Jennifer Couture

Fort Myers, FL, US

Jennifer Couture's extensive professional background has enabled her to hone and expand her business owning and management abilities. As a Master Stylist in Fort Myers, she has opened and operated several highly successful hair salons and spas. Couture founded her first salon, Head Games, while she was only 26 years old, in the year 2000. Head Games immediately became one of Fort Myers' busiest salons. Throughout the years, she employed a number of talented artists. She ran this thriving business until 2008, when she sold it to a long-time friend and fellow hairstylist. Couture partnered with a local plastic surgeon to open her next salon in 2010. In Fort Myers, Vanity Hair Spa was an aesthetic gem. The salon and Couture were featured in various local magazines for their design. Her business partner gave her an eye-opening exposure to all that cosmetic surgery has to offer. Couture decided to create a smaller boutique salon after years of wanting to return to more personalised one-on-one service.