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Business Magazine Are You the Strategic Entrepreneur? Small Business Failure Work out your worth Delegate and Outsource! Tips for Employee Motivation and Enthusiasm A Referral Network that gives you LEADS! The Trials of Business on ‘The Hero’s Adventure’

Josie Thomson and Jennie Gorman

From Jennie’s Desk As this issue is released I am on my way for a well-earned business holiday in Europe so preparing for the next month has been full on. The Business MasterMind Groups will continue with the help of my two wonderful co-facilitators, Dave Shire and Aina Notoa. My book goes for the 3rd edit, so is on track for the printers on my return!! We now move toward the end of the financial year and it is time to start thinking, not only about starting the finalising of our 2013 tax return but also what goals we want to create over the next financial year. If you want wanting to set some good goals, financial as well as business ones, I am running a ‘Monetise and Create a Successful NEW Financial Year’ on Thursday 20th June. More on page 39.

It is time to think about what our businesses need to move ahead during the next financial year in this sometimes difficult marketplace. We are fortunate to have so many incredible successful business owners who are there to support with information and knowledge, often given freely. It is with much sadness that I pass on the news that Paul Humphreys, a regular advertiser in this magazine, died last week. He was a long-time friend and client, and many of my videos were filmed and edited by him. R.I.P. Paul. So, enjoy your read and we would love your feedback.

This issue has some very exciting articles, written for all types of small business owners covering across the board in subject.

Jennie Gorman - Networking Chats 9th April 2013

NETWORKING CHATS Reviews: Jan Muir Networking chats has been a very new scene to me in the past 6 months and I have been extremely pleased with the outcomes in attending these events. I am finding that I attend your events for the array of speakers that you share with us and this has been huge learning’s. The friendliness of the meetings is a great atmosphere and there is always someone new to meet at each event. I applaud you for the great effort and am so grateful that these events have been to attend. Thank you Jennie.

Dave Shire Having attended a lot of networking events in and around Brisbane, I have thoroughly enjoyed the Networking Chats events. I have made some lifelong friends and business connections here as well as listened to a great range of speakers and topics.

Margaret Wilmink Having attended many Networking Chats sessions I believe I have never had to ask myself “why” I attend. I know that every time I go I will receive relevant information to my business and my life in general. Then I get to meet and connect with new faces and familiar ones. I learned from Jennie that Networking is about making connections and building relationships so it is most important to attend regularly. Many thanks for your continued support of small business owners by giving them a space to learn grow and connect.

Stu Pop Fisher I’ve been extremely fortunate to attend a number of these amazing events over the past 12 months. The topics have covered everything from Cash Flow Management, through to Discovering the Purpose for being in business; and I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that it’s been some of the best time/money I’ve spent building My Business... I’m learning things about the market and myself that will only ever benefit in the long run! You really should check it out!


Jennie Gorman Testimonial by Tam, Nanette, David & Angela

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What is the Difference Between Networking and Netweaving

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Are Bad Habits & Unhealty Thinking Taking Contrl of Your Life?

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Are You the Strategic Enterpreneur?

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One Minute per Week... Go Get the Business You Seek! Small Business Failure...

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Feeling GR8 Prosperity?

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Negative Feedback or Positive Opportunity

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Convert More Clients with these Three Simple Steps To A Powerful “Call To Action”

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Achieving Work-Life Balance #3 Work out your worth; Delegate and OUtsource!

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The funny thing about laughing...

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Tips for Employee Motivation and Enthusiasm

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How to Pay YOURSELF First

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Have you considered ‘Short Stay’ accommodation?

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A Referral Network that gives you LEADS!

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Social Media Marketing World Event was a Resounding Success!

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Appraising Employee Performance Effectively

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Stepping into Your Greatest Potential

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The Trials of Business on “The Hero’s Adventure”

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Do you make money while you sleep?

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Mastermind Reviews and Testimonial

Networking Chats May 2013

What is the Difference Between

Networking and NetWeaving? by Jennie Gorman


is a word well recognised by us all in business now, but NetWeaving is a new concept that I introduced into Australia in the early 2000’s. It is a step beyond the traditional business networking that people are doing now. The term was coined by Bob Littell, a consultant in the USA. Networking, as we are all aware, is used traditionally to find new business and for creating/changing your career. NetWeaving, in comparison, is a simple, more reciprocal approach that focuses on helping others meet the people they need to meet to solve their challenges, rather than their own. The difference between the two is their ‘mind set’. Instead of looking for someone to help you with what you want, it is about you helping others get what they want! Even though networking is known as an effective way of making new contacts for your own self, NetWeaving expands this as a long term tool that focuses on developing a reciprocal business relationship that will continue on for a very long time. How to improve your efficiency on the traditional approach. In the traditional networking approach, you go to a meeting or


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function with the idea of trying to gain strategic alliances that will help boost your business. In other words, the mindset is, “What’s in it for me?” It’s an effective means of making new contacts and developing business relations that can be very beneficial but there is a better, more lasting and trustworthy way. NetWeaving differs slightly in its approach. To be a NetWeaver is to have the intent to learn all you can from as many people as possible about their businesses, their needs and challenges so that you can support them to find the contacts you have that can help them. The networker has the intent to learn that they can from someone to lead them to business for themselves, thus forgetting the other person!

being asked that question. Usually they are quick to tell you about themselves and usually don’t stick around to hear about you. How often does someone ask you that question? I have found it very rarely, and when I do, I know that I have found someone with a synergetic mindset! A more relaxed approach. Being a NetWeaver is much more relaxing and gives events or meetings a more human approach. There is nothing worse than watching people ‘work the room’ for opportunities to help themselves, knowing that they really aren’t interested in what people are saying unless it helps them achieve their goal.

Underlying theme of NetWeaving is the reciprocity. By supporting and doing good things for others, it can repay you many times over. I am sure that you will have noticed in your life that when you help others, good things seem to happen to you too.

Showing your interest in people and genuinely wanting to learn about what they do and how you can help them, can change your experience around events. The person you are speaking with is looking for ways that your knowledge and experience can help them achieve what they want and need.

How Can I help You? By starting your conversations when you meet people with a ‘how can I help you?’ question that will change the energy. You will find that there may even be a silence at first …. People are not used to

Everyone is looking for the missing pieces of the puzzle with problems that need to be solved. We have the opportunity to support others with their ideas that without someone else’s help and support may never be created. This is NetWeaving!

None of us really is aware of how much we can help others until we start listening to what others need. With experience you will begin to learn to hear the words people say that ‘ring a bell’ for you so that you know how you can support them. Everyone has a number of business contacts that they value, whom they know well enough to know their skills and strengths in different areas. By listening to what is being said in a conversation, you can ascertain very quickly who would be a good contact for the next step for that person. Ask yourself, ‘could meeting or having contact with ‘Bill’ be beneficial?’ Sometimes it might not be to get some work, but to help them achieve what they are needing to do for their next step. You may ask yourself, ‘has this person got the resources I could use for someone I know?’ and/or ‘would I consider adding them to my resource list’? The two questions that always come to mind when I am referring someone is do I trust this person and have they the integrity that I desire in my network? NetWeavers know the Golden Rule NetWeavers understand the laws of giving, sometimes called ‘Givers Gain’. If you can give without expectation your world of networking will become a world of NetWeaving.

NetWeaving is based on helping others to achieve, knowing that ‘what goes around, comes around’. They trust and have confidence in who they are and what they are doing. If you learn how to position yourself strategically for others by ‘strategically people matching’ you will become a perfect ‘NetWeaver’. ‘Paying it Forward’ is another new concept that is starting to make its mark … it is all about NetWeaving. Have you read the book called ‘Pay It Forward’ by Catherine Ryan Hyde? It is a book about a small boy who comes up with a simple idea which changes the world. The concept is, when someone does you a favour, rather than paying that person back, you ‘pay it forward’ and do a favour for someone else. A very simple concept and one that works. Netweaving is about enjoying helping others to achieve what they want. Have you ever noticed that when you do something for someone, you usually learn something? Funny how that happens, isn’t it?

Are you a Netweaver? Do you : • connect people with someone you know that they would benefit from meeting or knowing • provide information or resources to someone else that are your own or from someone in your network? • build your own “Trusted Resource Network” of persons who are exceptional at what they do?

If you do the above, you have a great set of skills that will support you as a NetWeaver to achieve what you want and need. So, instead of looking to be ‘paid back’, ask each person you have helped to ‘pay it forward’ and help someone else – either by making an introduction or offering resources. And of course, if you believe in the law of reciprocity, then you know that, “what goes around, DOES come back around”. If NetWeaving sounds like something you would like to: • learn more about along with the skill sets and strategies for building more NetWeaving into your daily routine. . .and by so doing, become more ‘referable’ yourself; • get to know other like-minded people who genuinely share the NetWeaving philosophy; • learn how to become a NetWeaver and eventually teach and train others. Email Jennie to find out about Jennie’s NetWeaving Queensland Membership Program.

The LENGTH of a person’s life is not what counts. . . it’s QUALITY of the content with which they fill it. If you use this process above in developing your relationships you will find that NetWeaving will add quality to your content.

2013 May


Are Bad Habits & Unhealthy Thinking Taking Control of Your Life? by Josie Thomson

For many years I have wanted to show how the use of mindful awareness could be applied easily to day to day living to improve quality of life, experience deeper fulfilment and achieve greater success. It seemed clear to me from my experiences of unnecessary stress and overcoming cancer twice, that breaking bad habits can be effectively and relatively easily done. So too was it clear for my friend and renowned neuro scientist Dr Jeffrey M Schwartz in his work with OCD sufferers, that breaking bad habits which is the core problem in the brain circuitry of people with OCD, was a great target application for applied mindfulness. Dr Schwartz developed a 4 Step solution specifically to make the use of mindful awareness user friendly for any person to enable both increased function through creating new habits to replace old maladaptive ones, and to rewire the powerful habit centre in the brain. You can read more about this in his latest book You Are Not Your Brian, which I highly recommend to you.

Essentially the 4 Steps are:

The key point that describes why the 4 Steps are successful is that they combine the use of proven cognitive methodologies with mindful awareness, directly applied to inform empowered choices about how to focus one’s attention in ways that lead to new adaptive habit patterns and a rewired brain. This results in having a brain that now works with you instead of against you in achieving your true goals and life purpose. Habits are hard to break because they get wired in to the powerful habit centre in the brain which we share with all lower animals. The key point about the function of this brain area is that it controls behaviour beneath the level of conscious awareness. Therefore, habits are hard to break because to a significant degree, we are unaware of when they are operating i.e. by the time we realize the behaviour is a problem, the behaviour has often already been initiated or even completed. With mindfulness we can much more readily become aware of this process and be significantly empowered to change the focus of attention in ways that literally rewire the brain’s habit centre to work for us instead of against us. The key underlying neuroscience principle at play here is called Hebb’s Law: neurons that fire together, wire together. The entire program is based on the quantum principle that focused attention makes the adaptive cells and their


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associated brain circuits fire together, leading to new adaptive circuits wiring together to form a more adaptive brain. This process is called self-directed neuroplasticity. You don’t have to be a product of your habits! With practice of the 4 Steps, you will realize that You Are Not Your Brain. Dr Jeffrey M Schwartz and I are excited to announce we have developed a special 5-week master class series, based on the content in his best-selling book, ‘You Are Not Your Brain’, specifically for coaches and practitioners. You will learn about the 4 Steps in detail and learn how to utilise the model in coaching sessions with your clients. It has also been designed specifically to make the use of mindful awareness user friendly for any person to enable both increased function through creating new habits to replace old maladaptive ones, and to rewire the powerful habit centre in the brain. This masterclass will fill FAST. Don’t delay – head over to the course page and REGISTER NOW!

Presenters: Both leaders in their fields: Dr Jeffrey M Schwartz Research is a Psychiatrist at UCLA School of Medicine and a seminal thinker and researcher in the field of self-directed neuroplasticity. He is the author of over 100 scientific publications in the fields of neuroscience and psychiatry, and several popular books including You Are Not Your Brain: The 4-Step Solution for Changing Bad Habits, Ending Unhealthy Thinking, and Taking Control of Your Life (2011) as well as The Mind and the Brain: Neuroplasticity and the Power of Mental Force (2002), and Brain Lock: Free Yourself from ObsessiveCompulsive Behavior (1997). Josephine Thomson is a world acclaimed master coach, lifestyle author, successful business woman and 2 time cancer-survivor

with a track record that speaks for itself. Josie is the MD of Accelerated Excellence, and a senior associate, coach, trainer, assessor and mentor with the Neuro Leadership Group for over a decade. Josie has trained hundreds of coaches in the Asia Pacific region, and has coached thousands around the globe. Josie has completed post graduate studies in the Neuroscience of Leadership through Middlesex University, facilitates the Neuroleadership Institute local interest group in Brisbane. She is also a former VP of the International Coach Federation. As a life-style author and she has produced an audiobook and CD: Simple Meditation For Busy People, and conducts coaching, and public and workplace programs - enquire here.

2013 May


Are You the Strategic Entrepreneur? by Anthea Moffitt

My mother was a seamstress at the local hospital. Taught to sew by her own mother she felt very passionately that I too should learn these skills and so when I was a young girl she would patiently spend hours with me, teaching me everything she knew about sewing and dressmaking. I still remember those times very clearly. We would first decide what we wanted to make and then we would go off to the shops to choose our pattern. Next we would study the pattern’s instructions and recommendations before heading back to the shop to choose our fabric. Finally, we would head home and begin the process of marking out the pattern pieces on the fabric. And this is where I became frustrated because mum would take hours and hours measuring once, measuring twice and measuring again, just to be sure. “Come on, mum” I would say, desperate to get on with making my new dress. She would look at me and say “Anthea, be patient, the key to getting what you want is to take your time, if you measure twice, you will only ever have to cut once.” And I may not have realised it then but she was so right, if I took my time in the planning, the execution would be a breeze. A lesson which

is as true for dressmaking as it is for creating a successful business. Strategic entrepreneurs grow their businesses faster because they take the time in order to work out the smartest and fastest way to reach their goals. In contrast, tactical entrepreneurs are busy, busy, busy implementing the latest tactic without fully considering whether that tactic will actually help them achieve their goals. So how do you become more strategic? Well the answer is simple – you need to regularly take time out of your business in order to review and plan. Ensure that every quarter you dedicate one day to the process where you complete the following: 1. Undertake a SWOT analysis. 2. Undertake a competitor analysis. 3. Review your financial performance and identify areas for improvement. 4. Review and adjust your business growth strategies. 5. Review and adjust your budget forecast. 6. Review and adjust your cashflow forecast. 7. Review the performance of your marketing activities. 8. Review the performance and productivity of yourself and your team. 9. Review the feedback of your current clients. 10. Identify your top 3 goals and focus for the next quarter.

Strategic entrepreneurs understand that taking this time out enables them to sharpen their entrepreneurial saw so that the execution of their plan is both faster and smarter. They gift themselves that precious planning time because they understand the rewards it brings.

Anthea Moffat, MBA(adv)

Founder of Business Fusion and The Business Masters Club

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Only six people will get the opportunity to be part of this group, so you need to act now if you are interested. Do you wish to move your business to the next level for 2013? Would you like help to generate a large number of ideas for solutions to any challenges you are experiencing? Are you wishing to have input from other business people into your business? How would you like to have your business dissected in a creative way? creati Are you looking for new contacts to support you? Do you have ideas you would like to share with others? Would you like to have your business brainstormed by other business people?

There will be only 6 businesses prooled over the 6 months so be quick to book in.

Apply NOW! Click on the application form or Visit our website 2013 May 11

One Minute Per Week ... go get the Business You Seek!

Small Business Failure ... by Anthony Davis

According to a recent multiple choice survey of more than 1000 owners of Australian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), the percentage of respondents and reasons identified for small business failure are: ► 61% an inability to manage costs; ► 50% inexperienced management; ► 50% poorly designed business models or no business plan; ► 49% insufficient capital; ► 37% poor or insufficient marketing; ► 35% insufficient time managing the books. Only 26% identified failure to seek professional advice as a key reason for failure, while 70% trusted their ‘gut instinct’ over any professional advice. The survey was published by accounting software provider CCH and global information services group Wolters Kluwer. Chief Executive of Wolters, Russell Evans, told SmartCompany the majority of SMEs which shun professional advice were doing so possibly at their peril. The Brightwater Business Development Program has been designed to address many of the issues outlined above. If you have considered Brightwater Coaching in the past and are still to take the first step … call me on 1800 242 366 and ask what Coaching can do for you and your business. 12

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Feeling GR8 Prosperity? by Bev Oliver

What does Prosperity mean for you? Financial success, achievement, good health, family, friends, there is not one way but many ways that it is defined. Being able to access the many assets and riches that we already have to meet every human need, wisdom, intelligence, creativity and insights that will always take us in a progressive, productive and profitable direction. Does great wealth bring fulfillment? An ambitious study by Boston College suggests not. For the first time, researchers prompted the very rich—people with fortunes in excess of $25 million—to speak candidly about their lives. The result is a surprising litany of anxieties: their sense of isolation, their worries about work and love, and most of all, their fears for their children. The Money Chase – April 2011. Every article read or audio listened to under the Feeling GR8 name has primarily one purpose; for you to experience more of the uplifting emotions, that you always have available and to release any fears, frustrations, restrictions or any sense that something is lacking in personal or business affairs, in this instance, around the area of Prosperity.

So let’s get to it…how about Feeling GR8 Prosperity NOW! Is there anything more important or will you put it off till a later date? Contemplate the words below often and feel lighter within from your head down to your feet.....

“Every need is met within me” Bev Oliver for your Feeling GR8 NOW! FREE audio download

It’s wonderful to have all our material wants but when we put too much attention on the quality of life being dependent on person, place or things we can feel inner conflict and lack if our needs are not always met. The 6 words below were spoken deep within my soul, November 2011, a few months prior to a personal breakup of home, family and finances and every time I felt something was lacking in my life just contemplating for a few minutes these conscious words allowed me to experience a profound sense of fulfillment and peace, all fears just left me, this too is available for everyone that has not yet realized that everything they are looking for ‘out there’ they already have within.

2013 May


Negative Feedback or Positive Opportunity by Sarah Stein

We all like to receive praise and be told we’re doing a great job. But what about when somebody tells you you’re not doing such a great job? Do you ignore and hope not to hear from them again? Do you go and make yourself a coffee and pray for the email to delete itself? Or do you consider it a great opportunity to see where things aren’t going so great in your business (that you may not even have realised), and do something about it?

Consider if the problem is a procedural problem across the business that needs to be addressed through your entire business. For example, if clients are constantly waiting to hear the progress on their job and you’re getting complaints for the long waiting times. You could consider putting a system in place where you contact the client upon receipt of the job instructions and let them know when the work is scheduled for – clients don’t generally mind if they have to wait for the work to be done, as long as they’re informed of the progress. Or is it something specific for a client like above with the printing of reports – standard business procedure is duplex printing, but this client prefers single-sided. You need to ensure you’ve got a system in place so that this information is captured, and all staff in the business know what is required. Do you have a procedure document for each client? Do you have a “job finalisation” checklist where any special instructions can be recorded? So don’t be afraid of negative feedback or complaints. Handle them in a positive way and allow them to create an opportunity for your customer service to shine!

If you’ve done wrong by a customer, intentionally or not, the important thing isn’t usually the wrong-doing, it’s how you go about fixing the problem. Sometimes what you’ve done “wrong” isn’t actually a mistake, it’s just that the customer may not like it to be done that particular way. For example, if you’ve printed reports back-to-back, when the client prefers single-sided. If you actively show the customer that you’ve rectified the problem and taken steps for it not to happen again, that customer may not only stay with your business, but will be a passionate campaigner of yours because they can see that you’re trustworthy and committed to them as a customer.


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2013 May


Convert More Clients With These Three Simple Steps

To A Powerful “Call To Action” by Samantha Lyttle

Having a clear call to action at every stage of your marketing is essential to guiding your prospects into the action you want them to take next. Learn the three keys to a good “Call To Action” that used consistently will bring you a higher conversion rate.

Step 3: Tell them HOW they can get it. This last step gives them an action to take that specifically tells them how to get what you’re offering. For example, it may be to “Click here…” or “Sign up for…” or “Enter your details”.

A “Call To Action” is when you when you ask your customers to take action on something you want them to do. It might be as simple as “Enter your details for your free…” or “Click on the link to receive XYZ…”.

So there you have it! This simple WHAT, WHY, HOW formula is perfect to use as a call to action at the end of a video, in an email, on your website and more. Try it out for yourself and see! 

Here’s a super simple three step copy formula that will elegantly guide your reader into taking action. Step 1: Tell them WHAT you have for them once they take action. This should be focused on providing them with a much needed solution or something of great value to them. It could be a special offer, a free downloadable product, a service etc. Step 2: Tell them WHY they need it. This is where you discuss the benefits they’ll receive by taking action. Be specific with your benefits and list them in bullet points.

Samantha Lyttle is the founder of

Women’s Business Bootycamp™ - a marketing program

with a difference for women entrepreneurs. For more free juicy tips for your biz, come join her at 16

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2013 April 31 2013 May 17

Achieving Work-Life Balance #3

Work out your worth; Delegate and Outsource! by Caroline Miall

One of the most difficult balances to strike in small business is placing the optimum value on your own hours at the rate you deserve; and work the number of hours you should be. This way, you’re likely to be getting more out of the rewarding side of your profession, and finding more time for leisure. Obviously when beginning a business you’re going to be investing a lot of time, and plenty of it unpaid; but as an established business, you need to place at least the same value on your hours as you would demand from an employer, and preferably a lot more. This is where you need to question, ‘is there anything I do in my business that could be done more time/cost effectively by lining up someone else to do it?’ Similarly, if you can afford to avoid it, you shouldn’t be spending time doing what others are professionally trained for, if it takes you forever to complete. So, consider ways you can free up your time to devote to the people and pass-times you love! In the painting industry there are a number of ways to spread the load so you can attain a more desirable work/life balance. If your business doesn’t already, take on contractors or apprentices short or long term. Both of these options could prove a great asset to your business, and both can be recruited to provide flexibility and control as the employer. Providing an apprentice with an opportunity to learn is a great way to give back to your industry also. Most states have an employment agency specifically for apprentices and there are grants for employers who take them on. Check with your state government and seek information from sites such as:


Connexions Business Mag

If you’re just looking to lighten the load for a busy period, or to conquer a job you’ve been putting off, consider contacting one of many employment agencies for simple time consuming tasks like filing or other admin; or if you know a high school or uni student seeking some extra income, they can be a great source of assistance. Cost effective alternatives like off shore contracting is a very real option these days, especially if you have ongoing work you need done; any number of tasks can be easily delegated with the most basic of communication resources (i.e. skype). Unless you’re particularly fond of it or good at it, you should outsource your accounting and tax processing too. Seek the services of a good accountant for your business; you’re better off having someone you trust who knows your business so if you haven’t got one, put this on your to do list! Ask for recommendations from other painters as someone who knows your industry well could be invaluable. It’s not difficult to see where you could be saving yourself some precious hours, but it may be worth spending a week analysing your time and noting what’s taking up the bulk of it. It may come of a surprise how much time you’re spending on tasks at home which could be farmed out. At a time when we’re all wishing there were more hours in the day, there may well be a way to make it happen!

2013 May


The funny thing about laughing… by Stu Fisher

I love U2, but I really think you need to see the first one to understand the plot. Did you laugh? Hmmm? No? Well that’s a shame. Because it’s been proven that Laughing has amazing benefits that cover all facets of physical and mental health. It even helps improve your immune system! And here’s the best part; You will still get all these benefits EVEN IF YOU FAKE IT! So let’s try again!

I thought I was watching “Embarrassing Bodies” on late night TV, but it turns out I was looking in a full length Mirror!

How about now? While what makes us laugh may be subjective, the act of laughing is beneficial to all regardless of culture, colour or religion. We get so wound up about life and believe that an idea or even a simple ‘joke’ can hurt us… It cannot! Words will never hurt you unless we let them, and for all the tragedy that befalls us, the only thing we truly have going for us, is our ability to change our point of view. Youth comes and goes, strength comes and goes.. and while it is true that we can lose our mind as well, we’re not going to notice because, well.. we’ll be crazy. And so where does that leave us… Oh that’s right back to laughing…. Here are just some of the things it has been proven to do: relieve

stress, increase blood flow, workout large muscle groups, reduce stress hormones; lower blood pressure, improve memory, break down social barriers and just make us feel good. And as I mentioned; all of this can be yours even if you have to PRETEND! So “Do yourself a favour” (*Stu takes off his Molly Meldrum Hat *) and find something that makes you laugh. Go to a comedy night, watch some hilarious Youtube clips, or just think about the Queen, farting during the Christmas Message. “My Husband *paaarrp* and I” When the day gets too much, or the kids are too loud or you just feel like it’s all too much… Remember why the chicken crossed the road!

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The Importance of GOOD Business Cards

Last month Jennie gave her 7 Tips on Business Cards. So, let us now look at these tips one at a time starting with the first one on the list. • ALWAYS have your business cards easily accessible • NEVER run out of cards • Have your PHOTO on your card if you are a small business • Make sure all your information is CORRECT • Give RELEVANT information about your business • Make sure the WRITING on the card is easy to read • Understand other CULTURES in the handling of your cards.

ALWAYS have your business cards easily accessible

I am surprised at the number of people who say to me ‘I do not have a business card as I do not need one’. I am usually rather shocked when I hear that from a small business owner, even a successful one. In fact to me, it is rather arrogant and I wonder how their business is really progressing. Your business card is your shop window, it is the way people can make contact with you if they need to or pass on your information to someone else. I am always happy to pass on a business card to someone if I feel that it will be useful to them. 2013 May


Tips for Employee Motivation and Enthusiasm by Dale Beaumont

Keeping employee motivation up can be one of the biggest challenges business owners face. Yet it is necessary to have strategies in place to ensure that staff are happy, motivated, and enthusiastic at work. In this segment of an interview between Dale Beaumont and Joshua Nicholls find some great tips on employee motivation. Joshua Nicholls is the owner of Platinum Electrical Contractors, which in just four years has experienced a growth of 790%. From its humble beginnings, Platinum Electrical has now grown to over 30 employees and has been a finalist and won many small business awards.

Tips for motivating staff and helping them remain enthusiastic on an ongoing basis by Joshua Nicholls • Create a great team culture – creating a solid team environment and then making your staff feel part of the team is really important. A team environment promotes a sense of belonging and emotional attachment to a business, and that is one of the driving factors that keeps people motivated. Platinum Electrical has an amazing team culture with fortnightly meetings, monthly barbecues and great Christmas parties. Most of our employees socialize outside of business hours and have become great friends. The staff of Platinum Electrical are valued and respected, and understand that they play a vital role in the future success of the company. The benefits of having employees onside are remarkable, and promote a unified and positive approach to growing the business. • Give them ownership and encourage risk-taking – I am big on delegation and give a lot of ownership to my team. By giving them ownership they feel a part of something that is bigger than them and can experience the feeling of success as the company flourishes. Part of giving my staff ownership is also letting them know I support their risk-taking. Staff feel valued and important when they know their leader supports their decision-making and risk-taking to move ahead.


Connexions Business Mag

• Provide performance related incentives – everyone likes being noticed and rewarded for their hard work, so performance-related incentives also motivate staff. However, it is very important that this is not the only strategy used for motivating staff. Many businesses think monetary incentives will keep people, but they won’t. Monetary incentives are effective when combined with a great team environment and ownership. • Let them know that they’re not just a number – whenever I get a chance to have a personal conversation ith my staff members I do. It’s really important that they see I am interested in them. Formal performance appraisals are also a great time for me to sit down with my staff to discuss their goals and ambitions. • It is not all about the success of your business, it is also really important that your staff are achieving their own personal goals. Your staff have been entrusted into your leadership, therefore you have some responsibility to motivate them toward reaching their personal goals. • Always communicate the vision – I make sure that I’m always instilling the vision of Platinum Electrical because when the future is bright and there are extremely ambitious goals in place, my staff are excited about what’s in store and that also keeps them highly motivated. My team also understand that they play a major role in my vision for the future and the company goals have now become their own goals for the company. Having a team of people excited about the future of Platinum Electrical is extremely dynamic.

For more of this interview and information on Tips for Employee Motivation check out Secrets of Small Business Owners


Secrets of Small Business Owners Exposed!

Dale Beaumont’s impromptu speech on

“Grow Where You Are Planted”

2013 May


How to Pay YOURSELF First by Dave Shire

One of the most surprising things I have discovered in the past few months is the amount of business owners don’t actually get to pay themselves. It appears that a lot of business owners have started their venture in the hopes to get away from working for someone else, being told what to do, but then find themselves in a position where they are doing everything in the business and to varying degrees have created a number of jobs for themselves. The cool thing though about running your own business is that you can control what you do and when. In all of this busy-ness I have found that there are a large number of business owners who end up paying for everyone and everything else first and taking what is left over (if any) to pay themselves. We have all attended seminars and workshops as well as read all the books about running a business and they say that an entrepreneur needs to pay themselves first. I have seen many business owners laugh because once they are in the business it seems impossible that they will get paid much if anything at all. I have also seen some business owners who are going further and further into debt each month thinking that their business will take off in the near future.


Connexions Business Mag

Well the good news is that there is a way believe it or not and I have seen a number of business owners turn their business into a cash flow positive machine. Here are the FOUR key steps on how to do this: 1. Work out your personal home budget - this will give you the amount you need to earn to live 2. Business incomes and expenses - use your income as a fixed expense in the business and clarify your income and other business expenses - from this you can work out “how much” work needs to be done to pay yourself first 3. Look at the timing of when the cash comes in and when it goes out - this can be tricky, but is needed for the final step 4. Complete a 12 month forecast - using the timing of when the cash comes and goes and the income and expenses you can develop the steps needed to achieve the goal to pay yourself what you need or want Now you in the best position to not only pay yourself first, but also to make educated decisions about your business and its growth. To contact Dave, go to:

“Finding hidden cashflow in business”

2013 May


Have you considered ‘Short Stay’ accommodation? by Lindy Bonnett

Short Stay accommodation is becoming such a popular way to travel. With websites like Stayz and AirBnB, more and more people are discovering the delights of staying in places that bear no resemblance whatsoever to a stale hotel. So who uses short stays, and why did I consider it a good business?

love to travel with their best furry friends – the right property at the right price with the right facilities has someone who wants to stay there.

In 2003 when I started the first incarnation of my business, Homely Houses, my first little cottage was in an inner city suburb. Perfect, I thought, surely everyone wants to stay in the inner city? And it was certainly popular. A couple of years down the track I was offered a house in a suburb around 12kms from the CBD, and while not a slum suburb it was not affluent or trendy either. Imagine my surprise when that suburb turned out to be the virtual centre of the universe! Someone’s aunt lived in the next street; a couple were getting married in the next suburb; a family needed to visit a nearby school; others relocating wanted to buy in the area as it was affordable. None of these people would have wanted to stay in an inner city property!

Find your particular niche – and do that really well. My particular love is to make sure that our guests get the property that suits them – I make sure our properties are well described, that the facts are right, and I love to chat to potential clients about their needs and make good recommendations. That has earned us a great reputation among our guests, and some loyal long term customers who come again and again. Short Stay Network currently runs a number of boutique properties in Brisbane - all very different but all with their own markets.

My experience has given me valuable insights: Every home has it’s market – find what that market wants, give it to them, and it will be a winner. Whether it’s corporate clients for high end homes, families who want space and accessibility, or pet owners who


Connexions Business Mag

Call Jennie to discuss how this works for you 0414 278 344


Connexions Business Mag

A Referral Network that gives you LEADS! by Jennie Gorman

Building a business these days can be hard without the reputation and social proof to support you. Many people in business feel that they can just create a business and the people will come. To make matters worse, many of these feel that they should be earning from the first week. Why is it that people think they do not need to earn the right to get people’s hard earned money? The marketplace has been swamped in the last few years with people, promising the world, at great financial cost at times, who sometimes I believe are lacking integrity or authenticity. These people come often using internet marketing as the tool, promising the quick fix, and basically rape the people who do not do their due diligence and get ripped off in the process. These fly-by-nighters move onto another crowd and continue to do the same thing, hurting and damaging the trust and faith given them. I believe that the marketplace is changing though. People are waking up and realising that their now limited hard earned dollars need to be spent well. By creating your own network of people, especially using business mastermind groups as your inner-circle, you can create and develop all the leads you need to sustain your business growth.

Masterminding is POWERFUL! By developing a group of trusted advisors who will support you to not only grow your business but give you good sound business advice to help you make your decisions. Mastermind groups are about developing you and your business, with the support of others who have integrity and authenticity, who will keep you on track and accountable. If you find the right group, you can gain sustainable joint ventures and have the opportunities to collaborate to reach your vision for your life and future.

So, how do you find one of these groups?

Business MasterMind Groups has a proven formula that has been tried and tested over four years. It is available to people wishing to join a group or for coaches, trainers, educators, mentors and/or facilitators who may be interested in becoming facilitators. If you want to take advantage of a system already created, rather than reinventing the wheel, Contact Jennie Gorman at or on 0414 278 344.

2013 May


Social Media Marketing World Event was a Resounding Success! by Amanda Hoffman

Marketers along with a small percentage of small business owners arrived from 15 countries to attend the first International Social Media Networking / training workshop event ever. This event was hosted by the CEO / Founder Mike Stelzner along with his team from The Social Media Examiner on April 7-9th, 2013 ( Mike Stelzner told me personally that this event had surpassed even his expectations with some 1110 people attending. I was overjoyed to be one of 23 Australians who travelled over to San Diego. The material was focused on Social Media which included well known American specialists including Mari Smith, Amy Porterfield, Jay Baer, Mark Shaefer and Chris Brogan to name only a few. Don’t know their names? To those who know social media, these people are their “Rock Stars”. Presented in the form of workshops, we were given a selection of four to five at the same time slot. I have to admit, being limited to only attending “one” was made extremely difficult when you had to choose between “Mari Smith” and “Jay Baer”.

1. SOCIAL MEDIA IS YOUNG, HERE TO STAY AND DISRUPTING THE MARKET Keynote by Mike Stelzner Social Media was portrayed as still growing up. Michael demonstrated this on an overhead slide with young children jumping in the air. He stated that there is a long way yet for social media to grow and develop into the future. He reinforced this statement by saying : • Traditional mail is being replaced by email • Blogging is moving into the publishing field • Radio is being slowly shadowed by the convenience of pod casting

“Doing what you have always done in marketing is going to return less & less”

2. YOU HAVE TO GIVE, TO GET Keynote By Larry Benet His vision for all in attendance was to put our own personal aspirations aside, our egos and our personal goals. To embrace the old principles of our grandparents of helping each other and focusing on how we can assist others. He suggested that this should be a convention of ‘kindness’ and ‘generosity’.

I was impressed with the diversity of topics and speakers over 49 workshops in total. Topics ranged from strategic to practical with levels from basic techniques to advanced. I can tell you, we were overwhelmed by choice. My personal and ultimate “highlight” was to be able to talk and listen to my “mentor” and fellow Aussie “Jeff Bullas”. From a teacher of school kids, he has come a long way. He now educates millions on the internet about Social Media and is a true Magician! I will touch on what speakers and highlights impressed me the most.


“The more your give, the more you get”

More of the highlights impressed me the most in June Issue. Connexions Business Mag

Appraising Employee Performance Effectively by Mandy Cann

Many business owners employ people to get the job done and don’t find the time to have a formal performance appraisal meeting. I don’t recommend to leave performance issues to a six monthly or annual performance review meeting however I do recommend to have a formal performance review periodically to realign employees to the business focus. Employee performance management is a process for establishing a shared understanding about what is to be achieved at an organisational level. It is about aligning the organisational objectives with the employees’ agreed measures, skills, competency requirements, development plans and the delivery of results. The emphasis is on achieving the overall business strategy by creating a high performance culture. How to Appraise Employee Performance:  Firstly identify performance management outcomes in the business - define performance expectations and the basic purpose of an effective performance management system  Deliver both positive and negative feedback in a constructive way in order to build positive working relationships, trust, and effective teamwork  Identify and utilise appraisal techniques for measuring performance  Draft action plans including improvement plans for underperforming employees  Document and follow up, if you say the employee will get training, make it happen! A performance appraisal is a two-way street, both parties should get the opportunity to voice concerns, feedback and improvement initiatives. With the right mental attitude, effective preparation and a commitment to constructive follow-up, you can turn your employee appraisals into positive, performance-enhancing meetings. Don’t forget that employees are the biggest expense in most businesses so it makes good business sense to ensure that you are spending your money wisely. Download my Whitepaper on Better People Management to give you the tools and tips on staff management. Give me a call to discuss any staff management issue you may be having, I would love to help you be more successful and profitable in your business.

Mandy Cann

Principal Consultant PO Box 7576 EAST BRISBANE QLD 4169 Ph: 1300 664 240 Mob: 0401 665 981 2013 May


Stepping into Your Greatest Potential by Gabby Button

“How do I get to Mount Olympus?” asked a young student. “By simply ensuring that every step you take is towards Mount Olympus” answered Aristotle.

What is more important to have in life, goals or a vision? If you ask any self-development writer in the last 20 years, they’ll swear by the power of goals. They’ll tell you to set small achievable goals, big hairy audacious stretch goals, S.M.A.R.T. goals, to rewrite them on a daily basis and to always keep your eyes on the goal.

the same time. This clash of feelings arise because we have touched our greatest potential and stepping into it often takes us a long way out of our comfort zone. It is this level of vision and feeling that will provide you with the motivation, inspiration, strength and determination to pursue those aligned goals. It is your guidance mechanism to step into your true calling, your greatest potential.

With all this knowledge and training in regards to goals, why is it that on average under a quarter of all people who set goals actually accomplish them? Whilst there is not one definitive answer, I believe that the answer partially lies in the fact that goals provide a rational, logical solution to an emotional need. • Goals alone, do not make you get up in the morning eager to work. • Goals alone, do not push you to be excited and happy. • Goals alone, do not make you cry or smile. Only when goals are an integral part of something bigger, something more powerful can they provide the motivation, inspiration and perserverance that is needed to achieve them. That something else is “your vision”. Your vision of your desired business, your heart felt life, your amazing future, that’s what propels you. Your vision is more than about the money or the rewards from what you are doing. It is more than the products or service you envision and more than the words on paper. It’s about understanding what’s important for you and becoming one with your work, one with your true purpose. A heart felt vision will generate amazing feelings of excitement and fear at


Connexions Business Mag

And even if there is no formal research done on the topic, I’m willing to bet that if you want to become part of the 25% who actually accomplishes their goals, you need a strong heart felt vision. You need to feel your dream and realize that even if you will never see the entire road from A to B, you will always see the next step. You need the courage to take that step even if everything else is darkness. You need to have a vision and a feeling so powerful that nothing in the world can stop you.

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” - Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

Or to put it more simple, if business people would dedicate time, energy, focus and heart just like a

loving mother for her child, then we would have a totally different world today.

A world where you, the entrepreneur, the producer wakes up in the morning eager to work, eager to get results, eager to eliminate any obstacle in your path natural or man-made. A world where love for what you do is not provided by the monthly or weekly paycheck but instead by mastery; by becoming amazingly good at what you do and feeling good as a consequence. The world misses such leaders as you can become. The world needs more people who love what they do because they are driven by a strong, inner vision and not by external aspects. People like Steve Jobs, Mother Theresa, Richard Branson or Fred Hollows. All very different yet all driven by a strong vision and feeling for what they want to achieve with their lives, and, in pursing their vision, goal by goal, step by step, amazing things are achieved, not only for their own self-interest but for the world as a whole.

Follow this guidance and you will touch the world and the people in it, in ways you cannot imagine. If you set goals in this way, your goals will be the small stepping stones of an amazing journey, for your life and your business. A journey toward your greatest potential. “Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul; the blue prints of your ultimate achievements.” Woodrow Wilson Gabrielle Button Director / Speaker / Award Winning Facilitator Capture the Magic Training & Quantum Leap Pty Ltd

Let’s make this month the month of getting in touch with our inner guidance, our inner feelings and visions. Let’ set at least one goal that aligns with that vision and brings with it a compelling feeling that will motivate us to get up and pursue it no matter what. 2013 May


The Trials of Business on ‘The Hero’s Adventure’ by Andy Monks

I passed my Black Sash Grading on the weekend (I’m still sore) in Kung Fu and it reminded me of a critical stage of the Hero’s Adventure, ‘The Trials’. This can be a big stage in the adventure, you have made the Leap Of Faith in pursuing your goals, you have taken the first steps and now comes The Trials!! This is a stage of preparing you for the Entering the Lair an important moment in pursuing your passions in business where you must face your dragons, take the ultimate test of courage and truly express your voice authentically.

Here’s some of my tips for navigating this part of the adventure successfully:

Create your ‘Why’: It’s critical to have a strong guiding intrinsic motivation that gets you out of bed in the morning, keeps you focused on your fans, clients and customers.This is more than a mission statement, it’s the reason you are doing what you are doing and it’s gotta come from the heart.

and options. There’s 3 billion people online. You need to stand out and be clear about who your market is and it’s not everybody. Experiment and get feedback: This is a good time to market test ideas, do some A/B marketing, do some market research and get feedback from clients. I am constantly doing this to make sure I am delivering the best quality service to my clients

It’s that moment when everything is testing you, maybe your unclear of which path to take and you’re being called up to learn new skills. I’ve been in this stage with my businesses, I feel like I’ve been tested to express myself authentically and honestly in a way I never have before. When you’re in business for yourself, there is almost no guidance for you, often it’s like slashing away in the dark. You can easily wander off course and get caught up in chasing things that aren’t important. The Dragon of Doubt rears its ugly head and breathes foul fumes all over you. Some things work and other things don’t and often it’s hard to see what’s the right path to take.

Define or Re-Define Your Ideal Customers: Get clear about who your art or services and products are for, try to drill it down to a single person. This seems almost counter intuitive and it’s one of the things I see a lot of my clients struggle with, concerned they might exclude someone but I find it actually makes them more appealing, unique and niche. We live in an age where there is an abundance of competition

and to refine my products / services. One tool that great to use for market research is Survey Monkey, ( it’s an online survey program, it’s easy to use and free for small usage. TIP: Make your questions multiple choices and a small limited amount of questions, if it’s longer, you may need to provide an incentive to have people fill it out. Otherwise no-one will fill it out!! 34

Connexions Business Mag

Get a mentor or coach: This is the fast track way to get through this stage and the whole adventure. It took me years to learn this in business. It’s great to have someone keep you accountable, focused and clear. There’s no shame in this, in fact it’s the opposite, top athletes know they need a coach, it still surprises me how few business people (especially in Australia) don’t make the connection to business performance as well. I’m proud that I have a coach and the relationship I have with him. If you don’t want to struggle for years, on your own, do this immediately. Don’t forget to breathe and have fun: Remember, you’re supposed to enjoy following your passion (at least most of the time). I’m not saying it’s always easy or even fun, it’s not but if you aren’t enjoying what you are doing the majority of the time it may be time to re-evaluate, maybe you’ve lost your focus, have the wrong clients, maybe it’s time to pivot, maybe even time to have the courage to really follow your heart and dreams. A tip here is to sit down and write a really straight, authentic letter to yourself, allowing

yourself to really be honest about what’s important to you. It’s too easy to get stopped by the Dragons (Fears) of Poverty and the temptations of status, fame or money and forget what matters. You’ll need to consistently stay trued up here. It’s trite but don’t forget to smell the roses. I cover these topics and more in-depth in my Hero’s Adventure Workshop.

To get more details and join my VIP Hero’s List, go to

2013 May


Do you make money while you sleep? by Daimien Patterson

Ask yourself that question? Do you make money while you sleep? Everyone dreams of having a life where they don’t have to work to make money. The interesting thing is that if you own a home you ARE already making money while you sleep!

Many people say that money is the root of all evil, and actually I think they are right! If your only goal in life is to make money, then I would suggest that you will end up a lonely and possibly ‘evil’ person. But what about the following goals?

In fact if you think about it, for most people their home has made them more money than any other investment they have ever made! The only problem is that you cannot spend that money without selling your house or increasing your mortgage.

Are these evil? • Raise a family • Educate your children • Take the very best care of your health • Travel the world • Give to charity • Go boating, fishing and camping • Help others

But what if you create a situation where you can cash in on that phenomenon without selling your house or increasing your mortgage? The way you do that is simply by buying other properties! You see, the answer to all our money problems is literally under our feet! It is in real estate! Houses go up in value. They always have and always will. Sure there will be times when they go down a bit, but sure enough they will go back up again and then keep on going. Why? Because the world’s population keeps growing but the amount of land stays the same. It’s a simple ‘supply and demand’ situation. But it’s not all about money!

These things are not evil, in fact they are good things to do. But what do they all have in common? Answer: You need money to do them! You either need the money to pay for them, or you need the time to do them, in which case you need money again so you don’t have to spend all your time working. Money is the common denominator. Money is a key enabler to a good life. Daimien Patterson is Australia’s Leading Property Investment Strategist to read more from Daimien go to his website. 36

Connexions Business Mag

2013 May


Event Highlights Networking Chats - Tues 11th June, 2013 Amanda McCall on “Mind over Money” The focus of the Networking Chats MeetUps is to support SME’s develop better trust-based relationship building/networking skills so that they can build more lasting relationships. The forum will be the “HOW TO” of networking with a Question and Answer (Q&A) format between Jennie and the attendees.

Guest Speaker: Amanda McCall on “Mind over Money” In this session the aim is to get your mind sorted about money both personally and in your business – so that you become “Financially Fit”. Often we are so caught up about the lack of money that we forget the very basics of money. This session will cover off cash-flow, reducing costs, goals and helping you to increase your profit – put simply “the basics of a financial plan”.

We will also touch on debts, credit cards, superannuation and insurance. Tuesday, 11th June 10am – 12noon. SPEAKER: Amanda McCall Una Vita - Inspirational Coffee

Business MasterMind Group – EXECUTIVE (12 sessions) NEXT GROUP: Brisbane: starts Mon. 17th June commencing fortnightly Do you ask yourself ... Is Business MasterMinding right for me and my business? I’ve made the leap from corporate to small business and wondering what to do - can you help?

Monday: 17th June; 1st, 15th & 29th July; 12th & 26th August; 9th & 23rd September; 7th & 21st October, 4th & 18th November.

WHO are Brisbane Executive MasterMinders :

entrepreneurs who have come out of corporate and find that it is not as easy as it looked … business managers/owners/entrepreneurs who have been in business for some years and need an independent ‘Board of Directors’ … someone needing to be kept accountable with support to move to the next level.

If you are interested in discussing any further the opportunity for you to find your group, please email me or call to discuss on 07 3262 5343 or 0414 278 344.


Connexions Business Mag

HOW MasterMinding is 10 Times More Powerful than Networking FREE EVENING SESSION – Tues. 18th June Discover how to use our MasterMinding Success formula to :

· · · · · · · · · · · · ·

Gain new business referrals Triple your business bottom line Collaborate and create joint ventures Create your own advisory board Be kept accountable Removing road blocks that stop you from growing your business Grow your business to where you want to be Share resources Business coaching/mentoring combined Learn what to do next when you and your business grow Maintain Confidentiality in your group Get only the business results that count Meet past participants who can tell you their experiences.

Tues. 18th June 6pm – 9pm

Brisbane Workers’ Community Centre 2 LaTrobe Terrace, Paddington INVESTMENT: COMPLIMENTARY

Monetise and Create a Successful NEW Financial Year Do you know what you WANT from 2013 and beyond?

Do you know what you WANT from 2013 and beyond? JOIN US and create your 2013/2014 financial year to be what you want at this ‘HOW TO’ workshop through GOAL SETTING. Jennie will take you through a process so you can create your future. She can show you the ‘HOW TO’ by DOING and CREATING your vision in three hours. This will be life changing. The goal setting process will help you set your year and life. BUT, you do need to understand the process to get exactly what you want. We will do activities to help you achieve what you want from 2013 and put in strategies that will support you to achieve your goals. Overcome the obstacles to achievement:

Do you understand the skills you need to learn, find or develop? Who you need to help you get there? What are the benefits for reaching your goal?

Use Jennie’s formula to create YOUR goals

By going through a set process you will be astounded at how easy Goal Setting can be.

Thursday, June 20, 2013 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM Bulimba Library, Cnr Riding Rd & Oxford St, Bulimba 4171 Price: AUD47.00/per person 2013 May



Connexions Business Mag

MASTERMIND Reviews Jac Gallagher - I have been participating in Jennie Gorman’s Business Mastermind Group for the last six months and found it a great resource to grow my business. Getting together to discuss issues and brainstorm once a fortnight really puts your focus back on the business. I would recommend a business mastermind group to any business owner. Thanks Jennie.

Sarah Stein - I’ve been in business for many years and am really enjoying Jennie’s Business Mastermind Group. The rest of the group are great and all being different personalities, we can all bring a lot to each other’s business. Working for yourself can be very isolating so having a group of people who are interested in you and your business, but not necessarily vested in it, is great. The reason I joined the group was so that I could be held more accountable and get things done - rather than pushing my TO DO LIST around my desk. The group has done that and much more and I’m very glad I made the investment and commitment to this journey. Thank you, Jennie! ♥

Tracey McLeod - The Business Mastermind Group has been a sensational sounding board for my business growth going forward. My colleagues in the group bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and insight about business and life. In one Mastermind meeting I can learn as much as I could plodding along on my own for 6 months or more. It also feels good to give positive and productive feedback to my fellow business owners. Being part of a Mastermind Group give me a sense of interconnectedness and responsibility toward the success of something greater than my own success that of the other businesses in my group and the whole Mastermind structure - I’d recommend Masterminding to anyone serious about growing their business success.

MASTERMIND Testimonial Dave Shire says :

Huge thanks to Jennie Gorman for running mastermind groups. It is great being able to see the value that it brings to business owners and to watch them transform their business into the business they are wanting :-) Huge thanks also to the wonderful business owners who participate in the master minding groups. It is really great to be connected with you.

2013 May


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