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Division 39 South, December 2013

If your club has not paid dues then they are late! You cannot attend any district events (ex. DCON) nor have your members run for a District Position until you pay your dues! You need to pay them ASAP! If you do not, comply, your club may become inactive! Please, please, please PAY YOUR DUES!!!! Update the MUC online then mail your dues to: Key Club International PO Box 6069, Dept 123 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6069

Kennedale* Mansfield* Legacy * Timberview Venus*

Once again...

The Tex-O-Key is a Texas-Oklahoma Key Club District Publication full of articles from Key Club members just like you! If you submit an article to District Editor, Tashrima Hossain, you have a chance of being in the Tex-O-Key!

Check out the article on page 22 by Sarthak Gupta from Mansfield Summit High School! He wrote an article with helpful tips on Financial Management!

As many of you know, the Key Club year is quickly coming to an end which means we will be electing the 2014-2015 LTG very soon! If you are interested in being the next Lieutenant Governor of our fantastic division please email me and I can give you more details of what the job requires. Please be sure to let your club members that they can run for this officer position if they would like-- just make sure that they are qualified for the job! I will give you all details on the DEC when the planning is complete.

Steps to become the 2014-2015 LTG: Step 1: Email LTG Jennifer Roca about your interest (ltgjenniferroca39south@gmail.c om). Ask any questions you may have and become to become confident in your decision to run for the 2014-2015 Lieutenant Governor of Division 39 South

Step 2: Begin to think about why you would like to be a Lieutenant Governor, brush up on everything Key Club, and ultimately process all of your thoughts. Try to plan out a speech you can use at the DEC (Division Election Conference).

Step 3: Fill out all the Lieutenant Governor Forms. (These will be emailed to everyone soon. If you are not on my email list and need to be, please email me at ltgjenniferroca39south@gmail. com

Step 4: Attend the DEC (Date TBA) and give your speech to all Key Club members present. You will have 2 minutes for your speech followed by 3 minutes of questioning. After the delegates vote, we will know who the next LTG is!

Club Forum Applications are due December 15!! Don’t Forget!!

Get excited for DCON 2014! It is sure to be one of the best the TexasOklahoma District has had! Are you going to be on Team Pan or Team Hook? Will you be dressed up as your favorite character? Join in on the fun April 2427!

Start looking through the Contest and Awards Handbook! Get started on your competition items NOW! You might think it is too early, but it is better to start now rather than do everything last minute! If you have any questions about DCON competitions feel free to let me know and I will try to get you the answer!

Division 39 South December 2013 Newsletter  
Division 39 South December 2013 Newsletter