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Out with the old and in with the new


It’s Old Fashioned


Neet Out In Toon


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editors letter Newcastle is a dynamic and innovative city, thriving with creative individuals that deserve to be inspired. Vaunt aims to inform, review and encourage imagination whilst bridging the gap between fashion, art and contemporary culture. We start our journey vaunting about the Fashion Fix experience that took place at the Shipley Art Gallery late last year. It’s an exciting event that runs as part of the Design Event North East each year and the evening was a great success. For the full account of the night turn to page 4 It’s a slow process emerging from the recession and the strings on our purses are still pulled taut. This issue concentrates particularly upon the benefits of vintage clothing as both a fashion and ecological statement. ‘It’s Old Fashioned’ our fashion photoshoot beginning on page 10 demonstrates how vintage can be paired with items found on the high-street. The collaboration of various decades generates a unique and fascinating style with all pieces used having been sourced from the North East. ‘Out with the old and in with the new’ page 8 contributes further to the cause and informs us on the work the British Red Cross have been doing to establish themselves as a genuine competitor for vintage. As we wait in anticipation for the first sign of spring, it’s nearly time to dust off our mini-skirts and reach for our strappy tops. All of us that is, apart from the thick skinned Geordies who have been parading around all winter in their best and most revealing attire. ‘Neet Oot in Toon’ page 16 discusses the cultural difference of evening wear between the north and south.

I hope you enjoy our debut issue, it’s been a pleasure editing it

Jennie Williamson


david labuschagne “I like how annoying I am.

Creative Director

I’m totally high-maintence but I love it”

anna donnelly

Features Director

“I like my unique fashion sense. I try to wear things no one else will be wearing.”

danielle allen

Fashion Assitant

“I used to like my hair. Then I ruined it.”

sarah taylor “I can get my leg over my head.

Fashion Director

It’s my party trick.”

jennie williamson

Editor in Chief

“I love how content I am”

contributors We let our contributors vaunt about themselves...


something to

vaunt about...

New York, London, Paris and Milan. Next stop Newcastle?


A fashion capital is an internationally

stylist and fashion consultant based in

This wouldn’t be seen by the naked eye,

recognised city, and a place of inspiration

East London, was first to take to the

as the image is 2D and can later be

- one that embodies fashion, culture,

floor as she discussed her recent and

manipulated if anything has moved out

business, entertainment and leisure, and

upcoming projects, as well as giving an

of position. With a video, the model has

boasts a strong, unique identity.

insight into how she entered the fashion

to be completely comfortable and

Admittedly Newcastle may not yet have


although it “might only last a few

manifested itself as one just yet;

With an impressive list of clients such as

minutes, the preparation that goes into

however on the last Friday of October

David Koma, Hannah Marshall and Fred

it is so, so intense.”

the Shipley Art Gallery in Gateshead

Butler, it was an inspirational and

Originally hailing from Wales, Kim was

proved that these distinctive cities

engaging speech that entertained the

asked why she moved to London and

definitely have competition.

diverse range of guests present.

now predominantly works with people

The North East’s leading gallery of design

The development in fashion film meant

who live in that area. Defending her

and contemporary craft opened its doors

that her work has begun to move away

decision, she said “There’s a lot of

to the city for an exciting after-hours

from the more traditional method of

talented people that have come from

‘Fashion Fix’ experience. Held in

still photography and she discussed

outside of London, but I can only work

conjunction with the Design Event North

the differences between shooting the

with those people if I know about them.

East, the theme this year focused on

two. With a photograph, outfits can be

Projects naturally develop a lot quicker

conversation, celebrating the language of

clipped in place to fit the model –

if you meet those people at the same

fashion. Kim Howells, a multimedia

proving a real aid to stylists.

party.” As the evening progressed, a

‘Goth v Snow Queen’ fashion show

shop aims to blur the line between

on hand to draw portraits of visitors at

began. Featuring a mixture of high

fashion and art and offer the people

the event.

street and vintage pieces, the main and

of the North East a chance to “dress

The evening had a fantastic atmosphere

obvious distinction between themes was

themselves without compromising their

as students and professionals, parents

the stark contrast in colours. Each outfit

contempt for commercial

and children congregated to enjoy and

contained an interesting array of textures


appreciate what was on offer.

including faux fur and lace, that made for

Alongside the fashion show and talk,

The Shipley Lates was an engaging and

an impressive and tactual show. This was

guests were invited to play a unique

stimulating event both supporting and

later followed by a short catwalk which

game of conversational bingo. With

encouraging creativity in the North East.

displayed a sample of items available in

each guest given a list of criteria, they

Newcastle is making its mark on the

the Heaton Hot Shop ‘Hey Baby Chief

where encouraged to find people who

fashion map as a creative and innovative

Panda’ that had set up a pop-up stall at

fitted them. This enabled networking

city, and that’s definitely something to

the event. They provided an eclectic

and provided the opportunity for people

vaunt about.

array of vintage pieces, and throughout

to socialise with others they might not

the night visitors could be seen

have done usually. Many also took part

rummaging through the organised chaos

in constructing their own dresses made

For more details about next years

of delights that their rails had to offer.

from paper with some impressive and

Fashion Fix and other up-coming events

Owned by two artists Neesha

structured designs comparable to the

check out:

Champaneria and Hannah Gillespie, the

work of Viktor and Rolf. Artists were also




“The North East isn’t Disneyland yet.

It was the ideal location and has

But the way things are going it could be.”

previously been used for other films

Quote from a newspaper in 1971 with

including Elizabeth (1998), Robin Hood

reference to the crime thriller film Get

Prince of Thieves (1991) and the for the

Carter, this classic is due to celebrate its

TV series Blackadder.

40th anniversary this year. Once deemed

The most famous scenes featured in the

to be the greatest British film of all time,

Harry Potter films, include Harry’s first

this movie sees a vicious London

broomstick lesson in The Philosopher’s

gangster travel up to Newcastle to

Stone and the crash landing of the flying

investigate his brother’s death.

car in The Chamber of Secrets. Such a

Starring Michael Caine and Britt Ekland,

phenomenon is this series that the Harry

it is a popular and time-honoured film

Potter brand is now estimated to be

that has put Newcastle on the film

worth £15 billion. Newcastle should be

industry’s map. It shows iconic sights of

proud to be a part of it.

Newcastle, including the Quayside and

And it doesn’t stop there. The Tyneside

racecourse and surprisingly made

has been host to other major movies

famous the now dilapidated,

such as Billy Elliot (2000). Starring Julie

multi-storey carpark in Gateshead.

Walters and Jamie Bell, it’s set during the

Get Carter, however, hasn’t been the

miner’s strike and was filmed in a variety

only one to use the North East as its

of industrial locations entirely in

location favourite…

Northumberland. The mining sequences

As this issue goes into print, the last

were shot at Ellington and Lynemouth –

instalment of Harry Potter and the

the only remaining mines in the North

Deathly Hallows has been released into

East with other locations including

cinemas. It’s part one of the epic finale,

Dawdon Miner’s Institute and Newcastle

with the second due to be released

upon Tyne.

almost eight months later in July 2011.

Newcastle’s got a lot to boast about and

As almost everyone is aware, the

the Northern Film and Media Company

majority of events for Harry Potter take

are ensuring that it stays that way.

place at Hogwarts, a magical school for

This agency aims to benefit creative

witchcraft and wizardry. The

industries and believes in investing in

magnificent building used as Hogwarts in

talent and ideas. Alongside this the

the first two movies was infact Alnwick

council boast a wealth of knowledge

Castle, located 30 miles north of

and expertise to support the media and

Newcastle. Its medieval

encourage the continuation of filming in

exterior and surrounding landscape

this area.

provided a mystical and enchanting

If you would like further information

backdrop for the movie, with an

regarding filming and sourcing footage,

authentic historical environment.


Out with the old and in with the New What happens when charity and fashion collide...


Following the success of their quirky

1950s 60s and 70s clothes, costume

for us to turn over a good profit and

store in London selling vintage and

jewellery and accessories on offer.

show that we’re now a genuine

designer pieces, the British Red Cross,

Newcastle’s vintage celebration was a

competitor for vintage in Newcastle.”

a charity that supports both local and

little different as it was particularly

These events not only saw the Red Cross

global projects, launched a number of

targeted at students. Not surprisingly,

exceed its target but transformed the

events across the UK selling vintage

with its significant student population,

stereotypical charity image from a shop


the evening was a complete success and

only of interest to older people into a

As part of their ‘One Million Pound

the Red Cross have the intent of reeling

contemporary and relevant brand

Fortnight’ campaign, the Red Cross set

it out into other cities across the UK.

appealing to all ages. This gives

itself this remarkable target last month.

Customers were treated to mulled wine,

customers the opportunity to relish in

Before visiting Newcastle, it was the Isle

coffee and cakes donated by a local

guilt-free retail therapy knowing that

of White that was first to play host to

bakery. Skye Smith volunteer at the

the money being spent is going to a

the fashion festive feast at their store

Newcastle store on Nun Street spoke

great cause. It is also a completely eco-

in Freshwater, when fashion lovers and

about it being “such a good opportunity

friendly way of purchasing as it reduces

families were invited to come and view

to promote brand awareness and let

extreme consumption by recycling the

the eclectic and impressive range of

people know where we are. It’s allowed

clothes and makes both a fashion and

ecological statement.

don’t have to spend lots of money on

vintage, it is also a great investment as

The Red Cross have also been invited

achieving a brand new and stylish

the items may even be worth more in

to take part in vintage fairs around the

wardrobe. ‘Chazzing’, the new buzz

the future. Fashion generally moves in a

UK, as the event holders have seen the

word on the street describes what we all

20 year cycle with shapes from decades

potential of the charity as an individual

should all strive to be - budding

ago reappearing on the catwalk today.

vintage outlet. One the third Saturday of

fashionistas that recreate catwalk trends

Vintage provides people with the

every month Red Cross has now begun

from items bought at charity shops and

opportunity to buy into these timeless

to sell from a stall at the Manchester

Alexa Chung is a huge supporter of this.


Market retailing products from their new

She has recently given kudos to

The fantastic thing about vintage

‘encore’ range. These items are ex stock

purchasing something for £5 in a charity

clothing is that it guarantees no one

donated from the big high street fashion

shop than for £2000 worth of designer.

else will be wearing the same thing and

labels in an attempt to inspire a younger

With more celebrities wearing vintage,

assists the creation of a unique and

more fashionable audience.

it’s no wonder that there has been a

innovative style, one that many people

Fashion consultant Gok Wan is a

dramatic increase in people searching for

may find difficult to replicate. It is after

celebrity patron of the charity and is

these pieces. Despite the obvious

all, how you dress yourself that sets you

continuously proving to people that they

charismatic and glamorous attributes of

apart from other people.


It’s Old Fashioned

In with the old and out with the new. Combining the opulence and glamour of yester years with the contemporary shapes of today makes for both a fashion and ecological statement. Photographed and styled by Jennie Williamson.

Sequin top, £15.00, Northumbria Vintage Fair Studded hotpants, £25.00, Topshop Eldon Square. Patent leather kitten heels, £10.00 Best Vintage

80’s sequin embellished blouse, £10.00, Northumbria Vintage Fair Sequin bandeau top £12.00, Best Vintage Metallic bag, £5.00 Best Vintage

Sequin bandeau top worn as mini skirt Structered sequin blouse ÂŁ20.00, Best Vintage Beaded necklace, ÂŁ14.99, H&M Northumberland Street

Sequin halter top, £2.00, Hey Baby Cheif Panda Lycra leggings, £11.00, Best Vintage Bow Belt, £5.99, H&M Northumberland Street

Lace dress, ÂŁ12.00, Best Vintage Wrangler denim shirt, stylists own Feather necklace, ÂŁ2.99, Primark Northumberland Street

Neet Oot in toon bAG, pURSE, pHONE, kEYS? cHECK. cOAT? dON’T BE RIDICULOUS!

It has been a bitterly cold winter but as

cultural difference with practical reasons

that northern cities also have an

the temperature finally rises above 0

being that it’s a nuisance to either have

average skirt length 17cm shorter than

degrees, it looks like it might nearly be

to carry your jacket around in a bar or be

its counterparts in the south. All this

time to come out of hibernation.

forced to pay a cloakroom fee. However

begs the question whether these

For others around the UK this would

responses became more amusing and

promiscuous clothes are simply so

normally mean the chance to shed

imaginative, with personal favourites

women can feel confident and sexy in

some layers. Those mini-skirts that have

including “frost is like free hairspray” and

themselves or whether they are

been collecting dust behind the array

“fake tan shows up better against the

consciously trying to be alluring to men.

of thermals in your wardrobe can be

snow”. So do Geordies not need coats or

Speaking to women in the area achieved

recovered and there’s a mad scurry to

is it out of cultural habit?

a mixed reaction to this statement.

book your spray tan now the opportunity

The term ‘thick skinned’ is often used

Many felt that dressing up for a night

of revealing your legs has arisen. That

when referring to northerners and has

out was based upon numerous factors,

is of course everyone but the Geordies.

caused so much deliberation that

including feeling better about

For them winter isn’t a time to cover up.

researchers at the International Centre

themselves, being the envy to other girls

In fact it seems to be almost quite the

for Life are carrying out investigations to

and impressing guys. Although some did

opposite. The colder the temperature

see if this expression is accurate.

joke that it was because Geordie men

gets, the less clothing Newcastle girls

According to the government,

wouldn’t make a pass at a girl who was

appear to wear and this winter was no

northerners actually consume up to

fully clothed. Sometimes dressing up

exception. As temperatures reached sub

twice as much saturated fat than people

and wearing revealing clothing is just a

zero as early as November last year, our

in the south, with this indicating that the

case of wanting to be seen altogether,

Geordie gals hit the toon in true

extra insulation is why they are able to

whether it be by men or women.

Newcastle style.

cope with colder temperatures.

One thing that is for sure is that

To southerners the concept of not taking

This however sounds quite insulting,

Newcastle girls are fashion conscious

a coat on a night out is ridiculous but

especially considering that in 2009

and hats off to them (literally) for being

to northerners taking one out is just as

Geordies were voted the sexiest women

so dedicated to the cause. Never has the

absurd. There have been many

in Britain thanks to a poll of 3000 males

statement ‘less is more’ been so

theories to try to comprehend this

nationwide. Why should they cover their


assets with a coat? It’s been declared



North News &Pictures Ltd

North News &Pictures Ltd

North News &Pictures Ltd

North News &Pictures Ltd

Boutique Breakdown an insight into some of newcastle’s fiffiinest boutiques Have To Love

End Clothing

winning boutique situated in the suburbs

the favourite for independent, cool and

and brings the best brands from around

of Newcastle in Gosforth. Having opened

fashion conscious females living in the

the world to one store. It offers a

in 2006 the eclectic and impressive

North East. They provide clothes that

relaxed, informal and stress-free

combination of antique and bespoke

enhance personal style, empower the

shopping experience, stocking street

furniture creates a luxury and feminine

wearer whilst still defying the seasonal

wear, high-end sportswear and casual

experience you won’t forget. Have to

trends. With a carefully selected

and outdoor wear. In 2009 they opened

Love carefully select the items they

collection of labels including Babbu,

their second store End Hunting which

stock, believing that the small quantities

Mimi Handbags and Won Hundred they

provides premium menswear and aims

they supply allow for more

offer unique and exceptional shopping

to supply a level of quality and

individuality. They introduce us to

experience which is delivered with

craftsmanship which is rarely seen in the

contemporary designers such as Olivia

candour and passion. Every customer is

UK. Wood panels and roof beams

Rubin and Tibi, as well as providing

treated as an individual. These beautiful

contribute to the rural-chic essence

pieces from cult favourites such as Sonia

and feminine clothes are affordable too

which can be found among the brands in

Rykiel and Armand Basi.

and are made to last.

store such as Barbour and Cool.

Find them at:

Visit SKIRT at:

Both stores can be found at:

1-3 Hawthorn Road

19 High Bridge

High Bridge







End Clothing established itself in 2005

Opening in 2004, SKIRT quickly became

Have to Love is a flamboyant and award




Electrik Sheep

Jules B

and originally sold cutting-edge designer

design studio Reluctant Hero. The

centre in Jesmond. Having been

menswear. Since then it has expanded

concept boutique has snapped up brands

established for over 25 years it is an

both its product range and geographic

that can be found nowhere else in the

award winning boutique that continues

presence as it now specialises in high-

UK and they are constantly looking for

to dress the stylish men and women

end fashion for both men and women in

new and exciting labels that will continue

of the North. Since its beginning, Jules

nine different cities. Each boutique has

to push the boundaries. They sell both

B have opened up other stores in the

its own personality reflecting the

men and women’s clothing alongside

North East and Yorkshire. They believe in

character of the city playing host to it.

design books, magazines, artwork and

attention to detail from the shop

Cruise supplies the seasons most

toys. Brands include Mishka, 2K and

interiors right through to how your

coveted fashion products and are

Insight. Electrik Sheep is also a gallery

product is packed and they pride

committed to delivering the ultimate

that has been priviledged enough to host

thesmelves in personalised and bespoke

shopping experience. Designers in store

work from artists such as Banksy, Eine

customer service. Designers in store

include Alexander Wang, D&G, Prada

and Pure Evil. Their exhibitions opening

include Twenty8Twelve, Paul Smith and

and Vivienne Westwood.

nights have gained quite a reuptation.


Visit Cruise at:

Find Electrik Sheep at:

Visit Jules B Women’s Store at:

1 Princes Square

22 Pink Lane

91-93 Osbourne Road







Jules B is situated just outside the city

Electrik Sheep was set up in 2004 by

Cruise originated in Edinburgh in 1981


vaunt Editor-in-Chief Jennie Williamson Creative Director David Labuschagne Fashion Director Sarah Taylor Fashion Assistant Danielle Allen Features Director Anna Donnelly

With thanks to... Front cover model Natasha Conway Fashion photoshoot model Stevie Crane The Shipley Art Gallery Best Vintage The British Red Cross Newcastle and Gateshead city council

Stockists Best Vintage 14 High Bridge Street Newcastle Upon Tyne NE 1 1EN 0191 261 8500 H&M Unit 2 42 Northumberland Street Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 7DF 0191 261 6546 Hey Baby Cheif Panda 3a Cheltenham Terrace Newcastle Upon Tyne NE6 5HR Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fashion Fair Primark 78 Northumberland Street Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 7DF Topshop Eldon Square Shopping Centre Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 7JB 0191 261 1891 Subscription enquiries and customer service 08100 224 356


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