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How to build a capsule wardrobe from an existing wardrobe I often read that a capsule wardrobe is the best way to build a well functioning wardrobe. But how do I keep wearing the same cloths all the time. Even a capsule wardrobe has its limits. Then I had an Uhah! moment. I needed a series of capsule wardrobes that worked together. So how can I build a series of magic capsule wardrobes from my existing wardrobe? Write down when you will wear this capsule wardrobe, is it for work or leisure. Look at your ‘investment pieces’ these are usually quality skirts, pants and jackets. Dresses are a little limiting as a base for a capsule wardrobe, but can be included to add colour and variety. Next pair up investment pieces in the same colour. For example a grey jacket and pants and/or skirt. This is the very core of your first capsule wardrobe. Now look at your tops and shirts. Which ones go with the jacket, Skirt and pants? Next look at your shoes and handbags, do you have shoes/sandals and a bag the same colour as your investment pieces, in this example I would be looking for Gray bag and shoes. Monotone dressing is always elegant; and make you appear taller and Win.. Win. Next look at your accessories; use accessories to add a splash of colour. Even the always- elegant monotone outfit needs accessories. Gold or silver chains are great for business. Pearls are never out of fashion. Now look at the fun and fad pieces you have. Now list what is missing, what do you need to buy to complete this capsule wardrobe, a new white t-shirt, a red tunic top, a yellow silk shirt? Next put a dollar amount next to the item, how much are you willing to spend on the garment. Change your look by from elegant to trendy by swapping pearls for a trendy necklace.. Add a scarf instead of a necklace another look. Change your shoes to make even more outfits. Replace black patent with black matt leather

to change the outfit subtly. Swap black shoes for red. Add a pair of boots for another look. Change you bag, swap Gary for dazzling blue or the current favourite colour of orchid. Swap a structured work purse to an unstructured hobo bag for a more casual look. Grey is a core colour, a core colour is a colour you build your wardrobe on. Navy is another core colour. You could build the next capsule wardrobe on Navy, using certain piece to link the wardrobes. For example share a jacket in your navy capsule wardrobe with your gray capsule wardrobe. Now go shopping in your wardrobe and start that capsule wardrobe. Repeat this process for an after 5 wardrobe and casual wardrobe.

How to build a capsule wardrobe from an existing wardrobe  

Lear how to build a capsule wardrobe without spending.

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