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2014 Media Plan

GROUP MEMBERS Marcus Berschman Jennifer Mann Rebecca Siemens

Table of Contents 6............................................................Executive Summary 8...............................................................Company History 10..............................................................Media Objectives 12.......................................................Competitive Analysis 16...............................................................Target Audience 20..............................................................Media Selections -Radio -Newspaper -Social Media -Promotional 28............................................................................The Plan -Media Rationale -Media Plan -Budget -Sample Creatives 38........................................................................Evaluation 40........................................Alternative Recommendations 42............................................................Closing Statement


Executive Summary We have formed a multifaceted media plan to help Hartman Reserve Nature Center make their annual Earth Fair event an even bigger success than it has been in years past. The plan is intended to reach the Earth Fair’s target market, which is primarily mothers, ages 26 to 50. The campaign mediums will focus on electronic and social media for the most part, but will also include some print advertising as well. Because the Earth Fair is held on a Sunday, our primary competition will be youth sports and the local parks located in the Cedar Falls/Waterloo area. Creative The target market for this media plan is younger people that are familiar with social and electronic forms of media. The creative portion of this plan was developed to cater primarily towards parents and their young children. The use of social and electronic media will offer this age group easy access to event information and make the Earth Fair event the best that it can be. Promotion To successfully reach our target market, our main focus will be consistency and repetition. We will start advertising for the Earth Fair event via social media six months before the event date and continue to do so more frequently as the event date nears.



Company History

Inside Hartman If the beauty of the 300 acres of forested land and wildlife isn’t enough to make this site wonderful, the Black Hawk County Conservation Board decided to add more to make their center even more special and unique. The Hartman Nature Center offers a few different centers and trails that help add to the uniqueness of the center. These centers have been added throughout history adding something special to the center every time a new center was built. These centers include the Hartman Bluff State Preserve, Interpretive Center, and the Gene and Betty Buckles Program Center.

Hartman Reserve Nature Center is a wooded isle that stretches across 300 acres of the heart of the metropolitan area known as Black Hawk County, Iowa and more specifically in the center of Waterloo/Cedar Falls. The Nature Center offers many different activities and experiences for its many daily visitors. The Hartman Reserve Nature Center is an entity of the Black Hawk County Conservation Board.

Inside the Hartman Reserve Nature Center, lies Hartman Bluff State Preserve, this preserve is certified by the Iowa DNR Preserves Board which recognizes the significance of the 46 acre tract of upland and lowland forest within the Nature Center. Hartman Reserve Nature Center is also a partner site of Silos and Smokestacks National Heritage Area.

In 1938, 56 acres of forested land was purchased by the local YMCA with help of John C. Hartman of the Waterloo Daily Courier. In this spot, Camp Hartman Reserve was born. This camp was used for many things, including residential camping and all other types of programs until the early 1970s. It was then, in 1976, that the Black Hawk County Conservation Board purchased the land in order to establish an environmental education center, later to become known as the Hartman Reserve Nature Center.

The Interpretive Center houses displays and exhibits which help explain the local environment and the center is easily accessed from the parking lot using a paved entrance tail. This paved entrance trail includes a connection to the American Discover Trail which is nearby. The newest addition, called the Cedar Valley Paddlers Trail, includes the lakes of Hartman and provides water connection to other bodies of water in the Cedar Valley area, such as the Cedar River, George Wyth State Park, and the Hartman Nature Center.

In the many years since 1976, when Hartman was founded, it has been designated as a safe place for animals to roam around and grow. The Hartman Reserve Nature Centers has been established as an Iowa Watchable Wildlife Site and an Important Area. Some of the wildlife that you may encounter while at the center include; deer, otter, turkeys, pileated woodpeckers, red shouldered hawks, foxes, vultures, and bald eagles.



Media Objectives Media Objectives (What tasks the media are expected to carry out?) 1.

Create local awareness throughout Black Hawk County of Hartman Reserve Nature Center while staying within the $750 budget.


Target 26-50 year old white females as the primary audience with an income of $40,000 and over.


After the introduction of the Earth Fair event, maintain awareness of the event by reaching 85% of the target market.


Use media that will effectively commutate the joy of free family fun at the Earth Fair!


Increase 2014 Earth Fair event attendance by 10% by the day of the event.

Media Strategy •

Focus on radio, print, and social media as primary mediums to create awareness for the target market.

Promote event on-site for established audiences.

Use social media to promote Earth Fair event and year round programming.

Other Media considered, but not recommended •

TV (unrealistic for budget limitations)

Magazines and other wide coverage media tools (ineffective for local coverage area)



Competitive Analysis Black Hawk Park and George Wyth State Park

Local Museums

Black Hawk Park and George Wyth State Park, both located in Cedar Falls or Waterloo respectively are the closest substitutes to Hartman Reserve in geographic environment, activities provided, and location. Black Hawk Park, one of the largest parks in Iowa at 1,769 Acres includes such highlights as the Cedar River, Black Hawk Lake, Railroad Lake, and Beaver Creek. This prime outdoors location is ¬great for the water-ready family. The park provides room for canoeing, kayaking, fishing, hiking, and camping. Although Black Hawk Park does not provide as many programming opportunities and events like Hartman, families who like to do things on their own may be likely to spend their average weekend in April of 2014 at a park without scheduled programming. George Wyth State Park, just across the river from Hartman Reserve is also comparable. Again, with little programming, this may be a destination for families looking to do things on their own. George Wyth provides camping as well. Hartman Reserve does not provide the camping option, which is a large difference between these other two parks, and potentially a costly one if families are ready to get out there for the first time in the season. Campgrounds become increasingly popular in the month of April once the weather begins to warm up. Therefore, these two places are direct competitors for Hartman Reserve’s Earth Fair Event. Even if there is no specific event going on this day, these two parks are the closest substitute to an outdoor venue for families looking to stay in the Cedar Falls/Waterloo area, not to mention the fact that they too are free.

The Grout Museum District including the Bluedorn Science Imaginarium, Grout Museum, and others often have programming events for kids and families. Although programming and event schedules for this set of museums or other youth-centered facilities such as the Phelps Youth Pavilion have not yet been released, these places are still being considered direct competitors since they too target the families and children of the Cedar Falls/ Waterloo area and would likely be attended on weekends, whether for programming activities or for general admission. Although these activities could technically be considered future competitors, since most groups actually go to these facilities even when there is not a scheduled event, they will be considered a constant threat simply to their being open on the Sunday of the Earth Fair as well as the weeks surrounding the event. Even though the Hartman event is free, families may still pick between Culture Fest Culture Fest, an annual event, is sponsored in part by the Waterloo Community School District. The event, free and open to the public, allows attendees to taste samples of food, experience music and dance, and view exhibitions demonstrating and celebrating Waterloo’s diverse culture. Student art are on display at the event and many community organizations are on board. This directly involves the students of Waterloo schools as well as those in the Cedar Falls area. The date for the 2014 Culture Fest has not yet been released; however the 2013 Culture Fest is set for Thursday, April 25. The event is usually set on a week-night at Waterloo Center for the Arts, so it is not likely to be on the same day as HRNC’s Earth Fair, but it is still a family-focused event during the same time-frame as Earth Fair. Although both events are free, many families may not have the time to attend both or may get their “fill” of family events if they are held within the same week. Again, since this event is targeting the same population potentially during the same week as the Earth Fair, Culture Fest is considered a direct competitor. Hands-on educational and recreational experiences echo the activities held at Hartman Reserve save the outdoor environment.

Youth Sports Again, although not a specific event, youth sports are a huge competitor to HRNC’s Earth Fair. Many school-aged children begin organized sports clubs or leagues by third or fourth grade. Most of these leagues, including soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, and flag football have Sunday afternoon tournaments since they are not school-affiliated. These tournaments are likely to be held in the Cedar Falls/Waterloo area, but it is not uncommon for traveling teems to also develop during elementary school. This taps into our target audience of families and children ages five through fifteen. The younger children are likely to not be involved in these activities yet, but they may have siblings in organized sports or parents who coach and volunteer. Therefore, for the sake of the time commitment and specific audience involved, youth sports are a direct competitor of the Earth Fair. In addition, these events are free or “free” following team membership fees. That too, contributes to the great similarities between youth sporting events and Hartman’s Earth Fair event.



Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center The GBPAC is an indirect competitor of the Earth Fair. A performance at the Center is very different than programming at Hartman Reserve. The Gallagher often holds events on Sundays throughout the year. The schedule has not yet been released, but the likeliness of there being a Sunday Event is about fifty percent. Some events are family-friendly events; others are more adult in nature. Regardless, all events could attract the parents, who are the ultimate decision makers not to mention those who provide the transportation for their kids. Depending on the event, mom, dad, or the entire family could be busy. GBPAC events are rarely free, so that too provides a different dynamic which sets Hartman apart. However, cost isn’t always everything, and parents may prefer to go the GBPAC performance or take their families with them. Even if there is not a performance on Sunday, there may be an appealing event during the same time period as the Earth Fair. Families, again, may get their “fill” of activities or may only have enough time to go to one event during a several-week period. Future Competitors As mentioned previously, any of these facilities or organizations could have specific events that become scheduled for the same day as the Earth Fair, or even the same time-frame. With no schedules released yet, it is likely that at least two or three of these direct and indirect competitors actually have events that coincide with HRNC’s Earth Fair. This will be kept in mind as plans continue to unfold for Hartman.



Target Audience Primary Target Audience

Snap Shot Age: 26-50 Race: White Gender: Female Income: 40,000+ Marital Status: Married Geographic Distribution: Cedar Falls/Waterloo Resident

Secondary Target Audiences

The primary target audience of Hartman Reserve’s Earth Fair event is parents or care-givers of children ages 3-15 in the Cedar Falls/ Waterloo area. These parents age from 26 to 50 and live in or within twenty miles of Cedar Falls.

Snap Shot

The single direct focus of this campaign, however, will target married mothers of young children, since they make a majority of the family-based activity decisions. This woman is 26 to 50 and either works or stays stays at home with the kids on weekdays. She is white Caucasian, lives in Cedar Falls/Waterloo, has a college degree, is active in the community, has a close-knit group of female friends with same-aged children, and enjoys some level of outdoor activities.

Age: 50-75 Race: White Gender: Male or Female Income: Retired, Financially stable Marital Status: Married Geographic Distribution: Cedar Falls/Waterloo Resident

Characteristics: Active in Community Close group of same-aged female friends Enjoys outdoor activities Is of good physical health Focuses on child development

Because the Earth Fair is a family event, there are a variety of audiences who have very different set of motivation and information needs. Therefore, our first secondary target audience is grandparents of children ages 3-15. This audience is either male or female and between the ages of 50 and 75. They are likely retired, live in the immediate Cedar Falls/Waterloo area and have grandchildren who live within sixty miles of their home. These individuals enjoy family activities and are in good physical health.

Characteristics: Enjoy their grandchildren Physically active



Secondary Target Audiences

Our third target audience is children ages 5-15.

Snap Shot Age: 5-15 Race: White Gender: Male or Female

They live in or within twenty miles of Cedar Falls and enjoy outdoor activities. Many have attended Hartman Reserve summer programs in the past or know friends who have. They are either homeschooled or attend a school in Cedar Falls. In addition, they are not yet involved in school-based extra-curricular activities.

Characteristics: Attend elementary or middle school in Cedar Falls Enjoy the outdoors Are not involved in after-school activities



Media Selections



Broadcast Radio Stations Radio It is our hopes that by using these radio stations, we will reach our targeted audiences and increase awareness of the Earth Fair event at Haartman Reserve Nature Center. The radio stations that are listed, are stations that we feel would reach the greatest percentage of our targeted audiences.

In the 1920s, radio was being used for the promotion of newspapers, with news being read from the papers that sponsored time on the radio. Radio’s success as a tool for mass communication attracted advertisers to market their wares to a large and growing audience. Radio was perceived as a more effective communications tool compared to print.

• • • • • •

Radio started out being a mode of entertainment in the home. However, ever since the invention of the television which replaced radios in the home, radio’s became one with the road. With vehicles being one of the most common modes of transportation, radio is one of the best ways to reach consumers during their daily commute. Depending on where a person may life, it can take up to 3 hours just to go to and from work!

KCRR 97.7, Grundy Center, Iowa KCVM 93.5, Hudson, Iowa Y-99.3, Waverly, Iowa K- 98.5, Cedar Falls, Iowa Q- 92.3, Waterloo, Iowa KOKZ-Cool 105.7, Waterloo, Iowa

Since we are wanting to reach those hard warking, high-earning, super women, we have decided that placing radio ads on several stations that have a high listening rate in the Cedar Valley and surrounding areas.




Social Media Social Media has proven to be one of the biggest forms of entertainment world wide. With billions of users using social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google +, it’s a no brainer why it has also risen to be one of the best channels for advertisements.

While newspapers such as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times are a few of the most read newspapers around, we think it is safe to say that they are too big for the Hartman Reserve Nature Center Earth Fair.

Since Facebook began in 2004, it has become one of the most used and talked about social media channels in the world. There are approximately 1.2 Billion people worldwide that are using Facebook.

We don’t need a newspaper with as far of a reach but just as big of an impact. The impact being in the Cedar Falls/Waterloo area.

We have chosen to use Facebook as our primary source of social media marketing, along with using Hartman’s existing website. Given the smaller children and parents we are trying to reach, we didn’t think that creating and using a Twitter and YouTube page would be very beneficial. We would start using the page to advertise the Earth Day event six months in advance and post more frequently as the event neared.

We chose to place advertisements in the top two newspapers in the area, the Waterloo Courier and the Cedar Falls Times. Not only do these two newspapers reach the immediate area of Cedar Falls/Waterloo, but they also reach surrounding areas such as Waverly and Parkersburg/New Hartford. These two newspapers have the potential to reach the biggest percentage of our target audience.



Promotional Promotional Hartman also holds educational presentations at a variety of locations including fairs, schools, campgrounds, and weekly farmer’s markets. Having these fliers or posters at presentation tables is another way to penetrate into an audience that is either directly or similar to the target audience.

Fliers and Posters Hartman Reserve Nature Center holds programming activities for a variety of ages nearly every day in the summer as well as periodically throughout the duration of the year. The trails are open daily and the interpretive center is open Sunday through Friday. Promoting Earth Fair 2014 on-sight is one of the easiest and most effective courses of action to reach those who already enjoy the Reserve through programming or personal recreation. Placement of posters or fliers in kiosks along the paved bike trail, in the interpretive center window and front desk are sure ways to reach the specific target audience for this specific event. These materials can also be placed at a variety of off-site locations including other family-friendly hot spots.

Newsletter In addition, The Oak, a newsletter released by the Black Hawk County Conservation Board quarterly, is a 12-page publication featuring Hartman and their programming events. This newsletter is to be available for pick up at the Interpretive Center, Cedar Falls and Waterloo Visitors Bureaus, via mail-list, and online. It reaches those who stop in to the facility, who follow the Reserve online, and is especially valuable to reaching the older secondary target audience of grandparents.



The Plan



Media Rationale The media that we have selected to utilize in order to complete our objectives are primarily print, social media, and radio. Many of our decisions were dictated by financial limitations and the desire to focus on only a specific geographic location.

We will put no emphasis on billboards or television advertisements. We do not believe this event is established enough to pursue these media vehicles. With limited finances and holding a free event, Hartman simply cannot afford to spend money on these channels. Television is especially broad in nature as well as geographic location. Radio, print, and web-based vehicles will give us more effective results with less financial input.

Our target audience could be broken down in again, another way: those who are already connected with or involved in Hartman-related programming events and those who are not. Those who are already somewhat familiar with Hartman are likely signed up for the email newsletter, receive The Oak print newsletter, follow on Facebook or stop into the reserve frequently. We feel confident that these individuals will find easy access to information regarding the Earth Fair via these channels.

Seasonality Since this is an event, not a product or brand, there is definite seasonality in advertisement. Mentions of the event will begin just after Earth Fair 2013, commenting on the successes of this year’s event. After that, there will be a lull of inactivity in promotion during the duration of summer and fall of 2013. Small social media blurbs can be mentioned now and again as exciting planning is ironed out and decided upon, but there is no need to saturate the target audience with annoying, unnecessary information and hype for a free, local event with no necessary prior to the date actions such as registration. A majority of the advertising will begin in late February as fliers are being produced. Upon that, mentions will be submitted in The Oak. Press releases and radio spots as well as more constant social media mentions will be initiated within a month of the event.

For those who have spent no or very little time at Hartman Reserve, we believe social media, print media, and radio broadcast are our best bets. Having Earth Fair on newspaper, radio, and other community-related calendars is a great way to get the name and date out there. On top of that, those in the Cedar Valley will see press release articles in the Courier and other local papers. Local radio stations will hit this target audience during their commutes. These three media vehicles are also relatively inexpensive for the effectiveness they will provide our specific geographic location. Social media and print media will be free. Some of the radio spots will be paid for. Others may be given to us since we are a nonprofit organization. In addition, once on the community calendar and in the news spotlight, radio personalities are likely to give free “blurbs� reminding the public of our free community event. We believe each of these vehicles will reach our primary and secondary audiences. The parents and grandparents will be involved in reading the newspaper. These middle-aged parents are likely to listen to the radio on their way to and from work. If some of the moms in our target audience only work part-time or are stay-at-home moms, they may also hear radio advertisements or have time to browse the internet. Many bring their kids on walks through Hartman and may see the fliers throughout the Reserve or Cedar Valley. Kids may hear the advertisements on the radio or from other kids who are going. The middle-aged female is likely to be involved on web-based formats such as the Hartman Reserve website and Facebook page. They are likely to stay relatively updated on newsletter lists and online versions of The Oak if they are at all familiar with Hartman Reserve.



March 2014: Send out RadioAd to radio stations

Media Channel

Media Plan

November 2013: Begin advertising on Social Media

Explanation of Cost

Projected Cost


Since Hartman Reserve Nature Center is a non-profit organization, all radio ads will be free.



All newspaper advertisements will be free for this event.


Social Media


Flyers and Posters

July 2013: Finalize event activities

Febuary 2014: Distribute Flyers

May 2013: First mention of event in May 2013 Newsletter

September 2013: Contact potential sponsors

January 2014: Full advertisement and invitation in Newslettter

March 2014: Send out Press Releases to selected newspapers

April 2014: Send out Evaluation forms


Since we will not be advertising through facebook, but just posting status updates about our event, this media channel will be free of cost.


Hartman Reserve Nature and the Black Hawk Conservatory Board writes and produces their own newsletter. Since that is the case, this will also be free.


Flyers and Posters will be the extent of our media budget. For this event we figured on needing around 100 flyers and 50 posters. We will be printing these as Copyworks. Copyworks charges 49 cents per 8 1/2 by 11 page. We also added a few extra flyers just in case something else comes up that we could possibly need flyers for.


Total Media Budget....................................................................$100



Press Release

Sample Creatives


CONTACT: Chris Anderson, Programming Director Hartman Reserve Nature Center (319) 277-2187 Ext.16

Radio Spot:


Thirty Second Spot: 1. Are you a parent looking for something fun and active to do with your kids? Do you want to get outside and enjoy the beautiful spring scenery at a free, local event? Make your way to Hartman Reserve Nature Center, Sunday, April 20 from 1p.m. to 4p.m. for their 2014 Earth Fair! Enjoy canoeing, kayaking, crafts, and more with trained, energetic naturalists! Don’t just sit at home! Come, learn, and enjoy the great outdoors as we celebrate our earth together!

CEDAR FALLS, Hartman Reserve Nature Center is holding their annual Earth Fair event Sunday, April 20 from 1p.m. to 4p.m. at The Reserve. All families are welcome and event pricing is free. No registration is required. This year’s activities include canoeing, kayaking, service projects, crafts, recycling education, and more! Attending families are encouraged to bring a picnic lunch to participate in The Nature Conservancy’s global “Picnic for the Planet” event which celebrates the protection of our world’s food and water sources.

Tag 1: For more information check out the Hartman Reserve website or like us on Facebook! Tag 2: The Hartman Reserve Earth Fair, for great family fun! Sunday April 20! Ten Second Spot: 1. Are you looking for something fun and active to do with the kids? Make your way to Hartman Reserve Nature Center, Sunday April 20 from 1p.m. to 4p.m. for their 2014 Earth Fair event! Fun for all ages!

Hartman Reserve Nature Center is a 300 acre wooded isle located in the heart of metropolitan Black Hawk County. Its mission is to understand the environment through education, recreation, and community involvement and to the stewardship of a unique natural area.

2. Kids! Parents! Come celebrate the earth with Hartman Reserve Nature Center at their Earth Fair Event Sunday, April 20 from 1p.m. to 4p.m.! Don’t just sit at home, get out and enjoy a day of family fun activities!




Media Release HARTMAN RESERVE NATURE CENTER HOLDS EARTH FAIR EVENT CEDAR FALLS, IA— WHAT: Hartman Reserve Nature Center is holding their family-fun Earth Fair event, including outdoors activities including canoeing, kayaking, crafts, DIY hikes, and recycling education. WHERE: Hartman Reserve Nature Center, 657 Reserve Drive, Cedar Falls, IA 50613 WHEN: Sunday, April 20, 2014 WHO: Hartman Reserve Nature Center is a 300 acre wooded isle located in the heart of metropolitan Black Hawk County. Its mission is to understand the environment through education, recreation, and community involvement and to the stewardship of a unique natural area. They are a partner site of nationally affiliated Silos and Smokestacks National Heritage Area. WHY: Earth Fair provides a day of family fun for Cedar Valley residents. Through hands-on recreational and educational activities, Hartman hopes attendees will find greater appreciation for the earth and take action towards protecting it. PHOTO/VIDEO OP: Family-fun activities will be taking place throughout the Reserve from 1p.m. to 4p.m. Hartman staff, volunteers, and an estimated 400 family participants will be in attendance. INTERVIEW OP: • Ed Gruenwald, Nature Center Director • Chris Anderson, Programming Director • Katie Klus, Assistant Programming Coordinator • Hartman Reserve volunteers • Participants



Evaluation At the conclusion of the event, we will take a number of measures to evaluate the success of the 2014 Hartman Reserve Nature Center Earth Fair Event! These measures will be compared to the statistics of years past to showcase changes that have been made and the overall effectiveness of our public relations campaign. Surveys Comment cards will be available for participants to use during the event. Following the event, surveys will be sent out to attendees and sponsors via email and social media linking to an online survey. Attendance The number of attendees of the Earth Fair will be counted and compared with the attendance numbers of Earth Fair events held in years past. Social Media The traffic on social media will be evaluated using the number of likes, comments, shares and mentions before, during and after the event. Print Media and Radio The effectiveness of the media plan will be analyzed via circulation records of newspapers and the number of impressions per radio spot of the various stations used in the Cedar Valley.



Alternative Recommendations Each and every event that is produced by any company, not matter how big or small has plenty of room for improvements. Hartman Reserve Nature Center’s 2014 Earth Fair event is no exception. As a team, we have tossed around some ideas that we feel would really make the next Earth Fair event the best it could possibly be. Creating Partnerships Creating partnerships with businesses in the Cedar Valley can have a positive impact on the event. Not only will it open up the doors to a wider audience, it will create opportunities for lasting relationships and increased financial resources for the Hartman Reserve Nature Center. Increase Sponsors As the event continues to gain popularity, we will continue to bring in more sponsors. This will again, provide more resources that will allow us to gradually improve the Earth Fair event every year, by adding a wider array of activities for our participants. Increase Geographic Audience Broadcasting to a larger region, such as the entire Cedar Valley area, has the potential to bring in more participants as well as some new and unique sponsors. There is no other event like the Earth Fair event around the Cedar Valley. Therefore, there is no overlap in comparable events which makes our Earth Fair event more attractive to potential audiences. Expanding Group Focus By spreading our focus to not only families, but to organized groups and individual, we will tap into a new territory. This new territory allows for growth of our targeted audience, and therefore our organization and all events to follow will expand as well. An example of such groups includes Girl Scouts and 4-H clubs in the Cedar Valley area.



Closing Statement The total cost of the media plan remains at a low one hundred dollars. This fits Hartman Reserve’s budget, since it is a free event.

In conclusion, we have formed a multifaceted media plan to help Hartman Reserve Nature Center make their annual Earth Fair event an even bigger success than it has been in years past. This plan intended to reach the Earth Fair’s target market, which are primarily mothers ages 26 to 50.

The sample creatives provide an insight into our media plan visions. During the duration of the planning period, more creatives would be produced.

Our core objectives were to create local awareness throughout Black Hawk County of the event and increase attendance by 10%. Media strategy focuses on radio, print, and social media as primary mediums to create this awareness. This reaches the geographic-specific audience we have at a limited budget. Our audience, again, is segmented in promotion to establish both the current and future Hartman audiences.

Upon the conclusion of this event, surveys, attendance records, social media traffic, and print media/radio effectiveness will be used to analyze the success of this plan. It will also be a benchmark for future event success. The alternative recommendations also provide potential ideas for future Earth Fair events. These suggestions will require a larger implementation period.

Our competitors included other outdoor recreational locations in the Cedar Valley, youth sports, local children’s museums, Waterloo’s culture fest, and the Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center.

Overall, we hope this plan acts as an effective guide for Hartman Reserve Nature Center’s Earth Fair event. Upon implementation, we believe the event will continue to improve both now and for years to come.

Secondary target audiences include grandparents who live in the Cedar Falls/Waterloo area as well as students ages 5-15 in the same location. The media plan begins with the first mentions starting after the May 2013 Earth Fair event. Upon that, little updates are given until we begin our full event promotion in January. The closer we get to the event, the more frequently the event will be publicized.



Media Plan Example  

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