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Message from the Publisher Usu a l ly, when we think of November our first thoughts go to Thanksgiving; however, a more important event t hat should be BARBARA PILTAVER, Publisher celebrated and rememb ered with more embrace is Veterans Day. America is home to an estimated 21.5 million veterans. Although it is easy to recognize our veterans as active-duty servicemembers who are very visible due to our ongoing operations overseas; the majority of veterans we honor walk among us and have gone on to become our teachers, police officers, firemen and our neighbors. Our Veterans should be remembered, honored, thanked, hugged, and given every accolade imaginable. We must acknowledge all the outstanding men and women who served in our nation’s Armed Forces since our founding more than 237 years ago. They sacrificed and we should show our gratitude for their service. The easiest way is simply to say, “Thank you for what you have done for our country.” You will read in this month’s Salute to our Soldiers about the Doolittle Raid and how the remaining members of that squadron will meet

on November 9th for their last toast. It’s an amazing story and these ninety-year old men, who put their lives on the line for our country with no reserve, are meeting for the last time. You can also find some great actual footage of the Doolittle Raid on One cannot help but think of how they changed the course of history and how all those who serve our country do it with honor and a respect for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Even when the guns are no longer shooting, we must treat our veterans as the saviors of our country. What I find disheartening is that some schools are not closed on Veterans Day, yet they close for other seemingly less important holidays like Columbus Day or even Election Day. My feeling is every child should be off and attending some type of Veterans Day ceremony. If not for those who served our country and fought for our freedom, would they even be in the schools learning about our freedom of speech and democracy? I am grateful that I still can thank my father-in-law, who in January will be 85, and is a Korean War Veteran. He continues to take part in the American Legion events and stands proudly when the flag is raised. My own father served in World War II and received a Silver and Bronze Star for his heroic actions during battle. He recounted very little about the war as it brought back too many painful memories, and I can only imagine what he witnessed. What

little war stories I did know were compelling and I can’t help but wonder how they survived firsthand the horrors of combat. We must not forget the great sacrifices our Veterans have made through the many wars our country has been involved in. We must also not forget our current soldiers who are overseas, away from family and friends, serving with a commitment to duty and willingly displaying valor under fire. And for those who paid the ultimate price or who are still missing or unaccounted for, we must honor not only their memory but offer our support to the loved ones left behind. This Veterans Day, make it a point to attend a ceremony. If you have children, take time to explain to them what Veterans Day is all about. Pray for those still in battle and those who are suffering from the ill effects of war and especially for those that have gone before us. This Thanksgiving, give thanks for the accomplishments and sacrifices our Veterans have made for our Nation. For those Veterans in Schiller Park, the Village and Boy Scouts are hosting a pancake breakfast in their honor and for their families on November 10 at the Community Center from 8:30 am to 10 am. For further information contact Schiller Park’s Village hall at 847-671-8502. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Letters to the Editor The Best Kept Secret in Franklin Park

I really enjoy reading your newspaper as it has appeared on my door step a few times. I think it’s time for me to subscribe! I don’t know if you have a food reporter (I would volunteer my services if needed) but the world needs to know about Hopscotch Bar & Restaurant on Franklin Avenue in Franklin Park; across from the post office. It specializes in craft beers and whiskey. They just hired a chef and the food is amazing. It’s upscale bar food. The chicken breast focaccia sandwich is to die for. I believe the story is about a young investment banker who was making tons of money but was very unhappy. He always wanted to open a bar, so he bought this dingy old neighborhood tavern, gutted and updated the property and opened the bar. They have karaoke every other Thursday AND they have board games to play while you’re sipping a nice beer or munching on the home made tortilla chips and salsa. The bartenders are awesome; Julie & Kevin and are very personable and helpful. Marianne Arvanites, Franklin Park

War - What is it Good For?

Why do they start? Why do they last? What makes a piece fragile? The past is the place to look for answers. The Framers of the Constitution viewed war as good for absolutely nothing. Aside from repelling attacks, wars were viewed as the inefficient and egotistical occupations of monarchs and despots. They saw wars as serving little purpose but to drain lives and national treasure for the glory of national leaders. War does not determine who is right. War determines who is left. Their solution was to divide the war powers and, in so doing, deny the


president the legal ability to declare or maintain a war. Nevertheless, dozens of presidents in our history have committed the United States to war without consulting Congress beforehand. In June1950, Harry S. Truman, who was committed to opposing Communist expansion around the world, thrust the United States into the Korean War debacle - without Congressional authorization, or a declaration of war. He claimed it was a police action taken under the authority of the United Nations. Truman would later serve as a model for George W. Bush, who shared Harry’s view of inherent presidential power and his reluctance to confer with Congress on military interventions (Bush did, however, secure Congressional authorization for the Iraq War). Truman and Bush resisted sharing power with Congress when it came to war. Now, more than 200 years later, the division of powers between the President and Congress remains a fierce struggle. Still, the Constitution requires two parents - the executive and legislative to consummate a war. However, once the drums of war start sounding, both president sand Congresses have dance around the limitations imposed by the Framers. Bertolt Brecht once said, “War is like love; it always finds a way. This is certainly true of some of America’s past wars. Presidents have repeatedly found ways to lead the nation to war. They can order troop deployments, diplomatic changes and other provocative acts. It is relatively easy to start an international fight that Congress will have to finish. The extermination and confinement of the Indians won America only part of the continent.

Much of the West was held by Mexicans. President James Polk, had his war in1846. He tried to purchase New Mexico and upper California from Mexico. When that failed, he used his authority to provoke the MexicanAmerican War. The Mexicans referred to it as the “U.S. invasion.” The war was one of the most unjust ever waged by a stronger nation against a weaker nation. After two years of slaughter Mexico ceded her vast territories of California, New Mexico, and what are now Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and parts of Arizona in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. In 1898, Theodore Roosevelt had what he called, “Our splendid little war with Spain.” When the battleship Maine exploded in Havana harbor (accidental or intentional?) the hawks took up the cry, “Remember the Maine, to hell with Spain!” The calculated measures of Franklin Delano Roosevelt pushed America into World War II. Germany never attacked us; Japan did. From 1941 to 1945, 450,000lives were lost. Truman finished that war and started one in Korea. North Korea never attacked us. From 1950 to 1953, 55,000 lives were lost. John F. Kennedy started the Vietnam conflict in 1962. Vietnam never attacked us. On August 4, 1964, the destroyer USS Maddox radioed a message that an attack by North Vietnamese PT boats was imminent. The North Vietnamese had a right to attack any vessel engaged in hostile action in their waters. Only one shell hit the Maddox. The Maddox did heavy damage to the Vietnamese vessels and killed several crewmen. The administration reported a second attack, and demanded authority to commence full military operations. CONTINUED ON PAGE 4


UP (cup) “Citizens Cleaning-Up Program” The Village of Schiller Park is looking for Resident Volunteers or Groups (Scouts etc.) to help with our CC-UP (Citizens Cleaning-Up Program and Snow Brigade. You would choose or be given a dedicated area to clean up and maintain from debris. The Snow brigade will help seniors or disabled who are unable to shovel. : For more information about the program please contact Beth 847-678-1218 or Schiller Park Village Hall 847-678-2550,

Nov: T-BALL YOUTH LEAGUE The Village of Schiller

Park is looking for dedicated/clean record Volunteers to help form Schiller Parks New T-ball league. It will be open to boys & girls ages 4-6 yrs. League starts in March 2014, Will be announced Contact Patrick Tutak 847-338-3384,

Nov: ARC CLUB PROGRAMS Adult Recreation

Club-Events include Bingo, Fitness, Lunches/ Brunches,Lectures,Driver Safety programs, Bowling & card club-Registration required, Norridge, Community Park Dist. 4631 N Overhill Ave. 9am-2:00pm, Julie Gersky 708-457-1244, or

thru Nov 2013: COMM ED SMART METERS INSTALLATIONS ComEd will call phone number on

record to set up install. If someone shows up at your home, and ComEd has not made an appt. with you call ComEd. Never let anyone into your home, with-out checking their credentials. If you are unsure dial 911 or call 1800-edison1 or 1800-334-7661. Installs on new meters expected to start week of Oct 13 to install new Meters at local homes and businesses. Should be complete by Nov 30. Schiller Park  for info. Call ComEd at 1800-334-7661 1-800-EDISON1,

Nov 1-Dec 1: CERNAN EARTH & SPACE CENTERPUBLIC SHOWS The center brings an array of new and favorite show to entertain the family on astronomy at the planetarium. Admission fee’s vary for adults, children and seniors. Triton College 2000 Fifth Ave River Grove, times and days vary, for Schedules of admissions and shows 708-583-3100 or 708-456-0300 ext. 3372,

Nov 1-11: RINGLING BROTHERS & BARNUM & BAILEY CIRCUS An Annual family Fun event.

Allstate Arena, visit website for show times and dates


positions avail? Need a job? Want to showcase your company? Then plan to attend the Leyden Career Fair and Business Expo. The free event is open to students, parents, community members and businesses. The event will showcase the latest trends in career planning and technology and ways to update your skills and learn new ones. Local businesses will also be on hand to discuss opportunities available for qualified candidates. The Expo is co-sponsored by the Franklin Park/Schiller Park/River Grove Chamber of Commerce. Field House of East Leyden High School 3400 Rose Street Franklin Park, 12pm-4:15pm, Dr. Fran Brady more info 847-451-3031

Nov 6: DISCOVER TRITON: EXPLORE YOUR OPPORTUNITIES This month School of Health Careers

will be explored. Students who would like to learn more about Triton’s many programs should attend. A program that will highlight a different area of study each month. Students can hear from faculty and tour classroom and labs. As well receive info on admission and financial aid. Student Center Build B, 6-7:30pm, Reservations are strongly recommended to RSVP or for more info 708-456-0300 ext. 3130,


Sponsored by the River Park Women of the Moose Chapter 780, River Park Moose Lodge 8601 W. Fullerton at River Road River Grove: Mary Ann O’Donnell, 847-678-4444 or 708-227-9820

Nov 9: MONTHLY SKY WATCH Cernan Earth

and Space Center: Cernan Earth and Space Center at Triton College 2000 Fifth Ave. River Grove, 7:30pm.

Nov 9: LEYDEN FAMILY SERVICES-BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER DINNER AUCTION Live Entertainment by “Dinner @8” and Dancing-Auction. Tickets are $80 each. Victoria Beau Jolie 6pm, 9950 W. Lawrence Ave. Schiller Park, For ticket info call Linda at 847-451-5095 ,

Nov 10: 1ST ANNUAL HONOR OUR VETERANS PANCAKE BREAKFAST Veterans and their families are welcome-Free, Schiller Park Community Center 4501 25th Avenue, 8:30am-10:00am


Drinks, Live Music & Honor Live Music from 5-6:30pm featuring Back Country Roads Band and Brother Trouble, then 6:30p Ceremonial Program: Mayor Stephens welcomes all, mini concert by Navy Band Great Lakes, Color Guard, Presentation of the Colors, The National Anthem performed by Torron Crawford, Salute Inc. will welcome, introduce and honor our Veterans. 7pm Patriotic Fire Works Show and 7:30 Monday Night Football. MB Park, 5501 Park Place, Rosemont, 4:00-7:30pm

Nov 14: SMART METER SEMINAR Learn about the

electric smart meter and how you can put them to work for you. Attendees can enter to win a $25 gift card. BRING A FRIEND, Schiller Park Public Library 7pm. For info, contact the SP Library, 847-678-0433,


Arts Department will kick off their theater season with “Fuddy Meers” by David Lindsay-Abaire. “Fuddy Meers” tells the story of an amnesiac, Claire, who awakens each morning as a blank slate on which her husband and teenage son must imprint the facts of her life. One morning, Claire is abducted by a limping, lisping man who claims her husband wants to kill her. The audience views the ensuing mayhem through the kaleidoscope of Claire’s world. The play culminates in a cacophony of revelations, proving that everything is not what it appears to be. Presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc. New York. Admission is $12 for general audience members and $10 for students, faculty/staff and seniors. Cox Auditorium. (708) 456-0300, ext. 6932 or visit,

Nov 16: HOLIDAY BIG BAND DINNER DANCE  Featuring Live Orchestra, Buffet dinner, refreshments, dancing, raffles, Franklin Park, Centre at North Park, 2p-5:30pm Call or visit Franklin Park Rec. for Fee’s, 847-455-2852,


191. Please leave bagged, Nonperishable food items on your front porch. Sponsored by Knights of Columbus & St. Maria Goretti since 1998, Starting at 9am, 847-671-8580,

Nov 16: POLISH DINNER/DANCE-CATERING BY KASIA’S Traditional Polish Dinner, Music, Dancing, Cash Bar. Tickets are $15-Kids Hot Dog Meal $5. St. Beatrice Church Hall, Sponsored by the Knight of Columbus Ava Maria Council, 4141 Wagner, Schiller Park, For tickets contact Wayne Bernacki, 847-671-0330 

Nov 21 (Spanish), Nov 22 (English): LAGRINGAWEST LEYDEN DIST 212 West Leyden High School Presents: Performed In Spanish-LaGringa Please check Leyden212 webiste for each events information. West Leyden High school-Auditorium, 7pm, Please check Leyden212 webiste for each events information,

Nov 23: LAGRINGA-IN ENGLISH AT 6PM LAGRINGA-IN SPANISH AT 8PM WEST LEYDEN DIST 212 West Leyden High School Presents: Performed

In English-LaGringa performance at 6pm Performed in Spanish-LaGringa performance at 8pm, West Leyden High school-Auditorium, English 6pm Spanish 8pm, Please check Leyden212 webiste for each events information.

Nov 23 & 24: ST. BEATRICE WOMEN’S CLUB HARVEST BAKE SALE After all the masses 5pm

Saturday, 8am to 1:30pm Sunday, St. Beatrice Church, 4157 Atlantic Ave. SP, 847-678-0138  The Mayor of Franklin Park, Barrett Pedersen, and the Franklin Park-Manila Lions Club will be serving free Thanksgiving Dinner to senior citizens and otherwise needy. It will be held at the Franklin Park Community Center on Wednesday, November 27, 2013, at 3:00pm For information, please call Tessie Zaretsky at 847-288-1921. There will be entertainment and cash raffles.



Dec 2-13: TRITON COLLEGE ART GALLERY A large portion of the works done by talented students will be on display & avail for purchase. A closing reception will take place on Weds. Dec 11 from 6-8pm for more information on time schedule visit website or call, 708-456-0300 ext. 3589,


check Leyden212 webiste for each events information. 6pm, West Leyden-West Eagle Wing

Dec 4: DISCOVER TRITON: EXPLORE YOUR OPPORTUNITIES This month School of Arts & Sciences

will be explored. Students who would like to learn more about Tritons many programs should attend. A program that will highlight a different area of study each month. Students can hear from faculty and tour classroom and labs. As well receive info on admission and financial aid. Student Center Build B, 6-7:30pm, Reservations are strongly recommended to RSVP or for more info 708-456-0300,

Dec 6: HOLIDAY LIGHTS AND DECORATION BUS TOUR Sponsored by the FP/SP/RG Chamber of Commerce OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. View fabulous holiday displays at Lincoln Park Zoo and around town and then shop at the Christkindlmarket in downtown Chicago. Tour last around 3.5-4 hours, $20 per adult and $5 per child 6-12 yrs. of age. Children under 5 free. Prepayment is required. For info or questions contact Gaye Faro, 708-865-9510 or

Dec 31: POLAR EXPRESS All Aboard! Children and

Parents or Guardian ride the train (Metra) to see Santa at the North Pole (Elgin). Park Dist. Provides Chocolate Milk & cookies to everyone on the train. Santa greets the children at the North Pole (Elgin Train Station) distributing a present to each child. After Santa’s visit, the train will return you to Franklin Park train station. Franklin Park, 25th Ave and Pacific Metra Station, Pre-Registration and payment required. For info times and fees. 847-455-2852,

Dec 31: ROCKIN NEW YEARS EVE Featuring live

children’s entertainment, pizza, refreshments, party favors, face painting, With a New Years count down. Parent must accompany child. Franklin Park Community Center, Preregistration and payment required. 12pm-2pm, 847-455-2852,


11-14 Leyden Township 12-26 Schiller Park 11-21 River Grove 1-2 Leyden Township 12-5 Leyden Township 1-9 Leyden Township 12-12 Leyden Township 1-16 River Grove 12-19 River Grove All movie showing are at 10am and 1pm. Visit village websites for locations.

Letters to Santa Write a letter to Santa and tell him

Dec 7: SANTA CALL ME- Norridge Park Dist. Made

spec. arrangements for Santa to call your child at home. To do so he needs unique info: So please fill out a special letter to Santa (avail @ Norridge Rec. center. All letter applications must be in before Before 12/5 at 5pm. Fee’s are Residents $1.00 / Non-res. $2.00 Santa will call the registered children between the hours of 6-8pm on Dec 12 or Dec 13, Call Registration is required 708-457-1244, or

Dec 7.: SANTA’S HOUSE & WINTER WONDERLAND Santa and Friends will be on hand to ring in the Holiday Season, this Family Fun Free event will have Face painting, balloon animals & refreshments. Don’t forget your Camera, Schiller Park Community Center 4501 25th Avenue, 3-7pm, 847-678-2550, Sandra Rosario

what you want this holiday. Santa will send a personalized letter back to you! (Please include your name, address, and phone number in your letter.) All Ages (Leyden Township residents only), Deadline: Friday, December 13. Mail to or drop off your letters to Leyden Township Community Center, c/o Santa Clause, 2620 Mannheim Road, Franklin Park, IL 60131. FREE


Dec 10: EAST LEYDEN WINTER ART SHOW Please check Leyden212 webiste for each events information. 6pm, East Leyden High School East Little Theater

Dec 11: MUSIC OF THE HOLIDAY’S East Leyden

High school Presents: Music of the Holidays. For full details, Please check Leyden212 webiste for each events information. 7pm, East Leyden High School-Auditorium

Dec 14: HOLIDAY FUN AND PICTURES WITH SANTA 1-3pm. $5 per child includes one picture postcard of your child with Santa. Coloring contest, holiday crafts, kiddie games, piñatas, goody bags, hot chocolate and candy canes. Bring your own camera if you’d like additional pictures with Santa. Leyden Township Community Center 847-451-5144.

Dec 16: WINTER BAND CONCERT Performing Arts

Center is Proud to present Triton College Community Band in it’s annual winter program. Charles Groeling is the music conductor. The 40 member group performs a wide variety of pieces that represent the principal periods for the concert band. Includes overtures, marches, colorful program pieces, instrumental’s together with current pop styles. A portion will be devoted to familiar holiday selections. Triton CollegePerforming Arts Center Robert M Collins Center ( R bldg.), 7:30pm, 708-456-0300 ext. 3506,

Dec 17: SCHILLER PARK BLOOD DRIVE Save lives, Donate Blood. Every other month, on the Third Tues. from 2:30pm to 8:30pm. Eat well, drink plenty of fluids, bring a photo I.D. and 10 friends. When you donate you get a Free mini physical, find out your cholesterol reading and your blood type. Schiller Park Community Center 4501 25th Avenue, 2:30-8:30pm, 847-678-2550, Dec 17: TRITON COLLEGE CAREER SERVICES CENTER The job club is open to everyone, including

community members. In an effort to help people with their job search, while also serving as a support group. This club meets once a month to discuss a particular topic or to listen to guest speakers. Triton College-Student Center Build B-room B-140, 11am, 708-456-0300 ext. 3789



Congress gave the President the authority he sought in the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. Only years later would a second attack be discredited as unsubstantiated and probably untrue. President Johnson turned Vietnam into a quagmire. From 1965-1975, 58,000 lives were lost. It was not until 2003 that many documents were released showing little evidence of any attack. Senator Fulbright said, “If this information had been put before me, I would not have rushed into action. Today, many Senators are making similar statements. Had they known the whole story, they would never have voted for the Iraq War. Unfortunately, they didn’t insist on such relevant information At the time. When President Reagan invaded Grenada in 1983, he did so under his inherent commanderin-chief powers, not a Congressional Resolution. He invoked his authority again when Libya was attacked in 1986. President Bush’s father used his inherent authority to invade Panama, and capture its leader, General Manuel Noriega. President Bill Clinton repeatedly ordered military action on his authority, bypassing Congress for forays in Bosnia, (without French consent), Iraq, Haiti, Sudan and Afghanistan. They never attacked us. He was offered Osama bin Laden’s head on a platter three times by Sudan and did nothing. Osama has attacked us on multiple occasions. In the first Iraq War, America was responding to the unprovoked invasion and occupation of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein’s forces. This was a matter directly involving the United Nations. If Ronald Reagan had still been in the White House, he probably would have insisted on liberating Kuwait, by replacing Saddam Hussein with a democratic regime under Western and UN supervision.

His successor, George Bush, Sr. was less clear-sighted. The generals had no instructions to “go on.” They halted operations when Hussein asked for an armistice and left him in power. When George Bush, the younger, authorized the war against Iraq, he no doubt had in mind to finish the business left behind by the “Older.” But the actual reasons for the second war were much less plausible, and carried less weight with the world. They welcomed the overthrow of Saddam and his regime, but were not clear why America was occupying Iraq as part of a world-wide fight against terror; The confusion, originating in the first Iraq war and deepened in the second, lies at the root of our present difficulties. Since World War II, even wars based on Congressional Resolutions are, in constitutional terms, almost casual. Where the Framers of the Constitution wanted clarity, Congress has created ambiguity in the making of war. The making of preventative war would have been controversial enough with the Framers, but for more controversial would have been the concept of perpetual war that arises from “war on Terrorism.” Such a conf lict has neither a beginning in the form of Congressional Declaration of War nor an end in the form of an expected victory. Can any president now suddenly declare that terrorism has been defeated? Clear constitutional language has been replaced over the years by the language of political convenience. As long as the executive and legislative branches of our government evade the difficult burden placed on them by the Framers, they will continue to find wars easier to start- and become increasingly common in our modern times. A Ray of Hope

Betty’s Bites from the Booth Señor Jefe Mexican Grill

Senor Jefe is actually on N. 75th Ave. at the rear of the building. They share the building with Spizzico Pizza which is on North Ave. Senor Jefe is across the street from Johnnies Beef, famous for their Italian Lemonade. In my travels, I spotted a sign for Senor Jefe, Now Open!. I grabbed my dinner companion and said “ Let’s do Mexican Grill for dinner, I have a new place I want to try.” The outside of the restaurant is very inviting. The signage is great and what caught my eye. Taco’s, Home made Tamales, etc. We walked in, I was pretty surprised to see it is more of a Taco stand than a restaurant. There are stools up near the windows with wooden bars to eat at. My companion did not want to stay: he wanted to sit comfortably. This is where it all gets stranger and stranger. With my dinner date wanting to sit comfortably, the girl behind the counter said “ If you want, you can take the menu, go sit in the restaurant next door, place your order there and I’ll bring to you there.” Now I’m confused. To verify what I heard was correct I said “ okay, we can go next door to the Italian Restaurant, place our order for Mexican food from your restaurant and you’ll deliver to our table there at the Italian restaurant? “ “Yes” she answered. Both my dinner date and I are very intrigued now, we laughed and said okay, let’s try it. Next door to Spizzico Pizza

& Pasta we went for our Mexican dinner. We had never been to either of these two eateries. We walked in. It is a cute little place, about 10 tables, no frills for sure. The three girls behind the counter never acknowledged we were there. I wasn’t sure if they seat you there or you seat yourself. We stood at the door for a few seconds. Then I said “Can we sit anywhere?” One girl looked up “oh yes, sure where ever you want” I chose a table where I had a good view of the whole place at work. We sat for a few minutes, looking at the Mexican restaurant menu, laughing how strange it was. We waited for one of the waitresses to come over to take at least our drink order. We sat, and sat. My companion said, “maybe we have to go up to the counter to place the order.” So up to the counter we went. “Do we place our order here or do you come to the table?” The girl said “No, you can place it here.” Like any fast food place, you place your order at the counter and pay when you place the order. I ordered the Steak Fajita Platter, which included side of rice & beans and of course tortilla. My dinner date had the burritos. We went back to our table to wait for our Mexican meal at the Italian Restaurant. I have to say we laughed a lot in our confusion. There was one other couple eating. When they were finished they cleaned off their table. Big



October is Bullying Prevention Month

As teachers, our number one priority is to provide a safe, welcoming classroom environment for all students. October is Bullying Prevention Month. According to the Minneapolis-based National Bullying Prevention Center; 1) Nearly one-third of all school-aged children are bullied each year - upwards of 13 million students, 2) 64 percent of children who were bullied did not report it; only 36 percent reported the bullying 3) Students who are bullied often have declining grades and lose self-esteem, selfconfidence, and self-worth and 4) students who are bullied report more physical and emotional symptoms such as headaches, stomach aches, anxiety, and depression. We urge every adult to be engaged with the children in their lives, listen to their concerns and if they are the target of bullying, talk to their teacher. We are here to provide a safe, welcoming learning environment and are committed to ensuring the success of our students. Schiller Park Education Association (SPEA) The Teachers of Schiller Park

Dear Passow Parents and Students

In response to the many kind inquiries from parents and students, I would like to clarify as to why I am no longer a lunchroom supervisor at Passow Elementary school. In late July, I received a phone call from the Passow principal informing me that the extra duty as a lunchroom supervisor would no longer be available (to me) pursuant to the Franklin Park District 84 teacher contract, extra duties must be offered and filled by certified personnel. After working at Passow for the past 12 years, I felt an instant loss and such disappointment knowing I would no longer be the students lunch supervisor. As with every start of the school year I looked forward to seeing the students and their many smiling faces as they welcomed me with a warm “hello.” Through the years I have seen so many children grow up while working in the lunchroom and met so many wonderful families. It has been an honor and a privilege to have served the Passow community for the past 12 years. To the students: I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to read all of your letters and see your drawings – they were awesome! Thank you for all of the wonderful memories. I will truly miss you all! Mrs. Cheryl Holmes

Are These the Signs of the Times? BY BOB DITURI

Powerful insights are found in the apocalypse vision of Nostradamus’ prediction and also the Mayan Calendar. These well known to man on what they believed the near future could have in store for all of humanities existence on the face of this earth because of the worlds changing events. But not all of us agree or even have taken this myth seriously enough to think or worry about it. Yes people, there is known need to repeat these predictions again especially if we can’t open our hearts and minds and listen and see and understand sincerely what is happening all around us now that is making all of us on this earth slip back into the weakness of human nature. Maybe Steven Kings new novel “Under the Dome” in some ways could be making more sense than ever because now time isn’t just running short for us; it’s running out! Come on world and people of many places just look at the signs of our times and tell me of you don’t think our time isn’t running out? Look at the inhumane terrorist attack in Boston Massachusetts. What about the millions of people struggling in this crisis in a jobless market? How about the many impoverished people who suffer daily in hunger and sickness? Please take seriously the daily human lives of babies that are being taken from their mother’s womb and are aborted at legalized abortion clinics. Look at the tornados that swept through Oklahoma that had caused miles of devastation of homes and the loss of human lives with earth shaking winds that reached over 200 MPH. Torrential rains and flooding across many of our states and across our globe of southern Mexico and central Europe have plagued many with torment. And still the hatred of many countries goes on. A bill passed in our own state of

Illinois to carry concealed weapons for more guns for more gangbangers to carry. Chicago has become the crime capital of the world with an epidemic of gun violence where people are under siege each day fearing for their lives. Should we look at our Pope Francis who in exercising his authority refuses to use the signs of power and prefers to lead with the power of signs? What about dictatorship that has deprived man of fundamental freedoms? American people aren’t you sick of the political gamesmanship of our government with republicans and democrats in Washington D.C. fighting against each other without the concern for the common good of its people’s interest? Just recently from the correspondence given from the media in Damascus we have seen and heard and proved with our intelligence the breath taking cruelty of fourteen hundred people who were attacked by nerve gas in this region of Syria. So far this civil war from the Syrian regime has taken the lives of over 100,000 people. How will the United States act? Will we face the unknown consequences when they decide? Will the whole world be in immediate danger? Right now do you feel like we live in a lost world that we don’t understand? Is a better world possible? Yes readers, I can go on and on. But remember that the world must understand again that man cannot live without God and without the truth that in him he will set us free from all of these signs and changes in our life; only the world will change with a embrace and love for all mankind. Maybe the sign of the times will come soon for the unbelievers to believe when the gear of God animates the people of the world. Maybe then better and more respectful this nation will be. Yes people, do not be afraid or indifferent to the world tragedies, but, be aware of the need to always help those who struggle everyday for survival in these topsy –turvey signs of our times that need our prayers before time runs out.

COMMUNITY NEWS Food Pantry Needs Donations

Resurrection Lutheran Church food pantry is asking for donations. With more and more people coming in asking for assistance, the pantry is running low on food. They are seeking either money or nonperishable foods items such as dried pasta, spaghetti sauce, canned soups, breakfast items, cereals, oatmeal, pancake mix, canned goods such as whole kernel corn, beans, of any kind, dried rice, tuna, small canned hams, toiletries, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes and deodorants. Donations are tax deductible. For information on donating contact Resurrection Lutheran Church at 847-455-7013.

Food for Fines at the River Grove Library During the month of November, the River Grove Public Library will be accepting Food for Fines. Here’s how it works: bring in nonperishable items and the librarian at the front desk will take off up to $5 on overdue fines on River Grove materials. 2 items= $1 off fines! All items will be donated to the River Grove Food Pantry. The River Grove Public Library is located at 8638 W. Grand Avenue in River Grove, Illinois.

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(from left) Tom Brimie, Lucia, and Dominc Manola Can one person change the world? I think the answer is YES, and I know that one person. Her name is Lucia Ramirez. She is 20 years old and has touched so many lives in her short time here on earth. I meet Lucia in May of 2011 when she was a senior at East Leyden High School. I received a call from Jill Stocks asking me to go with her to meet Lucia at the request of Kim Farkas, Leyden teacher Dominic Manola wanted to see if I would do my annual fundraiser for Lucia and her family. I agreed to meet Lucia but told Jill, I really didn’t want to change anything we were doing with the Pre-Holiday Celebration & Food Drive. It was going on its third year and pretty much on autopilot, so no promises. We arrived at East Leyden, went to the football field where yearbook signing was taking place, found Manola and then my life changed forever. We meet this young girl in a wheelchair with the biggest smile I had ever seen. We talked with Lucia for no more than five minutes, and then talked to Manola and several other Leyden staff. Cindy Meyers asked if we were going to do our event for Lucia. Jill and I said yes, then Cindy asked, if we would still do it even if Lucia was not still with us. Fighting back tears, we told her we would. Since that day in May 2011, I have come to know Lucia very well and am convinced that God sent her here to change the world, starting with her little corner in Franklin Park. Out of our brief meeting, The Unity in Community Foundation was formed. In the past two years, we have helped families in need with our annual event, have given away hundreds of dollars in Jewel gift cards

to families in the area, and even bought Lucia a van equipped with a wheelchair lift. We continue to support the Food 4 Life Food Pantry in Franklin Park and we started the Lucia Ramirez Community Involvement Scholarships and the Smerz-Horvath Athletic Scholarships at East and West Leyden. This year we are hosting the 5th Annual Pre-Holiday Celebration & Food Drive to assist Leyden senior, Kasey Scotella, purchase a service dog to assist her with her seizures, as well as continuing to support our Leyden scholarships. All this is possible with the help from our great community, but if not for Lucia, would not have been started. When you meet Lucia, you walk away feeling different; can’t explain it, I do know if comes from above. On Monday, October 21st, a gentleman that met Lucia a couple years ago called me and asked if I could meet with him at Lucia’s home. He had something he wanted to give her. I agreed and couldn’t believe what he did. This man, who wants to be remain anonymous, just completed the Chicago Marathon and presented his marathon medal to Lucia. He had the back of it engraved as follows: “Name: Lucia, Place: First,

Time: Always.” While I was there, I also had $100 to give Lucia from another anonymous man in town, he has done this on several occasions since meeting Lucia. I am a diehard Sox fan, yet I wear a Cubs Believe rubber bracelet I gave to Lucia (a Cub fan.) Lucia said she doesn’t wear bracelets because it draws attention to her tremors. With those beautiful wide eyes she looks up at me and asked if I would wear it for her. I laughed and said, “no way.” Well, it’s been almost two years and the BELIEVE bracelet is still on my wrist. So again I ask you, “Can one person change the world?” I say “yes,” and the one person is Lucia Ramirez. Please join The Unity in Community Foundation as we host, the 5th Annual PreHoliday Celebration & Food Drive on November 16th at the Underpass Lounge in Franklin Park, from 6-10 pm. We continue to follow Lucia’s lead and try to make the world a better place for everyone. For information please visit our web site at: or email me

Locals Run in Chicago Marathon

A record 39,115 participants attempted to cross the finish line on October 13 in the 36th annual Bank of America Chicago Marathon. It was perfect weather and Kenya’s Dennis Kimetto smashed the men’s course record with a 2:03:45 performance, taking 53 seconds off the previous mark set last year. In the women’s competition, Kenya’s Rita Jeptoo cracked the 2:20 barrier with a winning time of 2:19:57, the fastest women’s marathon time in the world this year. In the elite wheelchair competition, Tatyana McFadden of the United States won her third straight Chicago Marathon in a course record time of 1:42:35, taking down the previous mark set in 1992. South Africa’s Ernst Van Dyk won a sprint finish in the men’s wheelchair race to claim his first Chicago title. Let’s congratulate some of the top finishers from the Leyden area. TOTAL # OF PARTICIPANTS






Elmwood Park








Vito Giuliano




Jeff Meschewski



Franklin Park




Javier Galeno



Harwood Heights




Jose Rodriguez



Melrose Park




Alexander Zatsorenko







Dina Jones


4352 15832





Hilary Hatton


Park Ridge




Kevin Burkum



River Grove




Gladys Tomasz







Michael Barahona



Schiller Park




Hector Veliz





Special Mention: Father Rob Schultz, St. Beatrice Church Pastor

• INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR PAINTING • Best known for his neatness while working. • Well known and trusted by local residents and senior citizens. • 20 year Franklin Park resident with over 25 years of experience. • Tod has done a lot of work in our community and is looking for ward to increasing business locally. • Free Estimates.

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COMMUNITY NEWS 7 Reasons Why Credit Unions Are Better Than Banks 1. Lower rates on lo a ns . According to the National Credit Union Administration, as of June 28 the average rate on a 36-month car loan was 2.85% at credit unions and 5.59% at banks. So banks are charging nearly twice as much for the same loan. 2. Higher rates on savings. The rate differences on savings aren’t as great. But interest rates on 10 different types of accounts, from checking to five-year certificates of deposit, are higher on average at credit unions than banks, according to the same website. 3. Better credit card deals. According to the NCUA, the average credit card interest rate in June was 12.85% for bank-issued cards, compared with an average of 11.56% for cards issued by credit unions. In addition, credit union credit cards tend to have lower fees and fewer of them. 4. Easier to borrow. While no lending institution is going to be careless with loans, community-based credit unions tend to be easier to deal with than megabanks. Lending decisions are more likely to be made locally with more flexibility. In addition, while few national banks would make what’s called a “signature loan” -- an unsecured loan guaranteed only by your signature -- credit unions routinely offer this service to their members with good credit. 5. Convenience. You’d think that a small credit union without a million branches would be less convenient than a giant national bank. Not necessarily. Credit unions have gone a long way toward making their online, phone and in-person services as easy as possible. Many credit unions belong to a shared branch cooperative that allows members of one credit union to conduct business at any other member credit union anywhere in the country -- even overseas. And when it comes

to finding the nearest participating credit union? Yes, there’s an app for that. 6. Lower fees. When it comes to banking fees, you’ll probably find better deals at credit unions than at the giant commercial banks. Whether you’re comparing fees to maintain a checking account, foreign ATM fees, or penalty fees for overdrawing your account, they’ll probably be lower. 7. Human beings answer the phone. Credit unions are typically smaller. Should you have a problem, odds are greater you’ll be talking to a live person sooner.

Are they safe?

In Credit unions offer the same deposit guarantee offered by banks -- up to $250,000. They’re not FDIC-insured. Instead, they have their own insurance fund. You can read more about the details of credit union deposit insurance in this article from As far as “dependable,” while every business is different, credit unions are generally going to be as solid as banks. But it certainly never hurts to ask questions, like how long they’ve been in business and how many members they serve.

How do you join?

In days past, to join a credit union, you had to work at a specific company, or be a member of a specific organization or profession. Today? Not so much. Laws still require credit unions to have a defined group of members, but that defined group can be pretty broad. For example, of the approximately 8,000 credit unions nationwide, about 25% are community-based. In other words, to qualify as a member, you only need to live in the same city or county as the credit union. In fact, you might not even need to actually live in the area. Working there or going to school there might be enough. Even being related to another member could qualify you. In short, barriers to membership at some credit unions are about as high as the ones you’ll find at your neighborhood warehouse store. You can search credit unions at a number of sites, including Find A Credit Union, CU Lookup and the Credit Union National Association site. Source MSN Money There are several credit unions in the Leyden Township area. People & Places favorite? Leyden Credit Union in Franklin Park. Friendly, personable customer service and offers all your banking needs. Stop in today and sign up.

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When one asks residents in the area about “Roger”, many of them would recognize him as an expert in Medicare Supplements for people over 65 years old. This being a result of him providing a great service for many years. This entrepreneur, a resident of Schiller Park for more than 15 years has been fortunate to get many referrals from his customers, most of them Hispanic. He also offers Dental and Vision plans, Car Insurance, Final Expenses and Retirement plans. Working for more than 20 years for big insurance companies, Roger opened his own insurance agency in Schiller Park in 2009, one of his dreams. He also had another dream, to be able to support his four kids while attending college and he did, with the help of his wife. Two of them are presently in college and two of them are pursuing their careers. Roger has also been involved in nonprofit organizations and local parishes. His biggest challenge and accomplishment has been to provide potable water to his native town in Mexico, El Mirador, Guerrero, in 2007. “I am so fortunate to help my community when they are in need, and my mission to my clients is to talk about their families, finances, and dreams.”

Empresario Hispano Rogelio Uriostegui

Al preguntar a residentes del área sobre “Roger”, la mayoría lo ubican por sus recomendaciones en los Suplementarios de Medicare para personas mayores de 65 años, gracias a su excelente atención. Y es que este

Holiday Food Drive at “We Smile Dental” The primary roles of the dentist in the community have been that of educator and health care provider: to impress upon patients the importance of good oral health, share the ADA recommendations for preventative care, and to deliver treatment when treatment is necessary. Many of our experiences with the dentist have been about our oral health and not much more. However, there is a dental office near Elmwood Park that is different from the others. Since 1995, We Smile Dental has been supporting the community through outreach, local team sponsorship, and providing donated dental care to those in need. The doctors and staff of We Smile Dental provide much more than just dental care to their patients. This coming holiday season, We Smile Dental would like to reach out to the community once again. From November 1st through December 31st, the office will be hosting a “Holiday Food Drive.” All donations will be given to St. Cyprians Food Pantry. St. Cyprian has requested dry cereal, but all donations are greatly appreciated. As someone recently said, “It is our responsibility to help those in need when we can – especially

MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT & MEDICARE ADVANTAGE Quality Companies • Low Premium FUNERAL EXPENSES Rogelio Uriostegui, Independent Agent

847-989-4585 • 847-233-9403


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2701 N. 25th Ave. Franklin Park, IL

Meet Hispanic Entrepreneur, Rogelio Urióstegui

empresario, residente de Schiller Park por más de 15 años, ha tenido la dicha de establecerse en uno de los suburbios que le permite acercarse a la comunidad hispana y obtener muchísimas recomendaciones por sus servicios, además de ofrecer planes Dentales y de Visión, Seguros de Auto, Gastos de Funeral y Planes de Retiro. Con una trayectoria de más de 20 años trabajando para diferentes compañías aseguradoras, abre su propia agencia en Schiller Park en el 2009, uno de sus sueños. Además muy satisfecho de cumplir otro sueño y es que con ayuda de su esposa han podido apoyar a sus cuatro hijos a asistir a Universidades privadas, dos de ellos ya egresados y dos a la mitad de su carrera. También ha apoyado a diversas organizaciones sin fines de lucro, iglesias locales y su gran logro de ofrecer agua potable en su natal Mirador, Guerrero en el 2007. “Me siento muy afortunado de poder ayudar a mi gente cuando más lo necesitan, mi misión para mis clientes es platicarles sobre familias, finanzas y sueños”.

Open to The Community

4825 N. Scott St Suite 109, Schiller Park, Illinois Se habla español

COMMUNITY NEWS at this time of the year when there are people of our community that have less than they need.” If you would like to participate in this great cause, you may drop-off non-perishable goods to their office. We Smile Dental is located at 7124 W. Diversey Ave in Chicago just east of the intersection of Diversey Ave and Harlem Ave. The office phone number is 773.237.8855. If you would like more information about We Smile Dental and the services they provide, please visit their website at You can also follow them on Facebook to learn more about this great dental office and its team.

skills, training, interests and willingness to keep learning. All RSVP volunteers who served 36 hours within the year are invited to the luncheon complimentary. The cost is $20 per person for guests of RSVP volunteers and participants of the program who did not serve 36 hours within the year who would like to attend the event. “We will celebrate the great work our approximately 500 volunteers have done this year with a special volunteer appreciation luncheon,” said Kay Frey, director of the RSVP Volunteer Program. “This past year, these volunteers gave more than 73,000 hours of volunteer service to their community, representing a cost savings of approximately $1.6 million. These volunteers are priceless treasures of our community.” RSVP volunteers tutor English as a Second Language (ESL) students, provide clerical assistance, make lunches for the homeless, prepare taxes for the elderly, and visit the terminally ill and nursing home residents. Whenever and wherever the need is great, volunteers help others. This year’s luncheon features entertainment by It’s All About You Entertainment and raffle prizes donated by Zanies in Rosemont, the Oak Park Festival Theatre, Community Nurse Health Center, Hines VA Hospital, Paramount Theatre in Aurora, The Marriott Theatre in Lincolnshire, Ten Thousand Villages in Oak Park, and RSVP Advisory Council member Carol Bibly. Rep. Kathleen Willis will be present to thank the volunteers for their service.

Triton’s RSVP Volunteer Program Celebrates 30 Years with Luncheon River Grove, Ill. – The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program of West Suburban Cook and Southern DuPage Counties (RSVP) will celebrate a milestone at its 30th Annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon on Sunday, Nov. 3, at the Diplomat West Banquets in Elmhurst. A national volunteer program, locally sponsored by Triton College, RSVP provides individuals 55 and older an opportunity to impact their community through volunteer service activities. RSVP volunteers serve in capacities that call on their wisdom, experiences,

Allegra Banquets Thanksgiving Buffet Thurs, Nov. 28th 12-6 pm

To volunteer with RSVP or for more information, call Triton’s RSVP Office at (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3603. RSVP seeks talkative volunteers to meet with ESL students River Grove, Ill. – Are you someone who likes to talk? Do you have the gift of gab? The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program of West Suburban Cook and Southern DuPage Counties (RSVP) at Triton College is looking for volunteers age 55 and older who’d be interested in meeting with English as a Second Language (ESL) students to simply talk as a means to practice their conversational English-speaking skills. RSVP’s Conversational English Tutoring Program pairs RSVP volunteers with two to three ESL students who are about to complete Triton College’s ESL program to meet once a week for one hour to just talk. ESL students in the program are eager to practice their conversational English-speaking skills with individuals who speak English. The meetings usually take place during the week on Triton’s campus, but may be coordinated to meet at a local library, if both parties agree. There are no requirements to volunteer with this program – just the desire to help someone and the love of conversing in the English language! For more information and/or to volunteer, call the RSVP Office at (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3835 or 3603.

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Boy Scouts earn awards at Court of Honor Boy Scout Troop 158 in Franklin Park, sponsored by the Kiwanis of Franklin Park, Bensenville and Wood Dale, recently had their October Court of Honor. The following awards were earned by the Scouts. Merit Badges were awarded to James Adamczyk for Environmental Science and Family Life, Giovanni Diomede for Citizenship in the Nation, Jeremy Mazur for Family Life, Geoffrey Sarno for Camping, and Zac Seymore for Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the Community, and Personal Fitness. Two Scouts also achieved Advancement to their next rank – Giovanni Diomede earned the rank of Star Scout and Zac Seymore earned the rank of Life Scout. The 6 Scouts who attended Boundary Waters this summer were given patches for canoeing 92 miles during their week long trip. They were Jeremy Mazur, Gren Mendoza, Geoffrey Sarno, Zac Seymore, Pat Shelton, and Jacob Wason. Additionally all the Scouts and adults who attended the Fall Camporall with Des Plaines Valley Council received patches. Congratulations to all of these Scouts. Informat ion about Boy Scout Troop 158 is available by visiting our website at

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT fitness, sports programs and other programs for children, seniors and families. The center opened in 2002 and serves residents of Elmwood Park, Franklin Park, River Grove, Schiller Park, unincorporated Melrose Park and portions of Norridge, Northlake, Park Ridge and Rosemont.

Community Center Named After Stephens Area mayors, village officials, friends, and family attended the renaming of the Leyden Township Community Center to include the name Bradley A. Stephens. Joe Thomas, Leyden Township Supervisor, gave a speech detailing the reasons why Mayor Stephens deserved the honor. Mayor Stephens who was the Leyden Township supervisor for 20 years before stepping down from the position earlier this year and has been mayor of Rosemont since 2007, was humbled by the ceremony renaming the center in his honor. However, Thomas pointed out the many accomplishments Bradley did during his time as supervisor stating he will be a tough act to follow. The newly named community center is a 15,000 sq. ft. facility that is used for adult and youth

Brad Stephens poses with his family after the ceremony

Local Soccer Coach Wins Award Chris Jamrozy, Illinois Youth Soccer Marketing & Communications Director recently informed Wayne Bernacki, a 15 year coach for Thunder Soccer, that he was selected as one of the 2013 Illinois Youth Soccer Demosphere Administrators of the Year. Demosphere is the official website provider of Illinois Youth Soccer and they will also be making a $200 contribution to the Thunder Soccer Club as part of Wayne’s recognition in March of 2014. The ceremony will take place at the Stonegate Conference Center in Hoffman Estates. As a state winner, Wayne will also be nominated for the US Youth Soccer Region II Administrator of the Year Award. Wayne commented, “The success of our youth soccer program is a result of a great TEAM of board members at Thunder Soccer. Our dedicated board is committed to making our program the best for the kids in our community and to help continue to grow the popularity of soccer in the USA.” Congratulations Wayne. Best wishes on your continued success and thank you for all you do for youth sports.

Out-of-County Tax Ruled Unconstitutional

Schiller Park Residents Mourn

Cook County companies purchasing goods from outside the county might not have to pay the tax on those items after a judge’s ruling. There is an appeal expected. A circuit court judge ruled a Cook County tax is unconstitutional and has determined it can’t be enforced, according to a lawyer involved in a lawsuit against the county and its tax. In a decision he handed down from the bench, Cook County Circuit Court Judge Robert Lopez Cepero determined that a Cook County tax on purchases made outside the county violated the county’s code, the state’s constitution and the U.S. Constitution, said attorney Michael Wynne, who represents the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce and his law firm Reed Smith in a lawsuit against the county. The attorney declared the ruling a victory for all taxpayers. The tax was instituted in 2012 to capture revenue from deals by Chicago-area companies seeking to avoid the county’s sales tax. However, the tax drew complaints and at least two lawsuits accused the county of illegally imposing a valuebased tax not authorized by the state legislature. Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle has argued the tax falls within the county’s home-rule powers. The county is waiting for the written order from the judge to appeal the ruling.

Schiller Park residents Catherine and David Stachura are mourning the loss of 83 year old Betty Knaack, Catherine’s mother. On September 30th, Des Plaines police found Betty conscious and responsive but lying on the living room f loor after police were called for a domestic disturbance at her home in Des Plaines. Police investigating the disturbance said that Lynn Bingaman, Betty’s granddaughter, was having an argument with her mother Susan Searls when Betty tried to intervene. Bingaman allegedly pushed past her grandmother causing Knaack to fall and strike her head on a wooden chair. Bingaman continued toward the door, at which point Searls blocked her exit. Bingaman then allegedly struck her mother several times in the face with a closed fist. Knacck suffered a severe head injury and passed away at the hospital on October 3. The Cook County Medical Examiner determined that she died of blunt head trauma from the alleged assault and ruled the death a homicide. Bingaman’s charges were upgraded to include first degree murder. She remains in jail. Betty was the mother of four children, grandmother of 19 and great grandmother of 31. Services were held and she now rests at Memory Gardens. People & Places Newspaper extends their sincere sympathy to the family for their sudden and tragic loss.


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GET RELIEF. CALL NOW! headaches: dolores de cabeza neck/back pain: dolor de cuello and dolor de espalda depressed/low energy: depresión numbness/tingling: entumecimiento car accident/whiplash: accidente de coche

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT Dominick’s Finer Foods Closing Their Doors

Morningfields In Park Ridge To Move

Park Ridge officials are hopeful that the Dominick’s food store located on Cumberland Avenue will not be vacant for long. Although loss of sales tax revenue is a concern, employees losing their jobs is equally concerning. Village officials believe the great location will attract new owners or tenants. Although the store could easily be another grocery store, it could be attractive to other retailers such as an electronics business or for a redevelopment project. Although Dominick’s was one of the city’s largest contributors to sales tax, they also have a Jewel and Trader Joe’s with a Whole Foods opening in November. They’re confident their bottom line will not be affected over the long term.

Morningfields market at 800 W. Devon will soon have to relocate since the Walgreens plans to move its South Park business into a new structure on the Devon Avenue side of the strip mall. Walgreens plans a new 15,000 sq. ft. plus store which will take over the corner of the shopping center where Morningfields is located. Morningfields has yet to confirm a new location.

Quigley Works to Mitigate Impact of Increased O’Hare Traffic WASHINGTON — U.S. Representative Mike Quigley (IL-05) is calling on the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) to further examine ways to mitigate O’Hare Airport noise pollution resulting from the new runways opening this week as part of the O’Hare Modernization Program. “The O’Hare Modernization Program will increase safety, expand operations and improve efficiency at this vital economic engine,” said Rep. Quigley. “But vibrant neighborhoods and stable property values need not be sacrificed in the process. I’ll continue bringing neighbors and airport officials together to explore additional ways we can address community concerns.” In a letter to the FAA, Rep. Quigley and Representative Jan Schakowsky (IL-09) encouraged officials to reexamine the 65 DayNight Average Sound Level (DNL) metric used to measure noise effects on individuals due to aviation activities. Lowering the level would potentially allow more residents to qualify for the O’Hare Residential Sound Insulation Program (RSIP). The representatives believe the metric is outdated and does not accurately “reflect the true level of discomfort experienced by residents.” A separate letter to the CDA asks officials to consider expanding the Fly Quiet program, which encourages pilots and air traffic controllers to use designated nighttime preferential runways and flight tracks that direct aircraft over less populated areas, such as forest preserves, highways and commercial or industrial areas. O’Hare became a part of Illinois’ 5th Congressional District in January of this year. Since then, Rep. Quigley has met continuously with neighborhood organizations and aviation officials to discuss solutions to the noise concerns and was able to have a temporary noise monitor placed at North Park Village. Rep. Quigley serves on the House Committee on Appropriations, where he has made Chicago-area infrastructure investment a top priority as a member of the Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies (THUD).

Oakton College Presented With Check Oakton Community College was presented with a $150,000 check from Rivers Casino in Des Plaines. The money will be used for one-year scholarships for Des Plaines residents. This year, Rivers has awarded more than $1 million in funding for educationalbased programs to 16 organizations in Des Plaines and across the greater Chicagoland area.

Local Restaurant Closing

Rosemont restaurant Eggcetera closed their doors on October 27th after ten years in business. An auction was held on October 29th to sell their restaurant furniture and equipment. Negotiations are underway to possibly lease the property to a new Taco Bell restaurant. The building and property are owned by the village.

Veterans Park District Annual Holiday Toy & Food Drive Holiday Food Drive - Now thru December 14

Help provide food for the hungry. We are looking for individuals and/or corporations to help aid us in our mission to fight hunger in our surrounding communities during the holiday season. Please bring nutritious, non-perishable canned or packaged foods (no glass please) to any of the locations: • Grant Park Recreation Center, Northlake • Bulger Park, Melrose Park • George A. Leoni Complex, Melrose Park

of retirement living. Take stress out of your holiday plans. Make the decision to move to our retirement community. Get ready to enjoy fun activities and delicious meals every day.

Get in touch. To take a tour, call 708.562.4300. For more information, visit 420 North Wolf Road, Northlake, Illinois 60164

Holiday Toy Drive - Now thru December 14

A special thank you to all the families that dropped off toys for last year’s drive. Please make the holidays happier and help preserve the spirit of giving. Drop off a NEW toy or game at any of the locations listed below and make a difference in someone’s life this holiday season. • Grant Park Recreation Center, Northlake • Bulger Park, Melrose Park • George A. Leoni Complex, Melrose Park




IN CASE YOU MISSED IT Topinka Opens The Warehouse to Illinois Taxpayers CHICAGO – Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka launched The Warehouse, a comprehensive online database that puts Local Government financial information and tens of thousands of records at a single location for taxpayer review.

Each year, the Comptroller’s Off ice collects financial reports from 5,200 counties, municipalities and special taxing districts across the state. In creating The Warehouse, Topinka has made those records and other pertinent local financial information collected by her office immediately available to residents. T he Wa r e hou s e i s av a i l a b l e a t

“This user-friendly database allows taxpayers to scour our office ‘Warehouse’ from wherever they are located,” Topinka said. “There is no reason that residents should have to file Freedom of Information requests or sort through mountains of paper to see how their money is being spent. That information should be at their fingertips, and that’s what The Warehouse accomplishes.” Warehouse visitors are able to search records by report type, unit of government or community name. Once a local government is selected, users will be taken to a landing page where they can view a snapshot of local finances, Annual Financial Reports and Audits. The site also offers a “compare data” feature allowing visitors to see how one government stacks up against another. The unveiling of The Warehouse follows Topinka’s launch last year of a similar transparency website for state finances, The Ledger, which allows taxpayers to click their way through everything from the state’s daily receipts and bill backlog numbers to state agency budgets and an employee salary database. Both initiatives are part of Topinka’s ongoing effort to increase transparency and accountability in state and local government. In 2012, she successfully pushed for legislation requiring local governments to file Annual Financial Reports electronically, and implementing penalties for late reports. Last Spring, she worked to pass similar legislation for TIF Districts. “The fact is that government acts more responsibly when it knows people are watching,” Topinka said. “The Warehouse builds on the tremendous success of The Ledger – and let me assure you, we’re not done yet.”

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McDonald’s Opens for Business at Grand & Harlem ELMWOOD PARK – The Grand & Harlem redevelopment district got a major shot in the arm as a new McDonald’s restaurant opened for business. Village officials and community leaders joined management and corporate representatives for a formal ribbon cutting. The new restaurant is a 4,000 square foot, single story, restaurant with a dual-lane drive-thru. The facility features the latest in technology, including large electronic menus

that are automatically updated throughout the day. “This is a real plus for Elmwood Park and for our residents,” Village President Angelo “Skip” Saviano said. “This restaurant brings new life, jobs and tax dollars to the village. It’s also another step forward for our Grand & Harlem redevelopment plan.” Other economic redevelopment efforts include new streetscaping along Grand Avenue, new lighting and a new welcome sign for the village. A new Nascar Car Wash is also under construction and will offer a unique car washing experience utilizing the latest in technology, such as its water filtration and treatment systems as well as a duel belt conveyor system to move cars through the wash. McDonald’s corporate office says that the new Elmwood Park restaurant could create up to 60 new jobs. In addition, the company says that on average, its restaurants return more than 47 cents of every dollar earned to local economies. The company says it plans to operate the dining room from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily and the drivethru 24 hours a day. OCTOBER 2013 The Official Paper of the Melrose Park Chamber of Commerce

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Village President Skip Saviano helps Ronald McDonald at ribbon cutting. Former Village President Pete Silvestri and Village Clerk Gina Pesko are to Saviano’s right. Owners Saleh Al-Hajje, Mo Al-Hajje and Ellen Al-Hajje are to Ronald’s left.


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COMMUNITY NEWS Example of Excellence – Student Achievement:

School District 81 Board of Education Highlights Reporting on the Board Meeting Held on October 16, 2013 Consent Agenda Items Approved by the Board of Education:

• Minutes of the Regular Meeting and Executive Session of September 18, 2013 • Authorization to Pay Bills in the amount of $284,095.75 • Approval of Payroll for September, 2013 in the amount of $789,045.09

• Superintendent Dr. Kimberly Boryszewski, Principals Mrs. Melissa Kartsimas, Ms. Constance Stavrou, and Dr. Kristin Kopta presented student achievement data, including the School Year 2012-13 Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) status report and Reading and Math ISAT results for students in grades 3-8. New and old ISAT cut scores were presented to indicate how students would have scored prior to the newer, more rigorous cut scores. MAP data and Explore placement data were also presented. Question: Vice President Godziszewski inquired how many of the 45 teachers who hold the ESL endorsement also hold the Bilingual endorsement. Dr. Boryszewski stated that she would provide the exact number to her.

• Approval of the Library grant.

Business Information:

The Board of Education approved the hiring of: • Megan Sobolevski, 5th grade teacher at Washington School

• Board Policy Updates – First Reading • Enrollment Figures 2013-14

Public Participation:

• Teacher and SPEA representative, Amanda Peterson spoke in support of Bullying Prevention month. Ms. Peterson stated that as a teacher her number one priority is to provide a safe, welcoming classroom environment for all students. Ms. Peterson urged every adult to be engaged with the children in their lives, listen to their concerns, and if they are a target of bullying, to talk to their teacher. Ms. Peterson stressed that the teachers are here to provide a safe, welcoming environment and are committed to ensuring the success of their students.

• Approval of the 2013 School Report Cards for Kennedy, Washington, and Lincoln.

• Report Required by Public Act 097-0256 and 096-0434

Business Action:

The Board of Education approved the following motions: • Resolution #14-04 designating and directing the Chief School Business Official to prepare the 2013-2014 tentative amended budget.

• Approval of the District Improvement Plan. The Board of Education tabled the following motions: • The appointment of Board of Education members to the Strategic Planning Committee and Policy Review Committee. Discussion: Vice President Godziszewski, acting as President Pro tem, stated that she did not feel prepared to appoint members to the committees. Member Downs inquired why not. Vice President Godziszewski stated that she did not know she would be appointing the members that evening.


• Kimberly Merz, 4th grade certified Long term Replacement teacher at Washington School • Jane Racek, Interim Assistant Principal and Principal positions at Kennedy School The Board of Education accepted the resignations of: • Nicole Duffy, Paraprofessional at Kennedy School

• Approval of the applications for Recognition of Schools for Kennedy, Washington, and Lincoln.


For extra cash you may consider a job as an ELECTION JUDGE. Every time there is an election the Board of Elections Commissioners employs thousands of people to administer the polling locations. In each precinct at least one judge representing each political party must be assigned. They must be certified as having satisfactorily completed a training course and examination. This course requirement covers all the duties and responsibilities of elections. It consist of, at least, four hours of instruction with an examination which monitors a reading test skill, the ability to work with polling lists, the ability to add and the knowledge of election laws. To become an Election Judge you can contact the chairman of the party of your choice … your local county clerk … or the Board of Election Commissioners and express your interest to serve as a Judge of Elections. The qualifications are basic. You need to be a US citizen. You will need to speak, read and write the English language … however being fluent in Spanish and/or Polish will help. Election Judges secure the polling place. They are paid $170 for the day. You do need to get up early, but this is a small price to pay to secure our country’s vote!





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JM Automotive Repair General Auto and Truck Repair

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Chazz Palminteri Show

On Sunday, November 10, award-winning actor Chazz Palminteri brings his one-man show “A Bronx Tale” to the Arcada Theatre in St. Charles. Danny’s has partnered with Onesti Entertainment to offer an Italian Fiesta Buffet at Danny’s, bus transportation to the theatre and a ticket to the play for only $60. Seating is limited. Call 343-9999.

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Citrus, Earthy, Floral, Woody , Spicy Blends * Cedarwood * Coconut * Eucalyptus * Geranium * Lavender Musk * Peppermint * Rose * Sandalwood * Vanilla * Ylang Ylang * and so many more. NOVEMBER 2013 • PEOPLE & PLACES 11

HOUSE AND HOME Radon Awareness H ave yo u

t e s t e d you r home for radon yet? Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after cigarette smok ing in the U.S. The Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) states that radon is associated with 15,000 to 22,000 lung cancer deaths in the United States each year. Almost 50% of the homes in Illinois and nearly 30% of the homes in Cook County that were tested by professionals had radon levels higher than what is recommended by the USEPA, according to the Illinois Emergency Management Agency. The U.S. EPA and the U.S. Surgeon General recommend testing all homes below the third floor for radon. The Cook County Radon Awareness Program is encouraging residents of Cook County to test their home for radon, a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can seep into a house through cracks in the basement floor and walls, around the openings of the sump pump or through crawl spaces. It’s easy to test for radon and it’s simple to fix your home, if necessary. With people spending more time indoors due to the cold weather, now is the ideal time to test.

No More IT Headaches! 312-371-3156

As a part of our Radon Awareness Program, Cook County and the State of Illinois distribute radon information and detector kits. The kit can be ordered for the low cost of $7 through the Cook County Department of Environmental Control. It can be obtained by mailing a check or money order, along with their return address, to: Cook County Dept. of Environmental Control, 69 West Washington Street, Suite 1900, Chicago, IL 60602. The only way to know if you have radon in your home is by testing. Should a home have high radon, the names of licensed mitigators who specialize in radon reduction can be provided. For questions, residents may call the Radon Awareness Hotline at 708-865-6177 and leave their name, address, and phone number. Additional information is also on our website at sustainability/2013/01/15/elevated-radon-levelsfound-in-roughly-1-in-15-homes-nationwide/ You can also download a copy of “A Citizen’s Guide To Radon” at It’s an informative guide to protecting yourself and your family from Radon.

Landlord Tricks You Shouldn’t Fall For There’s no test or license to be a landlord. Many — small, independent landlords, in particular — just don’t know the laws that govern housing. Even those in the business of

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helping tenants who have been wronged will tell you that most landlords are decent, wellmeaning people. And then there are the landlords who know better and try to put the squeeze on tenants — either within or outside the bounds of law. Unfortunately, tenants often don’t know the laws or are too trusting. Hidden and expensive pet fees. If the landlord required a $2,400 dog security deposit every year, it’s a good bet the tenant would get a lot of that money back. We’re talking $12,000 after five years. But in a landlord’s market (now) and in places where few apartments welcome dogs (everywhere), landlords have big-time leverage. They merely hang a “pet friendly” sign and jack up the rent, sometimes by 20%. And that’s with a security deposit. Creative security deposit deductions. Landlords don’t want to return security deposits. Why would they? The money’s been in their account for years, if they haven’t already spent it. As a result, they might devise some creative attempts to keep part of that deposit. How about a $200 pet fee? Or a $300 transfer fee for switching apartments? Add $35 for each little nail hole, and the tenant might get back close to nothing. There are only two things that you can deduct from a security deposit in Chicago: unpaid rent and damages to the unit beyond reasonable wear and tear. That’s typically the case everywhere, although details can vary by jurisdiction. Upon moving in, ask where the deposit will be held. Do a walkthrough and photograph any existing flaws. When you move out, you’re required to leave

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things in working order and in reasonably clean condition. Not paying t he mortgage. Some landlords know before they rent out their property that they’re behind on payments and may be going under. Under feder a l l aw, tenants can remain in a foreclosed property for at least 90 days, or until the end of the lease term if the new owner doesn’t need to live there. But the tenant is still responsible for paying rent and could even lose deposit money for breaking the lease by leaving early. What should you do to protect yourself? Start by checking county property records to ensure the owner isn’t already in default. If you’re really worried, ask a security company to do a check on the landlord. Vague lease clauses. Vague lease terms might be difficult to enforce in court, but landlords can use them to nag tenants or even fail to renew a lease. So tenants should ask about every conceivable detail up front before moving in. Anybody entering into a lease situation really needs to ask a lot of questions. Sometimes expecting the unexpected can really help you Improper mold remediation. Mold is endemic in apartment complexes, says Curtis Barnes, the founder and CEO of Mold Test USA. Mold releases airborne spores, and some types can make people sick. Yet mold is more difficult to eradicate than many realize, and there’s no law that requires apartments to use professional

Dr. David W. Jordan Chiropractic Physician

9707 Franklin Ave. Franklin Park, IL 60131


HOUSE AND HOME remediation. They send the maintenance guy instead, who typically washes with bleach and covers with paint. Look for signs that an apartment has moisture problems, including bathrooms without working fans, kitchens with evidence of leaks under the sinks and rooms that smell musty. If you, or particularly your child, has allergies, consider paying for a mold test. More people, more rent. For some landlords, more tenants means higher rent. It’s even logical. An extra person means more water used, more trash generated and so on. But charging this way is not legal because then they are discriminating against families and children. Landlords can limit the total number of people in a unit, as long as they’re not unreasonably restrictive. They can require new residents to be screened and approved and install metered utilities to capture extra costs. But they can’t increase the rent after someone new moves in. No kids allowed. Plenty of landlords would prefer not to rent to tenants with children. Children make noise and break things. But landlords with any experience know it’s illegal under the federal Fair Housing Act to discriminate against families, except in senioronly housing. Check with your local housing authority and state for mandated occupancy limits. A common standard is two people per bedroom The ‘great deal’ loaded with hidden costs. It’s always hard to say no when someone asks for help; it’s almost impossible when that person is your landlord and he’s giving you a really good deal. Diane, a tenant getting a New York City bargain, finally learned she’d rather pay more and move. Her landlord, who lived in the building, had difficulty using the computer, so she helped him list apartments. Then he saw her camera, and asked her to take his profile photos. Then, she found herself at his computer as he dictated emails to his dates. Her husband was handling the trash and doing repairs, even fetching parts from the store. The couple picked up milk and accepted

packages at the front door. “We were paying lower rent than others around us, so we felt terribly self-conscious about going the extra mile,” she said. “What happens when you feel you ‘have a deal’ is you really don’t.” The other thing she learned: “Never, ever live in the same building as your landlord ... we became totally over-involved in his life.” ‘Don’t worry about the details. It’s just a form lease’ One of the reasons editor Bakke didn’t worry about his strange lease language was the landlord told him not to. “When I questioned it, he told me that it was an outdated form and that I could ignore most of what I asked about,” he says. “However, before long I started getting notices and letters stating that I was in violation of some of his ‘rules.’” The moral here is don’t trust what’s said, only what’s written down. Understand, and agree, with every detail of what you’re signing, no matter how nice the landlord may seem. Holding deployed military personnel to their leases. You’d think landlords near military bases would know better. Or, maybe they do, and they’re betting on ignorant tenants. Either way, it frequently happens that landlords will demand continued rent even though a service member has moved for military duty. According to the federal Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, a deployed military member is only held to his lease through the month after he gives notice. Many states are even more protective, voiding the lease immediately. ‘Don’t worry, that’ll all be fixed’. The swimming pool, the washers in the laundry room, the lounge. If it’s not working when you move in, either negotiate a deal on rent until it is, or be diligent in following up. Especially if it’s considered part of the rental cost. Put it in writing. You can’t withhold rent later for nonfunctioning amenities, because it’s not a health and safety issue, as a nonfunctioning furnace would be. If you have it in writing, though, you can threaten small-claims action, citing breach of contract. But your best bet might be to complain in writing and make sure other tenants do the same.

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Recently Sold Homes TOWN



502 E. Washington St 423 S. Center St 810 River Forest Dr 442 Marshall Ave 100 N Mason St #105 1222 Twin Oaks St 17W159 Woodland Ave 406 S Addison 17W288 Byron Ave 16W750 Third Ave 401 S Walnut 4N225 Hawthorn Ave 501 E Red Oak St 525 E Jefferson St #1C 408 S Briar Ln 621 Wood St 5N060 Rt 83 413 Judson St ELMWOOD PARK 2930 Harlem Ave #3B 7938 Westwood Dr 7527 W Fullerton 7630 W Sunset Dr #1S 7733 W Belmont #207 7928 W. Belmont 2824 N 72nd Ct 7218 W Wrightwood Ave #310 2417 N 78th Ave #1 1617 W 75th Ct 7819 Elmgrove Dr 2332 N 74th Ct 2811 N 75th Ave 2201 N 75th Ave 1727 N. 73rd Ct 7621 W Altgeld St #1SE 2238 N Harlem Ave #1W 2111 N 77th Ave 1738 N 76th Ave 2225 N 75th Ave 2007 N 72nd Ct 7939 W Oakleaf Ave FRANKLIN PARK 2708 Westbrook Dr 10010 W Nevada Ave 2444 Sheila St 2507 Silver Creek Dr 3509 Leyden Ct 2726 Westbrook Dr 3305 Atlantic St 9529 Nerbonne Ave 2920 Rose St 3240 N Dora St 2523 N Willow St 3108 Lincoln St 3031 Ruby St HARWOOD HEIGHTS 4447 N Sayre Ave 4217 N New England Ave 4910 N Oconto Ave 4728 N Octavia Ave 7241 W Foster Ave 7511 W Carmen Ave 7600 Lawrence Ave #5A


$126,350 $150,000 $255,000 $110,000 $39,000 $178,000 $176,300 $117,000 $82,000 $235,000 $142,050 $280,000 $42,500 $56,000 $350,000 $179,000 $267,000 $130,000 $88,000 $220,100 $204,750 $30,500 $44,000 $293,000 $231,000


9/20/13 9/20/13 9/25/13 9/25/13 9/27/13 9/27/13 9/30/13 9/30/13 9/30/13 10/1/13 10/2/13 10/4/13 10/4/13 10/8/13 10/8/13 10/16/13 10/18/13 10/18/13 9/20/13 9/23/13 9/24/13 9/27/13 9/27/13 9/27/13 9/27/13



$155,000 $140,000 $218,500 $95,000 $310,000 $289,000 $220,000 $55,000 $60,200 $410,000 $340,000 $189,000 $199,999 $189,600 $95,000 $123,500 $97,000 $150,000 $149,900 $87,000 $90,100 $60,000 $75,000 $175,000 $102,000 $94,500 $145,000 $140,000 $215,000 $215,631 $227,000 $200,000 $530,000 $108,000

10/2/13 10/4/13 10/3/13 10/4/13 10/8/13 10/8/13 10/9/13 10/9/13 10/9/13 10/15/13 10/15/13 10/15/13 10/15/13 10/18/13 9/25/13 9/26/13 9/27/13 9/27/13 9/27/13 9/27/13 9/20/13 10/1/13 10/1/13 10/3/13 10/9/13 10/11/13 10/15/13 9/25/13 9/27/13 10/1/13 10/3/13 10/4/13 10/8/13 10/9/13



LEYDEN TOWNSHIP 2424 N Landen Dr MELROSE PARK 1540 N 20th Ave 1707 N 22nd Ave 1624 N 16th Ave 9633 Castello Ave 1636 N 35th Ave 1704 N 17th Ave 1205 N 13th Ave 710 N 16th Ave 718 N 11th Ave 1541 N 20th Ave 2151 Emerson Ave 1580 Grant Ave 11450 W. Grand Ave 441 Braddock Dr 3122 N Sandra Ave 2661 N Roberta Ave 576 Andy Dr 1819 N 22nd Ave 833 Rowlett Ave NORRIDGE 8355 W Foster Ave 4704 N Overhill Ave 4910 N Chester Ave 8211 W Eastwood Ave 4135 N Olcott 4725 N Ozark 4314 N Neva 7656 W Norridge St 4022 N Oleander Ave 4352 N Nottingham Ave 8253 W Gunnison 4500 N Nottingham St 4428 N Redwood Dr 4208 N Ozark Ave 4332 N Ozark Ave 4524 N Osage Ave 7616 W Lawrence Ave #A 8280 W Carmen Ave 4127 N Oleander 8560 W Foster #305 4408 N Oriole Ave NORTHLAKE 449 N LaPorte Ave 128 Belle Dr 300 E Lynndale Ave 509 Jerome Dr 57 E Medill Ave 315 Parkview Dr 40 E Lynndale Ave 512 Geneva Ave 252 E Palmer Ave 215 E Dickens Ave 306 S 44th Ave 221 S Roy Ave 221 W Westward Ho Dr 21 E lynndale Ave 77 N Wolf Rd #505 216 S Roberta Ave 16 King Arthur Ct #15 47 Parkview Dr 206 S 45th Ave 456 Major Dr

As of 10/18/13


$130,500 $108,000 $115,000 $84,900 $143,000 $164,900 $153,000 $270,000 $100,000 $175,000 $125,000 $57,000 $225,000 $74,000 $135,000 $98,000 $120,715 $157,200 $173,000 $144,100 $190,000 $232,000 $210,000 $215,000 $263,000 $298,000 $891,000 $240,000 $126,500 $230,000 $240,000 $420,000 $315,000 $155,000 $196,000 $255,000 $148,200 $235,000 $180,000 $180,000 $265,000 $135,000 $94,200 $175,000 $185,000 $168,000 $155,000 $120,000 $106,000 $103,000 $150,000 $80,000 $138,000 $100,000 $69,000 $168,900 $99,000 $26,500 $192,000 $92,500 $127,500


9/26/13 9/20/13 9/20/13 9/24/13 9/25/13 9/25/13 9/25/13 9/26/13 9/26/13 9/30/13 9/30/13 10/2/13 10/2/13 10/3/13 10/3/13 10/3/13 10/4/13 10/4/13 10/4/13 10/10/13 9/23/13 9/23/13 9/25/13 9/25/13 9/27/13 9/27/13 10/1/13 10/1/13 10/1/13 10/4/13 10/8/13 10/10/13 10/11/13 10/11/13 10/11/13 10/11/13 10/15/13 10/15/13 10/16/13 10/18/13 10/18/13 9/20/13 9/20/13 9/23/13 9/24/13 9/25/13 9/27/13 9/27/13 9/27/13 9/27/13 9/30/13 10/1/13 10/2/13 10/3/13 10/4/13 10/4/13 10/4/13 10/14/13 10/16/13 10/16/13 10/18/13






77 N Wolf Rd #304 77 N Wolf Rd #203 500 Thames Pkwy #3E 1738 Park Ridge Pointe 1136 N Greenwood Ave 400 S Northwest Hwy #202 1731 Pavillion Way #504 1025 S Crescent Ave 1805 S Fairview Ave 332 Edgemont Ln 1200 Tyrell Ave 527 S Summit Ave #2N 376 W Kathleen Dr 928 Wesley Dr 22 Park Lane #521 729 S Fairview Ave 2610 W Oakton St #10W 1700 Dempster St #1A 1700 W Touhy Ave 836 S Fairview Ave 16 Yost Ave 1425 Cynthia 1412 S Fairview Ave 2000 Habberton Ave 712 N Greenwood Ave 70 S Dee Rd #B 635 Forestview Ave 2417 N Hessing 2536 N Leyden Ave 2417 Wood St 3161 N Paris Ave #201 2443 N 1st Ave 8553 W Grand Ave #2E 8743 W Belden Ave 8000 N Grand Ave 31N 2641 N Elm Ct 3009 N Paris Ave #103 8732 Lynndale St 2616 Clinton St 3770 Ruby St 10145 Hartford Ct #3A 3830 N Emerson Dr 9514 Lawrence Ave #2302 4048 Kolze Ave 9806 Garden Ct 4155 N Wagner Ave 4607 Kolze Ave 9458 N Kelvin ln #202 9458 Kelvin Ln #106 4844 N Michigan Ave 4201 Kolze Ave #3A 4633 Scott St 4618 N River Rd #3D 9447 Kelvin Ln 10105 W Hartford Ct #GD


$197,250 $133,000 $170,000 $450,000 $399,000 $345,000 $205,000 $410,000 $317,000 $450,000 $190,000 $260,000 $375,000 $295,000 $275,000 $740,000 $85,000 $90,000 $900,000 $610,000 $355,000 $340,000 $550,000 $405,000 $260,000 $225,000 $190,000 $125,000 $167,000 $79,788 $58,050 $125,000 $49,000 $135,000 $435,000 $212,000 $55,000 $61,700 $201,000 $215,000 $71,500 $254,500 $75,100 $160,000 $118,000 $155,000 $180,000 $74,900 $40,000 $200,000 $69,000 $170,000 $75,000 $90,000 $27,500


10/18/13 10/18/13 9/20/13 9/23/13 9/25/13 9/25/13 9/27/13 9/27/13 9/26/13 9/30/13 9/30/13 10/2/13 10/2/13 10/7/13 10/9/13 10/9/13 10/9/13 10/9/13 10/11/13 10/11/13 10/16/13 10/16/13 10/16/13 10/16/13 10/17/13 10/17/13 10/18/13 9/25/13 9/27/13 9/27/13 9/27/13 9/30/13 9/30/13 9/30/13 10/5/13 10/8/13 10/11/13 10/11/13 10/11/13 9/20/13 9/24/13 9/27/13 9/30/13 10/1/13 10/1/13 10/2/13 10/3/13 10/4/13 10/9/13 10/11/13 10/11/13 10/11/13 10/15/13 10/16/13 10/17/13

Source: ReMax Realty; Donna Raven, Realtor. The accuracy of all information, regardless of source, is deemed reliable but not guaranteed and should be personally verified through appropriate professionals.


RobeRt Raven Broker

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Frannie’s Beef & Catering 4304 River Road Schiller Park, IL 60176

(847) 678-7771

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Leyden Briefs Exceptional Eagle Breakfast East Leyden High School

The following East Leyden High School students were honored at the EXCEPTIONAL EAGLE BREAKFAST on Thursday, October 10, 2013, at 7:00 a.m. at the school. The monthly breakfast is held to recognize students for their extraordinary effort, special achievements, and academic excellence. Parents and nominating teachers also are invited to attend. The students and the departments they represent are: Art Bilingual/ESL Business Education English Family and Consumer Sciences Individual Achievement Industrial Technology Literacy Mathematics Modern Languages Music Physical Education Science Social Studies Student Aide ACCESS

Olivia Chadwell Maria Calderone Michael Vaiana Eula Bayan Alan Herrera Cody Johnson Damian Romanek Daisy Hernandez Samantha Zito Dulce Paz Christopher Szeszol Ian Montesinos Ivan Dimitrov Cynthia Garcia Chris Padilla Nicole Roberto Kerri Predovich Nicole Binkowski Mikaela Manzella Victoria Contreras

West Leyden High School

The following West Leyden High School students were honored at the Student of the Month Breakfast held on Thursday, October 4, 2013, in the Eagle’s Wing at the school. The monthly breakfast is held to recognize students for their extraordinary effort, special achievements, and academic excellence. Parents and nominating teachers also are invited to attend. Art BRIDGE/LIFE Business Education Credit Recovery District Excellence the Principal’s Award English Family & Consumer Sciences Guided Study Industrial Technology Literacy Mathematics Modern Languages Music Personal Achievement (SPED) Physical Education Science Social Studies

Jennifer Dominguez Irving Castellanos Samantha Velazquez Daniel Vargas Rebecca Golden Juan Trinidad Alex Del Rio Brissa Gutierrez Dakota Bonora Hernan Saucedo Gianna Gibbons Rolando Barajas Geza Mendoza Jonathan Ostermeier Salvador Salgado Kevin Jaques Edgar Ibarez

Annual Career Fair & Business Expo Slated For November Leyden High School District 212 and The Franklin Park/Schiller Park Chamber of Commerce are hosting the 2013 Leyden Career Fair and Business Expo on Wednesday, November 6, 2013 from 12:15 p.m. to 4:15 p.m., in the field house at East Leyden High School, 3400 Rose St., Franklin Park. The fair is free and open to students, parents, community members, and businesses. This event features local businesses and current business partners offering information on seasonal, part-time, and full-time employment. Representatives from Triton College also will be available to offer information on continuing education opportunities to those community members interested in pursuing a new career or learning new skills. In addition, Rich Williams, Director of Career Services at Triton College, will be available to review resumes and offer suggestions on how to write a professional resume. Williams also invites community members to visit the career services department prior to the job fair for tips on job interviews and resumes. In addition, there will be representatives from Triton’s architecture, engineering, healthcare, and computer technology departments. They will be available to discuss the programs and requirements. Triton also will be awarding three $300 vouchers to be used for classes at the college. Last year, 77 businesses and more than 700 visitors participated, giving job-seekers the chance to meet with company representatives, ask questions and in some cases, fill-out job applications on the spot. Some of the businesses, companies, and schools that will be represented include A-1 Tool Corp., FirstMerit Bank, Franklin Park Fire Department, Ms. Roberts Beauty Academy, Pioneer Press, Schiller Park Recreation Department, Northwestern Institute of Health and Technology, Sam’s Club, Symbol Job Training, Triton College, and West Suburban Special Recreation Association. Visitors will also have the chance to talk with faculty and staff from District 212 and Triton College to learn about the latest trends in career planning and technology. For general information, as well as information on how to include a representative from your business or company at the event, contact Fran Brady, Director of Careers, at 847-451-3031 and


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SENIOR SNIPS Medicare Open Enrollment Going On Now! The Medicare open enrollment period for 2014 started October 15th and continues through December 7th, 2013. Changes will take effect on January 1st, 2014. The Open Enrollment period is the time when senior citizens and the disabled on Medicare are able to determine whether or not their current Medicare coverage is working for them. If you are currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan or Part D prescription drug plan, and you feel that you may receive adequate or better health care at the same or a lower premium by switching your plan, you can change your plan during the Open Enrollment period.

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geographic area. Policies that offer basically the same or similar benefits may be priced differently by the providers. You can see why it is important, especially if you have not made changes to your Medicare plan in the past, to start evaluating the different plan options that are available each year. This is how you can save money on your Medicare premium, or get better coverage for your current medical situation – for example when you just started to need expensive medication. The Medicare Open Enrollment is your chance to take advantage of the many different Medicare plan options available to you, in order to gain control over high health care costs. In Chicago alone, there are approximately 747,000 Medicare beneficiaries. Participants as well as their caregivers need to take action during open enrollment by evaluating their options and deciding if they should switch to a new plan that would better meet their needs. You can shop for and compare plans in your area at

A New Way to Keep Older Minds Sharp

Although persons who are eligible for Medicare, but are currently not enrolled in Medicare Advantage or a Medicare prescription drug plan, have during the open enrollment period the opportunity to enroll in a plan. Lastly, if you want to cancel your existing Medicare prescription drug or Advantage plan, you can do so during this period of time. Especially when it comes to prescription drugs, it is prudent to have additional coverage on top of your traditional Medicare plan. If you don’t have a Medicare Advantage plan that covers prescription drugs, Medicare Part D is very important to have. If you miss your annual window of opportunity, you need to wait until the next open enrollment period in the following year. Because changes to your health may have occurred since you last enrolled in a Medicare plan, and insurance companies offer frequently new or updated benefits and plan options, or change their premiums, it can be advantageous to evaluate your Medicare options each year rather than staying in a plan with less benefits or a higher premium, compared to other Medicare choices. Re-evaluating your current health care needs should be your first step before you compare the Medicare advantage or prescription plans that are currently on the market. Checking plans from different insurance companies will then allow you to find out which options are available to you and to select the one that is right for you. Medicare advantage plans and prescription drug plans available to you will vary based upon

To stay mentally sharp, seniors may want to swap their crossword puzzles for a video game controller. New research at the University of California, San Francisco, found that learning to multi-task in a fast-paced environment significantly improved the cognitive abilities of older adults – and the improvement was longlasting. Researchers asked volunteers ages 60 to 85 to play a video game called NeuroRacer, designed to train them to multitask effectively. In the game, players are required to steer a car down a winding road; after a while, signs begin to pop up, and the volunteers have to identify them while continuing to drive. When the volunteers first played the game, their driving skills fell by 64 percent when the signs appeared; by comparison, people in their 20s saw only a 26 percent drop in performance. But after a month of playing the game three times a

week, the older adults handled the appearance of the signs better than untrained young people. What’s more, they scored higher on tests of short-term memory and long-term focus after training than they had before, and brain scans showed they had increased activity in regions linked to attention. The Wall Street Journal reported participants commented that they felt their brains were working better. The study shows you can take older people who aren’t functioning well and make them cognitively younger through this training. A neuroscientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology commented that this is a very big deal.

SENIOR SNIPS AARP Safe Driver Program Learn proven safety strategies to maintain your confidence behind the wheel. The AARP Driver Safety classroom course is the nations’ first and largest course designed for drivers 50 and older. You’ll learn proven safety strategies to help maintain your confidence behind the wheel, so you can make new memories on the road. Plus, you could get a great discount on your car insurance! • Wednesday, November 13 and Thursday, November 14 • 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. • West Suburban Medical Center, 3 Erie Court, Room 274, Oak Park, IL • ($12 for AARP Members, $14 for Non AARP Members) • To register, please call 1-866-938-7256.

On September 19, the Veteran’s Park Senior Club gathered all those who have celebrated their 80th birthday and beyond. The Veteran’s Park Seniors Club meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at the Grant Park Recreation Center.

Betty’s Bites from the Booth CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4

glass heavy platters and bowls, and brought the dishes up to the counter. I thought that was kind of strange, there are three girls behind the counter, what do they do? They don’t take orders at the tables. They apparently don’t clear off the tables either. It was just us two couples in there. Not like there was tons to do. Our girl from the Mexican restaurant part of the building came with our dinner. Set our plates down and poof, she was gone. I didn’t know what the dish would come with for condiments. Guacamole? Sour cream? Salsa? It came with a tiny plastic container with a very, very hot red sauce. I don’t like real spicy hot. I like spicy, but not so hot your drinking milk to put out the fire in your mouth. So, I had zero condiments with my fajita. I was not very impressed with the platter. The beef was beef. I don’t think it was steak. There was green pepper, white onion and tomato. No jalapeno, no green onion. First time I have had tomato on fajita, not bad just sort of unusual. The rice was not good, boxed. The beans not the best either. My companion was not impressed with his burritos. Exactly what he said to me was, “This place would be okay for a quick bite to eat for maybe lunch, but I would not come back to the Mexican restaurant for dinner.” I agree completely with that. For the food at the Italian portion of the restaurant, I cannot make a comment on that, we didn’t eat any Italian food from there, yet. I will go back to try the Italian food one of these days.

When I’m ready for a good laugh and in the mood for self-service. I can only comment on the customer service. That is poor. No one ever asked us if we needed anything. Was everything (food) okay? From either the Mexican part or the Italian parts of the building/restaurants. The girls were very nice when they took our order, but no one ever followed up, making sure we were happy with our food, or even did we need refills on soda. Not one word to us. For Senor Jefe, nothing to write home about. Average fast food. Okay for a quick-lunch. For Betty’s Bites from the Booth I give Senor Jefe 2 stars out of 5 for the food and 1 1/2 stars for customer service. Until next time: Enjoy every bite. “Stop-Savor the Flavor” Senor Jefe Mexican Grill * 7446 North Ave. Elmwood Park * 708-583-0000 & Spizzico Pizza & Pasta * 708-583-0002Senor Jefe

BEATING DIABETES A 15-minute walk after meals can help reduce diabetes risk by lowering blood sugar levels for hours, says a new study in Diabetes Care.

Westlake Hospital’s

Senior Senior Ride Ride Westlake Hospital’s

Curb-to-curb service forfor Curb-to-curb service those over over 60 in in those 60and andliving living the program boundaries. the program boundaries. • 48-hour advance reservation is required (7433) is required • Call 708-763-RIDE • 48-hour advance reservation • Weekdays: 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. • Call 708-763-RIDE (7433) • • Weekdays: 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Pick-up and drop-off from your doorstep to the following locations are available:

Westlake Hospital

1225 W. Lake Street • Melrose Park, IL 60610

Pick-up and drop-off from your doorstep Forest Campus toRiver the following locations are available: 7411 W. Lake Street • River Forest, IL 60305

Westlake Hospital

1225 W. Lake Street • Melrose Park, IL 60610

River Forest Campus

7411 W. Lake Street • River Forest, IL 60305 NOVEMBER 2013 • PEOPLE & PLACES 17

FALL FEST PARADE - The 36th Annual Ed Biondo Fall Fest Parade took place on October 6th. Residents came out to see flying carpets, marching bands, fire trucks, floats, clowns, horses and collect all the goodies being given out to the crowd. Afterwards, the crowds gathered at the pumpkin fest where kids found just that right pumpkin for Halloween decorating.

St. Beatrice Church Pet Blessing – Creatures big and small came out to get blessed; birds, cats, dogs of every size and color.

Scary houses, decorated pumpkins, ghosts and goblins were all part of October’s festivities.

SP FIRE DEPARTMENT OPEN HOUSE The SP Fire Department held their annual Open House on October 12th. Over 300 guests visited the firehouse and were treated to hot dogs, lemonade, exhibits and demonstrations. They were able to extinguish a “house fire,” tried on firefighter gear, explore the many fire vehicles and played games. The event was pet friendly and treats were available for our furry friends in attendance. A presentation was made by Invisible Fence who donated 5 pet resuscitation masks for the fire department’s use.


Olson’s Ace Hardware is all dressed up for fall.

The Schiller Park Fire Department recently hosted a rescue/extrication class for area fire departments in MABAS Division 20 which includes 18 departments. A total of 20 firefighters attended the class on September 23-27. A total of 44 cars were used and were provided by two area companies, Windy City Towing in Schiller Park and Area Towing in Melrose Park. Two other companies in the area also donated supplies for the class, Ajax Tools in Franklin Park and AZ Supply in Schiller Park.

Members were taught how to extricate and access potential victims through the door, trunk, roof and floor boards. Upon completion, the students will take the Office of the State Fire Marshals state exam for certification. The success of the class will decide whether to teach the class in the spring again.

Lincoln Middle School children were invited to visit Hyper Fight Club in Schiller Park where they went through rigorous circuit training with a variety of activities from wall climbing, rowing, boxing, and balancing to name a few. Mayor Piltaver was there to assist in the fun. Hyper Fight Club is encouraging children to get in shape and come join the club.

A traditional Polish wedding in Schiller Park included a live band playing at the groom’s home before they proceeded to the church. It was great entertainment for now only the wedding party but for neighbors as well.


Project Heart Well – Young and old alike participated in School District 81’s Project Heart Well’s 5k Run/Walk on October 6th. Several hundred came out to help raise money for a good cause.

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Sax-Tiedemann Funeral Home & Crematorium offers many different services. Our training and experience have prepared us to help, to reassure, and to understand when a family faces the loss of a loved one. We are here to replace confusion with calm, doubts with certainty and questions with answers. Here, one finds a quiet gentleness in an atmosphere of dignity, efficiency and trust.

Quigley Welcomes Honor Flight Chicago to World War II Memorial On October 2, 2013, U.S. Representative Mike Quigley (D-IL) welcomed 90 World War II veterans from Illinois to the World War II Memorial to commemorate and celebrate their military service.

TRADITIONAL SERVICES • CREMATION MEMORIAL SERVICES • PRE-PLANNING Dedicated to Serving Families in our Leyden Area Since 1924 9568 Belmont Avenue • Franklin Park

(847) 678-1950 T h r e e G e n e r a t i o n s o f t h e T i e d e m a n n Fa m i l y A F u l l S e r v i c e D e a t h C a r e Fa c i l i t y Sax-Tiedemann Funeral Home & Crematorium will be holding a Holiday Service of Remembrance on Sat, Dec 7, 2013, at 2pm. An ornament, which you may keep, will be placed on our tree in memory of your loved one. After the service there will be a time of fellowship and light refreshments.

IN MEMORIAL Stephanie Buckman Edna D. Kirchhoff Florence Pearson-Trobiana Ethel M. Bell William Clayton Swinford Ivan Gonzalez-Murillo Patricia Brenner George Voznak Dorothy M. McGovern Karyn B. Johnson Raisa Leja Michael Macek Bernard Surtz Krystyna Szarek Larry Albeck Frank S. Davis, Sr. Theresa Prazza Linda Psaras Thomas B. Beck William Fritz Barbara Sadkiewicz Aleksandra Bryda Robert Bailey Lillian L. Camilleri Mildred Ward Anna Henningsen Arlene Bernero Raymond Eck

Oct 10, 1982 Oct 3, 1909 Dec 12, 1944 Dec 11, 1937 Dec 7, 1930 Sep 24, 2013 Feb 8, 1952 Feb 1, 1919 Sep 8, 1917 Jun 30, 1959 Jun 9, 1945 Mar 5, 1959 Dec 24, 1932 May 2, 1935 Aug 14, 1943 Mar 28, 1920 Sep 6, 1921 Jun 27, 1951 Dec 2, 1924 Dec 13, 1928 Nov 11, 1976 Sep 6, 1929 Sep 17, 1965 Apr 19, 1919 Sep 22, 1921 Jan 12, 1938 Dec 26, 1924 Oct 1, 1936


Sep 15, 2013 Sep 22, 2013 Sep 22, 2013 Sep 23, 2013 Sep 24, 2013 Sep 24, 2013 Sep 24, 2013 Sep 24, 2013 Sep 28, 2013 Sep 28, 2013 Oct 6, 2013 Oct 6, 2013 Oct 10, 2013 Oct 12, 2013 Oct 13, 2013 Oct 12, 2013 Oct 14, 2013 Oct 15, 2013 Oct 15, 2013 Oct 17, 2013 Oct 17, 2013 Oct 18, 2013 Oct 19, 2013 Oct 22, 2013 Oct 24, 2013 Oct 24, 2013 Oct 26, 2013 Oct 28, 2013

The group visited with the organization Honor Fight Chicago and was allowed in to the memorial after the National Park Service revised its policies under the recent government shutdown. “Our veterans bravely put themselves in harm’s way for our country, and we owe them a debt of gratitude that can never full by repaid,” said Rep. Quigley. “These veterans have every right to see their memorial and be properly honored, so I’m grateful to have been a part of this incredible experience today.” Honor Flight Chicago is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charity organization dedicated to honoring Chicago area World War II veterans by f lying them, all expense paid, to Washington DC for a day of reflection at their memorial. This volunteer-based group works year round to raise the money needed to provide these veterans with this experience, and each flight is funded entirely by private donations. For more information, please visit

had gathering for a reunion —the last of which was held in Fort Walton Beach earlier this year. As part of the tradition, they hold a toast before a set of 80 goblets engraved with each Raider’s name. After the toast, they overturn the goblet of any Raider who passed on that year. Three of the remaining four Raiders — 98-year-old Lt. Col. Dick Cole, 93-year-old Lt. Col. Ed Saylor and 92-year-old Staff Sgt. David Thatcher — will attend their final toast. They will open the famed bottle of Hennessy Very Special cognac from 1896, the year Jimmy Doolittle was born. Lt. Col. Robert Hite, 93, likely will not attend because of his health. Only about 1,000 people have been invited. Fields, Ted Corcoran and Lyn Dominique will be among them. “It’s kind of like getting to go backstage with the Rolling Stones,” Corcoran, president and CEO of the Greater Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce, said as he sat in his office adorned with Doolittle memorabilia. He’s organized hundreds of events in his career, but his work on two local Raider visits were his favorite, he said. Lynn Dominique of Shalimar also will be on hand. He has been a Doolittle Raider escort for years, including one time when he hopped over a barrier to push the wheelchair of a Raider who was getting left behind the group. They’ve become like family, sharing stories and plenty of jokes, he said. “Getting to know these men has been one of the highlights of my life,” he said.

Doolittle Raiders Gather for Final Toast The revered World War II heroes will lift their goblets, sip their 117-year-old cognac and say good-bye to a decades-old tradition of gathering with their comrades to reflect on their contribution to American history. “It’s bittersweet,” said Wes Fields, who lives in Destin and has served as the Raiders’ security guard and escort for decades. He will attend the toast at the National Museum of the Air Force on Nov. 9. “You want to be involved in it, but in a sense you don’t because you dread it. It’s coming to an end,” Fields said. On April 18, 1942, 80 men led by Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle took off in B-25s from an aircraft carrier to bomb Japan. It was the first retaliation after Pearl Harbor, and while the physical damage to Japan was minimal the raid was a tremendous boost for morale back home. Nearly every year since the raid, the men

Source and read more: Although the final toast ceremony is not open to the public, a LIVE feed of the event will be broadcast on The Pentagon Channel at 6 p.m. EST. A link to the LIVE stream will also be available on the day of the event at andwww. In 1959 the city of Tucson, Ariz., presented the Doolittle Raiders with a set of silver goblets, each bearing the name of one of the 80 men who flew on the mission. At each of their past reunions, the surviving Raiders would conduct their solemn “Goblet Ceremony.” After toasting the Raiders who died since their last meeting, they would then turn the deceased men’s goblets upside down. The Nov. 9 event will mark their final toast.

SALUTE TO OUR SOLDIERS An Obituary You Need to Read Nicholas Oresko - Oldest Living recipient of Medal of Honor Dies.

Nic hol a s Oresko, an Army master sergeant who was badly wounded as he single-handedly t o ok out t wo enemy bunkers during the Battle of the Bulge in 1945, died October 4. The World War II veteran was 96 and had been the nation’s oldest living Medal of Honor recipient. Oresko had been hospitalized after injuring himself in a fall at an assisted-living center in Cresskill, N.J. According to officials at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, he died of complications from surgery for a broken right femur. The Medal of Honor is the nation’s highest military honor, awarded by Congress for risk of life in combat beyond the call of duty. Oresko received his medal from President Truman on Oct. 30, 1945. At 28, Oresko was the platoon leader when automatic fire pinned down his unit near Tettingen, Germany, on Jan. 23, 1945. Realizing a machine gun in a nearby bunker needed to be eliminated, Oresko moved out alone in the morning darkness, braving bullets that zipped about him, until he was close enough to throw a grenade into the German bunker. He rushed the bunker and used his M-1 rifle to kill the soldiers who survived the grenade blast. Then another machine gun fired, knocking Oresko down and wounding him in the right hip and leg. He managed to crawl to another bunker and take it out with another grenade. Despite being weak from loss of blood, Oresko refused to be evacuated until he was assured that the mission was accomplished. Oresko’s Medal of Honor citation noted his “quick thinking, indomitable courage and unswerving devotion to the attack in the face of bitter resistance and while wounded.” His actions were credited with preventing numerous American casualties and were praised as key to the Allies’ victory.

Recalling the incident in a 2011 interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer, Oresko said, “You go by instinct. If you’re going to die anyway, you just keep going.” Born Jan. 18, 1917, in Bayonne, N.J., Oresko arrived in France two months after the Allied invasion of June 1944. By December of that year he had been sent to join the American forces fighting the Germans in the Battle of the Bulge. After the war, Oresko returned to New Jersey and went to work in the claims department of the Veterans Administration. He became a supervisor and retired in 1978. A widower, Oresko had no immediate survivors. However, several veterans and young members of various branches of the military stayed with Mr. Oresko in his final days after a friend wrote about his health problems on a Facebook page and noted that Mr. Oresko had no immediate family still living.

Why record your DD-214?

Vets – Do You Know Where Your DD-214 is?

Federal and state law protects the privacy of veterans when it comes to DD-214s, and we have implemented a strict procedure to ensure security. For new DD-214 recordings, your personal information such as Social Security Number is digitally redacted. All DD-214s are protected from public view, and are only available to the person named in the document, the named person’s dependents, the county veterans’ service officer, representatives of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, or any person with written authorization from the named person or the named person’s dependents.

The Cook County Recorder of Deeds is proud to employ and support veterans, and is proud to operate a Veterans Service Office at their Downtown Chicago location. This means that veterans and their families can avoid the lines and receive private and attentive service in a comfortable environment. Call (312) 603-5788 to make an appointment or to learn more.

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Did you know that veterans can record their DD-214 military discharge certificates with CCRD and receive a copy for free? No matter what happens, whether it be a tragic fire or a need to quickly retrieve a copy for burial benefits, recording your DD-214 with the Cook County Recorder of Deeds means you will always be able to get a certified copy when you need it. If you would like to record your DD-214 or would like to get a copy of one (1996 or sooner), just stop by their Downtown Chicago office. If you would like to get a copy of an older DD214, they ask that you call ahead first so that they can have it waiting for you when you arrive. Some older DD-214s, especially from World War II era, require a hand-search through ledger books and can take some time.

Finally Collects His Honors

Phillip Con, 94, a World War II veteran, has finally received his service medals, decades after he survived a Japanese POW camp and the infamous Bataan Death March. He was awarded the Prisoner of War Medal, the Bronze Star, and the Combat Infantryman Badge in Tulsa this week, having been overlooked by the military after the war ended. Coon carried out forced labor in Kosaka, Japan, and underwent the punishing, 65-mile trek through the Philippines in 1942 without food or water. Coon, a member of the Creek Nation, recently traveled to Kosaka to promote peace. “I’ve been blessed to come this far in life,” he said.

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ATTENTION ALL MILITARY VETERANS The American Legion Wants You! Join your comrades in arms and support the Americanism we represent! Wounded and aging veterans at Hines Hospital Local charitable events in our communities Social events • Picnics • Christmas parties for Children • Legion sponsored adult dance nights • Local school awards and scholarships • New Years Eve celebrations • Special events promoting patriotism – Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, Parades & more!

FOR FURTHER DETAILS CONTACT American Legion Post 974 Veterans Still Serving the Community

Millie Gort Sr. Vice Commander

9757 Pacific Avenue • Franklin Park, IL 60131 Post Phone 847.678.7474 NOVEMBER 2013 • PEOPLE & PLACES 21

LIBRARY NOOK River Grove Library

8638 W. Grand Ave., River Grove Librarian Marissa, 708-453-4484 • November 7th- Join Mrs Tucker for Story Time Thursday Mornings! Sign up is required. Ages 2-4, from 11am-noon. • November 9th- Winemaking Workshop! Winemaking Workshop by BevArt Chicago on Saturday, November 9 at 1PM, Registration required, ages 21+ Note: Wine making and mead kits will be available at a special rate at the program- call the library for details and to register. • November 9th- Join us to celebrate the launch of the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck Ages 8-12 Registration Required, 3-4pm. • November 12th- Historical Society, 7-8pm. • November 16th- Fun Loops! Drop in and make a Fun Loop! Ages 5 & up, 1-2pm. • November 23rd- Tween Lego Club! Join us for another edition of Lego Club! Ages 8-12 Registration Required, 3-4pm. • November 25th- Adult Book Club- The Adult Book Club pick for November is The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith(JK Rowling). Join us for a lively discussion on Monday at 7PM! Copies are available for pick-up at the library. • Homework and tutoring help is available at the library on Mondays at 4pm!

Northlake Public Library 231 N. Wolf Rd., 708-562-2301

• November 4th- Pajama Storytime. For ages 2-6. Wear your PJs, bring a stuffed pal, and enjoy some bedtime tales. Siblings are welcome! No limit, 6:30-7pm. • November 9th- Drop in Lego Club! For ages 6 and up. Build something amazing with the library’s Legos! Limit 24, 11am- Noon. • November 14th- Computer Classes- E-mail Basics, must have Gmail account. Just ask librarian for help setting up an account. 1-2pm & 7-8pm. • November 15th- Fleece Tie Knot Blankets. Create a soft and warm lap blanket – a great gift for the holiday season! These do-it-yourself blankets are fun and easy to make; no sewing required. A variety of patterns will be provided. • Space is limited; registration required, 1-2pm • November 19th- Community Book Club. The Community Book Club is meeting again after a long summer break. Join us the third Tuesday of each month. Pick up your copy of our selected title at the reference desk. Third Tuesdays of every month, 7-8pm • November 23rd- Science Saturday! For grades 3 and up. Explore the wonders of science with hands-on experiments and fun demonstrations. Limit 24. Registration is required, 11am-Noon.

• November 30th- Friends of the library meeting. The friends have regrouped and are discussing exciting fundraising projects! Why not join them? First Tuesday of the month, 7-8pm

Elmwood Park Public Library 1 W. Conti Parkway, 708-453-7645

• November 4th- Radio EP! Ever wanted to be a talk show DJ or blogger? This is your chance! Join us for two weeks of instructional classes and then get your own show time! Please see Kim or Omar to sign up for a show time! 5-6pm. • November 5th- Knitting Circle and Instruction! Join Liz and Kim and other Elmwood Park knitters as we hang out and work on knitting projects. Bring your yarn and needles! If you do not know how to knit, don’t worry, we will provide you with needles and yarn and teach you how to get started, 7-8:30pm. • November 11th thru 14th- Beginners Week Computer Boot Camp! Learn the basics of computing in this 4 day class with Reference Librarian Molly. Classes will cover mousing (including different interactions you will come across on the Internet), the physical and software components of the computer, how to access and use the Internet, and Google searching the Internet. Each session is roughly an hour, but plan to stay a bit longer to answer individual questions. You must attend all four sessions, 2-3pm. • November 12th- : FRENCH PASTRY CHOCOLATE! French Chef Michael Maddox, formerly owner of Cafe la Titi in Wheeling, will demonstrate his artistry in chocolate making. Michael prepares and cooks as well as circulating through the audience to show each step he is doing. Attendance limited to 48 and a donation of $5 is suggested, 7-9pm. • November 14th- Pot Luck Book Club! The Pot Luck Book Club meets monthly to share dishes made from a common cookbook. If you sign up, Liz will contact you before the program to let you know how many people we are expecting. You must bring a dish that you made from the book to participate. This month’s selection is: Lidia Cooks From the Heart of Italy by Lidia Matticchio Bastianich. Copies of the book are available for extended checkout at the Circulation Desk about a month before the discussion. Please include your email address when signing up, 6-7pm. • November 18th- Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Party! Calling all Whovians! Come celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary with us! We will be watching a few episodes, playing trivia, and eating dinner! Come in costume! Registration required, 4:30-8:30pm. • November 19th- Make your own presents: Picture Frames! Come to any of our present programs and make your own Holiday presents this year! This time it’s awesome decoupage picture frames. Ages 10 and Up, 7-7:45pm. • November 21st- Read It, Make It Book Club! Discuss and then create an item from the craft book chosen. This month’s book is The World of Paper Crafting by CRK Design. Copies will be available for checkout at the circulation


desk about a month before the discussion. Registration required, 7-8pm. • November 25th- Monday’s at Massa Nonfiction Book Discussion, Join Liz and other fans of nonfiction as we discuss the bestseller, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. This book discussion group meets at Massa Cafe (7434 W North Ave). Extra copies of the book should be available about a month before checkout, 7-8pm. • November 26th- Trivia Night is Back! Join us at Circle Inn (7707 Westwood Drive) for a night of Trivia. Bring your friends and form a team of up to 4 people or meet new people and team up. We’ll have prizes for the winners! 7-9pm. • Wednesdays all month are Family Movie Nights at 7pm. Fridays are film lovers Fridays at 1:30pm. Check the library for the weeks selections.

Eisenhower Public Library 4613 N. Oketo Ave., Harwood Heights 708-867-7828

• November 4th- Adult Book Discussion. The November Adult Book Discussion book will be “We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves” by Karen Joy Fowler. Copies of the book will be available in regular and large type. Check outs will also be available in audio formats and on the Nook. Join us for a lively discussion, 7-8:30pm. • November 6th- SCORE Seminar for Small Businesses presented by First Chicago Bank, 11am-2pm. • November 7th- Introduction to meditation. Phra Anuchit Tikkhaviro, with experience teaching meditation in Thailand, America, Denmark, India and Bangladesh, will instruct you in simple meditation techniques to help you find peace of mind and relaxation. For ages 18 and over, 3-4:30pm. • November 8th- Senior Bus Trip! Pritzker Military Library tour, $28.00, Explore the story of the Citizen Soldier in a guided tour at the Pritzker Military Library. Artifacts from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard illuminate American history. Lunch will be at South Water Kitchen. Cost includes tour, soup, lunch entree and drink. 9-2:30pm. • November 9th- Film Screening: Lincoln! Nominated for 17 Golden Globes and 12 Academy Awards, Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln chronicles the President’s time in office between 1861 and 1865 as he dealt with personal and political demons during the Civil War. 2- 4:30. • November 11th- Veterans Breakfast. Our annual thank-you breakfast for all past and current service men and women. 10am to Noon. • November 12th- Kolackies for the Holidays! $3.00 tasting fee. Author and food blogger Amy Alessio will explore the history of this special treat, give you a chance to try a few from different bakeries and organize a recipe exchange. Bring 25 copies of a favorite cookie recipe to share with the group. 6:30-8pm. • November 15th- Social Media 101: Facebook! Learn what you can do with the world’s most

popular social website, Facebook. Set up your own profile and begin connecting with friends and family, 10:30am. • November 18th- The discovery of magic! William Pack, The Chicago Magic Expert, cracks open his magic history scrapbooks to reveal a secret world of colorful characters, amusing adventures, and arcane knowledge. Explore incredible behind-the-scenes stories that most never hear and wonder at re-creations of the baffling magic tricks behind the stories. 7-8:30pm. • November 19th- Ancestry online. Learn how to find your family history with Ancestry Library Edition. Must have basic knowledge of how to use the internet. 7-8pm. • November 20th- Sea Beast Puppet Company. Join us as the Sea Beast Puppet Company puts on a puppet show like you’ve never seen before! Their show, “Surf and Turf,” combines the classic tales of “Stone Soup” and “How the Whale Got His Throat” with humor, music and puppets. 6-7pm. • November 22nd- Build your resume online. Create your resume online with a free web app: Come prepared with your work history and we’ll show you how to create a beautiful resume in one of 5 classic styles. Your resume will be created in a PDF format that you can send off to prospective employers or print out at the library. Create a profile if you want to edit your resume at a later date. 2-3pm. • November 23rd- Drive-in in the Wintertime! Bring your blankets and a picnic lunch for the total summertime drive-in theater experience in the middle of the winter. We’ll be showing classic family friendly movies, trailers and shorts all afternoon. 12-4pm.

Franklin Park Public Library 10310 W. Grand, 847-455-6013,

• November 2nd- franklin Park Readers. Choose a book and read to our furry friends, Bingley, Bloomberg, Breeze, and Emmy! A big thank you to Therapy Dog International for sending their teams! Registration is required, 11-noon. • November 7th- Com Ed smart meter workshop. Representatives from Com Ed join us to tell us about their new electric smart meters. Learn how they benefit you and improve reliability. Also get helpful advice on how to better use energy and save money. A $25 gift card will be awarded to a random attendee, 7pm. • November 8th- Friday Flicks! Join us on the second Friday of each month for a new movie release! This month, we’ll be showing “Pacific Rim.” 1pm. • November 9th- Friends of the Library Meeting. Become a Friend of the Library by joining our Friends Group. The Friends Group is a notfor-profit organization whose mission is to support the Franklin Park Library by providing volunteer services, sponsoring programming and events, and funding library programs. This group is made up of any interested individuals in the Franklin Park community and the local area. 9:30am.

LIBRARY NOOK • November 13th- Dewey Discovery! Let’s have fun while learning new things together in this interactive program for elementary students! Ages 5-8. Two sessions, 4-5pm and 7-8pm. • November 16th- International Hunger Games Day! Celebrate International Games Day with “Hunger Games”-inspired games. Snacks will also be available. All ages. 1pm-4pm. • November 18th- Local Author Visit! Local author and Franklin Park resident Richard Baran joins us to talk about writing his book The Jacket. He’ll also read from the book and sign copies for the public. Copies of the book will be available to purchase, 7pm. • November 19th- Tween scene! Come learn how to build robots that are smart enough to make art! Ages 9-12. From 6-7pm. • November 21st- Family Reading Night. Bring the whole family to the library and come read in our cozy room full of pillows, blankets, and books to enjoy together. Stop by anytime between 5:00 and 8:30 pm. • November 25th- Teen advisory Board. Let’s talk about the Holiday Open House, the Winter Reading Program, and the service projects you would like to work on over Winter Break. 6-7pm. • November 26th- Paying for College: The Financial Aid Process. Yes, you CAN pay for college! Learn how in this workshop presented by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission. Pizza will be served! 7-8pm.

• November 27th- Thanksgiving Craft. Take a break from the kitchen and visit the library to make a Thanksgiving craft with us! All ages! 3-4pm.

Melrose Park Public Library 801 North Broadway 708-343-3391 Closed Sundays

• November 9th- Family Movie Night! Spend an evening at the library with your family, watching a movie and eating some snacks! For all ages and registration is required, 6pm. • November 9th- Historical Society Meeting, 6:30pm. Ages 55 and up. • November 15th- Teen Book Club! Get together with your friends at the library and share some great books! 5pm. • November 16th- Explore the World. Preschoolers are invited to come to the library for an interactive program all about exploring the world around us! Join us for stories, activities, and hands-on fun! Families with children ages 3-7 are invited to attend. Registration is required. 4:00 pm • November 21st- Lego Club! Join us for a monthly Lego Club! Kids in grades K-6th will be able to make lego creations together at the library. Kids from ages 3-5 are also welcome if a parent attends with them. Registration is required. 4:00 pm.

• November 22nd- Pajama Storytime! Bring your family to the library for a quiet storytime just before bed! Families with children ages 0-7 are invited to come to the library in their pajamas to hear stories, rhymes, and songs. Registration is required. 6:00 pm. • November 23rd- Crafty Creations. Come to the library and get creative with us for the afternoon! For kids in grades K-6th and registration is required. 4:00 pm. • November 24th- ACA Healthcare Enrollment. Do you need help enrolling in healthcare insurance? The Affordable Care Act creates basic guidelines for health insurance plans to make sure you have the coverage you need especially when you get sick and need it most. Per the Affordable Care Act, all individuals need to get healthcare insurance. 4:00pm. • Every Thursday Morning at 10am is Storytime! Stay for a craft after! All families with children 5 years old or younger are invited to attend. Registration is required.

Schiller Park Library

4200 Old River Rd., 847-678-0433 • November 6th- Bingo for Books! Join the library Wednesday, from 6:30-7:30p.m. for an old-time favorite! For Ages 3-12, parents are welcome to stay and assist! We’ll have prizes and treats! There is a limit of 20 children for this

activity!! Please sign-up in the Youth Services Room. • November 9th- Pilgrim Picture! Visit the library Saturday, from 1:30-3:30pm and watch our feature film, with juice, snacks, and more! Please sign-up in the Youth Services Room. November 12th- Say it with feathers. Visit the library on Tuesday, from 6:30-7:30pm to hear some stories and celebrate America’s favorite bird!! **Please sign-up in the Youth Services Room. • November 13th & 20th-Gobble me Up! Celebrate the traditional turkey feast with some edible crafts!Ages 6-11, on Wednesday, November 13th from 6:15-7:00pm There is a limit of 15 children! Ages 12-17, on Wednesday, November 20th from 6:15-7:00pm There is a limit of 15 children! Please sign- up in the Youth Services Room. • November 23rd- Computer classes! Sign-up is required prior to the date of the class. Walk-ins are not permitted. Introduction to Microsoft Word 2010! There is a limit of 6 adults for this class and is limited to Schiller Park residents only. There will be a $10 refundable deposit required at the time of sign-up that will be returned on the class date. Please sign-up in the Youth Services Room. • November 27th- Tossing Turkey! Celebrate Thanksgiving with a fine feathered craft on Wednesday, from 6:30-7:15pm There is a limit of 20 children for this craft. 9:30-11am. Please sign-up in the Youth Services Room. • Lapsit Reading time every Saturday at 11am.

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CHOOSE FROM: 16-18 lb. Roasted Whole Turkey with Gravy or 8 lb. Roast Turkey Breast with Gravy ALONG WITH THE FOLLOWING: Chef’s Garden Tossed Salad Corn Bread or Dinner Rolls Fresh Butter Whipped Mashed Potatoes Candied Sweet Potatoes Homemade Stuffing Vegetable Medley or Buttered Corn Fresh Prepared Cranberry Sauce Pumpkin and Apple Pie ********* COMPLETE CATERING MENU ALSO AVAILABLE ********* PICKUP ON THANKSGIVING DAY BETWEEN 10AM AND 2:30PM Order by Monday, Nov. 25th $140 plus tax (Additional $10 per order to carve)


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847-260-5014 • 9755 W. Grand Ave., Franklin Park


CHAMBER CHATTER Melrose Park Chamber of Commerce The Melrose Park Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers businesses access and visibility! The Chamber is a partnership of businesses and professional people working together to build a healthy economy and to improve the quality of life in our community. Membership ranges from one person companies to corporations employing hundreds of people.

Benefits include:

• Listing on Chamber Website • Link to member’s Website • Advertise in Chamber Newspaper People & Places • FREE Membership Listing/Mailing Labels • Certificate of Origin Service • Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities • E-mail Blasts, Listing on the Chamber Website • Networking Events After Hours, Lunches, and Breakfast • Chamber Referrals • Annual Special Events (golf outing, holiday party, etc.) • Opportunity to Sponsor and/ or Host Member Events

Looking for more information? Are you new to Melrose Park? Are you considering moving your family or business to Melrose Park? Check out for up-todate Chamber information with a convenient link to the Village of Melrose park’s home page where you will find everything you need to know about the community – right at your fingertips.

will go straight to our scholarship account. It is $20.00 per person plus a non-perishable food donation and/or Kids Mittens, Scarves, and Hats for our Chamber Members New Life Church and 1st Baptist Church. Seating is Limited, Reservations are required. Kindly R.S.V.P. on later than Monday, December 2, 2013 by: email or call 708-338-1007.

Chamber Hosts Expo

Melrose Park Chamber in Conjunction with OfficeMax Launch Discount Program for Members

On October 23, 2013, the Melrose Park Chamber joined 6 other chambers for a Business-toBusiness Expo at the Midwest Conference Center on Lake Street in Northlake. The Expo offered an inexpensive way to showcase products and services and increase visibility of Melrose Park Chamber Businesses in our area.

Melrose Park Chamber Holiday Party

The Melrose Park Chamber of Commerce is holding its annual Holiday Party on Thursday, December 5, 2013 at 11:30 AM. We will have a wonderful Buffet at Abruzzo’s Restaurant, 1509 W. Division St., Melrose Park. We will have raffle prizes and split the pot raffle. All monies

The Melrose Park Chamber is bringing its Members a discount program through a new partnership with Melrose Park OfficeMax. Business office supplies can be an expensive cost of running a growing business. The new program developed with Chamber Members in mind, will be the most competitive program in the nation. By simply enrolling, your business has the immediate opportunity to save big on more than 25,000 products, to copy and print services, and free delivery on most items. Melrose Park Chamber will provide many money saving options to our members as possible to help their business succeed. Through the OfficeMax Partnership Advantage program, our Members will have access to discounts that allow them to focus their dollars on marketing. This is a great benefit to get to partner with a strong company like OfficeMax which has such a great impact in our local economy. Chamber Members will receive a membership card that is accepted at any of OfficeMax’s nearly 1,000 locations. The savings are applied

Melrose Park Chamber hosted a car show at Danny’s Deli in Melrose Park. Rich Battaglia not only posed with the owner Carl Dote, but also posed with his own car. Visit Danny’s Deli today for great food and great atmosphere.

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9718 Grand Ave Franklin Park

847-451-1155 We now have Gluten Free Pizza!

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Chicago Style Pizza Dine In and Delivery Catering Available We at Grand stand Pizza appreciate you as a customer and appreciate your business. Without you, we would not be here. We use only the best ingredients and we try to be consistent with our pizzas, sandwiches, etc. Please let us know if you are unhappy and we’ll do our best to correct the problem. We want only satisfied customers!

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CHAMBER CHATTER instantly in store during checkout. Members will also receive a login that provides the same discounts while shopping on line or over the phone. Launching this program is a great opportunity to help a multitude of businesses achieve greater savings that will help them run their day to day operations. We look forward to helping our Members of the Melrose Park Chamber improve their bottom line through discounts and OfficeMax’s award-winning, personal customer service. Chamber Members can begin saving by emailing, or calling 800-348-6343. They will receive a login and password to access their account and begin saving up to 90% off of every day prices. For in store purchases, printing and copying needs, Members will receive a Retail Connect card to be scanned by the cashier. This is another way the Melrose Park Chamber through its leadership helps benefit the region’s business community by promoting economic growth and advocating the interests of businesses.

The award recognizes the best improvement in their field based on revenue, monthly contracts and income. Congratulations!

Franklin Park/ Schiller Park/ River Grove Chamber of Commerce The Franklin Park/Schiller Park/River Grove Chamber along with Schiller Park’s Mayor Barbara Piltaver cut the ribbon for the Grand Re-Opening of the Greg Rakowski Dance Studio in Schiller Park. Not only did they have a

wonderful spread of food but Greg himself had attendees take part in dance lessons and also gave demonstrations on many ballroom dance steps. Everyone had a wonderful time. Mark your calendars for some great upcoming events! OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

74% of registered American voters say they would like to see most members of Congress defeated. 38% say they do not want their own representative to be reelected. Pew Research Center

Career Fair/Business Expo – Wednesday, November 6th – East Leyden Field House 12:15 to 4:15 pm.

The Chamber by O’Hare hosts their annual Holiday Decorations Bus Tour on Friday, December 6th. View fabulous holiday displays and tour the Christkindlmarket in downtown Chicago. Tickets are $20 per adult and $5 per child (12-6). RSVP early as seat fill up quickly. For further details call Gaye Faro at 708-865-9510 or visit their website

82% of Americans over age 50 say they will have to work for pay in their retirement, and 47% believe they will retire at an older age than they had anticipated. Associated Press And another report says…. 37% of middle-income Americans earning between $25,000 and $100,000 said they expect to stay on the job until they die, according to a study by Wells Fargo. Thirty-four percent said they expect to work until they are at least 80, up from 25 percent two years ago.


Melrose Park I.T. Support Company and chamber member wins Business Growth Award. Azure Horizons, Inc., ( a Cloud Computing Service Provider and IT Support Company in Melrose Park, IL is pleased to announce that it won the Robin Robins Producers Club Accountability Group of the Quarter award.

Dine-In Carry-Out • Delivery Delivering to: Schiller Park, Franklin Park, Melrose Park, Northlake, O’Hare, River Grove, Maywood, Norridge, Harwood Hts., Niles, Des Plaines, Rosemont, Park Ridge, & Surrounding Areas

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Mon: 10am-3pm • Tues-Fri: 10am - 9pm • Sat: 12-9pm • Sun: Closed

4663 N. Ruby • Schiller Park (847) 928-2277 NOVEMBER 2013 • PEOPLE & PLACES 25

JUST FOR THE HEALTH OF IT Aggressive Driver? Fruit is Not Take a Quiz the Bad Guy

More than 50% of traffic deaths result from road rage, according to the American Automobile Association, while drunk driving accounts for 32% of traffic deaths. Are you an at-risk, aggressive driver? Ask yourself if under certain circumstances, such as being cut off, tailgated, or bested on the road by a speeding driver, you feel as though you’ve lost self-esteem, especially when you allow another driver to get his or her way after cutting you off. Take the “Aggressive Driving Quiz” at Search “aggressive driving quiz.”

People trying to lose weight often banish bananas and other fruits from their diets because they’re loaded with carbohydrates and sugar. But a new review of studies shows that eating a lot of this naturally sweet produce is actually connected to lower body weight. “You can have as many apples and bananas as you want – even if you’re on a diet.” Says review author David Ludwig, MD, professor of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health. “In fact, we haven’t found evidence that fruit does anything but promote health, helping keep blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity and heart disease in check.” Eating whole fruit is also linked to a lower risk of diabetes, according to new research.. It just goes to show you that the natural things on earth are better for you.

Poor Sleep? Could using Facebook, a smartphone, or other bright electronic device just before bedtime explain your poor sleep? Bright light is known to disturb sleep, so try keeping your last hour before sleep “technology free” to see if you notice a difference. The research is still unclear, but 95% of adults admit to using technology devices in the hour prior to going to bed. The National Sleep Foundation says 63% of people complain of not sleeping well in any given week. Is there a connection? While you sleep, your immune system rejuvenates, fights stress, and even becomes a cancer-fighting machine. Don’t mess with it. Many studies have linked lack of sleep to increased risk for cancer. So seek restful and restorative sleep.


That’s how many fewer calories were consumed by dieters who used free smartphone apps to track eating and exercise habits compared with those who used paper journals. Two to try from the study: Lose I! ( and MyFitnessPal (

Eat Healthy Fruits

All fruit isn’t created equal when it comes to preventing diabetes. A Harvard University study that tracked the diets of more than 185,000 people over 12 years shows that eating strawberries, oranges, peaches, plums and apricots has no impact on a person’s likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes. But grapes, applies, grapefruit, and blueberries do help ward off the disease. Blueberries had the greatest effect on diabetes risk: Eating between one and three servings a month decreased risk by 11 percent; eating five servings a week decreased it by 26 percent. However, the study found that drinking a single serving of juice per day increases the risk of diabetes by 21 percent! During juicing processes many of the antioxidants are lost and juices also contain added sugars which can promote diabetic changes in the body. Stick with the real thing!

Turkey Day Trimmings

Here is a sampling of the number of hours needed to burn off the 3,000 or more calories in an average Thanksgiving dinner. This is HOURS mind you! RUNNING STAIRS – 2.8 HOURS JUMPING ROPE – 3.8 HOURS CIRCUIT TRAINING – 5.25 HOURS HIKING – 7 HOURS POWER YOGA – 10.5 HOURS

your greens – stay away from the green bean casserole and instead round out the meal with a handful of lightly sautéed green beans. For dessert, savor a sliver of pie. Use the twothumbnail guide – put your two thumbnails together and slice accordingly to that width. Now, if you do happen to overindulge and are feeling the “I wish I hadn’t eaten that much” syndrome, get back on track and go light the day after. Plan for extra exercise (go power shopping or mall walking?) and eat light throughout the day with frequent nutritious low calorie meals. And don’t forget breakfast – Eat a quick 300-350 calorie protein packed meal to fill you up until lunchtime and jumpstart your metabolism.

The Perils of E-Cigarettes If this just sounds WAY too much exercise to suit your “taste,” consider some of these calorie saving hints. If you follow the guidelines below, you can have a happy no-guilt Thanksgiving that will still fill you up. Portion control is the key. Keep servings of stuffing and mashed potatoes to about the size of half tennis balls or have a whole-tennis ball size portion of one or the other. And for a better choice of potato opt for sweet potatoes instead. Pile up the white and dark meat for a portion that’s as large as a bar and a half of soap or size of a smartphone Top it with a shot-glass size portion of gravy. If you can live without the skin, you’ll save about 4 grams of fat from a 4-ounce portion of turkey meat. If you simply must have cranberry sauce (which although has sugar in it, is still filled with antioxidants called anthocyanins which have been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease, cancer and Parkinson’s, go for a big scoop about half the size of a tennis ball. And don’t forget

T he number of middle and high school students in the U.S. who have tried electronic cigarettes has doubled within a year. Nearly 2 million teens now report that they’ve experimented with the devices, which use water vapor to deliver nicotine to the lungs and bloodstream. The increased use of e-cigarettes by teens is deeply troubling reports the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Nicotine is a highly addictive drug. E-cigarette makers contend the devices are safer than traditional cigarettes because they don’t burn tobacco and therefore don’t produce tar or carbon monoxide. But the devices hook teens on nicotine and thus may encourage them to try traditional cigarettes; three out of four teens who said they’d tried e-cigarettes had tried traditional cigarettes too. Anti-smoking advocates say e-cigarette companies are marketing directly to kids by offering flavors like cherry, strawberry, and cookies and cream, potentially setting them up for a lifetime of nicotine addiction. Source – The Week



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CatVando - News and Tidbits From the Cat World If you’ve been reading this article for a while, you may remember the man who didn’t want to TNR his cats a couple of years ago. He didn’t like cats in traps and his cats ‘stayed in his yard’. He had a mom and 3 or 4 4-5 month old kittens. No matter what I said, I couldn’t convince him. Well, we just TNR’d 22 cats from his yard plus taking one small 5 week old kitten, a survivor of 3, who’s mom had had it with being a mom and pretty much abandoned her. The man loves them and they love him. They follow him like he’s the Pied Piper. Unfortunately, there are 22 cats but at least there won’t be more. Winter care Cats need shelter during the winter, not just something to break the cold wind. Check out our website or google ‘Rubbermaid Cat Shelters’ for one example of winter housing. We make them out of Rubbermaid storage units, 55 gallon works best. We cut 2 holes, one for entry and one for possible emergency escape. We use Menard’s insulation, can’t remember what it’s called but its metalized white and silver on each side. Hi R factor and the cats don’t scratch it. Flooring should be ‘country straw’ obtained from farms or local feed stores. Decorative

straw has been split, loosing its insulation value, its mostly short pieces and much more expensive than that f rom feed straws. Make a deep bed so they can bur row in. Do not use fabric flooring. While cuddly, it gets wet when snow or rain enter on wet paws and freezes. Cats are a hardy breed but their tender ears and paws can freeze and some have frozen to death. Why take a chance. I recently heard from one of our caretakers that their vet said they don’t need shelter – may that vet spend a winter without shelter, with or without a fur coat. Cats need water during winter months more than summer. They can dehydrate without it. During the summer, water can be found easier than winter when things freeze. Rather than putting out water in a regular bowl, invest in a heated water bowl. They last for years and are worth the investment.

Our TNR season is over. To get on the list for next year, go to our website and complete the on line TNR application. Avoid those spring kittens. They’re very cute but will have their own by next fall. Don’t be responsible for 20 in your yard, not everyone likes cats. Neighbors, help your neighbors get their cats TNR’d. CatVando can use your help. With the sick and injured and those waiting for adoption needing care, we need to expand to care for them. We need more volunteers to do a variety of jobs and are looking for a few specifics. We need someone for Marketing, a Social Media specialist, Adoption Events Counselor, and a Fundraising Chairperson. For all of those of you who’ve volunteered and never heard from us, apologies and good news! Our new Volunteer Coordinator is starting this week so you should be hearing from us soon. In

addition to adults, we work with kids and schools with Volunteer Service Hours. Email us or sign up for our Volunteer List found on the ‘Newsletter link’ on our website. Have a great month. Get a jump on things, why wait until Thanksgiving, start thinking of things to be thankful for now. CatVando NFP Corp is a 501©3 organization, all volunteer, Comprehensive TNR Group based in Maywood working in many communities throughout the area to help establish Community Based TNR Programs to help reduce and care for cats living in our communities. To find out more about Trap Neuter Return, or to get your cats TNR’d, visit. http://, and CatVando, PO Box 851, Maywood 60153. 708 829 6013

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Sudoku! FUN BY THE NUMBERS Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken down into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

CROSSWORD PUZZLE CLUES ACROSS 1. Horse drawn carriages 5. Cathode-ray tube 8. Ribosomal ribonucleic acid 12. Marbles playing stone 14. Zodiacal lion 15. Whale ship captain 16. Hit the sack 18. Hostelry 19. People of southern India 20. Four 21. Male workforce 22. March 15 23. Food lifter 26. Copy 30. De Mille (dancer) 31. Overcharged 32. Conducted 33. Pronouncements 34. Flemish names of Ypres 39. Denotes three 42. Root source of tapioca 44. Animal track 46. Backed away from 47. Neighborhood canvas 49. Pigeon-pea plant 50. Nursing group 51. Within reach 56. Turkish brandy 57. Metal food storage container 58. Batten down 59. Assist in wrongdoing 60. Old world, new 61. Rust fungus spore cases 62. A way to wait 63. Point midway between S and SE 64. Adam and Eve’s third son

CLUES DOWN 1. Has two wheels 2. “A Death in the Family” novelist 3. Fabric stuffing 4. Mix in a pot 5. Move up a mountain 6. Replenishment 7. Weight of a ship’s cargo 8. Flightless birds with flat breastbones 9. Scholarship bequester Cecil 10. Consumer advocate Ralph 11. Overgarments 13. Terminator 17. Derive 24. Angry 25. Imprudent 26. Rural Free Delivery (abbr.) 27. __ Lilly, drug company 28. Chest muscle (slang) 29. Lease 35. Point midway between E and SE 36. Cool domicile 37. First woman 38. Radioactivity unit 40. Revolves 41. Incongruities 42. ___-Magnon: early European 43. Indefinitely long periods 44. Saturated 45. Mannerly 47. Abu __, United Arab Emirates capital 48. Move rhythmically to music 49. Cheerless 52. 4 highest cards 53. Criterion 54. Person from U.K. (abbr.) 55. Affirmative! (slang)

Hor oscope s ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20 Aries, seek the advice of a mentor or confidante when a puzzling situation presents itself this week. Another person’s perspective might be all you need to solve this problem. TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21 Taurus, getting the job done just isn’t enough. You always need to get it done to the best of your ability and that’s why others find you so reliable. GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21 Gemini, focus your energy on work this week, as a possible promotion is looming over the horizon. Give work your best efforts, and you will soon be glad you did. CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22 Cancer, sometimes the key to success is to know when to step back and recharge. This week, spend some time resting and relaxing, and you will have the energy needed to go forward. LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23 Leo, you may be looking for something new to occupy your time. Try learning a new sport or language. It will keep your brain sharp and pass the time in a productive way. VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22 Virgo, this week is a great time to stop procrastinating and to get back on track. Figure out a time when you have the most energy, and dive right into the task at hand. LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23 Libra, get behind a cause that will benefit your community. You have been interested in giving back to others, and this week presents a great opportunity to do just that. SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22 Scorpio, you love to socialize with friends and family, but lately time has been hard to come by. Plan a get-together with friends and family. SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21 Sagittarius, you can handle difficult situations with ease and your loved ones know it. When such a situation presents itself this week, don’t be afraid to take charge. CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20 Capricorn, others trust what you have to say and want to follow along with your guidance. Cherish this trust and think carefully before making decisions that affect your loved ones. AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18 Aquarius, sort out an ongoing issue that has been compromising your focus at work. Once you clear your mind, you can once again focus on your career. PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20 Pisces, you may find yourself spending more time with your social circle than your family in the next few days.

Last Month’s Answers:


LOCAL CHURCH NEWS St. Maria Goretti 3929 N. Wehrman Ave., Schiller Park 847-678-3988

St. Maria Goretti Women’s Club is sponsoring their annual Fannie May Candy Fundraiser through Sunday, November 17th. Purchasers receive a 5% discount and there is no sales tax. Fannie May makes a wonderful gift for the upcoming holidays. For further information contact Lorraine Schweihs 847-678-3872 or DonnaRae Siekierski 847-678-7675. No order is small! Order today.

St. Maria Goretti Confirmation Class of 2013.

Congratulations to those students who were recently confirmed by Bishop John Manz on October 19th. Isabella Joan Baumann, Gino Wenceslaus Cangialosi, Joseph Lawrence Cangialosi, Salma Rose Feliciano, Ivan Anthony Gonzalez, Kacie Clare Judge, Rafal Conrad Kowalski, Marissa Valentine Krielaart, Mateo Charles Martinez, Sara Maria Goretti Ozanic, Harry Genesius Palmer, Alex Michael Parra, Mickayla Catherine Radomski, Danielle Lucy Shawaluk, Kayla Elizabeth Woods-Ortiz.

St. Beatrice Parish

in time for Thanksgiving meals, find some great desserts and support a wonderful organization.

HYPOD – Help Your Parish Out of Debt.

Where else can you find a raffle ticket for $10 that gives you 52 chances to win $100 and 12 chances to win $500? No other place than St. Beatrice Church! These make great gifts for Christmas stocking stuffers, birthdays or just for you. Buy several; at just ten dollars, they are the best chance you could take. Even if you win, your ticket stays in and has more chances to win again. Tickets are available at Sunday Bingo or the Rectory during the week. Call 847-678-0138 for further information or to purchase tickets.

Honoring Mary

On October 25, St. Beatrice hosted “Music in Honor of the Month of the Rosary.” Under the direction of Tenor, Luis Antonio Galvez, twelve songs were sung or played during the performance and featured Anatoliy Tor c h i n sky, P i a n i s t , Sally Daley QM, Flute,

4157 Atlantic Ave., Schiller Park 847-678-0138, HARVEST BAKE SALE

St. Beatrice Woman’s Club will be holding their annual “Harvest Bake Sale” on November 23 and 24 before and after all the masses. Just

Nicolette Nazarowski, Mezzo-Soprano, Dan Mackey, Bass-Baritone, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary English Choir. This “free-will donation” performance was absolutely beautiful and touched the hearts and souls of those in attendance. As an added bonus, Luis Galvez brought with him and told the story of a pickle jar that he was going to use as a terrarium. After he washed it and let it stand to dry in close proximity to a statue of the Virgin Mary in his kitchen, it dried bearing a figure of the Virgin Mary on the jar. He preserved the jar and now displays it in a protective case.


Whenever we celebrate Thanksgiving Day, many of us tend to ask ourselves, “What am I grateful for?” While this is a great question to ask, I would suggest that an even better one is: “To whom am I grateful?” You see, my belief as a Catholic Christian is that every good thing comes from God (James 1:17), and that this is true for every person on the planet, whether they believe in God or not. Thus, I believe that all gratitude ultimately must be directed to God, because without His love and generosity we would have nothing – absolutely nothing. One of my favorite movies is M. Night Shyamalan’s 2004 film The Village. As much as I love it, though, I have one critique of it. The film centers around a Puritan-type community who clearly seem to believe in God. For example, whenever the townspeople come together for a meal, their leader begins by

saying some words of blessing or thanksgiving. And he always concludes by saying, “We are grateful for the time we have been given.” My critique is: why did he not direct their gratitude to God? If he really wanted it to be a prayer, he should have said, “We are grateful to God for the time we have been given.” I guess I’m writing this article because it seems like more and more people – even believers in God – are hesitant to give God the thanks that He is due. For instance, it seems to be a growing trend in movies and TV today that, whenever characters actually do refer to a higher power, they refer to it as “the universe,” instead of “God.” My question is: why? Why are we reluctant to say His name, especially when we’re giving Him the gratitude that He alone is due? Are we reluctant to pause before eating a meal to give God thanks, even if we’re in a public place? Do we forget to thank God for the countless blessings He gives us each day? So as we look ahead to Thanksgiving Day, I would like to offer some excerpts from the spiritual classic The Imitation of Christ, from the chapter on gratitude: “God does well in giving the grace of consolation, but man does evil in not returning it all again to Him with thanksgiving. // Grace is always given to those who are ready to yield thanks for grace received, but from the proud is taken what is freely given to the humble. // Be thankful for even the least and you will be worthy to receive greater things. // If you consider the dignity of the Giver, no gift will seem too little or too mean to value. For that cannot be small which is given by the Most High God.”

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Doctors Vidulich, Blase & Associates

Winston Plaza • 904 W. North Avenue, Melrose Park, IL 708-343-9009 • 30 PEOPLE & PLACES • NOVEMBER 2013

––On October 15th a woman was caught shoplifting at Super Low Foods, 7411 Grand Avenue, with nine cans of cat food in her purse. The police were notified, but no charges were filed. The woman has been banned from the store.––Sometime between October 12th and October 15th someone took CDs and sunglasses from an unlocked car on 1700 block of 75th Court.



BATTERY ––Artur Szymaszek, 46 of Elmwood Park, was arrested on October 6th in the 2700 block of 73rd Court. He has been charged with domestic battery after allegedly punching his girlfriend in the face. ––Pawel Wiski, 47 of Elmwood Park, was arrested on October 18th on the 1900 block of 75th Avenue and charged with domestic battery. BURGLARY ––A burglary occurred on October 5th in the 2900 block of 73rd Avenue. The victim came home to find a back door and window unlocked, and items missing from his home and garage. ––On October 6th, an unlocked car was entered into on the 2900 block of 72nd Court. Two credit cards were taken from the car and charges were made to the cards that the owner did not make. ––A woman in the 2100 block of Harlem Avenue came home on October 9th to find her home in disarray, and found two checks missing from her checkbook. The checks were forged and cashed in the amounts of $250 and $75. The checks were made out to a friend of her grandson. ––On October 14th a car was reported burglarized on the 1800 block of 75th Court. Someone entered the vehicle and took a camera and two packs of cigarettes. There were no signs of forced entry. ––Sometime between October 19th and October 20th a Honda Civic was burglarized on 1900 block of 73rd Court. Someone took a 500 MB hard drive and computer related equipment from the unlocked car. CRIMINAL DAMAGE ––Sometime on October 18th, the tires on a car were slashed on 1800 block of 75th Avenue. ––Cedric Foley, 60 of Elmwood Park, was arrested on October 18th on 7300 block of Armitage Avenue and charged with criminal damage to property following a dispute with his girlfriend. He allegedly threw rocks through the window of her apartment. DRUGS ––Sarah Donohue, 26 of Chicago was arrested on October 6th on the 7200 block of Diversey Avenue. She has been charged with possession of a controlled substance and possessing drug paraphernalia. RESISTING ––Bryan Ortiz, 21 of Elmwood Park, was arrested on October 18th at 75th Court and Wrightwood Avenue and charged with resisting arrest and attempting to flee from police. ROBBERY ––Police are investigating an armed robbery that took place last week, with the offender making off with thousands of dollars. The robbery took place at around 7 p.m. October 17th at TitleMax, 7528 W. North Avenue, when a man with a mask over his face dressed in black entered the business and demanded money. According to police reports, the offender had a magazine covering his hand, but later revealed to an employee that he was holding a handgun. The offender is described in the police report as being in his 20s and 5 feet 10 inches tall. The Robber made off with approximately $6,000 in cash. THEFT ––On October 6th, a man reported that his golf bag, containing clubs and shoes was missing from his garage. He believes the items were stolen while he was unloading his car that was parked in his garage on the 2600 block of 77th Court. The items are valued at $2,100. ––Sometime overnight on October 7th, a car was reported stolen from the 2600 block of 76th Avenue. The car, a 2011 Grey Ford Edge was taken from front of the owner’s residence. ––Sometime on October 9th, a catalytic converter was reportedly sawed off of a Pontiac Sunfire in the 7300 block of Grand Avenue. ––A van was reported missing on October 14th in te 7200 block of Palmer Avenue. The van was parked in the back of the owner’s home.

DRUGS ––Javier Garcia, age 21 of Melrose Park was charged with possession of a controlled substance in the 3000 block of Mannheim Road on October 19th. The substance was identified as just over 8 grams of cocaine. PROPERTY DAMAGE ––Someone put cake batter into the gas tanks of 8 delivery trucks at Midwest Foods Manufacturing in Franklin Park, between 10 p.m. October 8th and 3 p.m. the next day. When the manager looked into the gas tanks, he found a white frothy cake batter like substance inside the gas cap area. POSSESSION ––Ramon Vazquez, 20 of Franklin Park, was cited on September 22th with possession of less than 2.5 grams of marijuana. ––Jeanette Collado, 42 of River Grove, was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana, speeding and operating an uninsured vehicle near the intersection of Grand Avenue and Oak Street on August 21st. ROBBERY ––A man was robbed at gunpoint in his backyard on the 200 block of Whitehall in Northlake on October 7th. Police said a man appearing to be in his 20s wearing a baseball hat and black hooded sweatshirt walked up a driveway and into a backyard. He asked the young man for money. When the man said he didn’t have any, the suspect pulled out a silver handgun, and told the victim to lay on the ground and hand over money. The victim handed over $15. The man left and the victim and his friend chased him east on Whitehall. The suspect fired a shot into the ground, then got into a U-Haul truck and then drove off. THEFT ––Karen Whalen, 51 of Chicago, was charged September 24th with felony theft after she allegedly attempted to leave Jewel, 10203 W. Grand Avenue, without paying for $90 worth of merchandise. ––Jeanette M Cervantes, 27 of Addison, was charged with felony retail theft on October 11th. Police said she stole lunch meat, cheese and buns from the Jewel grocery store on Grand Avenue, and put them in her purse. Cervantes also had a warrant in DuPage County for larceny. TRESPASSING ––Niko Rios, 20 of Franklin Park, was charged September 22nd with trespassing following an incident on the 2800 block of Atlantic. ––


DRUGS ––Jennifer Mendez, 19 of Melrose Park, was charged on September 23rd with possession of less than 5 grams of marijuana following a traffic stop near Armitage Avenue and Mannheim Road. TRESPASSING ––Marco Rojas-Martinez, 45 of Chicago, and Luis Espinoza, of Addison, were cited on September 20th with trespassing after they reportedly were in a home in the 100 block of south Harold Avenue without permission.


ASSAULT ––Jaroslaw Gaska, 24 of Chicago, was charged September 27th with assault and disorderly conduct following an altercation in the 8300 block of Lawrence Avenue. DRUGS ––Denis Velic, 18 of Chicago, was charged October 2nd with possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana, driving without a license and failure to provide proof of insurance following a traffic stop on the 4900 block of Cumberland Avenue. Kymball Lawrence, 18 of Chicago, who was a passenger in Velic’s vehicle, was charged with possession of marijuana. THEFT ––Bonita Randle, 54 of Chicago, was charged on September 17th with felony theft after she allegedly attempted to leave Carson’s, 4200 N. Harlem Avenue, without paying for jewelry valued at $300.

–– Rachel Ballog, 44 of Chicago, was charged September 22nd with felony theft after she allegedly attempted to leave Carson’s, 4200 N. Harlem Avenue, without paying for clothing worth $247. ––Lashar Novruzov, 23 of Chicago was charged September 24th with felony theft after he allegedly attempted to leave Carson’s, 4200 N. Harlem Avenue, without paying for clothing worth $619. Nurgali Rysbek, 19, of the same Chicago address was also charged when he allegedly attempted to leave Carson’s without paying for clothing worth $258. ––Kamil Broz, 24 of Elmwood Park, was charged October 11th with two counts of theft after he allegedly attempted to leave Kmart on Harlem Avenue, without paying for dental whitening strips worth $76 and also for not paying for the cab ride to the store. PROPERTY DAMAGE ––Espy Nathaniel, 33 of Chicago, was charged September 22nd with criminal damage to property after he allegedly attempted to cut a security cord on a display at the T-Mobile store on Harlem Avenue.


BATTERY ––Gilbert Sierras, 51 of Chicago, was charged September 18th with battery following an altercation in the 4700 block of Harlem Avenue. POSSESSION ––Amir Perazic, 26 of Harwood Heights, was charged September 22nd with possession of marijuana after he allegedly was found with .2 grams following an incident on the 7300 block of Lawrence Avenue. THEFT ––Kristen Benson, 43 of Chicago, was charged on September 20th with theft and battery after she allegedly shoved a security officer while attempting to leave Marshalls on Harlem Avenue, without paying for merchandise. ––Sylvia Tabor, 27 of Norridge, was charged October 3rd with theft after she allegedly attempted to leave Mariano’s Fresh Market on Lawrence Avenue, without paying for merchandise worth $72. ––On October 11th, two vehicles parked in a lot in the 4700 block of Harlem Avenue reported their catalytic converters stolen as did the owner of a vehicle parked in the 4800 block of Harlem. Harwood Heights Detectives said multiple gangs of thieves have been cutting off auto parts from vehicles, not only in the village but also in nearby municipalities.


BURGLARY ––A bicycle was stolen between September 26th and October 9th from an unlocked garage in the 700 block of South Greenwood Avenue. CARJACKING ––Two men have been charged with vehicular hijacking after they allegedly beat and forced a woman out of her car at a Niles fast food restaurant. Niles police said the 25-year-old woman had just exited the drive-thru at McDonald’s, 8460 W. Dempster Street., at 1:40 a.m., on October 11th, and drove to the parking lot’s exit when she was approached by two men. One of the men, later identified as Edward Gonzalez, 20 of unincorporated Maine Township, reportedly opened the passenger side door and ordered the woman out of the vehicle before allegedly punching her repeatedly in the head. The second man, identified as Eduardo Medina, 19 of Niles, opened the driver’s side door and attempted to pull the woman out of the car, police said. After pressing the seat belt release, the men removed the woman from her car and threw her to the ground, police said. They then allegedly jumped in the car, a 2009 Mitsubishi, and fled the area. Officers from the Morton Grove Police Department located the vehicle minutes later. Both have been charged with felony vehicular hijacking. DISORDERLY CONDUCT ––Sometime overnight between October 5th and 6th, someone dumped garbage in the front yard of a home on the 700 block of Parkwood Avenue. This was reportedly the second time this has occurred. DRUGS ––Jacqueline Clark, 18 of Park Ridge, and two Park Ridge boys, ages 16 and 17, were each charged with possession of marijuana on October 11th. A witness reported seeing the teens smoking marijuana on the 1000 block of South Rose Avenue, prompting a police to respond. THEFT ––Rose Morales-Tuttle, 44 of Park Ridge, was taken into custody October 3rd and charged with theft following an investigation by Park Ridge police. Police said she used a patron’s lost library card to check out 32 items from the library, mostly DVDs and video games, and then failed to return them. She is the second person to be charged in this crime.

––An unknown amount of cash and a credit card were stolen October 3rd from an unsecured locker at Maine East High School. The card was reportedly used before it was reported stolen.


DUI ––Tomas K. Furmanczy, 32 of Chicago, was arrested on October 12th at Struckman and Center Avenues and charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol. THEFT ––Marcin S. Cukierski, 29 of Harwood Heights, was arrested on October 11th on 3100 block of Thatcher Road and charged with retail theft from Dominick’s.


––Oct. 13 Schiller Park police took a few juveniles into custody due to the time of night for curfew violations. They were released to their parents. ––Oct 12 – Officers were called to the scene of a hotel lobby for a fight involving a highly intoxicated individual. The individual became combative and verbally abusive with officers and attempted to bit the leg of one officer and then actually bit the leg of another. At that point, officers used the taser on the offender with no effect. Officers transported the offender to the station where he continued to kick officers. He was again tasered with no effect again. He was finally put in a holding cell and charged with domestic battery, battery, aggravated assault and three counts of resisting an officer. Officers also found an outstanding arrest warrant. He has a court date of November 27th. ––Oct. 12 - Two juveniles were taken into custody after witnesses saw them enter a garage on the 3800 block of Emerson. Witnesses observed the juveniles attempting to enter a residence. When officers responded to the address, they found the garage door open and a white Kia Optima with its driver’s side door open. The owner of the home indicated that his cell phone was missing. Officers upon searching the subjects found a cell phone and a glass pipe commonly used to ingest cannabis. The cell phone turned out to be the owner’s. The juveniles’ parents were called and they were turned over to them. Both juveniles have a petition at juvenile court. ––Oct. 10 – Officers arrested and charged an individual of Oak Lawn with possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis after responding to a call about subjects smoking cannabis in a vehicle in the 4100 block of Mannheim Road. Court date is set for November 14. ––Oct 8 – Officers arrested a Chicago man after observing him by radar going 95 mph in a clearly posted 45 mph zone. The vehicle was impounded and the offender was given a court date of October 24. ––Oct 4 – A theft was reported at the Walgreens after two individuals were observed taking items from the store. Items totaling over three hundred dollars was reported stolen. Video surveillance confirmed the theft. An employee observed the individuals taking the items and the alarm went off at the door. A third individual was waiting in a car for them and they drove off. Officers were given an Illinois license plate and an investigation will follow. ––Sept. 26 – Officers arrested a man for theft and possession of a stolen firearm and ammunition after a complainant called to state that the offender stole his dog. However, the offender stated that he took the dog because the owner was abusing him by not giving him food or water. Officers finally got the dog back and at that time found the offender to possess a gun. The gun turned out to be stolen. The offender was charged with felony possession of a stolen firearm and a misdemeanor charge of theft. ––Sept. 26 – A theft was reported in the 9400 block of Irving Park Road. Jewelry, a camera, Play station games, Swords, Xbox games and sunglasses were reportedly taken. Officers observed that a back door appeared to have been forced open. The door was damaged and estimated at $300. ––Sept. 26 – A resident of Melrose Park reported his 2012 GMC Sierra being stolen from Bernice Avenue in Schiller Park while it was being stored there for repairs. On Star could not locate the vehicle and the SP police entered the vehicle into LEADS. The vehicle was valued at $45,000. ––Sept. 26 – A resident of Pearl Street reported damaged to his 2004 Ford Truck by an unknown offender. Tires were punctured and damaged appeared on the hood and doors of the truck. The owner was willing to sign complaints.

Residents are warned to keep their valuables locked up, doors and windows locked when not at home, vehicles locked, even if leaving it for a few minutes; that’s all it takes for a thief to take off with it. Call police if you observe any suspicious activity in your area. Readers are reminded that an arrest does not constitute a finding of guilt. Only a court of law can make that determination. The holiday season often finds homeowners playing host to friends and family visiting from out of town. While the holiday dinner often draws the most attention, guests need to eat breakfast as well. Holiday hosts who want their overnight guests to start their days off on the right foot should consider the following recipe for "Potato and Arugula Omelets" from Betty Rosbottom's "Sunday Brunch" (Chronicle Books).

POTATO AND ARUGULA OMELETS Serves 2 21/2 T. unsalted butter 1/2 T. olive oil 4 oz. red-skinned potatoes, scrubbed but not peeled, cut into 1/2” cubes Kosher salt Freshly ground black pepper 4 eggs 1/8 t. cayenne pepper 8 c. arugula, stems discarded and leaves cleaned, dried and coarsely chopped* 1/2 T. balsamic vinegar 6 T. grated Gruyere cheese

Heat 1/2 tablespoon of the butter and the olive oil in a medium, heavy frying pan set over medium heat. When hot, add the potatoes and saute, stirring often, until light golden and tender, 8 minutes. Remove from the heat and season with salt and pepper. (The potatoes can be prepared 1 hour ahead; leave at room temperature. Reheat, stirring, over medium heat.) Whisk the eggs in a mixing bowl and season with a good pinch of salt and the cayenne. Place the arugula in another mixing bowl and toss with the vinegar. Place the Gruyere and the potatoes each in separate bowls. Have ready a ladle for adding the egg mixture to the pan. Add 1 tablespoon to a 9-inch frying pan, preferably nonstick or seasoned cast iron, set over medium heat. Swirl the butter so that it coats the bottom of the pan. When it is hot but not smoking, ladle half of the eggs into the pan and stir with the back of the fork until they start to set but are still quite liquid on the top, 30 to 40 seconds. With the fork or a nonstick spatula, lift an edge of the omelet and tilt the pan to let some of the uncooked egg mixture run underneath. Repeat this two or three more times, working your way around the pan until the eggs are cooked but remain moist on top. Sprinkle half of the potatoes, then half of the cheese, and finally half of the arugula over the eggs. Let the mixture cook until the cheese begins to melt and the arugula wilts only slightly, 30 seconds. Using a nonstick or metal spatula, fold the omelet in half and slide it onto a plate. Repeat to make another omelet. Serve each omelet as soon as it is prepared. * You can use regular or baby arugula, but the former provides a more intense flavor.

COOL WHIP COOKIES Easiest Cookie Ever!

1 box cake mix (any flavor- chocolate, red velvet, lemon, etc.) 1 tub Cool Whip (8 oz) 1 egg. Mix ingredients. Drop spoonfuls into powdered sugar to coat. Bake at 350 for 12 mins cool before removing.


ALL IN FAVOR Schiller Park Village Board Meeting OCTOBER 17, 2013. Absent – Trustee Tole and Trustee Desecki – however, Trustee Desecki joined the meeting via Face Time on the iPad. Start – 7:04 pm Public Comment - Vera Pizzani, the mother of the owner of Ritchie’s Sport Lounge on Lawrence Avenue inquired at the first public session as to the status of the video gaming because she and her son see this as an important financial issue for their business. The Board of Trustees and public in attendance received a presentation from ComEd representatives on the new Smart Meter program that is being installed throughout the Village. Many residents as well as the Mayor and Board members asked questions regarding the new program. Many residents were in attendance regarding the Conditional Use request for the construction of a St. Thomas Church in Eden Cemetery requiring ingress/egress through the Garden Court—Soreng Avenue neighborhood. Board approved Consent Agenda which included reports from the fire department, street department, water and sewer department, police department and community development.

ZPA in which the ZPA unanimously turned down the request. Now the Village Board has to make a final decision. In attendance at the meeting were representatives of the Church and their attorney. Trustee Fritz recommended the Board accept the report and take it under advisement. Issues raised and considered at the ZPA included potential aggravation of area flooding as well as traffic congestion and safety. 3. CAD System Norcomm Agreement – This agreement was approved as the second of three that needs to be approved subject to attorney review. This software is to assist the 911 center in dispatching emergency calls. It was the recommendation of staff as a cost saving measure to share the software and hardware with Norcomm, a regional dispatch center. 4. Video Gaming Ordinance – Further discussion and action on this matter was deferred to give the Village Attorney additional time to conduct research and submit a revised ordinance.

1. ComEd Smart Meter Presentation – ComEd made their presentation.

5. Liquor License Discussion – The Board discussed a request by the two Shell gas stations in town (Irving Park and Judd; Lawrence and River Road) for package liquor licenses. This matter was deferred for review by the Liquor License Committee.

2. ZPA Case#13-C-05 St Thomas Church – The Village Board received the report from the

6. Snow/Ice Control Plan – The Board reviewed and briefly discussed the written plans for

The Committee of the Whole Discussion:

Personal Emergency Response System Wireless, Water-resistant Long-Range Personal Help Button Speak with a Caring Professional Monitored by Your 9-1-1 Dispatchers

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dealing with snow and winter weather incidents in the Village of this coming year. The plans were recently updated by the Director of Public Works and Assistant Village Manager. 7. SOC Membership Consideration – The Village Manager questioned whether the Village should continue to participate with the Suburban O’Hare Commission. It was the consensus of the Board that the Village continue to participate as long as there was no cost to the Village. President Piltaver asked the Village Manager to find out if SOC could deploy noise monitoring vans. 8. IDNR Reimbursement Agreement – A discussion ensued over the reimbursement of $9,900 from the State of Illinois for damage to a resident’s garage at 25th and Emerson during the recent Crystal Creek project that had already been paid for by the Village. This is not a total reimbursement, but the State in the next phase is paying for fence work that should have been a Village cost; the Village Manager thought that this was a fair trade. The Board was also informed that the next phase of the Crystal Creek work would be beginning shortly. 9. Village Manager Comments – Nothing further than original discussions 10. Village Engineer Comments – No Engineer Present

11. Department Head Comments – The Police Chief thanked everyone for their support of the Domestic Violence seminar; asked the Board to adopt a resolution recognizing the presenters; and announced a new neighborhood watch program; the Village Recreation Director reminded everyone about the Halloween Howl on October 31, 2013 inviting all to attend; the Director of Community Development noted concerns that real estate taxes are serving as a deterrent to development in Schiller Park and this has to be overcome by other support by the Village. 12. Elected Officials Comments – Village President Piltaver announced that the Village had recently the most successful blood drive since 2004 (with 55 donors coming in and 48 giving) the next Blood Drive will be in December; the next Village Town Hall Meeting is December 11, 2013 (with more information to follow); that the drawing for the TV raffle will occur at the Halloween Howl; Santa’s Workshop for the children will be December 7, 2013, from 3-7 pm at the Schiller Park Community Center. The Board of Trustees approved bills in the amount of $650,593.32. The Board in further action tabled the video gaming for future consideration, placed on the file the report on St. Thomas Church for further review; authorized the three year agreement with Norcomm; and authorized the sale of the sidewalk sweeper and trailer.

NORCOMM’s Personal Emergency Response System is a medical alert system specifically designed to protect seniors and all family members in a home health emergency. NORCOMM can help seniors remain independent and possibly avoid a retirement home by sending help fast in the event of a fall or other emergency. By pushing one button on a pendant worn by the subscriber, seniors can live independently without ever being alone because help is just a push of a button away. Your Personal Emergency Response System will be monitored by a local 9-1-1 Dispatch Center by trained 9-1-1 Telecommunicators who are familiar with the immediate area and who are capable of providing emergency medical instructions to your loved one. Our trained 9-1-1 Telecommunicators will immediately notify the trusted family and friends and dispatch the local police and/or fire department to help the subscriber. Most Personal Emergency Response Systems are monitored by call centers that are not located in the State of Illinois. With NORCOMM’s system, your Personal Emergency Response System will be monitored by trained and friendly 9-1-1 Emergency Medical Dispatchers at a 9-1-1 Dispatch Center located in the immediate Chicagoland area. You have peace of mind knowing that your system is monitored by local, experienced, professionals.



THIS AND THAT The public comment at the end of the meeting included residents with concerns :

Resident of Garden Court - Requesting that the Village purchase the property that is the proposed development for the Church and utilizing it for a park in the summer and somewhere to store the snow from the Garden Court and Soreng Avenue in the winter. He also asked for the Village to consider a zoning amendment to allow residents to build garages on their property in the townhouse development. Resident of Garden Court - Expressed concern about a failure to enforce property maintenance standards on the homes in the Garden Court/Soreng Avenue area. He cited problems with broken windows, debris and garbage cans. Mr. Pishos expressed his opposition to the construction of the Church. Mayor Piltaver noted that the Village is trying to work toward a compromise to keep all parties happy. Mr. Pishos also expressed concern over the issuance of too many liquor licenses. Resident of Wehrman Avenue - announced the formation of a volunteer group known as CC-UP (Citizens Cleaning Up!) and asked anyone who was interested to contact her to volunteer. Vera Pizzani (Ritchie’s Restaurant and Lounge–9812 Lawrence Avenue) expressed dismay in the continued delay in approving the video gaming. The Schiller Park Board of Trustees Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.

How to Survive Without Incandescent Bulbs Get ready for life without traditional home l ight i ng: As of Jan. 1, even 40 and 60 watt incandescent bulbs will no longer be produced for U.S. consumers, owing to a 2007 law. Below, the three main alternatives: Halogens: It’s expected that most customers will first turn to halogen bulbs, which deliver the same warm light as incandescents but are 28 percent more efficient. A 72 watt halogen costs roughly $1.50. CFLs: Compact f luorescent bulbs are 75 percent more efficient than incandescents, and new versions are dimmable and produce relatively warm light. They cost about $5 each and easily outlast halogens. LEDs: The newest LED options look a lot like traditional bulbs and emit warm colored light. They cost about $15 a bulb, but last the longest, and are often about 5 percent more efficient than CFLs.


Seeing Eye Worker

A fast-food worker has become a national hero after refusing to serve a woman who stole a blind customer’s $20 bill. After spotting the woman pick up a bill dropped by a blind man in a Hopkins, Minn., Dairy Queen, Joey Prusak, 19, told her to return it or leave. After the woman stormed out, Prusak took $20 from his own pocket and gave it to the victim. The Good Samaritan’s story soon went viral, and this week he received a congratulatory phone call from Dairy Queen’s owner, Warren Buffett. Prusak commented he was just doing the right thing.

They take it, but you’ll have to wait to get it back. The Internal Revenue Service said it won’t start accepting and processing tax returns until one or two weeks after its previously scheduled date of Jan. 21. The IRS blamed the delay on last month’s government shutdown and said it will announce the tax season’s precise starting date in December. While taxpayers will be able to send in paper returns at any time, e-filing won’t be possible until the official start date. (Oh, and by the way, the April 15 filing deadline will not be extended).

A student called up his Mom one evening from his college and asked her for some money, because he was broke. His Mother said, “Sure, sweetie. I will send you some money. You also left your economics book here when you visited two weeks ago. Do you want me to send that up too?” “Uhh, oh yeah, O.K.” responded the kid. So his Mom wrapped the book along with the checks up in a package, kissed Dad goodbye, and went to the post office to mail the money and the book. When she gets back, Dad asked, “Well how much did you give the boy this time?” “Oh, I wrote two checks, one for $20, and the other for $1,000.” “That’s $1020!!!” yelled Dad, “Are you going crazy???” “Don’t worry hon,” Mom said, as she kissed Dad on the on top of his bald head, “I taped the $20 check to the cover of his book, but I put the $1,000 one somewhere between the pages in chapter 15!”



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