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n a s c e n t

‘may contain traces of the future’

questioning our future surroundings of trends

S/S 15

scavenging for survival

Questioning the relationship between man and the natural environment Scavenging for abandoned plants and shabby objects that hold’s a sense of location. Working the found supplies to create imagery that brings us closer to human nature. Distinctive materials are worked by the nature and then taken and re worked by hand, still holding the beauty.

Alive beneath the soil

avant garde

Styling in a way to evoke future materials by connecting resources and analysing the relationship between humans and nature. demonstrating a range of processes my collection outlines material behavior during its making stage working processes and the way us as humans visualise scientific nature as well as documenting and examining nature through glass and our natural surroundings.

‘now and the past invites you’



just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential

between man and nature

touching with the eyes only imagine the texture as it lays trapped behind a smooth glass dome

Exploring the boundaries of eco friendly materials but challenging the idea of creating luxury aesthetics visuals. Searching the livelihood of unidentified lifestyles to be left capturing the beauty of emptiness through natural processes, my current work is about using distinctive materials to raise awareness about the relationship between human and nature.


en a

ju v


If the roots rot, the plant is starved of nutrients

seeing before used, seeing before acting

We have been fixated with clean minimal aesthetic, fluid shapes are replacing hard structures clinical modernism

nature examined and documneted though glass and lenses physically of our natural enviorment

Fluid complexity

plump, inflated surfaces

to explore new ways of using and discover more complex chemical and dreamy combinations jennifer-moors

jennifer moors

Jennifer Moors  

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