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How does the Google Penguin update affet you? If you’ve been reading any SEOblogs lately, then you know that the major news story of the week is Google’s Penguin update. We’ve already explained what the Google Penguin update is HERE.Today, we’re going to teach you how that update will affect your websites. Beware your link building tactics Penguin is putting a renewed emphasis on where your website is getting its links from. Since Google’s search algorithm views links as ‘votes’ for your website in the search rankings, it’s important for them to optimize the way their algorithm views links. Specifically, your website will come under suspicion – and could be penalized – if Google notices a lot of links from untrustworthy sources. For example, if you’ve used programs like Xrumer or Scrapebox to spam comments and forum profile links around the internet, Google will catch onto that quickly. In fact, Google has been catching onto these linkbuilding tactics for quite some time. However, article marketing sites that feature a thin amount of content and a lot of low-quality spun articles will also come under scrutiny. If your website is getting links from sites like this, then you should attempt to remove them immediately. Other linkbuilding schemes, like private link exchange servers and other internet marketing services, will also be penalized if discovered. Whether you’re getting links from spam-filled guest post websites or from tens of thousands of forum profiles, you should cut down on any Black Hat linkbuilding tactics. With Google’s search algorithm getting smarter every day, you can’t afford to suffer a massive penalty. Over-optimization of internal SEOz

Before Penguin, the right mix of basic internal and external SEOwas enough to land you a decent spot in most search engine rankings. Now, with the Penguin update rolling out as we speak, too much internal SEOcan get you penalized. For example, if you have separate posts for similar SEOterms for which you are attempting to rank, then this may get you penalized. Google Penguin Update will see this as over-optimization that leads to a negative user experience, since no website visitor wants to sort through ten different pagesof “New York cars”, “New York city auto sales”, and “used cars NYC” to find the information that they need. You should also avoid over-using anchor text. As most SEOsknow, only the first anchor text term on a page will passon link juice, meaning that any other anchor text with that phrase will be unnecessary. Google’s algorithm has gotten better at detecting over-optimization like this, which means that you need to clean up the pageson your site. Remove footer and sidebar links that nobody plans to click on, and be sure that all your internal links point towards the same content. For example, don’t link to /NYC-cars/index.html with one link and then switch it to /NYC-cars on another.

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How does the Google Penguin update affect you?  
How does the Google Penguin update affect you?  

Penguin is putting a renewed emphasis on where your website is getting its links from. Since Google’s search algorithm views links as ‘votes...