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That’s where we come in.

Vantage Strategy is a business strategy consulting firm providing customized top-tier sales, marketing, and growth strategies for businesses of all sizes. We help companies achieve exponential change and implement new solutions to grow profits—all through a personal handson approach you won’t find with the big-box consulting firms. We provide fast, nimble service in a transparent environment. Whether you’re looking for a new business strategy, website development, brand development, online marketing, SEO, or a host of other business solutions, the way we look at it, it’s all about you... Other companies may claim to have a perfect set of answers for you, but we know better. We don’t believe in handling our clients cookie cutter options. We do our due diligence—researching your company and your needs from the inside out. Once we determine where your business challenges lie, we’ll provide you with th innovative custom solutions to improve your ROI—and your peace of mind. We make it our business to know your business.

Strategy: it’s not just how we define our business, it’s how we help you redefine yours. We’re here to help you see your business from a fresh perspective: starting with a 30,000 foot aerial view. From the structure of your organization, to your products and services, from your sales force and training process, to your brand strategy and marketing. Together we’ll take a big picture look at your organization and the questions that need to be answered to help you build and sustain long term growth. What drives your sales? Who are your clients, your competitors? What are your goals? What keeps you up at night? How can we help you increase your

VANTAGE BUSINESS STRATEGY SERVICES INCLUDE: • Organizational Design Analysis, Strategy, Development, and Implementation • Current State GAP Analysis to Determine Missing Potential and Inefficiencies • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis

ROI and make your business the best it can be?

• Stakeholder Surveys, Both Internal and External

Our team has extensive experience working within large organizations in top-level executive roles,

• Future-State Conceptual Architecture & Blue-print

giving Vantage Strategy a strong understanding of the challenges involved in your firm’s strategic

• Development of Strategic Goals

planning process and implementation. We start by listening to the issues your current staff, executive

• Resource Analysis and Reallocation

team, and clients are facing. From this survey process we can identify the potential resources and

• Strategic Growth Strategy Development

structural gaps that should be addressed in order to develop a healthy strategic plan for your company. And that’s just the beginning.

• Technology Implementation – Process Automation

Vantage Strategy works with you to create the look, feel, and voice that make up the DNA of your company. VANTAGE STRATEGY BRAND DEVELOPMENT AND MARKETING SERVICES INCLUDE:


• Market Research

What are the differentiators that set you apart from your competition? What is the impression you

• Creative Brief Development

want to leave people with when they hear your name or see your logo? In the preliminary discovery

• Key Message Development

phase, our brand strategy team will review demographic and psychographic research relevant to your

• Logo Development • Brand Development and Management • Marketing Analysis and Planning • Advertising Strategy and Campaign Development

target market, your product line, and your distribution channels. We will then work with you to integrate that information into key messages that help you articulate your story and communicate it to your consumers in a clear, concise voice that belongs only to you.

• Collateral Development and Distribution Video, Print, Direct Mail, POS

As your story begins to take shape, our design team will create a graphic look to integrate that voice

• Public Relations Strategy and Execution

successfully established your brand image, we’ll work with you to create brand extensions that give

• Event Production • Media Buying

with an image that will become the face your company shows to the world. Once we have legs to your message and create new profit centers for your business.

Knowledge is the FIRST STEP towards success. Knowing and understanding your consumer is key to being able to

When it comes to understanding internet trends, we look to our

compete in today’s market. In order to provide top-tier service to our

partnership with Hitwise. By adding proprietary tracking software to the

clients, we have created exclusive partnerships with data providers such

leading ISP systems in the U.S., Hitwise gathers information on online

as Hitwise and DK Shifflet to help us collect and interpret data to identify

consumer behavior from over 10 million consumers daily. The service

trends and behaviors of our clients’ targeted consumers.

provides an in-depth look at comparative web traffic as well as upstream and downstream clickthrough information. Using this data, we can track

When working with our clients in the travel industry, we benchmark the performance of different destinations, measuring and analyzing both travel to their destination and traffic to their internet sites. DK Shifflet and Associates is a research firm providing data specific to the travel industry. With one of the largest consumer databases in the travel and tourism industry, DKSA collects extensive travel data from approximately 75,000 consumers each year through direct consumer interviews, adding to trending data that goes back ten years.

online behaviors, including what sites consumers were visiting before they came to the subject site, how long they stayed on the site, and which pages they visited.By integrating data from research partners such as these, Vantage Strategy learns unique trends and behaviors of consumers that cannot be obtained from any single source, resulting in data that is truly bigger than the sum of its parts.

Training your team to lead. Organizations that are successful in penetrating large accounts rely on the principles of strategic account management and adopt world-class sales training methods to reach that goal. VANTAGE BRAND STRATEGY SERVICES INCLUDE:

At Vantage we understand the power behind an effectively trained team of professionals. We know how all functions and aspects of an organization’s business improve significantly when provided with

• Knowledge Transfer of Top Strategic Selling Principles to Top Sales People

the proper tools and appropriate training solutions.

• Program Development for ValueAdded Services

VantageStrategy is an expert in curriculum consultation and development. We pride ourselves on

• Customized World-Class Sales Training • Ongoing Strategic Sales Coaching • Future-State Conceptual Architecture & Blue-Print • Integration with Sales Force Automation

maximizing knowledge transfer by 100% customization of courses and education materials, both in content and format. Vantage Strategy also develops the right “job aids” and post course reinforcement to maximize participants’ retention. The Vantage Strategy team has extensive experience helping Fortune 500 companies with their regional, national and strategic account deployment models. Our strategic sales training program, grounded in a hands-on approach, links organizational goals, technology implementation and complete sales force adoption to achieve strong measured results.

Taking Your Business to the Highest Power. In today’s global economy your website should serve as the gateway to your company’s growth and sustainability. Without an effective, well structured, well marketed site, your business cannot begin to compete in today’s marketplace and reach its fullest potential. Yet, in order to be successful, your

VANTAGE WEB DEVELOPMENT SERVICES INCLUDE: • Online Brand Creation and Implementation

site must be created with applications that will enhance your organization, not hamper it.

• Full Service Web Development and Maintenance

Vantage Strategy approaches each website development engagement with the emphasis on strategy.

• CRM and CMS Development and Integration

We work with our clients to address your strategic vision for your business and your overall marketing plan, integrating your branding messages with cutting edge applications that will not only support your operations, but take the m to a new level of functionality. With each website, we focus on the long term goal of strategic marketing, search-driven techniques, consumer and business user

• Custom Application Development • Content Migration and Development • SEO and SEM Development and Implementation

requirements, and scalability. We also supply our clients with regular reports on the websites we

• Web 2.0 Applications and Implementation

build, host, and monitor, as well as the success of their defined campaigns a nd site objectives. Our

• Mobile Widget Application

web development team has the knowledge and the passion for innovation to take your web presence

• Strategic Planning Sessions and

to the highest power.

• Implementation Strategies • Strategic Training Sessions to Help Web Team Implement New Web Technology

Looks can be deceiving. Our goal with online marketing strategy is simple – to help clients increase their overall online VANTAGE ONLINE MARKETING SERVICES INCLUDE: • Complete Site Audit & Strategic Implementation Plan

presence. Your website can have a hot home page and slick navigation but if it’s not functioning properly, or you don’t have proper search engine communication, overall traffic, page views, and site visit time can be low.

• Keyword Search Demand Audit • User Accessibility Analysis • Site Functionality • Search Engine Communication Analysis

A comprehensive site audit will allow your organization to look at elements such as search engine communication, keyword search demand, keyword indexing, user accessibility, site coding, server structure and the overall SEO foundation to quickly identify where the roadblocks lie.

• Competition Analysis • Site coding & Architecture Analysis

Developing an SEO strategy is more then just placing keywords in your sites’ meta data. An effective

• Complete SEO Site Audit and Analysis

SEO strategy must begin with an understanding of your market and how consumers search online.

• SEO Strategic Development and Implementation

By understanding the keywords or themes that users are searching with, you can begin to build a

• SEO Copy Writing

smart SEO strategy, implement SEO elements and draft your site copy to offer the content your market

• CMS System Development to Support a Strong SEO Foundation • SEO Training and Seminars

is searching for. Likewise, SEO relies on a strong technical foundation, grounded in proper site functionality, user accessibility and site architecture. For the most effective online presence, a site development plan should be built alongside an SEO strategy for the long-term promotion of the site.

Grounding marketing initiatives in sound demographic knowledge. The key to a successful online marketing plan is to ground marketing

messages providing you with a solid direct approach to reaching your

strategies in sound consumer demographics. With a strong consumer

target market.

database and a site founded in comprehensive user functionality, an organization can begin to develop a strategic comprehensive marketing

It’s all about who you know...

campaign incorporating offline methodology (direct mail, magazine

One of the most effective ways to achieve that goal in today’s market is

advertising) and online methodology (SEO, PPC, Media, Social, Viral, Email).

the dissemination of messaging through social and viral networks. Once you give your consumers a brand message to talk about, social marketing

Vantage uses CRM development systems to help clients become smarter

is the channel in which it thrives. The online social world is one of the

about consumer demographics and to understand how visitors interact

greatest untapped resources in marketing today. But not at Vantage

with your website. Our online efforts strive to drive targeted traffic to

Strategy. We help you get your message to the widest reach possible

your site, enticing your users to interact with your website, and

through an intricate conversation involving some of the most innovative

consequently, your brand. We then track their interaction through

of websites and the savviest of consumers.

Content Management Systems and Customer Relationship Management Systems. By integrating the CRM and CMS systems, we can dynamically

User generated content on a third-party website also carries much more weight than an ad orchestrated and distributed by your organization.

populate messages towards consumers when they enter the site. The

Vantage has the capability to fully integrate your company’s messaging on

ability of the CRM to monitor consumers’ interests and site activity

all relevant social platforms and to increase your brand’s standing and

allows your company to develop more strategic and targeted marketing

credibility in an already over-saturated marketplace.


An effective contact center operates like a finely-tuned machine. We have the tools and the expertise to keep yours running smoothly..

• Customer Experience Strategy • Organizational Design

We understand the complexity of the contact center environment—that success is based on the

• Recruitment and Selection

critical integration of people, process, and technology to deliver a superior customer experience.

• Compensation, Rewards and Recognition

Whether you are seeking to reduce costs through call center outsourcing, process re-engineering, or

• Training Development and Delivery

consolidation, we provide the leadership and insights essential for success.

• Workforce Management Planning and Staffing

Vantage Strategy offers clients unparalleled expertise in the design, implementation and management

• Evaluation and Implementation of SelfService Channels • Competitive benchmarking • Technology Design, Evaluation and Implementation • Customer Satisfaction Measurement • Outsourcing Analysis and Implementation

of call center operations. We have developed a framework of more than 50 call center best practices that are used by our consultants to audit call center operations, identify performance gaps, and recommend pragmatic, actionable contact center solutions. Our call center consultants bring both operations and consulting experience to each engagement and can help your organization develop the diverse skill sets required for successful call center management.

• Quality Assurance Monitoring

Regardless of your operational mandate—sales, service, or support—our contact center consultants

• Scripting and Protocol Development

can help you optimize operational efficiency, improve customer satisfaction and generate additional

• Business Intelligence Systems

profits. We have experience in all customer communicationchannels, including voice, email, chat,

• Site Selection, Design and Implementation

white mail correspondence, and retail.

The Vantage Advisory Board Alisa Bailey President & CEO, Virginia Tourism Corporation Michael Gehrisch CEO, Destination Marketing Association International Dr. Don Hawkins Eisenhower Professor of Tourism Policy, School of Business, George Washington University Helen N. Marano Director, Tourism Development for Tourism Industries, U.S. Department of Commerce Stephen J. Niven Vice President of Human Resources, The Wills Group David Pavelko Team Manager, Travel Vertical, Google Don Russel Managing Director, Communications Equity Associate Rob Schatzel Vice President, Business Development, Hitwise Doug Shifflet CEO, D.K. Shifflet & Associates

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