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Teachers College ​hold on partner don't click off this video just because it's a minivan let's talk about this car for a minute now I know the minivan has never really been a sexy vehicle but it has been one that has been in the center of a lot of larger families here in Canada for decades now in fact I know a lot of people who've had minivans in their lives and they really hold on to them a lot longer than sedans or crossovers so why is this car still here today why is crusher still making a minivan when crossovers are so dominant well there's a lot of good reasons for it first of all this car drives way better than a lot of the crossovers we have so far and second there's a lot of features going on with this and you can still fit seven passengers in it so why is the minivans such a dirty word well I think that the Chrysler Pacifica here can change that that's why we're gonna be taking a full look at this vehicle and show you everything you need to know if you're in the market for a seven passenger community van [Music] now the first thing you're gonna notice in the Pacifica really is this is not being minivan they grew up with if you're like me you're my age I mean even though my family never had a minivan they were certainly minivans in our extended family so if something like these Dodge Caravan it's pretty familiar to me this really doesn't feel a thing like it you've got a leather dashboard here it's actually really nice you feel how soft it is it's quite nice quality it's stitched all the way through door cards are plastic but you do have leather armrest here then you do have the little arm rests that fold out for your captain's type of chairs now the whole point of this type of vehicle is maximum storage there's a lot of it here you have a very deep area here you can put a large item you have little cubby holes here actual cupholders here you do have a storage tray down below where you can put change and I don't know like I'll probably an iPad it's a good size there you have a little storage compartment underneath here as well and I believe that's where the wireless chargers would go if you did get that option now there's also a little cubby underneath here I guess you could put your phone if you had something smaller they've got USB and aux just underneath now this is obviously a minivan it's designed for families to be able to use it so your blu-ray player here is designed for the passengers up front to be able to control it for the people in the back so if you have kids you don't really want them playing off all those buttons so you can eject the DVD or blu-ray here and you could plug in the USB so the USB is actually in the front here for whatever media you want to have in the back so in that way they don't accidentally bump into it you know the USB sticks on the back of the DVD players there would stick out so if they bump into it they could break it this is a really smart move to have it put up here now the rest of the console is relatively straightforward we talked about it when we were doing the Dodge Challenger I really like the infotainment setup here with you connect for huge improvement over the version three that we had with the Jeep Grand Cherokee before that's a much glossy or display and it looks quite nice I think it's a good size for a vehicle like this and since it doesn't stick up or out of the vehicle it's in a really good position you do have the rest of your parking controls and HVAC controls below and it works pretty well you do have dual zone up here and then you can also set the digital climate control in the back and the passenger on the right of the vehicle has the controls in the roof liner they've also got vents up in the roof so it's a little bit more in line with what you would expect from a minivan obviously and it helps with better air flow so if you have passengers in the back they'll be much comfier especially on a hot day like this today you can have the air conditioner running now I have had to adjust the camera a little bit more than I would have liked to because the doors here when you put the windows down they actually don't go down very far they they'll stop at a point here and then if you push it again it'll go down maybe like another centimeter so they are quite high if you're an adult then you know I think it's more for kids not to be able to fall out of but be kind of annoying if you're sitting here you can't put it down all the way so you can't put your arm out the window if you're back here but you do have sun shades and again it's important to know that they don't actually cover the whole window I'd say it's probably 70% roughly there's quite a bit of gap here and then a bigger gap on the back there so a little bit more of a gap then you might be used to but for the most part it works oh you do have heated seats back here their buttons are on the door this vehicle does have the rear entertainment so you can flip up the screen and it is a touchscreen so I think that we don't often see with these back here so again the USB you plug it into the front HDMI would go in here and you can have two different HDMI inputs there are headphone jacks here but you also do have wireless headphones that come with the UConnect system there's also a little app so I guess if your kids really are bored there's a game called are we there yet and you can see maybe little fun games and play a little games while you're on the road so it's quite fun I think the adults are going to be a little bit easier to reach this I don't know about a kid might be a little too far for them but it can still work pretty well and the fact that they fold down as well

makes it maybe a little bit easier so you don't have to worry about bumping into it when you're done you can fold it back down and the map pockets back here are pretty much designed to be able to put the remote control and the headphone so it's really yeah it's not just they slapped all this together and said hey we're gonna put some DVD screens on the back of this who cares it really feels like they thought about what makes the most sense and said okay you know we're gonna have DVD screens here we're gonna need to put the accessories that go with it somewhere and since there is no console here they've put them on the back of the seats here for the most I don't think I've ever used the map pockets on the back of these seats before so it makes sense if it's functional and that's what you want with a minivan you want something that's gonna work for your kids because I find and you know I could go and probably look at the statistics for it but in personal experiences people who I know have owned minivans they'll buy them new and they'll hold on to them a lot longer than people who buy a sedan or especially now a crossover do people keep these for long periods of time so if you're buying something like this 2018 Pacifica today you're gonna want to keep it for a long time and you want to make sure that it's gonna be functional it's not just a vehicle to get you back and forth and it actually makes sense and I'm very impressed so far with the interior design of this if you watched our episode of test drive garage from the other week online 2001 BMW 740il going into the BMW dealer for service you might have noticed and there were some wiggling feet in the back of my car and any parent can appreciate that when you're on a road trip and even if it's a short one your kids need to be distracted and even if you ask them very politely not to make any noise while you're filming a video for youtube they will still be a little squirmy back there and that is where a vehicle like this 2018 Chrysler Pacifica comes into play and I'm one of the reasons why I'm actually really enjoying this car a lot a lot more than I thought I would I'm able to film this video here with my daughter in the backseat and she's completely into the movie that's playing on the blu-ray player up here in the front now the original philosophy behind Chrysler's minivan the Dodge Caravan was for it to be a vehicle that could store all your stuff your entire family but still drive like a car and I have to say that this really does still drive like a car I'm actually more impressed with the way that this car drives and handles that I thought I ever would be sure the interior is quite nice but it really does feel like you're sitting in a car and not like a crossover I feel like this isn't this big of a vehicle as it actually is on the inside here I think that it's pretty low to the ground I feel like I'm in a small enough vehicle as we're driving along these rough roads here and I feel that it's nimble and agile enough to get the job done when I step out of the vehicle I realize I see a minivan and not like a little crossover thing it's actually a lot bigger than it really feels on the road if we've driven quite a number of crossovers that feel way bigger much more bulkier than they actually are this is the complete opposite where I'm actually driving along and I feel that we're in a small vehicle compared to what we actually are in so those are some really good points and all the safety tech and everything that goes into this like the parking sensors a backup camera and backup prevention so if you aren't going to run into something it'll try to stop it for you it's all there to help protect the occupants of the vehicle and the people on the outside and ultimately make this feel like a smaller car so I have to say I'm quite impressed with the way that this handles and drives and sure it's still front-wheel drive so if you really do need all-wheel drive you are limited to going into the crossover market get something a little bit bigger but I think for a majority of people who are looking for this I think the front wheel will probably work and really you know with a good set of winter tires during the winter you'll be fine it's not really that big of a problem I think there's good space throughout this vehicle as well I'm pretty comfortable up here the seats are firm you don't quite sink into them like you might find on some other vehicles but again everybody's gonna have their own opinion about what they like and overall how it feels to them but I really do have to say there is a lot of space up here I'm very comfortable I'm in a good position there's tons of storage beside me tons of storage in the back and with those stow and go seats you can certainly get rid of the seating without having to rip it out yourself and if you need to use it for other things other than getting your family back and forth to school or work you've got those options that's the thing there's more option with something like this especially over a crossover so if you really do need a multipurpose vehicle I think that the minivan is still gonna be an option for a lot of people even though it really has gone on to the backburner I don't think people think about minivans anymore but I really do think that a vehicle like this could put it back on the map for a lot of buyers you know it's funny when I was driving the Lincoln Navigator back to Montreal to pick up the Alfa Romeo still vo I kept thinking about a chrysler pacifica no lie sure enough we found out the still vo wasn't gonna be ready for us and the vehicle I could take why is this 2018 Pacifica limited so maybe there's some sort of divine power that wanted me to drive this minivan because I've actually been enjoying it quite a lot over the past week now first off there's a lot of good with Chrysler's minivan we think the rear seat entertainment is probably the best family-oriented experience on the market and easily the best that we've used UConnect for is also a much better experience over previous versions and sits in second place for our top consumer segment infotainment systems the available trims and options might seem like overkill but allows customers to pick the exact options and

features they want in order to save some cost on things they don't necessarily need the stow and vac system is also a neat option Honda also has a vacuum in their Odyssey but the placement in the center of the car makes more sense than having it in the trunk allowing you to reach everywhere in the Pacifica with ease and finally the original stow and go system has been a unique selling feature for Chrysler for quite some time now and it works wonderfully allowing you to hide away the additional seats in this vehicle in order to haul larger items around the flexibility of it really comes in handy if you only have one vehicle but need to use it for more than moving around seven people now I have to say there isn't much to dislike about this minivan and if you watch next week we'll be looking at another competitor so it's not like we're uninformed about what's on the market and think that the Chrysler here is flawless I'd say that the price for this limited trim with all the options on it is steep coming in at $12,000 more than the Kia Sedona $9,000 more than the Honda Odyssey and $9,000 over the sea and a front-wheel drive limited I'll also add the lack of all-wheel drive to this list as the Toyota Sienna appears to be the only North American market minivan with all-wheel-drive in the consumer segment and I'm not counting minivan noble vehicles such as the Ford Transit or Mercedes and veterus in Sprinter while it's logical to compare these vehicles with the minivan segment realistically buyers are going to be looking at midsize 3 crossover SUVs late the Mazda cx-9 or Toyota Highlander if they're really considering the Pacifica especially at its near sixty thousand dollar price tag I know crusher wanted to position itself is more of a luxury brand and it seems like the Pacific has inching in that direction is it worth the price tag though who knows there are heavy incentives available on this and the plug-in hybrid version as of readiness and that's before you start negotiating at the dealer level I think the Pacifica has a lot going for it and might tempt buyers away from the bulkier crossovers especially if they're coming from older versions of the caravan or town and country what do you think about this minivan is it still relevant in the market today or do you think they'll disappear along with the mid-size family sedan let us know in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe to our PRN tech channel if you're interested in seeing what crazy things we do up in the world of electronics and click the link at the end of the video to see us play some halo 5 in this Pacifica thanks for watching and until next time take care [Music] [Applause] [Music] Niagara University, Lewiston.