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Ravensbourne Degree Show 2011

Brand Guidelines

Welcome to the Ravensbourne degree show 2011 Guidelines.

Contents Introduction What we believe Our values Design Elements Identity System Logo Sub brands Exclusion zone Recommended sizing Colours Correct usage Incorrect Usage Position Typography Brand archieture Tone of voice Photographic style Application Print Screen/web

What we believe We believe that the most important thing in Ravensbourne is it’s students. The work created in and around the unvivrsity is what shows the world the high stndards and proffesional attitude shared by all our students. We feel we should celebrate the vibrancy and creativity of everyone at ravensbourne. That is why we are putting the students and their work at the fore front of the show. Hence our subtle brand.

Our values

Cutting edge Dedication Networking

Design Elements

The logo This is the new logo for the degree show. There are two versions; one without text and one with. The master logo (without text) should be used where ever possible to reinforce the brand. The main feature in both the logos is the “framing device� It should not be redrawn, digitally manipulated or altered. The logo must always be reproduced from a digital master reference.

Master logo

Logo with name

Sub brands It’s important that we don’t dilute the master brand with conflicting logos for sub brands, so please follow the principles on this page. Do not add colour and use Helvetica Neue Light at all times.

Motion Graphics

Broadcast Technology


Graphic Design

Post Production


Fashion Textiles

Fashion Promotion

Fashion Menswear

Broadcast Engineer


Fashion Womenswear

Broadcast It

Sound Design

Product Design

Exclusion zone In order to maximise its visual presence the logo requires a surrounding area clear of any other graphic elements or text. The minimum exclusion zone is equal to the length of th diagonal side. Always allow at least this amount of clear space around the logo. It is important that this rule is observed and the exclusion zone is maintained at all times. The recommended minimum clearance is to protect the logo. The logo will appear on many different applications and formats and this will help to give it clarity and presence. This is not a placement guide. It is a minimum only.

Recommended sizing This page shows the minimum and maximum size for both of the logos in print and on screen. Although there is no maximum size for both logo the mimumum size must be follwed, as if the logo is produced any smaller it will be unreadable.

No maxium size

Minimum Size

Minimum Size

No maxium size

No maxium size




Logo on black

Logo on white

Correct Usage When the logo is placed on anything other than an image it should always appear as black, in either the master logo or the logo with text.

Incorrect use Please don’t… These are just a few of the things we’d prefer you not to do. 1 Place logo in a shape 2 Change the colours 3 Add a fill to the logo 4 Make it stroke only 5 Make a new logo 6 Add text inside the logo 7 Add a shadow 8 Rotate, reflect or change the shape of the logo 9 Place the logo on a light background

Position To ensure correct alignment of logo elements the type lines up with the bottom corner of the top diagonal, the distance from the shape is double the stroke.

Ravensbourne Degree Show 2011

Typography We have chosen just one type to use in our brand; helvetica Neue. It will mainly appear as light due to the fce that we leave text to a bare minimum; we want to let the work do most of the talking. So we keep body copy to a minimum.

Degree Show 2011





48pt text

Ravensbourne Degree Show 2011 48pt



Ravensbourne Degree Show 2011 -18



Ravensbourne Degree Show -18

Brand archieture The degree logo must be sized at a visually equivalent size to its branding partner or sponser and never diminished. In horizontal line-ups, the logo should reach the guidelines set by adjacent ‘horizontal’ logos. The degree show logo should always appear first in the line up, unless the project is initiated by someone else, then it should appear at the end of the line up.

Tone of voice The way we talk to people is crucial. We want to get closer to people by being informal, friendly and direct. All our messages, particularly headlines, should get straight to the point in expressing what’s in it for the reader. This should be expressed in a single, distinctive voice. Our tone of voice is always: • Energetic – we want to get people as exited as we are about the degree show. • Personal – talking to people as if they are a friend, a relative or a colleague • Free-thinking – being proud to say it our way, happy to be ourselves • Informal – talking to people as we do over a coffee • Direct – cutting out the jargon, speaking plain English and getting to the point quickly

Energetic Personal Free-thinking Informal Direct

Photography Photographs and Illustrations make strong impressions on our audiences. The images should be a true representation of what Ravensbourne is like. As a general rule our images are always caught in the moment and not posed. Additionally, we should always be sensitive to our audiences and their cultures when selecting images for our communications.

Photography and the logo The logo can also house images so literally becomes a frame. In this instance when the logo is being used to hold work the stroke disappears and the image takes the shape.


Print Here are a few verions of how the print can be applying on print based medias; including business cars and letterhead.

Ravensbourne 6 Penrose Way London SE10 0EW Miss Jennifer Waring 4 Middleton Avenue Sidcup Kent DA14 6JH

T : 020 3040 3500

Screen and web The brand can also work on screen below are two versions of how. On the left shows an iPhone app logo for the degree show. To the right is the website in which you can see the logo in the top left as well as the shape being used throughout the page.

Degree Show Pitch-Brand Guidelines  

brand guidelines

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