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Roarin’ Lions At The 2023 State Convention

The MD27 Lions State Convention, hosted by District 27-C1, was held May 12th and 13th at the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Stevens Point.

The convention opened with the State Golf Outing, also hosted by District 27-C1. 84 golfers

enjoyed a cool, but comfortable day at Glacier Wood Golf Course in Iola. Later in the day, the majority of those golfers joined other Lions, Leos and guests for a tailgate party (open house) at our Wisconsin Lions Camp. What a pleasant evening Mother Nature provided so that over 250 people were able to share a meal, participate in wagon rides, pontoon rides and had the opportunity to tour our wonderful Camp.

The Friday luncheon featured keynote speaker Todd Kuckkahn from the Stevens Point area. He shared his experience and

knowledge in communication, leadership, and generational diversity.

The State Convention Seminar Committee

All in all, it was a wonderful convention with lots of laughs, love, and – of course - Lions. We are looking forward to next year’s convention in Middleton, WI!

focused on offering plenty of options with something of interest to all. Attendees got to choose from over 20 different sessions! This

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year seminar surveys were done electronically with a QR code for the first time, along with paper surveys.

Of course, no convention is complete without a fun hospitality night! This year, the theme was "Hawaiian” and attendees were encouraged to wear grass skirts, sandals, sun glasses, etc. The fun was accompanied by dancing, a limbo competition and photos in the photo booth.

Our guest of honor was International Director Robert Lee and his partner in service Lion Pamela from Honolulu, Hawaii. During Saturday’s luncheon, he shared words of wisdom about the importance of service, and also related stories from his own experience.

At the end of it all, we came back together to celebrate the accomplishments of MD27. ID Robert Lee shared another inspirational talk. The evening closed with the passing of the gavel ceremony led by PID Lion Connie LeCleir-Meyer.


PDG Don Drew

Lion Randy Kissack

Lion Ben August

PCC Geri Schlender

PCC Jodi Burmester


PDG Judy Hatz

PDG Tim McClain



PID Peter & JoAnn Cerniglia


Lion John Dickson

Lion Kalven Hunt

VDGE Michael Milbach

Lion Mary Jo Abler

DGE Brenda Rumppe

VDGE Patt Goerke

VDGE James Dimock

VDGE Ed Cerney

DGE Anita Kelley

DGE Jim Klubertanz

PDG Judy Hatz


PDG Greg Pryor

Lion Barb Dulmes

PDG Susan Selner

PCC Stacey Nesseth

Lion Greg Clark Amy Reil


PCC Jodi

454 Registered Attendees Resolution #1 Resolution pulled from Consideration due to incorrect wording. YES 164 (61%) NO 106 (39%) Beginning July 2023, the Wisconsin Lions State Newspaper will be full color, Bi-Monthly, Digital Publication, only. Wisconsin Lion Newspaper Vote 2025 Bowling City Sheboygan: 252 Other: 19 Congratulations to all those Recognized!
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Introducing the Global Vision Fund

This is an exciting new designated fund that will be funding projects that meet the LEBW mission of curing treatable blindness. We are excited to announce that the first Global Vision Project will provide cataract operations for people in rural Guatemala.

Health and vision services are very limited in the rural areas of Guatemala and practically unavailable to the poor. People often suffer early blindness from cataracts which then severely limits their ability to financially support their families and themselves. Blindness also severely impacts the quality of their life and their safety. According to Guatemala Housing Alliance, 75% of rural residents live on less than $2 a day and live in shelters made of scavenged materials.

Used eye glass clinics have been to Guatemala and attest to the need for this simple procedure to CURE Blindness for our Guatemalan friends. The project is including Refuge International, local Guatemalan Lions of

San Lucas and surrounding clubs, and local medical board that arranges the facility and to host medical mission teams. Refuge International is an organization that provides medical and surgical care four times a year to each of three rural locations so they will be able to use this equipment and supplies to continue to provide cataract surgery for 100 patients service 1-2 times a year indefinitely.

We have applied for an LCIF matching grant. Donations to the Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin Global Vision fund will be eligible for matching funds if the grant is received. The first trip is scheduled for October 2023.

The fund is now open for donations and has been approved to buy equipment, supplies, medications, clinic space rent, and “ground fees” that pays for expenses such as translators, transportation, room and board for the professional team for two mission trips or “jornada”.

This project will help restore vision for those with blindness. Please help establish this service personally, through your club or district by donating to the Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin and in the comment or memo line note “Global Vision Fund”

**donations eligible for Knight of Sight and will count toward district goals.

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The Man With A Vision

Melvin Jones, who would become the founder of the Lions Clubs International, was born on January 13, 1879. He was born at Fort Thomas in what was then known as the Arizonia Territory. His parents were John Calvin Jones and Lydia Gibler. John Calvin is said to be a captain in the U.S. Army commanding a troop of scouts. Life at that time was full of numerous fights with the Indians that were a threat. Life at that time was a scary experience for the military family. Jones lived there until he was seven years old.

A very interesting fact about Melvin Jones’ family life is that Captain John had eleven children by two marriages. His second wife, Cicily Josephine Tanner was 29 years younger than her husband. Melvin Jones and Cedily were both born in 1879 and both died in 1961. Even weirder was that Melvin’s stepsister, Annette Jones died 150 years after her father was born. (1903-2000)

In 1888, Melvin Jones ended up going to Study in St Louis, and then going to Union Business College. He ended up studying at the Union Business College and studied some law at Chaddock College. In his twenties he joined the Johnson & Higgins Insurance Agency in Chicago. In 1913, Jones was the sole owner of the Melvin Jones Insurance Agency.

Early in his career, in 1909, Jones married Rose Amanda Freeman, who, in 1925, won the National Women’s Open Golf title in Pinehurst, NC. She later would become instrumental in assisting in the founding of the Lions by writing many letters to clubs nationwide inviting them to take up her husband’s idea for a service-centered organization.

After he opened his own agency, Jones joined a networking club called the Business Circle. He used his leadership skills to recruit new members and those that had quit to rejoin. The issue he had with this club was that it didn’t fit into his larger vision of what life was all about.

“What if these men who are successful because of their drive, intelligence, and ambition, were to put their talents to work improving their communities?” Jones asked. This is when a vision of a new way of doing things emerged. He wanted a club that desired to help others.

Prompted by his personal code“You can’t get very far until you start doing something for somebody else”, Melvin Jones set out to form a service orientated business club. It was then that Jones and his wife sent out letters to invite business men that were interested in membership to convene in Chicago, Illinois on June 7, 1917. This is when Lions Clubs International was born. Later when the members came together at the Lion’s inaugural convention in Dallas, Texas, Jones was elected secretary-treasurer, a title he held for many years. The board eventually gave Jones the title of secretary general for life.

Melvin Jones was a great writer who could when needed be clear and forceful at times, and sentimental at other times. He wrote columns in Lion Magazine, along with helping with the writing of the Lion’s principles and values. Melvin Jones’ favorite saying was “Truth and roses have thorns about them”, which is fitting because he was one that would never sugarcoat the truth.

Today clubs and districts across the world honor Melvin Jones, our founder, by giving a Melvin Jones fellowship award to a deserving lion. As Lions, we have a long history that should be honored. By presenting this award we are showing not only our appreciation to the Lion who receives it, but to the memory and history of Melvin Jones.

Are you looking for an awesome fundraiser? Contact Lion Rebel Ron 414-640-6125 Big Bend / Vernon Lion 13 years+
Lion David Williams, a Lion for 10+years
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Inauguration Day

Remember to Report Service Projects to Lions International

As we begin a new Lions year and think about the service projects that we plan to do for our communities it is a good time to remind everyone of the importance of reporting service projects to Lions International and submit articles about these projects to our Wisconsin Lions newspaper. Why might you ask is this important? Each of our clubs performs different service projects, sharing these with others helps bring awareness of the local needs within Wisconsin, and gives new ideas to others for service projects that they may not have thought of. If you need training on how to enter your service projects into LCI or even how to submit an article to the Wisconsin Lion please reach out to your District GST or myself. This year the District Governors will be promoting a new multiple district service project, Food Composting. Some of the benefits of food composting are, preventing waste, turning food into resources, water retention in soils, reduces greenhouse gas and more. More information will be coming soon on this exciting project.

FDI Training and the WALLI Application Process

“Finish what we started” and “Trying something new” are two themes that best describe this year’s statewide instructional objectives. We meet these objectives by making sure all 22 graduates of April’s Faculty Development Institute become certified and by hosting Wisconsin’s first Advanced Lions Leadership training in January. The Faculty Development Institute training held in April was a success, but participants still need to be observed and evaluated as they conduct a local training before October 29, 2023. Governors and District GLT have an obligation to help these recent trainees get access to training opportunities as well as assist them in the evaluation of their presentation. If you do not know who from your district participated in this training, email me and I can provide you with that information.

Wisconsin will be one of the last multi-districts to host an Advanced Lions Leadership Institute in Area I which will take place on January 19-21 at The Wisconsin Lion Camp in Rosholt, Wisconsin - the site for an Advanced Lions Leadership Institute. WALLI (Wisconsin Advanced Lions Leadership Institute) applicants must be Lions who have completed a successful term as Club President but have not yet attained the position of 1st Vice District Governor. Preference will be given to applicants who are currently 2nd Vice Governor or Region/Zone Chairs. We hope to have two participants for each of the 10 Districts.

More information regarding WALLI’s application process, cost, and contact information will be made available in the Wisconsin Lion September/October edition.

An Act of Kindness

What do you do on Mother’s Day? Well, if you are a Lion you help out at Camp. Lions Boyd and Ginger Dosch, from Dresser brought their wood processor to Camp so that the downed trees from the logging this fall and winter could be cut and split. The idea came about at a WLF meeting where DG Brian Dulmes heard that Pete and the maintenance crew had a lot of trees to deal with that had been cut down. DG Brian knew that Boyd and Ginger were involved in the Interfaith Caregivers Heat a Home project in Burnett County and talked to them about bringing the processor to Camp. A request for help was made at a Council of Governors’ meeting and after one weather delay, the day after convention was determined to be the work day.

Pictured is the pile of wood that we started with and then the approximately 6 cords that were split. Work began about 8:00 and the crew finished about noon. There is still more wood to split, but there is enough for the campers to use this summer. A group picture was taken of the crew that showed up to help: Front Row: CC Tammy Rockenbach, Nancy Johnson, DG Tom Knutson, WLF Director Barb Dulmes, Greg Clark, DG Dave Brinkman Row 2 Pete Rekowski, DG Al Johnson, Karen Anderson, Brenda Sykora, IPDG Bob Gosewehr, Heidi Brinkman Row 3 DGE Dennis Sykora, DG Brian Dulmes, Amy Reil, DG John Reil. Missing: PDG Steve and WLF Director Jeanne Jensen, Boyd and Ginger Dosch. IPDG Bill Anderson. Where there is a need there is a Lion!

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Statewide content can be submitted to DG Patty Hollis at

Recognition for Melvin Jones, Birch-Sturm, Knight of Sight & Ray Hempel awards should be submitted to the State Editor at

ADVERTISING: Contact the State Office for details.


Contact your Club Secretary AND the State Office at with updates to your mailing and/or email address.


To empower Lions clubs, volunteers, and partners to improve health and well-being, strengthen communities, and support those in need through humanitarian services and grants that impact lives globally, and encourage peace and international understanding.


To be the global leader in community and humanitarian service.


COUNCIL CHAIR: BJ Blahnik 920-980-6317

INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR: Lee Vrieze (Mary) 18807 122nd Ave Jim Falls,WI 54748 715-382-3404

STATE OFFICE: JoAnn Burk, Office Manager 3834 County Rd A Rosholt, WI 54473 715-677-4764

LIONS EYE BANK OF WISCONSIN: Stacey Troha, CEO 5003 Tradewinds Parkway Madison, WI 53718 608-233-2354

WISCONSIN LIONS FOUNDATION OFFICE: Evett J. Hartvig, Executive Director 3834 County Road A Rosholt, WI 54473 877-463-6953

LIONS PRIDE ENDOWMENT FUND OFFICE: Amber Young 3834 County Road A Rosholt, WI 54473 715-677-7000

RESTORING HOPE TRANSPLANT HOUSE Cindy Herbst, Executive Director 7457 Terrace Ave Middleton, WI 53562 608-831-1726

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Successful Faculty Development Institute

MD27 was excited to learn we were granted the opportunity by Lions Clubs International to conduct a Faculty Development Institute in our Multiple. This three-day institute was created to develop and expand the number of skilled Lions faculty available for use in training at the club, district, and multiple district levels.

Candidates for FDI were required to meet a set of qualifications. Once accepted

they were obligated to attend all sessions of the 3-day institute. Along with completing the preassignments, pay a participation fee of $150.00 and arrange to be observed and evaluated conducting a local training event within 6 months of attending the FDI.

22 Lions from around the state were accepted. Each of the 10 districts were represented by Lions anxious to learn and strengthen their skills to go back to their districts and have a

So Many Goals for the GMT This Year!

Growing membership, club visibility, retention of our members, and new club initiative, so many goals as the incoming MD27 GMT. Membership is critical to our association and our future as a service group. Members join to serve and they remain Lions because of the service being conducted, the friendships that have developed and the impact made in people’s lives. The Global Membership Team (GMT) will support membership development at the club level by recruiting new members and promoting positive membership experiences.

As for my upcoming year as Membership Chair for MultiDistrict 27, I see my role as an advocate of change, promoting and seeking fresh ideas and being a resource to create positive membership growth across the State of Wisconsin. My plan is to attend district conventions and explore new idea’s in an effort to grow membership and retain members. There are so many great ideas and it is my role to seek and discuss these fresh ideas and share them with the District GMT’s in our state. I will be writing a monthly newsletter and sending it to the district governor teams, district membership chairs and club presidents in an effort to build enthusiasm to increase membership. Here is an example. Your Lions Club meets at a local establishment, why not design and print a small vinyl banner and place it near the roadside of the meeting place stating” (club name) Lions Club meets here”. Simple, effective and visible.

Consider this: Do you have a new member application in your car, in your home, or in your gym bag/backpack? Are you prepared for the moment a friend, family member, or co-worker shows interest in Lions and is considering joining your Lions Club? Have the Lions Club application handy when the enthusiasm and desire strikes. Visibility is one of the keys to growing our club membership. Marketing your Club can be undertaken in a subtle, yet effective way through your Lions clothing. hats, vests, shirts, pins and other forms of clothing worn by membership and ultimately open dialog about Lions and the service we provide for our community. Encourage your members to wear their Lions apparel in their daily travels around town and lets re-dedicate ourselves to grow our membership and gain visibility in our community.

“Ask One, Gain One, Keep One”

positive impact, expanding training opportunities for the development of future leaders.

The Institute was held April 28th, 29th, and 30th at the Holiday Inn in Stevens Point. Participants gathered on the evening of the 27th for a meet and greet. At that time, they were introduced to the faculty, PDG Dennis Kelly and PID Connie LeCleir-Meyer. They were assisted by PCC Evett Hartvig, ID Lee Vrieze, the Audio/ Visual team and FDI Coordinator PCC Geri Schlender.

PDG Dennis commented on the caliber of the participants and as the coordinator of the Institute, I was too. The 22 participants represented MD27 proudly.

Upon returning to their respective districts many of the

participants were busy organizing and working to finish their final requirement for certification, being observed and evaluated conducting a local training event within 6 months of attending the FDI. To date six of the participants have completed that requirement. This Faculty Development Institute gave MD27 the opportunity to give support to our districts by providing additional, well- prepared trainers to increase our ability to provide the necessary training to strengthen them.

05526019 • MEDICARE • FINANCIAL PLANNING • AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE OPTIONS • LIFE INSURANCE • RETIREMENT Make Your Insurance Work for You Call Today 715-544-1062 22 Years Experience * Locally & Veteran Owned * Trusted in Your Community
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Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin

LEBW Updates

The start of the new 2023-24 Lions year is upon us! There are a lot of new things going on at the Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin and we’re very excited to fill you in. Here are some highlights.

2023-24 Board Chair Announced

LEBW is excited to announce the 202324 LEBW Board Chair, Erica Singley . Erica lives in Madison with her partner William. She has been a Lion since 2011 and is a member of the Madison West Lions Club. Erica has served as club secretary since 2019 and has served on the LEBW Board of Directors for the last three years. She has done countless events for the LEBW including TV spotlights, speaking engagements across the state, local publications and received the Legacy of Life Donation Champion Award from LEBW in 2013.

“I am a strong advocate and have a great passion for organ, eye, and tissue donation in the honor of my cornea donor for the last 39 years,” Erica said. “I’m excited to lead LEBW to drive positive change and explore new avenues with continuous technology evolving. Everything happens by, with or through

Council Chair Report

Wisconsin Lions. Nothing just happens on its own so we appreciate your countless support and look forward to a successful year.”

Our Retiring Board Members

LEBW would also like to recognize our retiring board of directors, PDG Greg Krug (2017-2023) and Timothy Noren (2019-2023) from Lions Gift of Sight in Minnesota. We thank you for your outstanding leadership and service on the LEBW board of directors. We would also like to thank outgoing board chair, PDG Bob Henning. Bob has served LEBW with confidence and dedication and helped guide LEBW through a challenging year.

Welcome Incoming Board Members

Finally, we would like to welcome our incoming board members, PDG Sue Habrat of the Lake DuBay Lions in C1, PDG Judy Hatz of the Merrill Lions in C2, and DGE Jeff Winkler of the Deerfield Lions as the 2023-24 Council Representative.

New at LEBW

We have a new digital donor wall that replaces the Knight of Sight wall in the lobby

An Exciting New Year

With July here, a new Lions year begins. I am so very honored to be this year’s Council Chair. I am excited to help guide the Governors of Multiple District 27. It has been a dream of mine to be Council Chair ever since I attended my first State Convention. This dream was not because I wanted to be the person behind the microphone, it was because I saw all the work

the Council does to help change other people’s lives for the better. At one time, I was one of those people helped and it definitely made a difference.

Your Council of Governors have many great ideas and will be sharing them with you during this year. Their dedication to ensuring all State Operations and Procedures are followed as well as to make the appropriate changes where needed. The exciting State Project will be rolled out. It will be a different twist on helping the environment so be sure to follow all of the articles to learn more. Our first Council of Governors Meeting will be Saturday, July 22

at LEBW. The new wall features an interactive touchscreen display that showcases our donor families and corneal recipients and tells their stories; displays our financial contributors and Lions who have received recognitions from LEBW. Be sure to stop in our lobby on your next visit to LEBW to check it out.

Transporter Numbers

As of May 31, LEBW transporters have done 1,018 transports with 177 clubs represented. Special thanks to all those that participated in transporting the gift of sight.

Upcoming Events

LEBW is excited to announce several upcoming events we are hosting or participating in. Please be sure to mark your calendar.

• EMILY C. LYONS 8TH ANNUAL MEMORIAL GOLF OUTING – Saturday, July 8, 2022, at Old Hickory Golf Course, Beaver Dam, WI. Proceeds benefit Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin, UW-Organ and Tissue Donation, Restoring Hope Transplant House, and the Emily C. Lyons Memorial Scholarship fund.

• 2022 LEBW ANNUAL MEETING –Thursday, July 13, 2023, at 4:00 p.m., at the Lake DuBay Lions Park Pavillion in rural Mosinee, Wis. Please RSVP to

• FARM TECH DAYS – July 18-20 at the Badger Steam & Engine Club in Baraboo, Wis. LEBW will be in the exhibit hall promoting the donor registry and Donate Life Wisconsin.

at the Hotel Marshfield which all of you are welcome to attend either in person or via the Zoom link.

My journey as a Lion has taught me that when we work together, many things in life can be achieved. Hellen Keller stated, “Alone we can do so little but together, we can do so much.”

Our State Projects, Programs and initiatives are a testament to this statement. Each and every day we are making a difference, you may never know their name but know all of them say thank you. Have a great year and thank you for being a Lion.

877-233-2354 | |
8 WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2023

What a Great State Convention We Had This Last Month!

I attended the Lions Camp cook out event on Thursday evening and every time I visit camp, I am reminded of why we do the work that we do. Even without the campers there, it’s such a beautiful and serene place. The grounds are immaculate and they continue to enhance the camper experience every year, by advancing the facilities, activities and opportunities.

The state convention was also a time to recognize and acknowledge the Wisconsin Lions Foundation Board for their work this past year, through the leadership of Lion Larry Testa. Larry and I initially served on WLF Board together, joining at the same time. It’s bittersweet that his time as President is drawing to a close.

It was a great honor to present Lion Larry with a $100,000 check to the Foundation, at

the WLF Annual meeting, for our first Lions Pride distribution of the year.

Pride Annual Meeting, July 21

Don’t forget our Pride annual meeting will be held on Friday, July 21st at 1pm at the WLF Building, at Lions Camp.

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to the Lions Pride office by emailing so we can plan accordingly. We will also be able to share some of our initial results from the Pride Shoot on June 10th at that time.

If you were unable to attend the State convention, I would also like to report that I won first place

in the limbo challenge. My chiropractor benefited greatly.

I look forward to working with the new Foundation board and the incoming District Governors to continue to support the efforts of Lions Pride, to ensure the lifelong legacy of camp.

To contact President Renee Peterson directly, call 920-210-8940 or email

Wait, you haven’t been to Lions Camp?

Hello Lions, my name is Lion PDG Brad Behrens and I’m honored to be your WLF President this year. I’ve been a Lion for 25 years and served on the Board as the District Governor Council Rep. This is my 5th year as a Director.

First and foremost, I would like to thank Immediate Past President Larry Testa , for his year of service as our President. Lion Larry did a wonderful job at leading the Board and I hope that I can continue on with the same leadership.

I hope you all got a chance to visit Lions Camp during the State Convention. It was

a great event and the WLF employees put in a lot of work to show off YOUR Lions Camp in Rosholt. If you didn’t, you still have time to book your visit on Visitor Days. Visitor Days are every Wednesday in July and the first Wednesday in August from 2 pm to 4 pm. You can experience walking and wagon tours of the Foundation and Camp property, as well as a visit to the Trading Post. Please contact Phillip Potter at 715-677-4969 ext. 316 or to schedule a visit or to rent.

I hope to see everyone at our upcoming events: Birch-Sturm Golf Outing at Glacier Wood Golf Course on July 22, 2023 and Hustle S’more & S’more Fun at Lions Camp on August 12, 2023.

I would also like to extend an invite to all Lions across the state of Wisconsin to participate in our largest fundraiser at

WLF – Deer Hides. I know everyone is not a hunter, but there are many ways a Lion or Lions Club can participate. We all know that you can donate your hides to a collection site near you, but you can also donate salt to a collection site or right at the Camp in Rosholt. It takes many tons of salt to prepare all the hides that come in each year. You can also purchase a pair of gloves made from our Wisconsin Deer Hides.

All proceeds from the glove sales go towards Lions Camp. At State Convention, we sold 85 pairs of deer hide gloves in two days. In the fall when I start attending conventions, I’ll be bringing more gloves with me. Please follow the Deer Hide Program on Facebook at Deer Hides for WI Lions.

In closing I’ll tell you what everyone says after visiting Lions Camp, “You gotta see your Camp!”

Lions Pride Endowment Fund 715-677-7000 | | Wisconsin Lions Foundation 715-677-4969 | 877-463-6953 | |
JULY / AUGUST 2023 WisconsinLion 9

CAMBRIDGE AREA LIONS CLUB – Residents of Cambridge and the surrounding areas look forward to the Cambridge Free Summer Concerts sponsored by the Cambridge Arts Council. The concerts are held in Veteran’s Park on Fridays at 6:30pm. The Cambridge Area Lions Club cooks and sells pizzas at three of the five events. At the latest concert, 20 Lions cooked, served, and sold pizzas and beer. Collectively, over 100 pizzas were sold. The next concerts where Lions are selling pizza are June 30th featuring the band Quest and August 4th is the Crooked Willow.

CAMBRIDGE AREA LIONS CLUB – People of all ages kicked off summer with the annual Memorial Day Celebration and Parade where they honored fallen veterans and came together as a community. The event was organized by the Club. After a memorial service in Veteran’s Park, there was live music by The Driftless Band, great food, and a beer garden. The afternoon festivities were sponsored by the Lions, Cambridge Inn on Main, and Dancing Goat Distillery.

FORT ATKINSON LIONS CLUB – The Fort Atkinson Police Dept uses bicycles for quick response within crowds and in downtown traffic congestion. They currently have three bikes which are 18-years old needing replacement. The Club unanimously voted to provide financial assistance to the Police Department for the bicycles which will also support community patrolling, visiting youth sports, stopping at parks, skate park interaction, local outdoor events presence, supporting bicycle riding on trails, and overall engagement with residence and guests throughout Fort Atkinson. Pictured are Lions Treasurer Michelle Ebbert, Police Lt. Ben Lindsey, Police Chief Adrian Bump receives a check from Lion President Mason Becker, Police Captain Brandon Sachse, and Lion Dean Hanke.

FORT ATKINSON LIONS CLUB – Prior to Memorial Day weekend it was park clean-up for the Club. They pulled old edging, installed new edging, pruned shrubs, and pulled weeds at Lions Park and cleaned up greenery at five other parks in Fort Atkinson. Pictured are Lions Gale Puerner and Jason Fiege

WATERFORD LIONS CLUB –Lions gathered at the District Picnic on June 3rd at Waterford Town Park to celebrate the District’s efforts this past year. A pig was roasted and attendees brought desserts and dishes to pass. In the picture, District Governor Lion David Stedman welcomes Lions to the picnic.

Lions Jo Zimmerman, Jim Teisberg and Carol Sapienza Michelle Krueger ready to deliver pizzas. Lions Sam Fisher and Mick Pecoraro preparing food at the picnic. Lions Darin Zimmerman, Don Mehltretter and Amy Pidsosny. Lions Veronica Heenan and Don Mehltretter serving free food to veterans.
10 WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2023 27-A1 NEWS
Lions Kathy Wendt and Donna Casey in the parade.

Oak Creek Lions Club

Annual Golf Outing

Thursday, August 3,

Registration 9am, shotgun start 10am Muskego Lakes Country Club

• “Best Ball” scramble event.

• Cost per golfer is $125, includes golf, cart, bloody mary/mimosa bar, lunch from the grill and dinner after golf.

• Non-golfers dinner: $35 in advance.

• Register at

• Limit 144 golfers

Williams Bay Lions Club

Corn & Brat Roast with Fireworks

August 11-13, Edgewater Park, Williams Bay

Burlington Lions Club

Bumper to Bumper

Sunday, August 13

Burlington Jamboree Grounds, 8am-3pm

Fort Atkinson Lions Club Tour

de Fort: John McKenzie and Don Bakker Memorial Bike Ride

Saturday, August 26th, Start: 8:30 a.m

Jones Park, Fort Atkinson

• 16-mile, 31-mile & 62-mile ride options.

• Enjoy a scenic ride through wooded areas of Jefferson County: Rock Lake, Lake Ripley, and Koshkonong Creek as you visit Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, Lake Mills, and Cambridge.

Williams Bay Lions Club

The Nick Caselli Rocking Car Show

Saturday, October 14th

Edgewater Park, Williams Bay

27-A1 District Convention

January 5th - 7th 2024

Ingleside Hotel, Pewaukee, WI


CLUB – Partnering with the Health Department, the Club assisted in the Franklin Family Wellness Day, Walk/Run. What a wonderful way to promote healthy lifestyles and encourage family activity.


CLUBS – The Franklin Lions along with the Franklin Lioness Club and the Waste Management team joined together to clean a stretch of highway that leads to the Franklin landfill to celebrate Earth Day. The combined effort of these three teams picked up over 1,200 pounds of trash. This is the third consecutive year that the Franklin Lions have completed this community betterment.





Lions, Lioness/Lions and Leos of District 27-A1, thank you for your service and your confidence in me as district governor. My wife, Lion Darlene, and I look forward to attending your Club events and meetings this year. As we start our journey this Lionistic year, I would like to share with you, my motto, “It is a CONCERT OF SERVICE.” Like a band or orchestra with its own individual instruments, we each have our own talents and skills. We serve as individuals and do a great job. Like a band or orchestra, as we come together, we can do more and make a bigger impact. Service is what we do and who we are. Service is the key to bringing in new members and maintaining current membership. Be proud of what you do by reporting the time spent serving to LCI through your service coordinator. I encourage you to write articles and share them with our district newspaper editor Lion Patti Hurtgen at


– The Club was honored with the Salvation Army Service Club of 2022. Their services with the Salvation Army include bell ringing at Christmas time and collecting toys from a list for underprivileged children at the Salvation Army main location in Milwaukee.

Our International President, Dr. Patti Hill has a focus on service. One of her top goals is improvement to the environment. I have asked our District Environment Chair Lion Jon Drew to champion a Districtwide service project around environment. Throughout the upcoming months, you will hear about this project which will be based off of the multiple district-wide service project. What better way to serve then to take care of the environment around your home, Club, and community?

27-A1 is a strong District. As we focus on growing/maintaining our current Clubs, we will be partnering with LCI and a third-party consultant group called Public Allies to test market a new program. This program is focused on developing new Clubs. Our initial target will focus on the city of Milwaukee. We want to gain more ways to promote and grow our Clubs. We will look to add marketing and other seminars to our convention programs in January to support learning and growth. I hope you will be as excited as my wife and I are for the future of District 27-A1. Let’s rock this CONCERT OF SERVICE!



CLUB – The Club awarded four $1,000 scholarships to high school seniors. The scholarships are based on volunteerism. Every year they hear from past recipients about how valuable the scholarship was in helping them attain a higher education degree. They are always amazed at our award winners academic, extracurricular, and volunteer activities.

GENOA CITY LIONS CLUB – After a very successful opening of the Farmer’s Market, President Greg Pryor along with Secretary/ Treasurer Bill Thornburgh presented a $539 donation to Village Clerk/Treasurer Kate Dennis for the Genoa City Parks.


It was another fun, successful plant sale! The Club’s sales were up this year and fun was had by all at our ‘pick-up’ day on May 20th.

Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Treasurers attended the District Officer

Training in East Troy May 20. Secretary and Service Coordinators will be held in the fall once the new Lions International website is up and running. Second VP Lion Ray Jones addresses trainees.

WATERFORD LIONS CLUB – It was a very busy June! The Club served beverages at the Waterford River Rhythms. They also worked the St. Thomas Festival, where they cooked 500 chicken dinners. Along with Tichigan Lions, they put on a free event for the community called Picnic in the Park. They worked together to serve brats and burgers. The Club also serves others by acting as cooks for a few local businesses that have customer appreciation events.

JULY / AUGUST 2023 WisconsinLion 11 EDITOR:
| | 612-616-5383
Patti Hurtgen

THIENSVILLE-MEQUON LIONS CLUB – On April 25th, the Club held their Annual Parade of Checks at Mequon’s Rotary Park. After a great dinner, they delivered over $56,000 in donations to deserving and thankful organizations! The Thiensville-Mequon Lions Club donates 100% of their fundraiser proceeds to numerous Ozaukee charitable and community causes, as well as to Lion specific projects such as Leader Dogs for the Blind, Wisconsin Lions Camp and Eye Bank project, just to name a few. Their major fundraiser is Lionfest, held this year on June 9th-11th at Thiensville Village Park. You can find out more about Lionfest on their website,

GRAFTON LIONS LEOS CLUB – On Thursday, June 1st, the Grafton Lions Leos Club presented a check for $250 to Mr. Bob’s Under the Bridge. The contribution given was part of the money that the Leos Club raised over the Christmas Holiday from the Grafton Lions Nut Sale. Mr. Bob’s Under the Bridge fosters a community of compassion and friendship by providing basic necessities such as clothing and hygiene products to the homeless, those who need support, and the surrounding Milwaukee community. Leos Club members are devoted young people who realize the power of action. Together, Leos and Lions form a powerful partnership — one of mutual respect where Lions learn from the innovative insights of Leos, and where Leos gain access to the proven strategies of those who’ve successfully served the world for decades.

GRAFTON LIONS CLUB – On Tuesday, May 16th, the Club presented four $1,000 scholarships at their monthly dinner meeting at Rose-Harms Legion in Grafton. There was one Grafton Leos Scholarship and three Grafton Lions Scholarships. The scholarships were judged based on school and community activities, volunteerism, helping other students, character, integrity and ethical standards.

The Leos Scholarship was awarded to Jordan Guerra. Jordan was chosen earlier this year as one of the recipients for the Lions Citizenship Award. Jordan plans to attend Northeast Wisconsin Technical College majoring in Digital Media Technologies and Digital Marketing.

Three Lions Scholarships were awarded to the following students. Lili Hansen will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she plans to major in Biomedical Engineering and go on to get a master’s degree to become a Physician Assistant. Linnea Wheeler will be attending the University of Pittsburgh where she plans to major in Linguistics and ultimately get a PhD in Linguistics and then do research in language acquisition. Grace Viessellmann, at the time of the scholarship was deciding between University of Wisconsin-Madison or Eau Claire, where she plans to have a major in Biology/Pre-Pharmacy. Her career goal is to work in medicine. She wants to become a pharmacist with an emphasis on research and drug development.


Robillard owner of “Barb’s Pub & Grub” in Fredonia received the 2023 Community Service Award. Recipients are recognized for their service to Lions through their furthering and assisting the goals of Lionism and their display of the Lions motto “We Serve” through their involvement and support of the Fredonia Area Community.

FREDONIA LIONS CLUB – Our Fredonia Village Board approved recognitions of appreciation, thanking donors for the Fredonia Marshals Office Defibrillator Fundraiser.

FREDONIA LIONS CLUB –Fredonia Lions Club installed two new members. Pictured are: Jane Morris, Past District Governor/ Lion Glenn Moegenburg and Douglas Hartmann

FREDONIA LIONS CLUB – The Club honored Bennett Abler, son of Chad and Shelly Abler, the one Random Lake High School Student of the Year. Three students from Northern Ozaukee High School are also honored each year as Student of the Year.

27-A2 NEWS
Braden Meyer, Mr. Bob, Trevor Nauta and Colin Garvey
12 WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2023
Pictured are: Grafton High School Leos Club Advisory Rusty Meyer, Lili Hansen, Jordan Guerra, Linnea Wheeler, and Grafton Lions Club President Rose Sauers. Missing from the photo is Grace Viesselmann.



CLUB – It is with profound sadness to share the passing of Lion Dan Herlache. He was a 30-year member of the T-M Lions.

In recent years, Dan wasn’t very active, but every single year you could count on him to be working every Bingo shift at Lionfest. He was also one of the best raffle ticket and chicken dinner ticket salesmen the Club ever had, even up until this last year. Service was held on July 7th. For more information, visit


– Big THANKS to Lion Mike from the South Milwaukee Lions Club who gave a passionate presentation on how Wisconsin Lions Camp positively affects so many children, parents, grandparents, and Lions.


27-A2 Diabetes Awareness Team donated $1,000 to the Lions Camp to cover the cost of a salad bar and other healthy eating choices during the two weeks of Camp. The donation was given to Camp Director Andrea Yenter during the Camp Tailgate. They had a great time visiting and are extremely excited to provide some meals to the campers of the 2023 Diabetes Summer Camp.

BEAVER DAM LIONS CLUB –Arbor Day (April 28th) was honored by planting two red maple trees at Lions Park. Lions that participated were; Mike Baxter, John Kreuziger, Desirae Jimenez, Floyd Henschel, Ki Whang and John Bordak. Beaver Dam City forester, John Neuman, supervised the planting.

COLUMBUS LIONS CLUB – One of the Five Pillars of service is environment. Together the Columbus Lions and Leos gave of their time picking up road debris.

COLUMBUS LIONS CLUB – Lions and Leos planted five trees for Earth Day.

Sunday, July 2nd, Veterans Park in Allenton

• Pancake Breakfast, 6:30-11am.

• Brats and Burgers, starting at 11am.

• Cash Only. No ATM on grounds.


“ Start where you are. Distant fields always look greener, but opportunity lies right where you are. Take advantage of every opportunity for service.” – Robert Collier

As we head into the 2023/2024 Lions year, I would encourage each of you to sit back and think about all the wonderful service work and projects each of you have been a part of in the past year. In the past 1½ years as Vice Governor, I have seen and heard about the wonderful service projects our Clubs have participated in. We should be proud of what we have accomplished. We have been changing our communities for the better, one person, one project at a time.

My goal and theme, this year, is “Ignite The Passion For Service.” Service is what Lions are about. Most of us joined the Lions because we wanted to make a difference in our communities, and the world. We want to help those in need. Service can benefit those doing the service work. It rekindles our passion to help others, it gives us a sense of pride and fulfillment, it also gives us a purpose each day. The passion for service is contagious. When others see our passion for service, along with the joy and fulfillment we receive from our service work, they will be intrigued. They will approach us and want to know how they can be a part of this wonderful service organization. We can grow our membership through service.

If your Club needs ideas for big or small service projects or has a wonderful service project to share please, contact me or one of the District Governor Team. There is also, a wonderful website that is being set up with hundreds of service project ideas. There are ideas for each of the focus areas. It includes what the project is, the number of individuals it will impact, the cost of the project, funding ideas, marketing ideas and ways to attract new members through the service project. It is available to all.

We will keep the communication lines open to all members. Your District Governor Team will remain approachable and visible in the District. We will continue to encourage Clubs to support one another, whether it be attending fundraisers, lending a hand or offering encouragement and ideas to each other.

Everyone has heard about the new Lions Portal that will be starting soon. As of today, I do not have a start up date. The District Governor Team is available to offer encouragement, answer questions, give advice, and help navigate the new portal. Any Lion or Leo can contact us.

It will be an exciting year. In an effort to keep communication open and to give you a chance to meet your future leaders and for us to find new leaders to fill the leadership pipeline; the Vice District Governors will be contacting you to set up a date to visit your Clubs. Keep an eye out for emails from FVDG Deb Freeman (Zone 1) and SVDG Slava Krol (Zone 2).

Our District Convention will be in Port Washington again this year. The dates are February 16th and 17th. Mark the dates on your calendar. Friday night is a great night to have some fun and meet other Clubs. It’s a chance to enjoy ourselves and recharge our batteries for the remainder of the Lions Year. Saturday will be a day of great speakers, information and a chance to recognize our members for their hard work.

Lastly I would like to thank IPDG Bert, IPCST Darrel and FVDG Deb and the rest of the District Team, for all their hard work in the past year. We achieved many great things in the past year and will continue to set our goals high.

Allenton Lions Club Car Show and Flea Market
JULY / AUGUST 2023 WisconsinLion 13 EDITOR: Diane Lechner | | 920-210-8691


Eight volunteers and 18 hours of highway litter pickup was conducted on a two mile stretch of County N northeast of Appleton on April 25th. They were amazed at how much litter had accumulated since their pick-up a few months ago. Pictured are participants with about half of what was collected: Tim Bauer, Mark Keller, Dave and Sue Lee, Mary Beth Nienhaus, Jerry Rickert, Mike Weyenberg, and Ralph Young

Clubs Participate in Special Olympics Vision Screening

On April 15th, at the Oshkosh University, the Special Olympics brought back the Opening Eyes program supporting special needs athlete’s quality of vision. In the years 2020 to 2022, the program was shut down due to Covid restrictions. The process included multi-label stations and working with doctors to provide athletes with a free pair of glasses. The athletes ranged in age from the mid-teens to the fifties and they all had a story to tell. In total, 198 athletes were screened with 109 referred. The reason for the high referral rate was that the doctors requested the athletes remove their glasses for a complete eye exam. The tournament was a three-on-three basketball and swimming competition. 17 Lions from Manitowoc, Sheboygan Noon, Stockbridge, St. Peter, and Van Dyne took part in the eight-hour day.

HILBERT LIONS CLUB – At their annual fundraiser on March 20th, the Club donated $5,000 to the Potter Fire Department to help them purchase new radios.

WALDO LIONS CLUB – The Annual Pork Chop Dinner was held on April 29th. There was a cash raffle, walk around raffles and a silent auction. The event is a big fundraiser for the Club and has been held for the last 33 years.

OXFORD LIONS CLUB – President Steve Mullens and Lion Pat Johnson proudly display the Club banner at a recent meeting.


CLUB – On April 8th, the Club hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for the Hilbert community. There was a great turnout with plenty of Easter eggs to be had as well as other prizes. Lion Bruce Schroeder was the celebrity Easter Bunny. He was assisted by his family.

OXFORD LIONS CLUB – The Club participated in Wisconsin’s AdoptA-Highway program. Every year in spring and fall Oxford Lions pick up trash along a designated stretch of highway.

PICKETT LIONS CLUB – The Club was pleased to host District Governor Dave Brinkman and Zone Chair Barb Leichtfuss at their February meeting. They inducted new members Ryan Lang and Robert Cartwright, seen with their sponsor Lion Mike Hintz.

HILBERT LIONS CLUB – As you enter the Village of Hilbert you will see something new. They have purchased, and with the help of the Hilbert Public Works department, installed Lions Club International signs. This lets all visitors to the community know that they have an active Lions Club in Hilbert. For more information about the Club, you can visit their facebook page or email

14 WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2023 27-B1 NEWS

BRILLION LIONS CLUB – An Easter Egg Hunt was held for kids eight and under on April 8th, at Horn Park in Brillion. Gold and silver eggs were hidden among the eggs and children were awarded special prizes for the special eggs.

APPLETON NOON LIONS CLUB –On March 8th, the Club shared their 100 year history with a presentation at the Appleton Historical Society. Pictured are Lions Mark Keller, Mike Weyenberg, Tom O’Hearn, and Dave Lee





My name is Greg Kubichka and as the incoming Governor for 27-B1, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to help guide us through the next year. I attend a lot of meetings and trainings and I am very optimistic for the future. There are many great opportunities for Lions coming up.

The Wisconsin Lions are number four in membership in the continental US, only trailing Minnesota by 2,000 members. Wisconsin has over 17,000 members and 10 Districts. With DG Brinkman as our District Governor this last year, we gained approximately 30 members and added a new club to the District. Thank you to all the clubs for working on retention and gaining new members.

APPLETON EVENING LIONS CLUB – Zone chair Sue Lee recently recognized Ed Zoglman with a 60 Year Membership Chevron and letter from IP Brian Sheehan. Ed joined the Lions on February 1st of 1963.

BRILLION LIONS CLUB – The Club donated benches to Heritage Park in Brillion. The benches are dedicated to past, present, and future Lion members.

There will be two upcoming training sessions. One will be held on July 15th in St. Nazianz and another on July 29th in Ripon. These training sessions are not just for club officers, everyone is encouraged to attend. There will be the option to attend 13 different sessions. One will be on service projects. We are in need of some seasoned Lions to let us know what’s working well in your Club for service. We’ll also have a spot camera there for anyone that would like to practice and a reader for anyone that has not seen them. There will be leadership courses and a class on what the District can do better for the Clubs. Please contact GLT PDG Tom Wendt at or call (920) 517-2724 to sign up.

Upcoming cabinet meetings are open to anyone. The first one of the new year will be held July 23rd at 10am at the Eagles Club in Fond du Lac.

Mark your calendars for the District Convention on November 10th and 11th at the Fond du lac Radisson Hotel.

Thank you!

PICKETT LIONS CLUB – The Club supported the annual Stock the Pantries in Ripon, a matching funds drive that donates to five area food pantries. Pictured are Lion Chip Lovell, Donation Coordinator Candie Baker, and Lion Chad Lisowe

Wayside Morrison Lions Club Music in the Park 2023

6-8pm, Shelter building located at Brown County WayMor Park at 3832 Park Road, Greenleaf

July 5 – ACME Pickers

July 19 – North 40

August 9 – Biscuit Creek Band

August 23 – Bent Grass

• Free music & vanilla ice cream & toppings

• Burgers & drinks available for purchase

• Bring us your used eyeglasses, used hearing aids, new/unused hearing aid batteries, old cell phones, and non-perishable food items for local food pantries.

• The Brown County Bookmobile will also be on site for all to enjoy.


48th Annual 27-B1 District Convention

November 10 & 11, 2023

APPLETON NOON LIONS CLUB –Steve Keller visited the recent meeting with his Traveling Snake Show. Here Steve and Lion Sue Lee are pictured with one of his snakes.

Radisson Hotel and Conference Center 625 W. Rolling Meadows Dr. Fond du Lac


TOWN OF SHEBOYGAN LIONS CLUB – On April 16th, the Club awarded the Town of Sheboygan Fire Department with $1,600 at their annual Fireman’s Brat Fry. The money will be used for CPR training mannequins. Pictured are: Deputy Chief Andy Stahl, Fire Chief Ed Biederwolf, Lions Linda Weber, Mike Weber and Sue Garski

TOWN OF SHEBOYGAN LIONS CLUB – The 20 Year Club Anniversary Banquet for the Town of Sheboygan Lions Club will be held on July 30th. All are welcome to attend to honor their 20 years of service to the community. Social hour begins at 3:30pm at Town and Country Restaurant. Dinner to be served at 5pm with the program at 6pm. The cost is $30. RSVP by July 20th to or 920-980-6317.

District Calendar
JULY / AUGUST 2023 WisconsinLion 15
Erbstoesser | | 920-376-3505

Wabeno Lions Club Hosts 46th Annual Student Honors Banquet

14 Lions and 13 Honor Students were present at the April 17th event. Lion Greg Tallier was Master of Ceremonies performing the greeting, prayer, introduction of faculty presenters, and closing remarks. Lion Cheryl Ehlingeer was organizer and coordinator of the event. Cassidy’s catered the delicious meal. Guest Speaker, Terri Palubicki, was the 1989 Lions’ Student Honors recipient of the Physical Education (Girls) award.

The Wabeno Lions Student Honors Banquet started with “The Pledge of Allegiance” and ended with the singing of “God Bless America” and photo opportunities. Other activities supported by the Wabeno Lions Club are: Badger Boys State, Christian and NEWCAP food pantries, Wabeno High School Scholarships, Wabeno Elementary School Accelerated Reader, Wabeno Rescue Squad, Christian Thrift Store, Senior Citizen Banquet, and Book Fair Books for Students. “We Serve” is the Lions’ motto. We appreciate all of your support over the years.

STURGEON BAY LIONS CLUB – This spring, the Club cleaned up State Highway 57. There were 13 members on this project and the Club collected 18 bags of garbage. The Club donated $1,000 to Altrusa’s Back-to-School event. Pictured are President Stewart Fett and Altrusa co- chairs, Maureen Fear and Sharon Haines. The Club donated $500 to HELP of Door County and our members donated lots of items for their Basic Needs closet. Pictured are President Stewart Fett and HELP of Door County Operations Director Sue Farley.


The largest fundraiser is the annual rose sale. Members of the Club came out in full force and sold 935 dozen roses in February and March and then gathered to deliver the roses on the weekend of April 14th-15th. The Club coordinated the out of area rose deliveries with other Lion Clubs that participated in this project and the Sturgeon Bay Lions delivered roses that were purchased from other Clubs but destined for delivery in our area. Pictured are: President Stewart Fett, Lion Theresa Fett, Lion Rose Sale CoChairman Ron Amos, Lion Anita Karwowski, and Lion Ron Miller


On right, President Stewart Fett honors Lion Steve Asher with a 25 year Chevron Award. On left, President Stewart Fett presents a Chevron Award to Lion Jim Paterson for 40 years of membership service.


LIONS CLUB – The Club provided a free “Pancake and Porky” breakfast on March 26th as part of GAC’s 2nd Annual “Sappy Days”. The turnout was great, with many hungry people coming from as far away as Green Bay, Sheboygan, and Milwaukee. Pictured are: Ashley Orth, Lion John Marsh, Lion Karijo Marsh, and Lion Doyle Weishar.


LIONS CLUB – As part of WisDOT’s Adopt-A-Highway program, the GAC Lions tidied up their 2.2 miles along Highway 8 on May 9th. Wisconsin’s Adopt-A-Highway program coordinates volunteer efforts to remove trash, recyclables and litter from area roadsides.

Pictured are: President Wayne Brehmer and two future Lions Easton James and Brayden Lewis.

GRESHAM LIONS CLUB – The Club has recently upgraded their landing on the Upper Red Lake, located north of Gresham on Upper Red Lake Road. The dock has been busy enough to justify upgrading to a new larger dock for the 2023 boating and fishing season. Fundraising through the local community has been successful and with the cooperation of All Season Repair of Shawano, a new aluminum dock has been installed. The older dock was about half the new dock’s length of 24’.


– The Club donated $500 checks to the Grant and Pella Fire Departments.

16 WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2023 27-B2 NEWS







CLUB – Recently, the Club hosted their first annual Easter Egg Hunt at the new Lions Park on Velsen Road. Everyone had a good time even though Mother Nature provided a fresh blanket of snow for the event. Joining the festivities were Lucky the Lion and Toffee, our newest Leader Dog In Training, being raised by Lion Deb Delie

PESHTIGO LIONS CLUB – The Club had their monthly meeting at 1911 Grill and Tap Monday, April 10th. During the meeting four people were inducted as members of the Club by District Governor John Reil. Pictured back row are (l to r): Tom Russell, District Governor John Reil. Pictured front row are (l to r): Karen Leinen, Steve Peterich, and Chuck Leinen


– Members collected garbage along Velp Avenue on May 13th, to fulfill their annual Adopt-A-Highway commitment.

NIAGARA LIONS CLUB – The Club recently made a $400 donation to the Niagara Public Schools for new Cheerleading uniforms and equipment. Pictured are: Lion Treasurer Dan Decker, Cheerleaders Emma Kowalkowski and Jaylynn Kichura, and Lion President Glenn Lantagne. The Cheerleaders will be working at the Niagara Community Picnic on June 23rd-24th to “earn” an additional donation toward this cause.


As I start my year as your District Governor, know that I will do my best to follow in the footsteps of our past District Governors in continuing the Lions Motto: WE SERVE. This last year has been one of a continuous quest of learning. As I gather new information, I will share with the clubs during my visits. Together we can grow stronger and stay committed to helping our communities in all we do.

Our Service grows hope, in all ways through building ramps for the handicapped, vision screening of our youth, flipping burgers at a youth softball game, it all matters. Our communities do appreciate all we do, so when you put on your Lions vest or shirt to help at an event, wear it with pride, knowing you are making a difference in a life. Do simple things: Open the door for the lady with her hands full of groceries with crying youngsters and offer to help her to get to her car. Shovel a sidewalk for your neighbor. Volunteer at a community cupboard or help at keeping that community garden watered and weed free so they can have fresh produce to share with those needing the services of your cupboard. Smile, it will make the day better for you and them.

The rewards we receive may not be monetary but what it does for your heart will make you a better person. Stay focused on the big smile you receive from the child with new glasses or the shut-in who can get out of the house easier than ever by your good deeds and kindness. It will be a better world for all who help. Remember our service grows hope!


The 36th Annual Bowling Tournament was held at Lena Lanes on March 11th. The second shift workers are pictured: Lions David Merges, Taryn Nall, Leonard Burns, Tony Neta, Chairman Butch Patenaude, Dick Cromell, Mike Salscheider, Randall Vann, and Doug Olson


LIONS CLUB –Chairman Len Burns presented this years Club Scholarship to Carter Hill at the Oconto Falls High School Annual Scholarship Award Ceremony in May.


John Peters and Rick Erck had the honor of awarding the Birch-Sturm Fellowship Award to Lion Jerry Sabatke. Lion Jerry was honored for his commitment to serving people in his community and church. He has been a member of the Club for 12 years and Secretary for 10 years. It’s been said he is like an energizer bunny, always keeping busy and helping others and usually doing things behind the scenes.

Greenville Lions Club

Catfish Extravaganza

Friday, July 7th to Saturday, 8th

• Friday Family Night is a free admission for the community and will feature catfish races, catfish fry, fireworks, and live music from The Glam Band.

• Saturday’s Catfish Concert will feature Jon Pardi along with Lauren Alaina, and Drew Green.

Bellevue Lions Club

Rockin n’ Josten

Mondays at Josten Park, 6pm-8:30pm

• Lions concession stand serving food, refreshments and smiles.

• July 10th - Got Wisco?

• July 24 - Acme Pickers

• August 14 - CSR Band

NIAGARA LIONS CLUB – This spring, the Club presented its annual scholarship check to the Niagara Area Scholarship Committee. The $2,000 check represents four $500 scholarships. The funds raised come from all the 50/50 drawings that the Club holds throughout the year: gun/meat raffle, bowling tournament, community picnic, golf outing and at dinner meetings. Pictured are: Brenda Swanson, Karen Holt, Lion Steve McMillan, Nate Burklund, Darcy Brown, Scott Trevillian, Lion Dan Decker, Sherri Petschar, and Lindsay Whaley

JULY / AUGUST 2023 WisconsinLion 17
| | 920-217-8554
EDITOR: Stephanie Schlag

District 27-C1 Conference

New in 2023 Family Friendly Events!!

It is that time of the year to start planning for this year’s District Convention. The dates are October 27th-28th, at Dales Weston Lanes and Conference Center. Save the dates and plan on attending this year. We will have the famous auction on Friday Night with and addition of a costume party after the auction with a DJ. The Committee is working hard to plan informational seminars and make this a great convention. See the registration form below.

The District Convention Committee

We Serve

The 42nd Annual Lake DuBay Lions Club Summerfest

Friday, July 21st 5pm-midnight, Saturday, July 22nd 8am-midnight

Lake DuBay Lions Park, Knowlton (1 mile south of Hwy 34, on Cty Rd DB)

• Great food, beverages, beer, & wine coolers.

• Bingo 6:30-10pm Friday & Saturday.

Dales Weston Lanes and Convention Center 5902 Schofield Ave

Schofield, WI 54476

October 27 & 28, 2023



Return by Friday October 13, 2023

Paula Ruesch, 231198 Pickard Ave, Abbotsford, WI 54405

Registration fees and meal fees must accompany this form. NO MEAL Tickets will be sold after Friday October 13, 2023

(Registration on-site will be available for Auction, Meetings, and Seminars only)

Club Name:_____________________ Contact Person:____________________________

Contact Phone:___________________ Contact email:____________________________ Clubs, Remember to bring your Club Banner to be displayed during the Convention

• Games, merchandise raffles, & live music bands.

• BLAME IT ON WAYLON Band Friday 7-11pm.

• HYDE Band Saturday 7-11:00pm.

• Visit our Club’s website

• Saturday- Breakfast served from 8-10:00am, Community Rummage Sale starts 8am, Outdoor Catholic Mass held at 4pm , Chicken dinners served, starting at 5pm, Raffle Drawing at 10pm, $5,000 in cash prizes.

• Free admission and open to the public.

ABBOTSFORD LIONS CLUB –Abbotsford High School Senior

Jennifer Aguilera-Lozoya has been named Student of the Quarter for the 4th quarter of the 2022-23 school year. Math Teacher, Kasey Daniels, highly recommended her stating “Jennifer is an extremely hard-working student who has taken numerous dual credit courses. She is a very respectful student and easy to work with. She completed the Certified Nursing Assistant course and is very focused on preparing for her future career. I highly recommend her for this award.” After graduation, she plans to attend NTC and then UW-Oshkosh, pursuing her Bachelors of Science in Nursing. She is the daughter of Antonio Aguilera and Brenda Lozoya of Curtiss.


King or Double Rooms $125 for one night plus taxes. Block of rooms reserved until September 27, 2023

Contact Hotel for Reservations Baymont by Wyndham Weston 5810

54476 715-355-9955

Schofield Ave, Weston, Wisconsin
check payable to:
Fri day N i ght Buff e t Saturday Lunch Buff e t BBQ Pulled Por k , Hot Beef, Pas ta Salad, Potato Chips & D ip, Vegetable w ith D ip Stuffed Chick en Br eas t, Beef Tips w ith Gar lic Mas hed Potatoes & Vegetable N ame - Pl e ase Pri nt $10 $5 $20 $25 T o t a l E a c h Che ck One L i o n G u e s t R e g i s t r a ti o n F e e D i s t r i c t P i n F i r s t D i s t r i c t C o n v e n ti o n ? ( X ) Tot al
Lions District 27-C1
18 WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2023 27-C1 NEWS

WISCONSIN RAPIDS LIONESS LIONS CLUB – The Ladies Night Out took place on April 13th at Bullseye Golf Club. The biggest annual fundraiser raised $8,000. It was an amazing evening! A big thank you to all the giving sponsors in the community! Your support and generosity cannot be measured! Now we cannot wait to see how we can help our community! Also, a big Thank YOU to the 126 women that came to our event! Pictured front row (l to r): Kathy Pyburn, Donna Schlinsog, Susan Deakles, Vicki Lohr, and Kris Slattery. Pictured back row (l to r): Susan Burmeister, Marge Skerven, Carolyn Saylor, Elaine Nuekirchen, Sharon Panzer, and Mari Austin.


Make A Difference…One At A Time.


As we enter a new Lionistic year, I want you all to know that we should be proud of what we all did this last year to make Lions stronger, and more visible in our communities. This year coming up is going to bring new and exciting things to all of us. As we look toward the future, we should be asking ourselves and our Clubs how we can bring more service to those in need. Service is the foundation of who we are. And as we go out to serve, remember it is one person, one community, one Club that makes a difference in someone’s life. Let us bring new ideas for service and fundraisers to our Clubs. Listen to those around you who have new ideas. Combine them with some older ideas. It can only make for better projects. If you have a project that is bigger than what you have volunteers for, don’t get discouraged. Call your neighboring Clubs, ask for help from different volunteer organizations, such as the Optimists or Rotary.

WISCONSIN RAPIDS LIONESS LIONS CLUB – On May 8th, the Club presented Sheriff Shawn Becker a check for $1,800 for CISM. CISM is Critical Incident Stress Management, a type of crisis intervention designed to provide support for those who have experienced traumatic events. CISM is for all first responders. This was the Zone Project, including Lions Clubs of Wisconsin Rapids, Grand Rapids, Port Edwards, Rudolph, and Nekoosa.Pictured front row are (l to r): Mari Austin, Donna Schlinsog, Nita Sullivan, and Kris Slattery. Pictured back row are (l to r): Sharon Panzer, Susan Deakles, Carolyn Saylor, Vicki Lohr, Susan Burmeister, Sherriff Shawn Becker, Elaine Neukirchen, Kathy Pyburn and Marge Skerven.

International President Dr Patti Hill is about Changing the World. I know that we all do that every day. I would like to focus this year on the environment, hunger, and childhood cancer. In each of these areas, there is so much we can do to help the communities around us. We can plant a tree, help at foodbanks, make cake kits to give to the pantries (everyone deserves a birthday cake), or make cards for children at cancer centers. To make a birthday cake kit all you need is a foil pan, cake mix, frosting, candles, and a can of Sprite (to use instead of the eggs and oil). There are so many ways that we can help make a difference.

Each Lion makes a difference. Each Lion deserves a voice in how their Club is run. Help Club members achieve higher goals by getting them involved with the leadership of the Club. Clubs that keep a fresh look on things keep their service heart beating strong.

Our District Convention this year will be October 27th and 28th. I would like to see as many people there as possible. This is a time to get together with fellow Lions to exchange new ideas and make new friendships that will last a lifetime. As time goes on, I will be putting information out there in your emails along with a District newsletter I plan to be sending. Registration is included in this month’s newspaper. As you will notice we will not be having a Saturday night dinner this year.

Please do not hesitate to call or email dates of your service projects and fundraisers so that I can join you to help if I can. I can’t wait to meet all of you this year. It’s going to be a GREAT LION YEAR!!

MARSHFIELD LIONS CLUB –Library Director, Jill Porter, is shown excepting a check from the Marshfield Lions Club President, Sue Cherncy, in a reading room at the Everett Roehl Marshfield Public Library. The Club makes an annual donation to the Library to provide materials for the visually impaired. Porter mentioned a program for young people that the library is considering where these funds could be put to good use.

NEKOOSA LIONS CLUB – The Club awarded scholarships to three graduating Nekoosa High School students in the amount of $500 each. Pictured are recipients Emma Waltenberg, Kiara Campbell and Talya Wenger, along with District Administrator Lion Terry Whitmore, President Lion Jason Dhein and Lion Dan Schmidt.


– The Club welcomed four new members: Chelsea Stuttgen, Pam Stuttgen, Julia Wojner and Robin Weideman.

JULY / AUGUST 2023 WisconsinLion 19
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EDITOR: Patty Hollis


Boy Scout Hudson Warner was presented with a $1,000 donation for his Oldenburg Sports Park Volleyball Courts Eagle Project. Hudson’s two older brothers, Sam and Nolan, also completed projects at Oldenburg Sports Park. Sam made a 9-hole disc golf course and Nolan created a Gaga Ball pit. The Club was happy to help Hudson, age 13, keep the tradition going in his family. Hudson’s project will consist of both a sand volleyball court and a grass volleyball court. The location of the courts is expected to be between the concession stand and the east baseball field. Pictured are President, Nic Weight with Boy Scout Hudson Warner


CLUB – The Club inducted a stunning 19 new members at their May membership meeting. District Governor Bob Bertch was proud to help the club grow to 79 members with more being added soon.

PHILLIPS LIONS CLUB – The Club recently presented a $4,000 donation to the Phillips Fire Department to purchase a fire suppression rescue vehicle for off road fire and rescue efforts. Pictured are Captain Matt Tucke, Assistant Chief Travis Abraham and Fire Chief David Lontcoski along with Lions Lynn Beck, Kathy Zimmerman, Michelle Tekippe, Cherie Lenz, Delores Gradinjan, Craig Thurs, Amy Thurs, Steven Kerner, Sylvia Kerner, Dave Olson, Connie Trewyn, Julie Olson, Linda Zitkus, Debbie Reinke, Bruce Reinke, Dan Beck, Earl Jewett and Mike Zitkus.


– Taylor County Maple Festival was held April 29 at the Simek Recreation Center in Medford, Wisconsin. The Maplefest is hosted by the Taylor County Zone which includes Lions Clubs from Gilman, Jump River, Medford, Rib Lake and Whittlesey. Around 2,500 people attended the event and they served 817 individuals for breakfast. 244 children signed up for the 23 bikes that were given away which were donated by area businesses, Lions clubs and individuals. Shown in the photo is the display of banners from the Taylor County clubs who hosted the event.


CLUB – The 2nd annual Family Sportsman Night was hosted by Lions Club member Larry Voss, owner of Aberdeen Lodge where the event was held. The organizers, Jean & Lynn Schroeder, Dan Meier, Mike McKeon, Larry Voss and many others helped make the event an outstanding success with a silent raffle and a live auction. The 2023 kick off event sold out in 10 days and raised $30,000.

PARK FALLS LIONS CLUB –Members recently finished the basic re-construction of the dugouts at the Park Falls Little League Fields. The project was a joint venture of the Park Falls Lions and the City of Park Falls. Pictured are Len Schmidt, Mark Pechacek, Ron Schmidt, Mark Luoma, Paul Tychsen, and Ed Schmocker


CLUB – DG Bob Bertch presents Cherie Sanderson with a Melvin Jones Fellowship. Sanderson joined in 2007 and was sponsored by late Lion Richard Schreuder. Sanderson has served as Club Secretary and President, and currently serves as Scholarship Chair, Publicity Chair. and is the 27-C2 Newspaper Editor.

PHILLIPS LIONS CLUB – Did you know Governor Evers was once a Lions member? The Club was honored to provide the fish fry for the Governor’s Fishing Opener held in Phillips on May 6th. Pictured are Lion Delores Gradinjan, Governor Tony Evers, Lieutenant Governor Sara Rodriquez, Lion Glen Konshak, and in the door of the food truck is Lion Bill Zimmerman

ST. GERMAIN NORTHWOODS LIONS CLUB – The Club has fully embraced this year’s Environmental Challenge by providing a Community Tourist Dumpster for our vacationers to dispose of their trash and food waste. Pictured are District Environmental Chairman and St. Germain Northwoods Lion, Nancy Szott; President, Lion Betty Mc Cormick; and board member, Lion Liz Sutter


CABINET SECRETARY, PATTY KRUG Presidential Certificate of Appreciation, Whittlesey Lions PRESIDENT WENDI NEUPERT Presidential Certificate of Appreciation, Boulder Junction Lions Club
20 WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2023 27-C2 NEWS





CLUB – A $1,000 donation was presented to the RichardsonMichaud American Legion Post 451. Funds will be used to purchase, replace and maintain the American flags that are displayed on the town’s light poles. Pictured are President, Wendi Neupert; Lion and American Legion member, Bob Bertch; American Legion Commander James Hamilton; American Legion member, Tony Eisenbraun; and Boulder Junction Lion and American Legion member, Otis Voeltz

SUGAR CAMP LIONS CLUB –District Governor Bob Bertch presents Marty Hasvisto with an award in recognition of 60 years of dedicated service as a Lions Club Member.


– $1,000 scholarships were presented to South Shore High School graduating seniors Maggie Ostrenga and Lily Truchon by Lions Mary Anne Adank, and Carl Anderson.

SOUTH SHORE LIONS CLUB – A $1,000 scholarship was presented by Lion Barb Rebak to Bayfield High School graduating senior Amelia Spinner.


My name is Don Meeder and I am honored to have the privilege of serving as the 27-C2 District Governor this year. In reflecting on what lies ahead for us collectively, I’d like to share a recent revelation. Lionism is needed Now More than Ever. With so much recent societal focus on individual self-absorption, the idea of selfless service to meet the needs of others is being pushed to the background.

Melvin Jones, our founder, recognized that the businessman clubs of his day were inwardly focused and failed to place an emphasis on improving the lives of others and their communities. His vision of “SERVICE” was inspirational and resulted in the rapid growth of Lionism. Now, over 100 years later, we face a pivotal point with our organization.

We just came through a time where we became acquainted with the term “essential services”. I think that Lions Clubs need to gain a reputation as being “essential” to our communities. This will take Club and Community Assessment and brave, forward-thinking individuals who are willing to tackle challenges both large and small that will have a meaningful impact for their neighbors.

It’s evident how the Lions’ focus on Vision has been able to improve lives around the world with improved sight. While increasing the scope of Sight related services, the folks at LCIF recognized that there were opportunities to further maximize the organization’s world changing potential. Thus, the Global initiatives of Hunger, Environment, Diabetes, and Childhood Cancer were added to the list of supported causes.

Likewise, there are broad areas of need in our local communities that are calling for our attention. Lions today need to be viewed as a multi-faceted organization that is addressing today’s challenges and fully embracing the slogan “Where there is a need, there is a Lion”.

While doing so, we must not forget to incorporate one of the most basic human needs; the need to have fun and the enjoyment of good fellowship. That is the glue that will keep us working together with passionate dedication to our various causes.

It is indeed a new day (and Lion year), I hope that you too may come to see that we Lions are needed now more than ever!

I very much look forward to partnering with C2’s 1440 plus members, 40 Lions clubs and 2 Leo Clubs to enjoin our 2023-2024 International President, Patty Hill, on her mission - “Lions Changing the World.”

PDG MARY ANN GRETENHARDT Presidential Certificate of Appreciation, Gleason Lions Club CHUCK MCCRORY Presidential Certificate of Appreciation, Gleason Lions Club 2ND VDG ANNE MADISON Presidential Certificate of Appreciation, Iron River Lions Club DEANNA PIERPONT New Voices Certificate of Appreciation for Marketing, Mercer Lions Club DGE DON MEEDER New Voices Certificate of Appreciation for Service Project, Three Lakes Lions Club
JULY / AUGUST 2023 WisconsinLion 21
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ZONE CHAIR LAURA BERTCH Presidential Certificate of Appreciation, Boulder Junction Lions Club
EDITOR: Cherie Sanderson

The CARE Program Says Good Bye to Dr. Guil DeVenecia

Dr. Guil DeVenecia died on May 11. He served many years to restore the sight of many people in the Philippines. He received a Lions Life Membership from District 27-D1 and the Oregon-Brooklyn Lions Club. He worked with Lion Lyle "Doc" Esser, CARE Chairman, who tells the Doctor's story:

The CARE Program of Dist 27-D1 Supports Dr. Guil De Venecia

The Lions & Lioness of District 27-D1 have supported the Free Rural Eye Clinic in the Philippines since 1982. After serving as the Cabinet Secretary in 1987-1988, Lyle “Doc” Esser took over the CARE program for the District, which was used to support Dr. Guil DeVenecia's work in the Philippines. After many miles and presentations the Lions and Lioness have donated $278,538.00 to his work in the Philippines.

Lyle & Dr. Guil visited almost all of clubs in District 27-D1 each year with a presentation of his work in the Philippines, where he did Free Rural Eye Surgeries. The Clubs made donations to the CARE Program each year and Dr. Guil would receive a donation from this fund. We started out with $1,300 in 1983 and in 2014, which was the last year of the CARE Program, we donated $12,000.00 for a total of $278,538.00. Dr. Guil was not going to the Philippines much after that because of his health.

As of June 2013, Dr. Guil conducted a total of 7,200 Non-Cataract Surgeries, saw a total of 224,772 Out-Patients, and 26,063 cataract surgeries for a grand total of 33,263 surgeries.

VERONA LIONS CLUB – Members of the Verona Lions children's vision screening team performed screenings at 10 area preschools and 3 community events during the 2022-23 Lionistic year. A total of 505 children were screened and 43 were referred for further testing. The children's vision screening is an annual project of the club and the preschool directors look forward to having the Lions come to their locations to screen the children. Lion Jason Hunt is shown screening a child recently.

EDGERTON LIONS CLUB – The scholarship and 1st VDG dinner was held at Coachman’s on May 16. Five of the scholarship winners are pictured with President Rusch

POTOSI-TENNYSON LIONS CLUB – May was a busy month! Highway cleanup resulted in 11 bags and two tires. Their new service project was born from a member suggestion. They will partner with The Crayon Initiative and collect used crayons which will be melted down and made into 3 sided crayons and donated to hospitals.

MONROE LIONS CLUB – Lion Allie Cline, Keith Ginner and Bill Kilian along with Lions Scholarship recipient Audrey Bartlett conducted a Vision Eye Screening at the Monroe Pre-K Child Development Days held April 27-28 in Monroe.

LANCASTER LIONS CLUB – Lion Jody Bartels presents a $300 check to Grant County Sheriff Nate Dreckman. The donation is in support of the Grant County K9 officer.
22 WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2023 27-D1 NEWS

PARDEEVILLE LIONS CLUB – The Club completed their fourth Trex Plastic Recycling Challenge in June. The recycling program has flourished with involvement from all club members, the public library, and schools involved in the collection. In two years, the Club has kept over forty-five hundred pounds of plastic film out of the landfill and sent it to Trex for recycling. Each April the Lions Club has worked with the Pardeeville Schools on environmental awareness by having the elementary, middle, and high schools competing on who can collect the most plastic. The schools have collected over six hundred and sixty pounds for our challenges. The Club recently awarded a bench to the schools as a raffle item for their fundraiser for cancer in recognition of their collection efforts.


A Great Time To Be A Lion


This is the official beginning of my year as District Governor. As you are reading this article, I will be attending the Lions International Convention in Boston, complete with new experiences and learning opportunities to bring back to our district. I am excited to learn more about the Lions in our district and the service that we are providing to our communities. I have enjoyed the club visits that I have attended during the past 2 years and look forward to learning even more about our district Lions Clubs during this year. I hear many stories about the point in a Lions life when they knew why they became a Lion. Well, I had an experience at my work that reminded me why we do what we do. Our company has been involved with several agencies that place learning disabled adults, we recently hired an employee and he saw me wearing my Lions Club hat at work. He quickly pointed to the logo and said, “hey, I know the Lions on your hat”. I asked him how he knew about the Lions, with a very big smile he said, “I go to the Lions Camp every summer and I love it”. That made my day!!!!! The Lions Camp serves campers throughout the summer – at no charge to the campers. The Lions Camp is funded through our continued donations to the Wisconsin Lions Foundation. Every Lion seems to have a story about the joy that Lions gives them; transporting eye tissue, building a handicap ramp, helping at Restoring Hope Transplant House, assisting a community after a disaster, assisting at a food pantry…follow your passion to serve and create your own story about why you became a Lion!!


CLUBS – The Clubs joined together to hold the annual Lions CARE Cruise/ Poker Run recently. Lions who volunteered for the family event raised funds for the Miracle League of Dane County.

DEFOREST WINDSOR LIONS CLUB – The Club had an absolutely gorgeous day delivering sand to empty springtime sand boxes. The sand is donated by Madison Sand & Gravel. The use of a dump truck and driver is donated by Mark Vinney, a local resident. They delivered sand to 17 sandboxes in the DeForest Windsor area free of charge. While not expected or required, many donations were given which will be used to further the works that the club provides. This year several Norski football players helped to get the job done. It was a fantastic joint effort and it marks the 7th year of offering sand to area residents.

JULY / AUGUST 2023 WisconsinLion 23 EDITOR: Bill Clausius | | 608-698-1683
MONROE LIONS CLUB – Along with DG Jeff Winkler, the Club hosted 6 Scholarship recipients at a picnic on June 21st. Scholarship recipients were Sean Rufenacht, Tucker Markham, Seth Brandt, Cash Anderson and Audrey Bartlett Raegun Buhlmann wasn’t available for the picture.

DE SOTO AREA LIONS CLUB – It was a full house for the fundraiser for Anthony Spalla Sr., Serving up some delicious soups were Laurie Leese, Marlene Springborn, Lynn David, Gloria Binger and Eloda Bohland. Way to support our community!


CLUB – Each year the Club selects outstanding students from the Coulee Region and awards them a $500 scholarship. In addition to career and personal goals, applicants submit a written essay listing school, community, and volunteer activities. The winners are chosen by the Lions Club Scholarship Committee from submitted applications. This year the St. Joseph’s Ridge Lions Club presented four scholarships to area students who logged hundreds of volunteer hours.

One of the awards went to La Crosse Central High School student, Anden Schieldt. He will be attending Western Technical College to pursue a degree in HVAC. Adrianna Massman, a student at Bangor High School, was also selected as a scholarship recipient. She will be attending Viterbo University. Adrianna is pursuing a degree in nursing and would like to work as a labor and delivery nurse and eventually become a nurse anesthetist. Lucas Hajek was also presented a scholarship certificate. Lucas is also a Bangor High School senior. He plans to pursue a degree in HVAC at Western Technical College and would like to become a new construction start up technician, or an HVAC pipe fitter. Annika Parry, a West Salem High School student was also chosen to receive a scholarship. Annika plans to attend St. Mary’s College and major in Biochemistry. Her goal is to achieve an education in health science and enter the Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences Physician Assistant program.

The St. Joseph’s Ridge Lions Club congratulates Anden, Adrianna, Lucas, and Annika on their accomplishments and achievements. We hope they will continue to be community service oriented and live up to the Lions Club Motto “WE SERVE”.

DE SOTO AREA LIONS CLUB – President Nadine Hall presented Ian McKittrick, Matthew Kumlin and Cadence Thompson with scholarships to further their education.

SOLDIERS GROVE LIONS CLUB –The Easter Egg Hunt was held April 8th, at the Lions Shelter. There were 17 boys and 30 girls between the ages of two to 12. The winners of the baskets were Maverick Stenner and Evelyn Doskocil

SAUK PRAIRIE LIONS CLUB – The April 19th meeting welcomed special guests from OccuPaws Guide Dog Association. Based out of Madison, their mission is to place fully trained guide dogs with Wisconsin’s visually impaired residents at no charge. Volunteers around the state start basic training dogs at eight weeks. At four months they go to a professional to be trained to work with the blind. There are approximately 35 dogs being trained at all times. OccuPaws Guide Dog is operated by donations and fund raisers. The Sauk Prairie Lions Club sent them a $500 donation. For more information check out or call 608-772-3787. Club President Leon Mindham, volunteers Joanne Neuheisel, Bob Neuheisel, Diane Wipperfurth and Quarter the dog.


LIONS CLUB – DG Tom Knudtson came for his visit on April 10th and presented him with a mirror in appreciation of his service this year.

Lion Daren Schieldt, Anden Schieldt, Lion Joe Shikonya Lion Kevin Burnett and Lucas Hajek Lion Kevin Burnett and Adrianna Massman Lion Mike Miller and Annika Parry
24 WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2023 27-D2 NEWS

MORMON COULEE LIONS CLUB – For Easter, the Club delivered 30 Easter baskets to the shut-ins. This is a much loved event to spend time talking with people from around the area that are in nursing homes, in their homes, having some hard/stressful times during the holiday. This brings them some cheer and they look forward to it.




Hello fellow Lions. I would like to thank you for allowing me to serve as your District Governor. A little bit about me. I’m the oldest of 12 and the first lady in the Soldiers Grove Lions Club of which I’ve been a member for 20 years and currently serving as Secretary/Treasurer. I worked for the Grant County Highway Department for 30 years and have been retired for 11 years.

I would like to share a message from our Council Chair BJ Blahnik. “Why did you join Lions?” “Why are you here?” This is a nice way to ask yourselves the same question and possibly be able to get more members and people to interact in our Clubs and District. Just Ask!!

I’m looking forward to going to the International Convention in Boston July 7th – 12th. IP Dr. Patty Hill’s theme is “Changing the World”. Each of us have been doing our part but we can do more with every service project we do. My goals are in conjunction with this –Adopt-A-Highway Roadside Cleanup – Plant a Tree for a former Lion that has passed or community member that has done a lot for the community – help an elderly person(s) with yard work or landscaping that they’d like done. I would also like to continue our membership incentives to keep us positive as we currently have been.

Club Excellence Awards and 100% Secretary and Treasures Awards are great recognitions to the Clubs and the officers that have been chosen to represent your clubs. Club Excellence is due by the end of August and 100% Awards are due by end of June. I encourage each Club to submit these to be recognized for your dedicated service to your Club.

I would like to thank PDG Tom Knudtson for his great and challenging year of service to our District. Please let me know if you need anything and I will do my best to be available to help.

I look forward to your Club Visits and meeting all of you to become better Lions and to have fun at everything we do. “We Serve!”

MORMON COULEE LIONS CLUB – The 2nd Annual Egg Hunt was held, which was a great turn out. They had around 200 kids with 3,000 eggs scattered all over the field. It was so nice seeing so many families there to enjoy this event. Thank you to the Lions who worked hard to make this a success. They look forward to next year with even more eggs to find.


– The Club had their 2nd Annual Pancake Breakfast. It was a drivethrough this year and had a good turnout. It was nice for people to come through and bring breakfast home for the family. They even had some Lion members make deliveries to homes and workplaces!


Congratulations to Lion Jerry Kendhammer in receiving the Melvin Jones award. Jerry is a very active member volunteering his time endlessly on many projects. He has great ideas for future projects and actively works hard at getting new members. Thank you for all you have done for Lions over the years!


support the upcoming summer Space Camp where kids are given the opportunity to hear from an astronaut and learn about space and how to get there in the future. It is a hands on day of fun, adventure and learning.

JULY / AUGUST 2023 WisconsinLion 25 EDITOR: Loretta Ewelt | | 608-269-3062
TOMAH LIONS CLUB – Lion Gwen Nelson presented $500 to Curator Alyssa Young from the Deke Slayton/ Bike in Sparta to

Pattison Park Area, Luck and Dresser Lions Clubs Team Together

Lion Clubs join forces to help the Interfaith Caregivers Heat a Home project in Burnett County. PDG Bill Anderson and Jeff Larsen from Pattison Park Area, Scott Weyland from Luck, Eric Anderson and Ginger and Boyd Dosch from Dresser worked with others to process approximately 10 full cord of wood for the only wood bank in the State of Wisconsin.


The Club didn’t let a little blizzard stop their Annual Easter Egg Hunt! Event Chair Barb Eisold quickly worked with city officials to secure the snow plow garage. Lions swept the floor and prepared for the hunt! Around 170 kids from ages zero to nine were able to partake in the fun! Parents got photo-ops of their kiddos with the Easter Bunny and our very own Lion! Prizes galore, including a bike giveaway!

WINTER & AREA LIONS CLUB – The Club was happy to host their 25th Annual Car Show for 71 antique vehicles as a fundraiser for the Club. The group photo shows some of the Club members present and available to assist. Missy Beissel and Marie Falk ran the hot dog stand at the event. Ken Patenaude and Steve Beining counted ballots. The parking lot was full of vehicles

SEELEY LIONS CLUB – The Club in collaboration with New Life Resource Center and Hayward Co-Op worked to get New Life Recourse Center a much needed high capacity commercial stackable washer and dryer. Pictured are: VP Diane Lieghty, Director of New Life Resource Center Annette Dallager, and Gabby Lacapa.

SPOONER-TREGO LIONS CLUB – A Bingo fundraiser was held for a graduating high school seniors. Each year the Club tries to add more support to the graduating seniors to encourage them to further their education. Pictured with some of the prizes are Lions John Richter, Gary Sloniker, Jennifer Corbin and Connie Huebner

Seeley Lions Club

27th Annual PreFat Mountain Bike Race

Saturday, August 19

• The PreFat race will continue to utilize forest roads, the Birkie Trail, and CAMBA single track for the 25 mile Expert race, 17 mile Sport race and the 10 mile Citizen races.

• NEW this year will be the addition of an E-Bike race (25-30 miles) using gravel roads, ATV and Birkie trails. Bikes must be pedal assisted class 1 E-Bikes or E-Fat Bikes, class 1.

• Send payment to Seeley Lions, PO Box 861, Hayward, WI 54843.


Winter & Area Lions September Fest

Saturday, September 16, 5-9pm; Patti’s on 70, Winter, WI

SECOND TIME AROUND Band will be playing.

26 WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2023 27-E1 NEWS

Tilden Lions Club Had a Busy Year!

Recently the Tilden Lions Club had DG Brian and WLF Director Barb Dulmes visit their Club. During the meeting Howie Sykora was presented with a Melvin Jones Award and an Appreciation Award was present to Rooney Farms in Tilden for their support to the Club. Pictured is DG Brian presenting the Melvin Jones Award to Lion Howie Sykora

The Club has also donated to two major house fire families in the area. The funds were raised holding a Sheepshead-Eucher tournament and meat raffles. Plastic has also been collected and the benches have been secured for fundraising and donations.

Baskets were delivered to older residents in the area at Christmas.

Six scholarships were awarded to students continuing their education and a donation was presented to students going on an educational trip to Italy.

The Tilden Lions Club also donated to St. Peter’s Home and School in Tilden. The Club strives to keep the Lions visible within their community.

LUCK LIONS CLUB – The Club is pleased to recognize Lion Patricia Spies for her outstanding service to her Club, District, and the Luck community. Lion Mary Erickson nominated and presented Lion Pat with her Melvin Jones Award. Our Club whole-heartedly appreciates her friendship and service. Thank you, Lion Pat!

CLEAR LAKE LIONS CLUB – On May 10th, the Club, with the assistance of high school students from the track and baseball teams, worked on the Adopt-A-Highway cleanup on Highway 63.




Fellow Lions, I write this letter to you all as we are headed to the International Convention in a few days and I wanted to express my excitement as I am about to embark on my journey as District Governor. Thus far as District Governor Elect, my wife Brenda, and I have had the opportunity to attend Clubs in the area where I have inducted their new officers and meet their members. We are looking forward to meeting with other Clubs and their wonderful members of the E1 District at gatherings and events.

I have developed two primary goals that I will work diligently toward during my time as District Governor. These goals have been specifically developed and are congruent with my term theme, “Lending a Helping Hand.”

My first goal is more Club awareness for all E1 Lions Clubs. As we all know, the Lions Club organization is well-known for its commitment and dedication to service projects, donations, and fundraisers locally, nationally and internationally. Since joining the Lions Club in 2002, I have heard repeatedly that the Lions Club is the best kept secret in regards to their community involvement. In an attempt to achieve my goal, I ask that all Clubs increase their presence on social media and through other media outlets such as the newspaper, local business boards, radio, etc. By bringing awareness to our Clubs, we are able to educate the public on who we are and what we do and, therefore, no longer remaining the best kept secret.

My second goal is to increase donation percentages. I ask that each Club in E1 increase their donations to LCIF by 10% in order to allow the organization to continue providing the assistance the public needs or requires. Like the saying says, “When there is a need there is a Lion,” so if we can make this change in our District we can changes the world one person at a time. I look forward to meeting the great Lions in 27 E1.

LAKE HOLCOMBE LEOS CLUB –Each spring the Leos Club gives a bike and helmet to one lucky elementary student. The winner this year was first grader Andrew Guthman . Presenting Andrew with the bike is Leos member Chloe Lee


INSTITUTE – Pictured are Lions Barb Dulmes and Becky Pratt who completed a three day training at the Faculty Development Institute on how to present an effective training. They are now available to visit Clubs or Zones to train on any topics you would like.

JULY / AUGUST 2023 WisconsinLion 27 EDITOR:
| | 715-289-5280 or 715-829-4090
Barb Dulmes

FALL CREEK CLUB – What would you like your legacy to be concerning the Fall Creek Lions? “That whatever I have accomplished, is not for my gain, but for others to follow in my footsteps, and leave an impression of satisfaction that I have treasured as a Lion.” -Fred


Something Old, Something New…Even Something Blue!

Don’t let the headline fool you, nobody’s getting married here – we’re still talking collectibles! This year’s State Convention was held in Stevens Point on May 11th-13th. It was a really nice convention and the Pin Traders couldn’t have asked for a better location – in the main walkway in between the hotel and all of the convention activities, plenty of natural light with windows on one side of the walkway, and plenty of passersby who couldn’t help but notice all the great Lions pins and collectibles on display!

I look forward to the State Convention each year, to catch-up with old friends, meet new friends, and enjoy all the Convention has to offer. It was great spending time with the Pin Traders and fun looking through all of the pins – I certainly found many old pins I couldn’t live without and also found some new pins like the 2023 Bucky Pin from the Lions Pin Trading Club of Wisconsin (LPTCW). I also brought a couple of boxes of miscellaneous Club and District pins from Wisconsin and other states – a few of the Pin Traders found pins they needed, we traded, and everyone was happy! I donated the two boxes to be used for First Timer pins at future State Conventions (so this counts as Something Borrowed knowing they won’t be returned : )

ELK MOUND LIONS CLUB – The Club partnered with Gertens Garden Center for a second year. The Club sold Easter lilies, spring bulb dishes, pansy bowls and more this year. The online ordering system makes the fundraiser a breeze!” said the Secretary and President of the Elk Mound Lions. Purchasers pay online as they place their order. The Club then goes and picks the arrangements up and happily delivers them a week before the Easter holiday weekend. Past District Governor, Ronda Bierbrauer said “I have had the joy of ordering both years from the Elk Mound Lions and can tell you I was very happy with my purchases, and especially happy with the personal touch of delivering them to my door step.” The flowers are beautiful and well taken care of to help make the Easter season come to full color. Maybe your Club would like to do a Spring or Fall fundraiser?

The only ground left to cover is Something Blue! At the Convention Breakfast on Saturday, PID Mark Hintzmann handed out beaded necklaces with International President Brian Sheehan’s “Together We Can” themed pendants. There were blue beads and gold beads – just in case anyone out there needs to collect them all!

I’m already looking forward to next year’s State Convention in Middleton on May 16th-18th. Hope to see you there! Email me at for any future collecting topics you’d like to see covered and in the meantime – Happy Collecting!


It was the perfect evening and perfect weather on May 16th for a night to celebrate the past accomplishments of the Elk Mound Lions Club. The Club had a Memorial ceremony to honor the development of the park and it’s accomplishments of three ball fields, Verl Carlstrom Memorial Field, Julian O. Rhude & Rodney K. Rhude memorial Field, and Manville Price Memorial Field, were recognized. While all three fields were busy with ball games Lion President Scott Johnson and Elk Mound Village President, and Lion Terry Stamm held a brief ceremony in the Lions pavilion dedicating the fields in memory of Elk Mound Lions Club charter members Verl Carlstrom, Rodney Rhude, Julian Rhude and Manny Price. Their vision and commitment of hours of planning, fundraising and hard work turned a country field into the great park this community enjoys today. After the event members of the Club distributed bags of Cracker Jacks to fans and ball players on each of the fields. Each treat bag included a label with a message to consider joining the Elk Mound Lions Club and contact information. Way to get a cracking on membership Elk Mound Lions!


Information and applications for assistance with obtaining hearing aids for financially needy individuals in our District through our WLF Hearing Aid Project can be easily downloaded from the WLF website,, under the Hearing Project tab. The application is also available from our District website,, in the District Organization tab.

“Fritz” Geske
28 WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2023 27-E2 NEWS

Lions Who Roll Together Strike It Big In Friendship

Every year hundreds of Lions come together to bowl in the Lions State Bowling Tournament in one District or another and in so many different Bowling Establishments. Most will come as a team and from one Club. Some come to do doubles and singles, but again from one Club. PDG Ronda Bierbrauer has bowled in the tournament for over 25 years, and she too started going first with her Club, the New Richmond Lions Club, and then with her present Club the Roberts Lions Club.

The year PDG Ronda was asked to join the State Bowling Committee to represent District E2, was the year it all changed. Although many of her fellow members of the Roberts Club would attend she began to ask others who might otherwise not bowl for one reason or another, or because she needed a sub. First PDG Ronda brought in a fellow member of the State Bowling Committee from another District, and he brought in a friend, then the Ellsworth Lions Club joined the group with a couple teams and in the year 2023 PDG Ronda’s group consisted of seven teams from six different Districts and eight different Clubs consisting of Bevent, Medford, McFarland, Hillsboro, Roberts, Hudson, Fairchild, and LaCrosse. Ellsworth who had been part of the group attended the tournament on another weekend with three teams. Next year PDG Ronda hopes Ellsworth and all of the rest of the Clubs will return for a great time at the 2024 Lions State Bowling Tournament together.

“I cannot stress enough how many friends you meet and make at this tournament.” Said PDG Ronda Bierbrauer. Hope to see you in Tichigan in 2024!

RIVER FALLS LIONS CLUB – Over 42 students in the school district of River Falls have received the benefits of a new partnership between River Falls School District and Restorative Services. The partners strive to reduce barriers to mental health support for River Falls High School students and those students from the Renaissance Academy. At the National and State level, data shows a significant need for mental health services for our youth. This will only continue to increase without help. To decrease parents’ wait time for therapy appointments and eliminate financial barriers are main goals for the Restorative Service Partnership. Having the accessibility to have the appointments made during the school day will be a huge asset to the students and their parents. For those students who otherwise would not have the ability to obtain health services, they too now have a chance to receive help. Over all the services will help in less interruptions in classes, and schooling in general. This partnership was made possible, in part, due to a generous donation from the River Falls Lions Club.


It is with great pleasure to be writing this article as your District Governor for 2023-2024. I served as your Governor back in 2015-2016 and look forward to serving you again this coming year. Since serving as your District Governor, I have had the opportunity to stay involved and learn more about our District and the changes that have taken place since then. I would like to thank IPDG Marcia Hagen for her leadership this past year and will work hard to continue her goals she has been working on. My theme this year is “Working Together Serving Others”.

When we look at our Clubs and the opportunities to serve others and we sometimes fall short because some Clubs have smaller memberships and are not able to do these projects or fund raisers. By reaching out to other Clubs or service organizations in your communities gives you the resources needed to help others and yourselves in accomplishing your needs. Look at members of your community who have a passion for serving others, by first asking them to help with a service project and show them what Lions are all about. Most everyone has a passion about something like Childhood Cancer, Diabetes, Hunger, Vision, the Environment and many other causes. Give them the opportunity to be involved and this might encourage them to join Lions. Remember “Just Ask”.

One of my goals this year is to look for Lions who would like to serve on the District Cabinet. There are opportunities to be Chairpersons and CoChairpersons for the many causes we support such as those listed above and many others. There are so many people in our communities that would benefit from your passion and give you the information needed to bring back and share with those in your Clubs.

Lion Stacey and I have met many great Lions in our District who have become good friends and look forward to meeting new friends this year. Thank you for all you do and have a great year serving others!

We Keep On Smiling

There are those service projects that we just can’t do without in Lions. You know, the ones that make you glad to be a Lion and smile. District E2 started a Smile Bag service project three years ago and it was an absolute hit for the children with cancer. Their beautiful faces when they receive a bag is all you need to know to keep the smiles coming.

We have delivered “Smile bags,” to numerous Hospitals and infusion centers in numerous towns in Wisconsin. We continue to hear wherever we take the bags how wonderful and great it is that we are serving the children with cancer.

On April 23rd, two Lions got together in a kitchen and assembled 100 Smile bags for the annual tradition of District E2 to keep serving the children with cancer in Wisconsin with smiles. The bags were filled with packs of modeling clay, notebooks, stress balls, colored pencils, pencil sharpeners, pens, coloring books, small stuffed animals, markers, pencil bags, bouncy balls (with smiley faces), and miscellaneous toys.

JULY / AUGUST 2023 WisconsinLion 29 EDITOR: | 612-636-5044
PDG Ronda Bierbrauer |

In Memory / In Honor of…




PDG Del Plank


DG John Reil


2022-23 Council of Governors


IPDG Brian and Lion Barb Dulmes



PDG Del Plank


Mary Heffernan

Adeline Riesterer

Steve and Nellie Hughes


Mary Welles


PDG Neil and Janice Winchell


PID Phil and Betty Ingwell


Thornton Kline


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PDG Jerry Wille


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Madison West Lions Club


PDG Jerry & Elaine Sherwin


PDG Jerry & Elaine Sherwin

Darlington Lion of the Year

Pat Lawson is a very selfless and giving individual, who is always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. Her willingness to help out is a testament to her dedication in helping serve her community. Pat was the #1 promoter during their first Bacon Beer & Cheese event in 2022 and they couldn't have done it without her!

Pat's involvement with the Lions Club is strengthened by her husband Darwin's active participation in the club as well. Having a strong support system can often be a key factor in maintaining one's dedication to community service and volunteer work. It's wonderful to see couples who are committed to making a positive impact on their community together.

The Darlington Lions Club and the community are fortunate to have someone like Pat among their ranks. Thank you, Pat, for all your contributions and hard work in helping make our community so successful!

30 WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2023
RESTORING HOPE TRANSPLANT HOUSE FELLOWSHIP AWARD – Peter and Joann Cerniglia receiving the Restoring Hope Transplant House Fellowship Award from Cindy Herbst.








Oak Creek Lions Club


Oak Creek Lions Club


Prospect of New Berlin Lions Club


South Milwaukee Lions Club


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Big Bend Vernon


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Greenville Lioness Lions


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Greenville Lioness Lions


Greenville Lioness Lions


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Menomonie Lions Club


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River Falls Lions Club


Black River Falls Lions Club

LEBW is passionate about restoring sight, eliminating curable blindness, and advocating for organ, eye, and tissue donation. There are six funds in which you can designate your gift:

• Charity Care

• Donor Family Services

• Donor Memorial Garden

• Education and Surgical Training Fund

• Global Vision Fund

• General Operating Fund (unrestricted)

Send contributions payable to:

Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin

Attn: Adam Crowson 5003 Tradewinds Pkwy Madison, WI 53718


SCOTT COENEN Melvin Jones Franklin (A1) MICHELLE EBBERT Birch-Sturm Fort Atkinson (A1) JERRY SABATKE Birch-Sturm Greenville (B2) CHERIE SANDERSON Melvin Jones Boulder Junction (C2) JERRY KENDHAMMER Melvin Jones Mormon Coulee (D2) HOWIE SYKORA Melvin Jones Tilden (E1) PATRICIA SPIES Melvin Jones Luck (E1) RICK SHEPARD Melvin Jones Fredonia (A2) GORDON “CHIP” DAY Melvin JonesFort Atkinson (A1) DOUG BERTRAM Melvin Jones Franklin (A1) TAYLOR BUTSON Melvin Jones Darlington (D1)
JULY / AUGUST 2023 WisconsinLion 31

Up And Away With Leadership

As Lions, we are the leaders of service in our community. There are many ways with Lions to learn and pass on to others what we do learn. One way to do this is the USA/Canada Forum. This forum is unique. Think about this: over 1400 Lions in the same convention center for 3 days, meeting new people, exchanging new ideas, going to seminars, and getting to listen to top notch inspirational speakers. This year it will be in Reno, Nevada. There will be an astounding 80 seminars that focus on building personal Leadership skills to make all our clubs stronger. A hands-on service project that will leave a great impact when we leave Reno will be available to participate in. We all know that Diabetes is one of our five main goals. There will be a stride walk that can be done. The one thing we can’t forget is the forum store. It is full of so much swag that don’t be surprised when you want to go through it at least twice.

Thursday night you will hear from Floyd Smith who is San Diego’s living legend. He will share his music and tell you his personal Lions Story. He is considered a quadruple threat, being a singer/songwriter, entrepreneur, mentor, and philanthropist.

You will not want to miss the guest speaker Donna Harley. Her story is an amazing one. She survived a DC-10 plane crash, cancer and heart surgery. As she tells her story you will become energized to ignite your Frepower! Donna transports you to living in the moment and knowing the truth. Learn to be a survivor. Everyone has a story…there are no limits!

Saturday lunch is your time to hear from your International President, Dr Patty Hill. She will be sharing her vision as the leader of the greatest organization in the world (yes that is the Lions). She feels that every Lion can have an impact. Be the change.

On Saturday night you are in for a treat. Guest speaker Striker Corbin is a certified hypnotist and success coach who focuses on personal development. He will stimulate self-improvement with the use of humor, presentations, life coaching, and hypnosis. You must see him in person to get the full effect of his energy and humor.

As I have gone personally to the USA/Forum, I will share with you that in all my life as a Lion this was the best thing I ever did. I learned so much, not just about Lionism, but about myself, and about Leadership. The seminars that are put on are top notch. I feel that this was the best money and time I ever spent. The Lions I met were people who I formed a bond with. I am still in touch with some of them. This is the place to make lifelong friends!

For more information and registration, please visit

Passing the Hat for Hunger

As your new State Hunger Chair, I would like you to know that I am passionate about how hunger affects Wisconsin and the world. Today, 1 in 14 people face hunger. 1 in 9 children go hungry every day. That to me is not acceptable.

Nobody today, in the world we live in should go hungry. Children that do not get enough to eat may end up with behavior problems, sleep issues, emotional and psychological development problems, detrimental health issues. This can cause poor concentration or difficulties at school. We, as a society, cannot allow this to continue. How do we expect our children to grow up to be part of society if they cannot get their social, health, and educational needs met. Without food every day, these things can happen.

Imagine being a parent whose child is crying and begging for food at night, and you cannot provide them with this basic need. These are parents who work jobs, sometimes two or three at a time, and still cannot make ends meet. The parents themselves are skipping meals just to be able to give their children something as simple as a peanut butter sandwich. There

are kids that end up eating crackers for dinner because that is all that can be afforded.

Many of these families depend on free school lunches, many times being the only food that they will have for the day. How does a child who is hungry sit and learn in the morning. What about the summertime when there are no school lunches? While some families do have food stamps, these usually do not last the whole month. These families depend on food pantries to supplement what the food stamps don’t cover. Food pantries depend on donations to continue to serve our communities.

How can the Lions help? I have started a program called Pass the Hat. At the last two club visits, I acted as the “tail twister” for the night. I just went up to club members and had fun with it. One member didn’t wear Lions gear, so I “fined” him. Another member got “fined” for being a charter member. I didn’t require a certain amount, just whatever they could give. I ended up raising 215 dollars that night. 1 dollar is equal to 10 meals. It’s as simple as that. It’s not something you have to do at each club meeting, but every so often to help your local food bank.

One other way you can help kids and families in your community is to find out what days your food pantry

is the busiest and make sandwiches to hand out for that day. This will be one less lunch they will have to worry about.

Hunger is an everybody problem. If you go to bed and are not hungry, consider yourself lucky. It is a blessing. Every child we help is a child that will not feel the terrible hunger pains, who will go to school refreshed and ready to learn, will make friends and most of all will be healthy. I hope that each of you will feel free to contact me with questions on how to help, tell me some ideas that your club is doing, or reach out to me if you know that your community needs help. We are all in this together.

32 WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2023

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