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KHS Mothers Club Membership To become an official contributor to the KHS Mothers Club, please complete the information below and mail with a contribution check made payable to the KHS Mothers Club to: Leslie Huggins, 13 Lemp Road, Kirkwood, MO 63122 Please note that this will be the only financial request the Mothers Club will make all year. (excluding grade level specific After Grad Party (AGP) fundraisers) (PLEASE PRINT) Name __________________________________________________________________________________ Student Name(s) _________________________________________________________________________ Grade (circle) 9




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(Email is our primary communication mode.)

___X__ $20 Mothers Club Membership ______ $___________ An additional donation to KHS Cares (helps fund students in need throughout KHS) Please let us know if you are a NEW member to KHS Mothers’ Club (circle one): yes


Mother's Club Sign Up form  

Join KHS Mother's Club today! Simply print and return this form along with payment.