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The Official Newsletter of Key Club Division 39 South

June 2013

In this issue: 1.) Cover 2.) Table of Contents 3.) Lt. Governor Letter 4.) The Eliminate Project 5.) The Governor’s Project 6.) Officer Installations 7.) Officer Installations Continued 8.) Relay for Life 9.) Club of the Month 10.) Kiwanis Update 11.) T-O Key Club Officer Update Information 12.) ICON 2013 13.) Contact Information

Hello Fellow Key Club Members! What an amazing 2 months of Service this has been! I have had a blast serving as your Lieutenant Governor for the past 2 months! I have never seen so many teenagers with a passion and drive to serve their homes, schools and communities! It is safe to say that you all are AMAZING! Although the summer is finally here, donâ€&#x;t forget the need of your service in our community! Be it volunteering at your local food pantry or helping with Feed the Kids this summer, I hope that you all will continue to volunteer on your time away from school. Please feel free to invite me to any events your club is holding this summer! I will try my best to make it to as many Key Club events as I can! It has been lovely meeting all of you throughout the past 2 months! I canâ€&#x;t wait to get to know you all better as well as continue to working with you all this Key Club year! Hope you have a great June! Happy serving!

Why not give up these

To save a Mother and her Children?

Confused on what projects you can do to support The Governor’s Project? Check out some anti-bullying projects below that you can do with your club! Anti-Bullying Posters: This is a simple way to spread awareness about bullying! Simply create Anti-Bullying posters with your club and hang them around the school!

Mentoring Program: The Governor’s Project is a great way to get to know K-Kids and Builders Clubs in your area! Host a mentoring program with them to not only help them over come bullying, but to also make a new friend!

Adopt A Freshman: When Freshman enter high school it is a very terrifying time because they don’t quite know where they belong! At your first Key Club meeting have old Key Club members “Adopt” the members who are interested in joining Key Club! They will be more likely to join if they are welcomed by old members! Did you know: Key Clubs can sponsor K-Kids and Builders Clubs? If you know of a local Middle School that does not yet have a Builders Club, why not start one?

T-Ogether we CAN stomp out bullying!

Division 39 South’s Officer Installations were held on Wednesday May 1st at 7:00 in the Mansfield ISD Administration Building Great Room. The 2012-2013 Officers were retired and the 2013-2014 Officers were installed. There were 104 attendees from our entire division. I want to personally thank everyone who helped make this event a success. I would also like to thank everyone in the community who came and supported Division 39 South of The Texas Oklahoma District of Key Club International. It is great to see how supportive our community is of Key Club!

Right: The newly inducted board of Venus Key Club Below : Key Club members Cameron Johnson, Christina Koo and Hailey Green after installations.

Left: Venus Key Club President Jazmin Escamilla pinning her Vice President Enriqueta Calderon

Right: Immediate Past Key Club President Jennifer Roca pinning Key Club President Jazmin Escamilla.

Left: Lt. Governor Jennifer Roca retiring the 2012-2013 officers. Below: The Newly inducted board of Mansfield Summit Key Club

On May 18th at 6:00 P.M to May 19th at 6:00 A.M, Mansfield Key Club, Summit Key Club and Venus Key Club raised money for The American Cancer Society at Relay for Life. Key Club Members participated in the event for 12 Hours. They walked around the track, sold food, bracelets, and painted faces for the cause. This was a great opportunity for the Key Clubs to get to know one another. Everyone who participated hat a BLAST! I look forward to having more 39 South clubs participate next year!

Division 39 South’s Club of the Month is…...

I am so proud of the many great things the Venus Key Club has accomplished. Venus Key Club was third in the Texas- Oklahoma District and it is a great honor to associate myself with this great club! I know the expectations for the next service year are even higher! I am excited to serve as the club President for this esteemed club and ready to see the great things this Club will accomplish. Serving along with such motivated and hardworking officers gave me the confidence and leadership skills to run for Club President. Key Club has made such an impact in my life and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of this organization. Overall I am the most proud of the impact this club has made on the community and that is what truly matters. One of the best lessons I have learned from working with this club this year is that despite the fact that you come from a small school, you still can make a difference. I remember being at DCON and having people constantly ask where this Venus was. This bothered me at first but then I realized that this great club was making an image for the small little town of Venus. Most people would consider being from a small school impairment, but it all comes down to the way a club utilizes its resources and opportunities. Just because you are from a small school or have a small club does not mean that you can’t make an impact in the community and even the world. If your club is small keep going and try to find ways in which you could improve the community and use your resources. Thank you all and I wish you all a great year of service within your home school and community! —Venus Key Club President Jazmin Escamilla

Kiwanis and Key Club - A Family Affair of Servant Leadership Remembering that „KEY‟ represents „Kiwanis Educating Youth,‟ part of that education in leadership requires active participation by each (Key Club, Kiwanis Club) in the others‟ activities. It is obviously difficult for Key Clubs to meet with the sponsoring Kiwanis Club if that club meets at noon or at a distant location. However, fundraisers and service activities frequently take place on Saturdays providing the necessary opportunity for interaction. Another aspect of our interrelatedness is our financial responsibility to each other. For a Kiwanis sponsoring club to know what is expected of them, they need to see your Key Club financial planning – in other words, you need to estimate your financial needs for Key Club DCON, ICON, Key Leader, as well as Mid-winter, Kiwanis DCON and other events. Therefore, early on, Key Clubs need to ask their members what their individual intentions are with regard to attending events that require support from the Key Club and the sponsoring Kiwanis Club. When Key Clubs prepare the annual budget, as shown on the web site guidelines, they need to make sure the sponsoring Kiwanis Club gets a copy as soon as possible so that the Kiwanis Club may prepare their own budget and plan fundraisers to insure meeting all the expected needs of the Key Club. For our division‟s size, 7 Kiwanis Clubs, we have assumed great responsibility for our support of the Kiwanis Service Leadership Program. In Division 39 there are 17 Key Clubs, with a new one in Birdville coming soon. Key Club Division 39S has 10 of those clubs. Our Div. 39 Kiwanis Clubs also sponsor K-Kids and Builders Clubs that have an impact on the sponsoring club. The K-Kids and Builders Clubs are relatively restricted to campus and local activities and so are not as dependent on financial support as Key Clubs. They do, however, require the attention of a Kiwanis Advisor just like Key Clubs. One important fact to remember is that Key Clubs may sponsor K-Kids and Builders Clubs! If they do, the Key Club must fill the Kiwanis Advisor role, which can be shared among several Key clubbers. In this they should seek the support and advice of their sponsoring Kiwanis Club. Tom Denny, Division 39 Lieutenant Governor 2012-2013

How to Update Club Officer Information: 1.) Go to 2.) Login as your club! Username: Your High School Password: Enter Password (Your advisor should have it, if not please contact me.) 3.) Update Club Contact Information! A. Go to “Members Only” B. Go to “Update Club Officers” 4.) Update all Club Officer Contact Information 5.) Click the blue button to submit!

Don’t miss your chance to make Washington D.C your destination for International Convention 2013! International Convention will be held from July 3-7 in Washington D.C! If you attend, you will meet other Key Club members from all around Key Club International, gain leadership skills and make memories that will last a lifetime! If you are interested in attending and want more information please contact me!

Persuading Reasons to Mail Reports to Usman: 1.) He is in our Division! Postage will be cheaper! (Yay!) 2.) Usman loves to grade and read reports! Give him something to do! 3.) You have to mail reports to Usman in order to be in the Top 25!

Mail Reports To: 938 Medina Drive Arlington, Texas 76017

4.) Earn the credit your club deserves! Be sure to turn your Monthly Report in on time!

Find the TaskOf-The Month on

Also email your reports to: 

Your Kiwanis Advisor

Decorate your Mailing Envelope for Extra Points!

Governor Luke

Secretary Usman



Phone: 325-998-1384

Phone: 817-715-5111

Email: luke.broussard.keyclu

Email: Address: 938 Medina Drive Arlington, Texas 76017

Treasurer Isaiah

Editor Tashrima



Phone: 580-458-1432

Phone: 713-505-2252


Email: tashrima.hossain.kc@

Convention Liason Grace Liu

District Administrator Walt Roetter

Phone: 817-962-8945


Email: grace.liukc@gmail.c om


Regional Advisor Donna Newsham Phone: 817-475-0870 Email: dnewham@region7texoke

Address: 422 Meadow Ridge Drive Kerrville, Texas, 78028-3825

Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Roca Phone: 682-4597956 Email: ltgjenniferroca39south@g

June 2013 Newsletter  

The Official Newsletter of Key Club Division 39 South.

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