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2011. issue one

Nacida Marrero Teen Artist Profile

THIS ISSUE: + Events & Fundraisers + Featured Teen Artist Yakira Carter + + Art Projects that Give Back + A Founder’s Dream + + International Art Service Project +

The Mission: One Love Generation (OLG) is a 501c3 The Vision: One Love Generation is committed to non-profit organization empowering youth to inspire creating a generation of service-minded people who positive social change through art, service and awareness. give back to the world by using their innate gifts.


One Love Generation, Welcome to the first edition of the One Love Generation (OLG) publication. Some of you may or may not know that OLG recently became my full time gig. In lieu of the very official and fancy new magazine, it’s only appropriate to share the story of how One Love Generation came to be… I was always a creative and crafty little kid, and drawing cloud people were my specialty: an imaginary culture of stick figures with cloud shaped heads and diverse facial expressions. My creative mind definitely belonged in the sky with that tribe. I spent hours designing and building museums made of cardboard refrigerator boxes in my dad’s living room…featuring the cloud people drawings on those cardboard walls.

Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do” Rumi As a teenager, I loved to redesign my bedroom over and over again. I took a strong interest in interior architecture and equally dreamed of working for National Geographic. I spent the next eight years or so bouncing around major U.S. cities working in the field of interior design: Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Miami…and finally, Atlanta. During that time, I always had a pull within to make an impact in the world. I tried to find a balance between the work world and my heart by being involved in small projects like Architecture for Humanity in Los Angeles or writing for “Design Like You Give a Damn”. It was always a heart moving experience, but not entirely fulfilling. I always felt that I had the potential to do something “more”. Then there was the “quarter life crisis” when I suddenly realized I didn’t want to be an interior designer. I remember taking a weekend course in February of 2008 that made me have a very honest conversation with myself. It challenged everything I had worked for & made me realize design was no longer my purpose.


I remember the day I became aware that the love of one’s heart does not have a capacity. Love is limitless. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see our culture centered on the idea of love and compassion for others? I believe we can have an impact on our society by starting with young people.

TWITTER: @onelovegen



I believe it is imperative to foster young creativity to promote spiritual and personal growth. Elizabeth Jarrett, Mentor


Fundraisers Events This is what led me to the idea of OLG. The new generation is truly amazing. I feel like change for love is embedded in their genes. They just need someone (or something) to help pull it out of them. There are so many tools available for them to become positive leaders. I want to help them develop that culture of positive leaders. Art and mentoring are a few tools I know how to work with and so the idea started to form.

by Ashley Hesseltine

The One Love Generation is what you might call the “new wave of nonprofits.” Our founder, board and mentors are young and in-the-know; and most of our supporters are young professionals that want to integrate giving back into their normal lives. They don’t want to just write a check. They’d rather pay the dollars to attend a fun event. And by fun, we do mean fun. There are no stuffy, charity benefits here because well, our supporters just wouldn’t have it. One Love prides itself on the ability to raise funds while having fun (sometimes too much). Through date auctions, adult proms, and even hypnotizing innocent local celebrities, we reach that audience of 20- and 30-somethings who have money to spend but want to have a good time doing it.

My love for art paired with my passion for youth and social change birthed a unique organization. I am

See for yourself...

happy to say I am the founder and executive director of One Love Generation, a non-profit organization empowering youth to inspire positive social change through art, service and awareness. The organization is committed to creating a generation of service-minded people who give back to the world by using their innate gifts. Art is a way to connect with teens. It is a common ground between the mentor and mentee and is conduit for a deeper and more meaningful relationship.

The event: Peace Stand, June 2010 Picture it: One Love Generation friends and family members united in white to stand for peace with all ethnicities and ages. The “living peace symbol” was a simple, yet powerful concept whose beauty was shown through its expansion and contraction. The event: Hypnotist Fundraiser, September 2010 Picture it: Some of Atlanta’s most notable names in radio, blogging, and the social scene agreed to be “put under” by a professional hypnotist at Eddie’s Attic. The entertainment was priceless.

As my new friend, Bryan Green, recently put it, “One Love is teaching a generation of children how to give back by teaching them how to receive. One love is not an afterschool art class…at all. Every child who enters the room begins to learn how to use the skills they are learning to impact another person. One Love is taking the phrase ‘pay it forward’ and putting it to good use. Brilliant!”

The event: Gallery Exhibition, November 2010 Picture it: The 2010 “generation” of kids showed off their incredible works in the One Love Generation studio. The event: One Love Date Auction, March 2010, March 2011

So many things contribute to one’s happiness; One Love Generation is one of mine. I feel like I finally woke up to my life and the purpose I was always seeking. I’m thankful to have a path that I feel so passionately about. You only have one life.

Picture it: The city’s best-looking singles up for grabs at the legendary Johnny’s Hideaway. The event: Adult Prom to benefit One Love Generation, June 2011

To everyone that has helped me along the way, thank you for your support. I am so proud to say this is my full time job. This could not have happened without all of you.

Picture it: A real-life prom at a real-life boarding school, complete with photo booth, themed décor, DJ, ‘80s band, spiked punch, royal prom court and more.

To all of the young artists in the program, thank you for taking on the challenge and participating in One Love Generation. I personally believe in every one of you. You are doing amazing work and are a part of the bigger solution. Thank you for being leaders of your generation.

The event: One Love Date Auctions in ATL, LA, & NYC, May 2010, March 2011, July 2011. Picture it: We are looking to expand the organization to new cities and this event is our debut. The goal is to raise money, bring awareness to our cause and start building support so we can bring the amazing work we do to new communities.

One Love, Jennifer

The event: Gallery Exhibition, Nov 2010, Fall 2011 Picture it: The 2011 “generation” of kids showed off their incredible works at The Goat Farm, home of the One Love Generation studio.

Jennifer Lester Founder & Executive Director




You can support One Love Generation by making a donation online at All gifts are tax deductible.

This is what life is all about…service with LOVE!

Nini, Donor

Featured TEEN Artist As Voted by their Peers

Dubelyoo, Yakira’s 1st year mentor

Jessi Monroe, Yakira’s Current mentor

Yakira Carter age 15 2011


“Yakira was accepted into the mentee program in the eighth grade while attending Coan Middle School. During her first year, she studied under world-renowned mixed media artist/mentor, Dubelyoo and currently studies under stencil artist, Jessi Monroe. We have watched her grow in incredible strides through her artwork & inner self. She is extremely gifted in the arts with a natural understanding of drawing unbeknownst to most adults in the field. We are excited to see where her work takes us and how she will contribute to the world through her talent. You’ll be seeing much more from this little creative fireball.” Yakira Carter

“I rejoined OLG because it’s my place to be. It’s my second home. I have family, friends and a healthy environment to do what brings bliss to me. All my life I’ve been drawing. I had no classes or lessons. It came… naturally. As I grew older I felt I was missing something. I joined OLG in ’10 thinking I’d become a better artist. But I also became a better person. I care about more things than just myself and I can thank OLG for giving me brand new eyes.”

One Love has been an awesome experience. The opportunity to share my time and talent and to pour into the mentees is a blessing and joy. Matt Miller, Mentor

THE MENTORING PROGRAM + RECENT PROJECTS One Love Generation empowers youth to inspire positive social change through art, service and awareness. The Mentoring Program matches teen artists with professional artist mentors to create studio art projects focusing on specific environmental, socio-economical or philanthropic issues facing our world.  Mentees meet weekly in studio or in the field working on local art-related community service project.  Our mentors provide support, encouragement and exposure to new experiences. By developing a meaningful relationship with a mentee, they contribute to his or her artistic success, social development and sense of purpose. During studio nights, we frequently invite professional guest artists to give brief lectures on technique secrets, experiential paths to becoming a successful artist and

ways they give back through the arts. We try to follow the lectures with a project relating to the lecture. When we’re not creating art, we’re out visiting local galleries or possibly touring Turner Studios. We are committed to creating a generation of serviceminded people who give back to the world by using their innate gifts.  For us, artwork is a way to connect with youth.  Art is an area of interest and a common ground between the mentor and mentee, and is conduit for a deeper and more meaningful relationship. One Love Generation is always seeking collaborations with individuals and organizations that encourage positive social change. Please contact us if you would like to be a part of this “one love” community.


adapted from UIC Spiral Art Education One Love teens took some time to reflect on their elementary school experience. Upon revisiting the past, they were able to recreate a vivid experience or incident from memory. The project organically formed an open discussion in the studio among the teens, questioning if our current social structure offers a platform for growing up to be a thoughtful self. The mentees were asked to work in an elementary style. In this piece, Devon Whittington illustrated his memory of elementary school being segregated. He (as a half Hispanic, half Caucasian) felt he was always stuck in the middle, and didn’t belong with either group. Notice the distortion of the room.

Devon Whittington


designed & instructed by Nathan Phaneuf and Jessi Monroe OLG teens had the opportunity to learn about photography, composition and lighting in a lecture hosted by OLG mentor Mark Tioxon of Kelley Hagen, Mark’s intern and OLG’s Board Chair, then photographed each mentee in a portrait session. Weeks later, the portraits were printed in black and white and used in a self-portrait stencil project lead by mentors Nathan Phaneuf and Jessi Monroe.


OLG helped me expand my understanding of what art truly is… and now I shall draw a burger. Dayla Jackson, Mentee

Lamontray Brown and mentor Joe Peery

Nacida Marrero

Getting a glimpse into the minds of our young artists is very important for us at One Love Generation, as feeding the creative fires within their minds is incredibly important for helping them realize their potential both as a person and as an artist. In this interview, we’ll learn about Nacida Marrero’s motivations and how she feels art can drive change in the world.

Nathan Phaneuf & Nacida Marrero

Tell us a little about yourself - how old are you and how long have you been interested in being an artist? My name is Nacida Marrero and I am currently 16 years old. I have been interested in being an artist for quite some time now. Basically, since I was able to pick up a crayon and just draw or let my imagination run wild. How did you find out about the One Love Generation program and what appealed to you about it? I found out about the One Love Program through my art teacher, Mrs. Brandhorst, who is quite a ‘thriller’ as a teacher. What appealed to me about One Love was the amount of motivation and diversity that was being brought out of the program, and the outstanding opportunities that were being given to the youth in the program. I was immediately drawn to it and what One Love stood for. I knew I was going to be in for a treat. What is your favorite type of art to do personally? My favorite types of art would have to be drawing and painting because both allow me to express my thoughts using a canvas and a paintbrush. I’m not saying that thoughts can’t be expressed through other types of art, but I personally prefer painting and drawing because I have complete control, and they take my mind to another place where worries and problems don’t exist. What is your favorite type of art that you enjoy viewing? I absolutely love watching artists express themselves through graffiti. It amazes me to see the detail and colors that they can create through a simple can of spray-paint. You see pieces of their artwork all over the world; especially in big cities such as Atlanta. They have no limits ... the city is their canvas.

Who inspires you? Some artists who inspire me would have to include Dali and Frida Kahlo. Both were breathtaking artists, and both had the ability to make a human feel the actual emotions behind every single piece of artwork. They were able to think outside the box and create pure perfection and diversity using paint. Though both had troubled lives, they still managed to continue doing what they loved, and in the end, the world fell in love with their art. If you could have a one-on-one training session with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be? If I could have one-on-one training with any artist, I would have to bring Frida back from the dead. She was a strong woman of Mexican descent, and though she suffered from polio, she still managed to continue her work. I feel as though my skills would be taken to another level with her help, and that some things in the art world would make more sense with Frida being by my side. If you could give some words of advice to another young aspiring artist, what would they be? I would tell any young aspiring artist to NEVER let anyone tell you something isn’t possible. The word “impossible” itself spells IM POSSIBLE meaning you are capable of doing anything. Not only that, but there are no boundaries in art. Art is art regardless of what anyone says. You are your own person, and whatever you feel should be expressed in the way you as an artist want it to be shown to the human eye – whether it be a child or an adult. How would you like to contribute to the world through your artistic talent? I would like to contribute to the world by getting youth involved with artistic activities as well as those in need, because the best way to contribute to the world we live in is to make a difference through something that I love to do such as murals.

What does OLG mean to you and what do you like most about being in the studio? One Love Generation means exactly what it says ... ONE LOVE. We are all equal and share a common love, and it’s our generation that is reaching out to others through art and trying to bring about change. The studio’s environment has an amazing aura. Once you walk into the studio, all negativity is left outside, and creativity and acceptation replaces it. Everybody gets along, and we help one another through every obstacle and activity we encounter. How have you been influenced by the artists you’ve met at OLG both the mentees and the guest speakers? Yes, I have. Each mentor and guest speaker has brought a different lesson to the table, and each has instilled great confidence in all of us. I could not be more appreciative and grateful for the time they have given to us. This program has been a blessing and came just when I needed it the most. If you could travel anywhere in the world to work with artists through OLG where would it be? Wow; this is a hard question but I would have to say Europe. It would be completely amazing if we as artists could go to different countries throughout Europe and experience different cultures, and apply our experience to what we do in the studio and our art. That would be an adventure of a lifetime!

Well, thank you Nacida for your questions. It is important for young artists to serve as inspiration to one another, and I believe you definitely fall into this category. It has been a pleasure to work with you at the One Love studio and I look forward to more messy, paint-filled creative sessions! To see Nacida’s work, please visit or visit us on our Facebook page which is updated weekly: Also, stay tuned for our gallery show where the teens’ work will be available for purchase.

LIVE MUSIC WATERCOLOR designed and instructed by Jennifer Lester and Kelley Hagen

OLG mentees visited ZAC Recording Studio where Simon Illa, producer for ZAC and founder of Mind for Music, spoke inspiring words of wisdom on achieving dreams (even if everyone else thinks they’re impossible). Simon offered wise advice on doing something you truly love instead of something that just makes you money. Following his encouraging words, the OLG teens headed back to OLG where they found a live band, Psychadelic Furs, performing outside of the studio. Watercolor stations were set up near the band’s private concert for teens to experiment with painting to emotion.

Joshua Porter and mentor Jeremy Brown


designed and instructed by Jeremy Brown To Jeremy, abstract art is a representation of a thought rather than an actual physical life-like object. It resembles what is going on in an artist’s head. Mentees were challenged to seek within to identify five “things” they wanted to achieve in life; such as peace, fame, love, power, etc. They then were challenged to think of an action word that represented a way to achieve the first word; such as drive, strength, determination, compassion, etc. Mentees painted a base color or design on their canvas, and then started layering their words of achievement and action in black. When complete, the artist was left with an abstract piece of art composed of dreams; and paths to achieve those dreams. Viewers may or may not be able to read the words, but the artists themselves know they are there. We hope the dreams of this generation were put into action by this project.

Sarah Kitchens


designed by Phoebe Brown and Elizabeth Strickler of Cross Stitch in collaboration with Jennifer Lester Part of the mission of The Cross Stitch Project is to connect teenagers from the slums of India (specifically Calcutta) with their peers in Atlanta to share creative and design talents and interact via crosscultural communication. One Love Generation recently participated as an Atlanta partner in the Cross Stitch Project. OLG teens were asked to consider an icon that they thought represented America. Once the mentees sketched out their ideas (from hot dogs to AC/DC symbols), they carved the symbol into a linoleum block; a technique called linocutting. Cross Stitch founders Phoebe Brown and Elizabeth Strickler then transferred the designs onto various fabrics with ink printing techniques. The fabric prints will be used in fusion fashion handbags that will be completed in India this summer. We hope to continue this exciting “art pen pal” project. Thanks, Cross Stitch!



Sabrina Alvarez

One Love is truly an answer to prayer for my daughter. Finally, I’ve found a place for her to express her innermost self. Adria Kitchens, Mentee Parent

Mentees in the Mentoring Program have the opportunity to: + Work in a studio setting with a professional artist mentor every week


Showcase their work throughout Atlanta


Meet & learn from leaders in the

L etter from the B oard

A Founder’s Dream

Atlanta artist community




showcasing their work in multiple gallery exhibitions

If you’ve met One Love Generation’s Executive Director, Jennifer Lester, you already know she has that infectious positive energy that makes you believe dreams can come true. I met Jennifer about two years ago when she was visiting Boston with a group of my son’s friends. Her education and her true love is art. Jennifer’s dream was to start a nonprofit organization where fine art would link urban teens with artist mentors.

Illustrate the power of the

arts as a tool for encouraging positive social change +

Explore & volunteer for

Like with any dream, Jennifer was unsure about how to take a good idea and make it a reality. If she took the entrepreneurial leap, I believed her work experience would be an important asset. She would be accustomed to hard deadlines and managing the hundreds of tasks that are taken for granted, yet required for success.

various local causes they feel passionate about

Jennifer decided to apply for a grant that provided training to start a nonprofit and a small monetary award. She called me in a mild panic wanting to understand the foreign languages of grant-speak and accounting-speak. We worked through it, developed objectives, built revenue and expense projections, and answered a long list of questions.


designed by Jennifer Lester and Maria Cadena, instructed by Jennifer Lester, Joe Peery & Matt Miller We asked our friend, Maria Cadena, to be a live sketch model because of her limber posing abilities (as a result of her yoga practice). Of course, we couldn’t leave it at a simple sketch we incorporated the meanings of each pose and challenged the mentees to really think about what each pose represented while they were drawing. Poses were held ranging from thirty seconds to five minutes. The teen artists had never been so quiet and focused as when they were in this session. Pose: Warrior

II. strength

Meaning: Inner

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now. - Goethe

During the process, I could not miss the strength of Jennifer’s desire to make a positive difference in other people’s lives, her belief in the power of art, and her interest in giving back. People with convictions like Jennifer‘s deserve a chance to succeed because when they win, we all win. It is a big reason why so many good people have joined in to support OLG. When the training started, I rejoined Jennifer to help her compete tasks like developing a corporate charter, completing IRS forms, and forming a Board of Directors. On a shoestring budget, Jennifer led a great group of volunteers to make the dream a reality. It was rewarding for me to see the easy connection that Jennifer made with the kids and artists alike. However; best of all, OLG delivered what it promised our teens and their parents. The OLG model works. The art projects, the service projects, the mentoring relationships, and the new friendships provided by the OLG experience were inspirational for everyone. While our home, the Goat Farm does have its own loving personality; the interaction of the teens and mentors working together for a better world (One Love) is the true source of inspiration. The power of people working together, caring, and sharing creates the magic to inspire young artists to achieve their own dreams. If you believe in what OLG is doing, we would appreciate your support in helping the dream to grow.

by Jeff Stephen, Board Treasurer


The mentees are beyond gifted and it is inspiring to see where they will go with this program. Jessica Harms, Mentor


designed and instructed by Jennifer Lester Friends of OLG were asked to create a themed music playlist of their choice and upload to an MP3 player. A variety of themes were created ranging from electronic, chanting monks, songs for young love and tranquility (among others). Mentees were each given a set of headphones and a blank canvas, giving them free reign to create their interpretation of the theme.

Trevor Gamble

OLG designed a mural honoring the Minga and contributed this piece of public art to the community during their stay.


designed and instructed by Brian Miller of Sole Plus and Jennifer Lester A few months ago, Sole Plus held a design workshop for patients at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHoA). Young patients designed shoes with messages like “I Love My Donor”. One young man had multiple liver transplants and he was only six years old. Due to an overwhelming turnout, Sole Plus was left with 35 pairs of shoes to be created (they expected that number to be four). That’s where we came in…One Love Generation’s mission is to encourage young artists to give back through their artistic talent. This project was a perfect match. Over two sessions in June, mentees, mentors and guest artists came together at the OLG studio and completed all 35 patient-designed shoes. The completed shoes are currently being delivered back to the patients at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. In addition to the CHoA shoes, One Love Generation asked Safehouse Outreach if they would like to participate in the project (because obviously we didn’t have enough shoes to paint). OLG had the opportunity to translate the dreams of teen mothers and homeless men from Safehouse Outreach’s program onto an additional 11 pairs of shoes. When we reached out to community artists asking for help in designing/painting these shoes, we were overwhelmed with volunteer artists and didn’t have enough shoes to paint! It was a great problem to have and easily solved by pairing artists with a pair of shoes. The energy in the studio over those two nights was an overwhelming feeling of unity for humanity. Thank you to everyone who participated in this evening (and thanks for the yummy snacks, Laura!). In addition to a new pair of shoes, we hope the wearer will remember the message wherever he or she goes. The One Love Generation artists translated the client’s message, but the wearer disseminates it far beyond conceivable bounds. This achieves the goal of demonstrating that we are all connected. We look forward to working with Sole Plus again in the future.



photos by Brian Miller



designed by OLG in partnership with the MLK Center OLG is in the design stages of a new project in partnership with the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Non-Violent Social Change. We are excited to see what the organization comes up with after our recent visit to the center & non-violent communication training.

“Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.”

This is an amazing program. I feel I get just as much out of it, as the kids do. Jeremy Brown, Mentor

Martin Luther King, Jr.


Mentees in the International Art Service Program have the opportunity to:

+ Travel communities Jeremy Brown, Mentor: Tonight’s project was amazing. One Love teamed up with Sole Plus to to international help customize some high to topbeConverse in service while using their artistic skill sneakers for kids currently spending a bulk of their time in the hospital. The project was just another reminder to be thankful for what you have, and to give back as much as you can…when you can. Consider me an OLG mentor foron life. + Work a major art piece in an international community Jeremy Brown (2): Halfway through the project it hit me. I realized how small the shoe size was…really puts things into perspective. I’m so thankful for being able to do things like this. + Illustrate the power of the arts as a tool for encouraging positive social change Rebecca Hernandez, Mentee Parent: WOW! Last night Nacida and Quinellle came talking about the awesome “shoe experience”. In the middle of the night, Nacida starting laughing and telling me about a joke that one of the mentors told. She even told Quinelle, “I always start off + Explore and volunteer for various causes saying ‘wow, do I have to be there for three hours’, but then I always come out feelingthey good and laughing!” I wish she had the studio night feel passionate about experience every day of the week!!!!

International Art Service Program This program is an extension of the mentoring program. Four to six teens are selected to participate in this trip after ten months of studio time. The participants are chosen based on an essay, concept proposal and letter of recommendation from a mentor or other artist. Once selected, the group establishes relationships with needbased international communities and work together in developing artistic projects as a way to generate awareness.

Ecuador Project: 2010 by Jennifer Lester

In the fall of 2010, four OLG teens adventured to a small indigenous village of San Clemente, in the Imbabura region of Ecuador. Tribal leader Manuel Guatemal and his wife, Laura, invited us to stay in their home. Ecology and respect of nature are essential points of the San Clemente culture. OLG was grateful to experience the tribe’s love for “Pachamama” (or Mother Earth) and hear some of Manuel’s teachings. His community practices “the Minga”, which means “the coming together of a community for the betterment of all." Prior to the trip, OLG studied this concept and designed a mural honoring the Minga. We contribute this piece of public art to the community during our stay. It rained for the major portion of the trip. We had to hike a mile to the school every day in the rain. The group learned the value of rain boots, layering and ponchos! We painted, regardless of the weather. It was a challenging experience, but somehow brought an unforeseen level of closeness for the group. We all stuck through it as one. The unusual temperature and rain sparked conversation regarding dramatic changes in weather patterns and it’s negative effects on the community’s farming and livestock. Manuel related this all to Pachamama and restated the importance of being a leader and taking care of the earth for future generations. Maybe the rain was a lesson blessing in disguise.

In addition to being submerged in the San Clemente community, we took the time to visit the Otavolo street market and visit Oswaldo Guayasamín’s Museum in Quito. We were also invited into various artists’ studios to learn about artistic styles specific to the country. It was an educational trip of a lifetime.

Y’all have shown my son, Lamontray, a whole different side of the world and he loves it to the fullest. Carmen Fyall, Mentee Parent

local community development programs have been slowly popping up. One of these programs is Ix-canaan. Ix-canaan is a Mayan word meaning “guardians of the rainforest”. The program was created to empower the local people to become guardians of their rainforest through changes in health, education and opportunity. Through mutual participation with the local community and Project Ix-Canaan, we will create an awareness sculpture of the Tree of Life. Known to the Mayan’s as Yaxche, the Tree of Life is a common belief among many cultures that refers to the idea that all life on earth is related and in connection with one another. The sculpture will be created from found trash items collected from community streets. Local residents are already starting to gather water bottles, soda cans and other objects. One Love Generation will work alongside locals from

Guatemala Project: 2011

by Maria Cadena

This year’s project has “roots”. OLG will be venturing into the rainforest jungles of Petén and working with locals to promote awareness and transformation from within. One Love Generation believes when you are aware of an issue; you have the choice to make the “right” decisions. OLG will be working within a small village within El Petén called El Remate, a small woodcarving/farming lakeside village of approximately 370 families. El Remate is close to a number of important Maya ruins including Tikal. Local wood carving families are doing less slash-and-burn agriculture (agriculture practices that denudes the soil of nutrients, preventing further use), and

El Remate and teach them how to create something positive (art) out of what was a negative (garbage). Teams will be formed to work on specific parts of the tree, from its roots to its powerful trunk spreading out its branches into the heavens. We will create a sculpture of life resembling the importance of oneness and interconnectedness. We hope that this sculpture might in return create awareness within all that see it, and inspire them to continue this movement towards positive social change.

Interest in sponsoring such an important project financially or through art services? Contact for more info.


I’m not fully-grown but I see a lot that gives me motivation to keep growing and become more beautiful and strong. <3 Sabrina Alvarez, Mentee

P.O. Box 7613 | Atlanta, GA 30357





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