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Jennifer Dinsdale I am a second year Product Design student at Nottingham Trent University. This portfolio presents some of my best work over the past year. For me, narrative is what creates good design.

Key Skills -Sketching -Model-making -Basic workshop -Basic rapid-prototyping -Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign, Premiere Pro -CAD 3D modelling in Solidworks and Keyshot -Can use DSLR camera manually -MS Office

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Contemporary Incense Burner Range

Designing for Production Brief

Explore the commercial home-ware market, developing a single or range of products specifically for sheet material manufacturing methods such as laser, water and plasma cutting.

Mountain Burners

Studies have shown incense and the natural world reduces stress and anxiety, this product is for the city worker who needs to unwind in the evening.

User comes in from work, potentially stressed out needing to unwind

Incense sticks of a 1 mm diameter fit into the whole on top of the mountain

A bag of sand will be offered as part of the range and included in the sets. The sand adds scenery, gives the “mountains� more of a placing and will protect the Ash bases from wear over time.

Create your own scenery with the two mountain incense burners and incense stick holder

Incense burners and holder is made from steel with a powder coated finish. Incense sticks can be stored here so no ash falls on them

Rectangular tray is made from ash wood stained

RSA ‘Alone Together’ Brief

Accounting for how different groups in society are affected by loneliness, design a way to reduce its impact on one or more of the following: physical health, mental health, or access to services.

Ripple Effect Ripple Effect is a range of modular jewellry that monitors a parents health and sends this informarion to a pairing well-being and health app designed to aid those suffering with PPD.

Postnatal depression is a type of depression that many parents experience after having a baby. 1 in 10 women will be diagnosed with postpartum depression with in a year of giving birth Men with postpartum depression are more likely than women to experience irritability and social isolation and to turn to drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism

The Ripple Effect texture is a mindfulness tool that the user can fidget with to calm them down during a stressful or anxious situation

The monitor is attached to the clasp of the necklace and it tracks heart beat and sleeping patterns.

The Ripple Effect App helps the user by: Receiving health data which can help user alter and manage their lifestyle through better understanding of ‘stressers’ Connect with others going through the same experiences with PPD in one, safe space instead of various forums Provides mindfulness exercises that can be done with the pendant during an anxiety attack or a stressful situation

The Future of Mobile Communication (In collaboration with innovia) Brief

Within this project you are tasked to develop an aesthetically stunning product for specific consumer market. You will present an innovative solutions for present day markets. Given consumer market: Gen Z / logging off - Wants to remain connected but without the pressure of social media

Voice note allows you to send and receive voice messages while carrying out any activity that requires focus. The product aims to increase productivity while the user still feels connected.

The bracelet is AI Controlled and has a flexible touch screen, it’s more hands free which increases productivity without having to stop activity i.e. making revision notes

User puts phone away somewhere while working.

Twist the grey component to reveal screen, choose contact and speak into the mic to send a message

Points are rewarded with discounts and deals for the number of hours the user spends off of their phone during sceduled down time and how many times they send voice notes.

Make-up Removal Tool (Art Foundation Project) Brief

Create a design in your chosen area from or inspired by the product from the pound shop assigned to you. Assigned Product: Cotton pads A tool to hold cotton wool pads with make-up removal, designed for people who have sensitive skin, particularly on their hands, to limit contact with chemical solutions.

Easy to use pop on and off to fit cotton pad in between

Textured surface helps to take make-up off more efficiently

Ergonomically designed for comfortable grip

Design Competition (Personal Project) Brief

Design a new baking tool for Rotho - a Swiss company and one of the global leading manufacturers of plastic consumer goods.

Initial Concepts for no mess sieve

A sieve that requires no shaking and leaves no mess on kitchen counters

Mixes dry ingredients while it sifts

Easy to clip on and off any standard sized mixing bowl

Comfortable to use

Thank you Follow me on instagram for updates and to see more of my process @jennifer.ddesign Design Portfolio

Profile for Jennifer Dinsdale Design

Jennifer Dinsdale Product Design Portfolio  

My most up to date portfolio showcasing my best work over three years. I am in my second year of product design at Nottingham Trent Universi...

Jennifer Dinsdale Product Design Portfolio  

My most up to date portfolio showcasing my best work over three years. I am in my second year of product design at Nottingham Trent Universi...