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Special Needs, Special Times


The holiday season is officially upon us, bringing with it a reminder of how precious spending time with our family and friends is. As Joey and I sit down to our Thanksgiving meal this year, we’ll be giving thanks for all the memorable activities we’ve shared. All of the events featured in this week’s column are designed to help you create the same kind of memories with your special needs loved one. For those who are looking for a way to burn off all the extra calories the holidays bring, the North Suburban YMCA has a full slate of aquatic, dance, gymnastics, health and wellness, and sports programs on tap year round. Recently renovated, the facility now has wheelchair-accessible changing and shower stalls in the locker room and features a new fully accessible children’s playground and family park. Upgrades to the pool area will also soon make the entire facility YADA compliant. If animal bonding is more your speed, check out the Freedom Woods Equestrian Center in Morton Grove. Offering Hippotherapy and therapeutic riding in a safe and nurturing environment, the center provides the opportunity for those with unique challenges to find freedom, growth and development through therapeutic use of the horse. For those who would like to get their groove on, registration is now open for all Winter 2012 programs at the Rock and Roll Arts Academy in Highland Park. An early childhood music program, the Rock and Roll Arts Academy is designed to introduce children and their adult counterparts to and educate them about the music and cultural traditions of the diverse global arts community. From Jukebox

Baby for 4 to12 month-olds, to Beatle Babies for 1 to 2 year-olds, to Reggae and Roll for toddlers, to guitar for youths and tweens, the winter calendar has something for everyone. Early bird registration entitles participants to a 10% discount. A pediatric rehabilitation and education center in Glenview, Focus on Kids, invites “Special Needs, Special Times” readers to check out its comprehensive range of therapy programs. Focus on Kids provides individualized therapy intervention to children, support to the family and education to the community. Throughout the 2012 calendar year the organization will offer adaptive sports programming, in partnership with community-based programs, around the Chicagoland area. Finally, on the home front, JoRide, in conjunction with Konica Minolta, will be holding a luncheon on December 11 at Keshet headquarters. The highlight of this event, at which 80 to 120 guests will be in attendance, will be an adaptive bike giveaway. Keshet’s emphasis on the whole child is an approach I strive to share with Joey. If you would you like to see your organization’s activities and services described in our upcoming reports, please email your calendar of events and information to: steven@ joride.com. As our column grows so will the ability to feature not-to-be missed special needs events.

You can find out what the organizations mentioned in this column have to offer and more by visiting their websites: nsymca. org, freedomwoodsfarm.com, www.rockandrollarts.com, focusonkidsrehab.com, www.keshet.org

Healthy Hints Shift Your Priorities?

If you ranked the following life categories from most important to least important, where would your physical health rank from 1 to 5? [Family, Career, Recreation/Fun, Finances, Physical Health] For many people, physical health ranks 3rd or lower. Why? Other problems seem more urgent. Look at how you treat your car. Most likely you fill it up with expensive gas, change the oil every so often, perform occasional tune-ups and f ix the problems when it breaks down. Yes, car troubles are a major disruption to your life but we’re talking about an object that you typically own for less than a decade and then replace. Now think about how you treat your body. You can never trade in your body for a new model when it breaks down

beyond repair. Do you put good “fuel” into your body? Do you keep it tunedup and repair it before problems get worse? Why does your car get treated better than your body? I ask you this; if your health fails and you lose the ability to earn a living, play with your children or enjoy your hard earned retirement will you still believe your priorities where in the right place? Health and fitness professionals of all types want to help you keep your body running smoothly. Make health your number one priority today. Get your body tuned-up today.

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People and Places Newspaper, December 2011  

People and Places Newspaper covering the Leyden Township in Illinois.

People and Places Newspaper, December 2011  

People and Places Newspaper covering the Leyden Township in Illinois.