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This ad from the 1950’ s fatures Marilyn Monroe. She was never an official face of Chanel but she made No5 popular by saying it was what she wore to bed.

Ali MacGraw became the Chanel face in 1966, when some were trying to rediscover their innocence. At the time, she was a little known actress but did star in Love Story.

In 1972, Catherine Deneuve took over. She was a French acturess who stared in Belle de Jour.

o u g h

t h e

Y e a r s




This ad from 1986 features Carole Bouquet, a French actress who is most known for her role in the Bond film For Your Eyes Only.

Vanessa Padris, a French singer and actress was featured in 1991. Some believe that her campaign wasn’t as successul as previous ones.

Keira Knightley, a well known British actress became the face of Chanel in 2007. It is definitely the most scandalous of the ads.


Chanel No5 Through the Years  

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