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VICTORIA’S SECRET Florida Mall Storefront - Free Standing Beauty

Internship: Victoria’s Secret Spring 2012

Problem: Support a team of designers with a variety of projects to meet definitive deadlines.

Monday January 30, 2012 Scale: 1/4”=1’-0”

Storefront Elevations

Solution: Managed time and effectively communicated with designers for smooth processes and avoided complications.


VS FITTING ROOM GO BACK NICHE: Compressed: • Used in space constrained stores • Store will be provided with rolling rack to be placed elsewhere in FR area

Collapsible Bins: • Allows for bra and panty sorting by category and size • Bins can be removed and carried directly to the sales floor for easy transportation and replenishment • 10 bins per niche provided • Bins are collapsible for easy storage • Store excess bins flat on the shelves and rotate when the top bin is full and taken to the sales floor for replenishment

Closed upper storage • House excess supplies here such as pens, perfect fit cards, paper panties, cleaning supplies, etc. • Mock boxes can be used to keep items neat and organized

Rolling Rack: • Used for hanging items that can be rolled directly onto the sales floor for replenishment

Armoire Doors on Closet • Keep armoire doors closed when not in use to maintain a clean and tidy fitting room area

TYPICAL (doors closed)

Rendered Storefront Sign Options

Rendered Fitting Room Cabinet

TYPICAL (doors open)

VICTORIA’S SECRET Fitting Room Go Back Niche

Hanger Bin: • Stored under the rolling rack • Use a hanger bin that is provided on the supply truck


Monday January 23, 2012

Store Floor Plan



Internship Work  

sample of work completed at Limited Brands internship.

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