine, Director of Institutional Advancement, and the leadership of our Annual Fund Co-Chairs, Lisa Lewis, David Elwell and Esmond Harmsworth, the Redwood’s most important fundraiser exceeded its goal of raising $265,000 in honor of the Library’s 265th year. We are deeply grateful to our members and donors who heeded the call and who so clearly understand that unrestricted gifts are the lifeblood of an institution with little earned revenue to support it. This all augers well for the ultimate challenges facing Jen and the board: defining the future endowment needs of the Company of the Redwood Library & Athenæum, and plotting a suitable course to shepherd the Library through the years ahead. I believe that with our remarkable staff, board, volunteers and supporters, we are in a strong position to do just that.

Edwin G. Fischer, M.D. President, Board of Directors



The Redwood Library & Athenæum is a treasure! In my first year as Executive Director, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Redwood shareholders, members, donors and friends. It is a privilege to represent the Redwood in the Newport community, where many historic institutions are having important conversations regarding the impact of cultural organizations at the local, state and national levels. The Redwood Library & Athenæum is part of a greater story. Pieces of that story are beginning to emerge and a movement is afoot to discover more. This past year provided opportunities for discovery and renewal. With upgrades to our facility complete, we were able to bring back our Special Collections from storage and house them in a secure climatecontrolled environment. New office space and an updated technology infrastructure for our cataloging staff enable them to digitize and provide descriptive access to our collections. This availability is a key part of our mission; it allows members and scholars to discover the Redwood’s treasures for themselves and then share their findings with the greater community. The improvements at the Ballard building created a very special Children’s Library space and additional offices for our administrative staff. These and other advances show the confidence of donors and foundations; such investments are essential for making the Redwood a viable institution in the 21st century. I am also deeply indebted to the dedication and expertise of the board, staff, and volunteers. It is an honor to work with all of the individuals who devote their time and care to this great institution. Looking ahead, it is in the spirit of community that I lead the Redwood forward. The nation’s history is embedded in the story of the Redwood and in the local history of Newport and Aquidneck Island. The Redwood Library was founded in 1747 by a group of learned men who built an intellectual community space in the spirit of the early republic. Many founders and members of the Redwood went on to great success, and they left behind correspondence, objects and art that documented their fascinating lives. The Redwood’s collections reflect the unique richness of its history, and continue to add value to the members and supporters who rediscover its resources anew with each visit. Throughout its history, many individuals have supported the Redwood and have made a lasting impact. I hope you will join us as we venture forth to explore the meaning and importance of that 266-year history. In the spirit of the athenæum model, help us celebrate our blended identity of museum, library and community gathering space. We are grateful for your support and care along the way. Here is to another 100 years!

Jennifer Tuleja Executive Director



Library Services and Statistics

Gifts • 3,500 books donated; 513 retained • 227 compact discs donated; 43 retained • 7 books-on-tape donated; 7 retained • 107 DVD’s donated; 104 retained • 54 periodical subscriptions donated

In fiscal year 2013, the Redwood Library welcomed 21,095 members and visitors. Over 4,000 adults and children attended programs and events throughout the year. Cataloging • New items cataloged: 2,419 • Existing items cataloged: 2,681 (represents Cutter and Special Collections projects)

Tours • 27 reserved groups toured the Library, including 12 schools and colleges, five museum groups, one military group, two senior groups, two members and friends, and four other groups. Fifteen of the group tours included vault showings. A total of 567 individuals participated in these tours. • July was the busiest month with a total of 90 participants. • A total of 137 people took the daily 2:00 pm tour. During the February Winter Festival, 44 people enjoyed the daily tour at a special discounted rate.

Circulation • Mystery: 3,686 • Fiction: 2,802 • Non-fiction: 3,059 • 3M eBooks: 682 • Audiovisual: 1,909 • Magazines: 1,155 • Children’s: 350 • Young Adult: 226 Total: 13,869

Vault Showings • The Library hosted numerous private and public vault showings throughout the year. Private vault showings in the Carpenter Board Room were given to members of the Abraham Redwood Society and the Colonial Dames of America, as well as to four other groups. Seventy-five members and visitors attended an April Life of the Mind Salon, which highlighted rarely-seen objects from the Redwood’s vault.

Reference • 128 recorded reference interactions – 51% members, 43% non-members, 6% students • 91% of research appointments took less than 2 hours • 72% of researchers came in person


Exhibitions To Arrive Where We Started Conceived of and curated by conceptual artist Peter Eudenbach, this multimedia exhibition employed spaces throughout the Library and its adjacent Summer House from July 2012 through June 2013. The installation presented objects in Mirror, Redwood pediment thought-provoking photo: Michael Eudenbach juxtapositions and featured a variety of objects, including a mirror installed in the exterior pediment of the building, a ship model suspended above the Reading Room, and the Library’s original key displayed above the skylight in the Harrison Room. The exhibition was made possible by grants from the Office of Research at Old Dominion University, the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities, and the Rhode Island Foundation.

The Holy Bible The Redwood’s first edition King James Bible was on display in the Harrison Room in March and April, 2012, as were several other objects featured in the Life of the Mind Salon titled “Treasures of the Redwood.” Other pieces on display included a detailed journal of a young French aristocrat’s perilous voyages The Holy Bible, King James Version. London, 1611. First edition, to America, titled Relation first printing. d’un Voyage fait dans les Îles de l’Amerique…1782, and a first edition signed volume of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s anti-slavery novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1852). These exhibitions were extremely popular and were seen by hundreds of curious visitors.

Notable Acquisitions

of the Lungs, by Edward Barry, London,1727; The History of Henri de La Tour d’Auvergne, Marshal-General of France, by Andrew Michael Ramsey, London, 1735; Court and City Register: For the year 1775; and The Practice of Conveyancing, by Job Mill, London, 1745.

The History of the Late Revolutions of Persia, Tadeusz Jan Krusinski, London, 1740.

Original Collection Replacements The Redwood Library purchased five replacement volumes for its Original Collection during the 20122013 year. The detail shown is from the account of late 16th- to early 18th-century dynasty changes in Persia (modern-day Iran) recorded by a Jesuit priest and missionary. Krusinski was considered the first great European historian of Persia (Iran) and Afghanistan. Other acquisitions include A Treatise on Consumption

American Impressionism, second edition, William H. Gerdts, New York, 2001.


A Collection of Art History and Exhibition Volumes The Redwood continues to receive many donations from generous members and supporters, including various art catalog raisonnés, exhibition catalogs, and monographs. Many of this year’s exceptional donations are from member Laura Breyer of Chicago.


In the fiscal year 2012-2013, the Redwood Library & Athenæum had great success with programs, events, charitable donations and planned improvements. 1 With the generous support of the Alletta Morris McBean Charitable Trust, the McBean Wing was completely renovated to provide a stronger second floor, improved safety systems, and refinished interior spaces. Compact shelving was installed to more than double the Special Collections storage capacity, and a new office and restroom were added to the second floor. In addition, the roofline and exterior elevation were remodeled to more closely match the architectural style of earlier additions. 1 Thousands of Special Collections volumes were returned from off-site storage and installed in the reopened McBean Wing. 1 A beautiful Gallery to the Garden was constructed in the space between the McBean Wing and the Van Alen Gallery, thanks to a generous gift from the Prince family in honor of Helen Elizabeth Peirce Prince. 1 With ongoing funding from Mr. and Mrs. Les Ballard, the Ballard Annex has undergone extensive upgrades. The newly reopened Children’s Library welcomes our younger members, and the office spaces throughout the Annex are being completely renovated. 1 Major technology upgrades were made possible by grants from twelve individual donors and foundations. The Library implemented a new, fully integrated system with many significant improvements, including wireless access to the internet for members and staff, a new server, and fiber optic connection between buildings. 1 The Redwood added an exciting new technology, 3M eBooks, enabling members to download a wide variety of books from anywhere in the world that offers wireless access. Electronic magazine access also joined the list of member benefits. 1 Five replacement copies of volumes long missing from the Original Collection were acquired during the 20122013 fiscal year. The Original Collection was purchased in 1747 with £500 sterling donated by Abraham Redwood. It consisted of 751 titles, some of which went missing after the Library was occupied by British forces during the Revolutionary War. The Redwood has purchased replacement copies as they have become available, using funds donated by members and supporters for this purpose. 1 Many generous tribute and memorial gifts were given to the Library to honor the friends and families of the donors. 1 The Library collaborated with other Newport cultural institutions including the Newport Art Museum, the Newport Historical Society, the Preservation Society of Newport County, and the Newport Restoration Foundation in a project known as ‘Newportal’, which will create shared digital access to these institutions’ collections for the first time. 1 A partnership with the John Carter Brown Library successfully led to the cataloging and scanning of 50 rare manuscripts and other documents related to early Rhode Island history.


1 A year-long conceptual art installation by Peter Eudenbach, titled “To Arrive Where We Started,” opened in July 2012. The exhibition presented themes of travel, exploration, access, and thresholds, and employed spaces in both the Library and the Summer House. A winter film series featuring films related to the installation was also held.

There is a building in Newport,

1 Twenty Life of the Mind Salon programs were featured on Thursday evenings in the fall and spring, inviting members and visitors to share lively occasions of learning and conversation. Speakers included prominent artists, authors, physicians, historians, scientists, and journalists. In total, over 1,000 people attended.

of studious quiet brooding over

1 A successful history seminar to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the Rhode Island Colonial Charter was held in June. Roger Williams: The Wall between Church and State featured three speakers, a cocktail hour, and dinner at the Viking Hotel. 1 Eight musical performances were held in the Harrison Room, featuring soloists and ensembles playing a wide variety of selections. 1 The Library participated in Newport Gallery Night, a program that welcomes visitors to the art installations at the Redwood and many other local art venues for one evening each month. 1 Dozens of Children’s Library programs were enjoyed by hundreds of children and their caregivers, ranging from weekly story times to a robust schedule of summer reading program activities. 1 Copies and digital downloads of select Redwood paintings, maps, and prints were made available for purchase via the Library’s online store at 1 Two Member Orientations were held to welcome new members to the Library. 1 The Library is grateful to the many volunteers who shared their time and talent throughout the year. A special note of gratitude is offered to Jack Sweeney, who manages the Library’s database, and to Wayne Robinson, who is cataloging its Shareholder history. 1 Brenda Konopelko was appointed as Director of Finance and Administration.


Rhode Island, at the head of stylish Bellevue Avenue, which is so different from the surrounding structures, and with such an air it, that the eye is at once arrested, and the attention charmed by its fair proportions. Its model is that of a Grecian Temple, with additional side wings, in harmony with the main building, which possesses an air of antiquity. This is the ‘Redwood Library,’ which may fairly claim to be a National Institution, from the wide influence it exerted at a time when art and letters in America were in their infancy, and from the celebrated names connected with it. Osmond Tiffany, Esq. in a paper read before the Maryland Historical Society, quoted in One Hundred and Fortyeighth Annual Report of the Directors of the Redwood Library and Athenaeum, Newport, R. I., to the Proprietors, 1878.

PROGRAMS & EVENTS Life of the Mind Salons 1 Horace Brock, American Gridlock: Why the Right and Left Are Both Wrong 1 Peter Kiernan, Becoming China’s Bitch 1 Kate Gubelmann on gardens 1 Stephen Frater, Hell Above Earth 1 Douglas Smith, Former People 1 Peter Snyder on Alzheimer’s research 1 Steve Carey on ocean exploration 1 Judy Goffman Cutler and Laurence S. Cutler on the Museum of American Illustration 1 David Niose on the secularization of American society 1 Peter Eudenbach on his art installation, To Arrive Where We Started 1 Samuel White on Stanford White 1 Joan Johnson Freese, Educating America’s Military 1 Edward McCrorie on Homer and his translators

1 Mary Shapin, A Desire Path

1 Specimen Tree Tour

1 Russell DeSimone, in collaboration with the Newport Historical Society and the Rhode Island Center for the Book, Rhode Island Broadsides: A Collector’s Perspective

1 Vault Showings

1 Bill Geasey, How to Plan, Save and Pay for College

1 3M eBook Launch 1 Newport Winter Festival

1 Alice in Wonderland

1 Annual Book Sale

1 The Belly of an Architect

1 Member Orientations

1 Prospero’s Books


Music 1 Joe Parillo, Dave Zinno and Art Manchester, The Art of Jazz Composition 1 Lois Vaughn and Friends, The History of Jazz

1 Peter Andreas, Smuggler Nation: How Illicit Trade Made America

1 Rhode Island College, The Proteus String Quartet

1 Angela Casey on the Chinese political climate

1 Mary King, harpist 1 Swanhurst Chorus, Songs from the American Civil War 1 Diana McVey, soprano 1 I-heung Lee, pianist

1 Robert F. Dalzell, Jr., The Good Rich and What They Cost Us


Lectures and Author Talks

1 “A Revolutionary Soirée” Gala

1 Kurt Schlichting, John Quinlan Murphy Summer Lecture, Newport & New York: From Rivals in a Golden Age to the Rise of New York

1 Newport Gallery Nights

1 Annual History Seminar, Roger Williams: The Wall Between Church and State

1 Peter Mandel on adventure travel

1 Redwood Staff presenting “Treasures of the Redwood”

1 Holiday Open House

“To Arrive Where We Started” Film Series

1 Chamber Choir of the Rhode Island Civic Chorale

1 Jesse Kornbluth on blogging

1 Annual Meeting

1 Opening Reception, “To Arrive Where We Started” 1 Garden Party 1 Abraham Redwood Dinner


1 If It’s Thursday, It Must Be Shakespeare 1 The Redwood Book Club Children’s Programming 1 Story time 1 Craft time 1 Author talks and guest performers 1 Summer Reading Program 1 Christopher Carbone on the Redwood lawn, part of BridgeFest 2012 1 Children’s Garden Party 1 Scenes from Alice in Wonderland 1 Holiday Party


Charles Bird King Society: Planned Giving Newport native and renowned artist Charles Bird King (1785-1862) holds a special place in the Redwood Library’s long list of dedicated supporters. Described by President John Quincy Adams as “an ingenious, thinking man, with a faculty of conversing upon almost any topic,” King lived in New York, London and Washington, DC, but it was Newport that was dearest to his heart. Over the years, King contributed handsomely to the Library, giving money and books as well as scores of paintings. Upon his death in 1862, he gave the Redwood his own personal library, volumes of bound engravings, a significant sum of money, and 75 additional paintings. The Redwood is deeply indebted to Charles Bird King and to all those who have Self-Portrait at 30 by Charles Bird King, c. 1815 Bequest of the artist, 1862 helped it thrive for more than two and a half centuries by contributing to the endowment. It is fitting that the Library commends those who have made – or intend to make – such gifts by including them in the Charles Bird King Society. The following donors have honored the Library and helped to sustain its mission with bequests, planned gifts, or gifts to the endowment, thus joining the membership of the Charles Bird King Society. We are extremely grateful for their support. Bequests Mrs. Roy C. Anderson Gertrude King Bedard Ellen C. Booth Elizabeth Anne Burton Rudolf and Lillian Dwyer

Arthur W. Fagan Henry S. Grew Nancy Hay Bruce Howe R. Campbell James

Jonathan Brandenburg Monroe Jane Akers Ridgway Jeanne Muller Ryan Alfred J. Shepherd Elliott MacGregor Strauss

Planned Gifts Miles and Lisa Bidwell Linda Gordon Gifts to the Endowment Alletta Morris McBean Charitable Trust Bernard and Sarah Gewirz Dorrance H. Hamilton Charitable Trust George and Nannette Herrick

Maris S. Humphreys Christopher T.H. and Janet Alexander Pell van Beuren Charitable Trust

For those who may be considering a gift to the Library’s endowment, please contact Caroline Considine, Director of Institutional Advancement, at 401.847.0292, ext.109, to discuss ways in which a gift may be made.



It was through the generosity of its donors that the Redwood Library was conceived and built over 266 years ago, and that same generous spirit enables it to thrive well into its third century. The following individuals, foundations and corporations contributed gifts, grants, and pledges beyond the annual share or household membership dues to support the Library’s operations, collections, programs and exhibitions. The Redwood is deeply grateful to these benefactors, as its sustainability tomorrow is built upon the generosity of those here today. $500,000 and above Les and Carol Ballard Ballard Exploration Company, Inc. $100,000 to $499,999 Estate of R. Campbell James Prince Charitable Trusts $50,000 to $99,999 Estate of Elizabeth A. Burton Alletta Morris McBean Charitable Trust Elizabeth Prince van Beuren Charitable Foundation $25,000 to $49,999 Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Breyer, III    David B. Ford     Edward W. Kane and Martha J. Wallace Diana E. Oehrli The Gruben Charitable Foundation     George L. Ohrstrom, Jr. Foundation     Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Prince     Mr. and Mrs. Guillaume de Ramel The de Ramel Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John A. van Beuren $10,000 to $24,999 Laura Breyer The Champlin Foundations The Dick Family Foundation     Estate of Rudolf Dwyer Mr. and Mrs. William Egan Duniry Foundation     Estate of Arthur W. Fagan  Mr. and Mrs. Bernard S. Gewirz Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Grace Dorrance H. Hamilton The Hamilton Family Foundation Esmond V. Harmsworth Belinda Buck Kielland Kirkland & Ellis Foundation   Estate of Jonathan B. Monroe Mr. and Mrs. John Purdy Elaine Rosenberg Diane B. Wilsey

$5,000 to $9,999 Dr. and Mrs. Edwin G. Fischer The Hope Foundation Mr. and Mrs. George G. Herrick   Mr. and Mrs. J. Colin Keith Dr. Mary Murphy and Dr. Kurt Schlichting Gloria Nagy and Richard Saul Wurman Nicholas B. Scheetz Cathy and Jeffrey Siegal Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Warren $2,500 to $4,999 Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. Burnham Mr. and Mrs. James F. Carlin Caroline E. Considine Mrs. C. Mathews Dick, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David K. Elwell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Galkin G. Peabody and Rose Gardner Charitable Trust Lisa S. Lewis and Bart Dunbar Col. Karen D. Lloyd Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Mencoff Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Pardee Nuala Pell Mr. and Mrs. George Petrovas R. Daniel Prentiss, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. James Purviance Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Ray Mr. and Mrs. Dan C. Tutcher The Tutcher Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Archbold D. van Beuren van Beuren Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. H. Hunter White, Jr.     $1,000 to $2,499 Anonymous Mrs. Russell B. Aitken Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Alexander     Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Allen     Dr. Holly M. Bannister and Douglas L. Newhouse Merrilyn Bardes Estate of Gertrude King Bedard


Behan Bros., Inc.   The Benzak Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Philip Bilden     Cornelius C. Bond and Ann E. Blackwell Mr. and Mrs. Titus Brenninkmeijer     Mr. and Mrs. David Brodsky     Mrs. Ruth Buchanan     Mr. and Mrs. George Clark    Mr. and Mrs. James J. Coleman, Jr.     Mr. and Mrs. Grenville Craig Dr. and Mrs. Howard Eisenberg     Mr. and Mrs. John H. French II     Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Gewirz     Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Gewirz     Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gonzalez     Ben and Elizabeth Gordon     Honorable and Mrs. David S. Gordon     Mr. and Mrs. N. Peter Hamilton     Mr. and Mrs. S. Matthews V. Hamilton, Jr. Dodie Kazanjian     Mr. and Mrs. Brendan P. Kelley     Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kellogg     Mr. and Mrs. David E.P. Lindh     Henry Sharpe Lynn, Jr.     Verna D. Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Nemtzow     Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T.H. Pell     The Rhode Island Foundation Hugh D. Auchincloss III Fund The Rhode Island Foundation Peter and Melinda Gerard and Loti Falk Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Riggs     Janet L. Robinson     Mr. and Mrs. Jay R. Schochet     Mr. and Mrs. John J. Slocum, Jr.     Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Sullivan     Virginia Treherne-Thomas Charles Sumner Bird Charitable Foundation   Mr. and Mrs. Guy Van Pelt     Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G.W. Walk     Ken Ward     Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Watts     Mr. and Mrs. Jay Wilson     Mr. and Mrs. Ellicott Wright    

$500 to $999 Ellen Kerr Adler   Annie Anderson     Brian Arnold  B.R. Arnold Construction Company   Janine M. Atamian     Marie Bennett     Mr. and Mrs. J. Stuart Bevan     George C. Bitting     Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Bohan     Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Brickley, Jr.     Captain and Mrs. Nicholas Brown     Mr. and Mrs. Duncan A. Chapman     Robert Allan Chase     Mrs. E. Taylor Chewning, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lyn Comfort     Mr. and Mrs. Juan Corradi     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Cullen     Jacques De Labry     Nuala Duffy     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Ewens     Louis A. Fazzano     Mr. and Mrs. Tylor Field II Ronald Lee Fleming     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gilbane     Mr. and Mrs. David Grant     Stefani M. Hulitar     Mr. and Mrs. John Evan Jones     Mr. and Mrs. James Lanzillo     Honorable Juliette C. McLennan     Pauline C. Metcalf Honorable William Nitze     Dr. Hugh E. O’Donnell     Jan and Tad Ogden     Mr. and Mrs. Holt Massey Mr. and Mrs. John S. Palmer     Michael and Diane Rabinowitz     Mr. and Mrs. John W. Richmond, Jr.     Mr. and Mrs. David Ryan     Morton L. Sacks Sister Therese Antone Salve Regina University  Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Seiter     G. Crossan Seybolt, Jr.     Jane W. Smith     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bland Smith     Paul L. Szápáry     Mr. and Mrs. Pieter Taselaar     Mr. and Mrs. James Twaddell     Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Walker     Charlotte C. Weber     VADM and Mrs. Thomas R. Weschler     Mr. and Mrs. F.J. Bing West     Mr. and Mrs. William F. Wilson     Mrs. John G. Winslow

$250 to $499 Leith Adams   Janet Aldrich     Hugh D. Auchincloss, Jr.     Mr. and Mrs. William Barrack     Nancy Blackwell     David E. Boenning     Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Brockway     Mr. and Mrs. John Brooks, Jr.     David Brown     Linda Cerce     James and Martha Chadwick     Col. and Mrs. Christopher L. Christon     Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Conese, Sr.     Andrew E. Cook II     Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Cowley     Mr. and Mrs. William A. Crimmins     Natalie Culley     Frederick A. Cushing     Mr. and Mrs. David Donatelli     Madeleine B. Dugan     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Fair     Fred T. Kirby and Sons Elizabeth Gibbs     Mr. and Mrs. Sidney S. Gorham III     Nancy M. Gray     Teresa M. Grimm     Mr. and Mrs. Richard Grosvenor     Werner Gundersheimer     Edward Harvey     Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O’Neill Hayes, Jr.     Francoise Helme     Margaret Hendrick     Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Hoopes, Jr.     Washington Irving III     Peter Jefferys     Mr. and Mrs. John H. Kazanjian     Peter King III     Joyce Kirby and Michael Greene   Margaret A. Kirschner     Michael and Terry Lanza     Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Leighton William H. Leys     Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M.P. Lindh     Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Magee     Anne Kriken Mann     Alexis Margreiter     Charles Matheson     John S. McCoy     Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. McDonough     Kathleen Merrill     Thomas S. Michie     Paul F. Miller     Deborah Mulcare The New Press   


Mr. and Mrs. Francis O’Brien   Mary O’Neill-Barrett     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Palmer     Peter Pennoyer Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Perrault     Mr. and Mrs. David L. Reed     The Rhode Island Foundation Arthur H. Carr Fund Mr. and Mrs. Eugene B. Roberts, Jr.     Marie A. Robinson     Laura Love Rose     Nanette Ross     Barbara A. Ruscetta     Captain and Mrs. Bayard W. Russell     Federico Santi and John Gacher   Joseph D. Scheerer, Jr.     Albert K. Sherman, Jr.     Marjorie Spencer     William H. F. Spencer     Mrs. John W. Stokes II     Gladys V. Szápáry     Charles A. Whittingham     Katherine D. Williams         Mr. and Mrs. W. Redwood Wright $100 to $249 John W. Adams     Henry H. Anderson, Jr.     W. Graham Arader     Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Armstrong     Nancy A. Austin     Victoria J. Avery     Kristina Baer     Captain and Mrs. Lee C. Bakalarski     Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Baum     Eleanor S. Benson     John E. Benson     Marc and Maria Bernier     Miles Bidwell     Anne Boenning     Rosalie Sellar Brainard     Capt. and Mrs. W. F. Bronaugh, Jr.     Mr. and Mrs. John Broughan     Dr. David W. Brown     Eileen Brown     Mr. Gilbert C. Brunnhoeffer III     Doris Bry     Mr. and Mrs. David L. Bunnell     James M. Burress     Mary C. Burrus     Lt. Col. Charles A. Byrne     Kirtley Horton Cameron     The Lord Camoys     Patricia A. Cassidy     Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Ceres    

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Consolidated Statement of Financial Position as of June 30, 2013 Assets Cash and cash equivalents Contributions and grants receivable, net Pledges receivable, net Prepaid expenses Collections and other assets Property and equipment, net Investments Deferred bond fees, net

$494,154 2,160 49,605 45,255 2,002,365 13,354,442 10,733,467 27,338

Total Assets


Liabilities And Net Assets Liabilities Accounts payable Accrued and other liabilities Deferred revenue Reserve for loss on interest rate swap contacts Bonds payable

$49,359 69,568 190,050 36,363 1,849,115

Total Liabilities


Net Assets Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted

19,663,385 432,270 4,421,432

Total Net Assets


Total Liabilities and Net Assets


While conditions for cultural institutions remain challenging, the Redwood has achieved an increase in Net Assets for fiscal year 2013 of $639,502 compared to the prior year, primarily as a result of generous donor and institutional support for capital building projects. As of June 30, 2013, Net Assets for the Redwood Library are recorded at $24,517,087.



Statement of Revenues and Expenses for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013 Functional Expenses

Revenues Grants and contributions Memberships Other revenue and income Investment returns for operations Total

$949,810 204,653 287,346 61,119 432,464

Programs Fundraising and marketing General and Administrative Bond interest Depreciation

$592,424 122,810 113,434 750,821 $1,579,489



Sources of Funds

Operating Expenses

Grants and donations 20%

Employees 49%

Annual fund 17%

Administration 7%

Memberships 8%

Facilities and maintenance 11%

Programs and events 7%

Programs and collections 8%

Investment returns 48%

Bond interest 3% Depreciation 22%

Financial affairs are overseen by three Board Committees: Finance, chaired by Peggy Richmond; Investment, co-chaired by David Elwell and David Ford; and Audit, chaired by Michael Warren. This report contains information from the Consolidated Balance Sheet and Statement of Activities of the Redwood Library & AthenĂŚum for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013, as audited and determened to be fairly presented by Mullen Scorpio Cerilli, an independent accounting firm. Complete financial statements are available for review at the Circulation Desk.


C O M M I T T E E S , S TA F F & L I B R A RY VO L U N T E E R S

STANDING COMMITTEES Executive Committee Edwin G. Fischer, M.D. President, ex officio all committees David K. Elwell, Jr., Vice President Peggy C. Richmond, Treasurer Tylor Field II, Secretary David B. Ford, Director at Large Molly de Ramel, Director at Large

Landscape and Garden

Nominating Committee

Lisa S. Lewis, Chair Allan J. Booth, Jr. Jean Gorham Virginia Purviance Betsy D. Ray Ben Mignona, Staff

Tylor Field II, Chair Angela Brown Fischer Kenneth M.P. Lindh Sheila McCurdy Molly de Ramel Program Committee

Institutional Advancement Committee

Michael Warren, Chair David F. Brodsky Peter S. Damon Brenda Konopelko, Staff

Stephen G.W. Walk, Chair Kenneth H. Brockway Tylor Field II Kathleen K. Greenman Bettie Pardee Janet Pell Caroline Considine, Staff

Buildings Committee

Library Committee

David K. Elwell, Jr., Chair William H. Leys John R. Richmond, Jr. George Warren

David Ford, co-Chair George Herrick, co-Chair Robert W. Cowley Timothy J. Demy Donna DiMichele Col. Theodore L. Gatchel Esmond Harmsworth John B. Hattendorf Donald Magee Dr. Edward McCrorie Nancy Parker Molly de Ramel Nicholas B. Scheetz Robert Kelly, Staff

Audit Committee

Finance Committee Peggy Richmond, Chair Grenville Craig David K. Elwell, Jr. David B. Ford Bernard Gewirz R. Daniel Prentiss Jeffrey Siegal Dennis E. Stark Ellicott M. “Tot” Wright Brenda Konopelko, Staff Investment Subcommittee David K. Elwell, Jr., co-Chair David B. Ford, co-Chair Edward W. Kane Jeffrey Siegal Brenda Konopelko, Staff

Museum Committee Elisabeth Clark, co-Chair Nannette Herrick, co-Chair James Baker Jemison Faust Francis Frost Linda Gordon Terry Grosvenor Roger H. King, Jr Constance Metcalf Paul Miller Jeffrey Siegal Whitney Pape, Staff

Event committees and volunteers are listed in respective event programs.


Douglas Riggs, Chair Mary Riggs Leilani Brenner Washington Irving III Janet Pell Linda Phillips Nel Roberts Gail Thacher Carolyn du Pont, Staff Redwood Advisory Council George Gardner Herrick, co-Chair Nannette C. Herrick, co-Chair Rodney Armstrong A. Leslie Ballard H. Wood “Woody” Brock Christopher Buckley The Lord Camoys C. Mathews Dick, Jr.* Ronald Lee Fleming David B. Ford Jane Grace Werner Gundersheimer Kate Gubelmann Beth Carroll-Horrocks Thomas Horrocks Edmund Morris Sylvia Jukes Morris Honorable William Nitze Nuala Pell Peter Pennoyer Charles E. Pierce Ted Widmer John Wilmerding Diane Wilsey Richard Guy Wilson *deceased


Carolyn duPont Program Coordinator

Full-Time Staff Jennifer Tuleja Executive Director Maria Bernier Assistant Director Lori Brostuen Technical Services Librarian Elaine Bunnell Technical Services Assistant/Tour Guide Caroline Considine Director of Institutional Advancement Nancy Hackett Circulation Supervisor Robert Kelly Collection Development Librarian Brenda Konopelko Director of Finance and Administration Bernard Mignogna Building and Grounds Manager Whitney Pape Ezra Stiles Special Collections Librarian Mary Spotts Assistant Director of Develeopment Part-Time Staff

Dawn Emsellem-Wichowski Library Assistant Joyce Figerie Housekeeping Ruth Ann Howden Library Assistant Maris Humphreys Special Collections Cataloger Molly Jencks Technical Services Assistant Mariann Maida Library Assistant Gretchen Markert Communications Coordinator Ellen O’Brien Library Assistant Elizabeth D. Phelps Children’s Library Assistant Adrienne Shaw Library Assistant Gail Sullivan-McCune Library Assistant Glenna Turner Library Assistant/Gifts Processing

Phoebe Bean Special Collections Cataloger Christine Bradley Library Assistant Marilyn Brockway Children’s Librarian Rowena Burke Library/Interlibrary Loan Assistant


LIBRARY VOLUNTEERS Zack Carvalo Ed Cooney Megan Daknis Chelsea Dodd Brandon Harrington John Howington Claire Kilcommons Caitlin Merritt Evan Molenda Madeleine Molenda Rob Ostrander Grace Polk Gunnar Rice Wayne Robinson Erin Shaw Jack Sweeney

IN MEMORIAM July 2012 - June 2013 Camilla C. Anderson Robert E. Barry Lisa G. Bidwell Rev. HĂŠbert W. Bolles Jane E. Bosworth Alfred Bucci C. Mathews Dick, Jr. Iona B. Dobbins Noreen S. Drexel Michael F. Dwyer Hope Drury Goddard Ann Kirby Asa C. LaFrance

Charles M. Leighton Michael L.A. Mureddu Sharon M. Pelletier Anne W. Ross Morton L. Sacks William P. Sheffield Diana L. Smith Geraldine S. Sterne John W. Stokes II Laurie E. Swistak Carl Weiss Dudley A. Williams


LIBRARIANS 1747-2013 Edward Scott


Thomas Moffatt


Martin Howard, Jr.


Jeremiah Leaming


Ezra Stiles


Henry Marchant


Edward Thurston, Jr.


Thomas Wickham, Jr.


Ezra Stiles


William Tillinghast


George Bisset


William Tillinghast


Christopher Ellery


William Smith


William Patten


Levi Tower


John Rodman


Robert Rogers


George G. King


William A. Barber


James Barker


Christopher E. Robbins


Augustus Bush


George R. Hammett


Dumont Clarke


Benjamin H. Rhoades


Benjamin F. Thurston


Richard Bliss


George Lyman Hinckley


Frances Hubbert


J. Alden Manley


Donald T. Gibbs


Richard L. Champlin


Erik Bradford Stocker


Marilyn D. Curtis, Acting


Stephen J. Zietz


Marilyn D. Curtis, Acting


Jay H. Hall


Cheryl V. Helms


Kenneth Brockway, Acting


Jennifer E. Tuleja


50 BELLEVUE AVENUE NEWPORT, RI 02840 TEL (401) 847-0292 FAX (401) 841-5680

The Redwood Library & AthenĂŚum is indebted to the Dick Family Foundation for generously underwriting this Annual Report.

Design: Photo Credits: Andrea Hansen

Redwood Library & Athenaeum Annual Report 2012-2013  
Redwood Library & Athenaeum Annual Report 2012-2013