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Stephen Harris and Jennie Gorman

We have settled into our new premises ‘Our Business Hub’ and to be honest, I love it! We launched the premises as can be seen by the photos. We are so grateful for the comments and endorsements from our clients and friends. All our visitors so far attest to the open clean space we have created. My clients love it and we are blessed to have so many people walking through our doors. We have seven offices, all fully furnished along with a Board Room and a Training Room. We now only have two offices only available to anyone wanting to be in a supportive and collaborative office setting. Both our Board Room and Training Room are available for hire. As a promoter for many years I do look forward to being able to support and promote the businesses who join us to my larger community. The aim at ‘Our Business Hub’ is to create a place for small business owners to get together, support, collaborate, co-operate joint venture, share, learn and network for the future of small business owners. Take a look at our Facebook page for more … OurBusinessHub Thank you to the authors who contribute to this magazine. Again we have many wonderful articles that support business owners grow their businesses. The mastermind groups are growing and the changes in the participants businesses is exciting. Networking Chats has become a ‘Masterminding for Networkers’ event to support and help attendees to become better networkers but working on what isn’t working in their networking experiences. Business Ideas Group once again was a great success with 20 participants, being the first group in our Training Room. I am now mentoring a group of Grade 9 girls, supporting them with their life choices and personal development growth. This is a new pilot programme being run by the YWCA and for me a great honour to have been chosen to be part of this venture. There are two new MasterMind groups to start before end of the year and a variety of trainings to happen. I do look forward to being able to support more businesses grow into 2014 with ease.

Until next month, enjoy, have fun and be true to yourselves.

Testimonials Lynette Diehm, known as Lovely Lynette

“WOW - what an awesome day at the Small Business Management course for the NEIS Program. We had a really awesome woman by the name of Jennie Gorman - The People Connector come in and speak to us about networking and social media. She is so inspirational and is so passionate and it. I loved the energy she gave out.”

Dave Shire

Thanks to go to Jennie Gorman for continued support and running outstanding MasterMiinding groups that transforms businesses - it has transformed mine!

Gail Caines

‘Our Business Hub’ is up there with the best and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new office space, to run meetings be it regular or casual, workshops or any other business activity. It is modern, has a great atmosphere and all the latest facilities. Call into the office and see for yourself, you will be pleased you did. As always, you will be made most welcome and you will see what I mean when I say ‘our fortnightly meetings at this professional business hub are enhanced by the quality of our environment.’ A special thank you for sharing ‘Our Business Hub’ with us all.

Kate Jess

Great office space for meetings & workshops at ‘Our Business Hub’ - highly recommended - had a Mastermind Meeting there yesterday and the amenities and layout were excellent. Loved the chairs, soooo comfy - makes meetings such a pleasure!

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WHAT and WHO are Netweavers….


Our Business Hub Launching Photos


Simple Health Solutions - Snoring


The Art of Bouncing Back


From Goats to Hospitals The Magic of Giving


Work Life Balance #7 Review, Revise, and React


Mid Autumn Festival in China


Rocky Relationship What is counselling all about?


Conversion Optimisation


Growing Great Teams MANAGEMENT MINUTES WEEKLY How to Overcome Opposition


Save Yourself Time and Money with Cloud Applications

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Property VS Shares


Quick Tips to Deal with Change 5 ways get out of reactivity and into responding with authenticity


PROSPECTING vs NETWORKING Business networking for the future

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The Importance of GOOD Business Cards


Your Business Boost


Meeting a skills shortage with NEIS


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WHAT and WHO are Netweavers…. by Jennie Gorman

‘NetWeaving’ is a new word in the Australian marketplace. It is one that was coined and created by Bob Littell from the USA and is about creating and building bridges of trust by listening and helping others first. It is all about the sharing of ideas, opinions and experiences amongst specific groups, creating a community of like-minded people. For me, NetWeaving is about all the above as well as building relationships without expectation of personal gain by listening to what people want and need. Traditional networking has always been about making contacts and connections for professional and/or personal benefit but NetWeaving is more than that. As a NetWeaver I believe the more we give to others the stronger our relationships and our businesses become – thus a win-win situation for everyone. Some call it ‘givers gain’, which is another nice way to say it.

and relationships to build each other’s businesses without expecting anything in return. NetWeaving eventually helps people become experts at building lifelong personal and business relationships. These will become new referrals for each person in the community. To be a NetWeaver means that you commit to bringing specific ideas to grow your contacts businesses, all of which can be implemented quickly. The key to success in NetWeaving is giving active support and a commitment to implementation. As a NetWeaver (a professional networker and community builder), I see the opportunities for people to learn new skills which will kick start not only their businesses but also their personal lives. To be successful as a networker/ relationship builder/word-of-mouth marketer, firstly really like people, want to learn what makes others tick and have a thirst for knowledge with an ability of knowing how to connect people generally. There are many tools necessary to building relationships, all of which are learnable. One does need to learn the basics of networking and live them so that they can then become the NetWeaver.

By creating a community, it can be a peer-topeer support network of trusted business owners who freely share knowledge, skills, resources


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For more information on upcoming workshops to develop your skills in this area click the link. power-of-relationship-marketing

Cartoonist Ryan McDonald-Smith



Masterminding Business Relationship

2013 October


Our Business Hub Launch 11 Oct 13



• Do you wish to move your business to the next level for 2013? • Would you like help to generate a large number of ideas for solutions to any challenges you are experiencing?

Only six people will get the opportunity to be part of this group, so you need to act now if you are interested.

• Are you wishing to have input from other business people into your business? • How would you like to have your business dissected in a creative way? • Are you looking for new contacts to support you? • Do you have ideas you would like to share with others? • Would you like to have your business brainstormed by other business people?

Click on the application form or Visit our website


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Simple HealthbySolutions Snoring Greg Menz Snoring…for those who have ever suffered this increasingly prevalent problem, it is a force to be reckoned with.

Now, what if there was a simpler solution. If none of the above has worked, you may want to consider this nifty little device.

From the timid snuffle of a developing snorer to the strident, full throated, ear shattering and ripping noise of the full professional, snoring can leave in its wake; divorces, anger, frustration, and a visit to the bedding shop for that new single bed.

Very simple, incredibly affordable (less than $50 ) and very effective…it works for me! And best of all they offer a very simple explanation of the PROBLEM.

The medical model offers 3 main solutions to the problem. 1. Weight loss…assuming you are overweight. 2. CPAP devices….these are scary looking machines that involve you wearing a mask to bed. It is designed to maintain positive air pressure in your nose and keep your airways open. Not very comfortable I am told. My brother certainly did not think so personally I think CPAP stands for……Clumsy, Practically Alien Procedure 3. Surgery… always my least and very last consideration. It should be yours too. There are also life style changes that can help as well. Things such as getting exercise, dealing with any allergies, avoiding sedatives and alcohol, learning to sleep on your side and dealing with stress issues in your life…just to name a few. All in all SNORING can be a beast for all parties concerned, although the snorer can be blessedly immune to the whole rampaging decibels.

“Snoring? Who, me?? I don’t/didn’t snore. I didn’t hear a thing!!” Ever had that one thrown at you? Especially you ladies! Don’t you just love it?

I LOVE IT and you don’t have to be a “Doc Jock” to understand it. Simple English will do.

Here it is.

“Snoring is caused by a narrowing of the airway in the throat. When the airway is smaller, the velocity of air increases while breathing causing the tissues to vibrate and make the sound we call snoring”

Check out If it works for you then I have done my job and I will toast your success with a glass of wine..or two. To your success. PS. I have no financial interest in this product but I WOULD like to own the company. How’s that for an honest admission!? ‘The Simple Health Solutions Fiend’. Greg Menz Ground Zero Health

Less Pain, More Energy and Vitality, Improved Sleep. Mob: 0434 544 834

2013 October


The Art of Bouncing Back by Josie Thomson We have all at some stage been absolutely astounded at how well someone has managed to stay afloat – emotionally, psychologically and physically, through the most awful situation, and at other times have been deeply concerned about another’s lack of ‘buoyancy’ in the same situation. What makes these people different? It’s a skill or trait referred to as resilience. Resilience: an ability to manage and recover from life’s challenges, has been noted as a key differentiator in situational management coping and recovery. Resilience isn’t a magic pill fixing all of your problems. It is all about bouncing back and recovering. The biggest misconceptions is that resilient people are those with the stiff upper lip, toughing it out on their own. Resilience is all about asking for help when you need and using the resources you have available to you. Some people are lucky enough to just ‘have’ the personality traits needed to get through the tough times, whereas some of us need a bit of help.


Connexions Business Mag

Here are some ways to improve your resilience: • “I’m in the process of building strength and confidence” – develop a positive self image; think of yourself in a positive way. You are worth getting through this as ‘safe and sound’ as possible! • Keep up the network – resilient people ensure they constantly build and maintain their social networks. Your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours can be a great support network in a time of crisis. • Positivity – use the ‘glass is half full’ mentality. When times are looking a bit dim, make sure you take time to appreciate the things that are going well. • Take the lead in your own life – try to be proactive about the situations that are not great but that you can change. Everyone has to take responsibility for his or her own happiness, and unhappiness! • Stop wasting time! – sometimes we have to realise that there are some things that we just can’t change. Stop banging your head against the proverbial wall, and put your energy into working with it or around it.

• Keep your eye on the prize – always have your destination in mind; what are your goals? What kind of person do you want to be? There are always going to be set backs, but by staying focussed on the goal, you can stay motivated and in the driver’s seat. • Optimism – do your best to maintain a positive outlook and look for the positive outcomes. These may be difficult to find at times, but they are in there somewhere! • Never stop learning – every event or disaster has a lesson to be taken away. Consider what you are being invited to learn from the experiences and circumstances you are in. Do your best to take the new knowledge forward. You never know when it may come in handy! • ‘Selfish’ = Self Care – make sure that you take care of yourself. Tend to your own feelings and needs whether they are mental, physical or emotional. The hard times can be even more difficult if you don’t have your health. Take time out for the things that you enjoy doing and fuel your own tank.

• Attitude of gratitude – life is abundant and there is always something to appreciate and be grateful for. When you focus on what you ‘have’ rather than what you ‘don’t have’ you realise that you are enough, your life is enough, have you have around you is enough. You can feel good any time you want…for free! It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Can you can share it with others – it’s a way for others to feel good too. These skills don’t appear over night. They take practice and perseverance but the dividends are worth ten times the effort. If you are trying these out and you don’t feel like you are progressing or developing, or don’t know where to start, don’t be afraid to ask for help – speak to your GP or mental health provider or a good life coach (hint hint).

With instant messaging, status updates, member feeds, video dating, dating diaries and more, there are plenty of ways to get to know some of our two million members!

From Goats to Hospitals The Magic of Giving by Paul Dunn

Paul Dunn champions giving and he champions B1G1.

Sato realised she could, as she puts it, ‘let go’ and create a world that’s full of giving.”

The latest story he told us this week is, like all Paul’s stories, inspiring. But this one has an extra ‘twist’ — it shows how simple acts of giving can lead to amazing impacts.

“From that simple idea came so many things. Perhaps the best way to look at it is that as of this week, B1G1 has made possible 32,700,581 giving impacts for the businesses that now embrace and embed B1G1 into the way they do what they do.”

If you’ve ever seen Paul live (that’s an experience in itself) it’s likely you heard him mention goats at one stage. Giving goats is one of Paul’s favourite things because, as he puts it, “On B1G1 I can give a goat to a family in Kenya for just $12 … And that simple act literally transforms their lives. In fact, it gives them a sustainable income ….. for life.” But recently, it’s become even more interesting. ‘The women in the village where the goat farm is call themselves professors of goatology! It’s amazing to see them under the hot sun working out breeding programs to multiply production by a factor of 5 with Excel spreadsheets in hand.” “And because the women themselves love the concept of B1G1, they themselves started giving back. They gave to the kids in the school (well, not really a school as we know it but really kids from 5 to 13 all in the one shed).” “And then the kids started to realise giving makes a difference. So then they realised their grandparents had to walk 16km when they were unwell to get medical treatment. So the kids used their funds to pay for a clinic nurse to come 3 days a week.” “And now, about 8 weeks ago, that clinic has become a 7-day-a-week hospital. So, to mix metaphors, I reckon goats are the bees knees.” “And this is but one of the literal hundreds of stories playing out each day in B1G1. Interestingly, it all began in Brisbane too when B1G1 founder Masami

“That’s the real key,” says Paul. “In B1G1 we talk about 3 core values: Impact, Habit and Connection. And it’s that middle one that makes the real difference. We’re not going to change the world (sadly) with one act. It’s that which we do repeatedly that makes the ongoing difference.” “And in B1G1 the giving can start from just 1 cent. That’s one reason why we now see businesses giving EVERY day in B1G1. What’s most interesting about that is when you ask business owners WHY they do that, they all have precisely the same answer. They always tell me ‘we do it because it reminds us of why we do what we do.’” And isn’t that just a great reason to be alive. Paul Dunn B1G1

Jennie Gorman is proud to be part of B1G1 14

Connexions Business Mag

Cartoonist Ryan McDonald-Smith

2013 October


Review, Revise,

and React

by Caroline Miall The last instalment in our 7 part series, on seeking that elusive balance between our work and home life, encourages an examination of whatever practices and systems you decide to set up for the success of your work. To continue to run effectively, they really require revisiting over time to ensure everything is still serving you well. Review, revise and react. Whether you do it annually or as the need arises; and especially if your business is growing or evolving in any way, chances are things set up to suit you five to ten years ago may be totally inappropriate for you now. You could be spending more money than you need to, not have the insurance coverage that you should, not attracting the work that you could be, or not spending the time with your friends & family that you might have, if your business were running more optimally. There are obvious parts of a business up for some re-evaluation, including your advertising and marketing (is it working? Should you be trying another avenue?) also good word of mouth (if you’re not getting it, or repeat business is rare, why?). Expenses, staffing, accounting, insurances etc., Assess how these have changed for you, if at all. Review suppliers and service providers for better deals - phones, internet, insurance, paint, tools. Be upfront about what is working and what is not. You could save loads by just changing a few to suit you better. Particularly focusing on where your time is going, consider these suggestions proposed over the past seven issues and ask yourself where you could do some things differently to help create the balance you want.


Connexions Business Mag

• Prioritise – book in the important stuff first, especially your family and friends. • Use technology wisely – don’t let it be your ball and chain. Ensure it allows you to reduce the time you work, not increase it. • Delegate and outsource what you can. Monetise your own hours and work out where you’re spending it. • Set goals for yourself and your company. • Be conscious of balance in your everyday life and plan for it. • Facilitate organisation by employing systems; and do it now, delegate, delete or file. • Review, revise and react. Assess and address what is working and what is not.

Hopefully you’ve gained even one small idea from our series that may help you in succeeding in your day to day; whatever success looks like to you. I’m sure that there’s a great amount of peace and comfort to be found in knowing that you will one day be able to look back on your professional and personal achievements, and be satisfied that you gave priority to the things that are most important, both in work and life.

2013 October



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Mid Autumn Festival in China by Tove Vine

Mid Autumn Festival

is one of the most important festivals on the Chinese calendar. It falls on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Everyone get one day off work and school and celebrate with friends and family. Modern families get together in large restaurants and share a meal and eat the traditional Moon cakes, which are delicious round cakes with different fillings. The moon is full so it is also a tradition, especially for young people, to climb a high hill and look at the full moon. Mid autumn Festival is also considered a Festival for lovers because of legendary love story between the archer Hou Yi and his beautiful wife Chang Er. There are many stories about the love story. This is one of them:

The time of this story is around 2170 B.C. The earth once had ten suns circling over it; each took its turn to illuminate to the earth. But one day all ten suns appeared together, scorching the earth with their heat. The earth was saved by a strong and tyrannical archer Hou Yi. He succeeded in shooting down nine of the suns. One day, Hou Yi stole the elixir of life from a goddess. However his beautiful wife Chang Er drank the elixir of life. After drinking it, she found herself floating and flew to the moon. Hou Yi loved his divinely beautiful wife so much; he didn’t shoot down the moon. I was invited to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with some Chinese friends I could not believe what I saw when Cindy set the table. She put newspapers on

the table as a tablecloth. I was surprised to see a tablecloth made of newspaper for a celebration as big as the Mid-Autumn Festival. After spending hours in the kitchen cooking many delicious dishes the table was covered with newspaper! When we sat down to eat, I realised it was to catch all the food that people spat out while they ate. It was very interesting to watch how they put the food in their mouths and chewed and chewed, and then spat out whatever they did not want to swallow, bones or whatever! I really do try to accept all cultures and habits but this Chinese eating habit I found unpleasant. It was something that was taught. I had been out for dinner at expensive restaurants with families and I had seen the parents teach their children to do just that. This was so different from the eating practices western parents taught their children.

Different countries have different cultures and I feel they must be respected. I am sure when Chinese people come to Australia they may find some of our practices different and perhaps unpleasant. After we had finished eating I saw the sense of the ‘newspaper tablecloth’. Cindy just took all the bowls and plates off the table and wrapped up the newspapers and threw them into the rubbish bin. Job done; no dirty tablecloth to wash! We then ate moon cake which is a must at the Mid-Autumn Festival. I could only eat half a Moon cake since they are so filling.

Miss Tove’s English School 2013 October


Rocky Relationship

What is counselling all about? by Kym-Marie Bush

When things go pear-shaped, as happens all too often, where do you turn for help?

genuine attempt to sort out their differences when they come to the parenting of their children.

Depending on your beliefs, or coping mechanisms, you may turn to mainstream and/or alternative methods to support you. Going through drinking or chocolate binges might provide short-term relief but long-term, it won’t help a great deal. However, it the method you choose works for you, no choice is wrong or silly provided it is not “extreme” and does not affect another.

The sessions are designed so that they conduct an initial intake with each parent, then a joint session. The joint session can take place by telephone (due to distance), in person or by shuttle (the counsellor moves between two rooms). The goal is to focus the parties on the needs of their children – what will best support the children – rather than on what each of the parents wants.

Keeping healthy, or becoming healthy – physically, emotionally or psychologically – is advised. Taking care of your health will assist you when you have to deal with the challenges of the breakdown of your relationship and dealing with someone you felt enough emotion for to have a child(ren) with and/or buy property.

The counsellor has a social sciences background, not a legal background. They see things from a different angle than lawyers do and can assist with some of the practicalities as mentioned above. Lawyer’s task is then to write up the agreement that is reached at the session. This takes the sting out of having to go to court, draw swords and change forever how you deal with each other.

Counselling, as a couple or one-on-one, can be of significant assistance in helping you through these times, in developing strategies for how to deal with your former partner, or explain things to the child(ren) and others or how to face the day. Seeking help is not a sign of weakness. It means you recognize a problem and you are looking for a way to resolve it. For family law matters, there is a process under Section 60I of the Family Law Act which involves the parents, as a preliminary step before you can start court proceedings. There are exceptions to this process, however, usually parties are required to go through a Family Relationships Centre and make a


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Tel. 07 3821 2766 Fax. 07 3821 2083

Kym-Marie Bush | Associate Quinn & Scattini Lawyers

So much more than just a Massage!

2013 October



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Conversion Optimisation by Alexei Kouleshov If you ask any business owner if they’d like more website traffic, a “no” would surprise you. And – fair enough – you need cars on the road before you can direct them down your street. But the big mistake that many companies make is investing all their online efforts into simply getting people to their website. They pave the road for traffic to flow into their website without installing signs to prevent them from driving right back out. Savvy business owners are now realising a website’s success relies more heavily on what happens after a person finds your website, rather than how they found it. Conversion optimisation is about improving the percentage of website viewers that become your customers. The reason this can’t be done with a flick of a switch is because there is no universal formula. There are several tools for and approaches to conversion optimisation, and there’s only

one real way to determine which ones are right for you: Luckily, technology, like the Google Analytics and heat map tool (which simulates how visitors are looking at your website), helps a lot with this, so we can find the answers to questions like: • What items of the menu or sidebar get the clicks? • What headlines get people scrolling down the page to get more info? • What colour schemes are right for the audience? • Is the content of the website considered useful and is being read? Whenever you change or add a new feature to your website, there are two key things to bear in mind. 1. What is the overall goal of your website? Think about the ideal outcome of somebody visiting your website. Is it a call to your company, a direct online purchase, or a new email address to add to your mailing list? The design and features chosen for your website need to focus on achieving this goal.

2. How do you want people to perceive your business? Think about your target audience. What are they like and where does your brand fit into their lives?

Consider what your typical customer’s expectations of your company are in general and ensure that your website reflects these.

Your Easy Web Solutions

has been creating business websites for over 7 years. Our experiences have taught us, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for conversion optimisation, the companies that really succeed online are the ones that give this concept the thought it deserves. Alexei Kouleshov Managing Director t: 07 3117 2568 Brisbane t: 03 9018 9486 Melbourne

2013 October


Growing Great Teams

MANAGEMENT MINUTES WEEKLY How to Overcome Opposition by John Milne

In our journey to create bright futures, we will inevitably face opposition; often from people we expected to oppose change; sometimes from unexpected sources where people form a strongly different view. How can we as the leaders and managers work through this period of turbulence? How can organisation fly smoothly to their chosen destinations? # Be consistently positive. Queensland, Australia is fortunate to have two city Mayors who display this sterling quality in abundance. They bring a dynamic energy to each of their civic projects. They overcome the criticism and opposition that is part of every level of government. Their language and their thinking focus on what might yet be. The common good is served. Your relentless positivity can be a powerful influence on your team, and community. #Practice openness. Respected leaders rarely surprise their team, except perhaps when appearing on “Undercover Boss.”People know how you will react to unfolding events, crises or openings. Tell people what you are thinking and planning. Meet informally with key opinion makers. Draw out offers of support or objections. Listen more than you speak. It’s hard! Yet the rewards can be immediate and substantial. Ask open ended questions. Ponder scenarios. # Respect the past. So many organisations still let their best people just walk out the door on re-assignment or retirement, without tapping into the rich organisational memory they have to offer. The seeds of future success are found in the garden of achievement and soundness. Tapping into the wellspring of common wisdom is uncommonly brilliant. # Understand the culture. You feel it the minute you walk in. Culture is a cloak spread over an organisation for comfort, warmth or protection on

the journey. Many business takeovers have failed when the new C.E.O. did not pay attention to the two merging cultures. # Be definite. Team members expect a leader to lead. Some may be blunt enough to say, “That’s what you’re paid for.”Definite, timely decisions, advice, updates and positions build confidence and certainty. This need not exclude respectful listening to the alternative views. A leader’s communication skills either make or break their credibility as a leader worthy of respect. # Be even handed. Playing favourites is the surest way to sap respect. I always challenged myself by asking, “Would I say yes to this person I find it hard to warm to if the proposal is in the best interests of students, clients or guests?”Alternatively, “Would I say no to the person who is a close confident if the idea was not a sound or safe one?” # Achieve early success. Early gains bring allies to you. They inspire confidence and boost morale. Congratulate team members who contributed. Demonstrate the progress being made.

(C) John Milne 2013 John Milne is a Coach, Author and Speaker. He encourages aspiring, beginning and mature leaders to peak performance. Book a 6 Star service workshop 0448357626 24

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Aussie App Store

Why go mobile? • Over 8.5 million smartphones are in use in Australia today • 98% of them are used at home, 85% on the go and 73% at work • 94% have been used to research products or services • 78% visit social networks • 74% never leave home without it. • 63% have performed a search on their mobile after seeing an offline ad • 59% make mobile purchases at least once a month • 58% access the Internet every day on their smartphone • 48% look for local info at least once a week, 18% look daily. 43% search Restaurants, Pubs, Bars

1300 494 188 • 2013 October 25


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Cartoonist Ryan McDonald-Smith

2013 October


Property VS Shares by Daimien Patterson

It’s the never-ending debate for investors. Which is better: Shares or Property? For me, it’s basically a no brainer. When I was in the army and decided that I needed to start doing something responsible with my money and investing it, I chose to go with property because I could set myself up and then basically leave it. I didn’t have the time to monitor the share market and had seen a lot of my mates get burnt through shares. For those of you who are into maths, the numbers tend to lean towards property too, depending on how you look at it. Let’s say you have $100,000 to invest and start to examine your options. (Note that $100,000 is a nice round figure and easy on the maths – don’t panic if you have less than that, there is still plenty you can do with a lot less).


It is often said that the Australian stock exchange has historically returned an average of 10% per annum. So let’s see what happens if we buy $100,000 worth of


Connexions Business Mag

shares and see increases of 10% every year for 7 years. Following table shows the compounding growth.

Year 0 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7

$100,000 $110,000 $121,000 $133,100 $146,410 $161,051 $177,156 $194,872

In 7 years, $100,000 on the share market becomes $194,872. Not bad? Now let’s see what happens with property!


Instead let’s say we took our $100,000 and invested it in property. The property market in Australian capital cities has historically doubled every 7 years, if you average out the growth in the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. If we are being conservative, we could invest in a $400,000 property using 20% or $80,000 deposit, leaving $20,000 for costs (stamp

duty, legal fees etc.) and borrowing the remaining 80% or $320,000 of the purchase price. So we would start with a $400,000 property and a $320,000 loan. Now, if the property market continues to do what it has done and the house doubles in value in 7 years, the property will be worth $800,000. Now let’s assume the worst case scenario and we don’t pay a red cent off the $320,000 loan. We simply use the rent received from the property to cover the interest on the loan and other costs. When I went to school… $800,000 minus a $320,000 loan equaled $480,000, which is a much better result! So which would you prefer? The $194,872 from the share market with the daily stress of constantly watching your shares, or the $480,000 you make on an investment property? The choice is easy! You see, the reason why property is superior to shares is that you can safely borrow more money against it and leverage your way into a greater valued asset.

Now the above example is just being conservative with a 20% deposit on one property. What if, with your same $100,000 you purchased two $400,000 properties with 5% deposits of $20,000 each, and used $30,000 for the costs on each (you will need a bit more to pay extra mortgage insurance), and got 95% or $380,000 loans on each of them? You would start with $800,000 in assets and $760,000 in loans. But after 7 years you would end up with $1.6 million in assets. If you take away the $760,000 in loans you will have $840,000 in net worth!

Are you getting excited about property investment yet? You can borrow money to buy shares but only up to about 60% of the value of the portfolio. But ask yourself - would you really want to do that? What an enormous risk! However, in property the banks will lend you up to 95%! Why do you think that is? Let me tell you why. The banks know the safest and most effective place to invest money - its property!

High leverage and safety are why property investment is so awesome. The banks know it. I know it. And now YOU know it too. If you’d like to chat about what options you have to invest, call on 1300 372 677. I offer personal 90 min Property Investment Coaching Sessions or Portfolio Reviews. I also host complimentary property investor training days around the country, please visit

or give the office a call if you’re interested in finding out more.

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Quick Tips to Deal with Change

5 ways get out of reactivity and into responding with authenticity by Gay Landeta

Some people love change, some hate it but most of us experience mixed feelings about it at some time or another. This is because there are many factors involved in the actual process that is change, psychological being the most challenging for most of us. Wikipedia says psychological topics include perception, cognition, attention, emotion, motivation, brain functioning, personality, behaviour, and interpersonal relationships. Whew. When you think about it, it becomes fairly obvious that some or many of those areas will be challenged during the process of change.

philological challenges, result in “cocooning” (cutting our self off from all those around us to try to ignore what is happening) or through resisting change through negativity, destructive criticism, even sabotage. Obviously these tactics are not congruent with a peaceful, harmonious and connected life! In this article I am going to offer you a tips that can take you out of the reactivity of fight or flight and into being pro-active. Try them, see which work for you and add your own little helpers to the list. Then, when you notice yourself hiding away or becoming negative and obstructional you will have a few tactics up your sleeve! 1. THINK. Use your intelligence to find out what you need to know to change your perceptions and cope with change.

Very often, once several of those areas are challenged we move into ‘fight or flight’ reaction to life. Fight or flight means just that – it is a survival mechanism where once we would either fight the sabre tooth tiger or flee. It is useful in our system in short blasts – not so healthy long term. Futurist Faith Popcorn suggests that during change, the fight or flight response activated by the


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Often people are stressed by their VIEW of what is happening. The lens through which they are seeing the change take place. If something they need is missing the whole picture starts to feel scary and bang – fight or flight is activated. One way to deal with this is to notice what you need to know to make things feel better. Figure it out now and then when you are confronted with change you know what to look for to calm reactivity.

Some people need to know the actual details – all the little things. This may feel pedantic however if that is what you need then find out everything you can. Other people are big picture types, they need to know how this change fits into the larger view of life. In some situations you can satisfy either of these needs quite easily through researching the situation. Emotionally some people are more focused on them self and what change will mean for them while others cannot be happy unless they are sure those around them are OK in the process. Again this is something that you can, at times, have some control over. If so, then be aware that this is how you work and soothe yourself by ensuring you or those around you – or both! are as comfortable as possible in the circumstances. NB! A key point is to recognise what you can and cannot control and work only with the things you have control over. If you are getting stressed about (for example) not being able to make everyone happy or knowing the unknowable then you are probably having control issues and you may need to talk to someone to get a new perspective on what is going on.

2. STOP. Make sure you have enough stop time to allow the chaos of change to settle.

days – so many competing and compelling things need to get done.

Change by nature creates chaos which many people have a fairly low tolerance for. The antidote for that is to create a space of stillness that you can retreat to.

The reality is that most things, left undone, really matter little. It may not get done on time, it may not get done at all, but for most people, no one is going to die if the list is not done!

Find time in your life to slow down and relax. While it is often difficult in times of change to relax it is important to make it a priority.

Take a reality check on your to-do list. Decide the one thing that must get done today and do that. Feel satisfied with that and know tomorrow is another day.

Either dip into the still place within through a good relaxation CD, yoga, a massage or maybe a run in the park or distract yourself from the chaos through the movies, playing rock and roll, watching junk TV or whatever helps you. It doesn’t matter what it is, just do whatever feels the most relaxing at the time. And ensure you are sleeping. Lack of sleep is one of the biggest issues in 21st century life. You need sleep. It is during sleep we process many of the events of the day and our bodies have the opportunity to rest. Fight or flight activates adrenals and once they take over sleep can become difficult.

If you have more time you can always choose a second thing. Most people laden down their list, with a dozen important tasks, trying to fit in that extra one thing. And then when something unexpected happens, wham, the list is blown out of the water and nothing gets done. Stress levels hits the roof.

Seek support if you can’t sleep; kinesiology, acupuncture, nutritional support, relaxation techniques and hypnotherapy are just a few holistic ways to change your sleep patterns. 3. PRIORITISE. Learn to prioritise what needs to happen. The just do it and feel satisfied. One of the biggest problems I hear about is the trouble people have prioritising these

So make your master to-do list by all means. But on your daily list only put what needs to happen today. 4. FEEL. Recognise that change involves letting go of the old and often unexpected feelings emerge. Even in the midst of the most exciting and wonderful experience of change their will be a letting go of the old and often feelings, especially those of grief, will emerge. Many know of the Kübler-Ross stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance; however these days it is well recognised that the process of grief is not sequential nor is grief limited to those 5 emotions.

So allow your feelings to have expression, even if it feels incongruent to what’s happening. There is a part of you that needs to feel and often once you become still and allow them to be they recede and the excitement of change can again take the fore. If you feel immersed in grief or sadness and it is not shifting then have a talk with someone who works in the area of grief or get some help in letting go of the past that is hanging on. 5. BE GRATEFUL. Keep a gratitude journal and reflect on it when life is chaotic with change. Gratitude is a great healer. And keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to support yourself in times of change. It reminds you of everything that you already have that is wonderful in your life and that these things have arrived through the process of change. We often forget life is constant change, we just don’t notice how much change takes place without our knowing! Taking time for gratitude also helps us to remember all we have that doesn’t change and to be grateful for all that is stable in our life. Try applying these tips next time you are in the chaos of change, or work with them when times are stable to be ready for the next upheaval! Copyright 2014 all rights reserved 2013 October


PROSPECTING vs NETWORKING Business networking for the future by Jennie Gorman

Frequently when attending networking events I find that people are prospecting rather than networking, though they have gone to a networking event. It appears that most people are unaware that there is a difference between the two.

So, do you prospect or network when you go to events? Prospecting is when people go out to claim as many clients or contacts as they can so they build their own business without any thought of what they have to offer the people they are meeting. Usually there is no getting to know or understand the person they are meeting, let alone relationship building, to see if there is a synergy between them and their businesses. When networking it is important that you build your relationship firstly by listening and seeing where you can help or support them with what they are looking to achieve in their business. If you are really listening properly, it is not important to even talk about YOU and what YOU DO!

to achieve their outcomes yours will be achieved in the long run without any effort on your part. People tend to feel that they need to support those who support them, so you will win in the end anyway. Of course this goes back to understanding why you are business networking in the first place and what you are wanting to achieve from attending events. Networking is something we need to be doing all the time … a seven day a week ‘thing’ that we automatically do with everyone we meet. It is not about pushing your product, service or company onto another, it is about developing a relationship so that the person gets to know you, who you are and what you stand for as a person. People buy people they like and trust firstly, so don’t expect that they will automatically take what you are offering anyway.

Good solid business relationships take time and effort to attain just as personal relationships do. It is like dating … you don’t expect on a first date to have a full blown relationship the first time you are together, so think of your networking in a similar way. Firstly, get to know the person, who they are, what they stand for whilst understanding what they do and how you support them. Not everyone you meet has a business that you need their services or products. By developing the relationship you will be able to learn about them and maybe support them with friends and clients that you know who may want or need what they offer. This is true business networking. If you want to learn more skills do my 21 Days to Become a Networker, visit our website or attend my next workshop on “Turning YOUR Networking into PROFITS”.

All relationships need to be win-win and if you help others 32

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The Importance of GOOD Business Cards You have now been given 5 of the 7 things I believe are important for business cards. So my 6th tip is …. • ALWAYS have your business cards easily accessible • NEVER run out of cards • Have your PHOTO on your card if you are a small business • Make sure all your information is CORRECT • Give RELEVANT information about your business • Make sure the WRITING on the card is easy to read • Understand other CULTURES in the handling of your cards. Make sure the WRITING on the card is easy to read The thing I find hardest with people’s business cards are the ability to read easily the information on them. More often than not the font is difficult to read as the graphic designer has decided to use a fancy font and/or the font size is far too small. Be aware that people of all age groups need to be able to read your card easily. For me, if it is difficult to read with a magnifying glass, the card goes into the bin. So, make sure you use a good graphic designer who understands the importance of you having a good business card that is clear and concise. Call Stu now on 0414 622 401

Your Business Boost by Anthony Davis

One Minute Per Week ... go get the Business You Seek!

Take 3 Hours Every Week ... Gary Burnison considers leadership to be a privilege. In his book, The Twelve Absolutes of Leadership he offers a framework based on fundamental human truths and twelve absolutes: 1. Lead. Leadership is an all-in proposition. Never react instead ask yourself, “Is this about me or about we?” If it’s the former, forget it and rise above. 2. Purpose. The why you do what you do. 3. Strategy. Gives encouragement through times of ambiguity. 4. People. When you’re the leader, it’s never about you. 5. Measure. Measure and monitor so you know if it’s true. 6. Empower. Help them to empower themselves. 7. Reward. Authentic, purposeful praise is a power skill of the successful leader. 8. Anticipate. Always have your focus on the horizon. 9. Navigate. Anticipation and navigation are complementary skills. 10. Communicate. This is where leadership lives and breathes. 11. Listen. Listen, learn, then lead 12. Learn. Knowledge is what you know. Wisdom is acknowledging what you don’t know. Burnison says that leadership is about people. “To lead is to make an emotional connection on a very real and human level in every interaction.”

Anthony Davis and the Brightwater Team

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‘Our Business Hub’

Unit 4, 1311 Ipswich Road, Rocklea

Directions Using a GPS

• Key in Abercrombie Street, Rocklea (noting that the entrance to the street is via Sherwood Road). We are the second driveway on the left when you come into Abercrombie Street. Park in the complex where you can see a space.

Coming from the city via Ipswich Road:

• Travel down Ipswich Rd to the Muriel Rd/ Sherwood Rd exit. Also signed as Brisbane Markets. Veer Left and keep in the right lane. • Turn right at the lights under the motorway. • Continue through the next set of lights and take 1st left into Abercrombie St. • Turn left into the 2nd drive way and find a park in the complex. In the open you will see some spots with Connexions Unlimited or Aussie Painters Network OR go undercover or up the ramp. • Office is located towards the end of the driveway facing Ipswich Road. • You will find us on the Ipswich Road side of the complex closest to Sherwood Road, opposite Westpac.

Coming from via Fairfield Road:

• Head south on Fairfield Road until you come to the intersection of Sherwood, Ipswich and Muriel Roads. • Turn right into Sherwood Road. Turn 1st left into Abercrombie St. • Turn left into the 2nd drive way and find a park in the complex. In the open you will see some spots with Connexions Unlimited or Aussie Painters Network OR go undercover or up the ramp. • Office is located towards the end of the driveway facing Ipswich Road. • You will find us on the Ipswich Road side of the complex closest to Sherwood Road, opposite Westpac.

Coming From Ipswich:

• From the Ipswich Motorway take the Fairfield Rd exit. • Turn 2nd left into Sherwood Rd, then take 1st left into Abercrombie St. • Turn left into the 2nd drive way and find a park in the complex. In the open you will see some spots with Connexions Unlimited or Aussie Painters Network OR go undercover or up the ramp. • Office is located towards the end of the driveway facing Ipswich Road. • You will find us on the Ipswich Road side of the complex closest to Sherwood Road, opposite Westpac.

Call Jennie on 0414 278 344 if you need help. 36

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‘Our Business Hub’ 4/1311 Ipswich Rd., Rocklea, Queensland, Australia 4106 For more details, visit

Trischel - Innovative Communication Training Great place - good training room and meeting rooms - easy to find - parking available - good facilities - have a meeting or training session coming up give this place a trial - you will not be sorry. Maria Brady - Kinesiologist at Ylia Mind & Body Centre Thank you, Jennie Gorman, for providing us with a great venue. The rooms are spacious, with comfortable furniture and surroundings in every room. There are offices, a Board room and the training room is fantastic. It’s great to know that these spaces can be hired at a reasonable price too! Gail Timms - Energisus WOW! What a great venue with super facilities and office space for hire. It will be so exciting to see its growth! has a great energy flow! :-) Laura Christie - IQ Launchpad Supportive culture and fantastic facilities. I would recommend this office space to anyone. 2013 October


Make $100,000+ per year Call Jennie to discuss how this works for you 0414 278 344


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Meeting a skills shortage with NEIS by Jan Muir

So you want to start a business, Have you any idea of what you want? Will it suit a niche market?; Some skills are much needed in different markets to meet industry needs. Will it fit a skill shortage?. As I sat in the meeting of future entrepreneurs/ come business owners, I was to hear all of the above from the presenter of the meeting. Could I meet the requirements he was asking for with my idea?

in your business idea that it is true and will occur”. He may not have said it in as many words however he did say it was the energy that you give it will determine your success. He demonstrated by asking a young lass who was very interested in starting a massage business. “Do you believe it’s possible to get a contract with your favourite football company as the after game masseuse?” The lass answered attentively, “She was not sure”. Our presenter said “You have to see all opportunities as your way of success, because anything is possible and if your outlook is not in the positive vain then it may not succeed”. The lass went on to say “I had not thought that far, just getting the idea of a business was as far as I had thought”.

He went around the room and everyone shared the possibility of what their business idea was, some were engineers, and this meet the skills shortage. Would my idea? I heard there were massagers and administrative businesses, even a coffee shop was mentioned and this was considered an area of skills shortage. The room chuckled and many said there are so many coffee shops now, how could this be seen as a skill shortage? The presenter went on to say that with more offices opening up in different areas the coffee shop was the next thing for a new business area. He then moved around the room to collect all the ideas, and completed by asking “How many believe it is possible?”. Not all put up their hand and he said “There is your success rate. You have to have a belief

The presenter went on, “How many of you can see your business already in existence?” About half of the room put up their hands. “Everything I am sharing with you is an avenue of being a successful business. If you want to work with the football team as their after game massager you have to create that in your business” he said. I left the room with the paperwork to sign up for the NEIS initiative and to take my business further. Stay tuned I’m sure there is more to come What a Journey and a wonderful opportunity to create a bigger and better business for my future. 2013 October


Upcoming Events FREE INTRO EVENING | Facilitated by Jennie Gorman Tuesday 22 October 2013 @ Register 6:30pm for 7:00pm - 9:00pm “How MasterMinding is 10 Times More Powerful than Networking” Introductory Evening COMPLIMENTARY Discover how to use our MasterMinding success formula to: • Gain new business referrals • Triple your business bottom line • Collaborate and create joint ventures • Be kept accountable • Removing road blocks that stop you from growing your business • Grow your business from where you want to be • Share resources • Business coaching/mentoring combined • Learn what to do next when you and your business grow • Maintain confidentiality in your group • Get only the business results that count • Meet past participants who can tell you their experiences. Venue : Our Business Hub

Business Ideas Brisbane | Facilitated by Jennie Gorman Thursday, 24 October 2013 @ 1.30pm – 3.30pm We are a group of SME’s getting together to network, exchange ideas, etc.

The session is held in a casual environment and we encourage everyone to join in.

This Business Ideas Brisbane group is for successful small business owners and entrepreneurs looking to connect with other business owners.

Tea/coffee and biscuits will be provided as part of your fee. Price: AUD15.00/per person

Book today and you can walk away with fresh tools to work with your business! So, come along and share your business ideas and/or get some new ones. Even seasoned pros can learn new things by masterminding with other successful entrepreneurs.


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Venue : Our Business Hub

Upcoming Events NEW EXEC Business Mastermind Group commencing Fri. 1st November 2013 Friday. 1st, 5th & 29th November; 13th December; 10th & 24th January; 7th & 21st February; 7th & 21st March, 4th & 18th April 2014.

Executive MasterMind Group is created for :

Executives and successful business owners looking for a supportive group who will help them move toward the next level, people looking for an independent board of directors, a business advisory board, business accountability and business development.

WHO are Brisbane Executive MasterMinders :

Entrepreneurs who have come out of corporate and find that it is not as easy as it looked... business managers/owners/entrepreneurs who have been in business for some years and need an independent ‘Board of Directors’ … someone needing to be kept accountable with support to move to the next level.

Venue: Our Business Hub

All members of this level have extensive business knowledge and expertise.

SME Business MasterMind Groups | Facilitated by Jennie Gorman Wednesday 13 November 2013 These Business MasterMinding Groups to be held in Brisbane are for the small business owner or solo entrepreneur who is looking for support to grow their business, to gain more expertise and skills in running their business, along with a group of like-minded people to share their journey. Business masterminding is the fasted way to move your business forward.

BENEFITS: • • • • •

your own individual ‘Board of Directors’ business accountability business advisory board personal and business development achieving a ’90 Day Action Plan’

• • • • • • • • • • •

specialist speakers on subjects you want being with like-minded people maximum leverage unique process of MasterMinding design goals with passion and legacy develop your Business Vision and Mission better business focus never alone in business access to specialist trainers/speakers support to solve challenges in one session AND MORE…..

Venue : Our Business Hub

2013 October


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Connexions Business Magazine by Jennie Gorman - #16 October 2013 Issue  

Connexions Business Magazine by Jennie Gorman - #16 October 2013 Issue