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AUGUST 2012 Volume 2 Issue 8

Serving Leyden Township

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“When you wish upon a star makes no difference who you are Anything your heart desires will come to you…” It is hard to believe, but August marks People & Places’ One Year Anniversary. How time flies! It hasn’t been easy and we still have a lot of work ahead of us, but we made it. I made a wish and my dream of helping to promote local businesses and inform, educate and entertain the surrounding communities has taken hold. However, this would not be possible without the support of many people. First, I’d like to say thank you to the advertisers, both past and present but especially those who advertised in my beginning issues and are still with me; Allegra Banquets and Legends Sports Bar, Hub Caps Diner/Galaxy Banquets, and BB’s Bulgarian Market in Schiller Park; Freedom Heating, Floors & Walls, Franklin Avenue Chiropractic Center, and Grand Stand Pizza in Franklin Park. Their continued support helps make People & Places Newspaper possible. Also, to ALL the advertisers who see the importance of a local newspaper and wish to support it through their advertising, I am oh so grateful. To my father-in-law Eugene Piltaver whose support helped start People & Places. Not only is he a big promoter of the paper, but he continually gives me input for our Salute to Soldiers page. You may see a lot of him in our issues, but it’s the least I can give back to him for being such a great and wise man and a second father to me. I love you dad! I move on and cannot forget the wonderful people who help me bring the publication to you each month. Most volunteer their time and talents to bring you “News You Can Use and More!” Jennifer Erdman, my Art Director, who almost every month I have stayed up with into the wee hours of the morning trying to complete each issue and make deadline; thank you for the beautiful work you do, all your help, advice and most of all encouragement and friendship. To Milton, John, Sherry and Jennifer, my trusted delivery people, who each month go out and distribute and deliver People & Places. Joyce, who has been with me from day one who not only organizes the subscriptions each month, but who is one of the paper’s biggest fans! And let me not forget all of our staff writers who also put in a lot of hours on articles, reviews, reports, and news briefs; Jerry, Ellen, Al, Ernie, Steven, Jean, Terry, Rose and Linda. My heartfelt appreciation and thanks go out to all of you. People & Places is what it is because of your dedication and belief in the paper.

Publisher Barbara Piltaver holding first issue of People & Places “hot off the presses”! ” Last and certainly not at all least; my thank you goes out to YOU, our faithful readers and subscribers. I have enjoyed reading your letters, talking to you on the phone, making new friends through emails and personal meetings. When I feel discouraged and ask, “Is it all worth it?” I will undoubtedly receive a call or email from a reader telling me how much they enjoy the paper. YOU are what this paper is all about; community, neighbors, friends, business owners. I hope you will continue to read and most importantly contribute to People & Places with your opinions and submission of news, pictures and letters. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! Be sure to complete our survey in this month’s issue for a chance to win some gift certificates. We’d like your opinion on how you think we’re doing and how we can improve our paper. Please take the time to either mail it back or you can scan and email it too. We will also soon have a new website up which we hope will keep local news at your fingertips and be a source of useful information. Enjoy the rest of the summer and continue to read and encourage others to read People & Places Newspaper! GOD BLESS AMERICA! “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

Letters to the Editor The weather is so weird, the government must be controlling it! Pat Winkler, Schiller Park This letter is for all people who have respect and compassion for animals. I live next store to someone who enjoys abusing animals. I have caught him shooting birds and especially squirrels with an air gun. I have watched him throw firecrackers in the trees and terrorize birds with no fur or wings to fly and baby squirrels too young to get out of nest. I have found dead animals in my yard only on the side where his yard meets mine. Before I knew he had a gun, my cat was shot with an air gun while sitting on the patio. He hates cats, possums, raccoons, and any other animal. I first caught him with the weapon on May 21st 2011, and when I called the non emergency police they told me the weapon was illegal and that this was animal abuse. They did not say anything about coming out, so I emailed the police three times requesting the gun be taken away and that he be charged with abuse. I was willing to sign a complaint but no one responded.

He then sent the health department to my home saying my feeding of the birds and squirrels was his problem. When the department came out, the girl said she was stunned that my home had a complaint as my property is immaculate Inside and out she was at my home for over an hour and found the complaint unfounded. You see although I was taught as a child compassion for animals I also think with my head and not just the heart. In 38 years, I have lived in this home and there has never been a problem with wildlife. I only started feeding in late 2010 while recuperating from surgery and unable to get out. I only put out occasionally and only what the birds and squirrels take away. I ask that anyone who truly loves animals thinks with their heads as well so as not to create a problem. Never throw out food at night and never throw leftover human food out as you only create problems. If you see abuse please report it. The only animal I have had a problem with is this neighbor who has made the last 20 years he has lived next to me a nightmare. On June 22, 2012, I caught him with the

gun again. As sneaky as he is, I was always watching. This time the police came and I will be in court as a witness on July 19th. I know however that no matter what happens in court he will never quit his abuse but, he will become more devious. Trish Mangano Sandfor Hello, Barbara. I discovered People & Places last fall, and now eagerly watch for each edition’s monthly arrival at Eisenhower Library. The wide range of information your publication provides its readers is very impressive. Living on the Northwest side of Chicago, I welcome the stories on nearby communities. I also value the thought-provoking information you provide on subjects such as supporting local businesses and, specifically, the 3/50 Project. I actually cut out the little graphic that showed the math that supports the goals of that movement. My inclination to support local businesses has been strengthened in recent months by meeting a handful of brave entrepreneurs who ventured into difficult economic waters to CONTINUED ON PAGE 3

Submit your opinion. Call 847-624-1413 or send us an email at Message must be brief, to the point, no vulgarity, as this is a family newspaper. Please speak plainly and slowly. Opinions expressed in the Open Forum are the opinions of the submitters and not necessarily the opinion of People & Places and/or the Publisher.


COMMUNITY NEWS start new businesses over the last two years. So that little graphic really hit home with me. And I thought it was really interesting that the first place -- actually, the only place -- where I saw that important data was in my local paper. (Let’s hear it for local papers!) Today when I read in the July issue that next month you’ll be celebrating one year of publishing People & Places, well, I wanted to congratulate you. For you to have such a great publication going after just one year is a sign of a lot of dedication and hard work on your part. I also want to mention that I especially enjoy your Message from the Publisher. I know publishing a newspaper is a lot of work. And I’ll venture a guess that sometimes -- because of everything else you do in regards to its publication -- that column is maybe the last thing you tackle before you put the paper to print. Please know that each message is a real gem, filled with humorous insights and human interest and reminders to stop and think about things. Important things. Both large and small. A perfect example is your urging in April to make good use of all 86,400 seconds each day. That was a definite keeper, and it now hangs over my desk at home as a reminder. And so I was reminded this morning to make use of some of those precious seconds and send you this message. Sincerely Joanne D, Chicago Northwest Side

Mrs. Gail Galioto Fang - President of the John Mills PTA sent the following message to the Editor of People & Places to publish. She felt it was important to highlight the accomplishments of John Mills PTA and recognize the people who make a difference at John Mills Elementary School. “The Illinois PTA was organized on May 30, 1900, and has since worked diligently to support public schools and to ensure that all children have an equal opportunities and access to education.” Our local PTA at John Mills has been going strong since 1921. I personally feel that we are partnered with an amazing and successful organization. With membership over 120,000, Illinois PTA is doing a marvelous job, along with your local John Mills PTA. Please enjoy the following highlights: • SEPTEMBER- Dr. Anderson, our new Superintendent was our guest speaker at our PTA meeting, we presented a poem at the 9/11 Memorial, provided wrap packs for students, funded installation of Project Fit equipment at Mills Park, funded birthday books for the entire year, held our one and only fundraiser, funded popsicles for summer reading program, purchased calendar magnets for all PTA members and welcomed back our teachers with a wonderful breakfast. • OCTOBER- Our guest speaker was the new Chief of Police, Mr. Fagiano, held our first book fair, participated in the Illinois PTA Reflections Program in which several students moved to the State level, sponsor Market Day each month and had funded our first assembly, “Dance to Your Own Beat.”

• NOVEMBER-John Mills PTA won the Gold Ribbon Award for outstanding PTA in District 28, participated in the Long Range Landscape Planning meeting for EPCUSD401, sponsored Santa’s Workshop and funded a new stereo system for the music room. • DECEMBER-funded the first ever district wide assembly about Internet Safety with Katie LeClerc Greer, students who sold 30 items or more, with our fall fundraiser, went on a limo ride and had lunch at Culver’s. • JANUARY- invited members to attend state conferences regarding legislation and parent education, funded another assembly, a Ventriloquist and coordinated Spirit wear for parents, staff and students. • FEBRUARY-funded our first Movie Night, held PTA Founder’s Day, funded another assembly, Honest Abe, coordinated a Wolves Game night out, provided information on what parents should know about standardized tests along with helping children be their best, sponsored another book fair. • MARCH- funded an assembly featuring KID PowerHealth and Nutrition 3-D, supplied healthy snacks for all students during State Testing and membership decided to donate $500.00 to each of the following departments: Music, Band, Art, Gym and Technology. • APRIL- Our guest speaker was Amy Lynn Vero, CoDirector of the EP Summer School Academy, funded an Ice Cream Social for the entire student body. John Mills PTA was also awarded the Juvenile Protection and Safety Award from the Illinois State PTA. Please visit the Illinois PTA website and read the article about John Mills in the PTA Bulletin. • MAY - Our guest speaker was Al Schmidt, Director of the Department of Recreation at the Civic Center, we presented a $500.00 scholarship to an Elmwood Park Senior pursuing a degree in Education, funded a Cultural Enrichment program for the entire day, “Staley” from the Bears stopped by to speak to the students about healthy eating, funded the sixth grade breakfast (with donations from Mori Milk and Reuters, Thanks!), said farewell to our staff with a

healthy luncheon and sponsored our last Book Fair for the year “Buy One Get One Free”. Mrs. Peterson, our book fair chairman says, “Thank you, parents, for your continuing support of the John Mills PTA. We sold over $4500.00 worth of books, our best for a buy one/get one free fair. Have a great summer and keep on reading!”

Throughout the year the John Mills PTA distributed information to children, parents and staff regarding: • Improving your child’s nutrition • Happy and healthy eating, along with information about • “How to Encourage a Love of Reading and Learning in Your Child” I would like to thank the John Mills staff for a wonderful year of learning, along with everyone who volunteered their time to enhance every child’s learning experience at John Mills. You are much appreciated! Have a fun filled and safe summer! Gail Galioto-Fang, PTA President Deanna Wassom, Vice President Laura Jean Spathies, Secretary Ellen Peterson, Treasurer John Mills Elementary School is located at 2824 N. 76th Avenue in Elmwood Park. Their telephone number is 708-583-6288. Visit District 401’s website at A FREE Monthly Publication

JULY 2012

Serving Leyden Township

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Salute To Our Soldiers Dining & Entertainment

Calling Local “Do It Herselfers” to Olson’s Ace Hardware Women are an important customer base at Olson’s Ace Hardware in Franklin Park. It is commonly known that women decide on 80% of home improvements. More than half of America’s women have undertaken a home improvement job in the past two years and many sought assistance at a local home center or hardware store. On Friday, August 24th, Olson’s Ace Hardware will host a Ladies Night in their store from 6pm – 8pm in support of women who are “Do It Herselfers”. At the event, they will have

a Color Trends Expert from Benjamin Moore share tips on refreshing a room with color. The night will also include free seated messages, wine, appetizers and live music. Also, for the first time, Olson’s Ace will highlight Carhartt clothing for women in a unique fashion show at 7pm. “Women customers have been an integral part of Olson’s Ace Hardware over decades. We want women to know that we appreciate them and their knowhow and initiative when it comes to improving their homes.



We are here to provide them with what they need to get the job done” commented Dan Olson, President of Olson’s Ace Hardware. “Also, we have always hired just as many women as men for our store staff” Dan points out. The upcoming Ladies Night is just one of many meaningful events to come at Olson’s Ace Hardware who wants to reconnect with their customer base and encourage people to shop locally not only at their store, but at all businesses in Franklin Park.

ADVERTISE IN PEOPLE & PLACES 847-260-5670 OR EMAIL leydenpeopleandplaces

Store Hours: Monday thru Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 8am to 6pm, Sunday 9am to 5pm

Olson’s Ace Hardware, 10135 W. Grand Ave., Franklin Park, IL 60131 (847) 451-1800


Aug 1: MUSIC IN THE PARK Mike and Joe, is the Band and the style is Chicago’s Top Pop/Rock Groups Free, Town Center, Green & Center Street, Bensenville, 7:30pm.

Aug 1: WEDNESDAY NIGHT AT THE GAZEBO The Allison Wonder Band, High Energy Female Fronted Rock, Free, Gazebo, River Grove, 7:30-9pm.

Aug 2: FREE CONCERT FIRE BEAT Upbeat Polish Band, performs pop ad rock music that will have you dancing in the park., North Park Gazebo 10040 Addison, Franklin Park, 7pm-8:45pm, 847678-4021,

Aug 3: CONCERT IN THE PARK, FINE ARTS SYMPHONY The Best of Frank Sinatra, with the Brian Patti Big Band Free, Hodges Park, located at the intersection of Vine, Main and Courtland, Park Ridge, 8pm.

Aug 3-5: ELMWOOD PARK CITY WIDE GARAGE SALE Go buy a treasure, all of Elmwood Park, Elmwood Park, all day, 708-452-7300,

Aug 3: MOVIE NIGHT AT THE POOL FREE WITH SEASON PASS Pirates of the Caribbean,$5.00 per person, Watch movie in pool or not, Free popcorn, snacks available for Purchase, Pool on Pacific, Franklin Park, 8:30pm-10pm, 847-6784021,

Aug 3: FREE MOVIE IN THE PARK THE MUPPETS Movies in the Park sponsored by the Bensenville Arts Council, Varble Park Hill 1000 W. Wood Ave, Bensenville, Dusk, 630-766-7015,

Aug. 3: NORRIDGE RELAY FOR LIFE Norridge Park District, 4621 N. Overhill Ave., 6pm

Aug 3-4: ROSEMONT FREE OUTDOOR MUSICAL FESTIVAL CONCERTS Rocken in the Park 2, Join us both nights, and bring a friend. MB Financial Park 5501 Park Place, Rosemont, 6pm, 847692-2220,

Aug. 4: BACKYARD BARBEQUE St. Paul’s United Church of Christ, 3342 Calwagner Street. Games, food and music by Franklin Park’s own Looney Train Band! 4pm till? Bring your family and friends


Aug. 4: ST. PAUL LUTHERAN CHURCH “NEIGHBORFEST” Noon until 5:30pm. Everyone


is invited to attend. Food, games, prizes and fun activities for all ages. Music too. Parking will be available in the lots off of Lake Street at the corner of 11th Avenue and 10th Ave., The fest will be held primarily on the playground and the small parking lot off of 9th and Superior Street. for further info.

Kiwanis Club is always looking for new members Please come and meet us, you’re bound to like something we do or one of our speakers. Victoria’s Restaurant, 2080 Mannheim Road, Northlake, 7am, 708-343-8700,

Aug 6: SCHILLER PARK SENIOR WALK The Morning Walking Program is FREE for those 55 and older, MON, WED,FRI, Schiller Park Community Center 9638 West Irving Park, Schiller Park, 7am -8:30am, 847-671-8580,

Music, 7:30 until 9pm. River Front Park, Ditka Drive and Grand Avenue (just east of the Des Plaines River)

Aug 6: RISING STAR CASINO RESORT Bus trip, grab a friend and get out of town, single 245, double 190. per person, Schiller Park Park District. Departs 6am, 847-671-8580.Aug 7: Harwood Heights Norridge Rotary Club, Aug 7,14,21,28. Attend as a guest to learn more about the club and become involved in your community, Vince’s Restaurant, Harwood Heights, 12:15pm-Lunch time

Aug. 6-10: DISCOVERY DAY CAMP: MINI SESSION II 9am to 3pm. North Park 10040 Addison, Franklin Park.


for our annual golf outing, and make new friends. Go online for prices and forms, or call, Fresh Meadow Golf Course, 2144 South Wolf Road, 6:45am -8ish, 708-338-1007,


shopping event of health and human services for families with low incomes living in DuPage County, call Catholic Charities diocese of Joliet for details, DuPage County Fairgrounds 2015 W. Manchester Road, Wheaton, 11 am-6pm, 630-495-8008. CONTINUED ON PAGE 4


Fun Differe& nt!

Book us for your next party! Vienna Redhots, Polish Sausage, Supreme Hot Tamales, Beef, Pasta Plates and More! Famous Lezza Italian Ice for the Summer Months Block Parties, Private Occasions, Kids’ Birthday Parties

$225 Packages

$325 Packages

Package #1

Package #4

Package #2

Package #5

Package #3

Package #6

50 Hot Dogs, 50 Buns, Condiments* 10 lbs. Italian Beef & Gravy, 40 4” pieces French Bread 25 Hot Dogs, 25 Buns, Condiments* 5 lbs. Italian Beef & Gravy 20 4” Pieces French Bread

100 Hot Dogs, 100 Buns, Condiments* 20 lbs. Italian Beef & Gravy, 80 4” pieces French Bread 50 Hot Dogs, 50 Buns, Condiments* 10 lbs. Italian Beef & Gravy 40 4” Pieces French Bread

Packages include 4 hours of fun! *condiments include: relish, Pickle spears, Yellow Mustard, Tomatoes, chopped onions and sport Peppers.

224-221-5318 • 4 PEOPLE & PLACES • AUGUST 2012

RAG’S RED HOTS AND MAXINFLABLES HAVE ALL YOUR PARTY NEEDS. Let Rag’s Red Hots handle the cooking and mess so you can sit back and relax with your guests! Entertain the kids with one of Maxinflables Inflatable bounce houses and rent everything you need from chairs to tables to tents! CALL THEM TODAY AND TELL THEM PEOPLE & PLACES SENT YOU.

AUGUST EVENTS (CONT.) Aug 9: FREE CONCERT,3 TRUMPETS, 4 CLARINETS, 3 TROMBONES DRUMS,2 ALTO HORNS, AND A TUBA Valle Verde, repertoire features cumbIa,corridis, and balads, this should not be missed., North Park Gababo 10040 Addison, Franklin Park, 7pm, 847-455-2852,

Aug 9: FREE SUMMER CONCERT ELMWOOD PARK Final say / Dance Rock, Central Park 75th & Fullerton, Elmwood Park, 7pm.

Aug. 9: SUMMER CONCERT AT NORTH PARK Featuring Valle Verde 7pm to 8:45pm., 10040 Addison Street. FREE at the gazebo. Beer and wine available for purchase and drink on the patio only.

Aug 9: FREE HAWAIIAN NIGHT CONCERT Back by popular demand - Mango Ice cream and Tropical sno-cones, kid games, Norridge Park 4631 N. Overhill Ave, Norridge Il, 6:30pm, 708-457-1244,

Aug 9: FREE MOVIES IN THE PARK Pirates of the Caribbean, Grab your chair, or a blanket a few friends, and watch movies with your neighbor’s, Gouin Park Veterans Park District, Franklin Park, 8pm-10:30pm, 847-288-1383,

Aug. 10-26: PUBLIC SHOWS AT THE CERNAN EARTH AND SPACE CENTER AT TRITON COLLEGE 2000 Fifth Ave., River Grove. An array of new and favorite shows to inform and entertain families on astronomy at the planetarium. Shows times are 7:30pm (except Aug. 25) and 9pm. Fridays and Saturdays and 2pm and 3pm Sundays. Show admission ranges from $8 to $10 for adults and $4 to $5 for children and senior citizens. For a schedule of shows, visit 708583-3100 or 708-456-0300 ext. 3372.

Aug 10: PARK RIDGE FINE ARTS PRESENTS Special Bonus Concert with the Rob Parton Big Band, Hodges Park 101 Courtland, Park Ridge, 8pm.

Aug 10: FREE CONCERT Sleep Academy (Teen Concert) Good Music, good time, bring a chair and snacks and have some fun, Clock Tower Park 9501 West Irving Park, Schiller Park, 7:30pm-9pm, 847678-2550,

Aug. 11: MOVIES IN THE PARK FREE Smufs, grab the kids from 1-100 bring a blanket and have some fun under the moon, Kennedy Park 4001 North Scott Street, Schiller Park, DUSK.

Aug 12: FREE CPR CLASS Elmwood Park Fire department hosts an American Heart Assoc: CPR/AED Health Care Provider Training, Elmwood Park Public Safety Training. Call for information and registration, Elmwood Park, 9am-1pm, 708-4532600,

Aug 12: ELMWOOD PARK FARMERS MARKET Aug 12 & 26th Farmers Market, Fresh Local Produce, shop local, meet a friend., Central Park Fullerton & 75th Avenue, Elmwood Park, 9am-1pm.

Aug 14: HARWOOD HEIGHTS, NORRIDGE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 2nd Tuesday of the Month, come meet us, then join us., 4820 N. Harlem Human Resources Building, Harwood Heights, 8am.

Aug 14: FREE BLOOD PRESSURE TESTING Second Tuesday of each month from 12:30-1:30, Schiller Park Community Center 4501 N. 25th Avenue, Schiller Park, 12:30-1:30, 847-671-8580,

Aug 14: NORTHLAKE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Public always welcome, Come and meet us, Call for Meeting place, Northlake, 708-5624200 x 109,

Aug. 15: BLOOD DRIVE Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, 1775 Dempster, Park Ridge, IL 10am to 5pm.

Aug 15: FREE CONCERT WHITE SADDLE BAND Join your neighbors and listen to some good Country Western Music, bring a blanket to sit on. Enjoy a evening out, Clock Tower Park 9501 W. Irving Park, Schiller Park, 7:30pm-9 p, 847-678-2550,

Aug 15: FREE MUSIC IN THE PARK R Gang Band, Combines musical talent and expert Showmanship, R & B Music, Bulger Park 1601 Hirsh, Melrose Park, 7pm-8:30pm, 708-343-5270,

Aug. 15: 2012-2013 KINDERGARTEN ENRICHMENT Sunflower Nature Center at North Park, 10040 Addison Ave., Franklin Park. Aug. 15: December 17 12:30pm to 3:30pm. Ages 5-6. For further info call Phyllis Schmidt at 847-451-8135.

Aug. 15: GRAND RE-OPENING OF THE NEW BRUNSWICK ZONE IN RIVER GROVE Come see their new look! 5:30pm Must RSVP to or call 708-456-4100 by Wednesday, Aug. 8th.

Aug. 15 - Dec. 21: AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM Monday –Friday, 3pm to 6pm, Community Center, 9560 Franklin Ave.. Grades 1-8 Daily Fee $9 and $3 for transportation, $11 for nondistrict 84 schools.

Aug. 17: SCHILLER PARK POLICE FOP LODGE 170 8TH ANNUAL GOLF OUTING Fox Run Golf Links. For further information contact Frank DeSimone at 847-489-9536. If you cannot attend the outing, donations are always accepted and appreciated.

Aug. 17: BLOOD DRIVE Pan American Bank, 1440 W. North Avenue, Melrose Park, IL 11am to 5pm

Aug. 17, 18, 19: TASTE OF ELMWOOD PARK


Come with friends and neighbor’s, try new foods, make a new friend, several free concerts. Look on line for full details, Central Park, Fullerton & North 75th Avenue, see flyer at city hall.

Last free zoo in America, open year round, 2200 Cannon Drive, Chicago, 10am daily, 312-742-2000,

Aug. 21: BLOOD DRIVE Schiller Park Community Center, 4501 25th Street, Schiller Park, IL 2:30pm to 7pm

Saturdays: LINCOLN PARK FARMERS MARKET Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Armitage Ave. & Orchard St. Lincoln Park High school Parking lot, Chicago, Every Saturday until Oct 27th.

Aug 21: BENSENVILLE LIONS CLUB MEETING Come by and join, Bella Visa Banquet

Thursdays and Sundays: FREE CHICAGO CHILDREN’S MUSEUM Free for all Visitors

Hall, 205-West Main St., 6:30PM, 630-673-0584.

Aug. 23: MOVIES AT THE POOL ON PACIFIC The Goonies, 9715 Pacific Ave., Franklin Park. $5/free with season pool pass.


every Thursday 5-8, Free on the first Sunday of the month for ages 15 and younger, Navy Pier, Chicago:


Cash Tribute to Johnny Cash and Tom Petty, Central Park 75th & Fullerton, Elmwood Park, 7pm-8:30.

Lloyd Wright, and Louise Comfort Tiffany, Navy Pier 600 E Grand Ave, Chicago. 312-595-7437,

Aug. 25: SUPER SATURDAY REGISTRATION EVENT 10am to 4pm Triton College Student

Thursdays: FREE PEGGY NOTEBAERT NATURE MUSEUM Free general admission

Center B-Building, Register for fall classes in one day. Students will have an opportunity to meet with financial aid advisors and complete their free application for federal student aid FAFSA in the same day. To RSVP or for more information, call 708-4560300 ext. 3130 or email

Aug. 25 & 26: TASTE OF ST. GERTRUDE FEST 9613 Schiller Blvd., Franklin Park Food, fun for the whole family. 8-25 3pm to 10pm and 8-26 11:30am to 5pm.

Aug 30: MOVIES IN THE PARK HUGO rated pg,bring a chair or blanket to sit on, grab a friend, and join us, Trumbull Park 2311 N Leyden Ave, River Grove, 8/8:30 at dusk, 708-453-9860

Aug 31: TASTE OF MELROSE PARK 31st Annual Taste of Melrose Park Aug 31, sep 1,2, 1000 n 25th Avenue, Melrose Park. 708-343-4000, Sept 10- 14: SUMMER TRIP NIAGARA FALLS What are you waiting for? Is Canada and Niagara Falls on your Bucket list? Call for information, Schiller Park park district: 847-671-8580,

Saturdays: IANNELLI STUDIOS HERITAGE CENTER Free open Saturdays, Don Pegler Exhibits runs until July 15th, 225 N Northwest Hwy, Park Ridge:

every Thursday for ILLINOIS RESIDENTS ONLY, 2430 N Cannon Drive, Chicago 773-755-5100, The Park District of Franklin Park offers, Tot Classes, Dance Classes, Youth Athletics, Teen Programs, Adult Programs and Trips. For further information on all their programs, visit or call 847-4552852. Available in Spanish and Polish NEW: Junior Memberships for ages 11-17 for the Fitness Center located at 9560 Franklin Avenue. Yearly pass is less than $10 per month and payment plans are available. Get your kids in shape and encourage a healthy lifestyle!

LOOKING AHEAD- MARK YOUR CALENDARS SEPTEMBER 9: Schiller Park Village Car Show & Family Fest

SEPTEMBER 15: 5K Foundation Fun Run/Walk: Park District of Franklin Park. OCTOBER 7: 35th Annual Eddie Biondo Fall Fest Parade: Franklin Park


November 9: Leyden Family Services & The Share Program’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” 10th Annual Fundraiser. Victoria Beau Jolie, Schiller Park.


A man is pulled over by a police officer for not wearing his seat belt. The man convinced he was being railroaded asked the officer in a very condescending voice, “How could you know I was not wearing a seat belt if my windows are tinted?” “Because sir,” replied the officer, “it’s hanging out the door.”

There are a variety of activities that can be found in and around your neighborhoods. Check out your park districts, village websites, churches, libraries and schools. Turn those televisions off, get out from in front of your computer and come out to support these wonderful events and fundraisers. Reconnect with friends and form a closer bond with family. Variety is the spice of life! We recommend you call to verify Free days, also Parking and public transportation.

HOMETOWN TAPESTRY Come see the newest "Hometown" entertainment venue around to enjoy music, comedy, and great company. WEDNESDAYS - OPEN MIC MUSIC NIGHT FRIDAYS - OPEN MIC COMEDY NIGHT 7-7:45pm - Sign in 8-10pm Performances OPEN EVERY DAY FOR COFFEE AND TREATS Come relax, read, socialize with friends. FREE Wi-Fi

3531 Rose Street – 847-916-2144 AUGUST 2012 • PEOPLE & PLACES 5

COMMUNITY NEWS - ALL IN FAVOR? Schiller Park Village Board Meeting

• Suburban General Construction Inc. was awarded the contract for the South/ Linn/Ruby Streets, sewer water main and street repair work in the amount of $409,485. • Payment of bills in the amount of $512,717.42


• The Board authorized an “Agency Agreement” for the acquisition of certain property within the Village of Schiller Park.

July 24, 2012 • Absent – Trustee Desecki • Start 8:03pm End 8:40pm The following items were voted on and approved by the Mayor and Village Board. • Phase 3 Renovations to Stalica Park and acceptance of proposal from RGC Design Company for landscape architectural and professional design services. • 2012 street resurfacing project to Arrow Road Construction Company as the low responsible bidder in the amount of $153,534. • 2012 concrete sidewalk and repair project to the low responsible bidder Triad Concrete in the amount of $42,573.35. • Ratify the Agreements with Electric Service suppliers for various accounts on certain village buildings not covered by the aggregation program. • Rags Electric Company, Inc., the low responsible bidder was awarded the Irving Park Road Storm Lift Station “Lightening Protection Project” in the amount of $9,499.

• Payment to Schroeder Asphalt Services, Inc., for labor and materials associated with the Village Hall parking lot improvements in the amount of $74,882.11. • A resolution was passed in regards to the sale of a village owned 1996 auto. • Ordinances were amended of the New Millennium code of the Village of Schiller Park concerning traffic schedules, Water Billing Procedures, and an Intergovernmental Agreement by and between the Illinois Office of the Comptroller and the VOSP regarding access to the Comptroller’s Local Debt Recovery Program. The Village Manager made comments on the progress of repairs of the village parking lot and that the village is moving as quickly as possible on the repairs of streets and sidewalks.

Allegra Banquets

Public Comment: • Joseph D’Amico of 4219 Wehrman Avenue came forward with concerns about the construction debris in the area, particularly dust, and a big concern about the speeding cars going up and down his block now that the street has been reopened. Mayor Montana stated that the Village Manager would personally follow up on the complaints. • Nellie Johnson of Grace Park asked if there was any possibility of getting a traffic signal on Irving Park Road by the condominiums. Mayor stated they have asked the State prior and doubts it very much, but they will ask again. • Barbara Piltaver of 4303 Atlantic asked if the money allotted for street repairs would include repairing Atlantic Avenue and Montrose. Village Manager stated yes. She asked for clarification on the monies allotted for sidewalk repairs and wanted to know what “certain property” the village was looking into acquiring. The village attorney stated the agreement could not be disclosed but would be prior to the village making any acquisitions.


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Schiller Park School Dist. 81 Highlights School District 81 Board did not meet in July. The next meeting will be held at Lincoln Middle School on August 15th at 7pm.

Franklin Park Village Board Meeting BY ROSE GREEN

Rose Green was unable to attend the Franklin Park Village Board meeting. Meetings are scheduled for August 6th and 20th at 7pm. A FREE Monthly


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Cub Scouts Circuit Breaker & Boy Scouts Assistance Host Pool Party For Seniors Cub Scout Pack 158 & Boy Scout Troop 158 in Franklin Park, sponsored by the Franklin Park Kiwanis, will be hosting a pool party for all boys in 1st through 8th grade and their families who are interested in learning about Scouts. This free event will be held on Saturday, August 25 from 6:308:30pm at the Franklin Park Pool, located at 9715 Pacific in Franklin Park. There will be free food and refreshments. Pictures, information, and videos of outings, camping trips and high adventures will be available. Scout leaders, Scouts and their families will all be in attendance to answer any questions about the Scouting program. All are welcome to make new friends and introduce a great program. For more information or to RSVP, please call Kim at 847-288-0459 or Samantha at 847-288-1950 or email us at or visit our website at www.boyscouttroop158. Hope to see you there.

Back To School Jamboree and Health Fair Saturday, August 11th 10am-3pm, 35 E. North Avenue, Northlake, IL • Live Music, Free Games and More • Free Medical Examinations • Blood Drive • Back To School Medical Exam • Nutrition Information • Free Haircuts For Students From 10am-12pm • Free Bookbags • Free Raffle For One Computer For further information call 847-612-4159. DON’T MISS THIS GREAT EVENT!

CEDA Summer Energy Assistance Program The LIHEAP Summer Energy Assistance Program is in effect from July 11th until funds are exhausted and is targeted to atrisk households defined as seniors, persons with disabilities, families with children less than 60 months of age as of the date of application, and those with medical conditions that would be aggravated by extreme heat. Benefits can be provided only to income-eligible households in certain groups and restrictions apply. For more information contact 800-571-2332.

The Franklin Park Village Hall will have a representative from West Suburban Senior Services on the fourth Thursday of every month, August 23rd, from 9am to Noon to help seniors complete Circuit Breaker applications. To be eligible, you must be 65 before January 1, 2012 and must live in Illinois. You will need to bring your social security card, proof of 2011 income and proof of rent and property taxes paid in 2011. Income limits are $27,610 for one and $36,635 for two people and spouse includes parties to a civil union. For details call 708-547-5600.

9420 W. Byron, Schiller Park • 847-233-0733

Do You Need Assistance?

Leyden Family Services can help you apply for Soc ia l Security, Medicare, Me d i c a id, SN A P (formally known as food stamps), Circuit Breakers, LiHeap (Energy Assistance) Safe Link (Cell phone) and unemployment and retirement benefits (SSA). For further information, call 847-451-0330 or visit their offices at 10001 W. Grand Avenue in Franklin Park.

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Rachel Needs a Wheelchair!

Rachel Incandela is a 13 year old girl who used to love to play outside, help out with the smaller kids, ride her bike, swim, dance and volunteer at Moose Lodge functions. She used to laugh and have tons of fun with her friends; then, on April 16, 2012, she received the second of a three series vaccination of Gardasil. The very next day, she had terrible pains in her head, accompanied by severe vomiting. With medical health problems persisting, she saw many doctors and visited several hospitals with little help for a cure or even information on what was happening. She currently is unable to walk, she doesn’t remember friends or family and she suffers from seizure-like episodes. Her arms and legs have stiffened up to the point of pain, forcing her to be wheelchair bound. She cannot eat or drink on her own and will soon go through dialysis in the hopes of cleaning out her blood. Her family is struggling with medical bills and she needs a wheelchair of her own, as the wheelchair she is now using belongs to the Moose Lodge. A fundraiser is being held at the Carpentersville Moose Lodge on August 4 at 5pm, but most likely this news will reach most people after the fact. However, donations to this cause to help with medical bills and also purchase Rachel a wheelchair would be greatly appreciated. Rachel has relatives in Schiller Park, Tom Incandela and Rose DiPinto, who are praying Rachel recovers from this devastating reaction. If you would like to contribute, please contact Rose DiPinto at

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What’s “News” In Northlake BY ALFONZO BALDASSANO

Video Poker Machines?

I recently had the honor and privilege of meeting and speaking with American war veteran George W. Atkins. He is the Service Officer/ Community Liaison at the Howard H. Rohde American Legion Post #888 at 241 East North Avenue in Northlake. He is a Vietnam Veteran. We had a discussion at length on some of the issues facing this American Legion Post. New members are needed along with a steady source of income. This American Legion Post has its sights set on Video Poker machines from a company named Morris Gaming Company. Mr. Atkins then explained what the money brought in would be used for. His list included upkeep of the property, maintenance of the Color Guard, to provide assistance t o com mu n it y rel at e d prog r a m s (baseball, football, scouts, etc.), and to assist those in need in the community, veterans and non-veterans. Mr. A t k i ns t hen expla i ned t he breakdown of the revenue payouts, and licensing. The City of Northlake licensing cost at this time, are not yet established. The split is 35% to the machine owners, 30% to the organization, 30% to the State of Illinois, and 5% to the City of Northlake. All Video Poker machines today are electronically monitored by the State of Illinois. This is similar to the Illinois Lottery machines. There are a total of six companies to contract that are available to provide Video Poker machines. Prize payouts are printed by the Video Poker machine on a paper ticket. You can then redeem these tickets at an ATM/Payout machine on site. This is similar to local casinos. No money is exchanged. I asked Mr. Atkins if there was any progress in getting this project a c c o mp l i s h e d . He s t a t e d ; “ T h e city council in Northlake needs to address this issue. Other communities have passed this as an ordinance for non-for-prof it organizations in their communities. We look for support from the community, so we may in turn continue to support the community”. Some future events that are being run by this American Legion Post are as follows. A ceremony in remembrance of 9-11will be held on Sunday September 9, 2012. It will be at the Casa San Carlo of Northlake at 9am. There will be a Flag Presentation along with the Remembrance of all the lost fireman, police, and veterans. Your attendance and support is welcomed. On Saturday August 25th there will be a Pig Roast, and on Saturday September 29th a Texas Hold- em tournament. For more details involving these events and others visit their web site at:

Robert Morris Scholarships

An article in our July issue on page 5 under “Community News” provided information on a great offer to further your adult education. I recently had the opportunity to follow up with an interview on this great continued education opportunity. I went to the Robert Morris University campus in Bensenville to speak with Ms. Panorea Bakutis, Director of Admissions. I asked Ms. Bakutis how many people have taken advantage of this tuition offer. She stated three people from Northlake have registered so far. Robert Morris University is a not-forprofit university, providing students 21 and older continuing education. There is flexible class scheduling available in the evenings to accommodate students with jobs. Robert Morris University has 10 campuses throughout Illinois. The university offers business management and business accounting classes. These are two very highly marketable fields of work to have a career in. All the instructors on staff are currently working in their field of expertise for a corporation. The Chronicle of Higher Education listed RMU’s graduation rate in the top 5 among private not-for-profit universities in Illinois. An impressive 91% of RMU graduates earn their Bachelor Degree in less than four years. Just in case you have not read last month’s article about this special tuition offer here it is. There is still time to take advantage of this great offer. This offer is good thru the month of August and September for people to come in and register for the September 24th class start. This applies to obtaining an Associate’s Degree or a Bachelor’s Degree. This Residency Community Grant is available to residents of Northlake, Bensenville, Franklin Park, Addison and Schiller Park. This Residency Community Grant of $1,000 per quarter until degree completion may be used at the RMU Bensenville Campus only. For those interested in a higher education but may not be residents of these specific communities, RMU is offering the Adult Freshman Grant. The Adult Freshman Grant is available to adults who are incoming freshman to earn a college degree. After all financial assistance of loans and grants has been obtained; RMU will pick up any out of pocket costs not covered by financial assistance. This grant


may be used by adult freshman at both the Bensenville and Arlington Heights campus locations. Robert Morris University has taken the initiative to offer this financial assistance due to the decrease in government aid to students. There are many other services offered to further your education and launch your career. This includes an on staff financial planner to help with financial aid. The Bensenville campus is located near the intersection of Route 83 and Thorndale Road. The address is 1000 Tower Lane. To take advantage of this great offer, contact Ms. Panorea BakutisDirector of Admissions at (630)787-7800.

Northlake Resident Receives Volunteer of the Year Award

Northlake native Kathy Korsch, a 62 years young volunteer who donates her time and efforts through the DuPage Senior Citizens Council of Lombard was awarded in July the “Volunteer of the Year Award” for 2012. The award is engraved with, “In recognition of exemplary performance.” After talking with Kathy about her many duties, she has certainly earned this award. Her work involves helping seniors in Bensenville and Wood Dale. Kathy delivers meals weekly to homebound seniors on Wednesdays. She is assigned a delivery route which takes her to seven different locations using her own vehicle and gasoline. For the past two years while visiting at each of the seven stops, Kathy performs a wellbeing check in addition to taking time to talk with the seniors on her route. This has enabled Kathy to form numerous friendships. In addition, Kathy spends her week from Monday to Friday as a volunteer for the Castle Tower Seniors Independent Living Complex of Bensenville. At this location she sets up the dining room, serves a hot meal for the resident seniors, and then cleans up afterwards. Due to a recent budget cut, Kathy has recently taken on the duties of a normally paid management position as a volunteer. This particular job position involves packaging all meals going out on nine different routes, working in the office alongside the site manager of Castle Towers, and also taking out any extra routes of meals which may need to be delivered.

I asked Kathy what motivates her to do all of this work week in and week out. Kathy explained to me that at age 60 she decided to get involved looking to fulfill a sense of purpose in her life. She enjoys listening to the seniors talk about their personal life stories as they are people we should listen to for their wisdom and knowledge. Kathy considers her volunteering a faith driven decision. Congratulations Kathy. The community could use more people like you!

Severe Storms On Sunday July 1st around 12:30pm

a major thunderstorm with high velocity winds struck the city of Northlake and surrounding suburbs. Winds were estimated at 80 to 90 miles an hour. This storm caused widespread power outages due to downed trees and wires. All throughout Northlake tree branches could be seen covering the street along with damage to fences, signs, roofs and other structures. Over 100,000 ComEd customers were without power, some lasting several days. Residents and public works employees worked tirelessly to clean up the aftermath.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT... Quigley Calls for Conversation on Gun Control Recently, U.S. Representative Mike Quigley (IL-05) released the following statement, encouraging his colleagues in Congress to open a dialog and find the common ground on gun policy: “Six people were shot inside of fifteen minutes in Chicago last night. Seven victims were killed last weekend, with dozens more injured by gunfire. In the hours following the horrific tragedy in Colorado, we paused to ref lect and sent our prayers to families grieving an unimaginable loss. “But now it is time to talk about commonsense gun control, despite the NRA who say that doing so would be exploiting the situation. If we can’t talk about guns following a tragedy, we wouldn’t have been able to talk after Tucson or Fort Hood or Virginia Tech or sadly, any weekend in Chicago. “We have to talk about how to keep dangerous weapons out of dangerous hands. We have to talk about the gun show loophole. We have talk about the recent Supreme Court ruling which determined the Second Amendment is not an unlimited right. We have to acknowledge that a high-capacity magazine is not necessary to defend one’s home or used to hunt anything but people. We can’t let the extremists silence the debate, or there will be no end to senseless shootings. “It’s time to start this conversation and stop the violence.” Rep. Quigley, now in his second term in Congress, has a long history of pushing for commonsense gun control reforms and has specifically called for closing the gun show loophole. In this Congress, he has introduced the Border Security Enhancement Act and the Trafficking Reduction and Criminal

Enforcement (TR ACE) Act, both of which would provide the ATF with the resources it needs to effectively combat illegal gun f low in America. Quigley also spearheaded the effort to file a “friend of the court” amicus brief, urging the Supreme Court to allow Chicago’s handgun ban to stand.

A Call for Steady Water Rates ELMWOOD PARK – Village President Pete Silvestri is calling on the Village Board to hold Village water rates steady for 2013, avoiding a 15% increase that had been scheduled to take effect in January. “I have always promised to evaluate our needs on an on-going basis to see if and when we can responsibly offer relief to residents and businesses,” Silvestri said. “After discussions with the Village Manager and others, I am prepared to ask the Board to amend the Water Rate Ordinance to suspend the scheduled water rate increase which was to take place in 2013. Water rates will not increase next year.” L i ke 14 0 ot her mun ic ipa l it ies, Elmwood Park has been forced to pay increased rates due to Chicago’s decision to increase its water rates by 70 percent over the next 4 years. Elmwood Park increased its own water rates by the same percentage as the Chicago rate increase, and no more. Even with the increase, Elmwood Park’s current water rates are in line with other local water rates. “I believe we need to take action now to do what we can to offer some relief to homeowners and businesses, while also remaining committed to the long term capital needs of our water and sewer system,” Silvestri said.

Christopher Litwin (second from left), who is considering a run for Franklin Park Village President, poses with the newly announced candidates from Elmwood Park’s “The Voice Party.” Joseph “Joe” Ponzio, (on left) Candidate for Village President, Phillip Marcantelli, Elvis Hernandez, Anthony “Tony” DelSanto, candidates for Village Trustee and Diane Marchetti, candidate for Village Clerk . The candidates, all members of the Elmwood Park Neighborhood Civic Organization EPNCO, held a meet and greet at Baciami Restaurant in Elmwood Park on July 13th. For further information on The Voice Party, visit

The grant money is intended to keep local recipients’ properties updated.

Rosemont Happenings

• Another new venue has opened up in Rosemont’s MB Financial Park. Zanies Comedy Club cut the ribbon the weekend of July 6th amide fanfare and special guests. It joins the already opened Five Roses Pub, King’s Bowling Alley, and Adobe Gila’s Mexican Restaurant. Soon to open will be the Park Tavern, Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill, My Big Fat Greek Restaurant and the 20,000 square foot Hofbrauhause Chicago, all of which should be opening between now and October. • A vision by the late Mayor Donald Stephens over 20 years ago will finally come to fruition. A Westerly extension of Balmoral Avenue in Rosemont to Bessie Coleman Drive near O’Hare’s International Terminal will hopefully be completed by the end of 2013. This extension will allow a second entrance/exit from O’Hare which will filter travelers into Rosemont and their numerous hotels, entertainment district, fashion outlet mall, theater, sports arena and convention center. Balmoral will extend over Mannheim Road and link with Bessie Coleman Drive. An exit for southbound traffic onto Balmoral will be built at Mannheim. Widening of Mannheim Road from Irving Park Road on the south to a point north of Higgins Road is also included in the project.

• Keeps on growing! Construction of a new three-story 50,000 sq. ft. building should begin by winter and be completed by next summer. The building will house the Big Ten College athletic conference, A Fogo de Chao Brazilian steakhouse restaurant and a small Big Ten museum. The new building will be located in the MB Financial Park just south of the new Hofbrauhaus beer hall.

Extended Power Outage For Schiller Park Library After the storm on July 7th, the Schiller Park Library lost power due to a ComEd utility pole uprooting and falling on a nearby garage. As a result, the library’s electric, phone and cable lines were destroyed. After inspection by ComEd, it was determined that the entire electrical wiring system of the library as well as the main electrical box had to be replaced due to corrosion. An emergency library board meeting was held and bids were immediately taken to repair the problems. The work has encountered some snags along the way, but should be open now. Estimated costs to repair the damage was over $30,000.

• By a unanimous vote by the Rosemont Village Board, residents who own residential property and live there will be eligible to receive a check from the village that could be as much as $3,465. Residents will need to fill out an application form starting on August 1st. Over $1 million in grant money is distributed every year to residents. The money comes from the village’s budget.

SPIRIT TO SERVE! Most of you might have missed it, but on Thursday, July 19, employees from 17 area Marriott locations came out to Schiller Woods to help out in their annual “Marriott Spirit To Serve Our Community Day” sponsored by the Chicago Business Council. This was the 4th year Marriott employees took part in cleaning up litter, mulching trees and other improvements to the grove area. Talking with the volunteers (which included everyone on up to upper management), they were happy to serve the community and do their part to make a difference. Over 125 volunteers where out braving the heat. Afterwards, they all enjoyed a cook out to celebrate their “spirit” to help the community sparkle. THANK YOU FOR YOUR EFFORTS! AUGUST 2012 • PEOPLE & PLACES 9

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT... Park Ridge Fresher at Two possible candidates have come the Markets forth to announce their intentions to run in the April, 2013 election. Larry Ryles, currently a member of the Park Ridge Police Chief’s Advisory Task Force, has an election committee named, “Larry Ryles for Mayor of Park Ridge.” In the 2nd Ward, Shawn O’Leary started a Facebook page entitled, “Shawn O’Leary for the 2nd Ward.” Ryles will be running against the incumbent, Mayor Dave Schmidt and O’Leary, if he decides he can fully commit to the position, will be running against Rich DiPietro. Whole Foods is moving forward in their plans to construct a store at the intersection of W. Touhy and S. Washington Avenues. They are currently meeting with the Park Ridge commissions to be sure they are in compliance with local village codes and ordinances.

Norridge held its first Farmer’s Market this summer in the parking lot just east of the Sieb Center, 7774 W. Irving Park Road. From baked goods to zucchini, the market offers a variety of fresh products. The next market is scheduled for August 15 from 2 to 6pm. And don’t forget the other area markets that are taking place; Every Saturday in Park Ridge and Oak Park; every other Saturday in Franklin Park (next scheduled date is August 11th and Tuesdays in Schiller Park from 2-7pm. Don’t miss out on summer’s bountiful, fresh produce, fruits and other great products.

Big Lots Coming Soon to Franklin Park

Laptops Delivered to Leyden Schools Every student, 3,300, in East and West Leyden High Schools will be receiving a new Chromebook computer for the upcoming school year. They were delivered on July 19th. Teachers are currently undergoing professional development in how to utilize these computers into their lesson plans.

Terrified Customers at Elmwood Park Staples Store employees and customers were running from two dogs that entered a Staples store and terrorized them. The dogs were being chased by animal control officers when they ran into the store barking and snarling. At one point, people jumped up on the counters and the dogs put their front paws on the counters trying to get at them. The dogs were described as an Akita and a Napoleon mastiff. When police and animal control officers arrived on the scene, they used pepper spray to subdue

The empty K-Mart building will finally be getting a tenant. Big Lots will be taking over about half of the 80,000 square foot building at 10205 Grand Avenue in Franklin Park. Renovations are underway and the store is expected to open in about three to four months.


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the animals. They then used food to lure the dogs toward them so a control pole could be placed around their neck. The dogs were caught, placed in cages and then taken to the Elmwood-Grove Animal Hospital. The owner was ticketed for violating village ordinances.

Fatal Accident in Franklin Park Marcial Marias-Quevedo, 41, of the 3000 block of Prairie Street in Franklin Park was killed while walking across Mannheim Road on July 22nd. He was struck by a 2011 Dodge pickup truck driven by Jamie O’Malley, 37, of Chicago. O’Malley is a Cook County Sheriff’s deputy who was off duty at the time and driving his own personal vehicle. He failed a field sobriety test and refused a Breathalyzer test. Ninety minutes after the accident, his blood alcohol level tested at .105, above the legal limit of .08. He was charged with aggravated DUI which requires a mandatory prison sentence of 3 to 14 years upon conviction. Arresting officers reported O’Malley stating at the time of the accident, “Oh God, I hope I didn’t kill this guy.” He is being held in lieu of a $150,000 D bond. He was due in court July 30th.

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT... Leyden Teacher Seeking More Retires Tax Revenues A fter 47 years, East Leyden High School teacher Ken Monahan retired at the end of June. Monahan taught Spanish and French, has a Masters in Romance languages and he also speaks Italian and Portuguese. He has a Ph.D. in Spanish. Since his wife retired last fall, Monahan decided to join her. They plan on traveling and he will continue to teach adult education. Congratulations Mr. Monahan!

The “Hip” Looks to Expand Norridge residents gathered at the July 11th Village Board meeting in Norridge to express their concerns over a proposed expansion project at the Harlem Irving Plaza. Issues were raised over the proposed Sports Authority, the fear of loss of the residential character of the neighborhood, truck traff ic, placement of dumpsters, and light pollution from a proposed parking lot. There was also concern that there were just too many meetings to attend. Unfortunately, more meetings are still scheduled.

The Park District of Franklin Park is looking to annex multiple properties within the boundaries of Franklin Park, which would mean those property owners would most likely be paying property taxes for the first time to the district. Although property owners and the public were able to speak at the July 24th Board of Commissioner’s meeting, they would have no say in the decision to annex the properties. The addresses of the properties are: North Mannheim: 2930, 2926, 2916. Crown Road: 10448, 10454, 10500, 10506, 10518, 10524, 10530, 10536, 10542, 10543, 10548, 10549, 10537, 10531, 10525, 10554, 10507, 10431. West Grand Avenue: 10468, 10474, 10478, 10500, 10622, 10628. Latoria Lane: 2917, 2924, 2912. The attorney for the Park District, Tom Hoffman, stated he will be presenting another group of parcels to the Board in the next few months.

Scout Earns Eagle Rank

Plane Pull Now in its fourth year, this crazy contest on Sept. 15, 2012, will feature the ultimate men versus machine battle as teams of 20 play tug-of-war with a UPS A300 aircraft (weighing more than 198,000 lbs.) at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. That’s right ... the plane weighs more than 99 tons! Each team raise a minimum of $1,000 ($50 per person for a team of 20) to participate. Teams compete in one of two divisions: • Open Division (ideal for companies, school teams, church groups, clubs, friends and families) • Public Safety Division (law enforcement officers, fire fighters, DNR, DOC and military personnel; teams need at least 10 public safety competitors to qualify) Sure, it sounds crazy, but it is FUN, competitive and raises both money and awareness for Special Olympics

Illinois’ sports training and competition programs for athletes with intellectual disabilities. People & Places Newspaper is looking to form a team of 20 strong willing competitors for the plane pull competition (male or female). It’s fun and raises money for a good cause. If you are interested, please send us an email to Visit for more info.

Congratulations to Eric Zingraf of Franklin Park member of Boy Scout Troop 4152 who earned his Eagle Scout rank on July 22nd during their Court of Honor. He’s not done yet; he plans on earning all three of his Eagle palms twice. Each palm requires earning five merit badges.

The FInesT In sTeAks, seAFood & ChICken, AppeTIzeRs & sALAds Dapp’s Kitchen & Tap Restaurant in River Grove serves delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner selections 7 days a week. Our restaurant features comfortable indoor seating, as well as a spacious lounge and outdoor patio. Open 7 Days A Week 7am – 11pm

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT... Letter by the Editor

With the Olympics in full swing at the time of this issue’s printing, I couldn’t help but take notice of the very first world record that was set at the London Olympics. Legally blind archer Im Donghyun broke his own record in the 72 arrow mark and helped South Korea set a team record in the ranking round. The record he set in London broke the record he set in Turkey in May by three points with a score of 699. Im has only 10 percent vision in his left eye and 20 percent in his right. He sees only blurred colors and lines when he peers toward the target about 76 yards away. Im, who is 26, does not wear glasses in competition and relies on distinguishing between the bright colors of the target. He continually hits that big yellow circle in the middle time and time again. I found this feat absolutely amazing and just wish to bring it to everyone’s attention “in case you missed it.” It only goes to show what pure determination can accomplish. Most of us take our sight for granted and I could not imagine what it would be like to walk around in a blur every day. This man did not let that stop him and instead of saying, “I can’t”, he went on to set world records with his amazing clarity of mind and focus. Some of the stories behind the Olympians that are taking

part in the games is truly amazing, this is just one of them; but there are many more. Look up the young gymnast from Ireland who came back from injuries (some where doctors said he would never walk) time and time again to compete. These stories and many more should inspire us to use the gifts we have to their fullest potential. There are no obstacles in life only barriers which our minds create. Success at anything requires a successful attitude. As Winston Churchill said, “Success is often nothing more than moving from one failure to the next with undiminished enthusiasm.” Let us all be Olympians in whatever we put our minds to.

Cheers! Wine may be a better beverage for maintaining strong bones than milk – at lea st for older women. A new study of postmenopausal women between the ages of 50 and 65 shows that a glass or two of wine a night actually helps shore up their bones. Researchers tested the bone streng th of 40 moderate drinkers

before, during, and after a two-week abstention from alcohol. They found that when the women stopped drinking, their bones began to shed old cells, a process called resorption, more quickly than normal. As postmenopausal women lose bone-building estrogen, resorption often outpaces the production of new bone cells, weakening bones and increasing the risk of factures and osteoporosis. But as soon as the women resumed drinking, their resorption rates returned to normal – suggesting that alcohol may significantly slow typical bone-cell loss. “After less than 24 hours, to see such a measurable effect was really unexpected,” Oregon State University researcher Urszula Iwaniec tells The Globe and Mail (Canada). Previous research has found that moderate drinking leads to a host of health benefits, including lower risks for arthritis, stroke, and cardiovascular disease.

$2.5 million to $3.5 million. The current 22 miles of piping system is 38 years old and although well maintained, it’s still pushing its life expectancy. The District is looking to possibly f inance a new system with grant money from the state. The system looks to be replaced within the next one-two years.

Freezer Pipes Need Replacing At FP Ice Arena

Fewer Empty Nesters

Jo Modrich, Executive Director of the Park District of Franklin Park stated that the ice arena is in need of a new refrigeration system that could cost from

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The New York Times reports the average amount families spent on college declined by 5 percent in 2012 to $20,902 – the second consecutive annual decline. The chief reason is that more and more students, even those from wealthier households, are living at home to cut education costs.

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Happy August to everyone! This month’s question comes from Fran. Fran is interested in purchasing a webcam and is looking for resources to guide her decision. I always ask “What will be the primary use of your webcam?” Webcams range in price from $10 to $60 and more. When you buy one, be sure that it has the ability to capture audio and video, that it plugs into your computer (USB connection most common and what I recommend), and that it will function with your computer’s operating system. Logitech ( has a nice website where you can view the webcam options, read the specification and view customer reviews. I also recommend reviewing these webcam resources.

What is a Webcam? WiseGEEK provides some helpful resources. Who is behind wiseGEEK? It’s one of the most common questions we receive. We are a team of researchers, writers and editors dedicated to providing short, clear and concise answers to common questions. Currently, there are over 200 active contributors; you can read some of their profiles below.

PC World Magazine high_definition_webcams.html Top-Rated High-Definition Webcams Bring high definition to video chat or videoconferencing with these Webcams.

2012 Best Webcam Reviews and Comparisons Thank you Fran for your question and happy shopping! I also found some articles and websites to share.

The MacArthur Foundation The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation supports creative people and effective institutions committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world. MacArthur is one of the nation’s largest independent foundations. Through the

Make Quick Money

support it provides, the Foundation fosters the development of knowledge, nurtures individual creativity, strengthens institutions, helps improve public policy, and provides information to the public, primarily through support for public interest media.

Buying Textbooks With the start of school around the corner I found a great resource for purchasing textbooks. Bigwords compares the best textbook stores; start shopping.

Through Robotics, Girls Find a Future in Engineering Uncovering the learning habits of leaders and managers Take a Hike: Make Being Outdoors In As gaming devices supplant games of catch, schools counter nature-deficit disorder with outdoor experiences.

Relevant Radio Now in its 12th year, Relevant Radio® is “Talk Radio for Catholic Life”, broadcasting 24/7 on 34 stations in 13 states and across the world over the internet.

The Aldo Leopold Foundation The Aldo Leopold Foundation’s mission is to weave a land ethic into the fabric of our society; to advance the understanding, stewardship and restoration of land health; and to cultivate leadership for conservation. Welcome to the Leopold Center!

Take a Virtual Tour of the Leopold assets/virtualtour.html Jean M. Dugo loves technology, education and computers. For future issues, I would like to answer your technology questions. Please feel free to email your questions to

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Back in January of 2012 we suggested local services as a means to make money. Two of the examples … (1) Cleaning Houses and (2) Village Work; all are right in your neighborhood and can be very profitable. Now that we are in summer, the list is endless. Briefly we will repeat these services …

There are always jobs available right on your own block! In the winter people always want their sidewalks shoveled free of snow. In the summer grass cutters are needed. Even racking leaves in the fall! For those who have a “green thumb” we can include gardening. There are people who need help managing their gardens that they have already planted … pulling weeds, watering, etc. Drop a note at your neighbor’s door advertising your service and you’ll be surprised the response you’ll get!

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Kyle Matthew Acevedo, Ariana Aguirre, Anthony Aleman, Teresita Ruby Arciniega, Kamila Babiarz, Bridget Nicole Bieschke, Rosemarie W Bitar, Marlena Elzbieta Bochenek, Michelle Rodica Bogdan, Iryna Bugay, Emily Chiu, Stephanie Jeanette Cornejo, Timothy Christopher Corr, Todd Brandon Cruz, Clint Edward Formentera De Leon, Rocco Ray DiMatteo Jr, Anthony Diminuco, Daisy Donjuan, Jessica Marie Dreyer, Domenica Rose Dumag, Jory Alan Dvorak, Simeon Galen Dyankov, Erica Ann Elliott, Ricardo Estrada, Araly Flores, Tyler James Fries, Victoria Marie Galizia, Iris Jazmin Gamboa, Alexandra Tina Garay, Maria Giovine, Anna Goral, Przemek Gradzki, Stephanie Gramajo, Tyler Nathan Guerrero, Alexandra Gutierrez, Magdalena Grazyna Habas, Natalia Herrera, Jolanta Hyc, Carina Claire Innocentini, Fikri Isovski, Mariel Javier, Eric Anthony Jennings, Gustavo Angel Jimenez, Ignas Kasulaitis, Samanta Daniela Katlabi, Anna Oksana Kawka, Kamil Kesek, Toral Dipakkumar Khajanchi, Klaudia Krupa, Galymjohn Orumbazar Kuras, Genesis Juliza Leon Torres, Dulce Elizabeth Lopez, Jessica Tylor Magnifico, Ingrid Jazmin Martinez, Alexis Sky McCullum, Sergio Eduardo Medina, Marta Zaneta Michalik, Raul Gonzalez Miranda, Bartosz Stanislaw Miskowiec, Stefan Josef Modrich, Sylwia Mojecka, Raul Armando Molina, Rebecca Monarrez, Mayra Moreno, Adam James Morrison, Yesenia Moscosa, Hosea M. Moser, James Donald Motyka, Dulce Nancy Munoz, Plamen R Natchev, Justin James O’Donnell, Cristian Ocampo, Rogelio Ocon, Jordan Michael Olsen, Aleiah Nicole Parcero, Pratik Hemanshu Patel, Yareli Paz, Ashley Nicole Petter, Danielle Nicole Piekarz, Ana Pranjic, Angelica Rejczak, Raul Angel Reynoso, Alejandro Guillermo Rios, Amanda Rivera, Melissa Rivera, Melina Marie Rodriguez, Kamila Sylwia Rusin, Joseph Edward Saenger Jr, Michelle Marie Sansone, Steven Tyler Santoyo, Marisa Lynn Schenke, Danyle Jocelin Segura, Ivelina Romeova Simeonova, Kevin DeJesus Solis, Victoria Emily Thorne, Christopher Torgus, Ashly Torres, Kassandra Iris Torres, Karolina Elzbieta Trampka, Tyler James Travis, Andrea Urueta, Luis Uriel Vera, Anais Carla Villafana, Christopher James von Schwedler, Filip Woznica, Veronica Alexandra Zdun, Carolina Isabel Zepeda SENIORS. Jacob R. Adolfson, Taylor Marie Anthony, Alexander V. Aumann, Maricruz Bautista, Volodymyr Bereskyy, Nichole G. Berkheimer, Arthur Bernaciak, Kinga Bielak, Nina Binkowski, Nikole D. Birholtz, Paul J. Bosnyak, Dimitar I. Bozukov, Jasmina Burzic, Fernando Camacho Jr, Jesus J. Cano, Amanda R. Cargola, Marissa Elizabeth Carini, Anthony G. Castro, Brennan R. Chillemi, Tiffany Chiu, Anetta K. Choroszko, Simon Chowaniec, Heather Lynn Clarke, William Coca, Jenna T. Cronin, Cassandra Marie Dan, Sara Danek, Lukasz Jan Danowski, Jazmin Diaz, Krystian Drozdz, Jessica Rose DuBrock, Emma M. Farkas, Amairani G. Favela, Elizabeth Flores, Maria E. Flores, Corinne Patricia Fritze, Monica Danna Gacek, Bartosz Jozef Gagor, Noemy Garcia, Andrea J. Genovesi, Sarah Catherine Gillcrist, Kryztal Adriana Gonzalez, Brandon Christian Guerrero, Patrycja Gumkowski, Rebecca Guzman, Nihada Hadzic, Andrea Evelyn Hinojosa, Johnny Izewski, Paulina Jablonska, Valeria Jacome, Beata Janke, Paulina Jezior, Jeannette A. Kakareko, Katrina M. Kleiner, Lukasz Kosakowski, Karolina Krawczyk, Marta Krupa, Jorge Abel Landa, Jeffrey M. Leon, Olga Sergiyivna Lyepikhina, Morgan A. Maize, Nerissa Jane Ferrer Marcial, April Beatrice-Marie Markowski, Stephanie Martinez, Isamar Mata, Mallory V. Matos, Myia R McCullum, Yaritza Mendez, Jacqueline Andrea Mendoza, Elias Merlos, Manuel Merlos, Dominik Miara, Ashley Moreno, Joseph A. Munoz, Alexa Rose Nagle, Regina Mariya Naludka, Anne Carol Nesbitt, Raul M. Nevarez, Kevin Van Nguyen, Lawrence E. Novak, Dawid J. Nowicki, Maryna Oleksyuk, Adrian Pasciak, Auriel Payan, Edwin Paz, Yessica Limara Paz, Rosalia Perez, Selena Guadalupe Perez, Christopher A. Pietrzak, Igor Z. Pogoda, Alexa Marie Raimondi, Andjelika Simeonova Raytcheva, Aleksandra Redlinska, Nicholas James Reyes, Desiree Rivera, Kima Paul Rivera, Alyssa Robles, Michel Rodriguez, Michael Daniel Roulo, Helena Sabanovic, Bianca Malia Saboya, Elise Salas, Ruba Saleh, Vildana Salkic, Daniel Willis Schoedel, Melissa A. Schraub, Vishal Kiran Shah, Alexis Ashlee Silvagnoli, Andrzej Skubis, Sylwia Sokolowski, Mehmed Suta, Victoria Magdalena Szczepanska, Anna Paulina Tokarska, Wojciech Franciszek Tomal, Grzegorz Tomczak, Pierluigi Lorenzo Trupiano, Magdalena Trusiewicz, Lovyn P. Umamos, Dominika Wiackiewicz, Radoslaw Wnek, Charles H Woodard, Filip Marek Zabawa, Danielle Jessica Zaccariello, Natalia Zielinska


Charter One Bank, hosts of the Franklin Park/Schiller Park Chamber meeting on July 25th pose with Chamber President Ken Kollar.

Pop-Tabs for a Cause

Mayor Serpico and the Melrose Park Chamber of Commerce are asking for your help. Ethan Maidl is 9 years old and the grandson of life long residents of Melrose Park, Frank and Barb Maidl. Ethan has an unusual disease called SJS, which affects his vision. Ethan is blind in one eye, and has difficulty seeing with his other eye. Ethan is being treated at Loyola Medical Center in Maywood. Ronald McDonald House has been collecting pop-tabs for years. Ethan would like to contribute 1,000,000 pop-tabs to RMH. Please help us make Ethan’s dream come true by collecting pop-tabs. We have drop off places around town such as Melrose Park Village Hall Administration office, Action Painting and Bentel’s Lock Service at 2209 W. Division, the Melrose Park Library and the Chamber Office. We will be increasing drop off locations. Please call 708-338-1007 with questions, or to arrange pick-up of your larger donation. Visit to review All Chamber Members, or to print a Membership Application.

Craving Chocolate?

if you are craving chocolate, take a ride to the Fannie May outlet where you will find great prices and a wonderful selection.

Melrose Park Chamber Visits Childcare Members

Golf ball drop at the River Grove picnic.

Dine-In Carry-Out • Delivery Delivering to: Schiller Park, Franklin Park, Melrose Park, Northlake, O’Hare, River Grove, Maywood, Norridge, Harwood Hts., Niles, Des Plaines, Rosemont, Park Ridge, & Surrounding Areas

The Melrose Park Chamber visited Chamber Childcare Members on July 10, 2012 with ice cream, nylon backpacks with coloring books, crayons, bubbles and many other educational goodies that were donated by our Chamber Businesses. They also invited Mayor Serpico to come along and Beth Black, a State Farm Agent, brought our special guest the State Farm Good Neighbor Bear. Also helping pass out bags and talking to the children were Diana Coss, First American Bank, Giana Capra from Pan American Bank, Regina Rivers, President School District 89, and Rich Battaglia, President of the Chamber. The Good Neighbor Bear was a big hit with the children.

XL 18-inch Two-Topping Pizza



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Buy any large pizza with 1 topping or more, get a FREE Spaghetti or Mostaccioli dinner with meat or marinara sauce!





Off Any order of $15 or more

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Full Slab of Ribs

Mostaccioli or PP Spaghetti Dinner

4 Piece PP Chicken Dinner


With French Fries & Cole Slaw


only $


With Coupon. One Coupon per customer. Not valid with other offers. Expires 9/1/12.

In case you were not aware, Fannie May has an outlet store in Melrose Park located on the Northeast Corner of North Avenue and 25th Street. They held their grand opening on June 19th. The Melrose Park Chamber members who attended left happily with goodie bags of chocolates. So



With Marinara or Meat Sauce, Soup or Salad & Garlic Bread


only $


With Coupon. One Coupon per customer. Not valid with other offers. Expires 9/1/12.

With Fries & 1 Side

Macaroni, Pasta Salad, Potato Salad or Cole Slaw


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With Coupon. One Coupon per customer. Not valid with other offers. Expires 9/1/12.

Mon: 10am-3pm • Tues-Fri: 10am - 9pm • Sat: 12-9pm • Sun: Closed

4663 N. Ruby • Schiller Park (847) 928-2277 AUGUST 2012 • PEOPLE & PLACES 15

FEATURED BUSINESSES Support Local Businesses

Peace of Mind With Clean Line

The 3/50 project: Save your local economy – three stores at a time.

Meet our newest local advertiser - Clean Line Carpentry. Owner Carlos and his wife Anna are residents of River Grove and have three children. He has been a carpenter for 18 years and started Clean Line Carpentry in 2005. Carlos’ family has been in the construction field for over 35 years. Clean Line Carpentry is a full service construction company and does work in all surrounding suburbs as well as Chicago. They are licensed, bonded and insured. Trust they will do everything from start to finish: NEW CONSTRUCTION AND REMODELING, COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL. Their services include, but are not limited to, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, framing, tile, trim, drywall, painting, decks and more! Clean Line Carpentry also provides property maintenance, handyman services and snow plowing. For a FREE ESTIMATE call 708-768-7174 and tell them People & Places referred you!




Think about which If just half the employed For every $100 spent in three independently U.S. population spent independently owned owned businesses $50 each month in stores, $68 returns to you’d miss most if they independently owned the community through were gone. Stop in businesses, their taxes, payroll, and and say hello. Pick up purchases would other expenditures. a little something that generate more than $42.6 If you spend that in a will make someone billion in revenue. Imagine national chain, only smile. Your contribution the positive impact if ¾ of $43 stays here. Spend is what keeps those the employed population it online and NOTHING businesses around. did that. COMES HOME.

1 The number of people it takes to start the trend…. you!

Pick 3. Spend $50. Save your local economy – Visit to find out more.

When You’re Hot… They’re Real Cool! If you are looking for a local, family-owned heating and cooling business,

look no further than Freedom Heating/Cooling/Plumbing & Electrical on Grand Avenue in Franklin Park. Pete Fiorentino has owned Freedom for five years now. He is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau. He has an extensive background in heating and cooling repair and employs five employees. He offers 24 hour service, seven days a week and they service all makes and models. Pete commented that he enjoys meeting different people, working with seniors and likes to convey a one-on-one family feel to his customers. Take advantage of the coupons in his ad and tell him People & Places sent you!

Clean line Carpentry Kitchens • Bathrooms • Basements Framing • Tile • Trim • Drywall

Free estimates e Carlos sandoval •



Freedom Heating/Cooling/Plumbing & Electrical

9958 W. Grand Ave. • Franklin Park

847-288-1788 24 Hour Service

We Service all Makes & Models

$250 OFF $35 OFF 10% OFF

Any new installation package Must present coupon at time of service. Not valid with any other special PP


Any repair over $200

Must present coupon at time of service. Not valid with any other special Some restrictions apply PP

Senior Discount

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16 Point Expert Clean & Precision Tune-Up


Reg. $129.00 (Restrictions Apply) Must present coupon at time of service. Not valid with any other special PP


Kathie’s Cottage In this day and age of e-invites and cyber mail, it’s nice to find a business that offers that personal touch when you want something that says “special” to the person you are sending it to. Meet Kathie Janis who started “Kathie’s Cottage”. She creates personal handmade note cards, invitations, picture frames and greeting cards. “I’ve always been interested in creating things…used to sew a lot, made a lot of baby clothes when my boys were growing up.” Kathy is a retired teacher from Schiller Park and now has lots of time to delve into her hobby. With the birth of her two new granddaughters, she also took up scrapbooking which ultimately led to creating her one-of-a-kind cards. Kathie has sold many of her items at craft shows and is hoping to start booking home shows for her creations. “People still do use the mail for greeting cards and like to keep an assortment of cards on hand.” Her cards start at around $3.00 which includes an embellished envelope too. She can create personalized cards for birthdays, weddings, baby and wedding showers, anniversaries or any other event you want that WOW factor. Currently, Kathie is designing themes for fall with collections for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you would like to see samples of Kathie’s creations or would be interested in hosting a home showing, please give her a call at 847-606-7923 or email her at lifes2short2011@ and be sure to tell her People & Places sent you!

Anniversary Contest: Win prizes by sending us your thoughts!

We’d like to hear from you about People & Places Newspaper. Complete the following questionnaire and return by either snail mail or email to be entered into a drawing for 1st prize $25 Target Gift Card, 2nd Price $25 Outback Steakhouse gift card, 3rd Prize $20 Grand Stand Pizza Gift Certificate, and 4th prize $15.00 Great Escape Gift Certificate. Also, 3 FREE subscriptions to People & Places Newspaper will be given away also!

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SEND SURVEY/ENTRY TO: People & Places Newspaper Attn: Opinion Survey 4303 N. Atlantic Avenue, Schiller Park, IL 60176 Or Scan And Send By Email To Leydenpeopleandplaces@Gmail.Com Put Survey/Entry In The Subject Line.


SALUTE TO OUR SOLDIERS Correction In the July PRINTED issue of People

& Places, the article titled “Local Resident Takes Honor Flight” mistakenly omitted the first couple of paragraphs giving the man’s name! ALBERT KREITZER of Schiller Park was of course that man and we can’t apologize enough for this error. So we wanted to make sure we printed a couple more pictures of Mr. Kreitzer along with the Congressional letter he received after taking the trip. Here are the two paragraphs that began the article. “On May 23, 2012, Albert Kreitzer of Schiller Park had the honor of taking the Honor Flight to Washington, D.C. These trips are made possible by Honor Flight Chicago an organization founded to recognize our Veterans – most specifically

our WWII Veterans – with a day of honor, remembrance and celebration from a proud and grateful nation. Honor Flight Chicago, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, was founded in February, 2008, by Mary Pettinato, Jeanmarie Kapp, Nancy Kapp, and Suzanne Stanits. Four entrepreneurial Chicago women asked themselves what they could do to honor and thank our Veterans – especially our WWII Veterans - whose courage and determination to do the job they were sent to do still echoes down the years. These four individuals joined forces when they saw an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our Veterans. Their own lives have been profoundly touched and changed by the Honor Flight Chicago experience – an experience that they hope will continue to inspire others to honor our Veterans.”

If you have a current or past soldier you would like to honor, send your photo and small article to People & Places, "Salute To Our Soldiers", 4303 N. Atlantic Avenue, Schiller Park, IL 60176. Or, email your submission to Put SALUTE in the subject line. We will print one or more a month, space allowing.

A TRIBUTE TO KOREA Below the Russian border, Korea is the spot. Where we are doomed to spend our time In a land that God forgot. Fighting mosquitoes with carbines, Digging the ground with pick, Doing the work of slaves, And too tired to kick. Down with snakes and lizards, Down where a man gets blue, Right in the middle of nowhere, Nine thousand miles from you. We freeze, sweat and shiver, It’s more than we can stand. But we aren’t condemned convicts, Just defends of our land.

Congratulations People & Places would also like to congratulate Emanuel “Mun” Petrakis, 87 of Elmwood Park and Myron Petrakis, 90, of Norridge who also made the Honor Flight to Washington, D.C. Accompanied by their sons, Mun went on April 25th of this year and Myron more recently on July 11th. Both men served during World War II in the Navy.

The “Forgotten War”

We are soldiers of the infantry, Earning our monthly pay. Guarding the people we long for. For a dollar sixty a day. Waiting with only our memories, Just waiting to see our gals. Hoping that while we’re away They haven’t married our pals. No one knows we’re living, No one gives a damn. Back home we are forgotten We belong to Uncle Sam. When our work here on earth is finished, And we go to the place known well, St. Peter will say, “Pass on Boys,” “You’ve spent your time in hell.” Bob Blue


The “FORGOTTEN WA R” commemorates its 60th Anniversary in 2013 and Mr. Eugene Piltaver, a veteran of that war, submitted the following poem which he says could relate to any war our men and woman have served in. He also submitted a copy of a Certificate of Appreciation he received from the Secretary of Defense, Leon E. Panetta for his service. Mr. Piltaver is a member of the American Legion Post 974 and encourages veterans to join a local post. He also reminds people of the beautiful military museum that is located in the Veterans Park District located at 1203 N. 24th Avenue in Melrose Park, which is open to the public. For further information on the museum or for hours call 708-343-5270. Here now is the poem entitled “A Tribute to Korea”.

Special Needs, Special Times


As summer starts to wind down, I know you want to take advantage of the remaining long leisurely days and warm temps to enjoy something special with your special needs loved one. Whether you’re sneaking in a few extra bike rides like Joey and me or you want to hit the dance floor, the movies, the museum or the ice cream stand just one last time, “Special Needs, Special Times” is here to help you make the most of what remains of the seasonal weather. The Center for Enriched Living in Riverwoods is gearing up for its summer dance on Friday, August 18. Open to both young adults and adults, the dance’s theme is the Wild, Wild West. The center invites you to put on your cowboy boots, grab your cowboy hat and git ready for a summer hoedown at The Center, where you’ll boot scoot boogie the night away to the best tunes in the land. And bring your appetites as well. Dinner will be served at The Center Watering Hole. It’s not too late to get in one last summer hurrah before heading back to school

either. The Center is also holding an Ultimate Summer Fun Week August 6–10 for teens and young adults to have fun with their friends. These all-day sessions will take participants to Movie and Nickel City, Donley’s Wild West Town, Discovery World Museum, Xtreme Trampoline and eSkape, Swimming, Lunch and Ice Cream – something fresh and exciting each day to escape the “Mom, I’m bored” syndrome. While the Center’s annual golf tournament is currently sold out, mark your calendars now for its 13th Annual Chefs’ Night & More! tasting event. This gourmand must-attend will take place on May 6, 2013 at the Lincolnshire Marriott. A smorgasbord of culinary signature dishes will be on the menu for discerning diners who are looking to please their palates. Looking ahead to September, NAMI will be holding its NAMIWalks Chicago 2012 on September 15 at Grant Park. This community mental health 5K walk is designed to engage the general public in an effort to spread mental, health awareness, eliminate the stigma of mental illness and raise funds for this important cause. Grab your sneakers, sign up to be a team captain and then recruit a team of 10 or more. You’ll have a blast as a group but you’ll also be helping a worthy cause while having fun. Last year’s event raised close to $100,000 If you would you l ike to see your organization’s activities and services described in our upcoming reports, please email your calendar of events and information to: As our column grows so will the ability to feature not-to-be missed special needs events. You can find out what the organizations mentioned in this column have to offer and more by visiting their websites:

Picture of the Month

A rock found on the shores of Honeymoon Island in Dunedin, Florida.

WHAT DO YOU THINK IT LOOKS LIKE? Found and picture taken by the Publisher, Barbara Piltaver Submit your picture to Picture of the Month to leydenpeopleandplaces@ Be sure to include your name and city along with a brief explanation of where the picture was taken.

AN ArTiSAN BAkery iN NOrridge SpeCiALiziNg iN iTALiAN-AMeriCAN BAked gOOdS

Hours: Tue-Fri 7am-6pm Sat 7am-5pm Sun 7am-2pm Closed Mondays

7717 W. Lawrence Ave., Norridge (Between Overhill & Ozanam)

708.453.4412 |

ATTENTION ALL MILITARY VETERANS The American Legion Wants You! Join your comrades in arms and support the Americanism we represent! Wounded and aging veterans at Hines Hospital Local charitable events in our communities Social events • Picnics • Christmas parties for Children • Legion sponsored adult dance nights • Local school awards and scholarships • New Years Eve celebrations • Special events promoting patriotism – Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, Parades & more!

For Further details ContaCt American Legion Post 974 Veterans Still Serving the Community

Gene Korus Vice Commander

9757 Pacific Avenue • Franklin Park, IL 60131 Post Phone 847.678.7474 AUGUST 2012 • PEOPLE & PLACES 19

A family from Northwest Chicago enjoys the Park Ridge Fireworks at Maine East High School on July 3rd. Pictured are Gabrielle Camarillo, Madilyn Camarillo, Karen Andersen, Walt Ott and Michelle Camarillo.

Members of the St. Celestine Women’s Club take part in the Elmwood Park 4th of July Parade

Village President Pete Silvestri and Congressman Quigley kicked off the Parade

It was a hot day as parade participants from River Elm Properties found out.

Members of the Elmwood Park Neighborhood Civic Organization EPNCO handed out t-shirts and candy to parade watchers

Parade float participants wave to the enthusiastic crowd.


Everyone enjoys a parade.

River Grove held its annual Family Picnic and 7th Annual Duck Race on Saturday, July 21st. Hundreds of residents turned out for the event to watch the slow moving ducks make their way to the finish line. Pictured here are Lois Rupelt, Karen Lantgen, Kristy Welch, Don Welch and Larisa Welch. The picnic included food, games, prizes, and even a miniature golf course for fun!

The Franklin Park/Schiller Park/Northlake Relay for Life on July 20-21 at East Leyden High School. 22 Teams, 165 plus participants and over $43,000 raise for cancer research! What a wonderful event filled with cheers, tears and memories. See more pictures of the event on People & Places Facebook page.

Clerk of the Cook County Circuit Court Dorothy Brown poses for pictures with Irene DelGuidice, Christopher Litwin and Barbara Piltaver at a meeting of the Polish American Congress - Illinois Division on July 23rd. Franklin Park residents enjoyed a wonderful night on July 27th for the annual Street Dance and Car Show sponsored by the Park District of Franklin Park. Cool cars, food, fun and of course lots of music!

The demolition of the old Chase Bank in Schiller Park continues. Here’s a picture of the old vault still standing. Construction will make way for a new Aldi Food Store AUGUST 2012 • PEOPLE & PLACES 21

We don’t want cats in our neighborhood.... community.... municipality...... BY ELLEN MILES

Street cats are in every community and it is unrealistic and impossible to remove them just as it is impossible to remove squirrels, raccoons or any other wild animals. However, unlike the wild animals, where is a solution to cats living in the community? The cats are there because irresponsible, neglectful people in our neighborhoods who have failed to spay and neuter their cats then let them out, temporarily or permanently. They mate and make kittens that have more kittens. Due to the economy, a growing number of cats in our communities are abandoned house or yard cats. Neighborhoods, communities and municipalities will continue to experience increased growth in the street cat population if they continue to ignore the situation by failing to adopt a strong Comprehensive Community Based Trap Neuter Return (TNR) program. Left unchecked, an unspayed female cat can produce two to five litters per year and if only 2.8 kittens per litter survive

(conservative estimate) it is easy to understand how quickly a small cat issue can explode when you consider that a male can impregnate a female cat daily. So what about trap and kill? It’s expensive and still requires the support or assistance by local residents. While cats in the community are objectionable to many, few are willing to support a trap and kill program. Animal shelters exist because people do have compassion for animals, yet the shelters are overflowing with cats and dogs because of the irresponsible few who fail to have their pets altered. Okay then, what about trap and remove? Just as expensive as trap and kill if no attempt is made to spay the cats. Trapping and removing cats is a revolving door as new cats move will quickly move into the territory and cats have bigger litters faster. The only proven remedy is Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR). With TNR, cats are trapped, sterilized, vaccinated for rabies and distemper. They’re ear tipped, for identification and microchipped for tracking (in accordance with

Help CatVando!

An unsprayed female cat, her offspring, producing 2 litters per year, with 2.8 surviving kittens per litter, can produce this many cats:

1 yr – 12 2 yrs = 57 3 yrs = 376 4 yrs = 2,107 5 yrs = 11,801 6 yrs – 66,088 7 yrs = 370,092 8 yrs = 2,072,514 9 yrs = 11,606,077 This is only a conservative estimate! A female cat has a litter at a time. An in tact male can impregnate a female daily! The only humane, effective, economical method of reducing and caring for cats living in our streets is TNR – TRAP NEUTER RETURN. HELP CATVANDO WITH ITS MISSION. THEY NEED CONTRIBUTIONS! CatVando NFP Corp is a 501©3 organization TNR Group based in Maywood working in many communities throughout the area to help establish Community Based TNR Programs to help reduce and care for cats living in our communities. We are supported solely by donations and volunteers and always need more of both., and CatVando, PO Box 851, Maywood 60153. 708 829 6013


the CC Ordinance). Cats are returned to their home territory, where they are cared for and monitored.They hold the territory against most new cats and with zero growth due to sterilization, die out of natural selection. TNR cats provide a service to the community too and one that is often overlooked - rodent control. People who feed and TNR community cats are heroes. Many times at their own expense, they are solving a community generated problem. They care for the cats that aren’t theirs. They keep them healthy and prevent them from having more kittens. The problem is, too few people care. Too many people don’t understand and rather than educate themselves, they protest, or they lack compassion or get caught up in who’s telling who what. If more people fed and TNR’d, there wouldn’t be ‘too many cats’ in one small area. Too many people turn their heads and just complain. It’s a mistake to believe that if the cats aren’t fed, they’ll go away. There are only so many places cats can go. If they weren’t

fed, they’d be foraging in dumpsters and garbage cans.They’d be getting sick and diseased and they would still be multiplying. The only pro-active, effective and economical method for reducing the number of cats in our streets is through a Trap Neuter Return program. The Ordinance doesn’t just care for the cats, it cares for the community. Cook County endorsed the Management of Feral Cat Ordinance in November 2007 as the most effective method of caring for reducing and controlling the number of cats in the streets and the only way to assure those cats were vaccinated against rabies. My dream is that everyone, neighbors, municipalities will see the sense and go with the program – not fight it because it’s a County ruling or because of a lack of understanding. Go with TNR because it makes sense. Nip the balls, yank the ovaries, keep them fed and healthy and the problem is solved instead of quibbling about rulings, crap on the lawn and neighbor complaints.

Pet of the Month

Shirley is a gorgeous St. Bernard that came to the Animal Care League from Oklahoma. For a giant breed dog, she’s on the small side at 72 pounds, but with better nutrition and regular exercise she’ll probably fill out a bit more. Shirley appears to be housebroken, but she has little other training. Shirley is very playful and would love to have an active household to romp with. However, it appears that Shirley does not like the company of other dogs so it’s a must that she be an only dog in a family with kids over 10 years old. Since she is much happier in her foster home, she can be seen at Animal Care League by appointment. Call 708-848-8155 for more information or to schedule an appointment to visit this big gal. If you are looking to add a new member to your family, you can view their adoptees on their website at or you may call them to make further inquiries about their animals at 708.848.8155. The Animal Care League is located at 1011 Garfield Street in Oak Park.

Calm Frightened Felines and Fearful Fidos

Fireworks can be a wonder to behold ... for humans. Pets, however, may not be so enamored with the booms, crashes and bumps in the night. Dogs, cats, even small rodents often become creatures of habit. They like knowing they are secure and what’s to come next. Surprises and extraordinary events can put pets on edge. L oud noises of ten spook pet s. Ever y t hing f rom noisy tr ucks to thunderstorms to low-f lying airplanes may scare a pet, possibly leading to unpredictable behavior. Summer can induce anxiety in pets, especially when people celebrate with f ireworks and boisterous parties. Many cats and dogs will try to hide when they hear fireworks or other loud noises. Pet parents can play off of this behavior and create safe sanctuaries to which their pets can retreat to ride out the “rockets’ red glare and bombs bursting in air.” The following are a few tips to reduce pet anxiety when night falls and fireworks start going off. • Set up a comforting den. If your dog or cat sleeps in a crate, cage or a special nook in the house, use this area to establish a safe haven. Put comfortable pillows or mats on the floor and envelop the cage or spot with blankets. These items will help mask the sights and sounds of outdoors. Put in familiar toys or even one of your shirts to establish familiar and comforting scents. • Keep the windows closed and the drapes drawn. Minimize what cats and dogs can see or hear. If they don’t know what is occurring outside, they likely won’t be frightened. However, many pets have very good hearing, so some of the louder fireworks might still be audible. • Put on soothing music. Throw on a show or songs that have steady, repetitive beats. This, too, will help mask the unpredictable sounds of fireworks. • Walk the pet in early evening. Make sure you walk your dog prior to sunset to reduce the liklihood of getting caught outdoors with fireworks being set off. If pets are allowed to roam in the yard, bring them inside before the sun sets.

• Don’t punish the pet. Stressed pets may soil indoors, cower, fail to respond to commands, or engage in destructive behavior. It is important not to admonish the pet simply because he or she is scared. Doing so may only make the situation worse.

Flower Fantasy

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• Don’t comfort the pet, either. It may be tempting to sit and cuddle a dog or cat and reassure him that everything will be alright. This fawning over the pet may only help to reinforce negative behavior and the pet’s inability to overcome the fears himself. • Talk to the vet. If fears are paralyzing your pet, talk to the veterinarian to see if behavior therapy or short-term medication use may help assuage fears. Some vets prescribe a mild tranquilizer to help pets get through specific fireworks displays. Because fear can cause skittishness, many pets end up running away from home during summer fireworks displays. It is imperative to keep identification on your pets at all times so they can be returned promptly if found. Assistance Dogs of America evaluates each dog for two to four weeks before placing it in a foster home to begin formal training. Evaluation includes a variety of tests to gauge the dog’s potential as an assistance dog. These evaluations test dogs for food aggression, social interest and sound sensitivity among other things. Once a dog passes those basic evaluations, it is then evaluated more extensively as trainers attempt to learn more about the dog’s temperament and personality. Basic obedience exercises are performed to see how dogs respond in different environments, and dogs that pass each stage of the evaluation process are then examined by a veterinarian to determine if they are physically able to handle the considerable tasks required of assistance dogs. If the dog is given a clean bill of health, it is then placed in a foster home to begin in its training. Unlike the relatively short evaluation period, the training period for a potential assistance dog takes aminimum of six months and can last as long as 22 months.

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Any Purchase of $75 or More Not to be combined with any other offer. Expires 9/1/12.

Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-6pm; Sat 8am-4pm; Sun Closed

8321 W. Lawrence Ave., Norridge

(708) 453-1653 AUGUST 2012 • PEOPLE & PLACES 23

SENIOR SNIPS Health Roundup ASK MEDICARE – How to Find Answers to Medicare Questions If you’re one of the 66 million Americans who care for an aging, disabled or seriouslyill family member or friendly you’re probably doing everything from running errands, to coordinating doctor appointments, to helping find long-term car. Fortunately, caregivers have resources they can turn to for help and support, including A sk Medicare, a service developed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. As Medicare offers tips online at to help caregivers address numerous challenges, including • Enrolling Medicare and comparing prescription drug plans. • Coping with chronic illnesses and understanding the ways Medicare can support care and treatment. • Managing health care transitions, such as when someone is discharged from the hospital. • Finding local organizations that can provide additional support for caregivers and their loved ones. • Finding the best nursing home or assisted living arrangement. “C a reg ivers a re pa r t of a nationwide community of people who sacrifice a lot for others,” says Susie Butler, acting deputy director, Partner Relations Group, Office of Public Engagement, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. “We want caregivers to know they’re not alone.” The Ask Medicare site highlights the challenges caregivers face each day, and offers a free quarterly e-newsletter with Medicare program updates and links to state and local organizations that help with meals, transportation and caregiver training. “Ask Medicare is an online, one-stop shop where caregivers can get all the support they need,” says Butler. “It has interactive tools that help caregivers compare doctors, hospitals and nursing homes, find local home health agencies and dialysis facilities, and learn which services are covered by Medicare.”

Caregivers for older Americans can also link to additional resources through CMS’s sister agency, the Administration on Aging. The AoA site features the Eldercare Locator, which points to services in local communities as well as national organizations, including the American Association of Retired Persons, the Alzheimer’s Association and the Family Caregiver Alliance. Ask Medicare has links to their care giving resources, too. To find out more about Ask Medicare, visit

Senior Movies in Leyden Township LaVerne Andon, a resident of Rosemont, should be called the area’s Movie Maven. She is host to area seniors when she presents movies, complete with free popcorn and coffee, in Franklin Park, Schiller Park, River Grove and Leyden Township. LaVerne welcomes everyone, no matter where they live. As Bonnie Gardeck of Schiller Park writes, “Please welcome all seniors to view the movies with free popcorn and a hug from LaVergne Anton. Below is an upcoming schedule of movies for August. All Show Times are Thursdays 10am and 1pm. Aug. 2 Aug. 9

Aug. 16

Aug. 23

2501 N. Mannheim, Franklin Park Carol Fiorito Senior Center, 2601 N. Mannheim in Franklin Park River Grove Senior Rec Center 8664 Grand Ave., River Grove Schiller Park Community Center, 4501 N. 25th Ave., SP

The Iron Lady PG-13 Starring Meryl Streep. Reality of PG-13 Love Starring Bradley Cooper, Jason Priestley, Emma Caulfield Flypaper NR Starring Patrick Demsey and Ashley Judd

Zookeeper PG Starring Kevin James and Rasario Dawson Aug. Carol Fiorito Sundays at PG 30 Senior Center, Tiffany’s 2601 N. starring Mannheim in Cameron Franklin Park Crowe, Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson

Some Tips To Save Money NO COPAY The health care law provides for free preventive tests by participating Medicare providers. Included are wellness visits, mammograms, colorectal cancer screenings, bone density scans, pap smears and other tests. Check with your Medicare-participating doctor. Search for the official handbook Medicare & You, which provides details on tests.

FREE YOGA Yoga provides many benefits for people over 50. Newbies can try a free week of classes in September and October. To find a participating studio near you, visit

DENTAL CHECKUP Treating common problems like toothaches at an E.R. can cost 10 times more than preventive care. Contact a local dental school or to get information about free or low-cost care.

COST ESTIMATOR gives free quotes for car repairs based on surveys of thousands of shops.

BATTERY BUSTER Summer’s heat, not winter’s cold, is the leading cause of car battery failure. To minimize problems, clean corrosion from terminals, tighten cable connections and add distilled water, if necessary, to “unsealed” batteries. Get your battery tested if it’s older than four years.

SIMPLY SHERLOCK To confirm that your garage did tire rotations as promised, place a white mark on your rear tires; you should find it on front tires before you pay the bill.

RETUNE YOUR TV You could save a bundle on your electric bill by reducing the brightness on your HDTV. Many are shipped set at “retail mode” for optimum picture clarity in a showroom. Go to your TV’s setup menu and look for “home mode” or some other way to tune down the brightness.

TROUBLE AFFORDING YOUR PET? Type those words into the search box at for a list of programs offering assistance with food, veterinary care and other pet expenses. Watch for more money saving tips next month!

How Safe Do You Feel In Your Home? A poll was taken of 1,021 adults age 18 and older by the SSRS that asked the following questions:

“How safe do you currently feel living in your home? Very Safe? Somewhat Safe Somewhat unsafe Very unsafe

Respondents 50+ who say the following home features are important; percentage who actually have them: IMPORTANT HAVE Working Smoke detector on every floor Fire extinguisher in Kitchen Well-lighted stairways Handrails in stairways Grab bars in bathtub or shower


According to the New York Times, the bathroom can be the most dangerous room in the home. Hundreds of thousands of falls and accidents happen each year. FACT: 1 in 3 adults 65+ fall each year, and falls are the leading cause of injury death as well as the most common cause of nonfatal injuries and hospital admissions for trauma.



74% 22% 2% 1%



94% 92% 91% 77%

65% 72% 67% 48%


Tips For Long-Distance Caregivers Caring for a friend or family member who has cancer is not easy. It may only get more difficult when a caregiver lives far away. Long-distance caregiving may not be ideal for the patient or the caregiver, but it’s sometimes the only option. Longdistance caregivers can expect their outof-pocket expenses to be higher, as the cost of travel alone is likely to be considerable. While long-distance caregiving may not be ideal, the American Cancer Society offers the following tips to help men and women entrusted with caring for a cancer-stricken friend or family member from afar. * Make sure your loved one’s home is safe. When you get the chance to visit your loved one’s home, make the most of that visit and ensure his or her home is safe. If the illness has made things more difficult around the house, address any of these issues before you return home. Patients who receive chemotherapy are often weakened after treatment, so it can help to install some grab bars in the bathroom or purchase a shower seat to reduce the risk of falling in the shower. In addition, make sure handrails inside and outside the home are secure. If they’re loose, tighten them so they provide adequate support. • Clean up around the house. Cancer patients may also be too weak to keep up with their chores around the house.

A dirty home can be depressing to men and women battling cancer, so clean up around the house to brighten the home and reduce the risk of an insect or rodent infestation. • Be ready for a crisis. No one wants to imagine a situation in which his or her loved one suffering from cancer has an emergency, but caregivers need to do just that. Have someone you can count on nearby to check on your friend or family member if you suddenly cannot reach the cancer patient. Introduce yourself to your loved one’s next-door neighbor or meet a close friend who lives nearby that you can contact should your friend or family member prove difficult to reach. • Make a list of medications and update it regularly. Cancer patients often take certain medications as part of their treatment and recovery, and caregivers should make a list of these medications, periodically updating the list as the treatment and recovery process progresses. • Make sure your loved one has a cell phone. Though it might seem hard to believe, some people, especially the elderly, still do not have cellular phones. When serving as a longdistance caregiver, it’s imperative that you can easily and routinely reach your

cancer-stricken friend or relative. Cancer treatment might make it difficult for him or her to get to a land line, so be sure he or she has a cell phone that he or she can carry with them at all times. Program important numbers, including your own number, as well as his or herphysician’s and a neighbor’s or nearby relative’s number, into the phone. • Stay in touch with the patient’s physician. While a physician might not be able to share all the details of your loved one’s condition, you can keep in touch with him or her to stay abreast of how the treatment and recovery process is going. A physician can help you tailor your caregiving to best manage the patient’s needs, adjusting that plan as the treatment and recovery process evolves.

Cancer patients, particularly those who are older, might have trouble getting around after treatment. Caregivers can take steps to ensure such patients’ homes are easier to navigate.

Recent surveys show there are fewer young people and more senior citizens behind the wheel in the United States. According to the National Household Travel Survey, members of Generation Y, who are between the ages of 16 to 34, are driving less. From 2001 to 2009, the average annual number of vehicle miles traveled by Gen-Y-ers dropped by 23 percent. Some find the process to be a hassle, others are frightened by the prospect of controlling a vehicle, and others are merely taking a green approach to transportation, choosing bicycles or public transportation. There is also the high cost of owning and fueling-up a vehicle today. On the flip side, researchers at the University of Michigan have found that people age 70 and older make up the largest group of drivers on the road -- even higher than those in their 40s and 50s.


LIBRARY NOOK The Adventure Begins at your Library, One of the smartest Cards you have is you Library Card, to receive free admission or a special discount at participating Chicago area cultural destinations Use your Library card to check out the Museum Adventure Pass. Go to Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity for the entire Family. Ask a Liberian to help you if not sure of the process.

Elmwood Park Public Library 1 W. Conti Parkway, 708-453-7645,

Closed Sundays starting Memorial Day. Schedule of Events is easy to find on line, Closed Friday, August 17, 2012. DROP IN STORY TIME is Monday s Ages 2 – 5 years old. Thursday August 2 at 6:30 until 8pm invent and draw your own comic with the help of Christine Thornton, remember to register for this event. Film Lovers Fridays, Aug 3 Wonder Boys, Aug 10 True Romans, Aug 17 Library closed, Aug 24 Mary and Max and Aug 31 Death to Smoochy. Remember you can read the book first then see the movie Aug 9th The Magnificent, Come and see the magic of Magnus Shipinski at 4pm until 5pm, registrations now open. Dungeon and Dragons is on going Saturdays from 1pm to 4pm. Aug 6 Adult Reading Pot Luck Party. The announcement of the winner summer

reading program and best recipe submitted Party from 7pm-9pm. Saturday Aug 11th Young Adults Summer Reading Pool Party from 6pm until 8pm at the Elmwood Park Pool, If you finished your three game cards for the YA summer reading program, you’re invited. Don’t forget to register so they have enough treats on hand.

Northlake Public Library 231 N. Wolf Rd., 708-562-2301

Ravinia Tickets - Free Lawn passes First-come, first-served basis. Please stop by or give us a call at the Adult Information Desk if you are interested.

Discover Your Family History at the Library! Be sure to check out the HeritageQuest Genealogy Research Database growing collection of research materials for tracing your family’s history. If you know your grandparents or your great-grandparents first and last name, you can begin clicking your way through original documents and census info, accessible from home or at the library. HeritageQuest is a powerful tool for the genealogist in all of us! Visit our library home page and click on Reference, then Research to find HeritageQuest as well as our other online databases.

Book Review: Tears of My Angel

Life is unpredictable. When we least expect it, it can be changed forever. That moment came for author Benedetta Lino when her one-year-old daughter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, the possible result of a serious adverse reaction to the DPT vaccination. Yet in the years to come, Benedetta refused to give up hope and refused to let her daughter experience anything less than true and unconditional love. Heartwarming, yet bittersweet, Tears of My Angel recounts the years of struggle, pain, love, and hope that the Lino family endured. Benedetta recounts the early years of her daughter’s life, of the numerous tests and hospital stays, until the diagnosis finally came in 1985. But from that moment on, things only became more difficult. As Benedetta and her husband learned to care for their daughter in the comfort of their home, they found strength in each other and in the love they had for Laura. As the years passed, and the normal milestones of a child’s life passed with-out being celebrated, the family instead celebrated the beauty of life, of Laura’s courage, and of the power of love. Tears of My Angel inspires, educates, and encourages, but most of all, it reafirms the ability of hope and love to sustain us through our darkest days. The author, Benedetta Lino, was born in Palermo, Sicily. She came to the United States in 1966 an attended Our Lady of Angels grammar school and Immaculate High School. Lino resides in Elmwod Park, Illinois with her husband, Tany, their two children. The decision to write Tears of My Angel came to me some years ago as my husband and I sat at our daughter’s bedside in a children’s hospital. Her diagnosis was severe Cerebral Palsy. The news was devaststing. This is my memoir and it recounts the years that followed. This is a book that will inspire everyone. It is a story about the power of true love and the power of hope Tears of My Angle is available in both hardcover and paperback at and Barnes & Noble. It is also available for Kindles and Nook. 26 PEOPLE & PLACES • AUGUST 2012

Book A Librarian Do you have a computer question that isn’t covered by one of our workshops? Unable to attend our workshops at the times offered or just need more help? Then Book a Librarian! You can reserve up to an hour of time with a librarian to help you with your computer questions. Appointments should be made 24-hours in advance and are based on available staff time. Some assistance is available in Spanish but reservations are required.

Bar Trivia at Alejandra’s Cantina We supply the hip, young, fun loving librarians to run the trivia, Alejandra’s will provide the space, atmosphere, and if we’re lucky a drink special or two. You round up friends and family to form a team, then you battle it out to see who is the smartest in all of Northlake (when it comes to pop culture and current events). Event will be hosted off-site at Alejandra’s Cantina in Northlake (400 E. North Ave). Tuesday, August 14, 7:30-9pm

Bensenville Library

200 S. Church Road 630-766-4642 Paint the Town Red summer reading program is a community wide celebration of reading and the summer. Stop by the library or go online for guidelines and registration Thursday’s in the Garden is held in the Garden of Knowledge August 2 from 7pm until 9pm, Fiesta in the Garden. Stop by for a sampling of culture stories and food Fiesta style. There will be a story time in English and Spanish to go with atreat to eat. Favorite Film based on a book Aug 16, at 7pm at the Bensenville Theater (FREE) the Movie is We Need To Talk About Kevin. Last Saturday of August Coffee and Donuts with a movie, Seating is limited rsvp 630-766-4642.

River Grove Library

8638 W. Grand Ave., River Grove Call Librarian Marissa at 708-453-4484 Business: The River Grove Public Library subscribes to the Value Line. The subscription includes Small Mid Cap Survey and Value Line Investment Survey. Their licensing agreement requires a password to log in. Please ask at the circulation desk for the password. The Library Aug Audiobooks and e books are available to download at home, The River Grove Historical Society meeting will be August 14th from 7pm to 8pm, everyone is welcome.

Melrose Park Public Library 801 North Broadway 708-343-3391 Closed Sundays

Closed August 25th all day. The Library has a limited number of tickets for classical Ravinia concerts including six CSO concerts and 12

Martin Theatre concerts. These tickets are free and will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. Please visit, call (708.649.7485), or email ( the Adult Services Desk for details. Aug 15th Historical Society meets from 1-3 everyone is welcome. Aug 18th Books into Movies. You can pick the book up at the Library before you see the movie. Movie is from 11am – 1:30pm after the movie it is time for light refreshments and the floor is open to the audience. Aug 15 we are talking about Books, TOPIC Popular Science 7pm-8pm.TEEN BOOK CLUB Talking, eating, and hanging out with your friends – what could be better? We meet to discuss a book together. Sign up and get your copy of the book at the Youth Services desk. Grades 6-12.Registration required

Eisenhower Public Library 4613 N. Oketo Ave., Harwood Heights 708-867-7828 www.eishenhowerlibrary/org

On going Teen Event is every Thursday from 4 – 5:30pm be an Anonymous Teen Writer and bring in your novel, poetry, or short story and get it critiqued. We look forward to meeting you. Monday August 6, Michael Niksic will inform everyone about different pizzas and styles. This is for teens in grades 7-12; this is topped off with lemon sorbet when you finish your pizza. Register on line or call. Thursday Aug 8 Design an Apron A $5.00 Fee plus registration Amy Alessio will help you with your design at 6:30am and you will finish at 8pm. Tuesday August 14th, Chicago Botanic Gardens Bus Trip, $20.00. Lunch is not included so bring a picnic or plan on eating in the Garden Café. We leave at 9am and home by 2pm. One hour free musical. Performance, and explore the gardens on your own. Registration ends Aug 11 at 12AM so call or register on line. Ongoing computer classes in both English and Polish without charge. Look on line for times and courses. Classic Films – Start on Thursdays at 1pm until 4pm. August 2 Chinatown 1974, August 16th the Big Sleep 1946, August 30 the Searchers 1956. Ralph Amelio will lead a discussion following each film August 4 at 11am Summer Picnic for all ages, celebrate the end of summer with games, snacks and cakes at the Norridge Park District! Remember sunblock and towels and you must register so they have enough cake

Franklin Park Public Library 10310 W. Grand, 847-455-6013,

Monday Aug 13, from 7pm – 8pm discuss A Gate at the Stairs by Lorrie Moore. Pick up your copy of the book at the Circulation Desk a month before the meeting. The library provides free computer tutorials in English, Spanish, and Polish at a variety of times. Sessions last approximately 45 minutes, and are limited to one participant for individualized instruction. Sign up at the

LIBRARY NOOK Reference Desk or by calling 847-455-6016, ext. 2. Teens join us for anime, manga, and free snacks On August 9 at 5pm until 7pm New members are always welcome! Your school Summer Reading project is due soon! Stop by the Community Room Aug 8 at 5pm until 7pm where there will be magazines for your collage, computers to type up your paper, and your YA Librarian to help you with your book talk! Snacks will be served. Twelve computers are available for your kids to use in Youth Services. You must sign the Internet Use for Minors permission slip in person for all kids wanting to use the Internet. Franklin Park kids may then use the computers free of charge. Non-resident kids can use the Internet for a half hour free, then 50 cents for each half hour afterward.

Schiller Park Library

4200 Old River Rd., 847-678-0433 SECOND HELPINGS! ! ! August 7th Hungry for some craft Leftovers? Join the library on Tuesday August 7th, starting at 1:30pm until the limited number of crafts are consumed. Help us use up our leftover extra crafts from previous programs. Your choice is pick up a craft with instructions to complete at home or work on the craft at the library. No signup necessary for this program. Drop by while supplies last.

Visit the library on Tuesday, August 21st from 6:30-7:30pm and listen to some stories to start the school year right! **Please signup in the Youth Services room starting July 24th. With fall approaching and school starting soon, the rules for computer at the library are Patrons have access to Internet terminals at the library. To use the Internet, patrons must present a government- issued ID or their own library card. All patrons may sign up for one hour at a time; if no one is waiting they may remain on the terminal longer. If patrons wish to print, the cost is $.10 per page, whether they bring their own paper or not. Patron must know how to use the Internet. The staff will be available to assist with problems with the equipment and to offer suggestions for search terms that can be used to find information. Students under age 8 cannot use the Internet alone; their parent must accompany them. From sixth grade to age 18, the student must come in with their parent and the parent must sign a consent slip for their children. Soon many will need to research a writing assignment so the Library is the place to do it and this library subscribes to several on-line reference databases that may be accessed by patrons. The reference databases include encyclopedias, products for locating magazine articles, information on authors and works of literature and other reference type materials for adults and students.


Larry Nestor, the author, is from River Grove and a talented career writer. In addition to writing songs, both words and music, he recently wrote a book called “The Rat Who Was Into Art.” The book tells of Arnold, a rodent living on the streets of Paris who one day happens into the Louvre Museum of Art. When he returns another day to get a better look, he is chased from the premises by an angry patron wielding a sword from a display of French armor. As a result of his love for fine painting, he paints a selfportrait that becomes one of the most significant works in the Louvre. The story has many emotions, but at its core is the message that we can do most anything we set our minds to. It could very well inspire young people to give art a chance. This, coupled with the many laughs and tender moments, makes “The Rat Who Was Into Art” one of Larry’s finest efforts and worthy of several readings. However, keep a Kleenex nearby just in case Arnold’s struggles bring a tear or two to your eye. If you wish to purchase a copy of the book, send a cashier’s check or money-order for $9.00 to Larry Nestor, P.O. Box 226, River Grove, IL 60171.

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Fun By the Numbers Like puzzles? Then you’ll love sudoku. This mind-bending puzzle will have you hooked from the moment you square off, so sharpen your pencil and put your sudoku savvy to the test! Here’s How It Works: Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken down into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

Horoscopes ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20 Some change is in order, Aries. You have realized it for some time now, but this week it must come to fruition. Think about the way you want to approach this. TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21 Taurus, you are on an emotional roller coaster and don’t know how you will feel from one second to the next. Figure out your goal for each day and then go along for the ride. GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21 Gemini, you feel like staying in a dream world surrounded by a fence of your own making. But the reality of work and family life has to set in at some point. CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22 There is something in the stars this week pushing you to make a change, Cancer. The change may be as simple as wearing your hair a new way or as significant as changing careers. LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23 Things are off to a rough start this week, but better days are right around the corner. Keep thinking about the good times ahead. They will be here before you know it. VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22 Virgo, it’s time to reconsider a difficult situation. If you still hold to a particular belief, you could be limiting your possibilities. Adopt a new point of view to gain a different perspective. LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23 This is the week to shop for something new, Libra. It may be a new wardrobe, some new furnishings, or even a new car. Your purchasing power is high right now. SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22 Your academic history and workload don’t leave much room for creativity. But if you want to go out and do something, then simply do it. You will find a workaround. SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21 Sagittarius, something important has passed but you are still reaping the benefits. Bask in the afterglow as much as you can because it can’t last forever. CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20 Capricorn, you may find you’re struggling a little to define your identity, but things will fall into place soon. You’re an ecclectic mix of attributes, anyway.

CROSSWORD PUZZLE CLUES ACROSS 1. Disco light 7. London radio station 10. Aerospace Co. Morton ___ 11. Capital of Puglia, Italy 12. A phantom or apparition 13. Packed wine 14. The ocean below 6000 meters 15. 1st dynasty: AKA Xia 16. Every 17. Six (Spanish) 18. His ark 20. Segment or a circle 21. Pres. Johnson or Obama 26. 12th Greek letter 27. The First Lady 32. A blood group 33. Takes to task 35. Prints money (abbr.) 36. Airbus manufacturer 37. A instance of selling 38. 12th month (abbr.) 39. Baseball’s Ruth 40. 1959 Nobel biochemist Severo 43. Weights deducted to obtain net 44. To lie scattered over 47. 6th Jewish month 48. Physical maltreators 49. Founder Franklin 50. Published

CLUES DOWN 1. Fish of the genus Alosa 2. Rock singer Turner 3. Muslim weight from 1 to 5 pounds 4. Turkish unit of weight 5. Bovine genus 6. Popular shade tree 7. The principal foundation of 8. La ___ Tar Pits 9. Spanish hero soldier 10. Brains egg-shaped grey matter 11. Fundamental 12. Bast 13. Small angels 16. Not or 17. S Pacific island group 19. Ad ___: impromptu 22. Gen. ___ DeGaulle 23. Hasidic spiritual leader 24. Aluminum 25. Considerate and solicitous care 28. Popular Canadian phrase 29. Consumed food 30. Hayfields 31. About Andes 34. Secondary School Certificate 35. Pen maker Castell 37. Brand of clear wrap 39. Past tense of bid 40. Resort city on Lake Biwa 41. Big Bear was chief 42. A group of cattle 43. The bill in a restaurant 44. People of the Dali region of Yunnan 45. One point S of due E 46. Pig genus

AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18 Aquarius, maintain a positive attitude this week and you’ll benefit greatly from having done so. Once you get it right, everything will click. PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20 Pisces, for one reason or another, some issues will go unresolved this week. They can wait, so don’t worry.


St. Beatrice Parish

4157 Atlantic Ave., Schiller Park 847-678-0138, ST. VINCENT de PAUL SOCIETY If there is a family you know who needs assistance, please call the Society of St. Vincent de Paul so that together we can help those who are hungry. Contact them at 847-678-0138.

FOOTBALL MANIA IS HERE! St. Beatrice Parish continues to sell tickets for Football Mania after all the masses and available in the rectory. $20.00 Each ticket. Runs 17 weeks during the regular football season. GUARANTEED WINNER EVERY WEEK! Great fun-GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY!

SAVE THE DATE On Saturday, August 11th from 8:30am to 6pm, the world Apostolate of Fatima is bringing the National Pilgrim Virgin Statue of the USA to St. Beatrice Parish. This beautiful image of Our Lady of Fatima was blessed by Pope Paul VI and given to our country by the Bishop of Fatima to carry the message of Fatima to the United States. It is a message that Pope John Paul II said is more important today than ever. All are invited and encouraged to come and see this beautiful Statue of our Lady of Fatima. The Statue Custodian, William Sockey, will explain how the message of Fatima applies to our country today and discuss what we can do to earn the blessings on our country that Our Lady promised if her requests were fulfilled. Please make plans to join us in church on August 11th as we begin the day with Mass, followed by the rosary and a Holy Hour.



HELP WANTED The Religious Education Program at St. Beatrice is looking for Teachers Aides for the 2012-13 school year. No previous experience is necessary, just a willingness to serve others while making a difference in the lives of students. If interested, please call Zerlina Kerchen, Coordinator at 847-671-6429 or email her at ccd_

RCIA The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) helps prepare adults to become full members of the Catholic Church. It is for those who were never baptized, were baptized in another Christian faith, or were baptized Catholic but never received Communion and Confirmation. The RCIA begins in September and leads up to the celebration of the sacraments of initiation at the Easter Vigil on March 30th, 2012. For more information, please contact the rectory at 847-678-0138.

After debating what to write about for this article on religion, I thought: Why not start with the basics? Faith. Instead of first talking about any one religion in particular, let’s talk generally about faith in God. Now, I should tell you that I’m a movie nut. So when I was considering what to say about the topic of faith, a recent movie came to mind. This past winter the movie The Grey came to theaters, starring Liam Neeson. I loved this film, and not only because it was so well-made, but also because it surprised me by the deep topics that it touched upon: life, death, survival, humanity, and yes, the existence of God. I don’t want to give away too much for those who have not seen it, but basically, the movie centers around a group of oilrig workers who survive a plane crash in Alaska, only to be hunted by a viscous pack of wolves, forcing them to fight for

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their survival. Near the end of the film, after many of the men had been killed by the wolves, Liam Neeson’s character looks up at the sky and yells out to God to save him. “Do something!” he screams. “Show yourself!” After not hearing a response, he mutters, “Fine, I’ll do it myself.” He has seemingly given up on God. But just a little bit later, as he is about to make his last stand for survival, and as he remembers the men who have died, he folds his hands in prayer. This and other scenes in The Grey demonstrate that faith is not about having all our prayers answered exactly how and when we want them answered. Faith is about trusting that God is with us, even in – and especially in – the difficult times. Faith is about believing that there is something greater waiting for us beyond this life. Liam Neeson’s character had a spark of faith in him, whether he wanted to admit it or not. Faith in God is, I believe, imbedded in our humanity. Why else does the Bible continue to be the bestselling book of all time? Why do surveys continually show that a majority of people subscribe to some kind of faith in God? As St. Augustine famously said, “Our hearts are restless until they rest in you, O Lord.” We were made for God. Faith is the longing of our souls to connect with the God who made us. If you’ve been struggling with your faith, talk to God. Tell Him what’s on your mind. Even if you have to scream at Him, that’s okay – at least you’ll be talking to Him, and that’s a sign of faith.

Save the Date

Sunday, September 9, 2012 50th Anniversary Mass • 10:30 A.M. Formal 50th Anniversary Banquet To follow at 1:00 P.M. Music by

Paul Ciminello

Fountain Blue Banquets Des Plaines, IL 60018

St. Maria Goretti 3929 N. Wehrman Ave., Schiller Park 847-678-3988

Don’t Miss Out! St. Maria Goretti School Car Raffle Purchase your raffle tickets while they last. $75 each-only 300 will be sold. Order through the rectory office during the month of July 9am-1pm, Monday – Friday at St. Maria Goretti Parish 3929 Wehrman Avenue, Schiller Park, IL 60176. For more information call: 847 678-3988 or after the Saturday night and Sunday morning masses. First Prize: New 2011 Mazda2 Sport or $8,000 Cash Second Prize: $500 Third Prize: $250 Raffle Prize Drawing Extended to Sunday, August 26, at the SMG Parish Picnic!

School Registration St. Maria Goretti School is now accepting new registration for its Pre-K through 8th grade classes. St. Maria Goretti School is located at 10050 Ivanhoe Avenue in Schiller Park. St. Maria Goretti School offers an excellent academic program and daily religion classes. Enrichment programs of computers, physical education, library, music, Spanish, drama and art are built into the curriculum. Students may participate in our competitive Athletic Program, which offers opportunities in basketball, volleyball, and cheerleading. Other extracurricular activities include: National Junior Beta Club, Student Council, Band, Chess Club, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. In a beautiful child-centered environment attached to our school, we offer a 12 month Children’s Center facility. Students, age 3 and older, will be able to utilize the Children’s Center, 5 days per week, before and after

ChoColates Caramels Barks turtles Chunk of rays homemade Peanut Butter CuPs Linda the Candy Lady, located inside Allegretti’s Bakery, will be back mid September. Call for special orders for Graduations, Weddings, Bachelorette Parties and More!


Litnheda y d a L y Cand


• • •

• •

Parents can register for Terrific Tots at St. Cyprian School. For additional information about Terrific Tots, please visit the school website at, call the school office at (708) 453-6300, or email Mrs. Ellefson at mellefson4@

Fall Sessions Include:

• Tuesday mornings: 9:15-10:15am (Sept. 11 – Nov 13) • Thursday mornings: 9:15-10:15am (Sept 13- Nov 15) • The cost is $75 per child/ten week session

River Grove, IL – July 3, 2012 - Students at St. Cyprian School, located at 2561 Clinton Street in River Grove, IL, once again achieved academic test scores above the national average in all subject areas according to the annual Terra Nova assessment summary. Each year St. Cyprian students in the third, fifth and seventh grades take the Terra Nova standardized achievement tests which include assessments in Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. TerraNova tests are dually aligned with Archdiocesan curricula and Illinois State Learning Standards. St. Cyprian students also take the InView assessment of cognitive abilities including verbal and quantitative reasoning, sequences and analogies. When used with a quality achievement test like Terra Nova, InView provides anticipated achievement scores for individual students and groups, allowing comparisons between students of the same age, grade, and ability to determine whether students are achieving to their full potential. St. Cyprian students consistently test above ability level per the comparison data of the Terra Nova and InView, suggesting St.

St. Cyprian School Achievement Test Scores

• •

2601 Clinton Street, River Grove 708-453-4800,

This fall, St. Cyprian School will proudly host a new parent/toddler class called, TERRIFIC TOTS! Terrific Tots classes, which will meet weekly for one hour, are open to 1 to 3 year-old children and their caregivers. Classes are designed to give young children the opportunity to learn in a safe and supportive play environment and to allow children and caregivers to spend focused quality time together without outside distractions. Classes will include a variety of fun and educational activities including art, music, play time, story time, cooking and more! Terrific Tots will be lead by Mrs. Mary Ellefson who is a state-certified teacher with over ten years of teaching experience in the primary grades. She is also the parent of two young children. All Terrific Tots classes will be held at St. Cyprian School, located at 2561 Clinton St. in River Grove, and will meet one time per week for 10 weeks.

St. Cyprian School

TERRIFIC TOTS parent/toddler class

Visit our website for a virtual tour and see all the great things we have to offer!

9701 Franklin ave., Franklin Park 847-451-1703

• Art, Music, Spanish, Sports, Technology for all children. Test scores above the national average in every subject. Celebrating over 75 Years of Excellence in Catholic Education.

Be a Pirate and hunt For treasure or Bring us your Booty and Consign With us!

• NEW Full day Preschool for 4 year olds!

• Preschool through 8th Grade

Home Furnishings • Household • Items Toys • Jewelry • Art • Gently-Used Good Clothes • Theatrical Costumes/Props/Scenery Holiday Décor • Ballroom Dance Costumes/Dresses • Role Playing Games/Supplies Police/Fire/Railroad Memorabilia • Repurposed Furniture

Registration Continues All Summer

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St. Celestine School & Church

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TASTE OF ST. GERTRUDE FEST. August 25, 3-10pm and August 26, 11:30 to 5pm. Don’t miss it! • 847-219-0958



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No Job To Big or Small We Do Them All!

St. Gertrude Parish

Cyprian students are highly motivated to work hard, study well and succeed thanks to the school’s child-centered focus on high quality academic achievement and its dedicated and experienced principal and teachers. This focus and dedication along with the safe, supportive, considerate and prayerful traits of the small, charming school greet you when you enter the doors at St. Cyprian and provide the environment necessary for each and every child to fully develop-- academically, spiritually, individually and emotionally. School Goals for the 2012-2013 school term include increasing math and science scores at all grade levels. In keeping with the National Catholic Education Association, St. Cyprian’s overall theme for the next school year is, CATHOLIC SCHOOLS RAISE THE STANDARDS. We will celebrate the high-quality, faithbased education that Catholic schools provide. The Office of Catholic Education in the Archdiocese of Chicago will initiate the national common core standards throughout the archdiocesan-based curriculum. For additional information about St. Cyprian Catholic School in River Grove, which serves families in River Grove, Elmwood Park, Melrose Park, Franklin Park, Schiller Park, Northlake and Chicago, please visit the school website at For tours and registration, please call 708-453-6300. Book Bill Day is August 9, 2012 from 10am to noon and in the evening 6-8pm

school, school days off, and all summer from 6:30am-6pm. Please feel free to call for more registration information. During the month of July please leave a message at the rectory, 847 678-3988, and our principal will return your call. On August 1st, the school office will be open. You can call the school office, 847 678-2560, or feel free to stop in from 9am -2pm, Monday through Friday.

TEXAS HOLD ‘EM TOURNAMENT Saturday, september 29, 2012

HOLY FAMILY SCHOOL GYM 6:00 pm - Check-in/Dinner

145 E. GRAND AVE., BENSENVILLE 7:15 pm - First hand dealt


50/50 Split the Pot


Re-Buys Bags Tournament




Cash prize payout for final table Tournament Players receive $10K in chips with their $100 cash buy-in. unlimited re-buys during first 3 rounds - $40 cash for $5K in chips anytime you drop to $5K or below. (if you bust out you can purchase $10K in chips for $80 cash). optional add-on at the end of the 3rd round for all tournament players - $5K in chips for $40 cash. Tournament rules available at the door. The prize structure will vary based on the number of players in the tournament. The prizes will be announced after the first break.

tournament players reserve your seat and let us know you’re coming simply text “deal me in” to 1.630.965.1278 be sure to include your first & last name

pay at the door - must be 21 to enter


Losing the Last 5-10 Pounds

Drink a Cranberry Fat Flush daily. 1 Cup of unsweetened cranberry juice plus 2 TBSP of ground flaxseed and enough water to fill a 1 liter bottle. Shake well before drinking each time. It’s a little like drinking slightly sour water, but drink one liter each day for a week and it really helps to flush fat.

Sour News About Sweet Drinks Drinking sodas and other sugarsweetened beverages may increase a woman’s risk of heart disease and diabetes, according to research presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2011. Middle-aged and older women that drank two or more such drinks per day were nearly four times as likely to develop high triglycerides and significantly more likely to develop impaired fasting glucose levels, plus increase their waist size. The study also noted that risk factors for heart disease and stroke developed even when the women didn’t gain weight.

Easy Single Serve Mac and Cheese Recipe

Get both the convenience of the boxed stuff and the satisfaction of homemade with this 10 minute dinner. Combine ½ cup macaroni pasta, ½ cup water, and ½ tsp. salt in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave on high in 2 minute intervals, stirring between each, until pasta is al dente, 6 to 8 minutes. (Add 2 tbs. water, if needed, to fully cook pasta.) Stir in ¼ cup milk and ¼ to ½ cup shredded cheddar cheese. Microwave for 30 second intervals, stirring between each, until the cheese melts into a rich sauce. For variety, add diced veggies, meat, or spices to make this mac your own.

statistics adapted from the American Cancer Society’s publication, Cancer Facts & Figures 2012. New hope may lie in an ancient spice. A pilot study conducted at the university of California-Los Angeles Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center has shown that eating curcumin, the main component in the spice turmeric, works to suppress a cell-signaling pathway that spurs the growth of malignancies in the head and neck. Further, Curcumin reduces pro-inf lammatory cytokines (naturally occurring regulatory proteins) within saliva. Turmeric is widely used in South Asian and Middle Eastern Cooking (curry, for example), and has been long valued for its anti-inf lammatory properties, In India, women have used it for centuries as an anti-aging agent rubbed into the skin, as a poultice to promote wound healing and as a treatment for menstrual cramps.

No need to buy pricey (and preservativefilled) bags of microwave popcorn when you can make your own. Add about ¼ cup kernels to a large microwave-safe bowl and set a plate slightly askew on top. Or fill a brown paper bag with about ¼ cup of kernels and fold the top of the bag over a couple of times. Microwave for 2 to 3 minutes or until most of the kernels have

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Wondrous Watermelon

On a Budget Popcorn

Cancer Prevention in a Spice

This year, an estimated 52,610 people (38,380 men and 14,230 women) will develop cancer in the head and neck, leading to an estimated 11,500 deaths (or just under 22 percent), according to

popped. Remove and sprinkle as desired with butter, salt, and other toppings to your liking!

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On a hot summer day, a cool, juicy slice of watermelon offers enticing refreshment. The treat offers surprising health benefits too – it may help keep weight off and arteries clear, according to a recent study involving mice with high cholesterol by University of Kentucky researchers. One group sipped watermelon juice; the control group, water. After eight weeks, the mice that imbibed the juice had a lower body weight due to a decrease in fast mass; lean muscle mass was unaffected. These same mice also experienced reduced atherosclerotic lesions – associated with hardening of the arteries – and lower concentrations of cholesterol in their blood. “This pilot study has found… interesting health benefits in the mouse model of atherosclerosis,” says lead investigator Dr. Sibu Saha, a cardiothoracic surgeon. “Our ultimate goal is to identify bioactive compounds that would improve human health.”

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Make Your Diet Work For You Daily exercise is a great way to stay healthy well into your golden years. When coupled with a healthy diet, a workout regimen becomes even more effective. For those adamant about working out but unsure of how to maximize their workouts, the answer might just lie in your daily diet. Fitness fans who learn how to make their diets work for them often find their workouts become even more effective, improving both how they feel and how they look. The following are a few tricks of the trade for men and women who want to make their diets work for them. * Don’t discard breakfast. Many men and women prefer to workout in the morning, when temperatures might be more amenable to a morning jog or gyms might be less crowded than during peak hours. However, morning exercise enthusiasts should know that a healthy breakfast before working out can provide them with more energy, leading to a more effective workout. Men and women who don’t eat before their morning workouts are bound to feel more sluggish, as the majority of the energy from the previous night’s dinner has already been used up. A light breakfast of whole-grain cereal or bread paired with low-fat milk an hour before working out can provide the added boost your body needs and make your morning exercise routine that much more effective. Fruit,

trying to build muscle, and protein also promotes muscle repair. Many fitness experts feel the meal after a workout is the most important meal of the day, but just be sure yours contains both carbohydrates and protein.

including bananas or a few apple slices, can also do the trick. Just try to avoid working out on an empty stomach and give yourself enough time between eating and working out for the added energy boost to take effect. • Don’t overdo it. A small meal prior to working out is generally the best way to go. You can workout after a large meal, but you’ll need to give yourself more time between eating and exercising, ideally several hours. If you like to workout after a long day at the office, eat a light snack, ideally an hour before you expect to begin your workout, so your blood sugar won’t be too low. In addition, a light snack before a workout might provide some extra energy that will come in handy when you hit that treadmill or start lifting those weights. • Choose the right snacks. A snack before working is alright, just make sure it’s the right snack. A bag of potato chips, for example, is not an ideal preworkout snack, as it might produce an adverse effect, making you feel sluggish as you prepare to exercise. Fresh fruit, energy bars or drinks, granola bars or even a fruit smoothie will quell your hunger and help you maintain proper blood sugar levels. • Find something to eat after you exercise. Eating after you exercise is also

An exercise regimen can be even more effective when paired with the right diet. important. After working out, eating a meal with carbohydrates will promote muscle growth and recovery, restoring your fuel supplies that were lost during your workout. This will come in handy tomorrow when you want to work out again. • Eating protein after a workout is also important. Doing so is beneficial when

• Get creative. Children may not be inclined to eat loose pieces of fruit. But if the fruit is stuck on skewers or served with a low-fat dipping sauce or caramel, it may look more appealing. Look to "mini" foods, which tend to be more fun as well. Little sandwiches and little burgers may present an optical illusion, where kids think they're eating only a small amount, but actually it's a full serving.

separating school lunches easy. Few kids want to dig into a brown paper sack and pull out something that has been so squashed it's unrecognizable. Partitioned lunch boxes enable you to pack different items together where they can be stored separately. The divisions also help you remember to include foods from the basic food groups, such as a fruit, vegetable, protein, starch and dairy item. • Have your child make a list of his or her favorite foods. Once the list has been made, see how you can make the foods healthier. For example, if chicken nuggets make the list, prepare your own nuggets with white meat chunks that are baked, not fried. If there are a number of bread items, see if you can substitute whole grain breads instead of white, bleached varieties.

Diet and exercise make great bedfellows, and men and women can use their diets to make their workouts that much more effective.


How To Make Healthy School Lunches For Kids Conf ront at ions focusing on diet between children and parents have been around seemingly since the beginning of time. Many children start off as cooperative eaters, anxious to try different types of foods. As they get older, the number of foods they're apt to eat diminishes, which can make choosing healthy items for lunches and dinners more difficult. It also can make packing lunches for school more challenging. Many initiatives have attempted to improve the quality of school lunches provided by school cafeterias. Government regulations to reduce the amount of fat and sodium in these lunches, and to introduce more whole grains, fruits and vegetables, are one such initiative. Parents of students who prefer to bring their own lunches from home may be left wondering how they can create healthy lunches their kids will eat. Considering school lunches must compete with far less healthy yet widely available alternatives, parents will need to be creative in their creation of homemade lunches. Here are some ideas to get you started. • Purchase a new lunch container. There are many different new and innovative lunch containers that can make

• Don’t forget fluids. Fluids are part of your diet as well, and they’re especially important when exercising. Whether your typical exercise routine is vigorous or not, you are going to lose fluids when working out, sometimes a large amount of fluids. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends men and women emphasize drinking fluids, ideally water, before, during and after their workouts. It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day, but it’s very important to begin a workout with adequate fluids in your body and to replenish those fluids during and after your workout as well. Water is adequate for those whose workouts are 60 minutes or less, but choose a sports drink if you workout for more than an hour at a time. The sports drink will help you maintain your electrolyte balance and give you more energy as you’re working.

• Hide healthy foods within others. There are entire recipe books that teach you how to mix fruits and vegetables into desserts to increase nutritive value. Everything from spinach to tofu to beets have been included in items like cake, cookies and brownies. So if kids are reticent to dig into their greens, try a clever hiding method. • Cut foods into fun shapes. Kids may be more inclined to eat a turkey and cheese sandwich if it's cut into star shapes or their favorite cartoon characters. Invest in a few cookie cutters so that lunchtime becomes fun time. • Don't let the time of day dictate what you serve. As long as kids are eating healthy items, it doesn't matter when they eat them. If a child loves bagels, choose whole wheat bagels and add an egg on top for a nutritious lunch. Serve with a gelatin dessert that contains chunks of fruit and low-fat milk, and you're set.

Thousands of students will be heading back to school, where they will face the pressure of academics, making new friends and avoiding the vices of student life, such as drugs or alcohol. While certain drugs are on parents’ radars, new, very dangerous drugs are continually being created. One new and dangerous drug that has recently come to the forefront is “bath salts.” According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, calls to poison centers pertaining to bath salts rose to 6,138 in 2011 from 304 in 2010. The drug is not used in the bath but gets its name from its salt-like appearance. It is an inexpensive, synthetic form of speed that is made from mixing different stimulant chemicals. According to authorities and healthcare workers, the drug makes users aggressive and agitated while creating hallucinations that inspire paranoid and violent behavior. Many people became aware of bath salts in the spring of 2012, when a Miami man who may have been under theinfluence of bath salts allegedly attacked a homeless man and bit off portions of his f a c e. O t h e r similar cases have been documented.



After-Care Options For The Many Reasons To Dual-Income Families Support Technology in the Classroom who carpool may be dropped off early at the driver's home and stay there after school until their parents get home. In addition, many families have welcomed older relatives back into their homes in light of the struggling economy. In such instances, grandparents or aunts and uncles can look after the kids once school has ended for the day.

After-school programs

Dual-income families are relying on after-care programs more and more. In a perfect world, school and work hours would run concurrently. But the average school day begins at 9am and continues until 3pm, while the average work day lasts from 9am to 5pm As a result, parents must arrange for child care during those hours when school is out, but Mom and Dad are still at work. The two-income family is more common than ever before. Up until the 20th century, a dual-income family was rare. Today, however, roughly 80 percent of families in North America have both parents working, and many find it is impossible to live on one income. Dual-income families often have to make difficult choices about child care. If a mother returned to work shortly after giving birth, day care was probably arranged early on. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2010, 48 percent of children ages 0 to 4 with employed mothers were primarily cared for by a relative. Twenty-four percent spent the majority of their time in a center-based arrangement. As children grow and attend elementary school, traditional day care is usually not an option and parents have to make other arrangements.

Some children are enrolled in care centers that watch children before school, bus them to school and then return in the afternoon to pick up the children again. This is one of the more costly options in child care. However, it may be more educationally structured than the care programs provided at school. Students who participate in sports or academic clubs may have an arrangement to stay with a teacher, coach or club administrator until their parents are home from work. These programs vary depending on the region of the country and the particular school district. Personal finances also play a role in the type of care families can afford. When the decision is made, there are some questions parents should ask before enrollment. • What is the ratio of caregivers to students? • What is the cost of the program? • How are delayed opening days and early dismissal days handled? Holidays and breaks? • What happens if I arrive late? • What activities will take place? • Is there ample time for homework? • Are caregivers teachers or volunteers?

School-based care

• Are background checks conducted?

Many schools offer programs both before and after school, many of which are reasonably priced. This helps dualincome families, but may not be practical during early-release days, during teacher planning days or holiday breaks. Programs that help parents before school typically allow working parents to drop off their children before the parents head to work. The students are kept in the school's gym or cafeteria until the regular school day begins. The same scenario applies to after school programs. At dismissal, after-care students will return to the designated location to work on homework or engage in some activities with other after-care participants until their parents arrive to take them home.

• Is financial assistance available?

Family and friends Parents who prefer a different situation than school-based care frequently turn to friends or family members to bridge the gap between school and work. Students

• What is the turn-over rate of staff? • Is there a nurse available? • Who oversees the program? • Is busing available? • How are emergencies handled? • How is poor behavior handled? • May I visit the program for a check-in? • With whom do Ispeak if I have a problem? • If my child is absent, do Ireceive a refund for that day? • How long is the waiting list? These are just some of the questions to ask, and parents are encouraged to come up with their own to find the best program for their children.


Technology has become an integral part of life, affecting how we communicate, how we view our homes, how we conduct business and nearly every other aspect of our daily lives. That includes how we learn, especially for today’s youngsters. The classrooms of yesteryear are quickly becoming a thing of the past, as teachers are increasingly turning to technology to help students learn. Whereas technology in the classroom once meant teaching basic computer software and fundamental computer skills, nowadays technology is being integrated in ways that supplement lesson plans regardless of the subject matter. Students are utilizing technology to tackle projects, which helps them get a more realistic grasp on how to handle projects outside of the classroom and in the professional arena. Utilizing programs that professionals use better prepares students for life after they have earned their diplomas or degrees, making them more attractive to prospective employers and more capable once they are hired. Another way technology in the classroom is benefitting today’s students is the wealth of resources that technology can provide. Classes connected to the Internet, for instance, give students access to the latest information about topics they’re studying. This can include up-to-date studies and theories from experts in the field or, for current events students, instant access to what is going on in their community and beyond. Such accessibility was unimaginable as recently as 15 years ago, but is quickly becoming commonplace, and benefiting students along the way. Technology in the classroom can also help teachers. Students learn in their own ways, but teachers faced with growing class

Technology in the classroom is changing the ways students of all ages are learning. sizes and fewer resources often find it hard to connect with students who might not respond to the same teaching methods as their classmates. Technology can provide teachers with another avenue by which to reach their students, helping to engage those students who might otherwise have been turned off or lacked the necessary initiative to excel in school. Teachers may also find that technology in the classroom makes it easier to reach students. That’s because kids tend to find technology fun, even if it’s part of the learning process. In a study sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education that reported on the experiences of teachers and students in classrooms where technology was incorporated, teachers responded that, in many instances, students chose to work on technology-based projects during recess or lunch. As classrooms continue to change, the role of technology figures to expand. That expanded role can benefit students and teachers alike in a variety of ways.

TOP EARNING COLLEGE MAJORS According to the College Board, the cost of a college education has risen by almost 130 percent in the last 20 years. However, middle-class incomes have flatlined, making a college education an unattainable goal for many students. Those who take out loans as a means to pay their way may want to consider college majors that may better prepare them to find jobs in well-paying fields and offset the cost of those loans. According to salary data site PayScale, engineering majors are the majors to consider if salary is a priority. Petroleum engineering Chemical engineering Electrical engineering Aerospace engineering Computer engineering Physics Applied mathematics Computer science Nuclear engineering

STARTING PAY $91,000 $64,500 $61,300 $60,700 $61,800 $49,000 $52,600 $56,600 $65,000

MEDIAN PAY $155,000 $109,000. $103,000 $102,000 $101,000 $101,000 $98,600 $97,900 $97,800


Classroom Layout Can Affect Learning When school begins anew, students are often excited about seeing their friends again and spending time with classmates they will be learning alongside all year. Though who a student sits next to in class is important to students for one reason, teachers have different motives behind classroom seating arrangements. Classroom layout plays a role in how students learn, concentrate and behave. Before the school year begins, teachers may establish a seating and learning environment unique from other classes. Throughout the school year, adjustments may be made in the best interest in children. According to Scholastic, oftentimes elementary school-aged children learn best when they’re allowed to move throughout the classroom. Learning stations that allow such movement have become more popular in classrooms. One station may cater to auditory learning, while another may feature manipulatives that is ideal for students who thrive by learning with tangible items. Computer stations are also common, and this variety of stations breaks up the monotony of one type of learning by keeping students interested and engaged. Some teachers prefer to arrange desks in different fashions depending on the teachers’ teaching styles. The design of long rows of desks all facing the front of the

Could an eco-friendly, technologically heavy, environment-inclusive design be the classroom of the future? Australian-based architecture firm LAVA thinks so. classroom is not always practical for students or teachers. It can be difficult for teachers to see students in the middle or the back of the room, while students may find it difficult to concentrate on learning if they’re staring at the backs of other classmates’ heads. Common desk layouts include grouping a few desks together to face one another for collaborative lessons. Some teachers prefer a “U” or circle layout to encourage discussions. Students prefer different environments in which to learn, and teachers may be wise to create different scenarios inside

of the classroom. An isolated cubicle or desk shielded by bookcases can be a good retreat spot for a child who likes quiet for personal study. Other students like to study and work together, so a round group table may be the ideal place for them to gather. The classroom need not always be brightly lit for learning either. Teachers can think about using different types of lights to set up nooks in the classroom to facilitate learning. Hard seats, hard desks and the same location over and over can sometimes be uncomfortable. Teachers with novel educating styles may prefer to switch

environments from time to time to keep students’ minds engaged. For example, they may take science lessons outside for children to learn first-hand about nature or animals. A trip to the school’s theater or all-purpose room may be better for a language arts assignment, such as acting out a play. Students from the same grade may swap classrooms with another class so they benefit from a different teaching style and environment. Sometimes teachers put all students together for a group lesson to exchange new viewpoints. Some designers and architects also have views on how classrooms should be designed. In 2011, the Laboratory for Visionary Architecture, with offices in Sydney, Stuttgart and Shanghai, designed a concept for the “classroom of the future.” It’s a prefabricated and portable classroom unit that integrates into the landscape while enhancing the learning environment. The materials are cost-effective and sustainable. Classroom environments may once have been about rigid rows of desks where all eyes were focused on the blackboard. But today teachers and innovators have realized the benefits of switching things up to tap students’ learning potential. From the use of smartboards and computers to the rearrangement of seats, variety in the classroom is often advantageous to students.

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TradiTiOnal ServiCeS • CremaTiOn memOrial ServiCeS • Pre-Planning

dedicated to Serving Families in our leyden area Since 1924 9568 Belmont avenue • Franklin Park

(847) 678-1950 Three Generations of the Tiedemann Family A Full Ser vice Death Care Facility

Splendor Salon & Spa naturally combines the miracle healing of botanical herbs with advanced spa treatments from europe. We at Splendor Salon are stylists trained in top new York, Chicago, las Vegas and San Francisco salons. We apply our skills to realize your ultimate vision of yourself.

ServiceS Offered: hair deSign, Color and TreaTmenTS FaCialS ~ BodY TreaTmenTS ~ anTi-STreSS maSSage ~ makeup ~ Waxing Bride, groom & Wedding parTY paCkageS perSonalized Splendor paCkageS aVailaBle upon requeST giFT CerTiFiCaTeS


First time customers only. one offer per person, per visit. offer expires 9-1-12

Splendor Salon & Spa 4738 n. Cumberland ave. Chicago ~ 773-625-0200 Mówię po polsku



Prepare Your Home Before a Party The thought of having people over to your home for a party may sound enjoying or completely terrifying. After all, welcoming guests into your home requires ample cleaning and organization of different rooms to ensure both the guests and you feel comfortable. Even the most experienced hostess may feel nervous about preparing her home for guests. Although prepping the house may seem like a burden -- especially if yours family tends to err on the messy side -- don’t call in the maid service just yet. All it usually takes is straightening up a few key rooms to give guests a good impression. • Begin where guests will enter the home. This is usually the entryway or foyer. Make room in and tidy up the coat closet so guests will have places to stow their coats. Assess the entry area and consider a floral arrangement on a table by the door to make it more inviting. Remove any clutter that congregates in the entry, including shoes, mail or dog leashes. Put them in a basket and move it to a closet or storage area. Give the floor a thorough cleaning or vacuuming. Think about placing an air freshener nearby so guests will be greeted with a pleasant fragrance. • Focus on the room or rooms where guests will be spending the majority of

their time. In most cases, this is a dining area or living space. Because these are often the places where families spend the most time, they may require some significant tidying up. First and foremost, remove any clutter, especially items that have been left around but belong in other areas of the house. Even the most spotless home can look messy or unclean if there is a lot of clutter. If you don’t have the time to move everything to where it belongs, simply box it up and move it to the garage or basement for the time being. • Dust, vacuum and/or mop the primary entertaining areas. Now is the time to do the thorough cleaning you might have been putting off. Move the furniture and clean the dust bunnies that have collected. Wipe down the windows and sliding doors that tend to collect fingerprints. Use the vacuum nozzle to clean cobwebs from corners and debris from narrow areas where it tends to accumulate. Think about using a carpet powder when vacuuming to give the home a fresh fragrance. • Take inventory of shelves and tables in the rooms. You don’t want guests inadvertently bumping into delicate items and causing breakage. If there are items that you don’t want touched or potentially damaged, move them out of the way.

Pairing Wine With Dessert

Many people are novices when it comes to choosing the right wine to pair with food, and the same can be said when wine carries over into the dessert hour. Dessert is an expansive term for many different culinary creations, so finding the right wine to go with your dessert is not always easy. Here are some suggestions, courtesy of The Nibble, a specialty food magazine. • Apple pie or tartlets: Anjou wines, like Bonnezaux

• Coconut custard pie: A Beerenauslese Riesling

• Cheesecake: Champagne or rick wines, like Sauternes

• Cookies: Whatever is the best you have on hand

• Chocolate: Late harvest Zinfandel or vintage port

• Pudding or mousse: Fortified Muscats

• Fresh fruit: Moscato D’Asti

• Tiramisu: Sweet Malvasia or Champagne

• Spend ample time cleaning bathrooms or powder rooms. Restrooms need to be spotless and sanitary. Devote a lot of your cleaning time to doing a thorough cleaning. Use a bleach-and-water solution to wipe down showers, toilets and sink areas. Make sure to clean any spots off of mirrors and scrub tile floors so that they are free from hairs and any sticky residue from hairstyling products. Be sure there are no rings in the toilet. Although you may feel like you can skip cleaning in the shower or bathtub -- and even hide items behind frosted doors or shower curtains -- clean it anyway. Some guests may peer behind the curtain and get an eyeful. Be sure to empty the wastebasket and set out fresh towels. • Keep children’s rooms closed if the party is for adults. Kids’ rooms won’t need to be cleaned if the party is strictly for adults. However, if kids will be coming, they’re likely to spend time in your kids’

rooms and these rooms will need to be straightened up. Older children should take responsibility for their own rooms. • Move larger items to increase space. Moving big pieces of furniture out of rooms and setting up folding chairs and tables can accommodate more guests. • Be prepared to react quickly to food and drink stains. Stains are likely to happen, so keep this in mind when hosting. If you have a great fear of carpeting or furniture being soiled, choose beverages and foods that are light in color. Otherwise, stock up on carpet and upholstery cleaner and hope for the best. If you are extremely pressed for time to clean and your budget allows, you may want to hire a cleaning service to come in prior to the party and do a thorough, professional job.

Homecooked Bread to Complement Your Next Dinner Party Entertaining family and friends often entails sitting down to a good meal. Hosts can have the meal catered, but many prefer to whip up a favorite recipe or try something new. While the entree often gets the bulk of the attention, hosts who want to go the extra mile can spend some extra time supplementing the meal with some homecooked side dishes. Bread makes a perfect side dish or appetizer for many meals, and those who want to try their hand at baking their own bread should consider the following recipe for “Southwest Cornbread” from Linda Collister’s “Quick Breads” (Ryland, Peters & Small).

Southwest Cornbread Makes 1 medium bread 2 cups corn kernels, fresh or frozen 2/3 cup fine yellow cornmeal 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup pine nuts, toasted 1 rounded teaspoon chopped fresh sage leaves 1 scallion, sliced 1 cup unbleached all-purpose flour 1/4 cup corn oil 2 extra-large eggs 1 cup buttermilk 1 pat of butter 1 9-inch cast iron, ovenproof skillet or an 8-inch square cake pan

Hosts hoping to offer their guests something new should consider complementing the entree with a unique, homecooked side like Southwest Cornbread.

1. Preheat the oven to 350 F. 2. Put the corn kernels, cornmeal, baking powder, salt, pine nuts, sage, scallion, and flour in a large bowl and mix well. 3. In a separate bowl, beat the oil with the eggs and buttermilk, then stir into the dry ingredients to make a thick batter. 4. If you are using the skillet, heat the pan with the pat of butter in the oven until foaming -- about 3 minutes. If you are using a cake pan, then grease it well. 5. Pour the batter into the hot skillet or the prepared pan and bake in the oven for about 20 minutes until firm to the touch and a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Serve while still warm, either straight from the skillet or turned out of the pan onto a cutting board and cut into large squares. 6. Best eaten the same day. Not suitable for freezing.


Recently Sold Homes TOWN



245 N. Walnut St. 1N 502 N. Marshall Rd. 241 S. Center St. 800 Brentwood Dr. 530 W. Hillside Dr. 306 Judson St. 1018 Brookwood St. 1735 N. 75th Ct. 2903 N. 76th Ct. 2509 N. 78th Ave. 2201 N. 78th Ave. 2118 N. 74th Ave. 7821 W. Sunset Dr. 7911 W. Birchdale Ave. 2133 N. 73rd Ave. 2905 N. 76th Ct. 2838 N. 75th Ave. 7931 W. Fletcher St. 7942 Country Club Ln. 7912 W. North Ave. #403 2540 N. 73d Ct. 1644 N. 76th Ave. 2020 N. 73rd Ave. #GE 26 W. conti Pkwy. #3N 7929 W. Grand Ave., #508 1835 N. 75th Ave. 3410-12 Ruby 10115 Nevada Ave. 3115 George St. 2745 Scott St. 2616 Silver Creek Dr. 3048 George St. 2715 Elder Lane 3006 N. Dora St. 3307 N. Rose St. 3041 N. Ernst St. 3529 Dora St. 3106 Ruby St. 2928 N. Edgington St. 3138 Scott St.



SOLD DATE OF PRICE SALE $45,000 6/27/12 $90,000 6/27/12 $106,000 6/27/12 $225,000 6/29/12 $170,000 7/5/12 $76,500 7/6/12 $133,000 7/9/12 $240,000 6/25/12 $139,000 6/26/12 $78,000 6/27/12 $305,000 6/27/12 $170,100 6/29/12 $192,000 6/29/12 $220,000 6/29/12 $124,000 7/2/12 $127,000 7/2/12 $162,500 7/2/12 $230,000 7/2/12 $251,900 7/2/12 $65,000 7/6/12 $230,000 7/6/12 $332,000 7/10/12 $22,500 7/11/12 $41,900 7/12/12 $41,500 7/17/12 $165,500 7/17/12 $85,000 6/20/12 $65,000 6/25/12 $81,000 6/25/12 $111,000 6/26/12 $126,000 6/26/12 $185,000 6/27/12 $80,000 6/28/12 $134,000 6/28/12 $306,100 6/29/12 $205,000 6/30/12 $125,000 7/6/12 $130,000 7/7/12 $80,600 7/9/12 $82,500 7/13/12






As of 7/18/12

SOLD DATE OF ADDRESS PRICE SALE 10206 Addison Ave. $135,000 7/13/12 9602 Schiller Blvd. #3N $62,000 7/16/12 2621 Scott St. $75,000 7/16/12 3320 Ernst St. $132,000 7/16/12 2652 N. Maple Ave. $95,000 7/17/12 7508 W. Ainslie St. $301,000 6/28/12 4448 N. Newcastle Ave. $78,000 6/29/12 6800 W. Forest Preserve Dr. $380,000 6/29/12 4725 N. Octavia Ave. $210,000 7/5/12 4725 N. New England Ave. $195,000 7/6/12 4223 N. Newland $264,000 7/12/12 7420 W. Lawrence Ave. #211 $107,000 7/16/12 2835 N. Rhodes Ave. $56,000 6/25/12 3001 N. Wolf Rd. $41,000 6/29/12 3143 Martin Ave. $67,000 6/29/12 916 N. Prater Ave. $110,000 7/2/12 841 N. Prater Ave. $80,500 7/6/12 2015 Emerson Ave. $29,000 7/11/12 9704 Castello Ave. $105,000 7/12/12 9721 Dickens Ave. $130,000 7/13/12 1619 N. 24th Ave. $74,000 6/25/12 914 N. 20th Ave. $64,000 6/27/12 1410 LeMoyne Ct. #1410 $50,000 6/28/12 1616 N. 18th Ave. $103,000 6/29/12 134 N. 18th Ave. $120,000 6/29/12 1012 N. 15th Ave. $68,000 7/3/12 1421 N. Lee Ave. $152,000 7/3/12 1712 N. 14th Ave. $82,790 7/4/12 1654 N. 15th Ave. $58,900 7/6/12 1307 N. 17th Ave. $125,000 7/13/12 1215 N. 11th Ave. $52,800 7/16/12 4328 N. Olcott Ave. $225,000 6/25/12 7100 W. Cullom Ave. #320 $124,000 6/26/12 8540 w. Foster Ave. #209 $130,000 6/26/12 8276 W. Strong St. $850,000 6/28/12 8564 W. Lawrence Ave. $1,200,000 6/29/12 4555 N. Cumberland Ave. #212 $175,000 7/2/12 4134 N. Osceola Ave. $190,000 7/2/12 4655 N. Cumberland Ave. #511 $163,000 7/6/12 4102 N. Odell Ave. $395,000 7/6/12







7650 W. Lawrence Ave. #102 4240 N. Ozark Ave. 4939 N. East River D. #1B 8560 W. Foster Ave. #607 7100 W. Cullom Ave. #116 22 King Arthur Ct. #22 26 Armitage Ave. 14 King Arthur Ct. #14 36 Wagner Dr. 104 S. Caryl Ave. 309 Morse Dr. 131 S. Lavergne Ave. 1106 Sandra Ave. 21 King Arthur Ct. #20 301 Village Dr. 1730 Greenwood Ave. 417 N. Redfield St. 900 S. Cumberland Ave. 21 N. Aldine Ave. 421 S. Greenwood 2500 Windsor Mall #1J 1709 S. Vine Ave. 1027 Austin 1231 S. Crescent Ave. 413 Leonard St. 211 N. Western 1011 Peterson #A 8035 W. O'Connor Dr. #6B 2636 River Rd. 2541 Thatcher Ave. #3E 8656 W. Lyndale St. 8247 W. O'Connor Dr. 10018 Rosemont St. 9626 W. Higgins Rd. #2B 3721 Ruby Street #108S 4342 N. Atlantic Ave. 10146 Hartford Ct. #1B 9355 W. Irving Park Rd. #303 4027 Goss Ave.

SOLD DATE OF PRICE SALE $110,000 7/9/12 $127,500 7/12/12 $44,100 7/13/12 $102,000 7/17/12 $103,000 7/17/12 $33,000 6/22/12 $84,000 6/26/12 $23,500 6/29/12 $125,000 6/29/12 $54,000 7/2/12 $143,000 7/2/12 $66,000 7/6/12 $75,000 7/6/12 $23,000 7/11/12 $80,000 7/16/12 $160,000 6/29/12 $235,000 6/29/12 $495,000 6/29/12 $655,000 7/2/12 $560,000 7/3/12 $108,000 7/10/12 $184,000 7/12/12 $399,000 7/13/12 $481,700 7/16/12 $715,000 7/16/12 $330,000 7/17/12 $168,000 7/18/12 $53,000 7/9/12 $88,400 7/9/12 $38,000 7/10/12 $195,000 7/16/12 $425,000 7/18/12 $100,000 7/17/12 $95,000 7/25/12 $37,000 7/3/12 $175,000 7/3/12 $27,900 7/20/12 $59,000 7/24/12 $196,000 7/24/12

Source: ReMax Realty; Donna Raven, Realtor. The accuracy of all information, regardless of source, is deemed reliable but not guaranteed and should be personally verified through appropriate professionals.

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ELMWOOD PARK THEFT: • July 13 - A garage theft was reported on the 2800 block of 73rd Ave. • July 16 - A report of a stolen 1990 Buick Park Avenue came from the 7500 block of Grand Avenue • July 16 – Numerous pieces of jewelry were reported stolen on the 2300 block of 74th Court • July 19 – The 2800 block of 75th Court reported some solar landscaping lights stolen. • July 20th – A wallet was stolen from the Planet Fitness location on the 2500 block of Harlem Ave. • July 20th – A store on the 7700 block of Belmont Avenue reported a bottle of vodka stolen. • July 23 – The owner of a car parked on the 2600 block of Harlem Avenue reported its catalytic converter stolen CRIMINAL DAMAGE: • July 16 – Damage was reported to a vehicle on the 2600 block of 73rd court. • July 17 – A Jeep Liberty on the 2200 block of 77th Court had its window smashed • July 18 – A glass door at a school on the 7600 block of Cortland Parkway had a brick thrown through it. • July 17 – A home on the 2000 block of 78th Avenue had a rock thrown through its window sometime between 10pm on July 17 and 6am July 18. • July 21 – Flower boxes were thrown into a neighbor’s yard on the 3100 block of 78th Avenue • July 21 – Criminals spray painted a car on the 2800 block of 76th Court RIVER GROVE • THEFT. A woman from Norridge was arrested on the 7900 block of Belmont Avenue and charged with allegedly stealing three bottles of Jack Daniels. PARK RIDGE • SUSPICIOUS PERSON. A resident of the 1000 block of West Devon Avenue reported she heard someone open and close her screen door after arriving home in the early morning hours. She then reported seeing a man standing near her vehicle in the driveway and an unfamiliar white minivan or SUV parked on the street. The man left the area and the resident described him as in his 30’s with dark hair. • PROPERTY DAMAGE. July 14 & 15 - Four Prospect Avenue street signs were removed, damaged and then placed on the lawn of a home on the 300 block of Edgemont Lane. • BURGLARY. July 6. An unlocked vehicle parked on the 700 block of Austin Avenue had a camera, CPS device and iPod stolen. • PROPERTY DAMAGE. July 15 – A rock damaged a window of a vehicle on the 100 block of Devon Avenue. It appears someone had thrown a rock at the window.

THEFT: • July 20 – Two young men were charged with retail theft after allegedly leaving a Dominick’s store with a cart filled with unpaid groceries. • July 14 – The allegro Music Center located at 800 W. Devon Ave. reported to police that two men in their 20’s allegedly stole a guitar valued at $540. After being chased by a witness, the men put the guitar down on the ground, apologized for taking it and ran off. • July 11 and July 13 – Copper downspouts were stolen from the Metra train station at Busse Highway and Dee Road. FRANKLIN PARK THEFT: • July 11 – A building on the 10000 block of Pacific Avenue reported wiring, a table saw, hand saw, lawn mower and ladder were stolen. The rear door appeared to have been forced open. • July 14 – Midwest Title Loans on Mannheim Road reported their front window broken • July 17 – A report of a stolen 2001 Ford Econoline Van from the J.S. Paluch Company at 3708 River Road • July 18 – The hood and roof of a police car was reportedly scratched on the 9500 block of Belmont Avenue. SCHILLER PARK • SUSPICIOUS PEOPLE. June 26 - A resident of on the 4400 block of Emerson reported that she was approached last week by two men saying they wanted to talk to her about her backyard and that they were part of a construction crew working on the creek project. What she found strange was the fact that one of the men stayed in the front of the house while the other guy met her in back. Luckily, the resident keeps her doors locked at all times while working outside. While the one guy was distracting her, the other guy apparently was trying to get into the home. After a suspicious incident in the home while asking for a remodeling quote, the resident asked them to leave and then called the police and made out a report. The police informed her that there are several groups going around who work together targeting homes and older people. They were driving a white van with a magnet sign on the side that said “Dare Construction.” If you are approached, ask for a business card and if they say they don’t have one, tell them to leave and contact the police. • BURGLARY. June 27 – A burglary occurred at Sunrise Printing which resulted in a loss of close to seven thousand dollars. A window seemed to be the point of entry. Speculation is that a cleaning crew might have unlocked a window in order to allow someone to break in. Two computers and a safe were taken and a computer monitor and window screen was damaged. After officers did some investigating, it was indeed found that one of the cleaning crew did unlock the window and returned later in the evening to rob the premises. The suspect was arrested by Schiller Park police.

• SUICIDE. June 27 – An apparent suicide took place at the O’Hare Inn and Suites. Officers and paramedics arrived on the scene to find a black, male leaning out the window of the hotel. He would not cooperate with the officers when asked to go back inside the room. Soon after, the subject fell head first to the concrete area below. He was pronounced dead at Gottlieb Hospital. Upon inspection of the room, a suicide note was found. • ALLEGED PROSTITUTION. June 29 – Several complaints have been received by the Schiller Park Police Department of alleged prostitution in and around the hotels located on Mannheim Road. Officers set up a sting and were able to arrest two women for allegedly accepting money for sexual favors. • POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE AND UNLAWFUL ACQUISITIONS OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE. June 27 – A report was filed with the SP police when a complainant discovered his prescriptions have been getting picked up by someone else at different pharmacies. Records showed that the perpetrator had been picking up the prescriptions at 4 different Walgreens in the last 3 months. Officers started investigating the matter and asked the pharmacists at the Schiller Park Walgreens to contact them should anyone try to pick up the prescription. Sure enough, the offender picked up the pills and officers were waiting to arrest him as he exited the store. He was charged with possession of a controlled substance and unlawful acquisitions of a controlled substance. SCHILLER PARK FIRE INCIDENTS: • JULY 24. Fire Dept. Personnel responded to the power lines arching in the tree at Wagner and Belle Plaine. Once on the scene they found that a tree branch broke off and pushed the wires into the main trunk of the tree and was grounding out on the tree which caused the arching and smoking. ComEd was notified, but was delayed because of storm calls. The area was barricaded and taped off with caution tape. Throughout the day, the fire dept responded there 4 more times due to smoking in the tree. At approximately 3:30pm they received a call that the wires had snapped and have fallen to the ground. Again nothing could be done by the fire department because the wires were still live and now arching on the ground. Com Ed was again contacted informing them the wires were now on the ground live and arching. A police car was dispatched to stay on the scene to protect the area. ComEd came out later to cut the power and repair the downed wires. • JULY. Dry weather contributed to the fire department being called out about 4am on a hot July morning to extinguish a fire on the Sexton Landfill property. Approximately 2 acres of grass was burning. The fire department extinguished it in about ten minutes. Because the ground is so dry, the earth cracks and the rotting and decaying garbage gives off methane gas which seeps to the surface and generates heat which in turn ignites and burns the dry grass. The fire department is called to the area several times during the summer to put fires out.

Residents are warned to keep their valuables locked up, doors and windows locked when not at home, vehicles locked, even if leaving it for a few minutes; that’s all it takes for a thief to take off with it. Call police if you observe any suspicious activity in your area. Readers are reminded that an arrest does not constitute a finding of guilt. Only a court of law can make that determination.

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People & Places is the perfect place for Wedding Announcements, Notice of Passing/Memorials, Garage Sales, For Sale, Help Wanted, For Rent or Business Services Ad. HELP WANTED FT positions available immediately in Franklin Park. Primary duties include production of food products in a fastpaced environment. Applicants must have reliable transportation. Compensation to start at $8.25/hr. Email résumés to or fax to 847.455.2303. KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS AVE MARIA COUNCIL #4456 LOOKING FOR NEW MEMBERS Serving our church, community and country for over 50 years! Our council serves St. Gertrudes in Franklin Park and St. Beatrice in Schiller Park. The Community benefits from our fundraisers such as the Tootsie Roll Drive and pancake breakfasts, to name a couple, helping people with intellectual disabilities and future seminarians. Meetings are held at 8pm at St. Beatrice School Hall on the 1st Wednesday of the month for business meetings and 3rd Wednesday of the month for social meetings. If interested in joining the Knights please call Richard Mohrhusen at 847-455-5795. Find out how you can not only enrich your own life, but the lives of others. CALL TODAY FOR INFORMATION!



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SERVICES DIRECTORY AUTO: NEW & USED SALES CURRIE MOTORS John Downs 708-771-2600 x 202 AL PIEMONTE FORD Jason Bono 708-345-9300 Cen Salifoski 708-345-9300




FLOWER FANTASY Wedding and Funeral Arrangements, gifts and more! 708-453-1653

RICKERT REALTORS® Seniors Real Estate Specialist® Member of the Senior Services Task Force Committee, Serving the Real Estate Community for Over 35 Years Call for a Free Market Evaluation 847-455-1939




GREAT FOR KIDS PARTIES, BLOCK PARTIES Call Dirk 708-532-0827 Simply Fun for all ages!


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COMPLETE PLUMBING SERVICE Call Roy 773-343-1963 25 Years of Experience AUGUST 2012 • PEOPLE & PLACES 39


Freedom Heating/Cooling/Plumbing & Electrical

9958 W. Grand Ave. • Franklin Park

847-288-1788 24 Hour Service

We Service all Makes & Models

$250 OFF $35 OFF 10% OFF

Any new installation package Must present coupon at time of service. Not valid with any other special PP

Any repair over $200

Must present coupon at time of service. Not valid with any other special Some restrictions apply PP

16 Point Expert Clean & Precision Tune-Up


Senior Discount

Reg. $129.00 (Restrictions Apply)

Must present coupon at time of service. Not valid with any other special PP

Must present coupon at time of service. Not valid with any other special PP

Open FOR Lunch 7 DAys A Week! sun-ThuRs 11Am-11pm FRi-sAT 11Am-miDniGhT Carry Out or Fast Hot Delivery

Delivery AreA: River Grove • Elmwood Park • Franklin Park •Schiller Park limiteD AreA: Chicago • Norridge • Rosemont • Oak Park • Northlake • Stone Park Delivery Charge: $3

Buy One Buy One Pizza sPeCial! TwO Thin CrusT, Thin CrusT Pizza 18” Pizza One TOPPinG GeT One GeT One 18” Pizzas Thin CrusT 12” Cheese Pizza

Free Free $2499

Thin Crust Only. Toppings Extra. Pick-Up Only. Monday thru Thursday only. Must Mention coupon when ordering. Not valid with any other offers. Expires 9/1/12.

Must Mention coupon when ordering. Not valid with any other offers. Expires 9/1/12.

Thin crust only. One Topping Each. Must Mention coupon when ordering. Not valid with any other offers. Expires 9/1/12.

pizzA • Ribs • chicken • shRimp • pAsTA sAnDWiches • FResh sALADs • pAnzAROTTis 8342 W. Grand Ave. • River Grove • At Grand & Thatcher • Fax 708-456-2075

708-456-2000 • 40 PEOPLE & PLACES • AUGUST 2012

August 2012 People & Places Newspaper  
August 2012 People & Places Newspaper  

People and Places Newspaper covering the Leyden Township in Illinois.