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MD-27 Lions State Convention Report The MD27 Lions State Convention, hosted by District 27-A1, was held May 6-8 at the Grand Geneva Resort in Lake Geneva


MD-27 Lions State Convention Report. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Lions STRIDES and Scavenge at the State Convention. . . 3 The Story of the Future District Governor Pin. . . . . . . . . . . 3 Message from Council Chair Tammy Rockenbach. . . . . . 3 Wisconsin Lions Centennial Celebration: 2021/2022 In Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Recognizing Random Acts of Kindness. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Paying it Forward with Platelets. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32


Lions Pride Endowment Fund. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Wisconsin Lions Foundation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 27-A1. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 27-A2. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 27-B1. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 27-B2. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 27-C1. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 27-C2. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 27-D1. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 27-D2. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 27-E1. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 27-E2. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Memorials & Honorariums . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Award Recipients . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31


The resort was decorated with nearly 500 individual paper hearts – one for each club in MD-27. The hearts were hung alphabetically instead of by district to signify that we are all in this together. In addition, a full-sized African Lion replica made of fiberglass, aka Lion Clarence, graced the hallway and was a favorite selfie spot with attendees. Thanks to Lion Cindy Lotzer and PDG Neil Winchell for creating a fun and inviting environment! The convention opened with the State Golf Outing, which was co-hosted by the Oak Creek and Tichigan Lake Lions Clubs. We had 112 Golfers on a cool but comfortable day at The Brute Golf Course at the Grand Geneva. Nate and Troy Chadwick, 27-A1’s PDG Jordan Chadwick’s sons, were the Winning Team. …continued on page 2



The Friday luncheon featured a keynote speaker from outside the Lions family. Karim R. Ellis, author of “G.P.S. My Success,” shared inspirational words about accepting and embracing change as we begin to step out from under the specter of the pandemic. The State Convention Seminar Committee, inspired by the USA/ Canada Forum, focused on offering plenty of options with something of interest to all. Attendees got to choose from over 20 different sessions! The three most attended seminars were Fraud & Your Security, Nate Hinze (Paralympic Gold Medalist), and the Wisconsin

Gaming Commission. The Wisconsin Lions Camp and Nate Hinze seminars tied for the highest ratings- inspirational stories hit home! Of course, no convention is complete without a fun hospitality night! This year, the theme was “Service Through the Decades” and attendees were encouraged to dress for the decade in which they were born. We saw poodle skirts, neon spandex, peace symbols, cat-eye glasses, and a few more decades represented. The fun was accompanied by 27-D1’s resident Lion deejay Chuck Wilson from the Beloit Noon Lions Club and

a taste of local favorites - brats, corn, chili-cheese dogs, and more! Our guest of honor was International Director Allan J. Hunt from Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. During Saturday’s luncheon, he shared words of wisdom about the importance of service, and also related stories from his own experience. We enjoyed learning more about Chilliwack, and the importance of community in our lives and work. Fu n d r a i s i n g w a s d o n e throughout the convention. There were 59 raffle baskets, which

brought in $5,617, and two 50/50 raffles that brought in a total of $1,495. A pin collection auctioned at $300 for the WLF wish list, and the Tail Twister brought in $879.50 for the WLF Camp. At the end of it all, we came back together to celebrate the accomplishments of MD-27. ID Hunt shared another inspirational talk and also installed our newest Lion. He was then joined by PID Lion Connie LeCleir-Meyer for a moving awards ceremony, where many Lions were recognized for outstanding service.

VOTING RESULTS & RECOGNITION 2025 STATE CONVENTION PRESIDENTIAL LaCrosse 207 Boyd Dosch Stevens Point 1 Bert Freeman Other 2 Mary Ann Gretenhardt 2024 BOWLING CITY Wendy Hartmann Tichigan Lakes 208 Jeanne Jensen Other 0 Stacey Nesseth RESOLUTION #1 Jim Olson Yes 202 David Sievert No 12 Kim Steinmetz RESOLUTION #2 Ron Wright Yes No



Yes No



Yes No



Yes No

2 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2022



LEADERSHIP Brad Behrens Marcia Belair Laura Bertch Darrel Blank Mike Carter Dick Karl Anne Madison Krista Martell Dan Montaine Milo Parker Jim Shelenske Eric Zingler





Lions STRIDES and Scavenge at the State Convention BY TRACY K. DE ANGELIS, WLF DIRECTOR, 27-A1

The STRIDES event held at the Grand Geneva in Lake Geneva was a success! Attendees chose to either participate in the traditional walk or find ten informational signs about each district that were placed around the meeting spaces accompanied by vital diabetes information. Tickets were given to each participant to place in a bucket by the signs for prizes donated by state businesses and Lions. The scavenger hunt was the idea of Schofield Lion and the 27-C1 Diabetes Chairperson Sandy Kozlowski. The STRIDES Committee consisted of: 27-A1 WLF Director Lion Tracy De Angelis, 27-C2 WLF Director/ Diabetes Committee Chairperson Lion Patty Krug, 27-A1 Diabetes Chairperson Lion Alex Salisott, 27-C1 Diabetes Chairperson Lion Sandy Kozlowski, 27-D1 Diabetes Chairperson Lion Jill Kietzke, and WLF Administrative Assistant Lion Liz Shelley. Together, the committee brainstormed ways to update the STRIDES event to make it accessible to ALL convention attendees. The successful event had an “open format” that was held over two days and enabled attendees to “STRIDE” on their own schedule. 56 convention attendees participated in this year’s event, raising $420 for diabetes weeks at Lions Camp. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the event, to those who volunteered at the STRIDES table, to 27-C1 Future Lion John Gouza, and to Redetzke Design for creating the “I Stride For” signs. Together we are continually “Reaching, Touching and Improving” the lives of those WE SERVE!

The Story of the Future District Governor Pin BY PDG BRAD BEHRENS (C1)

When Larry Braunschweig of District 27-A2 was at the USA-Canada Forum in Anchorage, Alaska in September of 2011, The Pin People of Spring Valley, New York had a booth/display. They took the details of what he wanted for his District Governor pin, in appreciation of taking his time to give them an opportunity to design a pin for Larry, he was given a green four-leaf clover pin with the words “Future DG”. Larry wore the pin during his term as First Vice District Governor and received lots of compliments and questions about the pin. After Larry’s term as First Vice District Governor, he decided to pass the pin onto another incoming First Vice. The next person to receive the Pin was First Vice Chuck Steinmetz of District 27-A2. Chuck then passed it on at the next State Convention to First Vice Jay Nesseth of DG Bert Freeman passing on the Future District District 27-E2. Jay then passed it on at the Governor pin to 1VDG Patty Hollis at the state next State Convention to incoming First convention. Vice Eric Holthaus of District 27-D1. Eric then passed it on at the next State Convention to incoming First Vice Don Hartvig of District 27-C1. Don then passed it on at the next State Convention to incoming First Vice Brad Behrens of District 27-C1. Brad then passed it on at the next State Convention to incoming First Vice Ron Buschke of District 27-A2. Ron then passed it on at the next State Convention to incoming First Vice Tammy Rockenbach of District 27-D1. Tammy then passed it on at the next State Convention to incoming First Vice Bert Freeman of District 27-A2. At the 2022 State Convention in Lake Geneva Bert passed it to incoming First Vice Patty Hollis of District 27-C1. Congratulations, Patty Hollis.

Implementing the “Together We Can” Motto BY COUNCIL CHAIR TAMMY ROCKENBACH

Congratulations to last year’s District Governors on continuing to improve your districts. Thank you IPCC Stacey, for all your hard work. This year’s DGs are anxious to take the reins and continue doing what’s best for their districts and the state of Wisconsin. The Governors have been training on Friday night before the COG meetings, doing online classes, meeting with their group instructors, attending DGE Orientation and finally, attending the Lions Clubs International Convention in Montreal. They have set goals and are prepared to meet the challenge of each goal. International President Brian Sheehan’s motto is “Together We Can”. How appropriate! We have discovered that working as a team towards mutual goals is how this organization will be relevant now and in the future. Together is all about teamwork, and We Can is making sure that we attain what we set out to achieve. We Can overcome the impossible. No naysayers allowed! I am looking forward to what this team of District Governors will accomplish this year.


WisconsinLion 3 Wisconsin

Wisconsin Lions Centennial Celebration: 2021/2022 In Review BY PDG DAVE SIEVERT, WISCONSIN LIONS CENTENNIAL CHAIR

The year 1921/1922 is forever etched in history as the year the first nine Lions Clubs were chartered in the state of Wisconsin. This was also a time in history that saw: the United States Supreme Court unanimously uphold the women’s suffrage amendment; King Tut’s tomb was discovered; Einstein win the Nobel Prize; the dedication of the Lincoln Memorial; Lillian Gatlin become the first women to fly across the United States (a flight that took a little over 27 hours); the discovery of Vitamin D as a cure for Rickets; and insulin becoming a treatment for Diabetes. • Milwaukee Lions Club (later known as Milwaukee Central) was the first to be organized June 10, 1921. This club canceled their charter in January 2004. • Green Bay Lions Club (later known as Green Bay Downtown) organized November 28, 1921. This Club canceled their charter in June 2015. • Manitowoc Lions Club organized January 10, 1922. • Sheboygan Lions Club (later known as Sheboygan Evening) organized January 30, 1922. • The Fond du Lac Lions Club (later known as Fond du Lac Noon) organized February 15, 1922. This club canceled their charter in June 2006. • Appleton Lions Club (later known as Appleton Noon) organized March 1, 1922. • The Wausau Lions Club organized April 19, 1922. • Madison Lions Club (later known as Madison Central) organized May 4, 1922. • The Janesville Lions Club organized May 26, 1922. It is very interesting that several of these early clubs provided Americanization of foreign-born residents in their area, helping them to read and write and attend classes to enable them to become better citizens. They sponsored Boy Scout troops, hosted circuses and assisted their communities by clearing snow from the streets and sweeping sidewalks etc. Then in 1925, Helen Keller asked the Lions to become her “Knights of The Blind.” Going forward from there the Lions Clubs adapted “Sight Conversation” as their main focus.

Through the years it started out with Braille printers, white cane use and laws. It was this focus on sight conservation that led to creating Leader Dogs for the Blind, eye chart eye testing, eye tissue recovery and corneal transplants, vision screening with a camera and our Lions Camp for our blind youth as well as many other afflictions. Lions Clubs of Wisconsin continue to support Leader Dogs for the Blind, Restoring Hope Transplant House, Diabetes Awareness, Hearing, Wisconsin Lions Eye Bank and Childhood Cancer research and treatment and much more. All of these initiatives fall under our claim of “Where there is a need, there is a Lion.” Today, the State of Wisconsin is home to 512 Lions Clubs and 16,859 members as of January 2022, in ten districts. All Lions are fulfilling our motto, “WE SERVE.”

Creating the Centennial Committee With this proud heritage, it was necessary to celebrate our past successes over the past 100 years. This brought the appointment of the Wisconsin Lions Centennial Committee at the beginning of 2020. PDG Dave Sievert was appointed as the Committee Chair, with a committee of 15 active members and about ten consultants. This gave us representation from each of the ten districts. Within this committee, we created a PR committee with PID Connie LeCleir Meyer as PR Chair and members PDG Dave Sievert, 1st VDG David Stedman, PDG Amy Quig and DG BJ Blahnik. PID Wayne Heiman was heralded as our Centennial Historian. The first order of business was to design our Logo, which also became our Centennial / State pin and our Centennial flag. (See our logo-pin above.) The Flag is used at the district and state conventions, with the script provided by the committee. The pin is our official 2022 State pin. The pin has been very popular not only in State, but also worldwide. There is a supply available at the State office at a price of $5 each. The Centennial committee wanted to do a Centennial Ma g a z i n e w i t h the help of Hahn Printing of Eagle River. Th e c o l o r f u l covers are pictures of Lions doing Service Projects and containing 56 pages. There were many days

4 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2022

of research at the State office archives of the collection of monthly newspapers/magazines, the 50-year magazine, the book by Donald Rasmussen “Doing Something For Someone Else” and club interviews. The Magazine features the highlight of each of the first nine Lions clubs chartered in Wisconsin. This was done with club interviews by several of our committee members as well as information found in the LION publications. It features a section on how and when Wisconsin Lions districts were formed. It has a WLF & Wisconsin Lions Camp growth timeline, the story of used eyeglass recycling, the Birch-Sturm memorial fund and so much more. A must-have publication. You are in luck, as there is still a supply at the State Office! The Centennial committee had a page in each publication since January-February 2021. This article updated each step of the Centennial celebration and a short highlight of one of the first nine Lions clubs chartered in Wisconsin. This continued through the May/ June 2022 issue. At the time of the charter of the first several Lions clubs, they were chartered into the Illinois district 9 for the South Eastern two-thirds of the state, the North Western onethird was part of Minnesota district 5. In 19221923 Wisconsin became District 27. Through our research, we learned that there were several Lions clubs that were chartered with Minnesota in 1921-1922. However, in the 1950’s these clubs were down in membership and there was an effort to reorganize or re-charter them. If the number of newly recruited member numbers were greater than the existing member numbers, they were encouraged to cancel their charter and re-charter as a new club. This changed their Club Number, meaning the new club does not get credit for the first 30 or so years. One such club is the LaCrosse Lions club. However, they still intend to celebrate 100 years of service in the fall of 2022.

Five Videos Produced A big project that the PR Committee took on was to produce five videos. This was done with a PR Grant from LCI PR of $15,000. PID Art Marson wrote the grant application. The Grant was approved and $10,000 was awarded to start, with the remaining $5,000 available when the project was complete and we had raised 10% of the $15,000 to fund it. We contracted with Salty Earth Pictures of Fort Atkinson. The amazing thing was, owner Steve Zambo and his wife became so excited about Lions as they were gathering interviews, videos and pictures that they have become Lions members themselves along with their daughter whom lives in Texas.

We ended up with five videos, (1) Why A Lion, (2) Lions Camp, (3) State Lions Projects, (4) State Lions Programs, and (5) State Lions Initiatives and Inspiring Our Youth. These Videos are available on the State Lions website and YouTube. The Centennial Committee Purchased 60 thumb drives with the five videos loaded on them, with the Centennial Logo. Five were given to each of the District Governors, five to the PR Committee members and five are at the State office and can be borrowed if needed. The Committee produced 100 trivia questions and answers that were used in a contest at the 2021 State Convention. The winners received $35 worth of Centennial items from Bee Seen Promotions. This and many other historical items have been posted on Facebook weekly, with up to 350 views and several shares. This will continue through the month of June 2022. This list is also a great piece for Retention and use at club and zone meetings.

District and State Conferences The Centennial committee has had a presence at each of the District conferences in the 2021-2022 Lions year. Besides having some of our memorabilia at the district conferences, we produced and displayed a pull-up banner with photos of club Service Projects from that district. These were a huge hit and remained with the district after their conference. For the MD-27 conventions in 2021 & 2022, we had four pull-up banners. One was Service Project photos for the 2021 convention, and one for the 2022 convention. Then we had a banner of the complete set state pins. This Banner has been donated to the Pin Traders, to use at their Swap meets. The fourth Banner was of a map of Wisconsin, with outlines of each district with the number of clubs and members in each. It was also color coded with stars for the location of each of the first nine clubs chartered in Wisconsin. The map pull-up banner will be kept in the state

office for use as needed by the Office Manager. The two banners of the service project photos will be kept with the Flags at the state office and will be available to display at special functions and future district and state conventions. At the recent MD-27 conventions we had 7-9 tables for memorabilia, magazine sales, drawing and environmental bare root tree and flower seed give-a-ways.

Celebrating 100 Years of Service

At the 2022 Convention, we had a 50-minute Centennial seminar with Lions telling how Lions changed their lives. There was a drawing for attendees to tell us about an Act of Kindness they or their club did in the past year. There was a drawing, where ten people received a box of Centennial items from Bee Seen Promotions, a $28 value. Another big hit, we served free Centennial decorated cake at the Friday evening hospitality.

The Manitowoc Lions celebrated on May 15th at the City Limits Bar & Banquet Hall in Manitowoc. There were about 70 in attendance and the guest speakers were DG BJ Blahnik and PID Art Marson, who had a very good presentation and gave out three Presidential Certificates of Appreciation.

At each of the two State conventions, the Centennial Committee dedicated a memorial recycled plastic bench and a memorial tree with plaques at Heritage Hill State Park in Green Bay in 2021 and at Lake Geneva in 2022. The Past District Governors Organization dedicated a Centennial Memorial Tree and Plaque at Heritage State Park, Green Bay a week after the 2022 Convention.

The Sheboygan Evening Lions celebrated on April 23rd at the Sheboygan Yacht Club. They had a great display of memorabilia, courtesy of Lion Lou Cecil and their guest speaker was PID Art Marson. There were about 60 in attendance. Three Presidential Certificates of Appreciation were given out.

The Appleton Noon Lions had their celebration on May 22nd at the Grand Meridian in Appleton. Their guest speakers were PID Don Noland and his wife, Betty. There were four Presidential Certificates of Appreciation given out as well as the induction of two new members. They had several bucket raffle items and a 50/50 raffle. They had an hour of entertainment that was well done. The attendance of their celebration was about 120.

The Madison Central Lions also celebrated on May 22nd at the Marriott Madison West. Their guest speaker was IVP Brian Sheehan from Minnesota. He awarded several Presidential Certificates of Appreciation and had a great message. There were several DGE’s from Wisconsin in attendancethey will serve during his International Presidential term in 202223. There were a little over 100 in attendance. The Janesville Lions held the groundbreaking for their Centennial building project at their Lions Beach Park on May 21st. They plan to hold a ribbon cutting sometime this fall. They are planning a 30’x30’ Hexagon Pavilion with a two-tier roof, electrical service, LED lighting and a concrete path leading up to it.

The Centennial committee had representation at each of the celebrations and will be attending the Ribbon cutting at Janesville as well. Arrangements are being made to have all the Centennial notes and files to be stored at the State Office for use in future celebrations. It has been a very great privilege to work the past couple of years with a great committee and two COG’s and their Council Chairs. The foot prints we have left in the past 100 years will carry us into the next century and beyond.


WisconsinLion 5 Wisconsin


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Recognizing Random Acts of Kindness After being inspired by the positive impact Lions made in 2022, The Centennial Committee will continue to report your Random Acts of Kindness in 2023. BY PDG DIANE FANSLER

We MD-27 Wisconsin Lions officially completed our yearlong Centennial C e l e b ra t i o n a t t h e State Convention at the Grand Geneva in Lake Geneva in early May, but the Wisconsin Lions Centennial Committee hopes to continue our Legacy into our Second Century. One exciting proposal is to encourage continued participation in our Random Acts of Kindness and to share them with Lions throughout the State. As part of our Centennial Celebration, Lions from throughout Wisconsin were encouraged to participate in Random Acts of Kindness throughout the Centennial Year. State Convention attendees submitted a description of their recent Acts and 10 Winners were drawn randomly for prizes. Later, all submitted Acts were shared anonymously (only identified by District) with Centennial Committee members. The Centennial Committee members were inspired by the diverse kindnesses done by Wisconsin Lions this past year. We are excited that The Wisconsin Lion will be reporting recent Random Acts of Kindness. Centennial Committee Member PDG Diane Fansler from E1 has agreed to compile your Acts of Kindness and prepare them for publication. Please email a brief description of your recent Random Act(s) of Kindness to her at: Be sure to include your District and please include Lions Kindness in the subject line. We hope that sharing your Random Act of Kindness with all Wisconsin Lions brings appreciation, inspiration, and joy as well as carrying our Wisconsin Lions Centennial Legacy into the next Century.

male patient was struggling with vision challenges as well as the health issues for which he was hospitalized. A Lion, who is a certified eye doctor, provided the necessary evaluations and tests without charge. The La Crosse Lions provided prescription eyeglasses without charge. The patient’s quality of life has greatly improved. FROM E-1: An E-1 Lion was in the local small-town Dollar Store when she noticed a mother with four young children purchasing School Supplies and discussing project requirements with her obviously Homeschooled children. The Lion was impressed with the extreme politeness, cooperation, and kindness of the children. She explained that she was doing Random Acts of Kindness with the local Lions Club and asked if she could provide one item to each of the Children. The oldest Boy chose a Notebook “to write something every day;” his sister chose a Headband; the preschool boy chose a toy truck in Packers colors, and the baby was “already chewing on her favorite thing,” a whirling toy. The oldest son whispered to his Mom as they left the store: “Now the baby doesn’t have to put it back….she can keep it forever.” The Lion reports that she felt privileged to witness the happiness and thoughtfulness that her small gift provided. FROM E-2: Somerset Lions Club is working with local businesses, who provide gift cards from their establishment such as free items or a creditgift card to purchase at the business. In partnership with the Lions, each Business distributes these gift cards randomly along with a printed card from the Somerset Lions explaining their Random Acts of Kindness,” You’ve been smiled upon today by the Somerset Lions Club.” Somerset Lions have inspired two other E-1 Clubs to initiate a similar program.

MD 27 Lions Random Acts of Kindness for July-August Wisconsin Lion FROM B-1: Appleton Lions Club has printed Cards encouraging, identifying, and thanking community members who provide a Random Act of Kindness. A recent Card was given to an Appleton fireman for his kind acts that far exceeded his job. The Fireman answered an Emergency summons call from an elderly wheelchair-bound male resident. The man had mistakenly pushed the Call button while attempting to clear some debris from his driveway. The Fireman patiently assisted in turning off the Alarm and stayed to sweep the driveway himself. FROM D-1: This month, a D-1 Lion is donating his 90th pint of Blood to his Local Blood Drive. The Lion reports that he feels fortunate to be able to contribute blood and to have a healthy first grandchild. FROM D-2: Recently, the LaCrosse Lions Club received an alert from an employee at the local Mayo Clinic, who had noticed that an elderly



Are you looking for an awesome fundraiser? Contact Lion Rebel Ron 414-640-6125 Big Bend / Vernon Lion 13 years+ JULY / AUGUST 2022

WisconsinLion 7 Wisconsin

Lions Pride Endowment Fund 715-677-7000 | |

Lions Pride Endowment Fund State Convention Wrap-Up The Lions Pride Endowment Fund of Wisconsin Board of Directors congratulates 202122 Wisconsin Lions Foundation President Darrel Blank on receiving the Ray Hempel Fellowship from the LPEF at the MD-27 Wisconsin Lions State Convention on May 7th - following his very successful year of leadership! We are grateful for the cooperation we receive from the WLF. The LPEF Board of Directors was also proud to present a $100,000 check to the WLF- -the first of hopefully three checks to be presented in calendar year 2022. As a reminder, the LPEF’s purpose is to ensure the future of the Wisconsin Lions Camp and the other WLF statewide projects. Our LPEF 14th Sporting Clay Shoot will have taken place on June 11th by the time you are reading this article. Results will be reported in our next article. A thank you to all the shooters, the sponsors and of course to the volunteers- -all who helped to make the shoot happen. Shooters are both Lions and non-Lions and a great way for non-Lions to learn about our Wisconsin Lions Camp and the other WLF statewide projects. In the meantime, please keep LPEF in your Lions Club budget or place it in your budget-to help grow the Lions Pride Endowment Fund- -so that more invested funds can provide earnings year after year to OUR Wisconsin

Lions Foundation- -the gifts that keep on giving year after year after year… Remember that a $1,000 donation is needed to name a Ray Hempel Fellow and that donation needs to be designated as such. Schedule permitting, I can be available to help present a Ray Hempel Fellow recognition. Our next LPEF Board of Directors meeting will be held at 10am on Friday, July 22nd at the WLF Board Room, to be followed by our LPEF Annual meeting at 1pm. The Annual Meeting is being scheduled to the Pre-Covid July meeting schedule. This makes it easy for those who will be in the area for the Annual Birch-Sturm Golf Outing taking place on Saturday, July 23rd, to attend. We are requesting reservations by Friday July 15th to attend either. As always, the Lions Pride Endowment Fund Board of Directors thanks all donors to date for their support of our Fund! With an ever-grateful heart, PID Wayne Heiman, LPEF President

WLF President Darrel receiving a Ray Hempel Fellowship from Lions Pride, presented by LPEF President Wayne Heiman.

Presenting $100,000 to WLF President Darrel Blank.

Lions Pride Annual Meeting July 22, 1pm WLF Board Room Reservations appreciated by Friday July 15

Wisconsin Lions Foundation 715-677-4969 | 877-463-6953 | |


My name is Lion Larry Testa and I have been a member of the River Falls Lions Club for the past 46 years. It is a privilege to be the President of the Wisconsin Lions Foundation for the 2022-23 year and to be able to share information about WLF with my fellow Lions. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your support of the four resolutions that were passed at this year’s State Convention pertaining to the Wisconsin Lions Camp. These resolutions were outlined in the May/June issue of the Wisconsin Lion

magazine. The three maintenance project resolutions will help in our continuing efforts in ensuring the safety of our campers, while the fourth will help in pursuing further projects in a timely and efficient manner. As you are reading this article, the Camp has been and continues to be in full swing. As in past years, we will be offering weekly camping opportunities for adults who are blind or visually impaired, young adults with intellectual disabilities and Autism, youth with intellectual disabilities and Autism, youth who are blind or visually impaired, youth with Epilepsy, youth with Diabetes, youth who are deaf or hard of hearing, and adults who are deaf or hard of hearing. For additional information, please go to our Camp Web Site: We have several activities this summer related to the Wisconsin Lions Foundation.

8 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2022

The Lions Pride Annual Shoot took place on June 11 at Milford Hills Hunt Club. The Lions Pride Endowment Fund remains active and contributes proceeds directly to the running of the Camp. The 25th Annual Birch-Sturm Memorial Golf Outing will be held in July at the Glacier Wood Golf Club in Iola, while the Hustle S’More will be held at the Camp in August. If you would like additional information about any of these activities, please contact the Foundation Office. In closing, let me once again state what an honor it is to be helping with running of the Wisconsin Lions Foundation and please allow me this opportunity to leave you with this thought: “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” – John Bunyan

Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin 877-233-2354 | |

LEBW News Welcome LEBW New Board Chair, Bob Henning LEBW is excited to announce the 20222023 LEBW Board Chair, Bob Henning. Bob lives in Wausau in the Town of Rib Mountain and has been a member of the Rib Mountain Lions Club for 40 years. He is a Past President, Secretary, and Transporter of the Marathon County Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin Support Group. He also is a PDG for MD27C1 and is looking forward to his new position. “As we move forward for another year of service in tissue recovery and placement, let us remember to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and

noble,” says Bob. “Helen Keller once stated, “I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.” “I look forward to working with you on all the small tasks that need to be completed.” Emily C. Lyons 8th Annual Memorial Golf Outing

Congratulations BJ Blahnik LEBW would also like to recognize retiring board of director, BJ Blahnik (2021-2022). We thank you for your outstanding leadership and service on the LEBW board of directors. We would also like to thank outgoing board chair, Greg Krug. Greg has served LEBW with confidence and dedication and helped guide LEBW through a challenging year.

Upcoming Events LEBW is excited to announce several upcoming events we are hosting or participating in. Please be sure to mark your calendar and join us virtually or in person.

Saturday, July 9, 2022, at Old Hickory Golf Course, Beaver Dam • Proceeds benefit Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin, UW-Organ and Tissue Donation, Restoring Hope Transplant House, and the Emily C. Lyons Memorial Scholarship fund. • For more information contact, Michele Brooks, LEBW Marketing Manager at

2022 LEBW Annual Meeting

Wednesday, July 13, 5pm Buck & Honey’s, 800 W Broadway, Monona Please RSVP to

Young People Making the World a Better Place! Leos are young men and women looking to make a difference in their communities. “Leadership, Experience, Opportunity.” That’s what makes a Leo. Lions and Leos have a great partnership. Lions learn from the innovative insights of Leos, and Leos gain access to the proven strategies of those who’ve successfully served the world for decades. PDG BJ Blahnik (B1) received a letter from 19-year-old, Leah Steffen, who recently became a member of the Winnebago East Shore Lions Club. The following is an excerpt from her letter that told her story. Back in 2011, I was just eight years old, and got an opportunity to listen to a speaker who was blind and just received a seeing-eye dog. I thought that was a really good experience and something that I will remember forever. At the end of this speech, I was asked if I wanted to be a part of the Lion Cub Club. It was for little kids who wanted to do acts of service in our community. I graciously said yes and was able to have a lot of different experiences at a young age. One of the trips we were able to go on was to the Lions camp. When we went, we got to see how they run things and how people get the things they needed. One of the things I remember is seeing how they change the lenses on different pairs of glasses so that people can get the correct prescription to see clearly. A few years passed, and now I am 14 years old. I am just starting my freshman year of high school. The Winnebago East Shore Lions and the

New Holstein Lions joined together to make their very first Leo Lions Club. At the very beginning, there weren’t many people in the club, but as word got around, it became a well-known club. I was fortunate enough to be one of the first officers as well. I was elected Secretary and remained in that post for three years. During my four-year experience in the Leo Lions, the proudest projects I participated in were Bag to Benches, the Toy Drive, and the glasses and cell phone drives. The Bags to Benches drive all started with us as a club stating that there was a plastic problem in our world. So, we reached out to Trex, a company that reuses plastic to make benches. We asked if they were willing to help us out. They gave us all the information and said that 5,000 pounds equals one bench. We were able to put eight benches in our community by May 2021 and, at the time, had even more benches in storage. The Bags to Benches drive went on all year and is continues today. The second event we coordinate every year is a toy drive around Christmas time. All of the toys are donated to the Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee. Each year we try to exceed the number of toys we had the previous year and make each year the best year we ever had. The last event that I am personally proud of is the eyeglasses drive. This is also a yearlong drive

where people donate their old glasses and at the end of the year, a Lions member collects them all and brings them back to the Lions Camp. During each school year, we did do other volunteer things in our community, and also helped out the surrounding Lions Clubs. As I moved on to the next chapter in my life, I wanted to still be a part of the Lions community so I reached out to my Aunt and Uncle, who happily guided me to becoming a Lions member. I can’t want to see how this Club will change me over time because I had such great experiences in the past and I can’t wait to make more. Welcome to Lions, Leah. We can’t wait to see what you will do in the future. #WESERVE

Pictured is Leah Steffen (in the black & white shirt) with PDG BJ Blahnik (in the red jacket).


WisconsinLion 9 Wisconsin

27-A1 NEWS

BIG BEND/VERNON LIONS CLUB – The 18th Annual Knuckleheads Bowling Tournament was held for three weekends in April and May. There were 679 bowlers, an increase from 649 in 2021. Proceeds were donated to the Village of Vernon Park and Recreation department, supporting their Little League Baseball and Soccer programs. Pictured are (top) Carl Glassman, Julie Krey and President Tom Welden; and (bottom) Sue Nicgorski, Mary Lewandowski, Mike James, Rick Rosiak, Linda James, Doug Lewandowski, Bob Branemuehl, and Jamie Branemuehl.

BIG BEND/VERNON LIONS CLUB – April 2nd was a cold snowy day but that didn’t stop over 320 children and adults from having a great time at the first annual Spring Carnival. The event was free of charge for the local community and included games, tattoos, prizes, popcorn, hot dogs, chips, and cookies for all ages. Even the Easter Bunny showed up for pictures and fun. New ideas are already in the works for next year’s event!

FRANKLIN LIONESS/LIONS CLUB – The Lioness and Lions gathered to stuff over 8,000 eggs, with 15 golden eggs for youth to win baskets of goodies. The Easter Bunny was dropped off by the local fire department.

THE FORT ATKINSON LIONS CLUB – Recently work was performed on its environmental projects, which included roadside trash pickup and local park beautification. In April, club members walked the roadside along Highway 12 and the on- and off-ramps at Highway 26. It is a ritual the club performs three times each year. Last month over 23 large bags of trash were collected in just two hours. Additionally, there are five locations where the Lions annually do spring cleanup by pulling weeds, trimming shrubs, and applying fresh mulch. There were over 30 Fort Atkinson Lions Club members who participated in the park cleanup on May 23. Following the park work, the members gathered at the Rotary Pavilion in Rock River Park for their final meeting of the Lion year. All enjoyed a steak dinner cooked by fellow Lions. Pictured is Kevin Becker trimming a shrub in Lions Park (left) and John LaPlant, Mason Becker, and Glen Schaefer who are laying mulch at the entrance to Lions Park (right).

10 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2022

FRANKLIN LIONESS LIONS CLUB – DG Larry Redlin presided over the initiation ceremony that welcomed six new members.

Patti Hurtgen | | 612-616-5383

FRANKLIN LIONS CLUB – The Club along with Waste Management had our Second Annual Highway Clean-up on May 14th. We cleaned up over two miles of highway debris.



R IST ICT D 920-650-2113



GENOA CITY LIONS CLUB – 18 bags of trash were collected on May 14th along the two-mile stretch of Hwy H between Genoa City and Pell Lake for their Adopt-A-Highway service project. Pictured are Lions Greg Pryor, Rob Bailey, Lee Swenson, and Bill Thornburgh. A shout-out to Lion Eric Thornburgh for making sure they were well hydrated!

BIG BEND/VERNON LIONS CLUB – A $4,500 check was presented to the Vernon Parks and Rec for new sports equipment and a team sponsorship. This donation will benefit children in the Big Bend and Vernon community. Pictured are Lion Kevin King, Lion Tom Welden and President, Michael Zolecki, Village of Vernon Park & Rec.


Teamwork helps the Lions Work

ions and families and friends L getting ready.

eceiving the $1,500 donation R check is President Scott Coenen and Director of Waste Management's Disposal Operations Brad Vanderkin.

Annual 4th of July Parade and Tractorcade

July 4 - Lions Club of Waterford

Milwaukee Milkmen Baseball Game July 18 - Franklin Lioness Lions Club Visit for tickets

Fort Atkinson Lions Golf Outing July at Koshkonong Mounds Country Club, Fort Atkinson Includes lunch and dinner. Shotgun start at noon.

District Golf Outing

August 4 - Western Lakes Golf Club, Pewaukee. Hosted by Oak Creek

FRANKLIN LIONS CLUB – Rachelle Akwaboah has received a $500 scholarship as the Distinguished Young Woman of Franklin-East 2023. The program is a national honorary scholastic program whose mission is to positively impact the lives of young women by promoting scholarship, leadership, and talent.



Lions Fun Fest

August 11-14 - Ten Club Park, Waterford Carnival rides, live bands, food, beer and additional entertainment. Lions Club of Waterford

Franklin Lioness Lions Fall Craft Fair

October 22 at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) South Campus, 6665 S. Howell Avenue, Oak Creek 100% of the proceeds from this craft fair go towards the scholarship fund

What an exciting time as we begin yet another lionistic year! As Lions, we all have our individual reasons why we joined this organization, but it is important that we work together toward accomplishing our goals and fulfilling the mission of our organization. Just out of curiosity, how many of you could recite our Lions Clubs International mission statement without looking it up? Well, just as a refresher, here it is, “To empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace, and promote international understanding through Lions clubs.” Kind of says a lot, doesn’t it? So how do we achieve this without letting challenges get in the way of meeting these objectives? Through TEAMWORK! All of us play an important role in our clubs and district to help us succeed at fulfilling the tasks put before us to make our communities stronger and better than ever. As the saying goes, “Many hands make light work.” We all need a common goal, have a common vision, and show genuine commitment to our mission if we are going to make the kind of differences that can have a lasting impact. Everyone has talents and skills that contribute to the whole group. Some of those talents and skills may be yet hidden, but never be afraid to explore what might be possible. You could surprise yourself at things you can master – even what you never thought possible. Don’t stay in the shadows and let others carry the load alone. Charles Schultz, the creator of the PEANUTS comic strip had a quote, “It’s better to live one day as a lion than a dozen years as a sheep.” What he is really trying to say is, we shouldn’t sit back and let the world pass us by, but get involved today and help make a difference. You can be that difference which makes those around you sit up and take notice. As you look at this lionistic year ahead of us, what can you do to make an impact in your club and the district? What makes a person a productive contributor in service? Hopefully, you are flexible, reliable, responsible, loyal, and dedicated - all traits needed to be a team player. Be active, fierce, helpful, and supportive of each other, and accepting of differences in opinion. We know challenges can face us at times, but work through those challenges by communicating. Our International President Brian Sheehan emphasizes “Communicate, Communicate, Communicate,” and it is key to clearing up issues that may arise this year. The most important part of teamwork, however, is to have fun. We can’t forget to have fun in our meetings and our service. As volunteers, we give of our time and our talents to our communities and we should smile and laugh while we are doing it. We can work hard, but we need to have fun, too. The year ahead is a new beginning – filled with anticipation and excitement and the possibility of the greatest year of service yet. Remember, “Happiness is Lions Pride,” and the pride we share together as we serve our communities, is the sweetest feeling in the world. Have a roaring great year, everyone! – Lion David


WisconsinLion 11 Wisconsin

27-A2 NEWS

PORT WASHINGTON LIONS CLUB – DG BJ Blahnik (and his guide dog Goober) spoke at the Club’s April Program meeting. DG BJ was presented with a check for $5,000 for the Leader Dogs for the Blind. Monies were raised in combination with a generous gift from the family of Lion Rich Plier, in memory, and in honor of his Father, Donald Plier.

THIENSVILLE-MEQUON LIONS CLUB – After a great dinner, they delivered $54,000 in donations to deserving and thankful organizations at their annual Parade of Checks at Mequon’s Rotary Park on April 26th. The Lions Club donates 100% of their fundraiser proceeds to numerous local charitable and community causes, as well as to Lion specific projects such as Leader Dogs for the Blind, Wisconsin Lions Camp and Eye Bank project, just to name a few. Their major fundraiser is Lionfest, held this year on June 10-12 at Thiensville Village Park. You can find out more about Lionfest on their website at


12 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2022

THERESA LIONS CLUB – Lion Rob Bowe was contacted by a local Theresa family in need. Lion Mike Bodden helped locate needed materials and with help from Lion Larry Elher the job was recently completed.

HORICON LIONS CLUB – The Melvin Jones Fellowship Award was presented to Lion Trish LaBlanc for her years of service and many efforts on behalf of Lionism by DG Robert Gosewehr.


Diane Lechner | | 920-210-8691 FROM THE 27-A2 DISTRICT GOVERNOR





R IST ICT D 608-733-1801


“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” – Rabindranath Tagore

BEAVER DAM LIONS CLUB – The weather could have been better, but the soil was moist and everyone brought bright smiles as they planted trees for Earth Day at Lakeview Park on April 22nd. Pictured are Lions Dennis Frank, John Bordak, Dawn LyonsWood and John Kreuziger.

THIENSVILLE-MEQUON LIONS CLUB – Kris Barger from Bank Five Nine, a Tent/Event Level sponsor of LionFest 2022 presented the Club a check for $1,500 on May 9th. The event will be held June 10-12 at Thiensville’s Village Park. To be a LionFest sponsor, visit

BEAVER DAM LIONS CLUB – Half the club participated in the semi-annual White Cane Days Fundraiser and were very generous despite the weather. Pictured are Lions Kevin Rohde and Mike Baxter.

HORICON LIONS CLUB – Over 40 students from the Horicon High School track and field team helped pick up 72 bags of garbage in one hour on April 13th. Students who participate earn service hours toward a scholarship offered by the Club.

OKAUCHEE LIONS CLUB – Longtime Okauchee Lions Club members Mike and Sandy Schick have fun serving up grilled food during the annual Okauchee Lions Days event held June 1012. Food is also on hand from area restaurants during this year’s event, including Boozhag’s Clubhouse, Bryant’s on the Round, Eric’s Seasoning, and Smoke on the Water. Photo by Cher Matteson and Oconomowoc Enterprise.

Beginning my term as 27-A2 District Governor, I am reminded of the services Lions provide for those in need of our support. Be it Vision Screening, Eye Tissue Transport, Roadside Cleanup, Planting a Tree, or Food Drives for the local food pantry, and so much more, Lions do indeed, Serve. I am pleased to announce that on April 28th, our District held an in-person officer training in Hartford, and by all accounts, it was very successful. Attending were 56 District Club Lions participating to learn about their Club Officer position. Our District applied for a $500 Lions Club International Grant for Officer Training, which helped pay for this training. Much was learned, many questions asked, and when the training was complete many stayed behind to reconnect, catch up and make new friends. As was the plan last year, First Vice District Governor Brenda Rumppe (Zone 1) and Second Vice District Governor Deb Freeman (Zone 2) has been assigned club visits to provide updates, will search for future leaders and provide officer induction/new member ceremonies. Having the 1st and 2nd VDG’s involved in Club visits also gives Clubs a chance to get to know the district leaders. I will continue to be available also to visit clubs, induct new members and officer inductions when requested. I am keenly aware when visiting clubs, that mentorship is much needed for newer members. We need to help by providing a basic understanding of Lions and what we represent. Every new Lion needs a sponsor or mentor to help them understand the services and the programs we deem precious. There are a lot of acronyms in Lions and that can be a challenge for even the seasoned Lion. Extend the hand of the fellowship to those new Lions. Our next District Convention will take place in Port Washington, Feb 17 and 18, 2023. I don’t think it is ever too early to promote our convention. Our District Convention theme will be “Plant the Seed”. Please mark your calendars and plan on attending. We promise to have insightful speakers, fun, and a little bit of magic. Lastly, I am very passionate about the growth of Leo Clubs in our District and I see a great opportunity for growth for community Leo Clubs. These young boys and girls are ready to serve and support their communities. You can grow your own Lion’s Club and energize it by sponsoring a Leo Club. For more information, reach out to your District Leo Chair, Lion Deb, via email at or text/call 608-733-1920. Plant the Seed of Lionism by starting a Leo Club in your community. Service is Joy!

Flea Market, Swap Meet and Car Show

Sunday, July 3 - Veterans Park, Allenton Allenton Lions Club • Setup time: 5:30am, Pancake Breakfast: 6:30-11am • VENDORS WANTED! All Flea Market/Vendor space rentals are $30. Two door prize tickets for each paid Flea Market Vendor registration. No refunds or exchanges! To ensure your registration, contact Lion Bob Klockow ( or 262-707-8149) or Lion Danny Goeman ( or 414-840-6881) or Lion Annette Goeman ( or 414-840-6995). • Registrations received after June 29 and on the day of the show will be first come, first served.


WisconsinLion 13 Wisconsin

27-B1 NEWS

Appleton Noon Lions Club One Hundred Days of Service Centennial Project BERLIN LIONS CLUB – On May 3, the Berlin Lions had a very ambitious monthly meeting agenda. They were proud to share that 26,505 students have been vision screened since January, with 3,207 referred for further evaluation.


The Appleton Noon Lions club received its charter in 1922 as one of the first Lions clubs in Wisconsin. Besides planning a fun banquet to mark the centennial, club president Sue Lee introduced the 100 Days of Service project to honor the Lions of the past and the service that they had provided over the last century. Members were challenged to identify needs in the community and come up with creative service activities to add to their existing service. The 100 Days of Service launched on the charter centennial date of March 1, 2022. By May 22nd, the day of the centennial banquet, the club had reached 78 Days of Service. Not surprisingly, many of these service days were vision-related. 28 of the days consisted of spot vision screening at various area schools and 17 service days from April’s eye tissue transports. For the 78th service day which occurred on the centennial banquet day, attendees were asked to bring children’s books for donating to area nonprofits. More than 80 books were collected. Days in between included Easter meal packaging and delivery, flower planting at Dunlap School, plastic collecting and Trex bench donation, eyeglass collecting, pillowcase sewing and donation to COTS homeless shelter, Easter candy collection for Freedom From Hunger, Bingo at the Appleton Retirement Community and many others. The 100 Days of Service project has helped to remind the Appleton Noon members that the most fulfilling and appreciated service projects are hands-on and from the heart. As the club’s 100 Days of Service project approaches its goal, it has been a significant journey benefiting the community but also benefiting the club members with self-discovery and pride.

DG Marv Henke inducts new P member, Cloe Zindars, into the Berlin Lions Club, flanked by her grandparents and sponsors Lions Rose and Gene Fink.

ions Rose, Gene, Jerry, Sue, L Chuck, Dick, and Sandy present a check to Berlin Library Director, Chris Kalupa, to purchase a DaVinci Pro high-performance desktop video magnifier featuring a full page text to speech (OCR) 3 in 1 camera used for visually impaired patrons.

ibrary Director, Chris Kalupa, L demonstrates the DaVinci Pro to members Lion Sandy, Lions new President Sue, and Lions Bill, Gene, Dick, and Chuck.

DG Marv Henke swore in New P Lion Officers (back row): Jerry, Victor, Bill, Lisa, Chuck, Gene and Dick (front row): Gene, Sandy, Paul and Sue.

SAVE THE DATE! 27-B1 District Convention

November 11-12, 2022 Radisson Hotel and Conference Center 625 W. Rolling Meadows Dr., Fond du Lac • Visit for more information

Send your District Calendar additions to

14 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2022

RANDOM LAKE LIONS CLUB – Congratulations to Wayne Stroessner, finalist for Lions spirit award from Zone 34. Also pictured are Zone Chair Lion Dick Karl (right) and Zone Chair Elect Lion Mike Roberts (center).


Terry Erbstoesser | | 920-376-3505 FROM THE 27-B1 DISTRICT GOVERNOR




CASCADE LIONS CLUB – On Memorial Day, the Club hosted their annual Memorial Day Ceremony and Brat Fry at the Cascade Lions Hall. The ceremony, held in conjunction with the Cascade Legion, included a choir, the local Boy Scout troop, and a local minister as the guest speaker. During the ceremony, Lion August Grahl reported that the Veterans Memorial dedication will occur later this summer. The Brat Fry served a few hundred people and included raffle baskets and the raffling of a 55" TV. Pictured are Lion Rick Raab and Lion Jesse Bliesner manning the grills. Thanks to all the Lions members that help put on this event every year and the Cascade community that continually shows their support.

NEW HOLSTEIN LIONS CLUB – The Husky Hands & Heart Leo Club collected their first 28 lbs. of plastic from a local business in 2018. On May 4, with the collection from the True Value Store, the Club reached the 10 ton mark! The plastic is reused by Trex Inc. to produce plastic benches and patio decking. After the local club transports the plastic to Fond du Lac’s Festival Food Store, it’s collected into 1,000 lb. bails and Trex picks it up. Because of the amount of plastic collected, the local Leos and Lions have received 14 free park benches from Trex. The benches are located in the New Holstein area plus one in Green Bay’s Heritage Hill State Park. Thanks to the local store, local citizens, Salvatorian Center Warehouse, and other local industries for keeping that much plastic out of the landfills. Pictured are the proprietors of True Value, Mellisa Reese and Jeff Dietz and two of the Leo members that have done the collection this school year, Anna Jacobs and Quintin Pierquet. The Lions members that handle collection are Charles Jeanty and Al Depies. For more of the story, read “Young People Making the World a Better Place!” on page 9.

WAYMORR LIONS CLUB – Lion Gary Leick along with his brother, Tom, built a 28-foot wood ramp for a community member of Hollandtown at the beginning of April.


R IST ICT D 920-344-2585


Hello to all 1,800+ Lions in 63 clubs that make up District 27-B1 and our two LEO Clubs. I want to start by saying that what an honor it is for me to serve as your District Governor for the next Lions’ year. My pledge, as your District Governor, is to do all I can to make our clubs better. Talking with numerous clubs and Lions across the state, being a Lion may be our communities’ best-kept secret. The District’s theme for this year is “Tell Your Story.” We need to ensure that our communities are aware of all the great things our clubs do. The list is extensive… from newspaper articles, flyers, roadside banners, Facebook pages, and more “Tell Your Story” stories for your communities. Prepare your “elevator” speeches when you get the chance to discuss your club activities with others. You may find there is a new member waiting. Inviting non-Lions members to your events will surely generate some interest. Reporting your club activities on MyLion potentially allows the entire 1.4 million Lions worldwide to see what your clubs have been doing. Anyone needing help on MyLion, please let me know. This is the first year we are using the Global Membership Approach (GMA). Our first focus area is “member retention” by remotivating existing members with fellowship and exciting service. The second focus area is “getting new members” to join our clubs. Both focus areas should be discussed at the club level with the development of some membership goals for your club. I will leave it here for now and I and the Vice District Governors look forward to club visits and attending your club activities. Please get them on the district calendar by sending an email to Your District Cabinet is waiting to assist you in any way also. Let’s have a great year!

SHERWOOD LIONS CLUB – Two new members were inducted bringing their membership to 41 Lions. New Lion Sarah Vande Hey was sponsored by her dad, Lion Tom Vande Hey. New Lion Heather Hocks was sponsored by Lion Henry Renn. They were formally inducted by WLF Director Lion Fred Gebhart. Welcome to Lions!

WALDO LIONS CLUB – The 32nd annual Waldo Lions pork chop dinner fundraiser was held on April 30th. An evening of food, music and fun was enjoyed by all. Pictured are Alex Lohman, Natalie Loudon, Vanessa Arbuckle, Andy Chuvan, Jen Schneider, Jacob Faust, Matt Schultz, Mike Jones, Dorris Jones, some of our youthful helpers, and a whole lot of satisfied customers!


WisconsinLion 15 Wisconsin

27-B2 NEWS STURGEON BAY LIONS CLUB – $500 was presented to the owner of Butch’s Bar after a fire that destroyed the building and displaced 7 tenants. Pictured are Clarence Cumber, owner of Butch’s Bar, and his son, Dave Cumber. Lion Kristi Wiesner, Club Treasurer.

District 27-B2 Conference New in 2022 Family Friendly Events!!

The District 27-B2 Conference Planning Team is pleased to announce a NEW Family Friendly Conference experience! The conference will be held on November 4th and 5th at the Tundra Lodge Conference Center in Green Bay. We have secured one of the area’s premier waterparks and we have developed plans to share our passion for service with our children and grandchildren through some exciting group service activities! Our Lions conference budget allows us to include family members at no additional cost to you. Never fear, we have a separate area for the youth attendees away from the hustle and bustle of our own Lions conference activities. Conference Planning is still in the works so we can’t share all the details at this time but we can promise this will be a unique opportunity for all attendees. Please watch our webpage for updated details along the way at All forms and information for this exciting event will be available on the 2022 Convention Page.

ASHWAUBENON LIONS CLUB – Seven Lions clubs attended the “All Club” Banquet on April 7th at the Rock Gardens Supper Club. A presentation by guest speaker Patty Metropulos,President & CEO of Kathy’s House located in Milwaukee. DG Gary Johnston shared words of wisdom with our Lion members, followed by installing new members, presenting Melvin Jones awards, along with a special recognition plaque for Lion Reverend Leonard Buelow (age 96), for serving 62 years as a Lion.

D istr ic t 2 7 B 2 C on fe r e n c e R e gistr ation Nov e m b e r 4 -5 , 2 0 2 2 Tu n dr a Lodge C on fe r e n c e C e n te r ( Low e r ) , G r e e n B ay W I


EVENT FEES Registration Pin Friday - Hospitality (indicate attendance)

Club: District:

Saturday Lunch

Saturday Dinner & Entertainment

Email: Please print or type neatly. Circle all that apply Name:






10/25 AFTER 10/25 $20


$3 FREE $20 $30

$3 FREE Not Avail. Not Avail.


Lion Vegetarian Buffet* Pork Loin or FREE Leo Gluten Free Bruschetta Chicken Attending Title: Guest $ $ or Grilled Salmon Yes 1st Timer $ No Name: Lion Vegetarian Buffet* Pork Loin or FREE Leo Gluten Free Bruschetta Chicken Attending Title: Guest $ $ or Grilled Salmon Yes 1st Timer $ No Name: Lion Vegetarian Buffet* Pork Loin or FREE Leo Gluten Free Bruschetta Chicken Attending Title: Guest $ $ or Grilled Salmon Yes 1st Timer $ No Name: Lion Vegetarian FREE Buffet* Pork Loin or Leo Gluten Free Attending Bruschetta Chicken Title: Guest $ Yes $ or Grilled Salmon 1st Timer $ No Name: Lion Vegetarian FREE Buffet* Pork Loin or Leo Gluten Free Attending Bruschetta Chicken Title: Guest $ Yes $ or Grilled Salmon 1st Timer $ No Send completed registration form & checks payable to: Lions District 27B2, c/o Lion Tammy Welles, 2277 Skyline Pines Dr, Green Bay, WI 54313, questions call: 920-639-8879. For Hotel Reservation call 920-405-8700 before October 3rd, Ask for "Lions" rate $129.95/night+tax. Free buffet breakfast with each night of your room reservation & 4 waterpark passes per day. Meal reservations TOTAL available until 9pm October 25, 2022. Special Dietary needs circle appropriate need, it will be an appropriate chef's choice. Lunch *Title Town Tailgate Buffet, Dinner - Please circle choice for each attendee.

16 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2022


FORESTVILLE-MAPLEWOOD LIONS CLUB – Members repaired the decking on playground equipment at the Forestville Town Park in Maplewood on May 21st. The playset was donated in 2011 by the Club with the assistance of a Raibrook Foundation grant.

IOLA LIONS CLUB – $9,500 in scholarships were awarded to seven graduating seniors from Iola-Scandinavia High School. Pictured are club treasurer Mark Sether, Alyssa Tap, Parker Prahl, Will Tappa, Dylan Donavan, Makayla Much, and Cameron Harbridge. Missing is Ella Gullixon, the $500 tech school recipient.







PESHTIGO LIONS CLUB – Members assisted the Salvation Army with food distribution from Feeding America, sponsored by the Samuel Pressure Group, Marinette. Pictured are Lions Tom Gryzwa, Donn Morois, Mark Neumann, Rhonda McClain, Riki Rysewyk, Dennis Rysewyk, Carl Gullicksen, Steve Peterich, & Joshua Stansbury (Captain Salvation Army).


Stephanie Schlag | | 920-217-8554 FROM THE 27-B2 DISTRICT GOVERNOR




PESHTIGO LIONS CLUB – 39 children were screened at St. Thomas Aquinas Academy (STAA) in Peshtigo and 34 children were screened at St. John's Lutheran School in Grover. Pictured (top) are Lions Jim Tress, Rhonda McClain, Dale Edlbeck, and Linda Bjorkman from STAA. Lions Rhonda McClain, Dale Edlbeck, Jim Tress, and Lisa Sargent from St. John’s (bottom).

IOLA LIONS CLUB – “The weather outside was frightful, but turnout for the March 30th Red Cross Blood Drive was delightful,” said Blood Drive Coordinator Sandi Moore. A total of 39 units, which will help 39-117 persons, was collected.

IOLA LIONS CLUB – As part of Diabetes Day Awareness club members stuff diabetes flyers with groceries at the local Sentry store.

NIAGARA LIONS CLUB – Four $500 scholarships are funded through proceeds from 50/50 raffles. In addition, a check for $500 was presented from the patrons at Tripp’s Tavern for the second Kerry Grippen Memorial Scholarship (NASF). Pictured are foundation members (standing) Karen Holt, Lindsay Whaley, Darcy Brown, Scott Trevillian, Julie Butler, Dan Decker (Treasurer), Liz Youren, and Brenda Swanson. Sitting are members Sherri Petschar, NASF president Kim Schuster, and Chris Bougie.


R IST ICT D 920-759-1388


Hello to all of District 27B2, Let me start by saying “Thank You” to DG Gary Johnston for everything he and his team has done for our district over the past year. He has been able to increase club service reporting to an all-time high of 90%. Even though I started this process a little late, it has been an honor to serve with you and for you, DG Gary. Congratulations on a successful year. As one era comes to a close and a new era is beginning, we still have to focus on what is important to our clubs, our community and our service projects.

For our Clubs: • Be sure to register your new Club Officers in MyLion and please include their contact information. • Invite potential new member(s) to a club meeting, let them see and hear about the things your club does and invite them to join. • Attend Officer training (more information to come with scheduled dates).

For our Community & Service Projects: • Focus on your community’s needs and build your service projects around those needs. The support from our communities is what makes us as Lions successful, and makes what we do worth doing. • Continue to report your service activities in MyLion. You are doing the work, you should be recognized for it.

PESHTIGO LIONS CLUB – held a food booth fundraiser at Lofaro’s Fresh Market on May 7th for the start of fishing season. All money that is raised is returned to the local communities to support programs and projects that benefit all. Pictured are (top) Lions Paul McClain, Dennis Ryswyck, Rikki Ryswyck, Jim Tress and Rick Thill. (bottom) Lions Brian Thielen, Rocco DiFiore, and Rhonda McClain. Not pictured but participating was cook Lion Lee Mylener and Lion Tom Gryzwa.

There are some exciting changes coming this year. While attending the Madison Lions 100 year celebration, we got to meet International President Brian Sheehan. We are in for a fun and exciting year. One of those changes is going to be with the Lions Website, it is going through a complete makeover. Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM (Customer Relationship Management software company) has been hired to rebuild the site to be more userfriendly. All the different programs within LCIF & MyLion will link together, so no more signing into different sites to find what you need…one and done! These changes will start to show up in April 2023. Our District Convention is going to be November 4th & 5th, 2022. It will be held at the Tundra Lodge Resort in Green Bay. Look in this issue of the Wisconsin Lion for more information and registration. My team has been working very hard on this to make it one for the record books. It is going to be a family event, so “please” plan on coming to your District Convention, you won’t be sorry that you did. I’m looking forward to serving as your new District Governor, visiting your clubs, and meeting everyone. Reach out to me anytime with any questions or concerns. My contact information is below. I will do my best to answer your questions and address your concerns. If I can’t, I will find the right person who can. “There’s Power in Our Service”


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27-C1 NEWS

WISCONSIN RAPIDS LIONS CLUB – The Club celebrated its successful 75 years of Lions service on April 30th at the Ridges Golf Course in Wisconsin Rapids. Three Melvin Jones Fellowship Awards were presented To Wis. Rapids Lions Larry Ott, Mile Reddy, and Jim Walker, as well as a special award for 55 years of Lions Service to Lion Louie Rosandick. 41st Annual Lake DuBay Lions Summerfest Friday-Saturday, July 15-16 Lake DuBay Lions Park, Knowlton (1 mile south of Hwy 34, on Cty Rd DB) • Great food, beverages, beer, and wine coolers. • Bingo 6:30-10pm Fri. & Sat. • Games, merchandise raffles, and live music bands. • Friday Music, 7-11pm: GRAY CATZ • Saturday Music, 7-11pm: DROVERS • Breakfast is served Saturday 8-10am • Community rummage sale starts Saturday 8am • Outdoor Catholic Mass held at 4pm • Chicken dinners served at 5pm • The money raffle drawing ($5,000 in cash prizes) will be at 10pm on Saturday • Free admission and open to the public. Friday: 5pm to midnight, Saturday: 8am to midnight •

PID Connie LeCleir-Meyer presents Lion Mike Reddy with a Melvin Jones Award.

Tailtwister Lion Joel Holberg. G Phil Hollis. PDG Mike D Carter, and Lion Greg Clark

PID Connie LeCleir-Meyer presents Lion Louie Rosandick with a pin recognizing his 55 years as a Lion.

PID Connie LeCleir-Meyer presents Lion Jim Walker with a Melvin Jones Award.

22nd Annual Four Person Scramble for Sight Hosted by the Wis. Rapids Lions Club Sunday, September, 4th, 2022 at the Ridges Golf Course in Wis. Rapids • Entry fee is $80/golfer which includes 18 holes with cart. • A steak dinner and raffles to follow. • Registration is from 11:30am-1pm and shotgun start at 1pm. • Proceeds from this event will help the Wis. Rapids Community as well as current lions causes. • Contact Dan Smith, Secretary Wis. Rapids Lions Club to register or for additional information at 715-424-3418 or

DISTRICT 27-C1 CONVENTION Holiday Inn Stevens Point - Convention Center 1001 Amber Ave Stevens Point, WI 54482 Friday-Saturday, October 7 & 8, 2022

We Serve

PID Connie Lecleir-Meyer and 27-C1 DG Linda Carter present Lion Larry Ott with a Melvin Jones Award.

Return by Friday September 30, 2022 to: Paula Ruesch, 231198 Pickard Ave, Abbotsford, WI 54405 Registration fees and meal fees must accompany this form. NO MEAL Tickets will be sold after Friday September 30, 2022 (Registration on-site will be available for Auction, Meetings and Seminars only!)

Club Name:

Contact Person Contact Phone


* SAVE MONEY AND SIGN UP FOR THE CONVENTION EXPERIENCE Chicken Cordon Baked Haddock, Soup and Little Italy Buffet: Lasagna, Penne Bleu, Caesar Caesar Salad, Sandwich Buffet: & Bowtie Pasta Salad, Fresh Fresh Vegetables, Soup, Veg Tray, Alfredo, Marinara Vegetables, Turkey & Ham, & Bolognese Roasted Potatoes Roasted Potatoes Cheese and more Sauces, breadsticks and casalinga salad

























Make check payable to: Lions District 27-C1

Club President, Lion Larry Ott speaking celebration.

18 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2022

King or Double Rooms: $115.99 for one night plus tax. Suites: $145.99 for one night plus tax. Hospitality Suite: $165.99 for one night plus tax. Block of rooms reserved until September 6, 2022 Contact

Holiday Inn Stevens Point - Convention Center 715-344-0200

* Convention Experience Includes all 3 Meals. Save $7

PDG Mike Carter, DG Linda Carter, Lion Mike Meyer and spouse PID Connie LeCleir-Meyer.

WISCONSIN RAPIDS LIONESS & LIONS CLUBS – “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” Wisconsin Rapids Lioness Club Annual Ladies Night Out fundraiser held at Bull’s Eye Golf Club. Delicious plated dinner plus 61 raffle prizes. All funds raised will be distributed locally to those in need.



Patty Hollis | | 715-460-4832 FROM THE 27-C1 DISTRICT GOVERNOR




ROCHE A CRI LIONS CLUB – 406 students were screened in 1-1/2 days at the elementary and middle schools. Thanks to nurse Tricia for inviting us back. Looking forward to more next school year.

ATHENS LIONS CLUB – Lion Mike Marohl, presents $500 scholarships to Ethan Marohl, Siarra Hart, Lila Thompson.

ATHENS LIONS CLUB – Members participate in their May roadside clean up.

STRATFORD LIONS CLUB – The Stratford High School Student-of-theMonth along with foreign exchange students visit the May meeting and pose with Lion Paul Rozak.


R IST ICT D 715-460-4831


I am thrilled to be your District Governor. This year’s motto is “Come Together…We Serve”. One of the things I have learned along the way is that our service to our communities is key for our future as Lions. Membership is driven by the service we provide. Membership growth and retention is one area that we will work on together, the goals of the year will be our goals as a team. The initiatives of our district start with you at the club level. The goal this year is make sure that each club understands and has a chance to earn the Club Excellence Award. This award is all about service, membership, and training our members. When you as a club earn this award, you will be helping us as a district reach all our goals. On the district website there is a link that will direct you to all the goals we have as a district. Together, as Lions, we will “ROAR” into the year with new aspirations to achieve things beyond what we could imagine. What we achieve while coming together as Lions will rock this district beyond our wildest dreams. The service we continue to give our communities will make us grow stronger in members and in our hearts. As District Governor, I encourage all Lions to bring to the table one new service project that can be discussed at your next club meetings. As a Lion, I encourage my fellow Lions to follow their hearts while doing these projects. I would love to get to know you at your fundraisers and service projects, not just club visits. Please contact me with dates. This is the foundation of Lionism. I want to be part of this with you. Our first cabinet meeting will be held on Sunday, August 28th at the Lions Camp at 12pm. I hope to see you there. For those that can’t be there, I can’t wait to meet each of you along the way. Hopefully many of you will be attending the District Convention, which is October 7-8, 2022 in Stevens Point at the Holiday Inn. I will be keeping everybody up to date on what will be going on. I am so excited about the year ahead of us. It is going to be a great year of service. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time with questions, comments, or just to say hi. My number is 715-460-4831. My e-mail is

ABBOTSFORD LIONS CLUB – The Student of the Quarter for the 4th quarter of this school year is Lydia Carlson. Recipients are selected to acknowledge their strong academics, involvement in community volunteer activities, school extra- and co-curricular activities, leadership roles they have taken, and their writing skills. Each recipient also receives a $50 stipend from our Lions Club at the annual awards program for graduating seniors.


WisconsinLion 19 Wisconsin

27-C2 NEWS

SAYNER STAR LAKE LIONS CLUB – A $1,000 check was presented to the Vilas Historical Museum. Pictured are Vilas Historical Museum member, Leon Anderson; Club President, Gary Kaphingst; Vilas Historical Museum member, Nancy Minx; and Vilas Historical Museum member Melody Kysiak.

MANITOWISH WATERS LIONS CLUB – Everyone came out of their winter dens to hold a Sports Family Night at Aberdeen Dining in Manitowish Waters on April 30th. Manitowish Lion Larry Voss, the owner of Aberdeen Dining, volunteered to host the event. The event featured a myriad of sporting equipment raffles, live sporting firearm auctions and silent auctions and great food from the Aberdeen staff. The local community not only made sure the event was a sell out but local businesses once again stepped up to support the Lions in their efforts. The event netted almost $24,000! Pictured are (top) Club President, Mike McKeon and Sports Family Night Co-Chair, Dan Meier and (bottom) helpers Sarah McKeon and Jean Schroeder.

PLUM LAKE LIONS CLUB – A highway cleanup for Adopt-A-Highway was recently completed. Pictured are Lions Kathy Novorolsky, Julie Greely, Nancy McGee and Darlene Kilsdonk.

SAYNER STAR LAKE LIONS CLUB – Lion Jim Mortag presents a check to Coach Nick Seeger of the Sayner-St. Germain Youth Baseball League.

MERCER LIONS CLUB – A traditional Easter lunch was served to 25 members of the Mercer community at the final Senior Games Day of the season on April 3rd at the Mercer Senior Center. Senior Games was a service provided by the former Lioness Club, now taken over by the Lions Club. Senior games are a free service provided and everyone is welcome. They are held on the first Sunday of the month, January through April. Pictured are Anette Bullion, June Brunell, Mike Chamberlain, Leo Abby Nelson, Louise Minisan (Senior Games Chairperson), Bonnie Mangino, Deanna Pierpont, and Amy Burgess.

SOUTH SHORE LIONS CLUB – $1,000 Scholarships were presented to high school students at Bayfield High School and South Shore High School to further their college endeavors. Pictured are (top) South Shore High School graduating senior, Caden LaFontaine; Lion Carl Anderson; and South Shore High School graduating senior, Abby Lahti; and (bottom) Bayfield High School graduating senior, Duante Gordon; and Lion Shellie Swanson.

20 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2022

CABLE AND AREA LIONS CLUB – Lion Jane Benson presented a $500 check to the Drummond Elementary School to be used towards the purchase of multiple copies of books for 4K-6th grade students. Pictured are Lion Jane Benson and Drummond Elementary staff and students.


Cherie Sanderson | | 715-892-0761 FROM THE 27-C2 DISTRICT GOVERNOR




IRON RIVER LIONS CLUB – A $500 donation was made to New Day Advocacy Center in Ashland. The center provides a safe haven and support services to victims of Family Violence and Sexual Abuse; and provides Preventive Education which will challenge the cultural beliefs and attitudes about the use of abusive and controlling behaviors in our communities. New Day offers a number of services and supports to survivors such as a seven bedroom Emergency Shelter Program. They provide food, clothing, personal Items and other emergency financial Assistance. New Day Advocacy Center also provides life skills education, advocacy (medical, legal, financial, and personal), as well as safety planning and support groups. Pictured are Lyle Poppe, Executive Director; Linda Dunbar, Shelter Coordinator; Crystal Nordby, Victims of Crime Advocate; Sofia Garcia, Northland College Intern; and Anne Madison, Iron River Lions Club President & Secretary.

PRESQUE ISLE LIONS CLUB – Headwaters State Bank presented a $2,500 donation to the Presque Isle Lions Club for their Band Shell Project. Pictured are Richard Schmalzer, Club Treasurer; Cindy Sutherland, Bank Branch Manager; Peter Schindelholz, Bank Board of Director; MaryEllen Otterpohl, Bank Vice-President; and Steve Dimig, Club President. IRON RIVER LIONS CLUB – The 22nd Annual Blueberry Festival will be held on July 23-24 at Moon Lake Park in Iron River. The Festival includes a Pedal Tractor Pull, Blueberry Pie Eating Contest, Music through the weekend by The County, The Tinglers, Crescent Moon, The Jane Gang, Kids entertainment by Dan, the Monkey Man, Royalty Coronation, Pyromusical Fireworks by Event Specialties, Polka Mass, and Singing Slovenes.


R IST ICT D 715-892-2366


Hello Lions of District C-2. It is my honor to start a new year as your Governor. This will be an exciting year as we grow with new members and spend some quality time training our new leaders. I am blessed with some new Lions that have volunteered to be on our cabinet. These new leaders will help us become the best District in the state. We will be training our new and old Zone Chairs to spend time training the clubs. We will be spending time at every club meeting training on how to report what we do to LCI and the District and the Lions Paper. My goal is to get our reporting up to 75 % or higher because it is important to take credit for all the great things we do as Lions. We are important to our communities and sometimes we need to remind them that we could always use some extra help. Do not be afraid to ask people to become a member of our Lions Clubs. This summer season, plan some community events where you can invite the public and get more members. Example do brat fry’s at your parks and do what I call a Meet and Greet to show the community who we are and ask for help. Keep in mind that myself and our district leaders in the cabinet are here to help. Thanks again for allowing me to be your Governor.

THREE LAKES LIONS CLUB – A check for $500 was presented to Perry Pokrandt, President of Feed Our Rural Kids, Inc., in support of FORK’s planned expansion into the Three Lakes School District. FORK was established in May of 2019, for the purpose of providing nutritional support to school-aged kids from food insecure homes within the Northland Pines School District. In September of 2020, FORK expanded their mission to include children from birth through age four. Then in February of 2021, FORK added the Phelps School District to their jurisdiction. Pictured are Don Meeder, Club Treasurer, and Perry Pokrandt, President of Feed Our Rural Kids, Inc.

BOULDER JUNCTION LIONS CLUB – A $1,000 donation was presented to the RichardsonMichaud American Legion Post 451. Funds will be used to purchase, replace and maintain the American flags that are displayed on the town of Boulder Junction’s light poles. The Richardson-Michaud American Legion Post 451 provides the flags and accessories at no cost to the town. Pictured are Club VicePresident, Phil Lewandowski; American Legion member, Tony Eisenbraun; American Legion Commander James Hamilton; American Legion Finance Officer, Dennis Reuss; Boulder Junction Lion and American Legion member, Bob Bertch; and Boulder Junction Lion and American Legion member, Otis Voeltz.


WisconsinLion 21 Wisconsin

27-D1 NEWS

CROSS PLAINS LIONS CLUB – The Club, in conjunction with the Cross Plains Chamber of Commerce were proud to sponsor Cross Plains Trout Days this past May. Since 1984, Cross Plains has hosted Trout Days on the first Saturday of May, the opening day of fishing season. This annual community event has drawn fishing and outdoor enthusiasts to the Black Earth Creek area to fish and celebrate the spring season and the Cross Plains Lions came out in force. Pictured is a member of the Cross Plains Club in their Lion Express providing Trout Days attendees a ride.

CASSVILLE LIONS CLUB – For the past 20 years, the Cassville Lions have sold firewood as a fundraiser. Year round the club goes through the process of getting wood,cutting, hauling , wrapping and supplying to their two stands for sale. They average around 500 bundles sold a year raising between $2,000 and $3,000. The money raised covers the five scholarships that they give out every year to the graduating class at Cassville High School. This is a club effort as well as other local people have donated a splitter and places to do the prep work.

CARE CRUISE FOR CHILDHOOD CANCER – A unique event that combined resources from Cottage Grove, Deerfield, Marshall, and Cambridge Clubs (4 clubs in 2 different districts). Participants joined in a “Poker Run’ by visiting locations for food and fun and to enjoy some time with the community. Classic cars were on display along with numerous raffles, a pancake breakfast, a cookout, and an ice cream social. All proceeds benefited the Badger Childhood Cancer Network.

JANESVILLE LIONS CLUB – May 21st celebrated two major milestones: the 100th anniversary of the club’s founding and the groundbreaking for a major improvement project at Lions Beach. The club began a fundraising drive for this project in early 2020, with the total raised nearing $120,000. The 30’x 30’ hexagon pavilion will feature a two-tier roof, electrical service, LED lighting, and a tongue & groove pine ceiling. It will be fully accessible, with a concrete path leading from the existing sidewalk to the pavilion, providing easy access to those who use wheelchairs or have limited mobility. The Janesville Lions Club also recently received a $59,000 award from the City of Janesville’s Pay It Forward grant program, which will allow for additional improvements to be made to Lions Beach and the surrounding park area, including new picnic tables, metal shade structures for the beach area, and more.

LANCASTER LIONS CLUB – Doug and Liz Davies were presented with the Lancaster Area Chamber of Commerce Lifetime Achievement Award in February. Doug and Liz have been active, contributing members of our community for many, many years through work, school, church and civic groups. They are active longtime members of the Lancaster Lions Club holding various positions and working tirelessly for the club. The Lions motto “We Serve” says it all about Doug and Liz. Congratulations to them!

NEW GLARUS LIONS CLUB – Congratulations to Lion Milo Parker who received the Leadership Award at the MD27 State Convention. Pictured are International Director Allen Hunt, DG Bill Clausius and Lion Milo Parker.

22 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2022

SUN PRAIRIE LIONS – Congratulations goes out to Lion Ron Wright who received the Presidents Award at the MD27 State Convention. Pictured are International Director Allen Hunt, Lion Ron Wright and DG Bill Clausius.

DEFOREST WINDSOR LIONS CLUB – The Club traveled through the community providing sand to fill sandboxes on May 7th through their Sandbox Fill community service event on May 7th. This year they had 21 stops including a local childcare center where they shoveled directly from the truck. With donations from Ripp Trucking and driver Mark Vinney (who helped shovel) and fantastic weather many families and kids were happy to see the Lions in action.


Bill Clausius | | 608-698-1683 FROM THE 27-D1 DISTRICT GOVERNOR




PARDEEVILLE LIONS CLUB – The Club is now in their second Trex challenge and for Earth Day 2022 partnered with students at the Pardeeville Schools emphasizing the environment and plastic film recycling. On April 22nd the club hauled away 240 pounds of plastic collected by the schools. The students did a fantastic job of collecting the correct material and making sure it was clean and dry. Their second bench which they just qualified for will be placed in the Village in honor of Lion Doug Hare who passed away in January after many years of service to the Lions and the community. FENNIMORE LIONS CLUB – The Walk your Pup for Diabetes 3-5K run/walk event is in its third year. They had about 30 participants and raised $480 and 7-8 bags of food from non-perishable food donations. The Club decided to donate the money they raised to Mary Whitish, a resident from their own town who has diabetes. She lost her leg after a fracture that would not heal and before she could be put on a transplant list she had a triple bypass. Now she is doing dialysis 3 times a week and getting injections in both her eyes to try and keep what eyesight she has left. She and her husband Tim were invited to join one of their Club meetings and she talked about her journey.


R IST ICT D 608-513-4984


Hello, 27-D1 Lions, my name is Alan Johnson, your District Governor for the 2022-2023 Lion year. Sharing the service is my theme for the year. When you think of service, please consider yourself first, then your club, community, and international organization. Your participation in the Lions organization is vital to Lions success. Thank you for being a part of this service. The Lions year starts with officer elections for each club, followed by officers training. I hope you were able to attend officer training, if not officer training is available on the district website and international website. The officers of your clubs may contact any GAT (Global Action Team) member to find out more information. I have assigned leaders to the District cabinet to share with you their knowledge in service to 27-D1. They are committee chairpersons, please ask for their help. If you have knowledge, please share it with the cabinet. Lions Club International has started a new program called Global Membership Approach (GMA). The purpose is to increase membership at the club level. There are four steps: 1. Build a team: Build an effective team of motivated, dedicated and passionate Lion leaders to support your club in the coming year. 2. Build a vision: work with your team to learn more about your club, completing a strategic plan workbook. 3. Build a plan: Upon completion of the club action plan Booklet for your club. 4. Build success: Prepare for a successful year ahead by developing and submitting your 2022-2023 club goals and action plans with the help of the district team. 5. The district team has Jodi Burmester as the leader. Please contact them to get started with this Program.

HAZEL GREEN LIONS CLUB – took time on Earth Day to help clean up their park. The Club cleaned up garbage around Hazel Green Recreation Park and also raked leaves and picked up sticks around the pavilion. The land was originally purchased in 1984 by a private group of developers to promote community recreation activities for children and adults and was sold to the Village in 1997. The Hazel Green Lions are true stewards of the earth.

During the year there will be ups and downs, Please consider these statements. Life is a gift. With this gift come choice, chance, and change. “Every person can make a difference, and every person should try.” – JOHN F. KENNEDY “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – ARTHUR ASHE “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” – MUHAMMMAD ALI

LANCASTER LIONS CLUB – The recent Keep Lancaster Beautiful Street and Highway Cleanup Project took place on April 19th and 21st. Pictured are those who cleaned up on Tuesday, Kristin Muench, Kelly Muench, Vicki Burggraf, Ann Kjos, Jim Muench and Kathy Larsen.


WisconsinLion 23 Wisconsin

27-D2 NEWS

SENECA LIONS CLUB – The annual breakfast with the Easter Bunny fundraiser was held April 9th. It was a great turn out. Money raised goes to club projects. PLAIN LIONS CLUB – Thanks to those who attended the Comedy Night sponsored by the Plain Lions. A net profit of $1,600 was donated to the area children’s recreation program held at the Village of Plain Park. The program is open to resident and non-resident children ages 4-13. Accepting the donation are Bob Neuheisel, chairman of the Comedy Night fundraiser; Joe Schluter, Lions President; and Ray Ring, Village President.

MISHICOT LIONS CLUB – President Dave Holschbach presents Mishicot Fire Chief Mike Koeppel and Ryan Wiegert a donation check of $500. The proceeds of this check are from members working at the Manitowoc County Fair 2021 selling admission tickets.

SENECA LIONS CLUB – The Wild Game Feed was held March 26th to raise money for scholarships for graduating seniors.

SENECA LIONS CLUB – Doing their part to make a little bit of America Beautiful again.

24 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2022

BARABOO LIONS CLUB – Pathway Home, our area homeless shelter, now has two new raised beds built by volunteers from the Club. Pictured are Lions Craig Olsen, Norm Brickl, Denny Clement, Paul Negast, Mim Olsen, Bill Olsen, Mark Olsen, and Dawn Olsen.


Loretta Ewelt | | 608-269-3062 FROM THE 27-D2 DISTRICT GOVERNOR




BARABOO LIONS CLUB – Through a partnership with Jack Young Middle School 6th grade teachers and SSM Health, students learned about the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, risk factors for the disease, and ways to prevent and treat diabetes. Throughout the curriculum students had the option to demonstrate their learning and compete for a chance to win a Fitbit. This project is funded in part by a Healthy Community Partnership Grant from the SSM Health St. Clare Foundation. Pictured are winners of the Fitbits with some school staff and Baraboo Lions Club Members.

DE SOTO LIONS CLUB – The club welcomed Ukrainian immigrant, Lesya Ryzhenkova, who gave an informative presentation about Ukrainian culture, war, their people and their songs. They even tried some of their bread and drinks!


R IST ICT D 608-792-5700


Hi Lions, my name is Tom Knudtson and I will be your District Governor as of July 1st. A little background on me, I am a member of the Mindoro Lions Club, this coming year will be my 15th year as a Lion, I have been President of my Club twice. Also, I have been Treasurer, Club Administrator, Service Chairman, LCIF Coordinator and a Director. I have been a member of the District Cabinet for eight years, four as a Zone Chairman and four as a Region Chairman In 2015, I participated in “Communicate Like A Leader”, a State Leadership event, that is now called R.L.L.I.(Regional Lions Leadership Institute). In 2019, I applied for and was granted acceptance to attend A.L.L.I. (Advanced Lions Leadership Institute). The future of our Clubs are revolved mainly around our Membership and our reported Club Activities. This year my main goals are to continue last year’s trend of increasing our District Membership and also working with Clubs on Retention, which is “how do we keep our members in our Clubs longer.” Sometimes Clubs have to let the new members create and run new projects to get them involved in your Club, it may or may not be a success, but you won’t know until you let them try. If it is a success, everyone wins, if it wasn’t, can it be improved? If so, how? Work with them to help them to become better Lions Members. Remember, we are all in this together.

DE SOTO LIONS CLUB – Congratulations to Tyler Evanston who won the chocolate bunny by guessing 500 and it was 508 ! The day was a success, serving over 100 people and entertaining the kids with an egg hunt!


WisconsinLion 25 Wisconsin

27-E1 NEWS


When I was asked to be 27-E1 District Governor in late 2020, I had no idea what Karen and I were getting into, nor what the year would bring us. As it turns out, it was an amazing experience. We met so many great new friends, had so many wonderful club visits, and learned so much more DG Bill Anderson passed the about Lionism through every aspect of the gavel to DGE Brian Dulmes journey. I am so proud of the E1 district and at the state convention. This all that they do. Even through a pandemic, was a symbolic passing of these Lions members got out in their the gavel as DG Bill remains communities, took care of their obligations governor until the end of June. and each other, and got creative in the process to keep folks safe. So many hearts united in service! I want to thank not only all these 45 clubs and their members, but the other 9 District Governors with whom Karen and I found such friendship, support and camaraderie. Each time we gathered, we had so much fun together discussing what was going on around the state, working together to solve problems, sharing information and ideas, and always came away feeling re-invigorated, enthusiastic, and ready to get back on the road. Thank you to all the past District Governors who never minded being on speed dial when I needed their input on how to handle one thing or another. I’m so grateful to be able to call them all friends, and appreciated their wisdom, knowledge, and the resources they had to offer. I was especially proud to be on the WLF Board and enjoyed learning so much about the inner workings of the Camp, and getting to know the other Board members. There was never any doubt about the impact our decisions and actions would have on the Camp … and how imperative it was to keep moving positively forward. What a great group of Lions! And what a treasure we have in our Camp. Lastly, but certainly not least, I’m happy to be leaving our district in the capable hands of Brian Dulmes, and want to thank not only Brian, but Dennis Sykora and Thomas Pratt for stepping up to be future District Governors. I know that E1 will continue to thrive and become even stronger over the next many years. Thank you all again – it has been a wonderful opportunity.

LADYSMITH LIONS CLUB – Accepting a $1,000 challenge from the Cadott Lions for Ukrainian Humanitarian Effort, members donated $1,500 which was then matched with club funds for a total donation to the effort of $3,000. Pictured are Erik Ostenso, Nancy Anderson, Steve Anderson, Vicki Bender, Jerry Babcock, Tawn Lundgren, Curt Pratt, Dave Williams, Dick Moore, Dave Hegeholz, Tammy Moore, Lori Davis, Bonnie Pratt, Greg Davis, Marlene Tuma, Dick Tuma, Julie Rochester, Marlin Rochester, and Melanie Meyer. Donating but not pictured are Maygen Lundgren, Jared Maple, and Lyn Russell.

26 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2022

CLEAR LAKE LIONS CLUB – On May 4, the Clear Lake High School students helped the Lions with their annual Adopt-AHighway Cleanup on Highway 63. Pictured is the clean up crew.

LADYSMITH LIONS CLUB – Concrete pavers were recently installed at the Legacy Theater in Memorial Park making a section of the seating handicap accessible. This now makes the theater usable to a wider variety of spectators. Assisting the Lions with the project was newly elected mayor Bob Grotzinger and his wife Annette. The next community project planned by the Lions is an oversized Adirondack chair in the park near the bottom of the bridge and visible to those passing by. The chair will include a selfie stand inviting travelers to stop and visit and get their photo in the chair.

TILDEN LIONS CLUB – Lions Dave Schimmel and Dennis Sykora installed the new mailbox in Downtown Tilden at Baiers Bar so the public can drop off glasses, hearing aids and cell phones.

JIM FALLS LIONS CLUB – The Club’s Easter Party was held on April 16th. They had a great turn out and the children were able to participate in an egg hunt, games, snacks, bike raffle, crafts and a photo with the Easter Bunny. Pictured is Nelson Dulmes with the Easter Bunny.

CADOTT LIONS CLUB – Cadott High School students that have excelled in their academics were recognized at the Club’s annual Honors Night banquet. This year’s speakers, Dr. Bridget and Alex Glomski, both graduates of Cadott High School, shared how career paths after high school are not all the same. Bridget knew that she wanted to be a doctor and followed a pretty straight path to reach that goal. Alex’s path wasn’t as straight as he explored several career paths until he found a career as a journeyman lineman for Eau Claire Electric. The evening included a meal and certificates and engraved glasses for all of the students. Seniors also received their class flower and a survival bag from the Lions. Pictured are Alex Glomski and Dr. Bridget Glomski.


Barb Dulmes | | 715-289-5280 or 715-829-4090 FROM THE 27-E1 DISTRICT GOVERNOR




SHELL LAKE LIONS – The Lions, in cooperation with Washburn County Tourism, provided a shore lunch on May 7th. This was one of many activities during the weekend of Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers’ Fishing Opener on beautiful Shell Lake. Months of planning went into the activity. Concerns of ice remaining on the lake during the opener were abated only a week before the event. The weather was perfect and the fishing was good. Over 600 people were treated to the shore lunch. Pictured are (top) Barb Carey, Governor Tony Evers and Jane McMahan; (left) Roger Lundeen, Mike Ring, Sharon Kesler and Walter Tuttle; and (right) Tom Klassa, Bill Taubman and Dave Thoreson.

JIM FALLS LIONS CLUB – A check for $2,632.74 was presented to the Jim Falls Elementary School. The Lions recycled 2,915 pounds of cans. The Lions started this project in 2013 and have recycled 20,280 pounds and a total of 648,960 cans. Pictured are Lion Chris Anderson, President Frank Foiles, and PDG Larry Bradley.

SPOONER-TREGO LIONS CLUB – Lion Jennifer Corbin was recognized not once but twice at a recent meeting with the Lion of the Year club award and the Birch-Strum award. Pictured is DG Bill Anderson who welcomed new members Scott and Sara Andrea and their sponsors Jennifer and Scott Corbin.


R IST ICT D 715-829-1454


As you are reading this, Barb and I have just returned from the Lions International Convention in Montreal, Canada. We had a great time meeting other Lions from around the world. It was interesting seeing what issues we have in common with them and exchanging ideas with them. The parade gave us an opportunity to represent Wisconsin and our District to the people that lined the streets. If you ever get a chance to attend the International Convention, I recommend going. Next year it will be in Boston, MA. As I mentioned in my introductory article in the last issue, my theme this year is “Sowing Seeds of Volunteerism,” which can be in a service project that you are doing for your community. Ask someone who is not a Lion to work with you on a project. This could spark their interest in the Lions as well as letting your club do more service or get the service done faster. I recently heard of a club that was approached by a youth baseball organization that wanted to revitalize the fields in town. The Lions club told them they could help financially, but due to their age, they wouldn’t be able to do all the work themselves. The baseball organization worked with them and at the end of that project, 16 of them decided to join the Lions. This is an exception to the rule, but if you get one or two new members what a great thing. One of our District’s goals this year is to have a common day of service with all of our E1 clubs. Just think about how great it would be to have people who are traveling about see Lions at work in every community they go to in the district. This will get them thinking about our organization and wondering what we are all about. There will be more information coming out about this at Zone meetings and to your clubs directly. As we focus on service, we have many options to choose from. One option is to focus on the Environment. Does your club participate in the “Adopt a Highway” program? When our club does our 2 miles of highway 27, it usually takes a couple hours in the spring and fall. There are stretches of highway available in almost every part of the state. You can get more information and find a stretch of highway by going to Another area of need in these times of high inflation and rising food prices is the local food pantry. You could hold a food donation drive or drop-off in conjunction with some other function you have going on. Another option is to have a special fundraiser, specifically for the food bank. Whenever you do a service project or fundraiser remember to have fun doing it and to let our newspaper editor know so we can get the word out about the great things we are doing. Barb and I look forward to attending and / or helping with your events. Thanks for your dedication and commitment to Lions. CADOTT LIONS CLUB – 18 teams were signed up for the annual 9-hole golfing event which was unfortunately cancelled due to bad weather. Participants received a coupon for a future golf game and enjoyed a charcoal chicken dinner. The Club looks forward to brighter weather for next year. Pictured are PDG Delores LaFaive and Lion Jeff Zais.


WisconsinLion 27 Wisconsin

27-E2 NEWS

Smiles for Seniors From The Easter Bunny It takes two Lions having Breakfast together and one idea to spark a Random Act of Kindness. Laurie Klinkhammer, Childhood Cancer Chair for E2 and IPDG Ronda Bierbrauer decided it would be a wonderful idea to give the Seniors in a facility or facilities the gift of Easter candy for Easter. With two weeks to get it together the two both purchased candy and Easter bags. They brought their supplies to the E1 Convention and with the help of Lion Anita and PDG Tom LeCleir and 1VDG Bert Freeman on a break from the

convention events put together 150 Easter bags for the Seniors. Chocolate eggs, butterscotch buttons, peppermint swirls, kisses, small candy bars and cookies filled the bags. The first 75 bags were delivered to The American Lutheran Home in Mondovi by Lion Anita and PDG Tom LeCleir. The second 75 bags were delivered by PDG Pat Furey, Lion Jared Furey and Lion Laurie Klinkhammer to The

Colfax Health and Rehabilitation Center. It has become a tradition for E2 District Lions to concentrate on Smile Bags for Children with Cancer, bringing over 600 smile bags to children at surrounding Hospitals in Wisconsin in the last few years. This time E2 brings a new tradition in smiles with the hope to make it last for years.

COLLECTOR’S CORNER Looking Back 50 Years at some Cool Collectibles! BY LION REID MEYER, ELLSWORTH LIONS CLUB

As everyone knows, our Lions organization has had plenty to celebrate the last few years – Lions Clubs International’s Centennial Celebration which spanned from July 2014 through June 2018, and our own Wisconsin Lions Centennial, which started January 1, 2021, and will be coming to a close on June 30, 2022. I had a nice conversation with PDG Brad Behrens at this year’s Wisconsin Lions State Convention in Lake Geneva, where he mentioned his personal interest around another key Lions celebration – Lions Clubs International’s 50th Anniversary back in 1967. I mentioned having an International Convention badge from that anniversary (one of my favorites) and we thought this forum would be a great opportunity and avenue to do a collaborative article to showcase not only this significant point in LCI’s history but also a great example of topical collecting! PDG Brad said, “My collection started somewhere around 2016. LCI was really promoting the 100th Anniversary and I thought it would be cool to have 50th and 100th Anniversary items together. So, one thing led to another and now I’ve got some unique items from the 50th and almost the full catalog of items offered from LCI in 1966-1967.” Here’s a closer look at those unique and catalog of items from PDG Brad’s collection!

If you happen to have any Lions items from LCI’s Golden Anniversary, now you know who to contact! And this is another great example where there’s someone out there interested in that “old Lions stuff” you might have laying around : ) Thank you to PDG Brad for sharing his story and please send any future topics of interest to me at Happy Collecting!

28 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2022

EAU CLAIRE EVENING LIONS CLUB – A beautiful day at Hickory Hills Golf Course included raffle prizes, food, and hole prizes. The tournament had 17 teams consisting of 66 golfers from Dunn, Chippewa, and Eau Claire law enforcement agencies and Lions Clubs. The winner this year, Wades’ World Team from Menomonie Police Department. A Major portion of the proceeds from the tournament go to the Eau Claire Regional Tactical Team. The club has raised more than $30,000 for training and equipment for the group over the years. An added moment to the tournament was the celebration of Lion Darrell’s Birthday with a cake to share.

ELLSWORTH LIONS CLUB – Members donated furniture, home goods and toys to the April 22-23 sale held in conjunction with the 100 Miles Little Towns of Thrift Sales, an organization which promotes two yearly sales for communities along Highway 10 in west central Wisconsin. By the close of the sale on Saturday, they had about 10 boxes of miscellaneous items left which were donated to local non-profit charities. $1,718 in proceeds went to Camp Needlepoint. The Lions had the wonderful opportunity to share about the Lions International initiative on diabetes to many who came to the sale. Special thanks to Lions Jay, Stacey, Chuck, Shar, Rosemary, Ray, Joyce, Cal, Ryan, Lisa, Margaret, Reid, Jeff, Kristi.

PDG Ronda Bierbrauer | | 612-636-5044

Paying it Forward a generation at a time

E2 Keeps the Children Smiling


R IST ICT D 715-896-0421



Two of the newest members of the Glen Hills Lions Club, Eric and Carole Schurtz decided it was time to give back to their local Club by becoming members. The Schurtz family has always been community oriented, but now that their children are grown they wanted to be involved in their community. In the early 80s the Lions did eye screening at the elementary schools in the Maple School District. It was during a screening that Carole was diagnosed with impaired vision. Unknown to staff, parents, and previous screeners, she had inadvertently memorized the eye chart. “I didn’t realize I had memorized the chart. When I was running into things it was apparent I needed further vision testing,” Carole said. One member of the Lions’ screening team suggested a different chart and I was referred to an ophthalmologist and found to be legally blind in one eye. This impairment was caught early and with proper treatment a portion of my sight was corrected with glasses. “I still wear glasses and have a hard time with depth perception. The alternative if it hadn’t been caught by the Lions’ screening would be far worse,” Carole said. “I can drive, work, and see pretty well with glasses even while getting older,” she said laughing. Eric and Carole live in Glenwood City with their two children, Catherine (23) and Jacob (21), both are graduates of the Glenwood City High School. The Glen Hills Lions sponsor two $500 scholarships each year for Glenwood City High School Seniors. Because of their hard work and community service through 4-H, church, and school, both Catherine and Jacob were awarded Lions Club scholarships. “Our kids were very fortunate to have been selected. We have always taught them hard work and service are important,” Eric said. Both are close friends with Lions David and Joan Bartz who are very active in the Glen Hills Lions Club. Eric and Carole have helped as non-members at various community events the Glen Hills Lions have participated in. “We are at a point in our lives, now that we can pursue more of what interests us, and we thought, “What’s better than spending time with friends while serving a purpose and making a difference. The Lions has given us so much over the years, now it’s time to give back,” stated Carole. “I had forgotten my dad was a Lion when I was growing up, until I told my mom that we were joining the Glen Hills Lions.” Carole’s father, Marvin, was a member of the local Lions Club in Poplar, WI. It has come full circle for us to become Lions,” Carole said.





Hello Friends!! I am looking forward to meeting all of you in person and working with you this year. As your District Governor-Elect I will be attending the International Lions Convention in June and bringing back information and inspiration from our International leaders. I was drawn to Lionism because of the mission of preserving and improving sight and helping the visually impaired that Helen Keller inspired. Being a healthcare provider for many years, I have seen people struggle with their vision. In my family, I have witnessed the devastation caused by blindness and even the debility caused by simple refraction errors. As a volunteer in Guatemala, I have witnessed the preventable and treatable eye problems and refraction errors that go untreated and limit the vision and life potential of those unable to access or afford treatment or prevention. Service to each other and our fellow humans is in the heart of every Lion. Lions serve in so many ways and love serving in any way they can. I have been heartened by my Lion friends having such fun helping each other and their friends in the community and even in the world. There is always plenty of help. Whether a Lion flips pancakes, picks up garbage, screens vision, fits used eyeglasses or collects used eyeglasses or any one of another million tasks Lions Serve their friends and neighbors locally and worldwide Since becoming a Lion, I have experienced wonderful friendships in service with my fellow Lions. The projects and people we help are so worthy. If it is fitting eyeglasses in Guatemala and seeing a person see clearly for THE FIRST TIME or transporting eye tissue knowing that someone will see better because of that precious cargo or maybe pouring coffee at the pancake breakfast with my Lions to raise money for Lions Camp--- it is a joyful experience. My responsibilities as District Governor will include representing the Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin on the Council of Governors and acting as Council Secretary. I am so proud to serve our district! As District Governor 22-23, I encourage you to serve your friends-with your Lion friends. My job will be to promote opportunities and then remove obstacles to your service. LIONS---WE SERVE.


One small bag, a few simple items, and presto you have a smile. Members of E2 collected and donated funds to help pack over 400 smile bags to give to children who are facing life with cancer. The bags contain notebooks, journals, crayons, pencils, glue sticks, erasers, stickers, pencil bags, small toys, larger activity kits, stuffed animals, socks, decks of cards, small trinkets and more. The bags provide children who are in the hospital for treatment and or the children who visit the hospital for their own infusion treatments or during a parent’s treatment. These children also need a smile and E2 was happy to assist with those smiles. Radom Acts of Kindness from Lions of E2 that will be given out to one of most precious gifts we have, the children.

Western Wisconsin Cancer Center in New Richmond. Pictured are Gail Gillis, IPDG Ronda Bierbrauer, Andrea Larson, and Brittany Dunlap.

Western Wisconsin Health in Baldwin. Pictured are Healthy Hank; Rosa Magnus, Development Manager Volunteer Services; Eilidh Pederson,CEO, IPDG Ronda Bierbrauer, Dr. Sarah Aluning, Pediatrics and Ryma Lindquist, District Community Relations.


WisconsinLion 29 Wisconsin

In Memory / In Honor of…

LIONS EYE BANK DONATIONS MEMORIAL MY DONOR Charlotte Wolff MY DONOR Sally Covyeau BLAINE SIDDERS Jerry Wille DOROTHY FRISCH Muskego Lions Club Tracy and David DeAngelis FRANKLIN B JONES Carol Anderson Joseph and Phyllis Almburg Paul Brandt and Kathryn Harrington MARY CUMMINGS Blaney Famly & Neil and Janice Winchell TOM THOEN Alan and Susan Klein Cassandra Hauswald Corita Forster Mary Cochems Nathan and Beth Franklin Ralph and Eileen Chase Richard Sanders Robin Stern Thoen Family Virginia Klecker



MEMORIALS JOYCE ASHBECK Wabeno Lions Club PDG DON ASHBY Gleason Area Lions Club BERNIE BEIMEL Angeline Beimel Barb Gutschow Barbara Kamp

LINDA DOBBE Katie Choinoski

ROBERT SZYBA Prospect Lions Club

LIGIA GARCIA Prospect Lions Club

JIM TOLLAS Poplar-Wentworth Lions Club

RALPH GROOTHUIS Bruce & Jean Ann Chaffee Jean Drefahl Jim & Sara Grant Jesse James Harold Kobbervig Michael Kuney Hilary & Judith Lange Pat Loppnow Robert Mausing Yanira Ramirez Mark & Lisa Reiss T.A. & Karen Weber


FRANK HALLADA Dodgeville Lions Club PDG HAROLD “HAL” HELWIG PDG Larry & Diane Blahauvietz Barbara Sealey WILLIAM HORSTMAN Bangor Lions Club BRIAN C. JAEGER Gleason Area Lions Club Cynthia Kotila Rosanne & Thomas Weibel PATRICK JOHNSON Wabeno Lions Club GARY JUSTESON Karen Justeson & Family JIM KINDLER Waukesha Lions Club JAMES “JIM” KUEHL Judith Bodden Gertrude Grebel Karen Herman Anna Shen Arletta Trejo AL MAROHL Bonduel Lions Club DONALD MOORE Janice Winters MICHAEL “MIKE” L. PERRY Jack & Joyce Kasper CAROLINE PETERSON De Soto Area Lions Club RICHARD A. REESMAN Burlington Lions Club DON RETZLAFF Caroline Retzlaff

CAROL BLAUBACH Rita & Bill Mueller

DICK SCHAUMBERG David & Tracy De Angelis

RUSS BODDEN Theresa Lions Club

DON SEIFERT Mc Caslin Lions Club

JERRY BRICKNER Berlin-Hamburg Lions Club

THOMAS J. SHALLOW Prospect Lions Club

BRAD CALLIES Allenton Lions Club

DON & DIANE SLATTERY Rita & Bill Mueller




PDG GLEN SPRING Cottage Grove Lions Club

TRUDY DEKARSKE Neenah Lions Club

ROELOF STAM Rita & Bill Mueller

30 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2022

Prairie Farm Lions Club Spooner-Trego Lions Club Stanley Lions Club Tilden Lions Club

MARK BABE Wales-Genesee Lions Club WILLIAM BRONK Big Bend-Vernon Lions Club


DG LINDA CARTER Rosholt Lions Club

TRENT WESTPHAL David & Tracy De Angelis


CHERYL WEYRAUCH Susan Leonard Mary McBurney Mark Williams


BERNARD WINTERS Janice Winters JOSEPH WOLDANSKI Prospect Lions Club ELAINE WROBEL Eleanor & Michael Amundson JOHN ZIINO Prospect Lions Club

HONORARIUMS DG BILL ANDERSON Boyd Lions Club Frederic Lions Club Pattison Park Lions Club Poplar-Wentworth Lions Club

Sutton Cecil PDG Dave & Sue Lee THORP LIONS CLUB’S 90TH ANNIVERSARY Rosholt Lions Club WISCONSIN RAPIDS LIONS CLUB’S 75TH ANNIVERSARY Tamra Rockenbach Rosholt Lions Club


CHARLIE MORGAN Wales-Genesee Lions Club

PDG HAROLD HELWIG PDG Steven and Jean Groene

NICK PRANGER Wales-Genesee Lions Club

LION STAN BERGUM Lion Sam kochel

MIKE QUIGLEY Cedarburg Lions Club

JUDITH PRICE Nancy Breckenfelder

DG THOMAS REDBIRD Fall Creek Lions Club

LION PAT ROSSMAN PDG Greg and Kate Pryor



WAYS TO CONTRIBUTE Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) 630-203-3810 Melvin Jones Fellowship eligibility includes donations: • Area of Greatest Need • Measles Program • Diabetes • Disaster Relief • Sight Programs • In Honor/In Memory Wisconsin Lions Foundation (WLF) 715-677-4969 • • Community Diabetics Educational Project • Hearing Aid Program • Adult & Children Vision Screening • Wisconsin Lions Camp • Wisconsin Lions Eye Glass Recycling Center WLF Gifts/Donations: • Friends and Honors Garden • Wall of Honor • Wish List • Lions License Plates Wisconsin Lions Birch-Sturm 715-677-4969

Lions Pride Endowment Fund 715-677-7000 Preserve, protect and provide for Lions Camp and all WLF statewide projects. Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin 877-233-2354 Passionate about restoring sight, eliminating curable blindness, and advocating for organ, eye, and tissue donation.

Restoring Hope Transplant House 608-831-1726 Non-profit home away from home for transplant families who are in search of a second chance at life through the miracle of transplantation at nearby UW Hospitals and the William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital in Madison. Wisconsin Lions Missions Used eyeglasses, donated fire trucks, ambulances and school buses, medical and school supplies such as hospital beds and school desks - distributed to needy schools, orphanages, and cities south of the border. Leader Dogs for the Blind Lions Recognition Programs 888-777-5332 Empowering people who are blind or visually impaired with lifelong skills for safe and independent daily travel.


TRISH LABLANC Melvin Jones Horicon (A2)

NATE ZANK Melvin Jones Juneau (A2)

JIM HANSEN Melvin Jones Laona (B2)

Congratulations to those receiving awards at the State Convention

ROBERT GANSKE Birch-Sturm Juneau (A2)

WILLIAM ‘BILL” ROBERTS Melvin Jones Fort Atkinson (A1)

DEB FREEMAN Melvin Jones Columbus (A2)

JOHN PETERS Birch-Sturm Greenville (B2)

DON ZIEGELBAUER Ray Hempel Sturgeon Bay (B2)


Lions and Leos provide support for the needs of children and families affected by childhood cancer through impactful service activities.


We serve to reduce the prevalence of diabetes and improve quality of life for those diagnosed.


PRESIDENTIAL Boyd Dosch Bert Freeman Mary Ann Gretenhardt Wendy Hartmann Jeanne Jensen Stacey Nesseth Jim Olson David Sievert Kim Steinmetz Ron Wright

LEADERSHIP Brad Behrens Marcia Belair Laura Bertch Darrel Blank Mike Carter Dick Karl Anne Madison Krista Martell Dan Montaine Milo Parker Jim Shelenske Eric Zingler


We serve to prevent avoidable blindness and improve quality of life for people who are blind and visually impaired.


We serve to sustainably protect and restore our environment to improve the well-being of all communities.


We serve to ensure all community members have access to nutritious foods.


WisconsinLion 31 Wisconsin

Paying it Forward with Platelets BY LION PATTI HURTGEN, A1 EDITOR

As Lions, we are always looking for ways to fulfill the mission statement of “We Serve.” The focus areas of Lions Club International (LCI) include vision, youth, disaster relief, humanitarian efforts, diabetes awareness, childhood cancer, hunger, and environment. All are done in the spirit of Lions. We can easily accomplish some of these focus areas with food drives, park cleanups, and used eyeglasses recycling. However, performing acts that benefit childhood cancer can be more challenging. Clubs can donate funds for research or equipment purchases, but the ability to personally commit and put some “skin in the game” to aid children with cancer is more of a challenge. Fortunately, an opportunity exists. A blood platelet donation can benefit children undergoing cancer treatments. Certain cancers and cancer treatments prevent patients from producing their own platelets. Platelets are tiny cells in your blood that form clots and stop bleeding. According to the American Cancer Society, more than 1.9 million people are expected to be diagnosed with cancer in 2022. For millions of Americans, platelets are essential to surviving and fighting cancer, chronic diseases, and traumatic injuries. Platelets must be used within five days after donation and new donors are needed every day. Blood and platelets cannot be manufactured, they can only come from volunteer donors. The blood types of A positive, A negative, B positive, O positive, AB positive and AB negative are ideal. Type O negative and type B negative can make the most impact for patients in need by continuing to give whole blood or a Power Red donation rather than platelets. Type AB can make the most impact by donating plasma, which can be done at the same time as platelets. Platelets also aid accident and burn victims, heart surgery, and organ transplant patients. Nearly 7,000 units of platelets and 10,000 units of plasma are needed daily in the U.S. Platelets can only be donated at select American Red Cross Donation Centers and requires an appointment because of the specialized equipment used. Platelet donation uses a machine to extract just the platelets and then returns the rest of the blood back to the donor. The process takes about three hours and includes completing the needed paperwork, setting up the equipment, and a short recovery time to enjoy juice and snacks. The actual donation takes under two hours. Depending on previous donations and arm status, one or both arms are used during a platelet donation. This is because blood is drawn from one arm, then the platelets are extracted using a machine, and the remaining blood components are returned through the other arm. If just one

• Platelets also help patients survive major surgeries or serious injuries. Many need platelets to replace those lost during bleeding. Platelets keep them alive while recovering. • Platelets give strength to patients with blood disorders and those with transplants. Platelets transfusions go a long way to help keep these patients going and live more active, healthy lives.

Preparation for platelet donation

Lion Patti Hurtgen regularly donates her platelet and plasma to the American Red Cross. arm is used, the process takes a bit longer as fluid must go in and out of the same vein. A typical platelet donation yields enough platelets for up to three patients. Unlike whole blood donations, platelets can be given more often. In fact, they can be donated weekly (every seven days), and up to 24 times a year compared to a maximum of 6 times a year for a whole blood donation. Plasma can also be collected at the same time as platelets, however plasma can only be taken once a month.

What happens during the donation? A relatively small amount of blood is drawn from your arm and goes into a machine called a blood cell separator. This blood is rapidly spun, which forces the platelets to separate from the other blood components. These cells then go into a sterile, single-use plastic bag. Meanwhile, the rest of your blood – the plasma, red cells and white cells – is returned to you. This cycle is repeated several times. While you donate, you can relax, watch a movie, or listen to music. For platelets, a smaller needle is used, which some find more comfortable. Because fluids and red cells are returned after donating platelets, some say they feel less sluggish after donating.

What happens to the platelets? Platelets are in constant demand by hospitals. After your platelet donation, they are immediately tested and prepared for delivery to a hospital. On average, platelets are transfused within 3 days of donation. Every 15 seconds, someone in the U.S. needs platelets, so the need is continuous.

Who do they help? • Platelets give cancer patients the strength they need to keep fighting. While cancer patients undergo treatment, a major side effect is low platelet count. Without a platelet transfusion, cancer patients face life-threatening bleeding because platelets help blood to clot.

32 Wisconsin WisconsinLion JULY / AUGUST 2022

The traditional eligibility requirements for platelet donation are the same as a whole blood donation. As long as you meet the minimum requirements for donating whole blood you may be able to donate platelets. Eligibility requirements including previous travel and medication restrictions will be checked. • Depending on the state, individuals as young as 16, in generally good health who meet weight and height requirements may become eligible to donate platelets. • You need an appointment to donate platelets. Schedule online, through the free Blood Donor App or by calling 1-800-RED CROSS. • A Red Cross donor card or photo I.D. is needed • Do not take aspirin products for at least two full calendar days prior to your appointment. • Get a good night's rest prior to your donation. • You should consume plenty of calcium-rich foods and beverages for a few days prior to your donation. Recently, it has been discovered that women who have previously been pregnant are more likely to carry antibodies that are believed to sometimes cause post-transfusion complications for blood and platelet recipients. Until these complications are better understood, the Red Cross will ask new female platelet donors about their pregnancy history and test those that have been pregnant for these antibodies. A positive result has no impact on the health of the donor, however donors who are positive for antibodies may be advised that they are better suited to a whole blood or Power Red donation. Donating platelets is a simple procedure. It does require your time (3 hours) and some minor preparation on your part, but the benefit of helping up to three people who are in desperate need of the platelets will be appreciated. The child you save could change the world, but knowing your donation changed their life just might just change you, too. At the Wisconsin State Lions Convention attendees could listen to a childhood cancer survivor and his mother. Michelle Wolfe spoke about the platelet donations that her son received as part of his cancer treatments, confirming that platelets are very valuable to cancer patients as they undergo treatment.