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Aging Well

A senior thesis by Jennifer Owens

Aging Well Based on current independent living facilities, the baby boomer’s wants and needs, and technological advancements of the age, independent living facilities do not support the entering demographics’ transition to aging well creating a disconnect between the facility and its potential user.

Personal Technology Universally Helping designed kitchen tools Hand Gripper Walking stick

Low Tech Tv Glasses

Robot Vacuum

Senior Thesis by Jennifer Owens

Eldercare Models

IPhone Require 24/7 Care Medical Care Focused

Nursing Home

Medical Care Focused Includes Senior Citizens 65 and Older

Independent Living

High Tech

Electronic Medical Records Induction Cooking

Community oriented spaces Open views to Express their nature identity and personalize their spaces Clearly

defined way finding

Different textures, colors, and atmospheres

Sites usually in suburban areas

Limited space for residents let alone personal belongings

Little opportunities for community interaction Lack of family public and private spaces

Includes Senior Citizens 65 and Older

Mundane aesthetics

Traditional style fixtures and furnishings

Couple rooms that serve too many functions

Baby Boomers Born between 1946-1964 Love choice and independence Social

Optimistic, do-it-yourself attitude

Space Resp Residential

Vital toi cupboard zeo-tracks s video scree can op stoves connec control oper Icloud for hom RFID computer g vacuum remote access w remote acces WEMO hom syst inductive smart ref hand senso Cloud connect magic Kohler nu smart electric Large sc Wii gamin

Roommates with little privacy

Little to no technology access

No Care Required Social Care Focused


Projection Cellphone

Facilities should adapt to homelike qualities Well defined Close to physical shopping, activities entertainment, and green space

Includes Elderly and Young Adults with Disabilities Occasional Care

Assisted Living


Current Eldercare Space Deficiencies

Forever young generation

Only generation born into an analog world and die in a digital one More active and social group than previous 70% of adults generations ages 50 to 64 access the internet

Aging in P

Mobile S

Electronic R


Vital toilet seats cupboard sensors Sites usually zeo-tracks sleep patterns Limited space in suburban video screen door bell for residents let can openers areas alone personal Roommates stoves connected to phones belongings control operated shelves with little Icloud for homesgps on keys privacy RFID tags computer glass display vacuum display remote access washer and dryer Little to no remote access appliances WEMO home automation technology Traditional systems access style inductive cooktops fixtures and smart refrigerator hand sensored lamps furnishings Cloud connected thermostats Mundane magic mirror aesthetics Kohler numi-toilet Little smart desk Couple rooms electric fireplace opportunities Large screen tvs that serve for community Wii gaming systems too many interaction functions Lack of family public and private spaces

Low Tech

Baby Boomers


Born between 1946-1964

Forever young generation

Low Technology Only generation Love born into an choice and analog world and independence die in a digital one More active and social Social group than previous 70% of adults

Space Response/Implications Personal and Mobile Products

Community Spaces

nano sensors Residential Apartments e-health electronic health Community Spaces records

Vital toiletwireless seats implantable mobile vital kiosks cupboard sensors drug mircrochips Life fitness exercise Iphone zeo-tracks sleep glasses patterns bikes with wifi video screen door bell computer glass display Ipad can openers cell phone electric fireplace Projectorsstoves connectedQR shopping to code phones Large Screen tvs car-voice sensory and control operated shelves Wii gaming systems videos Icloud for homesGPSdigital on keys computers books RFID tags cameras digital books E-readers computer glass display video cameras internet vacuum display Ipods movies light beam pico projector remote access washer and dryer tv shows E-readers 3D movies remote access appliances skype internet radioWEMO home automation radio streaming video internet radio systems streaming video inductive cooktops computer games smart refrigerator dvd players texting hand sensored lamps Cloud connected thermostats magic mirror Kohler numi-toilet smart desk electric fireplace Large screen tvs Wii gaming systems

High Tech

t Eldercare Space Deficiencies Residential Apartments

mobile vital kiosks Life fitness exercise bikes computer glass display electric fireplace Projectors Large Screen tvs Wii gaming systems computers digital books E-readers internet movies tv shows 3D movies internet radio streaming video

Aging in Place Concepts

Personal and Mobile Products

Site - Two Easton Oval Columbus, OH 43219 Retail Stores

nano sensors e-health electronic health records wireless implantable drug mircrochips Iphone glasses with wifi Ipad cell phone QR code shopping car-voice sensory and videos digital books cameras video cameras Ipods light beam pico projector E-readers skype radio internet radio streaming video computer games dvd players texting

Residential Apartments

Shopping Center

Office Buildings Residential Housing Residential Housing

Office Buildings


High Technology

Mobile Shelving

Ergonomic Laundry

Strategic Seating

Accessible Countertops

Community Spaces




First Floor Zoning Nutrition Health/Fitness Public/Administration Community Support Back of House


Second Floor Zoning One Bedroom A One Bedroom B Two Bedroom Technical Social Back of House


First Floor Zoning Nutrition Health/Fitness Public/Administration Community Support Service Areas



Ice Cream Parlor



Bistro social/physical


First Floor Zoning Nutrition Health/Fitness Public/Administration Community Support Service Areas

Ice Cream Parlor

Ice Cream Parlor 11




Community Support Service Areas

Ice C

Exercise Ice Facility Cream Parlor





Exercise Facility

Bistro social/physical


Service Areas One Bedroom A wheelchair dependent resident


Second Floor Zoning One Bedroom A One Bedroom B Two Bedroom Technical/Social Service Areas

Large Open Spaces

IHome System

Walk-in Shower

One Bedroom A 15


Service A One Bedroom A

One Bedroom B

Large Open Spaces

Mobile Cabinets

IHome System

Induction Stove

Walk-in Shower

Ergonomic Laundry

wheelchair dependent resident

mild range ambulatory resident

Second Floor Zoning One Bedroom A One Bedroom B Two Bedroom Technical/Social Service Areas

One Bedroom B 17


Service Areas One Bedroom B

mild range ambulatory resident

Two Bedroom

little to no assistance ambulatory resident

IHome System

Mobile Cabinets

Handleless Faucet

Induction Stove

Robot Vacuum

Ergonomic Laundry

Strategic Seating

Walk-in Shower

Two Bedroom 19


Aging Well:Senior Thesis  
Aging Well:Senior Thesis  

A senior thesis by Jennifer Owens. Independent living facilities can be made more baby boomer friendly by incorporating aging in place conce...