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How humans tolerate each other after all the conflicts they had? We have to say that tolerance is the act of respecting the ideas of everyone else even if they are contradicting yours. Peace and harmony continue to elude the world because man has refused to acknowledge that we are indispensable to each other. Now a days we see that religion, economy and other aspects are affecting the idea of being in peace and we are destroying each other, this is because we don’t know how to be tolerant and respectful, So here are some points we have to address to know and analyze how people may be able to do it for a better world. First of all to focus in the fact that everyone has their own way of thinking, such as religion and traditions, to show respect and love for everyone because we are different, We can avoid insulting people races because we don’t want that for us and for the people we love, this is a way were respect can be developed and to make a big difference so that people can get a motivation for realizing that we need to accept everyone. Second of all become aware of other cultures by learning about them such as getting to learn other languages, also to have a good relationship from one country to another, to be able to help each other if it’s needed, this can make a huge change cause it would make less probabilities of having conflicts and even bigger things such as wars, making people to feel more secure and have faith that it gets better when we work all together. And Last of all promote peace among citizens and for young people to know the importance of values in our daily life for example respect and solidarity and how life can be better if we are able to tolerate and support everyone’s ideas; for example at schools or even associations implemented as a way of education so people can realize the good things we have now because he had worked together and what we can do in the future. In conclusion I think that we are forced in our daily lives to have interaction with other human beings and for surviving we have to able to understand each other’s opinion, accept that we are different but we deserve to be in peace, so how can we live in peace? By taking the decision of trusting each other.

There’s this forest, Away from my problems, lonely and quiet, No one bothers me in here. There’s this forest, Away from this anxiety I feel, Only me and the trees, And the birds are what I hear. There´s this forest, Away from society’s ego ideal, And this calmly breeze , where the night is almost near. There’s this forest, Away from my thoughts that are unreal, Founding myself some peace, And the least important thing is the fear.

-Jennifer Michelle Diaz Bojalil

Dark is the forest and deep, and overhead Hang stars like seeds of light In vain, though not since they were sown was bred Anything more bright.

And evermore mighty multitudes ride About, nor enter in; Of the other multitudes that dwell inside Never yet was one seen.

The forest foxglove is purple, the marguerite Outside is gold and white, Nor can those that pluck either blossom greet The others, day or night.

It was a rainy day at 6:30 a.m. in a small neighborhood; people started getting out of their homes to go to their jobs or to the school in this case Charlotte a 16 years old girl with black layered hair to her shoulders and green eyes was almost ready, she grabbed some clothes, put them on, grabbed her lunch and waited for the bus to arrive to her house. When the bus arrived she went inside and found a sit with one of her best friends Lillie she is 16 years old with brown long hair and glasses. Hey Lillie! - Said Charlotte. Hi Charlotte! , Did you finish the Biology project? – Asked Lillie. Yes! I almost forgot to do it but I’m finally done with it. – Said Charlotte. They continue talking about what they did on their weekend when finally they arrived to the school. It’s a really well known school, there are a lot of students and it’s very big and it is called “Castgreem Institution”. Classes finally started, Charlotte decided to seat in front of his closest friends Noah. The teacher Marianne prepared a class about human interaction and his relationships, students stayed quiet and listen about it, this was coming in the next exam and it was important to understand it as most as possible; 10 min after the class ended teacher Marianne asked for opinions. Okay, So Jonathan, what do you think about the acceptation of sexual preferences? - Asked teacher Marianne. Well, I think that’s really disgusting, they should kill themselves because they are so worthless.-Said Jonathan Jonathan friends started to laugh. Yeah! That’s so stupid! They not deserve having de right to live! If they are not brave enough to kill themselves we should burn them alive! - Said Mike. Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I will care about what both of you are saying, what matters is that I care about me and not others opinions.-Said Noah. I care about me and not others opinions, haha. - Jonathan repeats what Noah said.

You better stop bothering my friend! You don’t understand what love is and you should respects people –Said Charlotte. That’s it guys! Class is over, see you tomorrow!-Said teacher Marianne. Everyone went to recess to eat their lunch. I can’t believe that the teacher did nothing to help Noah from what was going on.Said Lillie. No, it doesn’t matter I’m really okay I don’t care.-Said Noah. They went to a small table outside the school and enjoy their free time, when suddenly Daniel came with them. Hi guys, how everything?-Said Daniel. It’s going well, I just can’t believe how hateful how people can be- Said Lillie I know but we can’t do nothing! , Teachers don’t care what is going on, they just care about getting payed and that’s it- Said Charlotte. I think things can’t stay like this! We need to talk to the principal, is like discrimination! - Said Daniel. Maybe Charlotte and me can go to talk to him and see what we can do- Said Lillie. Yeah that’s a good idea, I don’t think if I go talk to him his going to change something, I will stay here with Noah. - Said Daniel. Whatever, I think there’s important things that the principal needs to worry about and also we need to make sure we are learning not about opinions. - Said Noah Noah, we are trying to help you! You can’t keep concentrating about school if this bullying keeps going on. - Said Noah, and then he hugged him. Look who we have here, it looks that Noah find love!-Said Mike. Mind your own business Mike, Why don’t you worry about not going to classes and failing every exam you take?.- Said Daniel. Jonathan graves Daniels shirt against him and says: Don’t you ever talk to him or me like that! Do you want everyone to know that you smoke in the bathroom of the school? I can’t imagine what you actually do when you are home! Drugs? Mike and Jonathan walked away laughing. Do you actually smoke? - Asked Noah to Daniel. yes but when I’m only stressed, and I don’t do drugs don’t worry.-Said Daniel.

Oh, well that’s fine, do you think I can try smoking? I mean it can help me to stay calm about this situations going on. - Said Noah. I don’t know man, it can be also bad for your health- Said Daniel Lillie and Charlotte are back with Noah and Daniel. How did everything was?-Asked Daniel. Well, the principal said that everyone is able to give opinions about other people! And I told him that we shouldn’t threatened people but he said was busy and closed his door. - said Charlotte. I told you guys! He wouldn’t care at all, okay, so see you tomorrow! - Said Noah. No, waits Noah! I think it’s not appropriate but I guess we can go to our old house tree, and try smoking… I know you are stressed but we can’t talk and find a way to help you!-Said Daniel. What are you talking about? That’s not going to help; you’re crazy let’s just go at home and rest! - Said Lillie. No! I want to try it! When was the last time we make something fun together? And we haven’t visited our tree house since years! I can bring some alcohol to from my house; my parents are not going to notice! Let’s just relax from everything. - said Noah. Yes! Let’s do it! It’s just one time and basically everyone at school haves done this, for me it is okay. - Said Charlotte. I’m going to go with you guys too, just to make sure you are okay and go to your homes early.-Said Lillie. They walked for 20 minutes until they final arrived to the tree house and waited for Noah to arrive from his house. 10 minutes later Noah arrived with a backpack with some alcohol from his house. First they started drinking and listening to music, then half an hour they decided to try smoking and Noah decided to smoke first. It tastes weird, but I guess I will get used to it- Said Noah. Lillie was feeling sad because what her friends were doing, and started to drink a little bit, but then all were having fun and the hours passed, and they didn’t notice it. So they felt asleep in the tree house at night.

Two days passed and no one knows where the friends were, so they were reported as missing, they were even at the TV in the news. Hey guys, wake up! We felt asleep last night here, our parents are going to be so mad.-Said Lillie. Yeah! I don’t care I think it was worth it! We had a lot of fun!- Said Noah I don’t think we still have time to go to the school, we need to explain our parents that we just went to sleep in the tree house as when we were kids.-Said Charlotte. I think we should first go to Daniel house, they are going to be the ones that understand us better and they will talk with the rest of our parents-Said Noah. So all were a heading to Daniel’s house, when suddenly they found a newspaper that said: four adolescents are now missing for two days.. Oh god, it’s us! Our parents are probably so worried; let me talk to them first. - said Daniel and graved his keys and entered to his house. I’m really sorry, I should have told you before; I was with my friends in our old tree house . - Said Daniel to his parents. They were seating in the dinner table crying and talking, but they didn’t pay attention to him. Mom, Dad I’m finally here! - Said Noah and then giving his mother a hug but when he tried to give them a hug he count it was like he was a ghost, he was so shocked about this and he run to see his friends. Something weird happened! I tried to talk with my parents, and even hugged them but I count, I think we are dead! We are like ghosts! - Said Daniel. What? Are we dead! We can’t be! Let me see the newspaper Lillie-Said Noah Here says that we all committed suicide! And any of us remember! - Said Lillie This is your entire fault Daniel! I can’t believe that we accepted to smoke and drink, you are such a bad friend, and know we are actually dead! I’m going home and see what I can do. - Said Charlotte. Wait I’m really sorry- Said Noah, meanwhile everyone was walking to their homes. Mom I’m here!, Can you see me?-Said Charlotte. Charlotte’s mother was looking really depressed, Charlotte felt really sad and went running to her bedroom.

Charlotte was sobbing and suddenly a black cat entered to her window. I know this is weird, I can talk but I need to explain you some stuff. - Said the black cat, sitting with her in the bed. Listen, this is not your friend Daniel’s fault. - This was meant to happen; people weren’t paying attention to the situation of you and your friends. So this is going to make peoples opinion change, know I need to call your friends to explain them too what is going on. - said the black cat. The friends come over to Charlotte’s house and the cat explained what was going on, and that this wasn’t going to be permanent. So we are going to have our normal lives soon?-asked Daniel. Yes! As soon as you think so! I think you all should rest a little bit...-Said the cat. It was now at the morning; Charlotte decided to go downstairs to eat something. Oh god! We all thought you commit suicide, I can’t believe what is going on!-said Charlottes mom, She was really shocked and confused at the same time Lillie, Noah and Daniels parents were know conscious about they being alive people around their hometown were really shocked about it too. Daniel went to talk to charlotte to express his feelings. Look, I’m really sorry that I make you mad and I wanted to say to you that I love you.- Said Daniel Don’t worry It make people realize and to take us seriously, and also for the other kids going through this and I love you too.-said Charlotte. Mike talked to Noah and said that he was really sorry, but Jonathan didn’t. Later that day, the news reported that Jonathan had committed suicide and left a note saying: I can’t resist how people are not conscious about what is right, I can handle anymore how people thing I’m responsible for thesis going to a better place. Do you think he is actually come back like us? - Asked Charlotte to the black cat. No I don’t think so, he knew he was wrong and count accepted like Mike, maybe he thought people will get sad about him and make you and your friends responsible, but that is not how things work. - Said the black cat.

Feelings and the Art of Nature  
Feelings and the Art of Nature