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JULY 2012 Volume 2 Issue 7

Serving Leyden Township

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Message from the Publisher Being a member of a library board, I k now t he importance of local libraries in our towns. They provide a valuable service to BARBARA PILTAVER, the community Publisher o f f e r i n g newspapers, 847-624-1413 magazines, DVD’s, training sessions, seminars and a whole spectrum of books to spark one’s imagination. Most people don’t even know that libraries offer a reference librarian who can answer just about any kind of question someone can come up with. You don’t always have to use “” to come up with an answer! However, it’s distressing to see how few people come to the library to take advantage of the programs that are offered or simply to sit in a quiet place to read. For instance there was a presentation given by Leyden Credit Union recently at the Schiller Park Library where only one person was in attendance. Had more people attended, they might have found out the differences between banks and credit unions and had the information to make an informed decision on where to “bank” their money. With the noticeable decline in library use, it always reminds me of the 1960 movie “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells, where he travels forward in


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time only to discover books in a library disinteg rated and people walk ing around indifferent and with no emotion or critical thinking. Could this be in our future? I shudder to think, but if people keep letting computers do all their thinking for them or continually sit in front of a television set being brainwashed by so called reality shows, it just might happen. I challenge readers to take time this summer, thirty minutes or an hour, to re-discover your local library. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll discover and learn; how taking that time will jump start your imagination and transport you to worlds unknown! I love summer! Give me heat, no matter how hot, because all too soon the winter chill will be upon us. Reasons to love summer are all the things you can do outside. Camp, fish, swim, ride your bike, walk, run, soak up the sun! Gardening, attending fairs and fests and just taking a nice long rest. Fourth of July, picnics and parks, shopping at markets and hearing dogs bark! The other day I heard the ice cream truck going up and down the streets. I stopped and wondered though, where are all the children that used to play in the streets? Playing ball, riding their bikes or are they camped out in front of computer screens shooting up enemies in video game air strikes? Remember playing kick-thecan or hide and go seek; running and jumping, frightening those who peeked? Playing in the dark was the best and moms knew you’d be home on time to

take a rest. Catching lightning bugs in a jar and lying on your back to look at the stars; Sitting on your porch waving high to your neighbors; talking for hours not thinking of labor. Oh summer, what wonderful thoughts it brings out in me. How about you? What does summer let your memory see? Soak up every minute of summer! Have a safe and fun Fourth of July. Remember to f ly your f lag. There are numerous fireworks displays going on; don’t miss out on the festivities. See you next month when we celebrate one year publishing People & Places Newspaper! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Letters to the Editor Dear Fellow American, Did you ever sit and watch our American flag while at full mast waving in the wind? I have. I sometimes watch, while outside on my patio. I will watch with pride the flag waving in the wind. I have a flag pole on my home and the flag is up every day. What do I see? I see the most beautiful flag in the world. It makes me very proud to be an American. I have looked in encyclopedias, reference books and on line at all of the worlds flags. I can not find a more beautiful flag. As I watch it wave I notice the many looks of the flag in the wind. Sometimes depending on how it is flown in the wind, it can get tangled up. It can sometimes get rolled up on the mast from which it is attached to. The wind can torture a flag. The weather also can cause a flag to fly in odd ways. Like for instance when it rains and then the temperature drops below freezing in a hurry. Different harsh conditions and constant changes can wreak havoc on the condition of the American f lag. It can become torn and faded in storms; its edges sometimes become shredded. Then on a sunny windy day it can fly with its world wide known beauty. I find

it ironic how many different looks I have seen the flag in and its uncanny correlation with the state of our great country. The f lag seems to ref lect the many moods of America. Its many looks are similar to the changes and conf lict of America. It reflects the ups and downs of America. It can fly distressed from the uncertain winds of change. It weathers the storms America faces in its every day struggle to be the greatest country in the world. Sometimes I see a f lag stuck in an awkward position. I want to right its drape but can not get to it. It is hanging out of reach. Sometimes I may see an American flag torn and shredded. Again it is out of reach and I feel helpless to replace it with a new flag. It is ironic how this feeling is parallel with our country and its many problems today. You see America changing in a way in which I do not understand. It seems all the strange things occurring today are out of my reach to impact changes. America still always seems to right itself. It always seems to recover from its many historical dark periods. Just like the flag which represents all of us. It somehow

rights itself and flies straight in the winds of righteousness and justice. Fly your American flag with pride. Let it remind you of what a great Nation we are. “One Nation under God, indivisible………. because without God we will surely be an eternally lost and divided Nation. God Bless America, Alfonzo J. Baldassano, Northlake, Illinois Barbara and People & Places. Thanks so much for all the great articles about SMG! You have been very generous in promoting our school and the 50th anniversary church event. Best of luck and love your paper. Liz Lynch-St. Maria Goretti Dear Barbara, Each paper is better than the last one. Please keep up the good work as long as you can; so, so many good articles. I loved the one about the “Bully” tee shirt. The shirt is truly “garbage” quote, unquote! Parents better start protecting these children from bullies and harassment. With that note I bid a goodnight and God Speed! CONTINUED ON PAGE 27

Submit your opinion. Call 847-624-1413 or send us an email at Message must be brief, to the point, no vulgarity, as this is a family newspaper. Please speak plainly and slowly. Opinions expressed in the Open Forum are the opinions of the submitters and not necessarily the opinion of People & Places and/or the Publisher.

July 3: BENSENVILLE FIREWORKS Fireworks in Bensenville both the 3rd and the 4th, for shuttle bus and parking information visit web site Free, Redmond Prk, Bensenville, 9:30 -10pm, 630-766-8200,

July 3: PARK RIDGE FIRE WORKS Fireworks, Maine East High School, 2601 W. Dempster St., Park Ridge, 8pm or Dusk.

July 3: BINGO AND PUB BURGER Meet new people, play bingo, have a nice lunch Fee,$3.00 make reservations,, Grant Bulgar Park, Melrose Park, Noon 2pm, 708-343-5270, July 3: LIFE LINE SCREENING Melrose Park Senior Center in Melrose Park. By Appt. only Discounted cost involved for 5 different screenings $149. Call 1-800-395-1801. July 4: LIBERTYFEST Music, Food, Pony Rides, Fireworks, PARADE, Redmond Park 735 E Jefferson St, Village of Bensenville, 10am - 10pm, 630-7668200,

July 4: ELMWOOD PARK PARADE 4TH OF JULY CELEBRATION, 1 Conti Parkway, Elmwood Park, 10am - Noon, 708-452-3962,


July 4: MOVIE IN THE PARK Puss & Boots,


rated pg13,This feature will be shown in Spanish, Bring Lawn Chair, Snack, blanket to sit on, Bulger Park, Melrose Park, 8pm/Dusk, 708-343-5270,

Symphonic Swing, A nostalgic journey through the Big Band Era, FREE, Bring a chair or blanket to sit on, Hodges Park Vine St,Main St., Park Ridge, 7pm, 847604-0026, www.prfas.rg/event.htm



The Illinois Brass band, Should end just in time for EPHS Fireworks, 8656 Carey, River Grove, 6:30 9:30, 708-453-8000,


on Pacific open to residents, Sing National Anthem at 1pm, the rest of the afternoon, games, prizes and raffles., 9715 Pacific Ave, Franklin Park. 847-4518141,

July 4-August 8: VILLAGE OF RIVER GROVE WEDNESDAY NIGHT AT THE GAZEBO CONCERT SERIES FREE 7:30 -9pm. July 4 Illinois Brass Band, July 11 Of Red Eyes & Ol Blue Eyes, July 18 The Renditions, July 25 Ryden, August 1 The Allison Wonder Band, August 8 Chicago Skyliners

July 5: THE NEVERLEY BROTHERS Enjoy the Fiery energy of these perfomers as they rock out classic hits of the 1950 and early 60s, North Park Gazebo, 10040 Addison, Franklin Park, 7pm-8:45pm, 847-678-4021, www,fpparks,org

by LolliCakes. This workshop is for children and teens, children 6 and under must be accompanied by an adult Cost :$15 per person ( includes all supplies and materials). Sunday, 1-3pm Please pre-register for this workshop by Monday, July 2nd to allow for instructor prep. Info call 708217-1812 or email


Fresh Foods Shop Local, Central park, Elmwood Park, 9am - 1pm, 708-452-3962,

July 11: SIDEWALK SALES 5 Days of Sidewalk Sales, shop local, and get that bargain, Downtown Park Ridge, Park Ridge, Store hours, 847-318-5464, July 11: MUSIC IN THE PARK Free, Fun, Don’t

Cook, buy dinner from the Vendors, Town Center Green & Center St., Village of Bensenville, 7:30pm, 630-766-8200,

July 11: WEDNESDAY NIGHT GAZEBO CONCERT Ol Red Eyes & Ol Blue Eyes, the old Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra Stylings, 8656 Carey, River Grove, 7:30pm-9pm, 708-453-8000,

July 11: FUN ON WHEELS AND MOVIE IN THE PARK FREE Fun on wheels will bring some favorite

play items, balls, bubbles, hula hoops after all that fun, grab a blanket to sit on and watch Casablanca a 1943 Classic film. Movie time snacks will be available to purchase, 10040 Addison, Franklin Park, 6:30 930, 847-678-4021,


Enjoy the food, and events Downtown Park Ridge, Northwest Hwy & Touhy, Park Ridge, 11am - 10pm.

July 12: BBI FREE This energetic Band spans decades, Motown, Blues, Classic Rock. A high energy choreography with electrifying light show, 10040 Addison, Franklin Park, 7pm- 8:45pm, 847-678-4021, July 12: SUMMER CONCERT Free Concert, Jazz, Swing, Rhythm and Blues, 75th and Fullerton in Central park, Elmwood Park, Promptly at 7pm. www.elmwoodparl,org CONTINUED ON PAGE 4


RAG’S RED HOTS AND MAXINFLABLES HAVE ALL YOUR PARTY NEEDS. Let Rag’s Red Hots handle the cooking and mess so you can sit back and relax with your guests! Entertain the kids with one of Maxinflables Inflatable bounce houses and rent everything you need from chairs to tables to tents! CALL THEM TODAY AND TELL THEM PEOPLE & PLACES SENT YOU.

Fun Differe& nt!

Book us for your next party! Vienna Redhots, Polish Sausage, Supreme Hot Tamales, Beef, Pasta Plates and More! Famous Lezza Italian Ice for the Summer Months Block Parties, Private Occasions, Kids’ Birthday Parties

$225 Packages

$325 Packages

Package #1

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Package #5

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50 Hot Dogs, 50 Buns, Condiments* 10 lbs. Italian Beef & Gravy, 40 4” pieces French Bread 25 Hot Dogs, 25 Buns, Condiments* 5 lbs. Italian Beef & Gravy 20 4” Pieces French Bread

100 Hot Dogs, 100 Buns, Condiments* 20 lbs. Italian Beef & Gravy, 80 4” pieces French Bread 50 Hot Dogs, 50 Buns, Condiments* 10 lbs. Italian Beef & Gravy 40 4” Pieces French Bread

Packages include 4 hours of fun! *condiments include: relish, Pickle spears, Yellow Mustard, Tomatoes, chopped onions and sport Peppers.

224-221-5318 • JULY 2012 • PEOPLE & PLACES 3


friend, play some bingo, have some fun, Grant Park 44 Golf view, North Lake, 11am - 12:30p, 708-343-5270,



Scraps of Brass, Classic Rock / Variety, Bring a Chair, Snacks, Blanket to sit on, 9501 Irving Park Road, Schiller Park, 7:30p - 9p, 847-678-2550,

July 18: MUSIC IN THE PARK  Rico / A

celebration of Santana, 735 Jefferson St, Bensenville, 7:30am, 630-766-8200, www.villageofschiller

Commerce will reserve a spot to meet, network at the Island in the City Festival, come and see what we are about and join us. See us on Facebook, 4631 N Overhill Ave, Norridge, 5pm - 7pm, 708-802-1868,

July 18: GAZEBO CONCERT  The Renditions,

July 12: TASTE OF PARK RIDGE  Park Ridge

Corner of Irving Park Rd and Ozark Ave the Joe Sieb Center, Norridge, 2pm-6pm, 708-453-0800 ext. 230,

July 12-15  119TH ANNUAL FEAST OF OUR LADY OF MT. CARMEL  Food, vendors, family

July 19: FUN ON WHEELS AND MOVIE IN THE PARK FREE  Trained staff will orchestrate outdoor

Rock and Roll from the 60s & 70s, grab a chair and a friend and enjoy the evening, 8656 Carey, River Grove, 7:30-9pm, 708-453-8000, www.vorg.uds


games, rides, live entertainment. Novena begins Friday, July 6. Fest opens July 12. Car show on Saturday, July 14 from 9 to 3pm. Traditional procession through the streets of Melrose Park of the statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel will take place on Sunday, July 15 at 10am-Melrose Park or call 708-344-4140.

games for friends and family, followed by movie FIELD OF DREAMS, Championship Park 9201 Crescent Drive, Franklin Park, 6:30p-8p games, at dusk Movie begins, 847-671-4800,






10:30-noon, 7-11 years 1-3pm. $15 per child per day, includes all materials Children can be registered for the entire 5 week session, or for individual camp days. If registering for individual camp days, please register at least a day or two ahead of time to allow for material prep time. Info call 708-217-1812 or email

July 13: MOVIES AT THE GAZEBO  Free, Green Lantern, Gazebo is across the street from the Rec Center, River Grove, Dusk, 708-453-800, www.vorg. us/38rec/htm

July 13-15: GARAGE SALE DATES Elmwood

park, All Day, 708-452-7300,


Rosemont Field Trip, Barry Recreational Center, limited space must register, 6140 Scott St., Rosemont, All Day, 847-823-6685,

July 14: FRANKLIN PARK FARMERS MARKET  Every other Saturday, bring a friend Shop Local, Fresh Produce as well as new Vendors, 9545 Belmont Ave, Franklin Park, 8am - 1pm, 847-671-4800,

July 16-17: CHICAGO SKY ELITE BASKETBALL CAMP  Open to boys and girls 7-17

years old. The WNBA Chicago Sky is hosting the first ever Elite Basketball Camp. $100 which includes admission to the camp, 1 ticket to August 17 Sky Game, Sky t-shirt, Sky drawstring Bag and pizza party. Registration closes Friday, July 13, 2012. Space is limited so register today. Contact Julie Bielawski 312994-5990 For further info visit



Lombard San Carlo Retirement Community Thursday, 11am-1pm Refreshments and open to the public. Info call 708562-4300 WORKSHOP Price : $20 per student ( includes materials and refreshments. Wine will be provided though participants are also welcome to BYOB) participants must be 21+. Friday, 6:30-8:30pm Info call 708-217-1812 or email


July 20: MOVIES IN THE PARK  Puss and Boots, Pated PG, Bring lawn chair, or something to sit on, snacks. FREE,, Grant Recreational Center, Bensenville, 8pm / dusk, 708-343-5270,

July 20: BEACH BASH  Beach Tunes, and

Stone, Vendors, enjoy dinner in the park, Town Center Green & Center St., Bensenville, 7:30am, 630-7668200,


Local teen -rock alterative band, winners of our “band Battle Contest!”, 8656 Carey, River Grove, 7:30pm 9pm, 708-453-8000,

July 26: SUMMER CONCERT AT THE AVENUE  New Odyssey, 3 Guys, 30 Instruments, you don’t want to miss this, 75th and Fullerton in Central Park, Elmwood Park, 7pm, 708-452-7300,

July 26: ROSEMONT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE  Business after Hours, Capital Grille,

5340 North River Road, Rosemont, 5:30pm-7pm, 847698-1190,


series. Staying Healthy During Your Move. Thursday, begins at 10:30 am. Light refreshments. Presenter. Angie Landmesser, Partners in Senior Care. Info call 708-562-4300

July 27: 21ST ANNUAL STREET DANCE & CAR SHOW  Franklin Ave Between 25th and

July 21: RIVER GROVE ANNUAL FAMILY PICNIC  Karaoke, Lions Ball Drop, Duck Race, Band, Mistaken Identity. River Grove, 3pm - 9:30pm, 708453-8000,

July 21: ST. JOHN VIANNEY ALL CLASS REUNION  See website for prices. Entertainment for

the entire family Volunteers needed, Meet up with an old Friend, 46 N. Wolf Road, North Lake, 2pm-Midnight, no phone/parish Phone 708-562-0500, www.vorg. us/38rec.htm

July 21: FLOAT & FLICK AT THE WATER PARK  Movie Dolphin Tale rated PG See Web page for fees, Anna Montana Water Park and Memorial, Schiller Park, Doors open 7:45pm, 847-671-8585,



THINGAMAJIGS SUMMER MANUFACTURING CAMP FOR GIRLS ONLY. Ages 12-16 Registration Fee $95. Introducing young people to career possibilities. Triton College, Building T. Call to enroll 708-456-0300 x 3130. Reference Code CMPG46001. Questions? Email Check to be sure fireworks and parade dates are on the list.

Skyline Room, at the all state Arena, See web site for details, 6920 N Mannheim, Rosemont, 5-7pm Food Networking,7pm Game, 847-698-1190,

Free open Saturdays: IANNELLI STUDIOS HERITAGE CENTER  Don Pegler Exhibits runs until July 15th, 225 N Northwest Hwy, Park Ridge:

FREE Lincoln Park Conservatory A treasured Victorian glass house, gardens, a popular attraction in Chicago, 2391 N Stockton Drive, Chicago:

Free Lincoln Park Zoo Last free zoo in America,

Lincoln Park Farmers Market Fresh Fruits and

Setapen,plus Soprano Nathalie Colas singing arias, Bring a chair, blanket to sit on, bring a friend, Hodges Park located a the intersection of Vine, Main, and Courtland, Park Ridge, 7pm

July 28: FRANKLIN PARK FARMERS MARKET  A variety of Fresh fruits and vegetables, new vendors with crafts, gifts, Bakers, come and meet a friend, Police Station Parking lot. 9545 Belmont Ave, Franklin Park, 8am - 1pm, 847-671-4800,

July 31: THE BGA (BETTER GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION) PRESENTS THE ONION TO CHICAGO  Come out for laughs and libations at one of

August 1: FREE GAZEBO CONCERT  The Allison

Center, 1033 N. Villa Avenue, Villa Park 10am to 6pm FREE Admission. CAT VANDO will be there! For more information visit




Church in Melrose Park (held on the playground and small parking lot at 9th & Superior Streets.) Noon to 5:30pm. Come out and meet your neighbors from near and far! Everyone is invited from surrounding communities to the FREE events of the day. Food, Games, music, fun activities for all ages. There will also be an outdoor worship service at 5:30pm. For more information contact St. Paul at 708343-1000 or visit

open year round, 2200 Cannon Drive, Chicago, 10am daily, 312-742-2000,

the hippest clubs in town. Corruption is NOT funny but sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying! Paris Club, 59 W. Hubbard Street, 6-9pm. Tickets are $50 RSVP to

Franklin Park - To register call 847-671-8242

August 4: “NEIGHBORFEST”  at St. Paul Lutheran

Ruby. Franklin Park, 5pm-11pm, 847-671-4800,

refreshments, beach activties and Dance . Free with season pass, $5.00 pp, Pool on Pacific, Franklin Park, 7pm - 9pm, 847-678-4021,

Bella Vista, 205 West Main St., Bensenville, 6:30-7:30.

Bloomingdale Golf Club, Event Registration form on line / 181 Glen Ellen Rd, Bloomingdale, 8am, 708-8659510 Gaye Faro,

July 25: MUSIC IN THE PARK  Hot Rocks / Rolling

Wonder Band, High Energy Female Fronted Rock, 8656 Carey, River Grove, 7:30pm - 9pm 

August 2: FIREBEAT  Upbeat Polish American

Vegetables, Armitage Ave. & Orchard St. Lincoln Park High school Parking lot, Chicago, Every Saturday until Oct 27th.

Free Chicago Children’s Museum Free for all

Visitors every Thursday 5-8, Free on the first Sunday of the month for ages 15 and younger, Navy Pier, Chicago:

FREE Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows Works of Alfonso Ignelli, Frank

Lloyd Wright, and Louise Comfort Tiffany, Navy Pier 600 E Grand Ave, Chicago. 312-595-7437,

FREE Peggy Notebaert nature Museum 

Free general admission every Thursday for ILLINOIS RESIDENTS ONLY, 2430 N Cannon Drive, Chicago. 773-755-5100, We recommend you call to verify Free days, also Parking, and, public transportation. and

Band, perfoms pop and rock music that will have you dancing in the park FREE, North Park Gazebo 10040 Addison, Franklin Park, 7pm - 8:45pm, 847-678-4021,

LOOKING AHEAD Stay Tuned For Further Details August 15: Grand Re-Opening of Brunswick Zone in

August 3-5: GARAGE SALE DATES Elmwood

August 17: Schiller Park Police FOP Lodge 170 8th

Park, all day, 708-452-7300,

August 3: MOVIE NIGHT AT THE POOL  Pirates of the Caribbean, Free with season Pass, $5.00 p. p. Watch movie in Pool or not, Free Popcorn, snacks available for purchase, Pool on Pacific, Franklin Park, 8:30am 10pm, 847-678-4021,

River Grove

Annual Golf Outing September 9: Schiller Park Village Car Show & Family Fest November 9: Leyden Family Services & The Share Program’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” 10th annual fundraiser. Victoria Beau Jolie, Schiller Park

There are a variety of activities that can be found in and around your neighborhoods. Check out your park districts, village websites, churches, libraries and schools. Turn those televisions off, get out from in front of your computer and come out to support these wonderful events and fundraisers. Reconnect with friends and form a closer bond with family. Variety is the spice of life!

t fi e n e B e p o H i k s n i Sliw Please join us Thursday, August 9th at Maywood Race Track to help support the Sliwinski Family. Mike was severely injured in an accident where he suffered significant burns to 60% of his body. His recovery will be a long and tough road to travel but with your support, we can help Cindy, Mike and their children on this difficult journey.

Night at the Races Cigar Dinner Maywood Race Track Outdoor Terrace 8600 W. North Ave., Maywood IL Thursday, August 9th Club opens at 6:30pm • Dinner 7:00-8:30pm $40 per person includes valet parking, admission, program book, cigars and dinner. Dinner Menu: Carved Prime Rib, Chopped Salad, Chicken Kabobs, Mashed Red Potatoes, Pasta Salad, Rolls and Butter, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Iced Tea, Coffee, Cash Bar.

For more inFormation Call 847-845-3422 All proceeds will go to the Sliwinski Hope Fund


COMMUNITY NEWS Plane Pull Make Quick Now in its fourth year, this crazy contest Money on Sept. 15, 2012, will feature the ultimate men versus machine battle as teams of 20 play tug-of-war with a UPS A300 aircraft (weighing more than 198,000 lbs.) at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. That’s right ... the plane weighs more than 99 tons!

Each team raise a minimum of $1,000 ($50 per person for a team of 20) to participate. Teams compete in one of two divisions: • Open Division (ideal for companies, school teams, church groups, clubs, friends and families) • Public Safety Division (law enforcement officers, fire fighters, DNR, DOC and military personnel; teams need at least 10 public safety competitors to qualify) Sure, it sounds crazy, but it is FUN, competitive and raises both money and awareness for Special Olympics Illinois’ sports training and competition programs for athletes with intellectual disabilities. Visit for more info.


There are ways to make money in helping people caught up in the world of unemployment. Career Coaches is one of them … If you have a background in human resources, recruiting or counseling, there is a tremendous demand for Career Coaches. With unemployment at record levels there are young and old workers alike needing help with resumes, job searches and career decisions. You can become a career coach through a career-service network, such as Career Management Alliance. Check out their website at … they maintain a list of qualified coaches and cliental. You may, also, try Career Ladders at their website Two good places to start. You can contact the human resource associations and organizations in our community to learn about local careercounseling opportunities. Check the listings in our local Yellow Pages under “Career & Vocational Counseling”. The qualifications typically call for an expertise in drafting a resume or counseling somebody that has been in the job market for a while. An experience in the job market helps, but is not necessary. The hours are full time or part time. In most cases you make the hours. The pay range runs at any level based on background and experience. Ernie Brown is a retired businessman from Franklin Park who is volunteering his talents to write articles for People & Places. Should you wish to comment on any of his articles, feel free to contact him at

Robert Morris University Offers Scholarships to Area Residents Robert Morris University’s Bensenville Campus is offering annual scholarships in the amount of $3,000. This scholarship applies to Addison, Bensenville, Franklin Park, Northlake, and Schiller Park residents who are seeking a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with concentrations in either Management or Accounting. This scholarship discounts tuition by $1,000 every quarter until the program is completed and degree is earned at the Bensenville location only. The Bensenville campus of Robert Morris University offers evening programs through the College of Adult Continuing Studies. These programs are focused on the needs of adult and transfer students’ busy lives,

and help students achieve financial goals, career goals, and personal higher education goals. Whether beginning, continuing, or finishing a higher education degree, this accelerated program will help you achieve that degree in a timely manner. Robert Morris University would also like to congratulate the 2012 graduates of Bensenville’s Fenton High School with the offer of a $9,000 tuition scholarship toward completing a bachelor’s degree. This scholarship can be renewed annually until the degree has been completed. For further information, please call the Bensenville location at 630.787.7800 or email

Chamber Chatter Area chambers of commerce have been holding several multi-chamber events to promote local businesses and encourage membership. The River Grove Chamber recently held an event at the new River Café & Bar in River Grove on Thatcher Ave. Pictured is manager Timmy Winkler with Chamber President Vicki Bellavia and Vice President Janice Eppelheimer. The Franklin Park Schiller Park Chamber held an event at A-Themed Events on Grand Avenue in River Grove. Owners Linda and Paul Calabrese put on a beautiful spread of delectable food and desserts. Be sure to stop in at both establishments to sample their food and wonderful service.


ANNUAL GOLF OUTING Tuesday, July 17th Registration 8:00AM - Tee Off 8:45AM Banquet 2:15PM Approximately Door Prizes * Raffles * Trophies *Goodie Bags Contest Holes * Golf Carts * Beverage Tickets & More $125.00 per Person Dinner Only $45.00 Bloomingdale Golf Club 181 Glen Ellyn Road Bloomingdale IL    Name: ____________________________________ Phone: _______________ Company: __________________________ E-mail: ______________________ Number Attending: _____X $125.00 = ___________

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Nick Pecora and family join the community bike ride in conjunction with the Elmwood Park Farmers Market. Another community ride is planned for July in conjunction with a summer concert. For full information on village events this summer go to or 708 452 7300. JULY 2012 • PEOPLE & PLACES 5

COMMUNITY NEWS - ALL IN FAVOR? • Payment to MYS, Inc. for labor and material associated with the Ruby Street Sidewalk project in the amount of $674.40.

Schiller Park Village Board Meeting

• Proposal to authorize additional concrete work for Village Hall parking lot in the amount of $35,500 and payable to Schroeder Asphalt.


• Proposal to upgrade Fire Department wall sign to energy efficient LED lamps from M-K signs in the amount of $5,460.

June 26, 2012 • Absent-Trustee Fritz • Start 8:10pm End 8:40pm • Mayor commented that the board members received new iPads with their board packets on them. After approval of the minutes from the meeting of May 22, 2012, a new Police Officer was sworn in, Mathew W. Mann. • Noteworthy item contained in the consent agenda-Det. Russell Klug submitted a letter announcing his retirement effective July 15, 2012. The following items were voted on and approved by the Mayor and Village Board. • Proposal to remove declining Ash trees on Lawrence Avenue from Care of Trees, Inc. in the amount of $5,770. • Pay $56,977.46 to J & T Service, Inc. for labor and material furnished on the Wehrman Avenue Water Main Project. • Proposal to amend the water service delinquency service charge. • Payment of bills in the amount of $781,103.45

Public Comment: • Barbara Piltaver asked for a clarification of the amount on the bill payment. She asked about the electric aggregation program and if the Village knew how many people opted out of the program. She inquired about the ordinance concerning the Class A Liquor License and if it concerned the two new restaurants opening in town; Village Manager stated as far as they recall the old Mama K’s will be called “Richie’s Place” and the old Brown’s Chicken will be Leo’s Pizza. It was unknown how much longer it would take to open both venues. Another question concerned the Doggie Day Care on Ruby Street and if it was going forward. Village Manager replied that obtaining the financing to proceed might be stalling the project. • Nelli Johnson from the Grace Park Condominiums asked questions concerning the electrical aggregation.

Allegra Banquets

She wanted to know if someone were already signed up with another company if they had to do anything. Village manager didn’t believe so. NEXT VILLAGE BOARD MEETING-July 24 8pm

Franklin Park Village Board Meeting

village if you would like to be added to the list of sales. • The consent agenda was passed in its entirety, minus item #5 (ordinance amending video gaming terminals). Notable items included: • Approval of expenditures in the amount of $1,480,836.86 • Approval of an intergovernmental agreement with River Grove for the Elm Street improvement project. • Approvals related to the new police station totaling $3,021,477.00, specifically:


• $183,800.00 to Valley Security Company for detention equipment

June 4th, 2012

• $174,049.00 to Wampach Woodwork for millwork

• All trustees present • Presentation of contest winners “Mayor for a Day”. Kamila Trela- Winner Janella Caraballo and Claudia ReyesRunners up

• $472,118.00 to L.J. Morse Construction Company for metal studs, drywall and acoustical ceilings

• Mike Cicero was sworn in as a fire fighter • There were 31 water main breaks from January to June in 2011, and in the same time in 2012, there were 21. It was discussed that while this number is lower, the winter was much milder in 2012, and a majority of the breaks this year were due to aging infrastructure.

• $234,900.00 to Alumital Corporation for aluminum glass, and glazing • $148,710.00 to Fire Control Incorporation for fire sprinklers • $527,900.00 to Sherman Mechanical Incorporated for plumbing • $1,280,000.00 to Kellenberger Electric Incorporated for electrical systems

• There were 169 seatbelt violations in the month of May. • The village wide garage sale is scheduled for July 20, 21, and 22nd. Please call the

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COMMUNITY NEWS - ALL IN FAVOR? Schiller Park School Dist. 81 Highlights, June 20, 2012 Members: 5 Present 1 Absent Carol Fritz

Payment of Bills • The Board authorized the payment of June 2012 bills in the amount of $313,715.49. 6-0-1. Discussion: Member Stachura inquired about the Canna and Canna LTD legal bills. Member Godziszewski inquired about the Lifetouch yearbook bill. • The Board approved payroll for the month of May 2012 in the amount of $850,329.36. 6-0-1

Old Business • Building Update: Member Stachura inquired about the dead bushes along the bus line at Lincoln Middle School. • Finance Update: Member Godziszewski asked how IMRF is calculated. • FOIA Update: The FOIA log is available for review on the district website. Ten items were requested this month. Discussion: Member Godziszewski inquired about the possibility of an available link to FOIA responses on the district website. A question was asked as to why names are attached to FOIA requests. Response was that is the way to keep track of them and who pays what for each request. • There was no Old Business Action.

New Business • Board is into the first reading of revising “Board Policy” and numerous changes are being proposed. Member Stachura asked why the following sentence was being struck from the policy that reads, “…the Superintendent shall not submit to any single, non-customary purchase or expenditure, excluding personnel, of greater than $5,000 without prior board approval.” (Editor’s note: There was confusion among many residents on this proposed change. Purchases at or above $25,000 must go out to bid and be Board approved. However, if the Board eliminates the $5,000 spending limit, many people asked does that give the superintendent the power to make purchases up to $24,999 without Board

approval?) The Superintendent and Board President said that more discussion will be needed and emphasized that this is just the first reading for the Board Policy changes. • Homework: Member Godziszewski asked if teachers post homework assignments and if it is available to parents. • Achievement & Awards: Member Godziszewski asked why the district was striking the first section of policy relating to high schools and unit districts. Member Godziszweski asked what is standards-based grading.

Board Actions: • The Board of Education awarded the transportation bid to Lakeview Bus Lines, to provide transportation for students placed out of district for the 2012-2013 school year. 6-0-1 • The Board of Education approved the renovations for the SLC/SLBC at Lincoln Middle School. 5-1-1 • Discussion: Member Stachura asked why there were four different quotes, how many students were moving over to Lincoln School, and why the renovations were not in the original construction plan of Lincoln School. Member Stachura wanted on record that he voted “no” because it did not go to bid and he didn’t like the way the work was approved. Response from Board President and District Superintendent was the worked needed to be completed by July 16th for summer school and reliable contractors were being used that did similar work in our other schools.

between west 40 and School District 81 - Regional Safe Schools. Approved 6-0-1 • The Board of Education approved the agreement between Crowe Horwath LLP and School District 81 for Audit Services for Year Ending June 30, 2012.6-0-1 • The Board of Education approved the hiring of 9 certified employees for the 2012-13 school year. 6-0-1 • The Board of Education approved the resignation of 6 employees at the end of the 2011-2012 school year. 6-0-1 • The Board of Education approved the retirement of Myra Gilio at the end of the 2013-2014 school year. 6-0-1. (The complete list of employees will be posted on website after the approval of the June 20th minutes at the August 15th Board meeting.)

Public Participation • Resident, Roy F. McCampbell asked if District 81 conducted radon evaluations on the buildings and commented about ISBE grants were available to evaluate the buildings for radon. • Resident Terry Doody suggested an auction website for a possible way to dispose of surplus goods to attract more people to the bidding process than in the past. Mr Doody also inquired about fiscal responsibility, and that in his opinion, the budget is highly inflated. Mr. Doody stated the Board should keep the taxpayer in mind when it comes to renewing administrator contracts and

that administrator salaries are 2-3 times the median income of taxpayers. Mr. Doody asked if District 81 partnered with other districts for supplies. Mr. Doody commented that the District 81 Board is a “rubber stamp” board. Mr. Doody also commented that the Building Update and Finance Update are not discussed and very vague. • One resident was not recognized by the Board because of failure to follow board procedure in requesting to address the Board. • Resident, Terry Doody, inquired if the public could have input with regard to board policy updates. Mr. Doody commented he received incomplete FOIA responses and asked if the field repairs at Lincoln Middle School were complete. Mr. Doody expressed that he could not hear the President or Superintendent speaking during the meeting. NEXT MEETING-August 15, 2012 7pmLincoln Middle School The public is encouraged to attend. Persons wishing to ask questions of the Board during public comment must first fill out a form and submit it to the Board prior to the meeting. Each person wishing to speak is limited to two minutes.

• The Board of Education adopted Resolution #12-11-Approving Master Tax Exempt Lease/Purchase Agreement and Property schedule No. 1.Approved 6-0-1 • Discussion: Member Stachura asked why District 81 did not have cameras on buses. • He also noted that the attorney letter had the incorrect school district in the RE: section. • The Board of Education approved the Intergovernmental Agreement FY2013

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Hometown Tapestry Productions Opening Soon BY BARBARA PILTAVER

When the hand written sign stating “Hometown Tapestry” appeared in the empty store front on Ruby Street, it not only sparked my curiosity, but I seriously thought a knitting group was moving in. Then another sign finally appeared that said, “Coffee House Theatre.” A few days after leaving a card and newspaper, I received a call from Rich Fredrickson, ent repreneu r a nd propr iet or of Hometow n Tapestr y P roduct ions. However, he wasn’t calling so much to advertise his new business, but to bring some recognition to the students who came on Monday, June 11 to help him clean up, set up, and eventually step up to the stage in his new theatre. He was extremely grateful for the help and wanted to “surprise” them with my coming and taking some pictures. The group of students are from East Leyden High School and are under the direction of Vic Pilolla, Technical Director for the East Leyden Drama Department. Vic explained that the students range from freshmen to seniors with one college student volunteering her time. The kids were great, busily sweeping, mopping and building the flats for the background and sets. Although boys are typically the ones handling the saws and drills, the girls had no

Group photo (back to front): Brandon Bramwell, Josh Fredrickson, Tabitha Singleton, Annalisa Jamnik, Joe Sanger, Jackie Rico, Andriana Pilolla, Vic Pilolla, Rich Fredrickson (Theatre Owner), Maggie White, Jacob Fredrickson, Becca Kupher, Amber Gershon, David Heusel problem getting their hands dirty during construction and taking charge. One of the girls, Annalisa Jamnik, a junior at East, is an all-state technician having earned the title at a theater festival the group attended. Under Vic’s direction, they all pitched in to get Hometown Tapestry cleaned up and on its way to opening its doors by the hopeful date of July 1st. But let’s get a little background from Rich about his new business. Rich told me that he came up with the idea of a coffee house theatre after

driving by one day with his son and noticed the empty store fronts and how the area looked “like a ghost town.” He felt the area needed something to bring people to the area and he purposely put the Hometown Tapestry sign in the window to spark interest. Having always been in the spotlight himself performing with Improv groups and also as a professional clown, he felt he had to try and make a go of this new venture. With the help of his parents, his variety of entertainment and art is taking form. Truly, the coffeehouse

t our Ask abonug for cateri Day! Mothers

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theatre will provide a “tapestry” of venues that will hopefully entice people to stop in. The mornings will provide a place for people to sit enjoy coffee, teas and pastries. The shows will range from poetry nights, Improv, standup comedy, stage readings and unplugged music. Once things get going, Rich hopes to plan art shows featuring local artists, evolving later to become a recognized art dealer showcasing well known artists. He’s hoping to provide theatre classes where the students will write, produce and take part in the productions. Even neighboring Positano’s Restaurant hopes to be able to offer a dinner theatre package in the future. Rich enthusiastically continued telling me of his vision; but then the pizza for the kids arrived and they all took a break to sit down and eat. The kids were grateful for the food but Rich couldn’t have been happier with all the help. “Everyone has been so great. People have donated items to me, their time, I’m really excited.” Rich also said that someone asked him, “Is it going to be like a “Friends” coffee shop?” Rich said, “Well, if I can get Phoebe to play here, maybe!” As they say in theatre, “Break a leg Rich!” Be sure to let us know of your grand opening and premier!

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What’s “News” In Northlake! M e e t Northlake r e s i dent A l B a l d a s s a n o; People & Places newest reporter on the street. Al will b e cover i ng Northlake News in keeping with our mission to inform, educate and entertain! We hope you enjoy his stories. Let us know what you think by emailing leydenpeopleandplaces@

aircraft. The Northlake Home Depot held a Kids Workshop and wood craft projects were completed by the kids in attendance. And no carnival would be complete without clowns clowning around, which there were plenty of!

Northlake Days

The Carnival was in full swing all weekend with the sights and sounds of the various rides available. Also in attendance were the many crafters selling a wide variety of items. Other booths included, the U.S. Army and ComEd who was educating the public on its new Smart Meter/ Smart Grid program. The five different bands which played throughout the weekend long event were; Kashmir (Led Zeppelin Tribute), Daryl Stuermer of Genesis, The Renditions (Dance), American English (Beatles Tribute). At 9:39pm Saturday night the fireworks show went off with a bang. It was a spectacular 20 minute show. At noon on Sunday, the many different classic cars showed up for display. This show was sponsored by Gabriel Sales Auto Parts. Sunday evening, D.J. Jim Jensen hosted a closing dance party in the Beer Garden. The two vehicles raffled off were won by Pat Hayes (white-2005 Chevy Impala) and Emily Szymczak won the (black-2001Ford Taurus). The City of Northlake employees did a great job, as always, with this event. All their hard work and effort were evident. This annual event was enjoyed by the many residents and guests who attended.

Car show, Carnival, Food, Fun, Fireworks, Parade and Much More! Northlake Days June 22, 23, & 24, 2012 was a happening event and the weather was perfect. The event was well attended and people were having a great time. The combination of the different types of delectable foods available, while being cooked, could be detected in the warm summer breeze. The beer booth, manned by the local Knights of Columbus Council #8070, was busy all weekend long thanks to the hot weather. People were seen dancing in front of the band stage and camped out picnic style, relaxed and enjoying themselves throughout the grassy area.

On Saturday, a Superior AmbulanceMed Fl ight 1 medica l hel icopter landed midday in the park. It provided a complimentary one half hour tour of the

Remember The 2011 Northlake Days Theft? Here’s An Update The one year anniversary date involving the disappearance of approximately

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9420 W. Byron, Schiller Park • 847-233-0733

$99,000 from last year’s Northlake Days has recently passed. I presented Mayor Jeff Sherwin a list of questions in regards to this unsolved theft. The questions posed to the mayor were, Was there any resolution in this case yet? Did the insurance company for the City of Northlake pay out on the loss? If so, did this cause an increase in the insurance policy premium? What precautions, if any, have been taken this year to prevent a theft from reoccurring? Mayor Jeff Sherwin replied with the following answers. 1. The matter is still under investigation. 2. The City of Northlake has received a check from the insurance carrier and there has been no increase in insurance cost attributable to this matter. 3. Several safeguards have been put in place to tighten security.

Approximately 25 residents were in attendance. This included residents, Mayor Jeff Sherwin, Alderman; Rich Grochowski, Francine Patti, Ward-4, Rick Riesterer, Mark Werba, Ward-3, Sandy Delgado, Thomas Padilla, Ward-2, and Paul Straube, Ward-1.

Chicago Metropolitan Agency For Planning - CMAP

• A representative of Robert Morris College in Bensenville gave a presentation about a $1,000 per quarter gift for students working towards a bachelor’s degree. This would be available to the residents of Northlake. More information is forthcoming and will be promoted through the Northlake Newsletter in July. Other suburbs eligible are Schiller Park, Addison, Franklin Park, and Bensenville.

All In Favor Northlake City Council Meeting - June 18, 2012 The following items were voted on and approved by the mayor and city board. • Last month’s meeting minutes were accepted. • A motion was made to pay the bills and passed.

New Business: On Thursday June 21, a Visioning Workshop to shape the future development of Northlake was presented. This took place in the Sandra Vasquez Community Center. This workshop was through the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning or CMAP. You can go to www.northlakep1. for more information about the CMAP agency and the Northlake Vision Works plan. CM A P representatives, Outreach Specialist Shafaq Choudry and Cynthia Hernandez did a great job of directing the group during the workshop. Mayor Jeff Sherwin opened with a welcome speech thanking everyone for attending. The Mayor also stated a grant was being utilized for the research and development stages. This was an interactive workshop were the residents in attendance were surveyed on development ideas. During the workshop issues and challenges involving the City of Northlake were identified. Six individual tables worked as teams to brainstorm with visionary ideas for the future development of Northlake. All ideas were voted on and narrowed down to priority issues. They will then be forwarded to the city steering committee for review and discussion. Please watch for more information in People and Places upcoming newspaper issues on this ongoing Vision Workshop project, and a future open house planned for residents.

• All city towing contracts were extended for one year. • A new sound system was approved for the city council chambers from Sound Incorporated. • In car computers for the police squad cars was approved. • Ordinance O-18-2012, withdrawing from the Northern Illinois Municipal Gas Franchise Consortium was passed.

OPEN PUBLIC DISCUSSION: • About 15 residents were in attendance. • Part of that number was there to ask questions about vacant homes near or around the creek at 45th street. There were questions about the city purchasing these homes and flooding concerns. The Mayor said the city was using grant money to buy some houses. These houses would be removed and no further building would be done on those properties due to being in a flood plain. An empty school on 45th street is scheduled to be removed also. • A representative of the Northlake VFW requested an ordinance be adopted to allow video gaming in all fraternal organizations in Northlake. The Mayor stated such an ordinance would have to first be reviewed by the city lawyers. The city of Northlake does not want the video gaming in any establishments with liquor. In order for that to happen, the present version of Illinois State law would have to be amended to include this provision.



Open Forum Keep Them Cool!

Something Smells

Pool Packed

I’m a pet lover and just calling to remind people that dogs and cats should be kept inside during these hot summer days. Be sure they also have plenty of water. NEVER leave an animal inside a car, even with a window open, while you shop. Temperatures in a car can climb well over a hundred degrees in very little time. Keep them cool.

What is that smell around River Road that travels west from the river through Franklin Park and sometimes even Schiller Park? It smells like something moldy or dead! Can’t the EPA figure it out? Is anyone trying to find the source?

The Schiller Park Pool is too small. People are packed like sardines.

Didn’t They Learn? I don’t quite understand how Elmwood Park could hire someone as a Village Manager when he was connected to Chicago’s troubled parking meter fiasco. What’s wrong with the village officials? Did Volpe come cheap or something?

A Pat On The Back! I would just like to say that the women who work the front counter at the Franklin Park Village hall are so sweet and helpful. Whether I come during the morning or afternoon, they are always pleasant. I don’t know all their names, but their smiles can turn a bad day into a good one. During these times when it’s easy to complain, I wanted to take the time to say thank you for a job well done. I encourage other people to recognize good service (no matter where you go) when you get it. Good customer service is few and far between now a day.

Not Complaining People may be complaining about the heat and dry weather, but let’s look at the bright side; few bugs, always sunny, great weather for picnis and swimming or any outside activity. Let’s enjoy it while we can. Too bad we can’t bottle it to store for our winter doldrums!

Other Programs Need Support Too It’s wonderful that so much money (last count over $500,000!) was raised to show support for the woman bus monitor who was bullied and verbally abused by middle-school children on her bus. However, wouldn’t it be nice if everyone would chip in to support programs to fight bullying and funds for victims of violent crimes? I just read that another bus driver recently died after being punched in the face by an irate driver thereby falling and hitting his head on the ground. He never regained consciousness. How about supporting these victims?

On My Dime? Yeah, saw that the SP village is purchasing a new fire truck and several new vehicles. Glad my tax dollars are being used so village employees have new cars and trucks. Wish I had a job so I could afford one for myself.

Local Group Needs Your Support! So many people get upset when they hear of incidents of animal abuse; most recently where a man punched a small dog because he was having a bad day. But does anyone stop to think about how many dogs and cats are destroyed every day through euthanasia or how many animals are simply abandoned by their owners to the streets? Google it and you’ll find that the Human Society estimates that 8,200-11,000 dogs and cats are killed each day or 3-4 million per year! ”This

overpopulation of companion animals is widely acknowledged across the country by professionals and experts in the animal welfare field. Overpopulation is a tragedy. There are simply not enough responsible homes for all of these wonderful, innocent animals. At this point in time, it would be impossible to humanely house every unwanted animal in the United States.” That’s why it is very important to have pets spayed or neutered. Local organization CatVando is doing so much to help the cat population stay under control, but their funds are low and there are more cats than cash! They need everyone’s help. Please support this wonderful group of volunteers by donating to their cause. If every People & Places reader donated just $5.00 or even a dollar, we could raise a huge sum of money for this non-profit group. Send donations to P.O. Box 851, Maywood, IL 60153 PLEASE DROP A BUCK OR TWO IN AN ENVELOPE AND DONATE TODAY!

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT... GED Completion Ceremony

The Triton College 2012 GED Completion Ceremony, held on June 21 on Triton’s River Grove campus, may have had only 50 graduates participate in the ceremony, but the college is celebrating one of its highest graduation totals from the program. From fall 2011 through spring 2012, 164 students have completed the program, which is almost double from last year’s 87 graduates. Triton Dean of Adult Education Virginia Cabasa-Hess attributes this increase

in graduates to community members realizing that they need their high school diploma in order to compete in today’s job market. “We’ve also extended our reach out into the community, working with Triton’s Continuing Education Department to promote our services,” she added. James T. Edwards of the Cook County GED Testing Program was the keynote speaker at the ceremony, followed by student reflections from Shanika Meeks and Maria Pimentel. Several graduates were awarded scholarships to continue their education at Triton and/or were inducted into the National Adult Education Honor Society for their outstanding grades. Triton College of fers free GED preparation courses. For more information, visit

noticed something was different with the Westdale Championship teams.... There was a sole girl player. Taylor Santucci 12, of Schiller Park has been the only female player in the Bronco division All Suburban Baseball League for two years running. And both years her teams have made it to the big game. The Westdale Cubs were not expected to do much in this matchup as the 3rd seed team going against the undefeated Northlake Tigers. But the Cubs had not heard this. They put up a game worthy of the All Stars. Both teams keeping the runs low it was tied 4-4 and taken into an extra inning. The Cubs fell short in the bottom of the 8th inning when with 2 outs and a full count the Northlake Tigers managed

to hit a ball into fair territory bringing in the winning run and winning the Championship. But the Cubs had not been beaten. They had been vindicated. They Showed all of those who had never expected the team to make it very far, let alone the Championships that they could hold their own and almost, just almost, take that title. They proved every last player deserved to be on that field on that special day, even that one long haired girl.

When You’re Hot…They’re Real Cool! If you are looking for a local, family-owned heating and cooling business, look no further than Freedom Heating/Cooling/ Plumbing & Electrical on Grand Avenue in Franklin Park. Pete Fiorentino has owned Freedom for five years now. He is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau. He has an extensive background in heating and cooling repair and employs five employees. He offers 24 hour service, seven days a week and they service all makes and models. Pete commented that he enjoys meeting different people, working with seniors and likes to convey a one-on-one family feel to his customers. Take advantage of the coupons in his ad and tell him People & Places sent you!

Westdale Youth Baseball League The last two years in a row, the Westdale Youth Baseball league has made its presence known in the All Suburban Baseball League Bronco Championship games. In 2011 it was two Westdale teams playing each other for the title. This year it was the Westdale Cubs pitted against the Northlake Tigers. But people in the crowd and on opposing teams always


Freedom Heating/Cooling/Plumbing & Electrical

9958 W. Grand Ave. • Franklin Park

847-288-1788 24 Hour Service

We Service all Makes & Models

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Leyden Highlights East & West Campus New And Transfer Student Enrollment Students who have recently moved to the East & West Leyden area or desire to transfer from a parochial high school should make an appointment to enroll as soon as possible. Call the office of the Assistant Principal at East Leyden at 847.451.3025 or at West Leyden at 847.451.3121 between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. To complete the enrollment process, it will be necessary for you to provide either East or West Leyden High School with the following information: 1. PROOF OF RESIDENCE consisting of a real estate tax bill, a lease or a mortgage/ closing statement. In addition, two other bills must be brought in (e.g. gas, electric, water, etc.). 2. ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE for the student. 3. AN ILLINOIS SCHOOL PHYSICAL EXAMINATION and a record of immunization for every entering student. 4. A COPY OF THE STUDENT’S TRANSCRIPT and the name and address of the last school you attended will help facilitate the enrollment process. (Incoming Freshmen should bring in their last report card or diploma.) 5. A COPY OF EXPLORE TEST RESULTS required for incoming freshmen and

sophomores only. If test results are not available, we will schedule a time to take this test to ensure correct course placement. 6. A COPY OF IEP for special education students only. 7. ILLINOIS STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION STUDENT TRANSFER FORM -- this form is a requirement to enroll if you are transferring from an Illinois Public School. OUT-OF-STATE TRANSFERS must submit a form/affidavit stating the student is not currently serving a suspension or expulsion imposed by the school the student is transferring from. Please be advised that the enrollment process includes, but may not be limited to, the following: interview with an administrator, placement test for 9th and 10th graders, course selection with a counselor, and a residency check. Students who are enrolled and later found not to be residents at the time of enrollment are subject to disenrollment and payment of tuition. Illinois law has made it a crime, punishable by imprisonment and fine, to knowingly or willfully present any false information regarding the residency of a student for purposes of enabling that student to attend on a tuition-free basis or to knowingly enroll or attempt to enroll a student on a tuition-free basis when the student is known to be a non-resident of the District. The District will seek prosecution to the full extent of the law of any person the

District believes has committed any residencyrelated crime. Additionally, the District may initiate a civil lawsuit. Our goal is to help students assimilate into the system as smoothly as possible. Please help us by providing the required information so we can start your student at Leyden on the first day of school. If you have any questions, please call 847.451.3025 for East Leyden and 847.451.3121 for West Leyden. Students not having the required information will not be permitted to enroll.

East & West Campus Registration And Book Pick Up Information Sophomore, junior, and senior students returning to East or West Leyden High School this fall who have completed the residency verification and registration process, should report to the high school during the week of August 6, 2012 for book pick up. Upperclass Book Pick up Week Schedule: Sophomores/Juniors/Seniors (Class of 2013, 2014, and 2015) • Monday, August 6, 8am-2:30pm • Tuesday, August 7, 8am-2:30pm • Wednesday, August 8, 12pm-7pm • Friday, August 10, 8am-2:30pm *Bridge and LIFE students will receive their books the first day of school, Tuesday, August 14, 2012.

Freshmen Orientation Schedule East & West Leyden: Entering freshmen will have their orientation/book pick up on Thursday, August 9, beginning at 10:00 a.m. (Doors open at 9:30 a.m.). Students wishing to walk to either East or West Leyden should arrive by 9:30 a.m. All East Leyden students reporting for orientation should enter the building through the King Street (Auditorium) entrance. All West Leyden students reporting for orientation should enter the building through Entrance #2. Buses will be provided at the elementary/ junior high/middle schools in the area at 9:00 a.m. to transport students to East or West Leyden. Orientation will conclude at East & West Leyden approximately 1:20 p.m., following a freshman BBQ lunch at both schools. The students will then be transported back to their neighborhood schools. As an added reminder, entering freshmen must have their medical form sent to school prior to freshman orientation day.

First Day of School: Classes for all students begin on Tuesday, August 14. Freshmen will begin their day at 7:30 a.m. and will meet in the Auditorium. Buses will begin to pick them up at 6:50 a.m. Upperclassmen will begin their day at 8:50 a.m. Buses for upperclassmen will begin to pick them up at 8:10 a.m.

The FInesT In sTeAks, seAFood & ChICken, AppeTIzeRs & sALAds Dapp’s Kitchen & Tap Restaurant in River Grove serves delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner selections 7 days a week. Our restaurant features comfortable indoor seating, as well as a spacious lounge and outdoor patio. Open 7 Days A Week 7am – 11pm

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3131 Thatcher Ave • River Grove, IL 60171

(708) 456-2005 12 PEOPLE & PLACES • JULY 2012

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT... Pizzas 4 Patriots

Railroad Daze in Franklin Park

DHL Express, the world’s leading logistics company, is sending enough Chicago Style Pizza to feed more than 90,000 U.S. servicemen and women in Afghanistan as a 4th of July treat. 30,000 pizzas will be sent from Chicago on June 28. They were loaded onto a 53’ semi-truck and then trucked to Cincinnati Airport, flown to Kandahar, Bagram and Camp Leatherneck. The U.S. military then distributes the pizzas around Afghanistan. Dubbed as the “world’s largest pizza party,” the massive care package will be headed to Afghanistan just in time for U.S. troops to enjoy for upcoming Independence Day celebrations. The mission to show appreciation and bring reminders of home to the men and women in uniform overseas was conceived by Ret. Master Sergeant Mark Evans of Elk Grove Village, Illinois. The ceremony began at 8 am at the DHL Express center located at 10451 Waveland Avenue in Franklin Park. Boy Scout Troop 158 were there posting colors, Mayor Pedersen of Franklin Park said a few words and the Pipes & Drums of the Chicago Police Department played during the ceremony. The enthusiasm for the event was evident from not only the executives of DHL but also the crowd present. Speeches were given by the DHL executives, Ret. Master Sergeant Mark Evans, Department of Veterans’ Affairs Director Erica J. Borggren and special guest Joyce Carrasco, Founder and President of the Greater Chicago Illinois Chapter #3 of the Blue Star Mothers of America. A live Skype with Lt. Col. Steve Wilberding in Afghanistan was also presented while his wife and two daughters looked on. Two children, Payton and Sophia, read letters they wrote to the troops that will be sent along with the pizzas. This is the 5th year DHL has conducted the program marking over 100,000 pizzas going overseas to the troops.

Railroad Daze in Franklin Park proved to be a popular attraction, especially with over 14 different locomotives featured all of which visitors could walk on and tour. Saturday also showcased a miniature train display and representatives from various organizations such as CatVando, Franklin Park Manila Lions Club and Relay For Life. Food vendors, a carnival, and of course live bands were highlighted on Friday and Saturday with the carnival starting on Thursday and ending Sunday. Some of the local vendors included Gianni’s Restaurant and Grand Stand Pizza along with members from Cub Scout Troop 158, Unity in Community Foundation, and a fundraising group for Mike Sliwinski selling ice cream to raise funds for his recovery. With the hot weather, beer sales were strong and crowds were large for the bands on Friday and Saturday. This free event is made possible through the generous contributions of corporate and individual sponsors. An interesting story from the event was when volunteers Barbara and John Piltaver met fellow volunteer Scott Valk. Scott told them he came all the way from White Fish Bay, Wisconsin to attend the event with his son Shawn who is a big train enthusiast. Since his son was going to be taking pictures through most of the day, Scott asked organizers if he could volunteer his time on the trains. He felt that instead of just standing around doing nothing, he could best use his time volunteering. Volunteer organizer and village employee Pam Rodriguez wasted no time putting him to work. Thanks Scott! Your community service was truly appreciated. Hope you’ll return next year!

Hubcaps Holds First Cruise Night Owners of Hubcaps in Schiller Park, Al & Corrine Bruno are holding Cruise Nights every Thursday. Their first one was held on June 7th and you couldn’t ask for a better variety of cars and the perfect venue. Pictured here is Eric Ek’s 1964 Chevrolet Suburban Panel. It was originally a Greensboro, Kentucky Fire Truck which was in service through 1995. It’s his daily driver (he needed something to carry 2x4’s in) and the truck has a 454 crate motor in it. Eric just purchased the car in January of this year and paid $12,000. The original cost back in 1964 was around $3,500. Eric rewired the entire truck and did some minor work on it and said it’s a real pleasure to drive. He mentioned the emergency light still works and the truck gets quite a few looks when he drives down the street.


IN CASE YOU MISSED IT... Spathies Insurance Holds Grand Opening

the “circle” in Elmwood Park. Attendees included Rev. David J. Sagil, New Horizon Temple Pastor who gave the Invocation, Jonathan Zivojnovic, Elmwood Park’s Chamber of Commerce President, who welcomed everyone to the ceremony, Village President of Elmwood Park, Peter Silvestri, who assisted in the actual ribbon cutting along with Nick Sposato, 36th Ward Alderman and Julie Smith, Erie Insurance Company Regional Director looking on. Friends, family and other village officials gave a resounding round of applause when the ribbon was finally cut. The Spathies are not only looking forward to working with the community with insurance services for Auto, Home, Life and Business, but building long relationships and friendships as well. Stop in and visit them or call 708-453-0000. Visit them on the web at

Crime Fighting In Franklin Park

Spathies Insurance Agency, 34 W. Conti Parkway in Elmwood Park, held an official ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, June 8, celebrating their new locat ion. Owners George and Laura Jean Spathies, along with their children, Daniel and Rebekah, were excited to finally be part of

Through a grant awarded by the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System, the Franklin Park Police Department has added another important technological component to their crime fighting arsenal. This important stateof-the-art technology will assist the Police Department in helping to stop crime in the community before it happens.

The system comes with a 30 foot mass which has three cameras attached, one of which has infra-red capability, a 24-hour 7 day recording unit and a public address system. The unit is designed to work in conjunction with the Village’s community camera system which currently is in the second of a four phase deployment. The mobile camera system can be monitored through the police and fire 911 center and police command mobile phones. RESIDENTS ARE REMINDED THAT THE NEW NON-EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBER FOR FRANKLIN PARK IS 847-678-2444.

Outdoor Concerts Starting In Park Ridge FREE Friday night concerts at Hodges Park in front of the Park Ridge city Hall can be enjoyed through August 10th. July 3 is “Patriotic Salute” played by the Brian Patti Big Band at Maine East. July 6 is “Symphonic Swing” a nostalgic journey through the Big Band era. Thanks to the support of local organizations, businesses and individual friends and supporters of the Park Ridge Fine Arts Society, residents and visitors can enjoy the 52nd year of musical pleasure. The orchestra is directed by conductor Barbara Schubert. For further


gherita ar M t Bes ow n! T in a z Piz

BenvenUTi “WOOd BUrninG Oven Pizza” iTalian and Sicilian cUiSine

We Cater!

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New!! Chicago Style Pizza dine in, Take Out and delivery! ParTieS UP TO 35 PeOPle

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HOUrS: MOn-THUrS 11-10 Fri-Sat 11-11 • Sun 1-9

We deliver! accePTinG all MajOr crediT cardS ServinG Wine & Beer

info on the concerts and more of the schedule visit

And The Answer Is?

Retired. Russell Parker, a longtime reference librarian at the Elmwood Park Library retired after 29 years at the library. Fielding questions from almost 46,000 people over the years (he kept a log), Parker found his job a lot of fun. He particularly enjoyed being able to satisfy the questioner and send them off with a smile. The library held a retirement party for him on June 1 which was attended by friends and co-workers. Library staff said Russell will be missed, but Parker plans on volunteering at the library several times a week. Congratulations!

Property Values Fall-Property Taxes Go Up? Property tax bills will be arriving soon, the earliest in more than 30 years, so be prepared as bills are due August 1. For most homeowners, they have seen their property values fall but taxes are likely to go up or at least stay the same according to statistics released on June 26 from Cook County Clerk David Orr. Below are the tax rates from local

MOnday iS SeniOr day!

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT... villages and towns. To download the 2011 Cook County tax rates and to view reports showing levy and valuation detail by taxing district visit Seniors are reminded that they must reapply annually for the Senior Citizen Exemption entitling qualifying residents to an additional $4,000 exemption on their property taxes. TOWN OR VILLAGE

% 2011 2010 CHANGE

BENSENVILLE ELMWOOD PARK FRANKLIN PARK MELROSE PARK NORRIDGE NORTHLAKE PARK RIDGE RIVER GROVE ROSEMONT SCHILLER PARK School Dist. #64 School Dist. #78 School Dist. #79 School District #80 School District #81 School District #83 School District #84 School District #84 1/2 School District #85 1/2 School District #87 HS Dist. #212 HS Dist. #234 HS Dist. #207

0.398 2.05 1.929 1.809 0.219 1.511 0.753 1.353 2.159 1.982 3.285 1.594 2.010 1.766 3.648 4.410 4.343 3.960 2.973 3.836 2.509 2.392 1.995

0.420 1.799 1.702 1.291 0.199 1.296 0.657 1.211 1.811 1.714 2.951 1.388 1.793 1.574 3.159 3.863 3.932 3.379 2.641 3.091 2.223 2.111 1.782

-5.24% 13.95% 13.34% 40.12% 10.05% 16.59% 14.61% 11.73% 19.22% 15.64% 11.32% 14.84% 12.10% 12.20% 15.48% 14.16% 10.45% 17.19% 12.57% 24.10% 12.87% 13.31% 11.95%

Flag Retirement Relay For Life What’s New In On June 15 and 16, participants in the Ceremony Rosemont? Elmwood Park/River Grove annual Relay Boy Scout Troop 16 conducted a Flag Retirement Ceremony on June 14th, Flag Day, at the Clock Tower Park in Schiller Park. During the ceremony, participants cut off each one of the stripes from the flag while one of the troop members read what the stripe means. It was a moving ceremony and well conducted by the troop.

Police Sergeant Found Fatally Shot Little details have been released, but a neighbor of retired Melrose Park police Sgt. Ronald Susek, 61, found him in his backyard unresponsive on June 14. He was fatally shot. He was pronounced dead after being taken to Gottlieb Hospital. An autopsy was conducted by the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office and found to be inconclusive pending police investigation.

Crystal Creek Construction Continues

For Life spent their evening walking around the Elmwood Park High School’s track and reflecting on the many reasons why they were participating. Many said they had relatives or friends die or are suffering from cancer. The Elmwood Park Neighborhood Citizens Organization was among the 15 teams and 120 participants partaking in the event. Meanwhile, the Franklin Park, Schiller Park, Northlake, Relay for Life committee held a “Paint the Town Purple” concert/benefit at Hammill Square on Tuesday, June 26th to raise awareness of the upcoming event on July 20-21 at East Leyden High School. So far, the teams involved have raised over $22,000 with the Bunco Babes & Co as the top team. You can still join in on the fun and fundraising by forming or joining a team or simply volunteering. For further information visit schillerpark/northlake

If you haven’t visited The Park of Rosemont yet (newly named MB Financial Park at Rosemont who agreed to pay Rosemont close to a million dollars over five years for the naming rights) you’re missing all the newest action. King’s Bowling, a retro bowling alley that offers dining, cocktails, bowling, billiards, sports, parties and more! Check out some of the specialty drinks like the one pictured here. Also open is Four Rose’s Restaurant and Adobe Gilas. Opening soon will be Zannie’s, Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill, Park Tavern, My Big Fat Greek Restaurant and Hofbrauhaus Chicago. Some trivia-What attraction in Rosemont brings in close to $21,000 a year in permit fees? Answer: The Village’s two fountains! Permits must be obtained to take pictures at the fountains at a cost of $50 per half hour. Members of the Rosemont Zoning Board of Appeals is considering approval of a Special Use Permit to allow outdoor dining in front of at least five restaurants located in a retail center on Higgins Road. Zoning Board members agreed to recommend approval of the permit to the Village Board. Rosemont Village trustees approved a bid from Environmental Quality Company in the amount of $996,200 to remove contaminated soil from the fashion outlet mall site which is currently under construction. The soil tested positive for trichloroethylene (TCE), a chemical compound commonly used as an industrial solvent. The board also approved another $50,000 on a contingency basis in case more soil needed to be removed or for related work. The Village board also approved a proposal from Orange Crush, LLC in the amount of $58,297 to repave the parking lot of an apartment building at 10024 Devon Ave.

Farmers Markets

If you haven’t already done so, make sure you check out the fresh farmers markets in the areas. Franklin Park’s Farmers Market opened on June 30th and other area markets such as Schiller Park’s, Elmwood Park’s, Park Ridge and Oak Park have all opened already. Don’t miss out on all the bountiful and great foods. Check out last month’s People & Places Newspaper for info on times and dates.

No, this is not a new road going in Schiller Park. It’s construction on Crystal Creek just west of 25th Avenue. Crews blocked the water from running into the area so it could be worked on.



Local Resident Takes Honor Flight! On May 23, 2012, Albert Kreitzer of Schiller Park had the honor of taking the Honor Flight to Washington, D.C. These trips are made possible by Honor Flight Chicago an organization founded to recognize our Veterans – most specifically our WWII Veterans – with a day of honor, remembrance and celebration from a proud and grateful nation. Honor Flight Chicago, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, was founded in February, 2008, by Mary Pettinato, Jeanmarie Kapp, Nancy Kapp, and Suzanne Stanits. Four entrepreneurial Chicago women asked themselves what they could do to honor and thank our Veterans – especially our WWII Veterans - whose courage and determination to do the job they were sent to do still echoes down the years. These four individuals joined forces when they saw an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our Veterans. Their own lives have been profoundly touched and changed by the Honor Flight Chicago experience – an experience that they hope will continue to inspire others to honor our Veterans.” Here is a letter that Mr. Kreitzer’s daughter put together as a thank you and remembrance of the occasion. “ My dad had the most wonderful trip to Washington, DC; he said it was one of the “highlights” of his life. Well, it was certainly that and more for his family! Here is a brief synopsis of his day. Get up at 1:30am to get ready to leave for Midway

Airport to arrive by 3:15 or 3:30. Check in was beginning when we arrived at 3:15 am. Dad slept about six hours the night before, so he had a little rest. Lucky for him, because he wasn’t going to get any more until 24 hours later when he got home and went to sleep at 1:30am the following day! Check in went well. All vets were given their airline tickets, an Honor Flight golf shirt, (which all changed into), had their photo taken separately with their shirt on, and were given a nice breakfast before boarding the plane. Tom and I left him about 5:30am and went home to sleep a little and he proceeded on his trip to DC. There were numerous Honor Flight volunteers at Midway. They escorted him into

ATTENTION ALL MILITARY VETERANS The American Legion Wants You! Join your comrades in arms and support the Americanism we represent! Wounded and aging veterans at Hines Hospital Local charitable events in our communities Social events • Picnics • Christmas parties for Children • Legion sponsored adult dance nights • Local school awards and scholarships • New Years Eve celebrations • Special events promoting patriotism – Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, Parades & more!

For Further details ContaCt American Legion Post 974 Veterans Still Serving the Community

Gene Korus Vice Commander

9757 Pacific Avenue • Franklin Park, IL 60131 Post Phone 847.678.7474 16 PEOPLE & PLACES • JULY 2012

special were the young children who wanted to shake their hands and thank them for their service. Our nephews and dad’s grandsons, George and Dax, were there to greet their great-grandpa back home! We finally got dad home and into bed at 1:30 am; quite a wonderful long day and night for him and all of his family. THANK YOU ALL FOR THE WONDERFUL LETTERS AND CARDS WHICH YOU SENT TO HIM. We spent the whole next morning and afternoon reading each and every one of them. Lots of tears shed then too! My thanks and gratitude to all who helped support my dad’s wonderful day. Our love to all of you for making his day and experience so special.”

Leyden’s Veterans Honor Wall a wheel chair the minute our car pulled up curbside and someone was with dad, one on one, for that whole time at Midway and on the flight. Once they arrived in D.C., he had an Army Sgt. escorting him all day; all vets had their own Guardian companion on the whole trip, so he really had great care. The trip took them to the World War II Memorial where they spent quite a bit of time. I think it was such a special time for all those vets. Dad said there were hundreds of school children, veterans, general public, all waiting to shake their hands individually once they arrived in Washington, D.C. They visited the Viet Nam Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and the Air and Space Museum where they saw the Enola Gay, the plane which dropped the atom bomb in Hiroshima in Japan. They had a full day. Their flight was to arrive back at Midway at 8:10 and family and friends (2,500 to 3,000) were there to greet them as they arrived back home. Families had American flags, photos of their mom or dad who served, banners, all kinds of decorations to welcome home their loved one and to honor them. The Viet Nam Motorcycle troops were present, over 150 of them, making a tunnel with American Flags for the vets to go through before coming to the baggage area where we all waited impatiently for their arrival back home. The Chicago Fire Department sprayed the water on both sides over their plane when it landed. The Chicago Fire and Police Dept. bagpipers were playing along with a marching band. Everyone cheered and roared when the elevator doors began to open and our loved ones came through the doors back to their families. All but four men were in wheelchairs. The whole trip someone pushed their chairs around for them when they got back home. There were scores of lines in the baggage claim area and the volunteers snaked the chairs around all the people in these lines for visitors and family to see their mom or dad come home. Everyone shook their hands and/or kissed them and thanked them for their service to our country. Many tears were flowing; happy tears, proud tears. Especially

Leyden Township is proud to honor male and female veterans who served in the United States Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy by placing their names on a Veterans Honor Wall. Applications are available at the Leyden Township office, 2501 N. Mannheim Road, Franklin Park, IL. You must have been honorably discharged after Dec. 31, 1939. The dedication ceremony for the Veterans Honor Wall will be held on Sunday, November 11, 2012 at the Leyden Town Hall 2501 N. Mannheim Road.

Welcome Home Soldier!

Lance Corporal Joseph Reinke returned home to Park Ridge from his second deployment in Afghanistan on Saturday, June 16. After graduating from Maine East High School in 2008, he went directly into the Marine Corps. After his visit home, he will return to California to finish up his corps career with his discharge scheduled for September. Corporal Reinke plans on attending college and pursue a career in forensic psychology.

By the Numbers 51

The Age of Honor Flight Chicago (months)


Number of Volunteers


Number of Guardians


Number of flights Flown 2008-2011


Number of flights Scheduled for 2012


Number of Vets taken to their memorial by Honor Flight Chicago so far


Number of Veterans on the Waiting List


The Average Age of Our Vets on the Waiting List


Estimated WWII Vets in the Chicago Area


Amount of every dollar donated that goes to the Veterans’ flights

3-5 Years The estimate when most of our WWII Vets will no longer be with us 1,000,000 Number of causes that Need Your Help 1

Reason to join ours-The Vets and what they did for us!

SENIOR SNIPS Senior Power! Seniors control 70% of the disposable income in the United States…$1.6 trillion in spending power with more than $1 trillion spent on goods and services; • Senior have a cumulative household value of $19 trillion; • The percentage of seniors with incomes below the poverty line is about 10%; • By 2030, 83% of seniors will have completed high school. A 14% increase from 1998 and a 55% jump from 1970; • The percentage with a Bachelor’s degree or higher will have increased to 24% from the current level of 15%. • By 2030, about one out of every five Americans, or 20% of our population will be a senior citizen. SOURCES: SENIOR MAGAZINE WWW.HEALTHIMAGING.ORG.

According to the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College University, men are now retiring later than they have in the past. In an analysis of data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau, the Center for Retirement Research found that the average retirement age for men has risen from 62 in the mid-1990s to 64 near the end of the first decade of the 21st century. The reasons for this change are likely not because men are reluctant to leave office life behind, but because of a variety of factors that have to do with finances. Many companies no longer offer pension plans, so men are more likely to work longer to save more money for their retirement. In addition, Social Security benefits in the United States are now calculated differently than they were in the past, so men have a greater incentive to work longer. But finances aren’t the only reason men work longer. Many men now have jobs that are not physically taxing, enabling them to work longer as a result.

Are you looking for trusted, well trained and compassionate caregivers?

No Job To Big or Small We Do Them All! Unlimited Amount of Solutions for All Your Concrete Needs Competitive Pricing with Quality Products Fine Workmanship and Attention to Detail Family Owned and Operated with a Combined 56 Years of Experience Fully Licensed and Insured CALL VINCE FOr FrEE ESTImATES • 847-219-0958

ALLCARE AGENCY INC. can help! We are licensed, accredited, bonded and insured with Workers Comp and Liability/ Professional insurance. ~ 630-854-6098


Living Up To The Oath Local Scout works towards Eagle Status


Sax-Tiedemann Funeral Home & Crematorium offers many different services. Our training and experience have prepared us to help, to reassure, and to understand when a family faces the loss of a loved one. We are here to replace confusion with calm, doubts with certainty and questions with answers. Here, one finds a quiet gentleness in an atmosphere of dignity, efficiency and trust.

“On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.” 17 Year old Jacob Molli has been a Scout since January of 2006 and just recently completed his Eagle Scout project. He explained that although boy scouts can become an Eagle Scout at a younger age, he feels that it’s usually the parents who do the work and not the scout themselves. “It’s a flaw in the system.” Scouts need to work

donated by Mike Wilms of Totem Lumber in Schiller Park and Mike from A Touch of Craft, the maintenance firm at St. Beatrice. Jacob wanted to be sure they were mentioned, as he is extremely grateful for their generosity. Under the watchful eye of his Eagle Coordinator, who gives him guidance and motivation, Jacob tackled the project. He gathered the “troops” so to say which consisted of fellow boy scouts, parents and other volunteers. “I didn’t expect that whole families would come to help. I actually had more workers than work!”

TradiTiOnal ServiCeS • CremaTiOn memOrial ServiCeS • Pre-Planning

dedicated to Serving Families in our leyden area Since 1924 9568 Belmont avenue • Franklin Park

(847) 678-1950 Three Generations of the Tiedemann Family A Full Ser vice Death Care Facility

AN ArTiSAN BAkery iN NOrridge SpeCiALiziNg iN iTALiAN-AMeriCAN BAked gOOdS

Hours: Tue-Fri 7am-6pm Sat 7am-5pm Sun 7am-2pm Closed Mondays


graduaention coupon. Must m ires 7/1/12. Exp

Order Special Occasion Cakes from Allegretti’s! 7717 W. Lawrence Ave., Norridge (Between Overhill & Ozanam)

708.453.4412 | 18 PEOPLE & PLACES • JULY 2012

up in the ranks and have a certain amount of time to learn how to lead others and, “convince people to follow you and work alongside of you.” Jacob believes a good age to become an Eagle Scout would be 16-17 years of age. Jacob called People and Places for his interview while taking a quick break as a camp counselor at Camp Napowan in Wild Rose, Wisconsin. This is his first year there and so far he has received rave reviews from Troop leaders. He’ll be at the camp till August and is currently teaching other boy scouts on what needs to be completed for the Camping Merit Badge. So what does it take to become an Eagle Scout? Well one of the things required is to complete a service project. Jacob said there are certain guidelines that have to be followed. For instance, the project cannot benefit a company or corporation or even their own troop and must benefit the community around them. “The project should not be watered down. It should be a burden on you,” Jacob said. The scout must handle all the details of the project from start to finish. However, he admitted that he wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do. Fortunately, the room used by the Knights of Columbus in the former St. Beatrice School, needed cleaning, painting and redecorating. Since this work was on the docket to be completed already by the church’s maintenance department, he felt it would be a perfect service project. He obtained the required four signatures that are part of the requirements for the project, made his presentation to his troop, and then his plans began. After accessing what needed to be done to the room, Jacob sat down to see what supplies and labor he would need. The majority of the items were graciously

Jacob exclaimed, “It was nice to just supervise at times.” From the sounds of things though, Jacob did most of the work and got down and dirty while washing and cleaning blinds, walls, floors, and windows, taping off trim and painting everything from ceilings to walls. He also painted the hallway leading to the meeting room. The project requires that a log be kept on the amount of hours it takes to complete it. Jacob calculated it took 103 hours of labor to bring the room to its current rehabbed state. “Not only did I have to organize my labor, but everything needs to be documented; sign-in sheets have to be kept along with expenditures and supplies.” Jacob made sure to mention his father, Joe Molli, who is the Troop’s Committee and Finance Chair and Wayne Bernacki, Scout Master, “who is like a second father to me.” Jacob said they both have played an important part in this project as well as in his life. After a month’s worth of hard work, team work, Jacob’s project was complete. Father Rob, St. Beatrice’s Pastor, was grateful for the job well done. They commended Jacob in a church bulletin and explained the project to the parishioners. This is actually another requirement that the project be recognized in some type of publication. While wrapping up the interview, Jacob said his ambition is to attend college and become a social worker or therapist. “I enjoy helping and talking with people.” He also volunteers at Camp Soar in Williams Bay, Wisconsin assisting children with disabilities. Congratulations Jacob on a job well done. People & Places Newspaper looks forward to attending your Eagle Scout ceremony soon.

Special Needs, Special Times


Thanks to a lack of funding, more and more schools across the country are cutting art, music and even gym programs in an effort to save money. Just how deeply such budgetary decisions will detrimentally impact our kids, especially those who have special needs, remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain: I can’t imagine a world in which my Joey couldn’t get out on his JoRide bike with me and partake in all the other art-related endeavors that give him so much joy. Whether your child’s school has already made cuts and you’re looking to fill in the gaps, or you just want to maintain the artistic and musical skills your kids have acquired during the school year, this edition of “Special Needs, Special Times” is devoted to helping you achieve that aim. For children with special needs who are drawn to the fine arts and crafts like mosaic and painting, Artist @ Heart in Libertyville, IL has a roster of helpful artists and instructors waiting to bring out the budding artist in them. The organization provides generous studio space for children, teens, adults and families. Summer classes, which run from four to six weeks, will be getting underway soon at Artist @ Heart, but for those don’t want to commit to a full set of sessions, open studio time is always built into the organization’s schedule. Your special

needs loved one can take advantage of a wide variety of materials available in all types of media to discover the artistic medium that’s best suited to him or her. If music is more your child’s thing, registration is currently open for the summer session, which begins June 18 for weekday classes and July 7 and 8 for weekend classes, at Mr. Mark’s Music Together. With locations throughout central Lake County, Mr. Mark’s will help your young child with special needs develop his or her musical abilities. Weekly classes focus on presenting a wide variety of age-appropriate musical concepts to kids between the ages of birth to kindergarten, with an adult caregiver accompanying them. Each session emphasizes the fun, so kids will want to keep coming back for more. Classes include songs, rhythmic rhymes, movement and instrument play. The Mr. Mark’s Music Together environment is an informal one, where friendly musical experience rather than anxiety-raising performance takes center stage. All activities are developmentally appropriate for children of all abilities and easy for parents and caregivers, regardless of their musical ability. As a bonus, all participants receive two copies of the CD used during class as well as one songbook so they can continue the fun on the road and at home. If you would you l ike to see your organization’s activities and services described in our upcoming reports, please email your calendar of events and information to: As our column grows so will the ability to feature not-to-be missed special needs events. You can find out what the organizations mentioned in this column have to offer and more by visiting their websites:

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Mon: 10am-3pm • Tues-Fri: 10am - 9pm • Sat: 12-9pm • Sun: Closed

4663 N. Ruby • Schiller Park (847) 928-2277 JULY 2012 • PEOPLE & PLACES 19

LIBRARY NOOK The Adventure Begins at your Library. One of the smartest Cards you have is your Library Card to receive free admission or a special discount at participating Chicago area cultural destinations. Use your Library card to check out the Museum Adventure Pass Go to Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity for the entire family. Ask a Librarian to help you if not sure of the process. All Libraries are closed July 4th.

Elmwood Park Public Library 1 W. Conti Parkway, 708-453-7645,

Closed Sundays starting Memorial Day. Schedule of Events is easy to find on line, PNG is Project Next Generation, is on going Tuesdays at 11 am until the 17th of July.

DROP IN STORY TIME II Mondays Ages 2-5 years old. Monday Magic: the Gathering for young adults 16 and older at 6 pm, July 2, 9, and 16, 23. Join us for some fun, and make new friends. On the 12th of July for an hour 6:30 to 7:30 Joe Perino will visit the Library to talk about insurance and answer your questions. Starting on July 9th for 4 days in a row from 2 pm-3 pm Beginners Boot Camp. Learn the basics of computing. Do not be shy, sign up while space is available.

On July 11, 18, 25 at 7 pm Yoga moves for kids and adults sounds like a family night of trying something new. July 21st at 1 pm Sports Memorabilia Appraisal; Fun place for sports fans young and old even if you have nothing to be appraised, come and see the memorabilia. Learn how to find these treasured pieces.

Bensenville Library

200 S. Church Road 630-766-4642 Paint the Town Red summer reading program is a community wide celebration of reading and the summer. Stop by the library or go online for guidelines and registration. Thursdays in the Garden is held in the Garden of Knowledge 7 pm, July 5th Nature Drawing, July 2nd Celebration of Motherhood, and July 19th Olympics in the Garden. Family Movie night July 3rd is the “Secret World of Arrietty”. This is free; check out details on line. July 19 the Library is showing “We Bought the Zoo” at 7 pm. Celebrate the 4th of July with paint the town red at the Dave Rudolf Beach Party 12:30 pm at the Redmond Recreational Complex. This is totally an interactive show, which will keep those ages 2 -99 dancing. Bensenville History Camp is Thursday from 1 pm until 3 pm July 5 through July 26, fun at the Korthauer Long House, Churchville Schools , and Fischer Farm.

Book Review: Tears of My Angel

Life is unpredictable. When we least expect it, it can be changed forever. That moment came for author Benedetta Lino when her one-year-old daughter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, the possible result of a serious adverse reaction to the DPT vaccination. Yet in the years to come, Benedetta refused to give up hope and refused to let her daughter experience anything less than true and unconditional love. Heartwarming, yet bittersweet, Tears of My Angel recounts the years of struggle, pain, love, and hope that the Lino family endured. Benedetta recounts the early years of her daughter’s life, of the numerous tests and hospital stays, until the diagnosis finally came in 1985. But from that moment on, things only became more difficult. As Benedetta and her husband learned to care for their daughter in the comfort of their home, they found strength in each other and in the love they had for Laura. As the years passed, and the normal milestones of a child’s life passed with-out being celebrated, the family instead celebrated the beauty of life, of Laura’s courage, and of the power of love. Tears of My Angel inspires, educates, and encourages, but most of all, it reafirms the ability of hope and love to sustain us through our darkest days. The author, Benedetta Lino, was born in Palermo, Sicily. She came to the United States in 1966 an attended Our Lady of Angels grammar school and Immaculate High School. Lino resides in Elmwod Park, Illinois with her husband, Tany, their two children. The decision to write Tears of My Angel came to me some years ago as my husband and I sat at our daughter’s bedside in a children’s hospital. Her diagnosis was severe Cerebral Palsy. The news was devaststing. This is my memoir and it recounts the years that followed. This is a book that will inspire everyone. It is a story about the power of true love and the power of hope Tears of My Angle is available in both hardcover and paperback at and Barnes & Noble. It is also available for Kindles and Nook. 20 PEOPLE & PLACES • JULY 2012

Please contact the Library, this is best suited for students going into third, fourth and fifth grades. Camp Night at the Library is July 17th at 6:30. Campfire stories, nature crafts and S’mores. This program is suitable for children 10 years old and younger and they must bring a parent. Registration is required.

Eisenhower Public Library

River Grove Library

On going Teen Event is every Thursday from 4-5:30 pm. Be an Anonymous Teen Writer and bring in your novel, poetry, or short story and get it critiqued. Drop in Craft Day is July 7, all day, all ages 3 and up. For Grades 4-6 there is Library Lock In July 20 / 21st. You need permission form filled in along with a sleeping bag. Harwood Heights and Norridge residents only. Bookmark Contest for young residents of Harwood Heights and Norridge, is open to Ages K-Grade 5. Winner wins a $100 gift card; bookmark is turned into the Library’s official bookmark. Theme “Reading is Delicious” stop by for details. Monday Movie July 30th is “Puss in Boots” at 3 pm, for all ages. Check out their website for more programs and fun! Stop by the e Café in the heart of the Eisenhower Library. It was delightful! Great place for a fast treat and chat.

8638 W. Grand Ave., River Grove Call Librarian Marissa at 708-453-4484 River Grove Library is Closed July 3rd and 4th. Business: The River Grove Public Library subscribes to the Value Line. The subscription includes Small Mid Cap Survey and Value Line Investment Survey. Their licensing agreement requires a password to log in. Please ask at the circulation desk for the password. Eat, Move, and iRead! And this is what it is: week 1. A mini lesson based on the food group for the week. A craft/cooking lesson week 3. Movie time week, and 15 minutes of group/individual reading time! Every Tuesday & Wednesday 12-2 pm Ages: 9 and up Call RGPL @ 708-453-4484 *REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED*. Stop and see what your library has for you.

Melrose Park Public Library 801 North Broadway 708-343-3391 Closed Sundays

The library has a limited number of FREE Ravinia Tickets, call 708-649-7485 or visit adult services. The parking lot has been completed and movie Madness continues on Mondays at 3 pm. Wednesdays get Crafty from 11 am until 2 pm, Lego club starts at 2 and finish’s at 3, and then starts Amazing Arts from 4-5 pm. Mornings story time continues on Thursdays 10 am until 10:45 am.

Northlake Public Library 231 N. Wolf Rd., 708-562-2301

There are programs offered in both English and Spanish. Triton ESL program continues on Saturdays from 9 am until 1 pm. A new program is CANDY CLUB Tuesdays from 6:30 pm until 7:30 pm. Jewelry Design is fun for both boys and girls as it’s an art project. Start your Christmas gifts over the summer. The movie July 10th is “Ghost RiderSpirit of Vengeance” from 1 until 3:30 pm. July 24th they are showing “The Artist,” same time same place. Friday July 6th is a busy day, starting out with Library Outreach at the Stone Park Fire Department, and leading into the Library Sleepover. This is so much going on for the month of July. Go to your library and explore your options or visit their website above. Some events need pre registrations almost all are FREE.

4613 N. Oketo Ave., Harwood Heights 708-867-7828 www.eishenhowerlibrary/org

Franklin Park Public Library 10310 W. Grand, 847-455-6013,

It’s not too late to sign up for July 16th Field trip to Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Depart 9 am and return at 4 pm. Stop by the library to register, or visit the Youth Services Department, call 847-455-6016 ext 236. Monday July 2nd at 3 pm come to BOOK BUDDIES for children in kindergarten and up. Please sign up at Youth Service Desk. After many months of hard work, the library would like to introduce the new website, Fresh look, easier method of navigation, new logo, and new web address. While you can still access our website through, they recommend that you update your bookmarks. The new library logo is a digital rendering of a stained glass piece created by Kevin Eagleton. If you would like an intro to the new website or need help locating info, just ask a librarian or email Enjoy using their new website, and let them know what you think Saturday July 21st will give your taste buds something to look forward to. ‘BEAT COPS GUIDE TO CHICAGO EATS. These ladies and gentleman in blue know FOOD. They know the city better then most and they know that hidden treasure in each neighborhood. Stop by and meet the authors from 3 pm to 5 pm. They have shared the spots to eat with each other now they are sharing with us.

LIBRARY NOOK Schiller Park Library

4200 Old River Rd., 847-678-0433

ACS program July 17, The American Cancer Society will be hosting a program from 6:30 pm until 7:30 pm on Healthy eating and lifestyles. Sign up in youth services.

Making Food Fun!

The last day to sign up for the summer reading programs is July 9th. “Reading is so delicious!” When you sign up in the Youth Services room the Program goal will be given to both the children and parents. Books will then be reported to the Program Staff in the Youth Service Room. Reporting Times: Mon-Thurs 3-9 pm and Fri –Sat Noon-4 pm.

July 18, from 6:30p to 7:30 pm join the library as they teach how to make No-Bake treats. Limited to 20 children. Sign up now in the youth services room.

Computer Class


The library will offer a computer class on Saturday July 28th, 2012 from 9:30 am11 am. This class is designed to provide participants with an introduction to Microsoft Excel 2010. This is a beginner’s class not to be missed. Participants must be comfortable using a keyboard and mouse. Limit of 6 Schiller Park residents only. Refundable $10 deposit at registration. Your deposit is returned at end of class. Sign up now in youth services.

Tuesday July 31st starting at 6:30 pm 7;30 pm, Craft something sweet,.This sign up begins July 3rd, So if you’re crafting at the Library July 3rd, perfect to sign up for July 31st. All this is happening at youth services.

Fabulous 4th Visit the library on Tuesday July 3rd from 6:30 pm until 7:30 pm and craft up something Patriotic. This class is limited to 20 children. Sign up in youth Services.

A TREAT FOR YOUR EYES Tuesday July 24th from 6 pm to 8 pm The feature movie is about Food. Have you signed up in youth services? It’s time.


OPINION: Letter by the Editor Firefighers still make house calls! There’s been a lot of criticism by some people in the media concerning firefighters and how they don’t deserve the pay they receive. How soon they forget. Remember 9-11? Yet those same people have no problem paying professional athletes millions of dollars to “play” a game. Most of them don’t know what a hard day’s work is! People have this misconception of firefighters sitting in lazy-boys all day doing nothing. That is the furthest from the truth. They are continually training, learning new techniques and skills to give the public the best possible care. Think about it; would you be willing to risk your life to protect your neighbor? Would you run into a burning building to try and save a life, like firefighters who lost their lives in 9-11? Firefighters and paramedics do it every day with no hero’s welcome when they return to their stations. They deserve

every penny they receive. I work in a fire department and my son is a firefighter. I’ve seen them up all night responding to calls. I’ve seen them come back covered head to toe in soot, sweating and near exhaustion. Yet they clean up and prepare for the next emergency. They are ready all times of the day and night to come to our aid. With the summer expecting numerous days in the nineties, try to imagine what it would be like donning full turnout gear that weighs as much as a hundred pounds! I gladly pay my tax dollars to support these brave men and women. I feel safe knowing they offer the assurance they will respond at a moments notice in my time of need. Until you walk in their boots, don’t knock them. Maybe every alderman and mayor should take a “firefighter for a day” course and see what it’s like. Possibly then they will have a greater appreciation and understanding of the job.

August 7th, Hungry for some craft leftovers? Join the library on Tuesday August 7th starting at 1:30 pm until the limited number of crafts is consumed. Help us use up our leftover extra crafts from previous programs. Your choice is to pick up a craft with instructions to complete at home or work on the craft at the library. No signup necessary for this program. Drop by while supplies last.


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How To Build Community


• Turn Off Your Tv • Leave Your House • Know Your Neighbors • Greet People • Look Up When You’re Walking • Sit On Your Stoop • Plant Flowers • Use Your Library • Play Together • Buy From Local Merchants • Share What You Have • Help A Lost Dog • Take Children To The Park • Honor Elders • Support Neighborhood Schools

• Fix It Even If You Didn’t Break It • Have Pot Lucks • Garden Together • Pick Up Litter • Read Stories Aloud • Dance In The Street • Talk To The Mail Carrier • Listen To The Birds • Put Up A Swing • Help Carry Something Heavy • Barter For Your Goods • Start A Tradition • Ask A Question • Hire Young People For Odd Jobs • Organize A Block Party

• Bake Extra And Share • Ask For Help When You Need It • Open Your Shades • Sing Together • Share Your Skills • Take Back The Night • Turn Up The Music • Turn Down The Music • Listen Before You React To Anger • Mediate A Conflict • Seek To Understand • Know That No One Is Silent Though • Many Are Not Heard • Work To Change This

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Vacation Volleyball Wade Warm Waterski

My birthday is on July 2, 1947. I have been a star, producer and writer for two successful, long-running television series.


Horoscopes ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20 You can have all the inspiration in the world, Aries, but without solid financial backing, your enterprise will not find its wings. Spend your energy finding investors.

LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23 While some people are revved up with energy, Leo, you will seem to be stuck in neutral this week. Don’t fret too much about it unless you have deadlines you need to meet.

SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21 Sagittarius, you may be adept at finding an easy way around a difficult thing, but sometimes taking the harder road offers good life lessons along the way.

TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21 You are torn between two choices, Taurus. Family matters are on one side and work responsibilities are on the other. It may take a few days to work out a decision.

VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22 Virgo, these next few days you will want to do activities that put yourself first. Whether it’s a date or simply alone time, enjoy it and stop neglecting your needs.

CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20 When money issues arise, the only way to remedy them is to stop spending. This could involve taking a hard look at your lifestyle and what you may not be able to afford.

GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21 It’s difficult to contain all of your energy, Gemini, so instead you can choose to share some with others. Try tackling some other people’s projects until your energy wanes.

LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23 Vacations tend to bring the relaxed side out in a person, and it can be hard assimilating back into your regular routine. You, however, have no problem getting back into a groove.

AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18 Everyone expects you to dole out the advice, Aquarius, but this week you will be looking for your own. It could be because you have been tackling so many projects lately.

CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22 Some people may view you as being selfish this week, Cancer, but you view your actions as putting yourself first for a change. Either way, it’s a decidedly “you-centered” few days.

SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22 Turning a hobby into something that makes money is an admirable goal, but it will take a little work, Scorpio. Don’t give up too easily as it could take a few months to solidify.

PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20 There are few things that escape your attention, Pisces. However, this week you will be blindsided by certain news. JULY 2012 • PEOPLE & PLACES 23

St. Cyprian School 2601 Clinton Street, River Grove 708-453-4800,

Over 500 people attended a mass on Sunday, June 10 in honor of Reverend Gene Gratkowski who was retiring after fortyfive years as a Priest and seven years   as Pastor of St. Cyprian. Father Gene served as a deacon at two Chicago churches and then was or d a i ne d on April 27, 1967. After ordination he took Spanish language studies in Puerto Rico   and at UIC; while on Sabbatical he studied Scripture course in Jerusalem and later attended C a t h o l i c Theological Union in Chicago. He also took Sociology courses at Loyola. Father Gene wore a number of different hats over the years including that of Associate Pastor, Co-Pastor, an administrator and of course Pastor to a number of churches. He was appointed pastor at St. Cyprian Church on September 16, 2005, the Feast of St. Cyprian and his term as pastor started on November 1, 2005. A beautiful and bountiful reception was held immediately after the mass. Congratulations Father Gene. We wish you well during your retirement. St. Cyprian will be holding a meet and greet after the 11am mass on July 1st to welcome the new pastor, Father Darrio Bosautti

St. Beatrice Parish

4157 Atlantic Ave., Schiller Park 847-678-0138, FOOTBALL MANIA IS HERE! St. Beatrice parish will be selling tickets starting June 30th after all the masses and available in the rectory. $20.00 Each ticket. Runs 17 weeks during the regular football season. GUARANTEED WINNER EVERY WEEK! Great fun-GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY!

St. Maria Goretti

St. Beatrice Celebrates The Solemnity Of Corpus Christi

3929 N. Wehrman Ave., Schiller Park 847-678-3988

St. Beatrice church celebrated the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ with a pro ces sion around church on Sunday, June 10. Beginning after the 12:15 mass, Father Rob led the procession with the Blessed Sacrament from inside the church, around the grounds and back into church for the final blessing. It was well attended by parishioners who followed behind singing hymns.

ST. VINCENT de PAUL SOCIETY If there is a family you know who needs assistance, please call the Society of St. Vincent de Paul so that together we can help those who are hungry. Contact them at 847-678-0138.

HELP WANTED The Religious Education Program at St. Beatrice is looking for Teachers Aides for the 2012-13 school year. No previous experience is necessary, just a willingness to serve others while making a difference in the lives of students. If interested, please call Zerlina Kerchen, Coordinator at 847-671-6429 or email her at ccd_

Don’t Miss Out! St. Maria Goretti School Car Raffle Purchase your raffle tickets while they last. $75 each-only 300 will be sold. Order through the rectory office during the month of July 9am-1pm, Monday – Friday at St. Maria Goretti Parish 3929 Wehrman Avenue, Schiller Park, IL 60176. For more information call: 847 678-3988 or after the Saturday night and Sunday morning masses. First Prize: New 2011 Mazda2 Sport or $8,000 Cash Second Prize: $500 Third Prize: $250 Raffle Prize Drawing Extended to Sunday, August 26, at the SMG Parish Picnic!


Sunday, September 9, 2012 50th Anniversary Mass • 10:30 A.M. Formal 50th Anniversary Banquet To follow at 1:00 P.M. Music by

Paul Ciminello

Fountain Blue Banquets Des Plaines, IL 60018

St. Gertrude Parish 9613 Schiller Blvd., Franklin Park 847-455-1100 MARK YOUR CALENDARS

St. Maria Goretti School is now accepting new registration for its Pre-K through 8th grade classes. St. Maria Goretti School is located at 10050 Ivanhoe Avenue in Schiller

TASTE OF ST. GERTRUDE FEST. August 25, 3-10pm and August 26, 11:30 to 5pm. Don’t miss it!

12” Thin Crust Cheese Pizza with any purchase of $20 or more.

Mon-Sat: 11:30am-10:45pm Sun: 4:00pm-9:30pm

Save the Date

School Registration

FREE Pizza

18 W. Conti Parkway Elmwood Park (708) 456-9962

Park. St. Maria Goretti School offers an excellent academic program and daily religion classes. Enrichment programs of computers, physical education, library, music, Spanish, drama and art are built into the curriculum. Students may participate in our competitive Athletic Program, which offers opportunities in basketball, volleyball, and cheerleading. Other extracurricular activities include: National Junior Beta Club, Student Council, Band, Chess Club, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. In a beautiful child-centered environment attached to our school, we offer a 12 month Children’s Center facility. Students, age 3 and older, will be able to utilize the Children’s Center, 5 days per week, before and after school, school days off, and all summer from 6:30am-6pm. Please feel free to call for more registration information. During the month of July please leave a message at the rectory, 847 678-3988, and our principal will return your call. On August 1st, the school office will be open. You can call the school office, 847 678-2560, or feel free to stop in from 9am -2pm, Monday through Friday.

Please mention coupon when ordering. One coupon per customer. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or coupon. DINE-IN OR PICK-UP ONLY. Expires 8/1/12.

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Your Next DiNE-iN Purchase

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any 16” or 18” Thin Crust Pizza

10 OFF Your next party with us.

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One coupon per customer. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or coupon. Expires 8/1/12.


LOCAL CHURCH NEWS St. Celestine School & Church

Visit our website for a virtual tour and see all the great things we have to offer!

Registration Continues All Summer

27 N. Lavergne Ave., Northlake 708-562-1466,

3017 N. 77th Ave., Elmwood Park 708-453-8234,

• Preschool through 8th Grade • NEW Full day Preschool for 4 year olds! • Art, Music, Spanish, Sports, Technology for all children. Test scores above the national average in every subject. Celebrating over 75 Years of Excellence in Catholic Education.

St. John Vianney School & Church St. John Vianney Alumni Association is hosting an “All Class Reunion 1955-2012”. St. John Vianney Parish was established in 1941, due to a growing number of Catholics settling into the rapidly developing Northlake area. Then in 1952, there was a noted need for a

Back Pain?

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Catholic grade school. This need was met by then Pastor Fr. Boyle. By 1955 the school was built. This year is the 60 anniversary of the grade school’s opening. On Saturday July 21 this milestone will be celebrated along with the many friendships formed over the years. All are welcome to this night of celebration and fun starting at 2pm. For your admission price includes food available from 2pm till midnight. Entertainment by D.J. Sue Trudeau (Class of 1970) from 2pm till 7pm and the band Vinyl Highway from 7:30pm till 11:30pm. There will be a cash bar serving beer, wine, soda, and bottled water. Plenty of extra

parking will be available off-site at the Center Point Preserve. Ticket purchasing and pricing information are available by visiting web site, calling Chairperson-Mary Martorelli at (708)5629225, or e-mailing to Tickets in advance for adults are $35 and $45 at the door. Children 12 to 17 years of age are $20 each, $5 for ages 5 to 11, and under 5 years old free. Color coded wrist bands will be provided. No outside coolers or alcohol will be allowed. Re-connect with old friends. Bring your family, parents, and siblings. Tell all your former classmates to come and have a great time.

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7 Tips for Good Hair Shiny, lustrous and thick hair is desired by so many women. Far too often, however, this isn’t the type of hair DNA has dealt. But you can use the wide array of products and hair care tips available to achieve the best head of hair you can put forward. 1. Change your diet: A protein-rich diet will help grow stronger hair. Look for high protein foods such as liver, other organ meats, legumes, and also foods rich in B vitamins. Also, iron, calcium and silica help to prevent hair loss. Silica is found in the outer coverings of potatoes, green and red peppers, and cucumbers. 2. Water temperature: Depending on your hair type you will wash your hair daily, every other day, or even less frequently. Oily hair may need to be washed more frequently. Generally, every other day is the average. When washing, it’s recommended that you use warm water. Water that is too hot can damage the hair. 3. Washing technique: Use the pads of your fingers and not your nails to scrub your scalp. Be sure to rinse all of the shampoo out of your hair, otherwise residue can make locks limp and dull. Choose simple shampoos that do little more than clean the oil from your hair. Complicated

formulas may be more expensive and do little help for your hair. Also, use conditioner sparingly. Globbing it on actually can have the reverse effect on your hair -- making it drier and less manageable. When using conditioner, only apply it from the height of your ears down. Avoid rubbing conditioner into the scalp. 4. Protect your hair: Just as you would use sunblock on your skin, you should use it on your hair and scalp to prevent against sun damage. Use a hat to cover up when your head will be exposed to strong sunlight. When going swimming in a pool or at the beach, consider combing a conditioner through your hair prior to add a layer of protection against the salt or chlorine. 5. Processing: Treatments that chemically alter your hair, such as coloring, perming and straightening, should be used sparingly, and rarely at the same time. Otherwise you can damage the hair. Consult with an experienced stylist as to what you can do with your hair and what should be avoided. 6. Comb and brush with caution: It’s not necessary to comb or brush your hair to the point of tears. In fact, excessively tugging on the hair can cause it to

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ADVERTISE IN PEOPLE & PLACES CALL 847-260-5670 Regular haircuts should be part of routine hair care. Visit Aleksandra at Splendor Salon & Spa for the expert hair care you deserve. weaken and break. Only brush dry hair. Use a wide-toothed comb on wet hair to detangle. And always handle the hair gently. 7. Get regular haircuts: Split ends can quickly ruin your hairstyle. Even if you are growing out your hair, it is important to go for regular trimming to maintain your shape. Haircuts enable you to style your hair more easily and therefore use less product and fewer appliances to create the look you desire.


Johnny’s kindergarten class was on a field trip to the local police station, where they saw pictures of the ten most wanted men. One of the pupils pointed to a picture and asked if it really was the photo of a wanted man. “Yes,” said the policeman. “The detectives want him very badly.” So Johnny asked, “why didn’t you keep him when you took his picture?”

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Mówię po polsku

Litnheda y d a L y Cand


Dolores a lso sent in the “Ten Commandments for a Mother-in-Law” by Iola M. Irwin. Since summer is traditionally for weddings, People & Places thought it was appropriate to print. • Thou shalt love, honor and respect the new couple. • Thou shalt allow them complete independence. • Thou shalt speak only kindly and loyally about them. • Thou shalt not find fault. • Thou shalt not visit them too frequently, and never enter their home without knocking. • Thou shalt not expect them to visit you too often. • Thou shalt not give advice unless requested. • Thou shalt not mention how much you look forward to grandchildren. • Thou shalt respect their taste in home decorating, though it differs from your own. • Thou shalt petition daily the Heavenly Father in whose love they abide for their happiness. Dolores Olofson, Schiller Park

Great Paper! , It was great to meet you the other night at the Chamber of Commerce meeting. I just want to let you know that my husband and I both really enjoyed your newspaper. It’s very professionally done and we loved being able to see what’s happening locally. My husband never reads the paper, but he read every page of yours. I like that you have puzzles too. Again, great paper - I’m going to subscribe and will look forward to it every month! Thanks. Kathy Vargas, River Grove

Industry In Franklin Park I remember as a child fifty years ago that Franklin Park was second only to Chicago when it came to industries…My God, we even had Motorola! Time has not been kind to commerce and industry in Franklin Park since then. Franklin Park is now down to sixth place statewide! Twenty-five years ago Illinois passed an “Enterprise Zone Law” which established 68 zones in the state given many special incentives to encourage re-investment/ development in down-trodden industrial areas. Six areas of Chicago and five suburban districts: Cal-Sag (Alsip), Chicago Heights, Calumet City, McCook/Hodgkins, and Ford Heights/Sauk Village were created in that legislation. For whatever reason, Franklin Park (one of the largest industrial towns outside of Chicago) was not included in that list! But we now have an opportunity to correct that omission. The Illinois legislature has just passed an extension bill of the “Enterprise Zone Law” which allows for the creation of five new “Enterprise Zones” and the review of the existing zones. The Village of Franklin Park should be working to make sure that the village is one of the five NEW ENTERPRISE ZONES! Just think of the tremendous opportunities that it would open up for our existing industries and vacant land (including brownfield areas such as the Joeclyn property)! Gaining this enterprise zone designation would greatly benefit our Village’s industrial/commercial base and improve the jobs market here. According to the legislation, we have until December to submit an application. I hope that process has already begun; if not, it should begin ASAP! Kurt Anders Kugelberg, Franklin Park


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“Pets” Should Have Forever Homes BY ELLEN MILES

The Encarta North American English Dictionary’s definition of ‘Pet’ is an animal kept for companionship, interest, or amusement-which is why I don’t like to call animals in my care, my Pets. It’s a one sided relationship with no regard for the life or feelings of the animal. In my opinion, that attitude, is at the core of many of today’s problems. No regard for another life, no matter what form can’t be a good thing for life on this planet, anyone’s life. It can lead to all sorts of things.

Tom Champ Here’s what happens to cats that come as cute little kittens. They grow up. They need care. They cost money. They’re smarter than we are in ways: $50 or $5,000 purses don’t mean a thing to them. But they do have needs. Food, water, shelter, medical care, a comfy comfortable ‘space’ of their own and ideally another 4 legged and 2 legged to love and share life with. The lucky ones get that for life. The unlucky ones share a different life and world. The unlucky ones go from their home to the street when their ‘owners’ get sick of them or don’t want to pay for their medical issues or get move to where cats aren’t allowed. ‘Owners’ have things.

‘Caretakers’ live in harmony with their animals, treating the animals in their care with life’s respect tending to their needs as a ‘life’, just different from ours. Here’s what happens when cat ‘owners’ get a cat and get rid of a cat. Tom was once someone’s pet. When he was abandoned, he was left in tact, un-neutered and a challenge to other in tact males in the streets. He was without shelter, his safe space, food and water. While searching for food, water, shelter and safe space he was met by many in tact males having to fight to protect his life or maybe if he found someplace(s) to meet his needs, having to protect his ‘territory’. We don’t know how long he was on the street but it was long enough to have his right ear chewed up and heal. His hair was brittle; he was under weight and hyper alert, tho amazingly people-friendly. His left leg was badly swollen and abscessed. The vet thought it was due to a dog bite considering the space between the puncture wounds. He walked into a trap while we were still setting it up. He knew he’d found help. Champ came in hissing and growling with abscessed cheeks on both sides, the skin so stretched it was ready to burst. After a week on medication, as his pain and discomfort eased, he became incredibly friendly and affectionate. First time out of the cage (big), he didn’t run and romp the room, he walked figure 8’s around my legs and laid down and rubbed his head on my foot. He was trapped while we were trying to trap a young cat with a crippled back end who ran fast with her two good front legs while her back end swung back and forth. They’re from an area of gunshot as a way of life. Porter, is a Persian or Persian mix. Emaciated, matted hair and a slight Upper Respiratory Infection and old wounds aren’t his biggest problem. He’s incredibly depressed. His breed isn’t as hearty as a domestic cat, not diminishing their suffering but Persians and specialty

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breeds are more sensitive and have a much more difficult time in the street. THEY ARE BREED FOR OUR NEEDS, NOT THIERS. He may never trust humans again. He lies in one position. He eats, drinks and defecates but just stares from the same position and place in his cage and hisses when touched. There are many more stories but hopefully, you see the point. Don’t look at a cat or any animal as something for your amusement to be discarded when you’re sick of him. The animal isn’t the only one suffering as a result, so are you. You’re missing the deep love shared by the bond between people and animals. You’re missing the relationship we all share with all of life. Don’t get an animal unless you can afford it. If things happen, make sure you find the animal a home or get it into a shelter. Never abandon an animal to the streets or give it away ‘free’ to anyone you

don’t know and trust. And always spay and neuter animals in your care. If you can’t afford it, we can help. CatVando NFP Corp is a 501©3 organization TNR Group based in Maywood working in many communities throughout the area to help establish Community Based TNR Programs to help reduce and care for cats living in our communities. We are supported solely by donations and volunteers and always need more of both., and CatVando, PO Box 851, Maywood 60153. 708 829 6013

Pet of the Month Quentin is looking for his FOREVER HOME

Anniversaries are very special: Birthdays, weddings. I had a special anniversary this month: I’ve had a near-forever home for a year. In all that time, I’ve had people to care for me when I was sick. Staff and volunteers to play with me, brush me, and offer me their lap for a short snooze. There’re plenty of toys to bat around-you should see my wrist action. And with so much time to work out, I can scale the big cat tree with ease. All in all, my year at Animal Care League has a lot in common with the summer Olympics: I’m! In! Training! And I’m doing quite well, thank you very much. My event is the Complete Cat Event: Street savvy mixed with amicability (I came in as a stray). While I’m shy and appreciative of a quiet voice, I tangle with a stuffed mouse like the very best. I also get along with other cats and can fit right in with the pack. Or, I could be your one and only. I was told I came to Animal Care League without any collar, microchip, or identification. I have ID-I can ID the family that is meant to take me home. And as far as I’m concerned, that’s a gold-medal talent. Take that, Michael Phelps. Booyah! If you are looking to add a new member to your family, you can view their adoptees on their website at or you may call them to make further inquiries about their animals at 708.848.8155. The Animal Care League is located at 1011 Garfield Street in Oak Park.

Recently Sold Homes TOWN



110 N. Mason St. 127 N. Addison Ave. 16W700 White Pine Rd. 218 Marshall Rd. 314 Gloria Jean Dr. 241 E. Red Oak St. 205 S. Mason St. 535 Jefferson St. 327 E. Washington St. 329 E. Red Oak Ave. 436 Rose St. 407 Marshall Rd. 310 S. Mason St. 140 N. York Rd. 2808 N. 75th Ct. #2W 7234 W. North Ave. #1703 7610 W. Grand Ave. #1E 2943 N. 78th Ave. 1738 N. 72nd Ct. 2113 N. 73rd Ct. 2203 N. 76th Ave. 2010 N. 73rd Ct. 2630 N. 77th Ct. 2046 N. 75th Ave. 2046 N. 75th Ave. 7928 W. Oakleaf St. 2027 N. 75th Ct. 2630 N. 73rd Ave. 2215 N. 72nd Ct. 7214 W. Wrightwood Ave. 1735 N. 75th Ct. 3208 Ernst St. 3433 Scott St. 3102 Dora St. 3138 Dora St. 3609 Dora St. 9634 Reeves Ct. 2638 Louis St. 2502 Elder Ln. 2634 Willow St. 9670 W. Franklin Ave. #410 2652 Westbrook Dr. 2512 Westbrook Dr.



SOLD PRICE $85,000 $140,000 $166,000 $75,000 $399,999 $177,000 $115,000 $41,900 $135,000 $210,000 $65,000 $65,000 $105,000 $88,900 $52,000 $29,000 $41,000 $135,000 $340,000 $89,000 $186,000 $190,000 $185,000 $300,000 $300,000 $113,300 $140,000 $315,000 $240,000 $54,000 $240,000 $40,500 135,000 145,000 $79,900 $90,000 $90,380 192,000 $41,800 $74,999 $99,000 155,000 $50,000

DATE OF SALE 5/31/12 5/31/12 5/31/12 6/7/12 6/7/12 6/8/12 6/12/12 06/13/12 6/14/12 6/18/12 6/19/12 06/21/12 6/21/12 6/22/12 5/29/12 5/30/12 5/30/12 5/31/12 6/1/12 6/6/12 6/7/12 6/7/12 6/8/12 6/8/12 6/8/12 6/11/12 6/14/12 6/14/12 6/15/12 6/21/12 6/25/12 5/29/12 5/29/12 5/30/12 5/31/12 6/1/12 6/4/12 6/4/12 6/7/12 6/7/12 6/12/12 6/14/12 6/15/12



10124 Nevada Ave. 3515 Elder Lane 3033 N. Emerson St. 3509 Ruby St. 3410-12 Ruby St. 10115 Nevada Ave. LEYDEN TOWNSHIP 10123 W. Lyndale Ave. 161 Winters Dr. 2122 N. Dora St. 2500 N. Landen Dr. 10616 Nevada Ave. MELROSE PARK 114 N. 20th Ave. 910 N. 16th Ave. 1612 N. 17th Ave. 1670 Charleston Ct. 520 W. Elsie Dr. 1414 N. 35th Ave. 1819 14th Ct. 1406 N. 34th Ave. 1621 Clay Ct. 321 Division St. 1806 N. 18th Ave. 1619 N. 24th Ave. NORRIDGE 7920 W. Lawrence Ave. #A 4110 N. Odell Ave. 4157 N. Ozanam Ave. 8049 W. Eastwood Ave. 4304 N. Nottingham Ave. 8540 W. Foster Ave. #305 8540 Foster Ave. #301 4432 N. Ozanam Ave. 4617 N. Thatcher Ave. 8254 W. Agatite Ave. 4138 N. Oriole Ave. 4653 N. Opal Ave. 8224 Leland Ave. 4019 N. Ozanam Ave. HARWOOD HEIGHTS 7450 W. Argyle St. 7546 W. Gunnison St. 7604 Lawrence Ave. #2 5025 Oriole Ave. 6635 Norwood Ct. #403 4811 N. Olcott Ave. #416

SOLD PRICE 124,500 135,000 $57,000 142,000 85,000 $65,000 $97,000 $56,000 $130,000 $145,000 $140,000 $55,000 $138,000 $61,000 $120,199 $210,000 $35,000 $48,900 $72,900 $173,500 $234,000 $80,000 $74,000 $112,000 $190,000 $200,000 $200,000 $237,500 $130,000 $133,000 $190,000 $170,000 $242,000 115,000 $220,000 $182,000 $249,800 $185,000 $205,000 $80,000 $197,000 $150,000 $241,000

As of 6/26/12 DATE OF SALE 6/15/12 6/15/12 6/19/12 6/19/12 6/20/12 6/25/12 5/30/12 6/8/12 6/12/12 6/14/12 6/19/12 5/29/12 6/1/12 6/6/12 6/12/12 6/14/12 6/18/12 6/19/12 6/20/12 6/20/12 6/20/12 6/22/12 6/25/12 5/29/12 6/1/12 6/1/12 6/1/12 6/1/12 6/7/12 6/7/12 6/8/12 6/9/12 6/13/12 6/15/12 6/15/12 6/18/12 6/18/12 5/31/12 5/31/12 6/4/12 6/6/12 6/7/12 6/8/12







4549 N. New England Ave. 6812 W. Forest Preserve Dr. 12 King Arthur Ct. #2 520 N. Wolf Rd. 77 N. Wolf Rd. #403 136 S. Lavergne Ave. 49 Hayes 108 Westward Ho. Dr. 44 E. Palmer Ave. 44 King Arthur Ct. #1 22 King Arthur Ct. #22 1301 W. Touhy Ave. #113 53 Park Ln. #53 434 S. Dee Rd. #434 7 W. Yost Ave. 126 S. Home Ave. 1014 St. James Pl. 2012 W. Garden St. 1005 S. Hamlin Ave. 811 S. Aldine Ave. 300 S. Cumberland Ave. 627 S. Home Ave. 1345 Parkside Dr. 8025 O'Connor Dr. #3E 8035 O'Connor Dr. #4F 8035 O'Connor Dr. #2C 2532 Leyden Ave. 2573 Elm St. 2528 Forest View Ave. 2259 Leyden Ave. 9355 Irving Pk. Rd. #421 4433 Kolze Ave. 9850 Lawrence Ct. 9430 Kelvin Ln. #3266 3733 Scott St. 4544 River Rd. #A3 9514 Lawrence Ave. #2103 4602 River Rd. #C2 4038 Judd Ave.

SOLD PRICE $180,000 $107,100 $28,200 $84,900 $145,000 $65,000 135,000 101,000 $85,000 $21,000 $33,000 75,900 425,000 185,000 $375,000 $290,000 242,000 $340,000 $418,000 522,500 $952,500 $308,000 $395,000 $48,000 $95,000 $75,000 $145,000 $200,000 $112,000 $82,000 $145,000 $142,500 $75,000 $58,151 $199,900 $30,000 $32,000 $38,500 $215,000

DATE OF SALE 6/13/12 6/18/12 5/31/12 5/31/12 6/1/12 6/1/12 6/1/12 6/4/12 6/19/12 6/20/12 6/22/12 5/29/12 5/29/12 5/31/12 5/31/12 6/4/12 6/5/12 6/5/12 6/8/12 6/11/12 6/14/12 6/15/12 6/25/12 5/30/12 6/1/12 6/8/12 6/13/12 6/13/12 6/14/12 6/15/12 5/29/12 5/29/12 5/31/12 6/8/12 6/8/12 6/14/12 6/15/12 6/20/12 6/25/12

C=CONDO H=SINGLE FAMILY Source: ReMax Realty; Donna Raven, Realtor. The accuracy of the information is deemed reliable not guaranteed.

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Each Office Independently Owned and Operated


two counts of child abuse and five counts of child endangerment. Bonds for both parents were set at $50,000.


June 23-Trash cans were stolen from 20 East Lyndale.

• RETAIL THEFT. June 23-A ticket was issued for a FRANKLIN PARK

retail theft from the Walmart, 137 W. North Avenue.




• THEFT. June 5-A semi-truck parked on the 11600

May 29-A vehicle on the 2500 block of Elder Lane reported a Tom Tom GPS unit stolen from a Honda Odyssey. June 6-After prying open the front door of a Citgo Gas Statioin at 9500 Grand Avenue, thieves got away with three cartons of cigarettes and an unknown amount of cash.

• BURGLARY. June 7-13 Garage thefts were reported

at the following locations. 3000 Block of Rose a Harley Davidson motorcycle and tools were stolen, 2500 Block of Willow two sets of golf clubs and two metal ladders, 2900 block of Elder Lane, 1 red 2011 motorcycle worth approximately $1,000 and the 3000 block of Pearl Street, someone attempted to pry open a garage door.

• BURGLARY. June 15-A home on the 3200 block of

Ernst Street reported a Sony laptop computer stolen. There was no sign of forced entry.


June 12-A theft of an air conditioner was reported from an apartment on the 9700 block of Franklin Avenue.


June 1-On the 2800 block of Commerce Street, a shotgun was reported stolen from a 2001 Ford Pickup truck. No sign of forced entry was observed.

• MAY 30. The owner of a 2001 white Mercury Villager

reported it stolen from the 10200 block of Franklin Avenue.



June 6-Carson Pirie Scott, 4200 Harlem Avenue, reported a person trying to leave the store without paying for sunglasses worth $13. Jeimmy Gomez of Chicago was charged with retail theft. Bond was set at $3,000.

June 3-Someone stole a purse containing identification and keys at the Walmart at 137 W. North Avenue. block of W. Grand had ten to 15 gallons of diesel fuel and two spare tires with rims stolen.

• THEFT. June 5-While parked in a parking lot on the 200 block of W. Grand Avenue, a 1997 white Dodge Ram B-2500 truck was stolen.


June 2-A trailer parked on the 300 block of Dewey had a Champion generator worth $360 stolen from it.


June 6-While parked in the Walmart parking lot at 137 W. North Ave., thieves broke a lock on the rear door of a 2001 Ford van and took a Milwaukee cordless drill worth $100, Bosch rotating laser lever, chop saw and tools.



June 13-On the same day in separate instances, two 16 year old girls and one 11 year old girl were approached by a man who allegedly fondled one of the 16 year old girls and exposed himself to both and later tried to lure the 11 year old into his car. The man is described as white between 5 foot 8 inches and 6 foot tall and with a faux-hawk hairstyle combed to a point at the top. He was seen driving a new model silver-blue metallic Honda Accord four door. Elmwood Park Police are asking anyone with information to call their department at 708-453-2137.


June 14-A car on the 7600 block of Fullerton Avenue had the door forced open and thieves took a GPS system and the owner’s manual.

• THEFT. June 14-A home on the 7500 block of Strong • THEFT. June 16-Several bicycles worth $800 were Street reported an iPod worth $300 and a game consoled worth $160 stolen from the premises.

• VANDALISM. June 12-An apartment building on the 6800 block of Gunnison Street reported their hallway fixtures being damaged by vandals.



June 13 - A shopper at a Walmart store in eastern Kansas alerted police when they spotted a five-year old boy sitting on the ground next to a large SUV with his hands tied behind his back, his legs bound and a blindfold covering his eyes. When officers arrived, they arrested Adolfo Gomez, 52, formerly of 111 N. Wolf Road in Northlake. Another child, a 7-year old girl, was also found bound and blindfolded inside the vehicle along with three other children ages 12, 13 and 15; they were not restrained. The mother, Deborah Gomez was also arrested. The parents are charged with

reported stolen from a garage on the 2900 block of 74th Court. Thieves reportedly forced the garage door open.


June 14-Jewelry worth approximately $2,500 was taken from a residence on the 2900 block of 77th Avenue.

• GUARD YOUR PARCELS!-Seems like thieves are

targeting packages left by delivery companies. On June 13 someone stole a box left by UPS on the 7900 block of North Avenue and another package was reported missing on June 15 on the same block.

• THEFT. May 25-Elmwood Middle School on the 7600 block of Cortland Street reported a student’s clarinet was stolen. It was valued at $850.

• CRIMINAL DAMAGE. June 3-A black Crown Victoria had its windshield damaged by unknown persons while parked on the 2400 block of 76th Avenue.

• VANDALISM. June 3-Tobacco Express on the 7800 • THEFT. block of Belmont Avenue reported vandals smashed the front window of their business.


• THEFT. June 3-A woman reportedly had her wallet

stolen containing $150 and her identification from her purse while at work, 4347 United Parkway, Gate Gourmet. The victim claims to have put her purse on the floor of the cafeteria during her lunch and fell asleep. She did not notice her wallet was gone until she got home.


June 6-A resident of Chicago reportedly received a counterfeit bill as change from a Schiller Park business after making a purchase. When he attempted to use the bill for another purchase in Bensenville, the store attendant refused to accept the bill after using a counterfeit detecting marker on the bill. The victim returned to Schiller Park and made a report to the Schiller Park police. The counterfeit bill was sent to the Secret Service Branch in Chicago.


June 2-An out of town guest at the Four Point Hotel reported the Nissan Altima he parked in the parking lot was broken into and the radar detector was stolen. Another guest at the hotel had reported the window broken at 8 in the morning and the hotel had maintenance personnel tape a black plastic bag to the window. The car owner did not discover the theft until 10am. Damage was estimated at almost $800.


June 11-A resident on the 4000 block of Prairie reported her kitchen window damaged by someone who shot a BB gun pellet at it. Damage was estimated at $200. Police spoke with several neighbors in the area and they all stated they have seen and heard BB’s being shot in the area and one residence in particular. Officers went to the residence and spoke with the owner who admitted he had two BB gun rifles and they would shoot BB’s in the backyard. The BB’s matched the one that was found in the kitchen window. The offender stated he did not shoot at anyone’s windows but was willing to give the officer his BB guns as well as pay restitution for the window. Both guns were confiscated and placed into police inventory. Police closed the case as the original complainant was unsure if she was going to make the offender pay for the damages or sign a complaint.

June 7-An unlocked vehicle parked in a driveway on the 1400 block of Higgins Road had two pairs of sunglasses stolen overnight.


June 13-An unlocked vehicle parked in a driveway on the 2200 block of North Parkside Drive had an undisclosed amount of cash, a debit card, driver’s license and identification stolen.


June 13 - A purse was stolen from inside a locker at the Park Ridge Community center, 1515 W. Touhy Ave. An undisclosed amount of cash was missing.

• THEFT. June 14-A home on the 1600 block of North

Parkside Drive had their wrought-iron bench taken from in front of the home.

• THEFT. June 14-A person reported their wallet stolen from their backpack while attending Centennial Pool, 100 S. Western Ave. The wallet contained their credit card and an undisclosed amount of cash.


June 2-3 Crosswalk flags were stolen overnight from the corner of Prospect and Summit Avenues.



June 16-Schiller Park fire department responded to a fire alarm at the Quality Inn on Mannheim Road. After finding heavy smoke conditions in one of the rooms, they found the fire had originated at the exterior from a cigarette in the mulch. It burnt the exterior wood and filled the room with smoke. Franklin Park and Norwood Park Fire Departments assited in removing the exterior coverings and extinguish the smoldering fire.


Police arrested a 42 year old former employee of the Holiday Inn Express on Mannheim Road after she admitted to deliberately starting a fire in a maid’s closet on the fourth floor of the hotel. Teresa Juarez DeMiranda of Rolling Meadows confessed to Rosemont detectives. She had been fired from her job at the hotel that same day. The amount of damage is not known at this time.



June 1-A vehicle parked in a lot on the 1700 block of West Dempster Street had the side window damaged and an undisclosed amount of cash was stolen from inside the vehicle.

• THEFT. June 6-Thieves gained entrance to a home by damaging a window on the 100 block of North Clinton. Antique coins and jewelry were reported stolen.

• THEFT. June 7-A reportedly unlocked residence on

the 1600 block of Parkside Drive had jewelry and an undisclosed amount of cash stolen between the hours of 10am and 11:30am.


June 24-Pictured is Franklin Park Firefighters battling a garage fire on the 3200 block of Washington Street. No one was injured and damage was estimated at $25,000.


A single-family dwelling that was vacant caught fire in the early morning hours of June 17 at 917 N. Roy in Northlake. Investigators were unable to determine the cause of the fire that started in the rear of the building. A good portion of the home was damaged.

Residents are warned to keep their valuables locked up, doors and windows locked when not at home, vehicles locked, even if leaving it for a few minutes; that’s all it takes for a thief to take off with it. Call police if you observe any suspicious activity in your area. Readers are reminded that an arrest does not constitute a finding of guilt. Only a court of law can make that determination.



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July 2012 People & Places Newspaper  

People and Places Newspaper covering the Leyden Township in Illinois.

July 2012 People & Places Newspaper  

People and Places Newspaper covering the Leyden Township in Illinois.