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Message from the Publisher

DECEMBER 2011 Volume 1 Issue 5

Serving Leyden Township

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The Christmas season is upon us. Yes, I said Christmas, because I believe the whole reason for the season is the celebration of Jesus’ birth. Now, I may get chastised from some readers for writing an article even mentioning my beliefs about religion, but as Thomas Jefferson once said, “no men shall suffer on account of his religious opinions or belief, but all men shall be free to profess and by argument to maintain, their opinion in matters of religion.” So, in my opinion, I believe Jesus is the reason for the season, and if God can send his only son as a helpless child into the world, then I encourage everyone to try during this joyous time to remember those who are also helpless and less fortunate than us. Give generously to those in need, be it at a homeless shelter, food pantry, toy collection, or even an elderly neighbor who could use

their driveway shoveled, a warm meal or just some friendly conversation. You don’t have to have a lot of money, just a warm smile, helping hands and a little time to spare. Good will towards men is a wonderful feeling; and as the saying goes, “the more you give, the more you shall receive.” Yes, the Christmas season should only be the beginning to a year of treating others the way we would want to be treated; every day gives us another opportunity to make better persons of ourselves. The needs of others are all around us; let us begin the season with a loving and giving heart towards everyone and continue that feeling throughout the coming year. Look for more articles throughout the paper for ways to help others and maybe even help you. Merry Christmas and a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

Barbara Piltaver, Publisher 847-624-1413

Letters to the Editor Just wanted to say that the newspaper is a great addition to Schiller Park. It’s nice to see a paper dedicated to real local events and businesses. Rhonda Iacobazzi, Schiller Park

The article in People & Places by Chris Weber (November is Native American Heritage Month, November, 2011) was very interesting to me, of course, as a historian. Comments; most important is the title given the Indians. They prefer to be called American Indians rather than Native American. The Three Fires Nation was, as he noted, made up of the Ottawa, Potawatomi and Ojibwa tribes. The word Chippewa was the way the English pronounced Ojibwa. In research on Robinson, it has been determined that he did not live to be 110. There is supportable evidence that his birth date year was 1789. As to whether he or any of his family are still buried in the area where the large memorial stone sits is “up for grabs.” We have been pursuing this question for quite some time and until we find accurate accounts, we do not know where the remains are. The Schiller Park Historical Society has what is probably the most inclusive information on Robinson, his family and the many descendents. We are always interested in talking with people who want to learn about them. Thanks for your time; keep looking up. June Oulund, Schiller Park

Publisher’s note: June Oulund is head of the Schiller Park Historical Society and local historian. If you want to know anything about Schiller Park, she is the one to ask. You can contact her at sphometownnews@ Thank you June for the information and clarifications. The following story entitled, “It’s A Wonderful Life, Isn’t It?” was submitted by Mr. Robert DiTuri from Franklin Park. He writes, “I thought this story would be a good one for all to hear. It’s an appropriate time for all to reach out and help not only themselves but the poor and needy and try to make their dream of a wonderful life come true.” For so many years, we have seen this wonderful movie classic during the holidays played over and over again staring Jimmy Stewart as George Baily, who, in his mind, never seems to realize his dreams, because he’s too busy trying to make everyone else’s dreams come true. Yes, old hump back George as they called him, he sure showed us all. He would stop at nothing to give up his whole life savings for the sake of saving

all the peoples’ money at his building and loan company, so as not to fall into the hands of the ruthless banker, Mr. Potter. The reason I am reflecting back to this movie is because it has a beautiful beginning and the most wonderful ending where people all had come together supporting George and showing him he already had a “wonderful life.” So all of you who enjoyed this movie classic, what will it take for you to open up your heart for Christmas cheer and spread a gift of joy and happiness to a family or child that needs our help? Or maybe you too are asking for help like George did from his Guardian Angel Clarence. Well don’t wait any longer for the bell to ring at the end of the story. Just call out or whisper into your angel’s ear and ask him to guide you in the right direction. Maybe you’ll feel that Wonderful Life like George did, by helping others your dreams can come true also. “What did you say George, hot dog?”

Open Forum & Public Comment PICK UP THE LEAVES Many people in our neighborhood don’t pick up the leaves. The whole neighborhood looks horrible with leaves all over the place. I don’t even have trees in my yard and I have to clean up my neighbor’s leaves because they are in my yard. Some people think the wind will blow the leaves away and they don’t have to bother for anything.

BEFORE THE SNOW FALLS The first snow is always the worst when it comes to driving. Everyone forgets how to drive in the snow. They

go too fast and don’t give themselves enough time to get to where they are going. So before the first snow falls, how about remembering a few tips; give yourself enough time to get to work or school. Clean off your car BEFORE leaving so you can see out all windows. SLOW DOWN and remember to break slowly when approaching intersections and traffic signals. Turn your lights on so other drivers can see you. And most importantly, be courteous to other drivers and pedestrians. Give other drivers a break and the favor just might be returned to you.

We will publish only signed letters with name, address and phone for verification purposes. Letters will not be returned. Letter content is not necessarily the opinion of the newspaper. Send letters to: People & Places Newspaper, 4303 Atlantic Ave., Schiller Park, IL 60176 or email

2 People & Places • December 2011

EVENTS November 25-March 18: FREE PUBLIC SKATING IN “THE PARK AT ROSEMONT” Free Skating-Family-Friendly activity open to the public. $8.00 Skate Rental available., The Park is located just west of River Rd. between Bryn Mawr & Balmoral Ave., Rosemont, Open Everyday Check website for exact times,

November 28-Dec. 8: TRITON FINE ARTS GALLERY Presents the Fall Student

Art Show, J Building, Fine Art Gallery, Fine Art Gallery, River Grove, 6-8pm, 708-456-0300 ext 3130,

Dec. 8: ELMWOOD PARK GARDEN CLUB Elmwood Park Recreation Center, Call for details,, Elmwood Park, 7pm, 708-452-3948,

Dec. 9-10: WINTER PLAY “Collective Dating” Adults $3.00 Students $2.00, West Leyden Auditorium, Northlake, 7pm,

Dec. 10: WINTER FEST Pictures with Santa, Horse Carriage Rides, prizes, Holiday Crafts, Family Bingo. Events for all ages FREE, 44 W. Golfview Drive, Northlake, 3pm, 708-343-5270, www.veteransparkdistrict.ord

Dec. 2, 3 & 4: OLDE ENGLISH YULETIDE DINNER $20 per Ticket Dec. 3rd Sold Out Visit

Dec. 10: SHILLER PARK COMMUNITY CENTER Visit with Santa and his Friends,

website to make reservations, East Leyden Little Theater, Franklin Park, Dec. 2nd & 3rd 7pm, Dec. 4th 4pm,

food and refreshments, face painting, balloons, Bonfire, roasting Marshmallows, 4501 25th Street, Schiller Park, 3pm-7pm, 847-678-2550,

Dec. 2: CHRISTMAS AT HAMMILL SQUARE-FREE The Village of Franklin


Park invites you to the annual Tree Lighting & Winterfest-Food and Holiday items for Sale, Photos with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Help decorate the Village Tree! Collection for Leyden Food Pantry., Belmont & Edgington, Franklin Park, 6-8pm, 847-671-4800,

Dec. 2: ANNUAL RUBY 7 EMERALD GALA Adult Recreation Club celebration at the Rosewood Restaurant & Banquet Hall, Rosemont, 4pm, 708-457-1244,

Dec. 2-4 Dec. 8-11: TRITIONS FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT PRESENTS: DOUBT 7:30pm Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturday, 2pm; Sundays, Building J Cox Auditorium, River Grove, 7:30pm, 708-456-0300 ext 3130,

Dec. 3: SACRED HEART WOMEN’S CLUB ANNUAL BAZAAR  Magic of Christmas Still looking for Crafters, 15th and Iowa , Melrose Park, 708-345-7443,

Dec. 3, 10, 17: POLAR EXPRESS Take an imaginary ride to the North Pole to see Santa. Fee includes chocolate milk, cookie and gift from Santa, Metra Station, Franklin park, 2:304:30, 847-455-2852,


Band Concert, Fenton High School, Bensenville, 3pm, 630-766-2500,


BLOOD DRIVE, 7500 Montrose Ave., Norridge, 8am-3pm, 708-456-4242,

Dec. 7: ORNAMENT MAKING WORKSHOP AGES 5-10 Norridge Recreation Center $8.00 Resident, $13.00 Non Resident, 4631 N. Overhill Avenue, Norridge, 4pm4:45pm, 708-457-1244,

Dec. 7: MUSIC OF THE HOLIDAYS CONCERT Enjoy music for the Holiday

Season, East Leyden Auditorium, Franklin Park, 7pm,

Dec. 7: BGA CITIZEN WATCHDOG TRAINING 6:30-8:30pm, Rock of Ages

Baptist Church, Spiritual Growth & Development Center, 1405 Madison Street, Maywood.

Holiday Choral Concert, Fenton High School, Bensenville, 3pm, 630-766-2500,

Dec. 13: GUERIN PREP HIGH SCHOOL Shadow Day, 8001 W. Belmont Ave, River Grove, all Day, 708-453-6233,

Dec. 14: ELMWOOD PARK HIGH SCHOOL Winter Band Concert, 8201 West

Fullerton, Elmwood Park, 7pm, 708-452-3962,


Ages 5-10 Learn to make and decorate sugar Cookies Resident $7.00 non Resident $ 12.00, Norridge Recreation Center, Norridge, 5:30pm6:30pm, 708-457-1244,

Dec. 16: TEEN NIGHT GRADES 6-8 $5.00

at the door, music, games and play sports, 9560 Franklin Ave, Franklin Park, 7pm-9pm, 847-455-2852,


Pre registration is required Fee for both in and out of district residents. Includes Hot breakfast, gingerbread house, gift from Santa, hot cocoa table, holiday mug for children. Bring your camera, Bulgar Park 1601 Hirsch Street, Melrose Park, 10am, 708-538-0100,

Dec. 17: BINGO AT RIDGEWOOD H.S. Ridgewood High School Parents Club

BINGO, 7500 Montrose Ave, Norridge, call for information, 708-456-4242 ext 799,


Fireside Theatre, Fort Atkinson, Wi. Singing, dancing a Christmas revue to remember. Lunch is included and you will have time to shop,$85 member. Bus Leaves Divine Savior 8:15am, Norridge, All day bus returns at aprrox. 5pm, 708-457-1244. Residents of Norridge $95, nonresidents $105,

Dec. 20: CHORAL CONCERT Elmwood

Park Winter Choral Concert, 8201 West Fullerton, Elmwood Park, 7pm, 708-452-7272,

Dec. 20: GINGERBREAD HOUSE DECORATING Ages 2-12 (2-4 must be


Ballroom Dancing 7:30-10:30pm first and third Sundays. All dances are held at the American Legion, 9757 W. Pacific Ave., Franklin Park with live music, Polkas, Rumbas, Tangos, Sambas, Cha Chas and Ballroom Dance requests. Dec. 11th, The Music Men Band. Dance admission $5 for this night only. Dessert and coffee available. Feel free to bring holiday desserts to share. First mixer Ladies’ choice; second mixer Gentlemen’s choice. Club’s final dance Dec. 18, Chuck and Friends Band. Club President Wallace Czeropski 224.858.4599; for info.

accompanied by an adult) Norridge recreation Center $9.00 Resident / $14.00 Non Resident, 4631 N. Overhill Avenue, Norridge, 5:306:15pm, 708-457-1244,


Dance the afternoon away at White Pines Banquet Hall, Ages 40 and up: 630-766-7015,

Jan. 4 2012: GUERIN PREP  Entrance

Exam, 8001 W. Belmont, River Grove, 8am, 708-453-6233,


pm Monday-Friday at Northlake Public Works, 100 W. Palmer. Items accepted: Computer equipment, printers, telephones, answering machines, cell phones, fax machines, TVs, VCRs, stereo equipment, software, disks, CDs and tapes. Items not accepted: Refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, washing machines, air conditioners, microwaves and oversized copiers. Fee of $5 for each television and monitor collected. 708.562.0966.

UN NIGHT CLUB:3548 N. Des Plaines

Road, Franklin Park offers “Latino Nights” every Sunday at 7 pm featuring a full range of Latin music, on two floors, in an intimate downtown-style nightclub. Free dance lessons at 8 pm. Call Bill Galanis 847.233.9091 or visit


with applications for Circuit Breaker, which is required for the ride free transit pass and license plate discounts. For appointment and to inquire about other benefits for low income persons call 847.455.3929.

ST. JOHN VIANNEY:Catholic Elementary

School in Northlake is turning 60 years old in 2012 and the SJV Alumni Association is planning a huge party on July 21, 2012. The Alumni Association is looking for all alumni, teachers and parents from the Class of 1955 through the Class of 2011. If you were a teacher, parent or you graduated from St. John Vianney between 1955 and 2011, contact Mary Rioux-Martorelli, Class of 1970 at or Jeanette Lentini-Foley, Class of 1982 at For more details visit the reunion website at If you do not have access to the internet feel free to call Mary RiouxMartorelli at 708.562.9225.

WESTDALE SENIOR CLUB is looking for new members:Open to any Leyden

Township resident (Elmwood Park, Franklin Park, Schiller Park, Rosemont, Melrose Park and Northlake north of North Avenue and unincorporated Leyden) 55+ to become a member. The club meets noon Wednesday in Northlake’s Sandra Vasquez Community Center, 316 LaPorte Ave., in Millennium Park. Club members enjoy Bingo and snacks weekly, food events monthly and special events quarterly. 708-343-8700 for further information.

SPECIAL NEEDS – Sensory Friendly Films:10 am Dec. 3rd – “The Muppets”;

Jan 7th “The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin; Feb. 25th “The Secret World of Arrietty”, March 10th “Dr. Seuss”, April 7th “Pirates! Band of Misfits” AMC Theatres and the Autism Society have teamed up to bring families affected by autism and other disabilities and sensory issues a special opportunity to enjoy their favorite films in a safe and accepting environment on a monthly basis. In order to provide a more accepting and comfortable setting for children with autism or other special needs, AMC movie auditoriums will have their lights brought up and the sound turned down, families will be able to bring in their own gluten-free, caseinfree snacks and no previews or advertisements will be shown before the movie. Additionally, audience members are welcome to get up and dance, walk, shout or sing – in other words, AMC’s “Silence is Golden” policy will not be enforced unless the safety of the audience is questioned. Tickets can be purchased on the day of the event. Visit sensoryfilms for further information and a list of participating theatres.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program LIHEAP – is taking applications now from seniors, disabled and low income individuals:

Applicants must meet certain criteria in order to receive benefits. Program ends when funds are exhausted. Visit to find the nearest location to submit the needed documents or call 800.571.2332. LIHEAP is currently working at the Village of Franklin Park. For times and location call 847-671-4800.

Free FOIA and Open Meetings Act Training In Maywood:Are you tired of

public officials taking advantage of YOUR TAX DOLLARS? Fed up with politics that benefit politicians rather than citizens? It’s time to do something about it. Come to the next Better Government Association BGA Citizen Watchdog Training. BGA Citizen Watchdog training empowers you to keep an eye on government by giving you the tools you need to access government. Learn how to get public information by using the Illinois Freedom of Information Act and the Open Meetings Act. This training is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Space is limited. RSVP required. PLEASE RSVP to Barb at or call 312-821-9025.

Leyden Township Community Center offers an array of programs and clubs for both children and adults:Visit their

website or call 847451-5144 for more information.

December 2011 • People & Places 3


Save Lives-Give Blood!

Franklin Park Youth Baseball and Softball “the Vipers”


The first time I gave blood (or should I say tried to give blood) was when I turned 50. Since I was celebrating a milestone birthday, I wanted to give back to someone who might need my blood so they can reach their next birthday. Unfortunately, my iron level was too low, so I was turned away. But I didn’t give up and for the last five years now, I have been regularly giving blood. I even reached the gallon club! For those of you who are afraid to donate, rest assured, it’s really nothing. A small pinch and you pump away that pint in no time. Giving blood has its advantages too. For one, you can keep track of your blood pressure, heart rate, iron level, temperature and they even supply you with your overall cholesterol count for FREE! To me, donating is a way of making “new” blood in my body and getting some of that tired, old blood out; and maybe it’s my imagination, but I think I sleep so much better that night too. December is the neediest month of the year for blood donations. Supplies are low because of the holidays and Life Source could really use your help. Visit to find out more information and criteria for donating. Listed below are some of the blood drives coming up in the area. DONATE TODAY! Dec. 4


Mary Seat of Wisdom

920 W. Granville Ave., Park Ridge

Dec. 16 3pm-7pm

Franklin Park Community Center

9560 Franklin Ave., Franklin Park

Dec. 11 8am-8pm

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church 1101 N. 23rd Ave., Melrose Park

Dec. 19 12pm-7pm

Chicago Wolves Allstate Arena

Dec. 20 2:30pm-7pm Schiller Park Community Center

10401 Lunt St., Rosemont 4501 25th St., Schiller Park

Toys for Tot Donation Location RUSSO POWER EQUIPMENT in Schiller Park will be an official dropoff spot for Toys for Tots. They will be accepting new toys and new books until Tuesday, December 13th. December hours for Russo’s are Mon-Fri: 8-4 and Sat: 8-12 They are located at 9525 W. Irving Park Road.

The Franklin Park “Vipers” is a notfor-profit youth sports program that provides children of our community the opportunity the play baseball and softball every spring and summer. Our players are not limited to Franklin Park residents but from families from many of our surrounding communities. Our organization was established in 2000 as Franklin Park’s “house league” for children ages 5 to 18 (sorry 4 Year olds but the park district offers a wonderful micro t-ball program for 3 & 4 year olds). Our scheduled games start the week of April 16th for 7 year olds and up (t-ballers 5-6 yr olds start April 30th). Vipers’ registration for the 2012 season will start this January. Once registered, players are invited to free clinics that help teach fundamentals and to prepare them for the upcoming season. By mid-February teams are drafted and each team is assigned a practice time spot in our indoor training facility. Our indoor training facility includes two batting cages and pitching and throwing areas and is only used by our players. The indoor

Home of Chicago’s award winning thin crust pizza!

training facility (also nicknamed the pit) can be used for “open gym or training” as often has we can provide volunteers to watch the pit while it’s in operation. What does Viper players get for the cost of registration? All age groups get a full uniform, 16 games schedule, our opening parade day with a picnic at North Park, pictures, pool party at the end of the season, participation trophies for all players 10 years old or younger and hopefully many good memories. Vipers are always looking for volunteers to help with the program, positions available: board member, accounting, legal, web site manager, coaching, fund raising, team moms or dads, just to name a few. If interested in helping or would like more information on the program please contact Mark White by cell at 847.800.5574. Also, please visit our website at: welcome.asp?url=franklinparkviper. Website information will be updated for the 2012 season by December 1, 2011

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9718 Grand Ave Franklin Park


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4 People & Places • December 2011

COMMUNITY NEWS Ovarian Cancer Benefit The Leyden Girls’ Softball Program is hosting, “KNOCKING OUT OVARIAN CANCER” the EAGLE AUCTION AND RENT-AFRESHMAN on Monday, December 5th, from 6-8:30 p.m. East Campus Auditorium. Door Prizes. Event will be raising funds to help support Darlene Trevino a parent of a Leyden studentathlete coping with Ovarian Cancer. This is an East & West Leyden event, so EVERYONE in the community is invited. Contact Kurt Schuett at East Leyden if you have any questions. 847.451.3000.

Before You Donate… If you’re thinking of donating to any type of charity, you can check out how well that charity or nonprofit handles its money/donations. You can also find out what their CEO’s get paid. has a large database of nonprofits with a wealth of information to help you decide

whether or not you’d like to donate to them. also has a few interesting articles on which charities and nonprofits rank the highest and lowest as far as Fundraising Efficiency, Donor Dependency and Charitable Commitment. They also have a listing of nonprofit boards with the most BILLIONAIRES! These eye opening articles may make you think twice before writing a check to your favorite charity. Go to and then search for “America’s 200 Largest Charities.” Several articles will come up for your review.

medical information and any health issues the occupants of the vehicle may have. This program is free of charge to all Illinois residents. Visit for further information. People & Places Newspaper will keep you informed of further information on this program when it becomes available.

Illinois Yellow Dot Program

The Better Government Association in early November published several articles on their website questioning the need for townships entitled, “Why Townships Don’t Add Up.” Some of the sub-articles included, “Dead End: Paying a Big Tab for a Few Highway Miles,” “Money in the Bank: Piling up a Mountain of Taxpayer Moola,” and “Redundant Services & People, Tens of Millions in Salaries.” “As the BGA investigation into 20 suburban Cook County townships (including Leyden Township) uncovers, most are providing an expensive patchwork of road maintenance and redundant social services not mandated by state

The Illinois Department of Transportation is preparing to launch a new safety program, Yellow Dot. This program is helping first responders assist victims in the critical hour following a crash. A specially designed yellow decal will be displayed in the rear, driver’s side windshield of a vehicle. This sticker alerts the first responders to check the glove compartment of the vehicle for the yellow card listing detailed


EnvISIon FurnIturE AS

Founded in 2005, South Beach Creations was inspiration from the many different materials used in architecture and design and how they might be used for building furniture. My goal is to change the way we look at furniture today. For I am the new window of imagination. I design, draw, and I build for the future. After three years of hard work and thought, for I am ready.

t Grea y a d i l Ho dea! Gift I

BGA Questions Townships’ Worth

law while sitting on millions of dollars in excess taxpayer funds.” The BGA articles are an eye-opening resource into township dollars. They contain charts and reports showing assets, liabilities, and net assets of townships, along with what it costs per mile for road maintenance. Leyden Township is ranked #3 in road maintenance costs for its 24.55 amount of miles of roads to the tune of $139,002.04 per mile. Only twenty states still have township forms of government and there is a growing number of lawmakers in Illinois “who view townships as prime targets for cost-cutting efforts.” However, these lawmakers realize that dissolving townships or even township road supervisors is an uphill battle. “Illinois townships have a lot of staying power and are often backed by political muscle and patronage that’s long been enjoyed by both the Democratic and Republican parties. There’s a bipartisan effort to defend “turf”, says Rep. Quigley, when asked why township reform usually stalls in the Illinois General Assembly.” To read the full articles go to and then go to Investigations. You’ll find the latest on this article along with other BGA investigations.

Sapphire Cupcakes

We are a Online Cupcake Factory expanding in the Chicago Area & Surrounding Suburbs. We specialize in bold combinations of flavors. Anything goes from Keylime Coconut to Sweet Potato Spice. We Service: Reunions • Parties • Kids Parties • Baby & Bridal Shower • Meetings Rehearsal Dinners • Graduation Parties • Weddings

Email We look forward to satisfying your sweet tooth craving.

Ding Dong! Avon Calling! Contact Kathy, your local representative to order the latest AVON products!

South Beach creationS 2447 78th Ave., Elmwood Park • 630-207-2716

(312) 513-6031

F re e g iFt w i th $ 1 5 O r D er December 2011 • People & Places 5

COMMUNITY NEWS Pictured are Michael Holub, Police Chief of LaGrange and representative from the organization called Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) a Department of Defense organization, Schiller Park’s Fire Director, Tom Deegan, and Sgt. Jeremy Solana who is a fireman with Schiller Park and a member of the Reserves. Sgt. Solana nominated Director Deegan to receive the Patriot Award, an award given to recognize employers who qualify for recognition when they practice leadership and personnel policies and meet certain criteria that support employee participation in the Guard and Reserve. The award was presented to Director Deegan at the November 22nd Village Board meeting.

Residents of Atlantic Avenue in Schiller Park will once again present Toy Soldier Lane on their street for the Christmas season. Wooden soldiers line both sides of the street and are lit up for the holidays. This picture from last year show the sentries guarding the snow covered homes. The tradition has been going on now for almost 16 years!

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT – News in a minute! • Maine South High School in Park Ridge was ranked #23 in the top 50 High Schools in the 6 County Chicago Area. Congratulations! • After 25 years in Schiller Park, Creative Technologies, an audiovisual company will be moving its facilities to Elk Grove as the company outgrew its Schiller Park facilities. The company will move 38 full-time employees plus temporary workers hired for shows to its new location. • Leyden Township will be closing, combining and/or moving 13 voting precincts. In early January the County Clerk’s office will be mailing new voter ID cards that will include voting locations.

• Northlake City Council on November 7th voted to increase the cost of water, sewer and garbage pick-up rates. The Council will also vote on increased in property taxes (4.9 percent) and presale home inspections before the end of 2011. Sewer service will increase from $3.30 to $4.30 a month and water will be $6.07 per 1,000 gallons (increased from $5.52) and increase every year thereafter. Garbage pick up will increase from $7.50 to $9 a month. • Metra approved a 25% fair hike starting in February of 2012. • FF/PM Budnik of Schiller Park was promoted to Lieutenant at the Village Board meeting on October 25th. Congratulations!

• 35th Annual Park Ridge Christmas Housewalk was cancelled due to lack of participation from homeowners. This was a major fundraising event for the non-profit Main Center so in lieu of the housewalk, Main Center is accepting donations from members of the community. Donations can be mailed to Maine Center, 819 Busse Highway, Park Ridge, IL 60068 or by calling 847-696-1570 or 847-232-2908. • State Representative “Skip” Saviano reportedly will be running against Kathy Willis in the next election. Kathy is a librarian at Elmhurst College and is a member of the Addison school board. Many areas of Leyden Township will

have new state representatives, senators and congressmen due to redistricting. • Park Ridge Citizen’s Patrol recently celebrated 32 years in existence. After a resident was burglarized in 1979 the group was established. Members of the group patrol the streets in common vehicles, looking and listening for anything out the ordinary. Maybe more of our local towns need more groups like this? For info on the Citizen’s Patrol contact • Fire broke out late Saturday, November 25th at a residence on Lawrence Avenue in Schiller Park for the second time in a year. Arson is suspected.


We are surrounded by need; the need for caring, love, hope, charity. During this holiday giving season, remember those in need. Finding the need shouldn’t be hard; look no further than on your own street or backyard. It might be a neighbor going through a rough patch because of a loss of a job, or another neighbor who might have a family member suffering from an illness or disease. Knock on that elderly neighbor’s door to say hello for welcome conversation or drop off a hot meal. Need is everywhere, but, here are a few suggestions in case you are having a difficult time finding it: Contributions are NEEDED for: Lucia Ramirez of Franklin Park – East Leyden graduate suffering from Sporadic Olivopontocerebellar Atrophy; a rare disease that causes areas of the brain just above the spinal column to shrink. Donations can be made to the United in Community Foundation (Lucia Ramirez on memo line), Unity

In Community FDN c/o Tom Brimie, 3019 Emerson Street, Franklin Park, IL 60131. (See article in paper) BEARS IN BLUE – The Bears In Blue Foundation distributes stuffed bears to small children in stressful situations to help calm them. Contact Frank DeSimone or Bill Martin of the Schiller Park Police Dept. at 847-678-4794 to donate. Gracin Stilphen, a small boy of Schiller Park suffers from congenital Nystagmus, a rare muscle control problem with the eyes. He needs an operation, but the only doctor that performs it is out of the family’s network and insurance will not cover it. The family needs donations as they have not been able to raise enough funds for Gracin to receive the operation. To donate, Visit or Schiller Park resident Eddie Esparza is suffering from ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease and has been incapacitated since 2005. His wife, Sue, cares for him

6 People & Places • December 2011

around the clock. Resources for his care are limited and running very low. Donations are greatly needed to help pay medical bills, purchase medical supplies, and just pay everyday expenses like utility bills. Visit http://community. to donate, or send donations directly to The Esparza Residence, 4248 Atlantic Avenue, Schiller Park, IL 60176. Robert Radak served over 36 years in law enforcement and was Police Chief in Schiller Park. He passed away last November from pancreatic cancer. His wife Madalyn and family created the Robert Radak Memorial Scholarship Fund which will award a $1,000 scholarship to an East or West Leyden senior who intends to pursue a career in law enforcement or criminal justice. Funds are needed to keep this scholarship going every year. Make checks payable to Leyden Schools Foundations with “Robert Radak” in the memo line of the check and mailed directly to Leyden High School,

Scholarship Fund Office, 3400 N. Rose Street, Franklin Park, IL 60131, or mail checks directly to the Radak residence addressed, Robert Radak Memorial Scholarship Fund, 721 N. Harrison Street, Algonquin, IL 60102. Questions? Did you know that Commonwealth Edison offers gift certificates for energy? Maybe you know of a family that is finding it hard to pay their electric bill but doesn’t qualify for LIHEAP. Wouldn’t that be a nice secret Santa gift in their mailbox? Visit for further details. Or how about paying a struggling family’s water or gas bill for a month or even a contribution towards it? Another big help to a family in need would be a gas card from a local gas station so the family’s breadwinner can get to work. As mentioned above, NEED is all around us, you simply have to open your eyes to it and your heart to support it. Merry Christmas and as Tiny Tim said, “God Bless Us, Everyone!”


All in Favor?

November 8, 2011 Absent – Trustee Clementi, Village Clerk C. Irsuto • Request from You Can Make It, Inc. to solicit at various intersections within the Village on December 8, 9, 10 • Committee recommendation to authorize the execution of a Highway Access Agreement, relative to the 10051 Irving Park Road Shell Gas Station property; as approved by the Corporation Counsel. • Ratification of the Board’s actions in authorizing the timely repair of Water Valve Equipment for the Water Storage Tank, amount of $6,000 payable to the Cal-Val Manufacturer. • Approval of bill payments in the amount of $402,133.94 • Approval of amendments to the Fire and Police Commission’s Rules • Board approval to authorize the execution of an Access Agreement with the Verizon Company relative to the construction of a cell tower on the West Gateway Property. • Proposal to accept a permanent and temporary easement for the property located at 10154 Hartford Court as part of the Crystal Creek Phase IIB Project. • An Ordinance granting a conditional use for the property commonly known as 5135 Pearl Street, Schiller Park – Indoor Car Sales facility?

November 22, 2011 Absent – Trustee Passialis • Presentation of Patriot Award to Fire Director Deegan • Permission granted to Maria Del Pozzo Society to use both rooms of the Community Center to hold their meetings on the second Friday of every month starting 1-1-12 until 1-1-13 from 8 pm until 10 pm. • Final pay estimate for the 2011 paving program to Arrow Road Construction in the amount of $4,261.44. Street repairs. • Approval of bill payments in the amount of $274,972.78

• An Ordinance providing for the Submission to the Electors of the Village of Schiller Park, the Question as to whether the Village should have the authority under Public Act 096-0176 to arrange for the supply of electricity for its residential and small commercial retail customers who have not opted out of such program. Question will be posed on ballot to voters. • Eight ordinances were presented before the Board and approved; revisions to the New Millennium Code of the Village of Schiller Park various health codes, food and food handlers, controlling open space and Village standards. Another ordinance pertained to the establishment of Special Service Area No. 10 for the maintenance of a detention basis and providing for a public hearing and other procedures in regards to the West Gateway. Further ordinances referred to conditional use of property for 10415 United Parkway, 4758 River Road, and a Land Lease agreement by and between Verizon Wireless and the Village of Schiller Park.

• December 2nd will be the tree lighting at Hammill Square from 6-8 P.M.

• Reserve officers were re-appointed and new officers were sworn in.

• There has been at least five water main breaks in November, with more expected as the ground shifts with the changing weather.

• Bids are going out for the demolition of the building on the property where the new police station will be located.

November 21, 2011 • Jason Murphy was sworn in as a fire fighter • Check the village website at: http:// for the results of last year’s village audit. • The village’s portion of the property tax levy is expected to be a maximum of 1.5% this year.

• The consent agenda was approved in it’s entirety, highlights including expenditures in the amount of 2,506,790.28, a Grand Avenue traffic signal study, and a work agreement with Com ED for the removal of five transformers.

December Meetings will be from 7 to 8 P.M. on the 5th and 19th at the Park District of Franklin Park at 9560 Franklin Ave, all residents are encouraged to attend.

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The Mayor and Village Board Trustees discussed and/or voted on the following agenda items:

• Conditional use permit granted for 4758 River Road. Shell Gas Station wants a car wash, complete remodel of current facility.

geotechnical engineering services not to exceed $10,000

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Schiller Park Village Board Meeting

• Conditional use permit granted for 10415 United Parkway. Indoor parking facility.

Next meeting will be held on December 13th at 8pm Village Hall.

Franklin Park Village Board Meetings November 7, 2011 • Joseph Vallejo was sworn in as Sergeant for the Franklin Park Police Dept. • Mayor Petersen reported that two new firefighters will be hired; one in November and one in January. • Trustee McLean announced that village residents have saved $18,000 on prescription drugs so far this year. If residents are interested, they should contact the health department for further information. • The Board approved expenditures in the amount of $2,103,640.33 • The Board approved a work agreement for engineering services with ComEd not to exceed $11,777 and a proposal for sub-surfacing exploration and

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WWW.HyperFigHTCluB.CoM December 2011 • People & Places 7

COMMUNITY NEWS Thank Goodness for Gloves! Well, wearing gloves this winter season may help keep you healthy. A scientific survey of Chicago and five other cities found 71% of gas pump handles and 68% of corner mailbox handles were highly contaminated with germs most associated with a high risk of illness. 41% of ATM buttons and 43% of escalator rails were also covered in germs. The survey was conducted by Kimberly-Clark with help from

environmental microbiologist Charles Gerba. The same methods used to monitor sanitary conditions in the food industry were used to take measurements in this survey. Although they did not take samples from door or shopping cart handles, it would seem these too would be germ magnets. So the cold weather can finally give us something to be thankful for; wearing gloves!

You’re Never Too Old On November 26 in Rolling Meadows, Schiller Park resident John Piltaver participated in a bench press competition entitled, “Believe in Yourself” hosted by Gregory Kleyn. The mostly Russian speaking organizers included in the competition all age brackets and also wheelchair participants. The idea of the tournament is to “show the benefits of weight training for not only healthy people but most importantly to support people with disabilities.” Greg believes that weight training for disabled people has many benefits and greatly improves their quality of life. It was inspiring to witness the one wheelchair participant, who suffered from a muscle disease, reach a personal best of 50 lbs. The oldest competitor was a 78 year old gentleman who completed a lift of 205 lbs. John, 57, had a clean lift of 275 lbs. Unfortunately, while

attempting to bench 315 lbs., he injured his shoulder. Although disappointed he did not complete the lift, a weight he has achieved in the past, he felt successful in the fact that he competed at all. He’s been lifting since high school and this was his first ever tournament. It just goes to show you that you are never too old to accomplish your goals. The organizers of the event plan on holding the tournament annually and hope to encourage both healthy weight lifters to participate as well as disabled athletes. John is a friend of Greg who started the Deadlift Academy and he wanted to show his support of the event by participating. Sponsorships from mostly the Russian speaking community allowed participants to avoid any entry fee and allow free admission to family and friends who came to support the lifters.

Chase Bank Opens Chase Bank opened a new branch at 7180 W. Grand Avenue. In attendance at the ribbon cutting were Alderman Nick Sposato, Cook County Commissioner/Elmwood Park Village President Peter Silvestri, Chase the Dog, District Manager Andre Baker, Vice President of Branch Eric Baker, Asst. Vie President Business Banker Marvin Gordon, State Rep Skip Saviano, State Rep Luis Arroyo, Eric

Wendt Vice President of the MontClare Elmwood Park Chamber of Commerce and Branch Manager at Plaza Bank, Gabe Caporale Director on the Mon Clare Elmwood Park Chamber of Commerce and Owner of Caporale Realty. The new Chase Branch now offers a loan officer, f inancial advisor and additional personal bankers.

8 People & Places • December 2011

3rd Annual Pre-Holiday Celebration & Food Drive a Success! In Lucia Ramirez’ thank you speech at the 3rd Annual PreHoliday Celebration and Food Drive which took place at the Underpass Lounge on November 12th, she quoted a wise person saying, “One seed can start a garden. One smile can lift a spirit. One candle can light a room. One conversation can start a friendship. One person can make all the difference.” Well, more than one person made a difference that evening when 164 people attended the event and raised over $7,500. The event also collected 15 boxes of food and a $250 donation for the Leyden Food Pantry. 18 year old Lucia is wise beyond her years and expressed her deep gratitude to everyone who contributed to the event and her cause. Despite the fact that she has battled the disease Sporadic Olivopontocerebellar Atrophy for over three years, suffered two comas, two surgeries and faces an unknown future, she promised to continue her fight to the end. Lucy and her mom even made cookies for the event, lots of cookies! How’s that for fortitude!The event was organized by FranklinPark Village Trustees Tom Brimie and Rose Rodriguez and because of Lucia,they started the Unity in Community Foundation. Per Lucia’s request, they have also

started a scholarship at Leyden High Schools in her name. Tom stated,“It will be for someone that gives back to the community and it does not honor her illness or the hurdles she overcame. She(Lucy) wants to give back to the community that was so good to her and her family. Lucy requested the first $500 scholarship be paid for out of the money we raised.” Tom and Rose were extremely grateful for the generosity of so many contributors to the event that donated goods or services some of them being; Gianni’s, Romano’s,Positano’s, Al & Joes, Crystal Fountain Café, Aracely’s Bakery, Underpass Lounge,Windy City Limo, Foremost Liquors, John’s Town Pantry, Franklin Park Plumbing and an anonymous donor gave Lucy an iPad2. Scott Shannon won the grand prize of the 40” flat screen TV and many other attendees won a variety of donated prizes. United in Community FDN board members are Jill Stocks, Donna Brime,Ron Schammert, Rose Rodriguez and Tom Brimie. Donations are still being accepted for Lucia and can be made out to Unity In Community Foundation, c/o Tom Brimie, 3019 Emerson Street, Franklin Park, IL 60131. Put Lucia Ramirez in memo line of check.


Dist. 81 School Board Highlights BY TERRY DOODY

District 81 Demographics • Limited English Proficient . . 31.3% • Hispanic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45.9% • White . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45.3% • Asian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.1% • Black . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.5% • Multiracial . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.1% • American Indian . . . . . . . . . . . 0.1%

Regular Board Meeting held October 19, 2011 • Report on resolving punch-list of ongoing issues at Lincoln School. • Finance Update District reports that despite declining tax receipts for the 2009 and 2010 tax years due to declining EAV of property, the district maintains a balanced budget. District received an increase in state and federal revenues, including general state aid and federal, state and competitive grants. • FOIA report – District needing legal assistance with a FOIA request. • Approval of change order to fix balconies at Lincoln School at a cost of $53,000.

• AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) Report for District. Standards for making AYP become more difficult with each year, and District 81 students continue to show progress. The school board reported 85% of students met or exceeded standards in reading and 89% met or exceeded in Math. Further info ilearn ISBE eReport Card Public Site. • Current enrollment has increased by 31 students from 2010 to 1,355. • Instructional cost per pupil for the 2010/2011 school year is $11,969 • Lincoln Middle School receives Excellence in Educational Environment Design Honorable Mention Award. • In preparation of the coming winter, requests for proposals for emergency snow removal are being prepared. • Board approved plan to provide health insurance benefits to all parttime employees working 25 hours or less per week. Approximate cost per year to the district, seventy-two thousand dollars. There were 5 yes votes, 1 no vote and 1 absent.

• Two residents addressed the School Board during public participation concerning high taxes.

• Board policies to be acted upon at next meeting: – Access to Public records – Terms & Conditions of employment and dismissal and suspension – Curriculum content – Athletic head injuries

• Personnel: Teacher Kathleen Janis announcing her retirement from the district at the end of the school year after 21 years.

• Audit for 2011 presented orally by school district’s auditor; includes $37,000,000 in liabilities and many present deficiencies.

Regular Board Meeting held November 16, 2011 • PowerPoint presentation on partnerships involving local businesses, athletic organizations, schools and Police and Fire departments.

• Resolutions – estimated amounts necessary to be levied for the tax year 2011 and authoring notice of remedy to a specific employee. • Public comment – Question was raised as to where bids were posted for the snow removal contract and question on bus purchase. Next Board meeting will be held on December 14th in the Lincoln School Little Theatre. The public is encouraged to attend school board meetings; bring your questions, comments or concerns. Minutes and agendas are available on the District 81 website at Another helpful website

• Work to be completed on Lincoln School balconies. • FOIA report – all updates are available on District website • Surplus property – Available by sealed bid auction • Awarded contractor supplemental snow removal to a Franklin Park firm. They were the only bidder. • All large buses are to be replaced. New buses to be purchased for 2012-2013.


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December 2011 • People & Places 9


Host a Merry, Memorable Holiday Party The holidays are the most festive time of the year, and no holiday season is complete without a party or two with family and friends. Be it to celebrate a religious holiday or to ring in the New Year, a holiday party is an essential element to the holiday season. While it’s always great to be a guest, hosting a holiday party is a great way to show friends and family how much they mean to you. This holiday season, consider the following tips to ensure your holiday party is as memorable as the season is merry. Make it a themed party. The holiday season is filled with festivities, from office parties to neighborhood gatherings to gatherings with family. For more casual affairs, set your party apart with a theme. For example, a Christmas sweater party, where each guest wears a Christmas sweater, can be a fun way to excite guests and inspire a few laughs. Give a prize to the guest with the most ornate sweater. If sweaters aren’t your thing, then encourage guests to dress up like some favorite holiday characters,

including Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman or even Rudolph. Don’t forget the holiday fare. Just like parties are a staple of the holiday season, so, too, are certain foods and types of music. Few people indulge in some eggnog outside of the holiday season, so make sure there’s plenty of eggnog on hand. And don’t forget the gingerbread cookies, either. As people enjoy holiday goodies, make sure they do so with holiday music playing in the background. Choose songs that

guests know and to which they can sing along. Such sing-alongs might become especially memorable once guests have a glass or two of eggnog in them. Host a holiday giveaway. Though it can be fun to do a Secret Santa, chances are guests already have enough gifts to buy. But hosts can spice things up with a holiday giveaway that rewards guests. Host a holiday-themed round of Trivial Pursuit or a holiday movie trivia game that encourages guests to compete

for prizes. Prizes can be small and inexpensive, but guests will be sure to enjoy some friendly competition for holiday-themed prizes. Don’t be afraid to take it outside. For those who live in regions with significant snowfall, consider inviting guests outside to have some fun in the snow. While fun in the snow is often left to the kids, don’t assume adults won’t enjoy building some snowmen or a good old fashioned snowball fight in the backyard. If outdoor fun is going to be on the docket, be sure to remind guests to dress appropriately. And make sure there’s plenty of hot chocolate ready once everyone goes back inside to warm up. Prearrange transportation home for guests. A successful holiday party is one that is safe, so be sure to prearrange travel home for guests just in case anyone overindulges in holiday cheer. When sending out invitations, seek volunteers to be designated drivers, and avoid drinking alcohol yourself. For larger parties, call a local taxi service and arrange for a couple of cabs to be on call when the party ends.

Spread Holiday Cheer

Holiday Food Drive

Senior Snow Removal in Franklin Park

Recycle Christmas Lights

Applications for the senior snow removal program can be picked up at the Franklin Park Village hall, 9500 Belmont Ave. For more information and criteria, call Barb Collins at 847.671.8240. Don’t wait for the first snowfall to call!

Boy Scout Troop #158 of Franklin Park, sponsored by the Franklin Park Kiwanis, will be again collecting old and nonworking Christmas lights and electrical cords for recycling this year. Drop offs can be made anytime during December at the Franklin Park Village Hall and on January 5 at the troop meeting at Passow School, 2838 Calwagner St. For more information call 847.732.7318 or visit their website at

Become a Disabled A merican Veterans Volunteer. Volunteers have a variety of tasks to help lift the spirits of hurting heroes. To volunteer or make a donation go to

The Franklin Park Public Library, 10311 Grand Ave., will be collecting nonperishable food items and toiletries to benefit the needy in Franklin Park through December 15. Drop off your donations in the library’s holiday bin and local organizations will be given the items collected. Help make the holidays brighter for those in need.

THIS MONTH’S CHUCKLE! A distraught senior citizen phones her doctor’s office. “Is it true,” she wanted to know, “that the medication you prescribed has to be taken for the rest of my life?” “Yes, I’m afraid so,” the doctor told her. There was a moment of silence before the senior lady replied, “I’m wondering then, just how serious is my condition, because this prescription is marked, NO REFILLS!”

10 People & Places • December 2011

Recently Sold Homes As of 11-28-11




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8540 W. Foster



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7317 W. Montrose



923 N. Prater Ave.



109 West Drive



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The Benefits of Buying Locally BY CHRIS WEBER

We all know that buying from local and independently owned businesses can benefit our community, but how much of a difference does it make? Buying local is a trend that has gained momentum in recent years. While this is nothing new for older generations, younger people sometimes need incentives to buy products that don’t bear a corporate brand name. Some of the most notable positives of buying locally come from locally produced food. Living close to a major city, we often forget that Illinois is farm land. Most of the food we consume can be purchased from local farmers if we put in the effort to learn where our food is coming from. Locally produced food is usually a few days more fresh than food shipped long distances. Fresh foods not only taste better, but provide more vitamins and minerals and are less likely to carry harmful pathogens or additives. Another major benefit of buying products in the neighborhood is a strengthened local economy. The

Village of Franklin Park recently h igh l ighted t he 3/50 proje c t (the3/ The 3/50 project is an organization dedicated to saving brick and mortar businesses by encouraging people to buy from local independently owned stores. According to the village “ For every $50 spent in locally owned stores, $34 returns to the community through payroll, other expenditures and taxes. If you spend $50 in a national chain, only $22 stays here. If you spend it online, $0 returns to the Village.” The environmental benefits of buying locally are also significant. Locally produced goods travel less distance and require less fuel to reach consumers. Leyden Township is in a location where many local buying opportunities are present. For example, I like to buy groceries at Super Low Foods in Schiller Park because it is close to my home and it is locally and independently owned. When I buy milk products produced by Dean Foods at Super Low, I am benefiting two companies that employ

Allegra Banquets

workers and pay taxes in my area. For Halloween, I give out Baby Ruth candy bars and Ferarra Pan Candy products because I know they are produced in my area as well. Buying locally may take some research and getting use to at first, but it will benefit the community on many levels. I invite everyone who has read this article to rise to the challenge of spending a larger portion of their budget on locally sold and produced products.


Gift Ideas From Local Businesses

• QUEEN FOR A DAY. How about giving

Shopping locally doesn’t necessarily mean buying a dress or shoes. Here are some ideas that can support local businesses in your area that are practical too! • HAIR CUT. Everyone gets their hair cut. How about a gift certificate from a local hair salon or barber.

• GIFT OF HEALTH. Gym memberships; an appropriate gift for all ages who want to improve or maintain their health.

• CAR DETAILING. Small owned detail shops and car washes would love to sell a gift certificate or a book of gift certificates.

O’Hare’s “Suite”-est New Secret (Located inside the Comfort Suites, O’Hare Hotel)

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local landscaper and ask if they could create a gift certificate for lawn mowing, power raking, aeration and/or any yard cleanup in the spring.

• SNOW PLOWING. Some local landscapers snow plow during the winter; why not give a gift of a clean driveway during storms?

• CAR REPAIR SHOPS. Everyone’s car

needs an oil change. There are numerous car repair shops and oil change quick stops that would love to offer that gift certificate. mom, or dad, a day off from cleaning. Hire a local housekeeper for a day or for a few months.

As the above article states, buying locally can benefit not just one business but several. With the economy as it is, our local businesses would appreciate any of your dollars this Christmas season. We’re sure, friends, family and co-workers would appreciate these ideas more than something wrapped in a gift box that might not fit!

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With Coupon. One Coupon per customer. Not valid with other offers. Expires 1-15-12

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PP 4 Piece Chicken Dinner


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Macaroni, Pasta Salad, Potato Salad or Cole Slaw


only $


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Mon: 10am-3pm • Tues-Fri: 10am - 9pm • Sat: 12-9pm • Sun: Closed

4663 N. Ruby • Schiller Park • (847) 928-2277 December 2011 • People & Places 13


Salute to our Soldiers, Past and Present

Pictures are from the Norridge Veterans Day Ceremony on November 11. Pictured far right is WWII Vet Larry Battisti with Norridge Village President Ron Oppedisano.

BENEFITS FOR VETS EXPOSED TO RADIATION. T he Nat iona l A ssoc iat ion of A tom ic Veter a ns i s s ea rc h i ng f or a b out 19 5, 0 0 0 ve t s wh o were exposed to radiation from atmospheric nuclear tests between 1945 and 1962 or as part of the occupation forces at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These men and women could receive a one time $75,000 benef it from the US government under the R adiat ion Exposure Compensation Act of 1990 or a monthly disability payment of up to $2,673 from the Department of

Veterans Affairs if they contracted a ny o f 21 d i f f e r e nt c a n c e r s t raced to rad i at ion exposure. Few veterans have appl ied for these benef its. Their widows and children are eligible too if their f a m i l y m em b e r s d i e d b e f or e receiving a benef it. Applicants need medical records and location of exposure. Once an application is filed, government lawyers ask the Defense Threat Reduction Agency for help in verifying the claim. For information, call 1-800-729-7327. Source A ARP Bulletin, November, 2011 Vol 52 No. 9

COUPS FOR TROOPS Do you have unused coupons laying around? Coups For Troops was created by a stay-at-home mom trying to save money for her family by couponing. Being a strong supporter of the US military, she wanted to assist those that serve. Founder, Stephanie Lener, started Coups For Troops to make donating your expired coupons easy and to get the word out about this effortless way to support our troops. At Coups for Troops, their goal is to help make the lives of soldiers and their families a little easier by shipping coupons right to their

door. Commissaries overseas accept manufacturer coupons up to six months past expiration. You can help by adopting a military family through their Direct Mail program or by sending your coupons to our satellite location closet to you. For further information on how to donate and what types of coupons are accepted, visit or email them at If you would like to start a coupon drive in your area, please email their administrator at steph@

If you have a current or past soldier you would like to honor, send your photo and small article to People & Places, “Salute to our Soldiers”, 4303 N. Atlantic Ave., Schiller Park, IL 60176. Or, email your submission to Put SALUTE in the subject line. We will print one or more a month, space allowing.

A Soldier’s Silent Night Twas the night before Christmas, he lived all alone, In a one bedroom house made of plaster and stone. I had come down the chimney with presents to give, And just to see who in this home did live. I looked all about, a strange sight I did see, No tinsel, no presents, not even a tree. No stocking by the mantel, just boots filled with sand, On the wall hung pictures, of far distant lands. With medals and badges, awards of all kinds, A sober thought came through my mind. For this house was different, it was dark and dreary. I found the home of a soldier, once I could see clearly. The soldier lay sleeping, silent, alone, Curled up on the floor in this one bedroom home. The face was so gentle, the room in such disorder, Not how I pictured a United States soldier. Was this the hero of whom I’d just read? Curled up on a poncho, the floor for a bed? I realized the families that I saw this night, Owed their lives to these soldiers who were willing to fight. Soon round the world, the children would play, And grownups would celebrate a bright Christmas day. They all enjoyed freedom each month of the year, Because of the soldiers, like the one lying here. I couldn’t help wonder how many lay alone, On a cold Christmas eve in a land far from home.

14 People & Places • December 2011

The very thought brought a tear to my eye, I dropped to me knees and started to cry; The soldier awakened and I heard a rough voice, “Santa don’t cry, this life is my choice; I fight for freedom, I don’t ask for more, My life is my god, my country, my corps.” The soldier rolled over and drifted to sleep, I couldn’t control it, I continued to weep. I kept watch for hours, so silent and still, And we both shivered from the cold night’s chill. I didn’t want to leave on that cold, dark, night, This guardian of honor so willing to fight. Then the soldier rolled over, with a voice soft and pure, Whispered, “Carry on Santa, it’s Christmas day, all is secure.” One look at my watch, and I knew he was right. “Merry Christmas my friend, and to all a good night.” Submitted by Dolores Olafson, Schiller Park

Fallen Soldier Recognized The father of fallen soldier Lance Cpl. Nickolas Daniels of Elmwood Park re ceive s a n award from the Elmwood Park Neighborhood C i v i c Organization’s Rich Mazzulla during their me et i ng on November 15th. The parents and family of Nick Daniels were extremely grateful to the organization for their generosity towards the family. The EPNCO rose close to two thousand dollars to help the family cover expenses associated with their son’s tragic death. Cpl. Daniels, a Marine and member of the explosive disposal unit, was killed in Afghanistan while conducting combat operations on November 5, 2011. He was assigned only a short time there before losing his life. Hundreds of people witnessed his funeral which

ATTENTION ALL MILITARY VETERANS The American Legion Wants You! Join your comrades in arms and support the Americanism we represent!

was personally attended by Gov. Pat Quinn. He was laid to rest in Elmwood Cemetery. People & Places Newspaper salutes him and extends our deepest sympathy to his family and friends. I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom. Abraham Lincoln

Wounded and aging veterans at Hines Hospital Local charitable events in our communities Social events • Picnics • Christmas parties for Children • Legion sponsored adult dance nights • Local school awards and scholarships • New Years Eve celebrations • Special events promoting patriotism – Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, Parades & more!

For Further details ContaCt American Legion Post 974 Veterans Still Serving the Community

Gene Korus Vice Commander

9757 Pacific Avenue • Franklin Park, IL 60131 Post Phone 847.678.7474

December 2011 • People & Places 15

SENIOR SNIPS Online Privacy How much information is there on the internet about you? You may be surprised and shocked on how much personal information comes up when you “Google” yourself. If you’d like personal information to remain as

private as possible, go to and follow the easy instructions for removing your 411 from more than 40 big sites such as Spokeo and White Pages; this would include details like your address and phone number

Home Remedies That May Help Suffering From A Cough? Try honey. According to a Pennsylvania study, just two teaspoons can help quiet a nighttime cough better than over-the counter cough syrups or suppressants. Honey coats and soothes an irritated throat to help calm repeated coughing. However, just remember, honey contains a high sugar content so for someone with diabetes, it may not be appropriate. Toenail Fungus? A small study conducted by a professor at the Medical University of South Carolina, found that applying mentholated ointments such as strong-smelling Vicks VapoRub has

on respiratory infections during cold and flu season. To soothe and cleanse a sore throat, try gargling with salt water or water with lemon and honey. The salt in the water can draw out excess fluid from the throat’s inflamed tissues and using warm water may help cleanse the throat a bit better. Prone to Bladder Infections? If you are prone to bladder infections, taking 500 mg of cranberry extract pills twice a day or drinking cranberry juice daily, may be effective at preventing urinary tract or bladder infections. A Dutch study showed that cranberries keep


Approximate cost to purchase a countertop pitcher and year’s worth of filters for purifying water. If you’d like to increase your water intake as suggested, but shy away from tap water because of reports on some of the not-so-healthy stuff it contains (everything from antibiotics to mood stabilizers to elevated levels of lead, arsenic and hazardous chemicals), bottled water is not the solution. It’s less strictly regulated than tap water! In 2008, chemical contaminants were found in 10 popular brands according to an analysis by the Environmental Working Group. Solution? Purchase a filtration system like Brita or Pur or a faucet filter attachment. These products filter out microbes, heavy metals like lead and possibly even some pharmaceuticals. If the water supply is coming from a municipal water supply, these simple filtration products is all that’s needed, according to a senior scientist from NRDC, Natural Resources Defense Council. Source: Prevention Magazine. A cost effective solution to a concern for many health conscious people – A great idea for a Christmas present also!


been shown to be a safe, cost-effective treatment for toenail fungus. It’s easy to apply and may be more effective than over-the counter products. The study suggests wiping the affected nails with a cotton ball soaked in white vinegar, then applying the VapoRub. Gargle With Water! Gargling with plain tap water three times a day was found in a 2005 study to help cut down

bacteria from attaching to the bladder walls thus helping to prevent infections. Cranberries, however, will not cure an infection and those taking blood thinning medications are warned to be careful, as cranberry juice may lead to bleeding. Always check with your doctor before trying something new.

Social Security recipients will finally get a cost-of-living adjustment of 3.6% in 2012 after two years of no increase. The announcement for the hike was made back in October for the approximate 60 million beneficiaries, including 55 million retirees. The increase will begin in January and means the average monthly payout for retirees will increase by $43 to $1,229. However, some of the increase will be offset by the rise in Medicare Part B premiums which most people have deducted from their monthly Social Security payouts. One in two married couples and three in four single people rely on Social Security for at least half of their income. SOURCE AARP BULLETIN

Holidays by the numbers Many people, including retailers, have high hopes for the 2011 holiday shopping season. As much of the country and world continues to gut it out through an economic recession, speculation reigns as to just how much consumers will spend this holiday season and whether such purchases will help businesses rebound after another tough year.



• 12% of survey respondents said they will use social media to find and share good holiday deals. (Steelhouse Marketing Consultants) • Internet sales are estimated to grow by 12% in 2011, despite the uncertainty of the economy. (Emarketer)

The number of pounds dieters lost over 3 months when they drank 2 cups of water before meals, a 44% increase in weight loss, compared with those who didn’t. Kicking off a meal with water shrinks your appetite, so you consume fewer calories, say researchers. So if you are looking to lose weight or at least hold off additional pounds during the holidays, pick up that glass of water before you eat!

• 41% of consumers are planning to spend less on holiday and Christmasrelated activities, which marks an increase over the percentage of people who planned to scale back for the 2010 season. (Alix Partners)

Source: Virginia Tech University.

• Shopping on smartphones and tablets is expected to be significant for this holiday season. (National Retail Federation)

• Retail sales are expected to rise just 3%, which is less than the 4.1% gain of last year. (International Council of Shopping Centers)

• Purchasing a real Christmas tree can be less expensive for consumers. The average dollars spent on a real tree is about $37, while the average artificial tree costs roughly $60. (National Christmas Tree Association)

• Consumers will shop online more and use their mobile devices rather than stepping into malls and other brickand-mortar stores. (Shopper Trak)

• Many people plan to shop the day after Christmas. Roughly 20% did so in 2010. (International Council of Shopping Centers)


• Bulgarian Specialties

• Fresh Meats • Vegetables • Breads

• NEW! Dollar Items

Irving Park Road • Schiller Park 16 People & Places • December 2011

Complete Computer Repair Service Software Installation Virus Removal Upgrades/ Custom Computer Build Mówię po polsku

PC-DEE 708-557-7818


Make Quick Money

How to Increase Your Sales in Your Business as Soon as Tomorrow – Yes, in THIS Economy


Online companies such as,, and will pay you to sit on mock juries to give attorneys and other jury consultant’s feedback on cases they’re working on. Think of these as virtual focus groups. To sign up with these online companies (ejury, onlineverdict or jurytest) you fill out an online questionnaire. When a lawyer needs an online juror that matches your background, you’re contacted by e-mail. The attorney posts the case on a secure website for you to log in to and review. You may need to listen to an audio, view video presentations or read material and answer questions. Then you submit a verdict. Once a minimum number of verdicts has been rendered, the case concludes. A summary is posted later for you to see the results. The qualifications, essentially, are the same you would need for actual Jury Duty. This is covered on the questionnaire. The hours are flexible and part time … from 20 minutes to more than an hour. The pay range runs from $10 per case and can go up to $100 per case, depending on the length of the case and trial.

I know it sounds ridiculous but bear with me and you won’t regret. You might not be aware of that fact but you have a treasure chest buried in your business’ back yard. I am talking about your past customers. See, the easiest customers to sell to are your current customers, the customers that were referred to you by your current customers and your past customers – in that order. You might think that if a person doesn’t do business with you anymore he or she does have a solid reason for that. The truth is a bit different. Some of your past customers just moved to another neighborhood or town and some of them died. Some of them have had unpleasant experience with your business and while something can be done there it is not worth it investing time in them unless you have exhausted all other options. The third and the biggest part of your past customers don’t patronize your business anymore because they forgot about you or feel like they not respected. Luckily there are a lot of things you can do to change that (given that you have gathered information about them – names, addresses, email addresses). For starters – you can send them a letter to tell them that you want them back and make them a special offer. Would that work – absolutely, it has been tested and proven time and time again. These people know you and trust you, they just forgot about you.

Ernie Brown is a retired businessman from Franklin Park who is volunteering his talents to write articles for People & Places. Should you wish to comment on any of his articles, feel free to contact him at

Kalin Marinov specializes in creating programs for small businesses that reactivate past customers and increase profits instantly. He can be reached at


From the confines of your own home you can assist attorneys when they are preparing their cases prior to trial.


Loving Technology My name is Jean M. Dugo and I love technology, education and computers. I thought I would start my monthly column, Loving Technology, by providing websites for your review. For future issues, I would like to answer your technology questions. Please feel free to email your questions and look for the answers in the next issue. • ALCATRAZ VIRTUAL TOUR • WEBCAMS • THE CITY OF SAN DIEGO WEBSITE • HOLOCAUST MUSEUM • THE NMC AND POLAR BEARS INTERNATIONAL • 10 REASONS TO BUY A KINDLE 2… AND 10 REASON NOT TO • 100 MOST EDUCATIONAL IPHONE APPS This is a comprehensive list of mobile applications that can be used for study in a wide variety of disciplines.


Computer Problems? Four Star Computers is your one stop for solutions to your computer problems. Computer running slow? Won’t Start? Software not working? Virus/spyware removal, operating systems installed, hardware upgrades. Desktops Laptops - Four Star Computers is TOPS! Free Estimates, Flat Rates, Lowest Prices Anyware. Ask them about their FREE loaner Computer program while repairs are being made. Pick up and drop off service. 10% OFF your first service call.

Four Star Computers Sales & Service of All Desktops, Laptops & Notebooks All Brands - All Models We Fix Them ALL ERIK (847) 847-6554 December 2011 • People & Places 17

Dining with Bonnie and Jerry

Thai Pastry II-Solid Value, Flavor and Authenticity…with a couple of hiccups This month’s column takes us to a reader’s recommendation, Thai Pastry II. Now, before we begin, it’s important to explain that I am a big fan of all things Thai. Thai culture, art, philosophy and of course, cuisine have inspired and entranced me from an early age. I have also been a Muay Thai practitioner (Thai kick-boxing) for many years as well. So, short of actually being Thai, I consider myself qualified to speak on the cuisine’s authenticity.

Atmosphere: Given the storefront is actually quite small, about 15 tables or so, the use of space is clever. The dining room is clean and comfortable, the décor warm and relatively inviting and the lighting, while a bit bright for my tastes, is given plenty of space to spread from the tall ceilings with that “exposed” look so popular in the city. The kitchen is partly visible from most of the dining room, which I always enjoy, but sadly, the art is minimal. Anyone familiar with the intricacies of Thai art will mourn over this lost opportunity. My biggest complaint was the large flat screen TV playing Wheel

of Fortune at high volume. It is centrally located and, in my opinion, cheapens the dining experience by making it feel somehow transient, even though we dined for over two hours. RATING:

Quality and Execution: The key to a high score here is authenticity. Any type of Asian or Asian-influenced cuisine offers ample opportunity to cut corners. Thai food is no exception. Technique is paramount to keeping textures specific and flavors fresh. Everything Bonnie and I witnessed is, to the best of our

knowledge, refreshingly authentic. One easy way to check the authenticity of a Thai restaurant is the peanut sauce. Thai Pastry II makes a fresh, real peanut sauce that is quite excellent. Often times, this sauce is subject to short cuts that turn it into a peanut butter soup that is an insult to traditional Thai techniques. Luckily, this was not the case. Paired with the lightly curried Satay, the sauce was fresh and delicious. Other highlights include: Mee-krab, Bangkok chicken and the slow-cooked pork shank, with a spicy Thai take on soy sauce, which was brilliantly done. The only low point was a big one, however. The Pad Thai (a Thai staple) was inedible. From the flavor, I am assuming it was accidentally prepared in a pan that been previously used for fish. RATING:

given the price. The restaurant is also BYOB, with no corkage fee, which further increases its value. RATING:

Innovation: Thai Pastry II isn’t breaking with any culinary tradition, nor should it. As such, we didn’t deem it fair to rate this type of establishment in the category of innovation. This segment of the restaurant industry isn’t broke, so let’s not fix it. Rating: N/A

Overall Impression: Good, quality Thai for an economical budget. Next time though, we will take advantage of the delivery or carry-out option and dine at home. Where we control the TV. RATING:

Value: Excellent. The lunch deals are particularly impressive. Almost all the dishes offered are under $10, with the only exceptions being the fish, which is completely understandable as fish is often subject to market fluctuations. Portions are quite generous, especially

Thai Pastry II, 7350 W. Lawrence, Harwood Heights, 708.867.8840 Have a favorite restaurant you would like to see reviewed? Send your requests to

Two Chef’s Café & Catering BY LISA FORTE

The first time I experienced Two Chef ’s Café & Catering was over a year ago for a co-workers birthday party. Located in historic downtown Bensenville, I thought what a gorgeous and cozy place. The food and service was good and everyone was friendly. Besides the restaurant they have a bar area and a nice outside Patio. I knew I would be back for more. Robert Tercall is the Sole Owner and Operator for Two Chef’s Café & Catering who established his business

in 1986. His number one priority has been providing fresh food, excellent service and a great value to his customers. His prices have not gone up in a number of years. All the dishes are made from scratch and he is a full service caterer. His menu offers a full line of delectable original entrees and desserts to fit every taste and appetite. Bob brings over 30 years of experience in the business serving in the past as Executive Chef for establishments such as Doc Weeds Corporation, Playboy Club Enterprises,

Holiday Inn, Marriott Corporation and Hilton Hotels. He started as a busboy and worked his way up through the ranks. Among his many skills is a specialization in garnishing work. This is especially evident in the beautiful displays of Two Chef’s catered buffets. His expertise ranges from picnics to lavish corporate and private functions. I speak from experience of using Two Chef ’s Catering – you won’t be disappointed. On the weekend the bar area has entertainment and room for some

dancing. I was just there enjoying a meal and my favorite entertainer “singer extraordinaire” Ed Collins performing contemporary old school R&B. I encourage you to try this best kept secret in Bensenville.

Two Chef’s Café & Catering 3 S. Center St., Bensenville Phone: 630-766-6030

The Franklin Park Fire Department responds to wires down on Addison Ave. on November 18th. During high winds that day, the 34,000 volt wire blew a hole in the concrete when it came down. Traffic was blocked off, but not before several cars tried to drive by the downed, still live and smoking, wire with one driving right over it! Even in a vehicle, one should error on the side of caution when encountering downed wires. 34,000 volts can give you one heck of a jolt! Better safe than sorry.

18 People & Places • December 2011

A Holiday Wine Buying Guide BY JERRY IZZO

• Acid is your friend. Acidity in wine creates a juicy sensation and naturally cleanses the palate. Wines that feature a balanced, but prominent,

• Explore and have fun. This is the perfect time to explore some new regions or grapes that you have wanted to try. Remember that you aren’t going to be spending very much on these wines, so have different wines on the table and make it an interactive part of the meal. Selection will ensure there is something for everyone and encourage conversation.

G ew urzt ra miner/ R iesling- a white wine typically found in

Wine questions? Send them to


Township Serving Leyden

Some recommendations:

Vin de Pays/Languedoc/Roussillonthese are “country wines” from France. They are affordable and delicious with food. They can be a bit rustic, but perfect for the adventurous types. 2009 Bordeaux- coming off a phenomenal vintage, entry level Bordeaux from 2009 is a no-brainer and safe bet. These are delicious wines that offer quality and flavor for great prices. The best part is that they should be wonderful regardless of producer. It still wouldn’t hurt to ask for help, but you can buy with confidence. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is to have fun. The holidays are a time for family, friends and celebration. Wine just helps make it all the more special. Happy Holidays. Cheers.

y Publication A FREE Monthl

NEWS YOU CAN USE & RE! MO eds – Family Fun! Classifi Community News Professional Services ent Dining and Entertainm

Marketing, Inc. 2011

• Don’t break the bank. There are occasions and meals that call for truly great wines, but the holidays aren’t one of them. Chances are you will be supplying wines for many people with many different tastes. The holidays are about quantity, more than quality. These days there are a plethora of inexpensive wines that are truly delicious and perfect for the occasion.

acidity keep the food tasting fresh and won’t weigh down or fatigue your palate over time.

G erma ny (usua l ly sweet) a nd northern France(usually dry). Pairs beautifully with turkey and ham and Gewurztraminer offers a nice white pepper note that makes it versatile. Pinot Noir/Gamay- Pinot Noir can be found all over the world, though the best are from France, Oregon and certain parts of California. While Gamay can be found elsewhere, the best are from the Beaujolais region in France. These wines are typically a bit acidic and have a low tannic structure which make them perfect reds for the holidays. Soave/Trebbiano/Cortese- delicious alternatives to Pinot Grigio. These are cheap Italian white wines that offer affordable palate cleansing and a bit of novelty. Sauvignon Blanc- an acidic white with grassy notes perfect for the holidays. The best examples come from New Zealand and are very affordable.


847-624-1413 OR EMAIL

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Wine shopping for the holidays shouldn’t be a stressful experience. Over the years I have found a few techniques that help me find the best bottles for the table. And yes, I am willing to share. Because, I am just that sort of guy. So, here you go and you’re welcome. • Let the food be the star. Most of the time, wine pairing can be something of an art. When done properly, a true pairing can perfectly illustrate the concept of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. However, for the holidays, let the food shine. Avoid wines that are too complex or overbearing.

Villa Brunetti

Catering Deal

New Year’s Eve Celebration

any Villa Brunetti Catering Order of $100 or more

10% Off

and New World Entertainment Presents Our Annual

at Villa Brunetti Banquets 9755 W. Grand Ave., Franklin Park

Must mention coupon when ordering. Cannot be combined. One coupon per visit. Expires 1/1/12.

December 31, 2011

VB tO gO!

6:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m.

With the sounds from New World DJ’s along with live entertainment by Andrea Salerno and special appearance from Santa for the kids. Come and have the chance to win up to $250 cash and prizes with our version of Deal or No Deal and a cash raffle.

Professional Photography by Elliot Adorne Studios. Free 4x6 picture per family.

Adults: $90 Ages 3-11: $50 2 & Under: No Charge CoNtACt:

New World Entertainment

847.624.0456 Villa Brunetti


Pizza, Sandwiches, Soups, Salads, Daily Specials!

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We Deliver! HOurs: Mon: Closed; Tues-Thurs 11am-9pm Fri: 11am-11pm Sat: 3pm-11pm; Sun: 3pm-9pm

any order of $25 or more Must mention coupon when ordering. Cannot be combined. One coupon per visit. Expires 1/1/12.


9755 W. Grand Ave., Franklin Park December 2011 • People & Places 19


Pescatore Palace The Pleasurable Art of Italian Dining!

Vito, Chef a nd ow ner of Pescatore Palace, believes dining should be pleasurable and never rushed. Every course should be thoroughly enjoyed and work together, “like a symphony.” The owner insists on only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, most imported directly from Italy. Frank Pel leg ino, the General Manager of Pescatore Palace commented, “I’ve been in and around the restaurant business since I’ve been 12 years old.” His knowledge and expertise of the business shows through. I could tell by talking with him they take pride in offering the perfect place to meet a friend, a business client or for just a quiet dinner. When you enter, you sense a feeling of Old Italian charm in a relaxing atmosphere. Not only does Pescatore Palace offer fine dining, lunches and take out, but also the perfect venue to

celebrate a wedding, anniversary or any special occasion. The rea sonably pr iced wedd i ng packages will take all the stress out of planning that special day. The facility is beautifully decorated and there is ample parking for your guests. If you are not already anxious to try Pescatore Palace, here are some of the items they offer on their menu that will surely bring you to their establishment. The Barbanente family has designed the menu to be healthy, using the highest quality ingredients, fresh spices and olive oil for reduced cholesterol dining. They serve Mediterranean and Adriatic dishes, such as Sea Bass Piccata, grilled Salmon, Adriatic Grill Mixed, Zuppa di Mare, Veal Parmigiana, Penne Arrabbiata, Lasagna, Spaghetti Calamari a long w it h some A mer ica n favorites like filet mignon, fried

3400 N. River Road Franklin Park

$3 off with coupon



Valid 11am-2pm. Regular price $11.95. Limit one coupon per person/table. Coupons cannot be combined. Expires 4/30/12.

Antipasti Caldi “Hot Appetizers” Vongole e Ostriche al Forno “Baked Clams & Oysters” Cozze Marinara “Steamed Mussels” Calamari, Baccala Fritti “Fried Squid, Cod & Whiting” Calamari Griglia “Grilled Squid” Baccala Livornese “Baked Cod w/ Tomato” Gambe Di Granchi “Crab Legs” Gioiosa Dell’Alto Mare “Baked Dough stuffed w/ seafood” Pasta E Risotto Linguine Con Cozze “Pasta w / Mussels” Linguine Con Calamari “Pasta w / Squid” Risotto Mare Chiaro “Rice w / Seafood” Rapini Aglio Olio “Greens w / Oil And Garlic” Pollo Vesuvio “Baked Chicken” Price: Adults $45 Children $20 Time: 4:30 untill 8:30pm

RING IN THE NEW YEAR WITH PESCATORE PALACE! December 31, 2011 Cocktails 7 pm Dinner 8 pm Entertainment by DJ Five course meal with Dessert, Open Bar and 1 am late night snack. Balloon drop and party favors accompanied by a Champagne toast at Midnight! Adults $75 Children $40 BOOK ON LINE OR CALL FOR RESERVATIONS 847-678-0895

HourS: Mon-Thurs 11:30am-9:30pm Friday 11:30am-10:30pm Saturday 1:00pm-10:30pm Sunday 12:00pm-9:00pm

(847) 678-0895

Lunch Buffet Special

Antipasti Freddi “Cold Appetizers” Insalata Di Pesce “Fish Salad” Vongole Crudi “Raw Oysters” Gamberi Bolliti “Shrimp Cocktail”

shrimp, pizza and salads. Their appetizers include bruschetta, fresh mozzarella with tomato, basil and olive oil, clams, oysters, grilled octopus, calamari, and mussels. And, let’s not forget dessert. Cheesecake, homemade tiramisu, and a coconut sorbet in a real coconut! So now that you’re hungry and ready to satisfy your appetite, call Pescatore Palace today for a reservation to dine in, to place a catering order, pick up a pizza or to book your next event. Vito and Frank are there to serve you. Call 847-678-0985. VISIT PESCATORE PA L ACE’S WEBSITE FOR FURTHER INFORM ATION. They are also offering an all seafood, take out only menu for your Christmas Eve celebrations. Check out its wonderful variety of delicious seafoods they have to offer you!

Pizza Margherita

Banquet Package

Pick up only. Additional ingredients $2 each. Coupons cannot be combined. Expires 4/30/12.

Includes chair covers, 4 hours premium liquor, soup, salad, pasta. Family style: two meats, vegetable, potato, coffee, soda and wine. Wedding cake included. Friday and Sunday only. 6 hour reception time plus pictures.

Two 16” Thin Crust Pizzas for





Pescatore Palace Restaurant And Banquet Hall • (847) 678-0895 •

20 People & Places • December 2011


Ristorante Benvenuti


Dine With Family!




Township Serving Leyden


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We have over 200 drop sites. Most 7-11’s and local libraries carry the paper as well as a number of restaurants and gas stations. If you know of a location that isn’t carrying our paper and should, let us know. Grab a copy quick though, they are flying off the shelves! Better yet, subscribe so you’ll never miss another copy. Find us on


Yo u walk into Ristorante Benvenut i and you are welcomed by t he r ich aroma of Italian cooking; garlic, olive oil, Italian spices. You know before you even sit down the meal is going to be delicious! Eating at a local restaurant is always pleasurable, but what makes it even better is when that restaurant is family owned and operated. It really gives it that homey feeling. Your hosts, Patrizia and Giovanni are the heart of this family operated business, and family continues right down to the wait staff! And when family is involved, you know they will go out of their way to make sure your dining experience is everything you’d expect. Enjoying a quiet dinner or gathering for a special occasion, Ristorante

Benvenuti will assure you of a pleasurable experience. While dining there for my mother-in-law’s birthday, we found the food delicious and the service outstanding. The chef even came out and asked how everything was and welcomed comments on the food’s preparation! Nothing was rushed and everyone enjoyed each course with a variety of foods and portions plentiful. Ristorante Benvenuti offers both Italian and Sicilian cuisine along with their specialty of wood burning oven pizzas. And if you’ve never tried


BenvenUTi “WOOd BUrninG Oven Pizza” iTalian and Sicilian cUiSine

Live Entertainment

Fridays & Saturdays 6 pm Parties up to 35 people!

We Cater!

9400 Grand ave. Franklin Park, il Your Hosts: Patrizia & Giovanni

MOnday iS SeniOr day!

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it, I recommend you ask for the “white pizza”. It’s not on the menu, but Giovanni will make it special upon request. L i v e entertainment is offered on Friday a nd S a t u r d ay nights starting at 6 pm and they serve beer and wine along with their extensive menu; everything from Antipasti (Appetizers) to Zuppa (Soups) offering a variety of fish, pasta, salads and of course pizza; plus they serve lunch from 11 am to 3 pm and they deliver! They also cater your special events and you can reserve parties up to 35 people. Ristorante Benvenuti will be open Christmas and New Years Eve, closed Christmas day but open on New Years Day. Stop in today and tell them People & Places sent you!

HOUrS: MOn-THUrS 11-10 Fri-Sat 11-11 • Sun 1-9

We deliver! accePTinG all MajOr crediT cardS ServinG Wine & Beer

Excludes wine and beer. Not valid with other offers. One offer per person per visit. Expires 1/15/12.

TUeSdayS - all day

Free glass of house wine with meal

DINE IN ONLY. Excludes wine and beer. Not valid with other offers. One offer per person per visit. Expires 1/15/12.

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Assured Mechanical Services Inc. Service • Preventive Maintenance Design & Engineering Sales • Installation Certified Energy Managers Indoor Air Quality

$250 OFF

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any new installation package

Senior Discount

Must present coupon at time of service. Not valid with any other offers. One coupon per person. Expires 1/15/12.

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We “make” Heating, Air Conditioning and Air Quality the BEST in your Building!

Melrose Park • (630) 220-8615 >>> Special Event <<<

Yoga and Gong Meditation Workshop Presented by Karin Newsome and James Jirik

Join Sun and Moon’s Vinyasa teacher, Karin Newsome, and Kundalini Yoga Teacher, James Jirik, for a yoga and gong meditation workshop session to balance the chakras, reduce holiday stress and bring yourself closer to your true Self through yoga and Sound! Where:

Sun and Moon Yoga Studio Sunday, December 11th


at 2:30p.m. to 3:30p.m. Cost: $20.00

A yoga sequence will be presented to reduce physical and mental tension and to build stamina. The gong and singing bowl meditation will follow to create a vibrational environment that will clear negative energy from your body-mind and allow you to access your inner guru, your true Self.

Gianni’s Ristorante & Pizzeria Rose Pecoraro and her son John get a good feeling from pleasing people. They go out of their way to ensure their customers enjoy their dining experience. Their quaint, but at the same time, spacious restaurant is another perfect, right around the corner, soon to be your favorite place for that intimate meal or special

occasion. Your selections are prepared fresh and made to order. Having grown up around the restaurant business all their lives, the Pecoraro’s know how to please. A patron favorite is the Pasta Supreme with sausage, mushrooms and a brandy cream sauce, and their pizza is delicious! Stop in today and tell them People & Places sent you!

2026 Oakton St • Park Ridge • 224-305-YOGA •

15% off Total Entrée Bill

Dine in only. Valid after 4pm only. Pizza not included. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 1/15/12.

Fast, Hot Delivery & Pickup We Cater to Your Home or Workplace 9655 W.Grand Ave., Franklin Park 847-451-0100 ~ 22 People & Places • December 2011

Tues-Thurs 11am-10pm ~ Fri 11am-11pm Sat 4pm-11-pm ~ Sun 3pm-11pm Closed Mondays Holiday Hours – Christmas Eve Open until 8 pm New Years Eve Open Till 10 pm New Years Day – 3 pm to 10 pm

Letters to Santa

These letters to Santa went Special Delivery via Priority Mail to the North Pole, since Santa already subscribes to People & Places Newspaper! Santa was pleased to see all these good little boys and girls writing letters to him. Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas!

Kayleigh, Age 7

Samuel, Age 5, Texas

rk Gracin. Schiller Pa

Nicholas, Age 9

James, Age 7, Texas

ur and hope yo l Christmas n’t know that ia c e sp a have o. I do “I hope you special Christmas to Puppy. Do you o a -G o ve a G h t s n e a elv list. I w e ic n e th am I on , Florida 6, Dunedin ss left? ” have a dre Grace, Age

Taylor, S chiller Pa rk

December 2011 • People & Places 23


▲ Merry Christmas Alyssa From Cassandra.

Artwork by Alyssa Richardson, 16 yr old junior at West Leyden High School. Her sister Cassandra asked People & Places if we would publish her “stunning” artwork as a Christmas present to her younger sister. She seems to be a very talented artist and we were impressed enough to oblige. Cassandra tells us that Alyssa has been sketching “since she’s been able to talk” and has always “been the most creative in her class.” Merry Christmas Allyssa, we hope your future includes a career in the art field!

Drawing by Marco Obaya, Franklin Park

▲ Artwork by St. Celestine Students

24 People & Places • December 2011


8 Ways To Create New Holiday Traditions showcase how they’ve changed as they’ve grown older.

The wonder of Christmas through a child’s eye. Allison, age 13 months, Sycamore, Illinois. Much of what makes the holiday season so special is the traditions that people hold dear. While families have traditions that stretch back decades, there is plenty of opportunity to embrace new means of celebration to breathe new life into Christmas, Chanukkah or the season’s other holidays. Chances are you’re already hanging stockings or going caroling this year. You can add some of these and modify as they fit for your family. 1. Feed the wildlife. During the cold days of winter, birds and small animals that don’t hibernate may find it difficult to forage for food. By trimming an

outdoor pine tree in edible snacks you’ll have a beautiful tree and one that benefits the wildlife as well. String peanuts and other nuts for the squirrels. Make little ornaments out of suet and string for the birds. Berries and corn can be enjoyed by all. Be sure to choose a tree that is far enough away from the home, so you don’t have too many scavengers hunting and pecking around the house. 2. Create a photo Advent calendar. Make your own Advent calendar that has small doors that open up to photos of different family members. Or use a collection of children’s pictures that

3. “Adopt” a child for holiday gifts. Each year you can bring a smile to a child in need by purchasing a present for an underprivileged kid. Some post offices sponsor “Letters from Santa” events where participants can respond to one of the thousands of letters mailed to The North Pole. Or work with a local charity that organizes events to bring gifts to children in hospitals or in foster care. 4. Holiday story countdown. Every night in December watch a movie or read a story that tells an uplifting holiday tale. Use this as a method of counting down until Christmas. On the night prior, reading “’Twas the Night Before Christmas” should suffice. 5. Remember someone who has passed on. The holiday season is one made beautiful by lit candles and twinkling lights. Remember a loved one or a friend who has passed away by lighting a remembrance candle in his or her honor. It’s a way this person can still be part of the festivities. 6. Have a holiday sing-a-long. Sure it may be tradition to go around the

neighborhood singing carols, but it’s just as fun indoors. Have a singing party where guests are given lyrics to popular tunes they can sing around the piano or karaoke machine. 7. Bring some joy to a public servant. Police officers, firefighters, military personnel ... many of these workers do not get off for the holidays. There are a certain number of public servants who must remain on call in the event of an emergency. Treat these people to something enjoyable when they may be missing their own festivities. Cook or cater a meal for a fire house, deliver cookies to the police station or put together care packages for people living on a military base. 8. Banish the holiday blues. When the holidays are set to go for another year, many people find they become a little down. After all, a home that was once filled with merry trinkets may now go back to the bare essentials. Create a tradition where everyone in the family receives one more gift -- a personalized ornament that can be packed away for use next year -- that’s given in January before the decorations are packed away. It’s another opportunity to open a present, and it symbolizes looking forward to the joy of next year.

Finding a perfect gift for the person who has everything Holiday shoppers know all too well about the endless and often exhausting search for the perfect holiday gift. Such a search most often surrounds that one stickler on everyone's holiday shopping list, the person who seemingly has it all and annually proves puzzling to shop for. While the popularity of online retailers has helped frazzled shoppers avoid long lines at the mall and crowded parking lots, it's still hard to find the perfect gift for that enigmatic friend or family member. This holiday season, consider the following tips to make even the most difficult person on your list a cinch to shop for. Don't overlook cold hard cash. Money might seem impersonal, but it carries far less of a stigma this year than it has in years past. As the economy continues to struggle, few people are in a position to scoff at a few extra dollars come the holiday season. For the person who has everything already, money might just make the perfect gift. If you're reticent to give cold hard cash, consider a gift card

to a favorite retailer or even a prepaid gas card that offers some relief at the increasingly pricey pump. Get creative. Creativity is often at the core of the perfect and thoughtful gift. Such was the case when Jera Deal, a mother of three and a school mother for her daughter Julianna's preschool class, found herself hunting for the ideal gift to give Julianna's teacher for her wedding. Hoping to go beyond the gifts listed in the registry, Deal decided to turn a playful game she and her family enjoyed while walking in the park into a creative gift idea. To aid in their children's alphabet lessons, Jera, her husband, Brad, and their three girls began "letter hunting" on walks in the park, looking for different "letters" in nature (sticks) and architecture (stones). For each letter they found, they would take a photograph, soon collecting the entire alphabet. While the game initially started as a playful and creative way to help her daughters learn the alphabet, Jera Deal turned that game into an ideal gift for

Using letters found in both nature and architecture, custom framed artwork from Sticks and Stones™ is a creative and thoughtful gift idea for that hard-to-please loved one this holiday season. her daughter's teacher, custom framing the letters from her now extensive library to spell out the teacher's new last name. "It was a gift from the class, so I knew it had to be really special and really unique, and something that she would never forget where it came from," says Jera. The gift proved to be just that, and the Deals soon discovered their idea that started as a game with their kids was also a perfect means to giving a thoughtful, unique and creative gift. In less than three years, Sticks and Stones™ grew from a thoughtful idea for a teacher's wedding gift into a successful business, garnering nationwide recognition on televisions shows such as "The Rachael

Ray Show" and "The Martha Stewart Show," not to mention a personal recommendation from one of television's biggest stars. "If you want to give someone a totally original keepsake -- here it is," says Oprah Winfrey, who gave one to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes as a wedding present. "This is the perfect gift for the person who has everything because no one has anything like this!" Sticks and Stones™ offers an extensive gallery of letters in both nature and architecture. Shoppers can choose which letters to use, ensuring no two creations will ever be the same. To learn more, visit or call 866-377-8412.

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Some Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Travel The holidays are a festive time of year, but they can also prove stressful for the millions of people who travel to visit friends and family or use time off during the holidays to go on vacation. Because so many people travel during the holidays, airports are more crowded than usual and the nation’s roadways often experience heavy traffic, especially on the days immediately before and after a holiday. While there’s not much travelers can do to reduce the number of fellow travelers come the holiday season, there are certain dos and don’ts that can make holiday travel much easier. DO plan ahead. Leaving holiday travel plans until the last minute is a recipe for disaster. Some air travelers feel it’s more affordable to book flights in the weeks leading up to the holidays rather than months in advance. While it’s possible to find last minute airline deals, it’s very possible such deals will put travelers on standby. That’s potentially disastrous during a travel season that has frequent flight delays or cancellations due to inclement

Arriving early at the airport during the holiday season is one way to reduce the stress of travel during one of the busiest travel seasons of the year. weather. Book travel plans as early as possible to avoid the hassles of last minute bookings. DON’T blame airport staff if things go awry. The holiday season can be stressful for those who have to travel, but it’s exceedingly

stressful for the men and women who work in the travel industry. Airline employees, particularly those who work at ticket counters, are too often treated poorly by travelers who need someone to blame for f light delays and cancellations. The same

goes for the people who work at bus or train stations. Regardless of how inconvenient interrupted travel plans can be, it’s never the fault of the person working at the airport. It’s often a result of inclement weather, which is something no one can control. Should travel plans be delayed or cancelled, remain courteous, compassionate and respectful of staff. Doing so is the right thing to do, and it might just garner you some consideration when the time comes to reschedule plans. DO insure your trip. As mentioned above, flight delays and cancellations are common during the holiday season. Heavy snowfall can wreak havoc on travel plans, even for those people who live in relatively temperate climates. Travelers traveling to or from regions where heavy snowfall is a possibility should always protect themselves against flight cancellations or delays by insuring their trips. Insurance is often inexpensive and can protect travelers if their f light plans go awry. The peace of mind insurance provides can also reduce the stress of holiday travel.

The higheST qualiTY Salon & Spa SerViCeS Splendor Salon & Spa naturally combines the miracle healing of botanical herbs with advanced spa treatments from europe. We at Splendor Salon are stylists trained in top new York, Chicago, las Vegas and San Francisco salons. We apply our skills to realize your ultimate vision of yourself.


Why Pay $10 or more for Children’s Hair Cuts?

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HAIR CUTS Girls $8 & Up Boys (2-14) $6 • Boys (15-18) $8 Men $10 • Women $15 offer Valid with Coupon only. Walk-ins Welcome.

Color and Highlights Available • Eyebrow Waxing Walk-ins Welcome! • Se Habla Español Wednesday is Senior Citizen Day

3740 N. 25 Ave., Schiller Park

(847) 678-0777

Mówię po polsku

Hours: Mon-sat 10aM-7pM; sun 10:30aM-2pM

26 People & Places • December 2011

ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS! DON’T try to make up for lost time. While there’s little air travelers can do to make up for lost time, those traveling by automobile often try to make up for lost time by driving aggressively. Nothing could be more dangerous, as the roads are often overcrowded and driving conditions during the holidays are rarely ideal. Even if a traffic jam or other delay makes it impossible to stick to your travel schedule, don’t risk disaster with aggressive driving. Instead, call your destination and explain you will be a little late because of delays on the roadway. No matter where you are going, be it a hotel or to a friend or family member’s house, they will understand the situation and they will certainly prefer you get there safe and sound, even if that means getting there a little later than originally planned. DO be an early bird. The early bird gets the worm, and when it comes to holiday travel, the early bird can also significantly reduce the stress of traveling. If traveling by air, get to the

airport extra early. This way you won’t have to fret when the lines at baggage check or security checkpoints are long. If traveling via automobile, get up early and hit the road before most drivers are even out of bed. It might not be fun to get up so early, but you will likely start your trip off with little to no traffic. DON’T overdo it. It’s tempting to try to see everyone during the holiday season, but most travelers would prefer to stay in one place for more time than to continue traveling from place to place without spending much time at any one place. Traveling too much can lead to exhaustion, which is especially dangerous for those traveling by automobile. If possible, spread out holiday travel as much as you can, and attempt to spend at least two nights sleeping in the same bed before hitting the road again. Holiday travel doesn’t have to be so difficult. Adhering to a few dos and don’ts can make this year’s holiday travel far less stressful.

How to accommodate overnight holiday guests Thousands of people travel far and wide to visit family and friends for the holidays. Chances are many holiday hosts and hostesses will open their homes to overnight guests. Although visions of Cousin Eddy from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” and his band of misfit family members come to mind, most holiday guests are more of a pleasure to have around. It might be mildly inconvenient to host guests for a day or two, but preparation can help alleviate such inconveniences. There are a number of ways to get ready for holiday guests. Keep these tips in mind as you prepare your home. • Set aside space. Not every household has a spare guest room available, but there are ways to make guests feel like they have their own private area. There’s the possibility of giving up your own room for the night or set up a space in an out-of-the-way den or a child’s bedroom for the time being. People who live in the house may be more comfortable bunking with another than an outside guest. • Offer individual linens. A fresh set of sheets and towels contributes to a hotel’s comfort level. Welcome guests with a set of fresh sheets and soft towels. • Stock extra toiletries. The holiday season is a busy time, and it’s easy for

travelers to forget a thing or two. Keep an extra toothbrush and some spare mouthwash at the ready. Travel-sized soaps and shampoos may be more convenient for guests and might help them feel more comfortable and less burdensome staying in your home. • Accommodate guests’ needs. Some guests may be allergic to certain foods, while others may prefer to watch the late-night news before bed. Find out their preferences beforehand so you can do your best to make them feel comfortable. • Have laundry services available. Give guests their own laundry bag so they can wash clothes if they’ll be staying for an extended period of time. Fresh clothes make anyone feel better. • Invest in an air mattress. Having extra places for guests to sleep often comes in handy. Air mattresses are easy to inflate at a moment’s notice for an unexpected guest and can be quickly deflated and stored in a closet or under a bed. • Bend house rules. While certain rules may be set in stone, bed times or meal times may have to be changed to accommodate guests who aren’t used to the goings-on of the household. It can be fun or frustrating to have a guest stay over for the holidays. But being prepared can make the time go by much more smoothly.


Submit your picture to Picture of the Month to Be sure to include your name and city along with a brief explanation of where the picture was taken.

Visit Floors & Walls Visit the experts! Family owned and operated Floors and Walls Unlimited has been serving customers for almost 40 years. They are a complete home decorating center offering name brand paint, laminate floors, ceramic and porcelain tile, carpet installations, bathroom remodels, glass tiles and wallpaper. Find just that right paint color or wallpaper pattern that suits your tastes. Unlike the big box stores, owners, Elaine and Bob are there to offer you knowledgeable, personalized

and friendly service at competitive rates. Stop in their store today and see the difference outstanding customer service makes!

FabUloUs Flooring For Every Room in Your Home

Floors & Walls Unlimited, inc.

Benjamin Moore Paint Dealer Tile • Wood • Laminate • Vinyl • Carpets • Blinds 9626 Grand Ave., Franklin Park, IL 60131


December 2011 • People & Places 27

St. Beatrice Parish

4157 Atlantic Ave., Schiller Park St. Beatrice Parish will be selling Christmas yard signs and “It’s O k a y To Say Mer r y Christmas” buttons along with Christmas cards with pictures of St. Beatrice all during December after all the masses. Signs and packages of 10 Christmas cards are $10 each. Buttons are $3 or two for $5. Stop in before or after any of their weekend masses to purchase yours today. Yard signs and buttons are a great way to be a witness for the “Good News of Great Joy” and let others know

your house celebrates the birth of Christ. Contact the rectory f or f u r t he r i n f or m a t i on a t 847-678-0138 St. Beatrice Christmas Party will be held on Friday, December 16th at the Comfort Inn Allegra Banquets, 4200 North River Road, at 6 pm, dinner at 7 pm. $25 per person. Tickets must be purchased by December 12th. Join us for a fantastic evening of food, fun and friendship. All are invited to attend. HYPOD (Help Your Parish Out of Debt) tickets are being sold for the new year. Tickets are $10 each with a chance of winning cash every week! These make great gifts or stocking stuffers. Stop by the rectory today to pick yours up. November 26th marked the first day the Third Edition of the Roman Missal was being used at all the masses. This signif icant

change a f fects a l l Engl ish speaking Churches around the world. The changes which include new responses and prayers will take some time to get used to considering parishioners have been using the former Missal since 1985.

Christifidelis & Bishop Quarter Awards Cardinal George on November 6th at Holy Name Cathedral awarded the Christif idelis and Bishop Quarter awards to several recipients from local parishes. The Christifideles Award is given to Catholic laypeople who have, by participating in parish life, demonstrated the personal and ministerial renewal called for by the papal exhortation Christifideles Laici, calling the laity to the “vocation of responsibility for the church’s life springing from the

gift and mission of their baptism;” Basically, a parishioner who has shown exemplary service to their parish. Kimberly McMillan, St. Celestine, Elmwood Park received the Bishop Quarter Award, given to one layperson who demonstrates consistent service to the ministries of the archdiocese’s vicariates. Recipients of the Christif idelis Awards were: Sandra Solari, Mary Seat of Wisdom, Park Ridge, Brian and Margaret Fergus, Our Lady of Hope, Rosemont, Mark Miller, St. Paul of the Cross, Park Ridge, Kara Blomquist, St. Beatrice Church, Schiller Park, Donald Carfagnini, St. Celestine, Elmwood Park, Libby and Loretta Lodestro, Divine Savior, Norridge, James and Mitzi Puchner, St. Maria Goretti, Schiller Park, Donald Klaput, Sacred Heart, Melrose Park. Congratulations to you all!

SeaSon GreetinGS

Book you holiday party with us or let us cater your party!

10 oFF


$20 oFF

any purchase of $50 or more any purchase of $20 or more

any Catering of $100 or More

Dining Room onLY. one per table. not valid with any other offer. no cash value. Expires 1/15/12 POSITANO’S • 847-671-1919

PIck-uP DelIvery ONly. not valid with any other offer. no cash value. Expires 1/15/12 POSITANO’S • 847-671-1919

5 oFF


Join us for the Vito Zatto Show thursday, December 29, 7pm-11pm Limited seating, call for reservations Call early - last months show sold out fast! Vegas Style Singer & entertainer Celebrity Impersonations, Standup Comedy, Audience Participation, Dynamic Song Styling

Hours: Mon-Thurs 11am-9pm, Fri-sat 11am-10pm, sun 1pm-8pm

3537-39 N. Rose St. • Franklin Park • 847-671-1919 • 28 People & Places • December 2011

St. Maria Goretti 3929 N. Wehrman Ave., Schiller Park

The Catholic Family of St. Maria Goretti Parish invites you to celebrate the opening event of their Golden Anniversary Year on Friday, December 9, 2011 at 6:30 pm at the Allegra Banquets. Contact Jean Wesolowski to make a reservation or for more information call 847.678.0237. Tickets are now on sale through December 11th for WIN CHRISTMAS CASH drawing. Half of the proceeds will go to help in the funding of the parish campus operations. The rest will be given out to the winners – possibly YOU! Call the rectory at 847.678.3988 for further information.

Halloween Party

St. John Vianney School

St. Maria Goretti School celebrated with their annual Parent Club Halloween Party on Friday, October 28th. Over 460 people attended the spooky event which included food, games and a haunted house.

27 N. Lavergne Ave., Northlake

St. John Vianney School will be marking its 60th anniversary on July 21, 2012 with a huge alumni party for teachers, parents and grads from 1955-present. For further information call Mary at 708-562-9225.

Anniversary Family Photos All SMG families are invited to have a family photo taken and have it published in our 50th Anniversary book. Lifetouch will be taking the pictures in mid January. During the month of December, volunteers will be in back of church after each Mass to make your appointment day and time. We will also be asking for your SMG memories and photos at this time. For more info contact Liz Lynch 847.322.7257 or

Accessible, Sunday Worship 9:30 am Rev. Denise Janssen, Pastor All are Welcome, & all means all! • St. Celestine Catholic Church. 3020 N. 76th Court, Elmwood Park, 708-453-2555, Fr. Jeffrey Grob, Pastor, Weekend Mass Schedule, Sat. 5 pm, Sunday 7:30, 9:00, 11:00 & 4:30 pm. Daily Mass Mon-Fri 6:30 and 8:00 am Sat. 8 am Visit their website for a complete listing of services. • Elmwod Park Bible Church. 2334 N. 75th Ave., Elmwood Park, 708-453-4012, Sunday Service 10am Sunday School 11:15am

Resurrection Lutheran Church

9201 W. Grand Ave., Franklin Park

Local Churches • St. Paul’s United Church of Christ. 3342 Calwagner Street,Franklin Park, 847-678-8500, Sunday Worship 10 am Handicap Accessible Rev. Jaron Burdick • First United Methodist Church. 9857 Schiller Blvd., Franklin Park, 8 47- 455 - 58 58 ,, Handicap

• Grace Lutheran Church. 2700 N. Harlem Ave., Elmwood Park, 708-453-4897, glcofficep@sbcglobal. net Sunday worship 10 am, Rev. Allen Belanger, Daniel Durbin, Youth Pastor • River Grove Bible Church. 2550 Rhodes Ave., 708-453-1290, River Grove, Richard Wahl, Pastor, Service at 10:30 am • Resurrection Lutheran Church. 9920 Grand Ave., Franklin Park, 847-455-7013, Food Pantry Mon 12-3 pm Pads - Loaves & Fishes, Tuesdays

ADVERTISERS! - Sponsor People & Places School/Church news page with your ad. We have Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsorships which will help this paper continue to publish events in the Leyden Township area. Call 847-624-1413 or email to find out further information on how your business can help support area schools and churchs.

Everyday Specials!

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Carry-Out • Delivery • Catering • Dine-In (Minimum $15. No Checks. Delivery Fee $2.50)


Lunch Pizza Party


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Liter of Soda with Any Pizza Order

1-18” Pizza (8 slices) One Topping 8 Pieces Hot or BBQ Wings 2 Liter of Coke Products Panzerotto

Minimum Order Party of 8 Persons For large orders please call in advance. Parties of 50 persons or more call 24 hours in advance.

Delivery or Carry Out only. Only one offer per person, per visit. Offer expires 12/31/11

3853 Carnation St. Franklin Park IL 60131


Ph: 847-671-5500 • Fax: 847-671-5595 Open Mon-Fri 10am - 9pm

December 2011 • People & Places 29


for the

Secrets to Being Lean (even during the holidays!) Eggnog, turkey and stuff ing, assorted pastries -- the holidays are as much about the food and drink as they are about sharing good times together. So is it any wonder that many gain weight during the holiday season? Researchers at the National


Protein fills the stomach and takes a longer time to digest in the body, which in turn helps you to burn calories. Selecting lean proteins, like turkey, chicken, lean beef, and pork, can help you to feel fuller longer and reduces the chance you’ll nibble on fluff snacks during the day. When faced with holiday fare, choose protein sources to fill you up before indulging on other items.

Back or Neck Pain? If you are in need of chiropractic services, look no further than 9707 Franklin Avenue in Franklin Park. Dr. David Jordan can help. He’s been in practice for over 25 years and has helped thousands of patients achieve pain free lifestyles. Dr. Jordan not only offers

Institute of Child Health and Human Development and the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases have found the average person gains a pound a year from holiday eating, which accumulates and can lead to health problems later in life. But there are some lucky few who seem impervious to the goodies, staying thin despite the extra holiday food. How do some seem to stay so thin all of the time? According to Men’s Health expert and editor-in-chief David Zinczenko, who has spent more than 20 years interviewing all sorts of leading weight loss experts and reviewing various studies, “What separates the fit from the fat is a series of rules.” These rules are easy to follow and they don’t require any special exercise equipment, crash dieting or subsisting solely on wood chips to keep fit. Here are some things to consider during the holidays and as you make healthy eating resolutions for the new year.

• STOP DIETING. Some studies indicate

that individuals who are currently on a diet are more likely to gain weight in subsequent months or years. That’s because restriction of fat and caloric intake can affect muscle growth and bone density. Muscle burns calories very well, so you want to hold onto strong muscles. Also, carefully monitoring what you eat can lead to stress hormones flowing through the body. Hormones like cortisol have been linked to weight gain. So ease up on watching every bite of food you eat and you just may be happier -- and thinner -- for it.

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• ENGAGE IN FUN EXERCISE. Many people equate staying thin to spending hours at the gym every day. But all it takes is about 20 to 30 minutes of any type of daily activity, whether that be chasing around the kids or playing fetch with a dog. The concept of losing weight just by doing enjoyable activities is known as nonexercise activity thermogenesis, or NEAT. So go for a bike ride and burn 200 calories in the process.

• SKIP FAT-FREE FOODS. It would seem

foods that have no or low fat would be better for you, but fat is actually a necessity for the body -- helping you to feel satiated. Eating a fat-free item could have you feeling hungry soon after and ready to snack later on. In addition, some fat-free items have extra sugar or preservatives for flavor, which can undermine weightloss plans.


from that computer chair and cut down on television watching. A sedentary lifestyle can easily pack on the pounds. A study by researchers at the University of Vermont found overweight participants who cut their daily TV time in half (from an average of 5 hours to 2.5 hours) burned an extra 119 calories a day. Remember when you were a kid playing with your friends outside from sunrise to sunset? You probably weren’t overweight then. But adults now spend more time indoors, and all that time spent in front of the tube could be hindering your weight-loss efforts.

30 People & Places • December 2011

treatment for back pain, sciatica, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, sport injuries, and work-related injuries, he also offers a warm, comforting smile accompanied by informative conversation. Call today for an appointment. 847-451-2232 Se Habla Español

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indicate that getting 25 grams of fiber, which is easily achieved by having three servings of fruits and vegetables, can boost fat-fighting efforts of the body by at least 30 percent. Many processed foods are increasing fiber content, but be sure to read labels. That fiber may also be accompanied by a lot of sugar and extra carbohydrates. Fresh fruit and vegetables and whole grain breads are easy ways to get a fiber boost.

of it

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Wow Your Guests This Holiday Season The holiday season is a season of hosting friends and family. This holiday season, wow your loved ones with a helping of “Green Beans Sauteed with Wild Mushrooms” courtesy of Peggy Knickerbocker’s “Simple Soirees” (Stewart, Tabori & Chang).

Green Beans Sauteed with Wild Mushrooms

slightly tender (haricots verts will take less time than green beans). Drain.

Serves 6

Transfer about half of the mushrooms to a small dish and keep warm. Add the beans to the mushrooms in the skillet and stir to combine. Mound the beans and the mushrooms gently on a serving platter and top with the reserved mushrooms. Season again with salt and pepper.

3 T. unsalted butter 1 T. extra-virgin olive oil 1 clove garlic, minced 1/2 lb. chanterelles or other wild mushrooms, cleaned and cut into bitesized pieces Salt and freshly ground black pepper 1½ lbs. haricots verts or green beans, trimmed Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Meanwhile, heat the butter and the olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the garlic and cook for 1 minute, or until it becomes translucent. Add the mushrooms, cooking them until they give off their juices and then reabsorb them, 5 to 7 minutes. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Keep the mushrooms warm on the stovetop. Add the beans to the boiling water and cook for 3 to 5 minutes, or until

Special Needs, Special Times


The holiday season is officially upon us, bringing with it a reminder of how precious spending time with our family and friends is. As Joey and I sit down to our Thanksgiving meal this year, we’ll be giving thanks for all the memorable activities we’ve shared. All of the events featured in this week’s column are designed to help you create the same kind of memories with your special needs loved one. For those who are looking for a way to burn off all the extra calories the holidays bring, the North Suburban YMCA has a full slate of aquatic, dance, gymnastics, health and wellness, and sports programs on tap year round. Recently renovated, the facility now has wheelchair-accessible changing and shower stalls in the locker room and features a new fully accessible children’s playground and family park. Upgrades to the pool area will also soon make the entire facility YADA compliant. If animal bonding is more your speed, check out the Freedom Woods Equestrian Center in Morton Grove. Offering Hippotherapy and therapeutic riding in a safe and nurturing environment, the center provides the opportunity for those with unique challenges to find freedom, growth and development through therapeutic use of the horse. For those who would like to get their groove on, registration is now open for all Winter 2012 programs at the Rock and Roll Arts Academy in Highland Park. An early childhood music program, the Rock and Roll Arts Academy is designed to introduce children and their adult counterparts to and educate them about the music and cultural traditions of the diverse global arts community. From Jukebox

Baby for 4 to12 month-olds, to Beatle Babies for 1 to 2 year-olds, to Reggae and Roll for toddlers, to guitar for youths and tweens, the winter calendar has something for everyone. Early bird registration entitles participants to a 10% discount. A pediatric rehabilitation and education center in Glenview, Focus on Kids, invites “Special Needs, Special Times” readers to check out its comprehensive range of therapy programs. Focus on Kids provides individualized therapy intervention to children, support to the family and education to the community. Throughout the 2012 calendar year the organization will offer adaptive sports programming, in partnership with community-based programs, around the Chicagoland area. Finally, on the home front, JoRide, in conjunction with Konica Minolta, will be holding a luncheon on December 11 at Keshet headquarters. The highlight of this event, at which 80 to 120 guests will be in attendance, will be an adaptive bike giveaway. Keshet’s emphasis on the whole child is an approach I strive to share with Joey. If you would you like to see your organization’s activities and services described in our upcoming reports, please email your calendar of events and information to: steven@ As our column grows so will the ability to feature not-to-be missed special needs events.

You can find out what the organizations mentioned in this column have to offer and more by visiting their websites: nsymca. org,,,,

Healthy Hints Shift Your Priorities?

If you ranked the following life categories from most important to least important, where would your physical health rank from 1 to 5? [Family, Career, Recreation/Fun, Finances, Physical Health] For many people, physical health ranks 3rd or lower. Why? Other problems seem more urgent. Look at how you treat your car. Most likely you fill it up with expensive gas, change the oil every so often, perform occasional tune-ups and f ix the problems when it breaks down. Yes, car troubles are a major disruption to your life but we’re talking about an object that you typically own for less than a decade and then replace. Now think about how you treat your body. You can never trade in your body for a new model when it breaks down

beyond repair. Do you put good “fuel” into your body? Do you keep it tunedup and repair it before problems get worse? Why does your car get treated better than your body? I ask you this; if your health fails and you lose the ability to earn a living, play with your children or enjoy your hard earned retirement will you still believe your priorities where in the right place? Health and fitness professionals of all types want to help you keep your body running smoothly. Make health your number one priority today. Get your body tuned-up today.

Dr. Patrick Labelle is a sports chiropractor at Franklin Park Chiropractic (

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Although Leyden football did not have a successful season, senior wide receiver Michael Lurigio had one of his best to date. With a total of 7 touchdowns and 333 receiving yards all season long, Michael is ranked the 11th best wide receiver in Leyden history. This is an honor for the senior who says, “It is strange to be leaving the Leyden football program.” He continues to say, “He will definitely miss it, but I am looking forward to college football.” He is looking at Augustana University for

next fall, but still does not know exactly where he will end up. One of the year’s biggest highlights for number 17 was scoring just 11 seconds before halftime in the game against Morton. Lurigio says that his touchdown “sparked an Eagle comeback.” Another standout game for the senior was against Proviso East High School where he had 5 receptions, 96 yards, and a touchdown. Not too mention that he caught a key pass on a third down of the game winning drive to get the Eagles to the one yard line. Michael’s goal since the beginning of the season was to become

Leyden Boys Basketball Tryouts for the 2011 boy’s basketball team began on November 7th and the final team was made at the end of that week. The team is coached by Bill Heisler, who has been the head varsity coach for six years. All home games are played at the East Leyden Campus on Goodman Court. Come out and support your Leyden Eagles.

2011-2012 Varsity Schedule Date Day Opponent H/A * 12/9/2011 Fri Hinsdale South H 12/13/2011 Tue FENTON A * 12/16/2011 Fri Morton H 12/27/2011 Tue FENTON - Glenbard West A Holiday Classic 12/28/2011 Wed WEST CHICAGO - Glenbard A West Holiday Classic 12/29/2011 Thu GLENBARD WEST - Glenbard A West Holiday Tournament 12/30/2011 Fri TBD - Glenbard West Tournament A * 1/6/2012 Fri Willowbrook A * 1/13/2012 Fri Downers Grove South H 1/17/2012 Tue NILES NORTH A * 1/21/2012 Sat Proviso East H 1/24/2012 Tue ARGO H * 1/27/2012 Fri Addison Trail H * 1/28/2012 Sat Hinsdale South A * 2/3/2012 Fri Morton A 2/7/2012 Tue MAINE WEST A * 2/10/2012 Fri Willowbrook H * 2/11/2012 Sat Downers Grove South A * 2/14/2012 Tue Proviso East A 2/18/2012 Sat ROLLING MEADOWS H * 2/18/2012 Sat Leyden H.S. - Alumni Scrimmage H

32 People & Places • December 2011

Time 7:30 PM 7:00 PM 7:30 PM 6:30 PM

Location East Campus-Goodman Court FENTON East Campus-Goodman Court Glenbard West

6:30 PM Glenbard West 8:00 PM Glenbard West TBA 7:30 PM 7:30 PM 7:00 PM 7:30 PM 7:00 PM 7:30 PM 7:30 PM 7:30 PM 7:00 PM 7:30 PM 7:30 PM 6:00 PM 7:00 PM TBA

Glenbard West Willowbrook East Campus-Goodman Court NILES NORTH East Campus-Goodman Court East Campus-Goodman Court East Campus-Goodman Court Hinsdale South Morton West MAINE WEST East Campus-Goodman Court Downers Grove South Proviso East East Campus-Goodman Court EAST FIELD HOUSE

the number one receiver on the team, which he most definitely accomplished. Great job this season and good luck to you in the future.

Fun By the Numbers


Like puzzles? Then you’ll love sudoku. This mind-bending puzzle will have you hooked from the moment you square off, so sharpen your pencil and put your sudoku savvy to the test!

ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20 Aries, you may be all talk early in the week, but when Friday rolls around, you will have nothing much to say. Fortunately you have other things to fall back on. TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21 Taurus, financial pressures can quickly turn a good week into one full of stress. There are things out of your control, but you can take back your finances. GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21 Gemini, even though you care about your coworkers, you are not very cooperative this week. You prefer to remain low-key, and you’re not planning on being a social butterfly.

Here’s How It Works:

Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken down into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22 Cancer, issues may arise over the path you have chosen. This uncertainty could cause you to mask your feelings with humor, but someone will see the truth. LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23 Leo, as much as you may want to help a friend make his or her dreams come to fruition, you simply do not have the time to devote to this project this week. VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22 Virgo, you know what you have to get done, but you are stalled by fear of making the wrong choices. You could turn to running around as a distraction.


LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23 Accomplishing some goals this week may not bring you closer to the love you seek or the recognition you desire, Libra. It is essential to refocus your efforts. SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22 Scorpio, although you may prefer to avoid a confrontation with someone and move on, you have to face the problem head-on. Otherwise nothing will be resolved. SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21 Keep up the appearance of being a strong leader at work and at home, Sagittarius. You don’t realize just how many people are watching your actions and using them as an example. CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20 Capricorn, relationship drama arises when you have a desire for relationship security but also want to be independent. There is no reason you cannot find a compromise. AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18 Aquarius, you have been keeping up with all of the social events in your life but they are wearing you down considerably. It’s time to give yourself a timeout. PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20 Pisces, someone doesn’t approve of what you are doing but you can’t figure out why. The reasons will reveal themselves in time.

FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS Dec. 4: Dec. 5: Dec. 6: Dec. 7:

Marisa Tomei, Actress (47) Frankie Muniz, Actor (26) Tom Hulce, Actor (58) Aaron Carter, Singer (24)

Dec. 8: Kim Basinger, Actress (58) Dec. 9: Donny Osmond, Entertainer (54) Dec. 10: Raven-Symone, Actress (26)

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What Happens To Outside Cats in the Winter and How Can You Help Them? Whether you are feeding a new cat (recently abandoned with foreclosure) or are a seasoned caretaker, we hope these tips help you help the cats in your care. And, of course, if they haven’t been

as bedding or compost and the added benefit is worms love straw! Entry/Exit Shelters need both. With the increase of skunks, opossums and raccoons in Illinois, an escape exit is

TNR’d to prevent the growth of the number of cats, contact us. If you have access to the Internet, more detailed information can be found at searching ‘winter care’*. If you don’t have Internet access, send us $1 for handling and postage and we’ll send you the article. During winter months, cats need food water and shelter and special precautions have to be made for their health & safety. Shelters keep them warm and safe. They should be places where cats feel safe; out of pathways, shielded from harm. They come in varying shapes, sizes and styles such as dog houses, cat carriers, Rubbermaid containers, or handmade wooden housing. Many things can be modified to make a good shelter. Shelters can also be purchased on line. Google: feral shelters. Check out examples of feeding stations and housing on our blog “November 2008 Winter Shelters, Size and shape matters”: something that will fit 2-4 cats with a ceiling low enough to retain heat. If you feed a large colony, more houses, not bigger houses work best. Bedding Use Straw not fabric because it retains moisture and freezes. Straw acts as insulation, moisture sinks to the bottom. Pile straw about 15” high so cats can make their own protective burrow. Cats are hesitant to enter new surroundings, so to encourage their using the space, sprinkle a good amount of catnip in the straw. Adding food grade diatomaceous earth to the straw will deter fleas and parasites. If a cat doesn’t enter the shelter, try changing the location. Change straw with each season, adding the old to your garden

needed in the event the shelter is invaded. Some cats won’t go into a shelter unless here are both. Raise shelters off the ground and putting a thick sheet of Styrofoam insulation under the straw also aids in keeping the shelter dry. Feeding Stations Protecting the food from snow and rain is also very important. There are many options for this and basically, a roof and sides are needed. Samples are on our blog and on line. We use one-half of a dog carrier with a slab floor and a dog house See photo Food Cats need extra fat to insulate them during winter months so if you can afford it, high caloric kitten food mixed in with their regular kibble helps create fat. Essential fatty acids added to their food also helps. They will be eating more during fall and winter months as they gain insulation. They also develop their winter coat as protection against the cold. If you feed canned food, you might want to heat it prior to putting it out in extreme cold weather. Feed only enough so they eat it before it freezes and if it’s extremely cold, just feed dry. Water Cats need drinking water in the winter almost more than in the summer. Cats dehydrate easily so in winter when all ‘natural’ sources may be frozen, it’s very important that you provide water that will not readily freeze. Once again, there are many options to keep water from freezing. Here are some ideas • Put water in a Styrofoam chest that is protected from the wind and kept off the ground • Place water near a dryer vent

34 People & Places • December 2011

Pets of the Month Alice, a 2½ year old female cat. PULEEZE get me outta here! I love where I live and my temporary mama but cats scare me and there are cats where I live that are waiting for their forever homes and they make me so nervous. I hide all the time. My favorite places are atop a tall set of shelves and under the kitchen sink behind a nice enamel box where there’s a comfy space just for me. Sometimes I hide under cabinets but that can get scary. I come out for food, sometimes I sit by a window or take snake like journeys around the house but I can usually be found in ‘my’ places. Another thing, I hardly ever

get to enjoy the lovin’ my mama gives me because the other cats are usually there. I want more lovin’! I think I like dogs. I like the Belgian Shepherd that lives here, but then, she’s special. Pretty please with sugar on top, let’s be friends and live together. I don’t eat much and I’m healthy. I’m about 2.5 years old. I was born in Northlake but have been in this place since I was about 7 weeks old and I need a place of my own! I’ve been spayed and I’m up-to-date on my shots. My adoption fee is only $50 but for the right person, I think you might be able to get a deal on me.

CatVando is a Trap Neuter Return Group working in our communities. All cats come altered, up to date on shots, micro-chipped, free of fleas and parasites and tested for feline disease. Contact CanVando at (708)829-6013.

Niko, a 3 year old male Pitbul Terrier Looking for a devoted companion? Do you appreciate large breed dogs? Bully breeds, perhaps? Niko is a big, affectionate and handsome guy who came to ACL as a stray. He loves all the attention and walks he’s getting here but, truth be told, it’s a little noisy and he would prefer a home of his own. Niko loves to go for walks, is housebroken, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and loves to hang out with anyone who has a few minutes. His heart is the size of his head,

which is very large. We’re guessing that Niko’s previous home might not have been the happiest for him. He is “hand-shy” and timid when talked to sternly. Maybe part of the reason shelter living seems to agree with him, there’s nothing like that to worry about anymore. Niko would prefer to live in a home as the only pet, that way he can get all the attention. He is also recommended for homes with children over 16. Breed experience, a bonus.

The Animal Care League is a limited admission shelter that helps homeless cats and dogs by providing them food, shelter, medical attention and love until they can placed in a loving home. Contact the ACL at 1011 Garfield St., Oak Park. Shelter Phone: (708)848-8155, reclaim a Lost Pet: (708)848-0172.

• Change water several times a day • Use electric heated water bowls. These can be purchased through Amazon or at your local Menards, PetSmart and many places with pet supplies. Plastic works but if you can use the more expensive stainless steel heated bowls, that’s best – no leeching chemicals.

Safety Tips • Before starting your car, tap it. Cats often lay on the engine for warmth and could get injured by the moving parts when starting the car. • Buy ‘embittered’ antifreeze that deters cats from ingesting or keep your antifreeze out of reach or ingestion. • Shovel pathways and shelter and feeding station entrances • Use pet safe products instead of salt and harsh chemicals. These products can be toxic to the cats and damage their paws. If you’re seeing cats, feed and care for them, they may be homeless. CatVando is receiving a growing number of reports of cats being left behind by foreclosure. With no place to go, they are going to filtrate into your neighborhoods and they are going to need care and TNR. CatVando can help you help the cats. You can regulate the size of how many

you feed by only letting out a set amount of food, to feed one, two, or more. If a number of people would care for one or two cats, problematic large colonies could be avoided. It’s better for the entire neighborhood to share the solution. There are no shelters or agencies including CatVando that can take in the amount of cats on the streets. TNR is the only viable option as trap and remove to kill comes with legal restrictions and fines and poisoning is a felony. Not only are these measures extremely inhumane, they also feed the insensitivity of the sacred in all life. Lack of respect for life is at the root of our problems. It takes a community and CatVando is here to help. Cats also mate during winter month so get on CatVando’s TNR list for late winter and early spring to prevent the continued population growth. And as always, if you’re already caring for one or many cats, thank you for being part of the solution. *CatVando’s only disagreement with Alley Cat’s winter tips is the inclusion of the foam spray in insulation as it’s highly toxic, outgases, and cats are very sensitive to chemicals.

CatVando is solely

supported by donations. For further information, to donate or to volunteer, contact them directly at P.O. Box 212, Maywood, IL 60153, 708-8296013,,

The Animal Care League Provides Shelter and Finds Homes for Area Pets People & Places is proud to bring you adoptees from the Animal Care League in Oak Park. The Animal Care League is a limited admission shelter that helps homeless cats and dogs by providing them food, shelter, medical attention and love until they can find them a forever home. Being a not for profit organization, they depend solely on the generosity of the community to help meet their goals of finding new homes for as many animals as possible each year. They also gladly accept donations to help defray the cost of housing the animals. ACL also operates a 2nd Chance resale shop that sells all kinds of stuff; new, vintage and antique jewelry, crystal and glass, cd’s, books and more! Merchandise is mostly donated and because so many people like where the money goes, they get really nice items. If you are looking to add a new member to your family, you can view

their adoptees on their website at or you may call them to make further inquiries about their animals at 708.848.8155. The Animal Care League is located at 1011 Garfield Street in Oak Park.

Become a corporate sponsor by showing your support for animal shelters and programs on our Pet Corner. Call 847-260-5670 to receive details or email us at

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LIBRARY NOOK Schiller Park

4200 Old River Rd., 847-678-0433 Construction is moving along t ow a r d s t h e c o m p l e t i o n o f the computer wing at the Schiller Park Library. Completion has been delayed due to some unresolved issues with the fire department. The library may be closed in December for four days due to rearranging materials, etc. We thank our patrons for their patience.

All Through The House Library!! Not a creature was stirring…Visit the library on Tuesday, December 13th from 6:30-7:30 p.m. And hear stories that will make the holiday merry!! **Please sign-up in the Youth Services Room starting November 15th.

Polish Story Night!! Join the library Wednesday, December 14th from 6:30-7:30 p.m. and listen to some seasonal stories read in Polish. ** Please sign-up in the Youth Services Room starting November 16th. Przyjdz do biblioteki w srode, dnia 14 grudnia od godziny 6:30-7:30 p.m. i posluchaj polskich bajek na swiateszny sezon. Zapisy przy recepcji zaczynaja sie od 16 listopada.

Annual Halloween Party at the Schiller Park Library sign-up in the Youth Services Room starting November 22nd.

Spanish Story Night

Individuals with Disabilities

Joi n t he l ibra r y, T hursd ay December 15th from 6:30-7:30 p.m. and listen to some seasonal stories read in Spanish. ** Please sign-up in the Youth Services Room starting November 17th. Visita la biblioteca, el 15 de Diciembre de 6:30-7:30 p.m. y escucha algunas historias estacionales en español. Por favor registrarse en la recepción principal a partir 17 de Noviembre.

The Schiller Park Public Library is subject to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.   Individuals with disabilities who plan to attend these meetings and who require certain accommodations in order to allow them to observe or participation these meetings, or who have questions regarding the accessibility of these meetings or facilities, are requested to contact Tina Setzer (847)678-0433

Checking It Twice!!

River Grove Library

He’s making a list and checking it twice, at our annual Christmas party on Saturday, December 17th from 1:303:00 p.m. Be sure to be here and share in on Christmas magic. **Please bring your own camera to take pictures!! The library will not take pictures!! ** Please sign-up in the Youth Services Room starting November 12th. There is a limit of 100 children. Entry will not be granted unless the child is signed-up for the party and has an admission ticket.

Happy Christmas!! Join the library on Tuesday, December 20th from 6:30-7:30 p.m., and craft up a little something to fill your holiday with joy. There is a limit of 20 children for this craft. ** Please

8638 W. Grand Ave., River Grove Call Librarian Marissa at 708-453-4484 Events for Kids and Teens Ornament Making for Ages 9 and Older – Thursday, December 8, at 4:30 pm Kids Cookie Decorating for ages 9 and older – Monday, December 19 at 6:30 pm Creative Club starting in January! Please contact Teen Services Librarian Rachel for more details.

36 People & Places • December 2011

Registration required for all Youth programs; call the library at 708-453-4484 to register Events for Adults Cookie Exchange and Coffee Bar Monday, December 19 at 6:30 Make or bring a batch of cookies to the Cookie Exchange and then mix and match a variety of cookies for your take-home box. Also, enjoy seasonal coffees and hot chocolate provided by the Friends of the River Grove Library.

strides towards achieving its mission “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. Today Google offers an array of services from Gmail, productivity services available in the Cloud, and social networking tools, including Orkut, Google+, Picasa, and Google Talk. Google , like Lady Gaga, has a lot of critics, but I am a true believer and I want to make you a convert too. Once you know what Google has to offer, and how easy it is to use Google tools you will be gaga for Google too. Let’s start with one of the best things that Google has done: a productivity suite available in the Cloud called Google Docs. “A Productivity Suite” means that it is a collection of business applications used by individuals seeking to produce knowledge. That it is in “the Cloud” means services such as Google Docs are delivered via the internet, and that they can be accessed from web browsers and mobile apps, while the business software and data are stored on servers at a remote location. The important thing about Google’s Cloud is that the use of its applications and the storage of data up to 1 gigabyte is available for free to the user. Google Docs allows users to upload previously written documents (like journal articles) in text or as PDF files, or you can create and edit documents online on your own or while collaborating in real-time with other users. Google Docs provides a word processor, a spreadsheets application and a presentation program (like PowerPoint). Here are samples of what Google docs look like: A word processed document:

Franklin Park Public Library 10310 W. Grand, 847-455-6013, I’m Gaga for Google BY JANET LYNCH FORDE, FRANKLIN PARK LIBRARY

Lady Gaga has a huge fan base; in fact, it has been reported that she has 10 million friends on Facebook. While I am not that crazy about Gaga; I am a fan of a phenomenon that’s even bigger than L.G.: Google. Google is a huge mult inat iona l compa ny whose expertise resides in the Internet. The company was founded in 1998 with a highly effective algorithm for searching the millions of documents then available on the Internet. Its rapid success allowed it make great

A spreadsheet:

What computing in “the Cloud” means to the average user is that documents are available anywhere you can reach the Internet. The benefits include:

LIBRARY NOOK • No more scratched disks or lost flash drives • No problems transferring files for other users • Documents can be created and then shared with collaborators. To use Google Docs you must create an account and register as a Google user. This can be done with your current email address (even if it is not a Gmail account). Your account comes with a minimum of 1G of storage for uploaded documents. There is no storage limit for files created using Google Docs applications. If you are archiving research articles, more storage is available for purchase and you can buy 20 GB for $5 per year or 80 GB for $20 per year. Remember to record your password and username to ensure that you will be able to gain access to your Google Docs when you need them. Next time we’ll take a look at Google Talk.

December Traditions December is a mont h of signif icance for many cultures: Buddhists celebrate Bodhi Day on December 8th, Jews celebrate Ha nuk k a h, H i ndus look forward to Pancha Ganapati., all of us recognize the Winter Solstice December21 - 22 as the true beginning of winter and as the day when the Sun grows stronger in the Northern Hemisphere. Seinfeld gave us Festivus on December 23rd to fight the commercialism of the season. African Americans have invited us to end the year celebrating Kwanzaa (December 26 – January 1) for more than 25 years. Christmas is, of course, the most popular December feast in the United States, but because we come from many cultures, there are many ways Americans celebrate in December. For example , there is candy or coal in your shoe on the Feast of St Nicolas, the saffron buns and lighted maids of St Lucia, the Las Mañanitas processions of Puerto Rico , and the Posada of out of Mexico. In an effort to help us learn more about our neighbors, the Franklin Park Library is encouraging the residents of Franklin Park to share their family’s December traditions by bringing in a homemade ornament t hat ref lects how your fam i ly celebrates the season. Bring in the ornament, a short description of the celebration and the maker’s name and address to the Reference Desk. The best entries will help decorate the Library’s newholiday tree. For further information call 847.455.6016 ext 228 or stop at the Reference Desk

Northlake Public Library 231 N. Wolf Rd., 708-562-2301

Free Family Movie Saturday, December 3, 2-4 p.m. Registration required Enjoy an afternoon movie with us as we feature Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, the fourth film in this exciting, action-packed series! Jack Sparrow and Barbossa embark on a quest to find the elusive fountain of youth, only to discover that Blackbeard and his daughter are after it too! We’ll provide the popcorn and beverages. This free event is for all ages!

Facebook 101 Wednesday, December 14, 7-8 p.m. Is everyone you know on Facebook, except you? Then don’t miss this chance to learn how to use this essential networking tool! Connect with old friends, find new friends, share pictures and more! This workshop will teach you everything you need to know how to make the most out of this amazing social networking site. Make sure you bring your email address to class.

of Bitter and Sweet, Saving CeeCee Honeycutt and The Heart is A Lonely Hunter. All are welcome to attend and share in our exciting discussions! Read a great book recently? Suggest it and we may pick it as a future Book of the Month! Meets every 4th Wednesday of the month at Casa San Carlo, 420 N. Wolf Rd. Northlake, IL Sign Up Today! Unless otherwise stated, classes and programs are free and available to anyone age 14 & up. There is a $5 refundable deposit

required for each computer class. To register for these programs or for more information, please visit or call the Adult Services Desk at (708) 562-2301.

Elmwood Park Public Library

1 W. Conti Parkway, 708-453-7645, Visit their website for a wide variety of programs offered to the public.

Wouldn’t you like local friends and neighbors to know of a loved one’s passing or honor a dear friend or relative?

Place an IN-MEMORIAM ad in People & Places. Include a photo of your loved one Affordable rates. 847-624-1413

Online Resources for Job Seekers Wednesday, December 21, 6-7 p.m. Are you in the middle of jobhunting? Thinking about switching career paths or advancing in your current one? Join the Job Club and learn how to get ahead as we discuss online resources every job seeker should know about. Take on the challenge of a job search with the support of fellow job seekers and career changers!

Community Book Club Dec. 20 Half Broke Horses by Jeanette Walls (Copies available at Adult Reference Desk) Enjoy reading popular or classic books? Want to delve deeper into your favorite story? Looking for something new to do? Look no further! CBC is Welcoming New Members! Share in our illuminating discussions every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7pm! Past titles included The Help, Before I go to Sleep, The Glass Castle and The Elegance of the Hedgehog. Each book brings intriguing stories and new insight! See for yourself and join us for our next book chat:

Daytime Book Club a.k.a. One More Chapter Book Club Join us as we explore a popular literary work each month! Past titles have included Hotel on the Corner

Created by a handful of lifelong Elmwood Park residents and business owners, and supported by more than 700 of your neighbors and friends, the EPNCO is Elmwood Park’s largest non-profit organization, formed with the idea of helping to foster and improve the sense of community and camaraderie among our neighbors and friends in Elmwood Park. By working with our members and the Village through meetings, town halls, forums, our website, through e-mail and on the phone, our end goal is simple: We want to make sure that Elmwood Park is the best place to live, work, and raise a family, not just today, but for many years to come. Learn more about the EPNCO by visiting us on our website at, on Facebook at, by phone at (800) 380-MyEP, or by sending a text message to 90210 with the word EPNCO as the message. Or...stop by any of our open meetings at 7:00PM on the third Tuesday of the month at the Elmwood Park Library! It’s free! December 2011 • People & Places 37

LAW AND ORDER The up-and-down nature of the economy has made it difficult to plan for tomorrow, let alone years down the road. However, there are steps people can take to protect themselves from the next recession.

Legal Brief Plan ahead to survive the next recession The economy is still reeling from the recession, and the question of when the global economy’s struggles will end remains a mystery. One thing we do know is that when the economy does finally rebound, it won’t remain stable forever, and it’s imperative that men and women prepare for the next recession, even if that preparation begins before the current recession ends.

SCHILLER PARK • 11-14-11 – THEFT. Officers were called to the O’Hare BP at 4111 Mannheim for the report of a battery jump starter being stolen. Surveillance cameras recorded a car pulling up to the area where the jump starter was being used and a male with black hair and black mustache got out, picked up the jump starter and drove away in a red or maroon Honda. Officers were able to run the license plate and found it registered to a person from Chicago matching the description of the offender. • 11-14-11 – ATTEMPTED BURGLARY.Officers responded to Gremley Avenue in Schiller Park for a report of an attempted burglary. The homeowner came home from lunch to find a dark skinned male, approximately 15-16 years old, 5’4”, 120lbs. running away as he pulled into his driveway. Nothing was taken, but damage to the garage door that the offender tried to get into was approximately $150. • 11-16-11 – BURGLARY. Officers responded to a burglar alarm at Tobacco, 3740 25th Avenue and found the front glass door fully shattered. A rock was found inside the building which appeared to


YEARS. One of the best things men and women can do when preparing for a recession is to understand that recession is normal and will likely occur every few years. When the current recession ends, recognize that another one might be right around the corner. Understanding the nature of a recession helps men and women control their finances and be better suited to handle it when it makes its inevitable return.

• REDUCE DEBT. Debt is an albatross

regardless of what state the economy is in, but carrying significant debt during a recession is like playing with fire. During the current recession, many workers lost their jobs, and even those who didn’t might not be so lucky when the next recession arrives. Paying down debts now improves financial flexibility down the road, and that flexibility could make the difference if the next recession arrives and you find yourself out of work. If you carry substantial debt on a credit card, contact the company and discuss reducing your rates or even transferring the debt to a different card with lower rates.

have been the object that shattered the door. A laptop computer was reported stolen. Shortly after this burglary, two other similar incidents occurred; one in River Grove at Snazzy Sugar, 8125 Grand Avenue and the other at the Subway, 4738 River Road in Schiller Park. Those businesses also had their front doors shattered and a rock was found inside. Both reported cash missing. • CAR BURGLARY. On 10-30-11, police were called to the Candle Wood Suites to investigate a reported car burglary. A witness stated that he observed a male subject wearing a ski mask, black hooded sweatshirt and black jogging pants walk up to a vehicle and smash in its driver’s side window. The witness, who was a guest at the hotel and staying in a room overlooking the parking lot, called down to the front desk to tell them to call 911. While police were called, the witness yelled at the offender that he was going to call police. The offender then exited the vehicle and took off in a red two door vehicle removing two bags from the car. Turns out the vehicle burglarized belonged to the front desk clerk. The offender broke into the vehicle using a tire iron which was left at the scene. Several items were taken from the vehicle before police arrived including the victims credit cards. No arrests have been made. • 10-28-11 CRIMINAL DEFACEMENT OF PROPERTY. Graffiti was observed spray painted on the 3898 Ruby apartment building. • FIRE RESPONSE. 11-4-11 Schiller Park Fire Department was called to assist a man trapped in a garbage truck by downed wires. ComEd was contacted and personnel used a tac stick to pull wire off of the truck and had driver jump clear. • FIRE RESPONSE. 11-10-11 – SPFD responded to a fire on a electrical pole in the area around Montrose and Kolze, River and Montrose and the alley North and South of the pole. Residents in the area experienced power outages and ComEd was called out to the scene.

• SAVE, SAVE, SAVE. Individuals should

have an emergency fund set aside for surviving a recession should they find themselves suddenly out of work. One of the more astonishing things about the current recession was how quickly many people’s cash supplies dried up. An emergency fund should be enough to pay your bills for at least six months and as much as a year, if not more. Conventional wisdom used to suggest men and women have enough saved to get by for anywhere from three to six months. However, the job market remains so difficult that people can toss that conventional wisdom aside and save more. This might sound simple, but saving has apparently fallen by the wayside. A 2011 poll from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling found that 64 percent of Americans would need to utilize a source other than their savings account to pay for a $1,000 unplanned expense. This illustrates that many simply aren’t saving enough. Start now, even if contributions are small, anddon’t stop saving.

• DIVERSIFY. Diversification is a good

investment strategy, but it’s also effective as a professional strategy. With regard to your portfolio, balance your assets and make sure all of your eggs are not in the same basket. With regard to income, examine new ways to make money. Diversify your income by doing some freelance work on weekends or weeknights. Even if the amount you earn is relatively small, it can be added to your savings and, should you find yourself out of work, this extra income softens the blow.


Everyone has monthly expenses they insist they cannot live without. Premium cable channels or monthly trips to the salon might seem like must-haves, but they’re really not. If your savings are especially low or your debt is especially high, cut back on unnecessary expenses until your savings has grown significantly or your debt has been eliminated.

THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY: Bruna Corso & Associates Law Offices Specializing in Real Estate and Short Sales

830 E. Higgins Road, Suite 111H, Schaumburg 847-466-5359 Hablo Español • Falo Portugues • Parlo Italiano

• FIRE RESPONSE. 11-15-11 – Vehicle Fire – Schiller Park Fire Department responded to a vehicle fire at 9801 Lawrence Avenue. Extensive damage to the vehicle was reported. Cause of fire seemed to be an electrical malfunction.

$2,183 in the woman’s name. The crime was reported on November 5th. • VANDALISM. On November 5th, four tires were reported slashed on a 2010 Kia on the 2500 block of Scott Street.

FRANKLIN PARK • THEFT. 11-8 Two boys were arrested after running off with a cell phone that a Franklin Park man was trying to sell on Craig’s List. The boys were apprehended by an off-duty Franklin Park police officer who happened to be in the area. The boys do not live in Franklin Park and were charged with local theft violations. • 11-8 CAR THEFT. A car window was broken and a canvas bag of papers was stolen from the vehicle on the 10600 block of Grand Avenue • 11-7 – THEFT. A stereo system was reported stolen from a Chevy Malibu on the 2500 block of Rose Street. • 11-7 – THEFT. A Blackberry phone was stolen from an unlocked vehicle while the owner shopped at the Jewel on Grand Avenue. • 11-13 ACCIDENTAL SHOOTING. Police were called to the 2500 block of Nona to find a man had accidentally shot another man while trying to teach him firearm safety. No charges were filed at the time of the incident. • 11-15 THEFT. 9700 Block of Pacific Avenue copper wire was reportedly stolen from a foreclosed apartment building. No sign of forced entry. • 11-17 CAR THEFT. As the owner of a vehicle went inside the Thornton’s gas station at 2640 Mannheim Road, their 2007 Suzuki Vitara was stolen. • IDENTITY THEFT. A credit card account was opened in the name of a woman from the 2500 block of George Street and the offender charged

NORTHLAKE • 11-14 – THEFT. A diamond wedding ring was reported stolen from a house on the 200 block of E. Medill. Three men who said they were removing branches and leaves from area trees approached a homeowner. One asked to use the bathroom and stole the ring room a bedroom dresser. The three drove off in a light-colored construction style van. • 10-29 – THEFT. A Schwinn mountain bike was stolen from a backyard of the first block of Parkview. The bike was valued at $150 • THEFT. A 53 foot truck trailer was stolen from the Scholle Corp, on North Avenue. • 11-6 – THEFT. A BMX bicycle was reported stolen from a garage on the 300 block of Whitehall. • 11-1 - VANDALISM. On the 200 block of Westward Ho, a 1994 Toyota had its front and back windows smashed between 6:30 and 9:10 pm. • VANDALISM. Windows were broken on the east side of the Northlake Lutheran Church on Wolf Road between November 2 and 5. LEYDEN TOWNSHIP • THEFT. Motor vehicle thefts were reported on the 100 block of E. Grand Avenue and another on the 3100 block of Charles Street. • BURGLARY. Residential burglaries were reported on the 2200 block of Emerson Avenue on Nov. 1 and the 3100 block of N. Wolf Road on Nov. 17 • VANDALISM. Vehicles were reported vandalized. One on the 2100 block of Scott Street on Nov 7, one on the 10500 block of Nevada Avenue and one near the intersection of Mannheim Road and Fullerton Avenue.

Residents are warned to keep their valuables locked up, doors and windows locked when not at home, vehicles locked, even if leaving it for a few minutes; that’s all it takes for a thief to take off with it. Call police if you observe any suspicious activity in your area. Readers are reminded that an arrest does not constitute a finding of guilt. Only a court of law can make that determination.

38 People & Places • December 2011


People & Places is the perfect place for Wedding Announcements, Notice of Passing/Memorials, Garage Sales, For Sale, Help Wanted, For Rent or Business Services Ad. OLIVIA * HAPPY 12TH BIRTHDAY! November 30th Love, Grandma Joyce ROBERT * HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY! December 3 Love, Grandma Joyce STORE/SHOP FOR RENT 950 Sq. Ft. STORE OR SHOP adjacent to Franklin Park Train Station. Additional 900 sq.ft. basement for storage included. Perfect for small contractor or tradesman. $1000 a month. Includes Heat. For More Info Call Dan at 847-678-1929. APARTMENT FOR RENT Unique One Bedroom apartment with exposed brick walls, beam ceilings, newer bath, kitchen and deck. Adjacent to Metra Station in Franklin Park. For further Info call 847-678-1929. LIKE NEW COUCH FOR SALE

*74L x44Wx29T * Beautiful with 7 reversible pillows. Comfy, great for den or family room. Neutral beige color. Nonsmoker. MUST SELL! Paid $850, sell $350 or best offer. 847.502.2128 WANTED: ADVERTISING SALES PERSON - FULL OR PART TIME Ambitious person to sell ads for newspaper. The more you sell, the more money you make! Must be dedicated, self-motivated, positive and creative. Make your own hours. Commission based only. Great money to be made for the right person! For further info send email to and put SALES in the subject line.

*All Occasions* Groups, meetings, parties. Seating capacity 175. American Legion Hall, 9757 Pacific, Franklin Park. For booking information, contact Bonnie LaPiana 847.678.7474 *Reasonable rental rates.

JOIN BOY SCOUTS Build character, confidence; responsible, conscientious youth! Ages 11-17 For info contact Wayne Bernacki, Scoutmaster at 847.671.0330. Visit LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS Seniors Assistance Center, 7774 W. Irving Park Rd., Norrridge, 708-456-8647. WANTED: WEBSITE ADMINISTRATOR Duties would include adding and deleting content on website, keeping website up to date, maintaining Facebook Fan Page. Must be self-motivated, reliable, and trustworthy. Perfect position for student who loves computers and needs some spending money. Part Time Paid salaried position. Email resume with cover letter to Put WEBSITE ADMIN in subject line. SAVE THE DATE Sunday, January 15, 2012 Victorian Open House Snowflake Festival - Under the Ginkgo Tree Bed and Breakfast, 300 N. Kenilworth Ave., Oak Park, IL 708-5242327 2 pm til 5 pm. Coffee, tea and sweet table provided. NEEDY KIDS CHRISTMAS PROGRAM in Franklin Park sponsored by Cathy and Steve Schriner. For the past 20 years they have been providing gifts and food to families in need during the season of giving. They have made many families, especially children very happy. Unfortunately, during these difficult times, they are having trouble finding donors. If you can find it in your heart to donate a gift or contribution to this program, please contact Cathy at lilmommes5@comcast. net She will provide you will what gifts are needed and the ages and sizes of the children in need. Gifts need to be collected by December 5th, but I’m sure if you miss the date, later contributions will gladly be accepted.

CLUTTER CUTTER ADS Clean out that clutter in your attic, basement, garage or home with our Clutter Cutter Ads. FOR SALE CARPET MATS. 24x24 NEW various colors $1/ea. Great for Car, Office, Home. 708-524-2327

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FOR SALE “Silly” spare tire for Dodge Caravan (never used) $25 847-678-2939

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RATES & SUBMISSION GUIDELINES Rates are simple and affordable

How to Submit Your Ad

• Clutter Cutter Ads: 15 word ad FREE for any ONE item sold. Limit of 3 free ads per issue per person.

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• Email your Classified ads to • All ads must be submitted on or before the 15th of the month for the next month’s publishing.

People & Places has great coverage and great rates! Larger size ads at half the cost! Call and place your ad with us today at 847-624-1413.

Join Our Advertising Sales Team.


Sales Positions Available in the Leyden Township Area

ERRORS & OMISSIONS • Corrections and clarifications for the November issue of People & Places

• Salute to our Soldiers article was written by Barbara Piltaver

• Page 3 – Little Girl’s name from picture Caelyn Engelman, Schiller Park

• Classified Ad for Couch – Phone number was omitted. Corrected ad reprinted in December issue.

PLEASE SEND YOUR RESUME TO People & Places 4303 Atlantic Schiller, IL 60176

For More Information Call 847-624-1413 or Email Resume to December 2011 • People & Places 39

With glad tidings for the holidays… Binny’s Beverage Depot

Chinese Kitchen #1 Schiller Park

River Grove

Franklin Park




Odie’s Restaurant

Jay’s Beef Schiller Park

Franklin Park

SaxTiedemann FuneRaL Home & CRematoRium Franklin Park

Schiller Park




Schiller Park Marathon


Schiller Park




Schiller Park

Franklin Park

Attic Resale Shop

Garage Mart, Inc.



Camille Y. Lilly State Rep. 78th Dist.

Franklin Park 847-288-0885


John G. Mulroe State Senator, 10th Leg. Dist.

Elmwood Park Neighborhood Civic Organization Schiller Park 847-671-5258

Many thanks and Happy New Year to our Patrons and Supporters! 40 People & Places • December 2011

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