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girls soccer life

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Review of This Product

Review of This Product

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• These have comfort & sup-


• DRI-FIT fabric wicks sweat to help keep you dry and comfortable. • On a personal note I wear these when I play soccer and I definitely reccomend them.

• No slip whatsoever. • NOCSAE Appoved. •Very good protection; I also wear these when I play soccer.

Adidas Copa Edge Bag

How To Keep Women’s Soccer Mainstream In The US I think we can keep women’s soccer mainstream in the United States. It’s going to take hard work. We need a women’s soccer club in the Southeast of the United States. Soccer is growing and becoming big in North Carolina and we have a lot of talent. I believe that if we had a women’s soccer club in North Carolina it would help keep women’s soccer mainstream in the Southeast and even more in the United States. I believeif the Unites States Women National Team would make an event somewhere in the United States that everybody can easily get to and have it in a football stadium; I believe 80,000 people would come watch the USWNT play just like they did in the 2012 Olympics. Wee ned that so we can say “we can do this and make this happen.” I believe that we need to keep continuing talking about women’s soccer and by doing so it will help keep women’s soccer more mainstream in the United States.

Review of This Product • Adidas no longer makes this bag but every now and then you can find a brand new on on eBay.

• This bag has a lot of room for everything including a soccer ball.

Review of ‘Solo’ by Hope Solo

2015 World Cup

I bought ‘Solo’ and finished it in two days; it was that good of a book and it’s very hard to put down. I don’t write reviews on Amazon or for anything for that matter but for some reason I had to write a review about this book.

The 2015 World Cup will be held in Canada and Abby Wambach aims to play. The American women’s soccer team is considered a solid favorite in soccer minds around the world and on a side note; I think this is why a 100% women’s soccer magazine will be a great hit.

This is really an awesome book about the life of Hope Solo by Hope Solo the best goalkeeper in the world. It’s nice to be able to relate to a real person and a real pro soccer athlete. This book can be a tear jerker at times and it brought me to tears sevaral times but it makes you appreciate Hope for who she is and what all she went through as a child up to who she is today and it’s not fake it’s real. Soccer really did save Hope Solo.

On the other hand we have seven players in which they are Hope Solo, Christie Rampone, Amy LePeilbet, Carly Lloyd, Shannon Boxx and Abby Wambach all of whom are on the wrong side of 30. Nobody knows which of the players will be retiring before 2015 or which players may lose their roster positions over the next three years.

If you’re a soccer fan or not; a Hope Solo fan or not you need to buy this book because everyone will be able to relate to Hope Solo in one way or another from all walks of life. This is the real Hope Solo not what the press has written about her in the past nor the present; it’s Hope Solo’s words .I’ve seen reports by the press by people that Hope mentions in the book and I believe what Hope Solo has written; Hope wouldn’t lie just to get publicity. It’s not who Hope is and I whole heartedly believe this. I highly recommend this book. There is also a young reader’s edition too. The week of August 19, 2012 ‘Solo; was #3 on the New York Times bestsellers list.

There is one thing that is a for certain and that is the USWNT is still the deepest squad in the world.

2016 Olympics

The 2016 Olympics are going to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Olympic flag arrived on Monday August 13, 2012, marking the start of the four years of preparations. Soccer will be held in the cities across the country: Sae Paulo, Areas in Rio de Janeiro that the Brasilia, Bel Horizonte and Olympics will be held. Salvadore. The famous Marcana soccer stadium; the venue for the 1950 World Cup is being redeveloped for the 2016 Olympic Opening and closing ceremonies as well as the soccer matches. This is the first chance for South America to host the Olympics.

The Maracana being redeveloped for the 2016 Olympics.

Girls Soccer Life  

Prototype of soccer magazine for women and girls for all ages. This will eventually go to print.

Girls Soccer Life  

Prototype of soccer magazine for women and girls for all ages. This will eventually go to print.