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Hey Division 3S, Wow, it’s sure been one busy month. I want to reiterate how genuinely proud I am of each of you guys. WE DID IT. We ended summer so much stronger than we started it. I hope you all are having an amazing start to the school year. These first few weeks of school are, in my opinion, the most critical for your Key Clubs. With interest meetings, membership drives, finalizing budgets and activities, and much more, I know that it is a very difficult time. I am here for you guys ONE HUNDRED percent of the way. Your entire Division 3S family is too! The FTC is coming up on September 15th and this is the most important event all year. It’s going to be helpful, informative, and tons of fun! All officers are required to attend. Everyone else is more than welcome. Don’t lose your passion and momentum, guys. Keep on serving your homes, schools, and communities. I PROMISE all of your hard work is paying off. Oh, and say hello to our divisional mascot down below. You guys are AMAZING! ♥ ♥ ♥

27 representatives from Bellaire, Clements, Dulles, Elkins, Kempner, and Lamar Key Clubs all gathered together, ate delicious food, and learned a lot about various Key Club things.

Division 3S through thick and thin will always have YOUR back. I love my Key Club

On September 1st-3rd, members of Clements, Dulles, Elkins, Kempner, and Strake Jesuit Key Clubs participated in this fun divisional service project. Whether acting as a runner, ice monitor, silent auctioneer, or other various jobs, all volunteers had a great time and really made this event the success it was. We clocked about 125 hours of service this Labor Day weekend! Thanks to all who participated! :)

Service Out of this World  
Service Out of this World  

Division 3S Minions, In this newsletter you'll find important information about the FTC, Fall Rally,