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Jennie Gorman the people connector


From Jennie’s desk Another month has come and gone and I have much pleasure in giving you another jam-packed e-magazine that will support you and your business with information that is, from my perspective, pertinent to all solo-entrepreneurs and SME’s. For me, this upcoming month is going to be a full-on month with my fourth on-going six month mastermind group starting at the Gold Coast. These groups are enlightening and the people who have invested themselves into moving their businesses forward are now starting to reap the tremendous advantages and benefits of doing so. It is heartening to me to be able to watch them move forward with such enthusiasm and growth, and at times disbelief that they have created what they have. This is where my passion really is – working with and watching others grow into their potential!

Outsourcing through Angela De Palma’s business (page 29 ) has made my work so much easier; my ongoing training in WordPress with Andy Henderson (page 28 ), SEO with Natasha Howie (page 36) along with video and iPhone support from Paul Humphreys (page 11) has been a full on growing experience for me. Masterminding now incorporates Wealth Dynamics and Helen Bichel (page 16) offers great support to my groups with this too. I have another new website happening with thanks to FusionHQ and Ben Brandes (page 08), on-going help from my wonderful accountant Linda Robinson (page 12) and health support from Greg Menz (page 15). All these above and the other writers inside are my network, who support me on my journey of creating the life and business I want. To all of them I say a very big thank you.

I also want to say a big thank you to my We have some great articles which I two wonderful VA’s (Zieh and Anne) hope will give you some new ideas and for all their patience and support. information to help move your businesses forward here too. There are articles on I look forward to hearing your comments health, wealth and business, so please on this issue with anticipation! take the time out to read them and go to the websites if you like what you Enjoy the reading …. read. All these people are dedicated to their businesses. I have created my first digital business card which has been a great experience, thanks to Peter & Nik Brown (page 10). I spent time with Sally Curtis from Adelaide and discussed Joint Venturing (page 31) which, I believe, is a MUST for all solo entrepreneurs.

”Jennie, just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to be part of your Business Mastermind Group. The referrals from the group so far have more than covered the cost of joining the group (which is extremely cost effective anyway!). My business acumen has gone to a whole new level and my mind has been opened up to many new possibilities and insightful viewpoints. Not to mention the multi-million dollar idea that came from my masterminding session yesterday, and the fabulous colleagues in my group whom I have grown to respect and appreciate deeply. Masterminding has such power and magic in it, and Jennie Gorman you do such an excellent job at facilitating and hand selecting the right group dynamic. I would recommend your business mastermind group as a MUST for all business owners who want to rapidly grow and expand their business. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! “

Natasha Howie,

I have known Jennie for perhaps 20 years and I have been a witness to her own learning, growth and awesome accomplishments. I remember her starting her first business and how impressed I was with her ability to connect to people, keeping them inspired and intact when life’s plans change their plans. Jennie’s commitment to supporting and assisting ‘new kids’ on the block of business (no matter the age or talent), uplifting the seasoned business person whose suffering from error or mayhem (as it happens) and refreshingly in today’s world taking a real interest in the PERSON. Jennie’s network of talent, funders, strategists, accomplished and successful business people is extensive which is a testimony to this genuine, respectful and conscientious person. Jennie, God bless you abundantly you are an angel in the business of people.

Bronwyn Holm, Bronwyn Holm Design


Page 06 Networking Successfully = Listening

Page 25 Beware Investing in a ‘Socially Responsible’ Company The most important part of networking and In the Finance and Investment arena the discussion building relationships is listening. This is a skill that successful and professional sales people use to perfection.

Page 08 Failure is the First Step to Success Every successful person you meet, hear or read about, has failed without exception (and not just once either).

Page 11 Why Use Video In Your Business? Video is the future of online communication in business. Communication is 7% words, 35% voice and tone, 55% body language, and 3% personal power.

Page 15 Stress – exciting new discoveries We are continually bombarded with articles regarding stress in our lives..... good, bad, too much, too little and healthy stress - the list is seemingly endless.

Page 16 Why Isn’t YOUR Business Thriving? You’ll probably hear things like it’s the GFC, I can’t get good staff, my customers can’t afford to use my services,I haven’t got time to work on my business...

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turns to ‘Ethical’ Investing vs other forms of investment. What does that mean?

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Keywords Matter

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Joint Venture Can Be As Easy As ABC

These days, most website owners recognise that to achieve decent search engine rankings, unique, fresh, keyword rich content on their website is important.

Knowing where to start and with what sort of focus is the pot hole that trips most people up.

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Leadership Skills – Handling Conflict Tips

Some conflicts are minor irritations that we can quickly and easily forget. Others are more serious and can do lasting damage if we don’t manage them well.

Page 33 Physical Prosperity – Personal Training People talk about nutrition all the time, we see it on T.V. and we all love it.

Page 36

Computer & IT Frustration The New Disease

All too often an IT related problem jumps out of the ethers for the “apparently” sole purpose of raising our blood pressure...

How to Make YOUR Business Grow in the Future

Page 39 Protect YOUR Family’s One of the things that many business owners find Lifestyle hard to achieve is working out their niche market and how to make their business grow in the direction they want.

If either income earning spouse were to become totally disabled and unable to work as a result of sickness or injury...

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Networking Successfully equals Listening The most important part of networking and building relationships is listening. This is a skill that successful and professional sales people use to perfection.

I have said for many years that we have given two eyes and one mouth … so use the eyes before the mouth. If you allow the person you are communicating with to talk at least twice as much as you do, then you will learn things Are you really hearing what the speaker is saying? that you would not have naturally learnt by Are you watching them as well? Listening is doing all the talking. Ask questions that are more than listening with your ears to someone’s pertaining to them, not yourself. voice and the words they are saying. It is all about watching their expressions as well as their The greatest compliment you can give someone movements and gestures. Look at the eyes of is to listen to them, as people naturally love to talk, the person who you are speaking with, be involved especially about themselves or their products. and listen to what isn’t being said too! This will Really listen though and ask questions as much help with your questioning. as you can. This way you are empowering and encouraging them to tell you more. Don’t get To be successful as a networker you need to the glazed look though when they are speaking be a great listener as well as being alert and as there is nothing worse than watching interested in what the speaker is saying. Body someone listening to a conversation, who you language can tell you more than the words that know isn’t listening at all. A bored listener are said. If you haven’t read anything about shows too! body language, I suggest that you read at least one of Allan Pease’s books. Go to his website So, start listening more and finding out some and see his offers. interesting information that can support your clients as well. Being able to refer someone Really listening to what the person you are to your friends, customers and clients is a speaking with is saying, what their needs are and wonderful way to let them know that you are where you can support them will bring you clients supporting them grow their businesses. and advocates quicker than anything else. When you are speaking with a prospective client, what Wishing you happy listening and learning. are they really wanting and needing? Can you support them with something totally unrelated to theirs or your work? Can you pass on a good referral from your contacts that may be able to help them achieve that they are wishing to achieve?

Jennie Gorman

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Failure is the First Step to Success Every successful person you meet, hear or read about has failed, without exception (and not just once either). Often the best learning comes from experiencing first-hand what not to do. You cannot follow someone else’s path to success exactly; we each have our own personal variation. Imagine if we had just given up on children when learning to walk or talk—where would we be today? Sometimes falling down will hurt. Every successful person has fallen, and every single one has gotten up and continued walking.

3 Secrets to a Successful Mindset 1. Strong Desire Right now does your life suck?

3. Being Detached This is similar to the last point, but almost paradoxical.

If so, this may be a good thing and almost essential to help you move forward. Don’t complain about While you must own your results, you must also it or use it as an excuse, instead use it as motivation. remain detached from the outcome. Whether you succeed or fail, it’s important you keep a level head. This will carry you through with grace and certainty. 2. Owning Your Results (good or bad) When you experience success, you cheer; and Know that you won’t (and can’t) win every time. when you experience failure, keep going. But when you do have a big success, all your work Part of owning a success mindset is not blaming will be worth it. anyone. Ultimately, you alone are in charge of Too many people give up just before the final every success and failure. breakthrough. You can run a 5000m race, but When something goes wrong in your business, unless you complete the final meter you will never don’t externalize the blame on someone else. get a result. Take responsibility. Just remember, your first success is the hardest to When you take responsibility you take back the get to. And once you’ve made it, it’s much easier ability to respond. It is this ability to respond to to create the next success. each situation that will allow you to create the ultimate outcome you are looking for.

From Leon Jay

Author of “Do Less Work, Make More Money” CEO of FusionHQ

By : Nik Brown Statistics show that 90% of people read text messages, compared to only 9% of emails - but how do you market yourself effectively through a text message?

The answer is Video Business Cards. Video Business Cards are a new way to market and present yourself to new contacts and clients –you can just SMS the link through, and the receiver will see your professionally produced Video Business Card giving an overview of your business and yourself. You can also email the link as a ‘video signature’, host it on your website or social networking pages.

We at Digital Planet Media have a Standard Package is $150 for a shoot as above. This includes a fully produced video with a half-hour studio shoot, script writing and teleprompter (no need to memorize!), animated text, corporate colours, photos,and company logo. Optional extras include moving backgrounds, animated company logos, special effects, sound effects, music, photos, other footage. To order today, contact us on 0417 700 058, or visit us at for samples and further marketing opportunities.

These videos need to contain a basic rundown of you and your company and finish with your contact details - along with eye-catching ‘call to action’ buttons so the user can instantly call, text or email your business, view your website, or your social networking pages. These can be either presented by you, which adds an engaging personal touch, or by a voice over,giving a professional, effective message to the target audience. Video Business Cards can be any length you require, but the standard and most effective length to get your message across is 15-20 seconds, containing 35-40 words of Digital Planet Media information. A standard script should contain your name, business name, what you do, a is an Australian media production company, positioning statement, and finish with a call to action specialising in digital media for websites, mobile devices and retail businesses. – ‘So give me a call today, and we’ll have a chat.’.

Why Use Video In Your Business?

Video is the future of online communication in business. Communication is 7% words, 35% voice and tone, 55% body language, and 3% personal power. If you have a website, blog or email that only uses words, then you have 93% less chance of fully connecting with others. When you add pictures and audio, you become more noticed, but your credibility goes up even more when you add video. You have the chance to use body language and your bring in your own personal power to what people are seeing, and while it’s not going to get you to the 100% of a face to face meeting, it probably will give you abetter chance of your potential customer contacting you by about 5 times. So video really adds a new dimension to the written word.

A website with video on its main page stands a greater than 53 times better chance of appearing on the front page of a Google search, as Google loves video. So much in fact, that it bought YouTube.

Paul Humphreys If you want to build and maintain a good and consistent brand, then using video helps others to connect with your brand every time they see it. In marketing terms, it makes sense to brand yourself and your products or services, and that should be consistent from your business card right through to your promotional and testimonial videos. Many people now use video to demonstrate a product or a service. This helps your customers build a relationship with you and your company before you even meet, and most business is done because the buyer has a comfortable relationship with the seller. Video is critical to help you build that relationship fast, and in this fast paced commercial world, that can mean the difference between a sale or not. If your competitors aren’t using video yet, you’ll be standing out from the crowd by using video on your website. And if you start using it now, by the time your competitors have caught up, you will already have a great customer base because you got into video early!

Choosing the Right Structure

for your Business By: Linda Robinson MIPA

There are many factors to consider when choosing a business structure. There are four main structures that are commonly used for small business or investing. They are: 1. Sole Trader 2. Partnership 3. Company 4. Trust There is more involved than just deciding between a partner or going it alone. Among other things, your business structure will affect: • Your set up costs and ongoing paperwork and administration costs. • Distribution of profits to partners, family members and others. • The tax you pay, and your options for tax planning. • The ease of selling, changing ownership, or continuing the business when you leave. • Your personal exposure to debts and other liabilities.

Let us turn the hours you spend on your accounts into MINUTES Please feel free to contact our office for an obligation free consultation to further discuss your specific accounting and taxation requirements.

Below is a brief summary of the four main types of structure in Australia. For a more detailed summary, please visit our website or contact our office for an appointment with one of our small business specialists.

1. Sole Trader

• Easy to set up and run • Total control by the business owner • All income and expenses are included in the business owner’s individual tax return • Liability is unlimited and liability can extend to owner’s personal assets • Minimal set up costs involved

2. Partnership

• Easy to set up and run • Income and expenses are split 50/50 between the partners • Income tax is levied on the individual partners, not on the partnership itself • Liability is unlimited and liability can extend to the partners personal assets • Set up costs around $200 - $500

3. Company

• Separate legal entity • Directors liability is limited to Directors Guarantees, PAYG Withholding, Negligence and Fraud • Personal assets are usually protected • Tax is capped t company tax rate of 30% • Set up costs around $1,500

4. Trust

• Control of trust is governed by a Trust Deed • Flexibility to distribute trust income to beneficiaries • Corporate trustee would result in good asset protection for personal assets • Set up costs from $550 (higher if using a corporate trustee)

Find out how outsourcing can save you thousands in your business each month Angela De Palma E: M: 0414 707 751 Skype: angelamariadepalma

For more information on outsourcing and how it works Call or visit our website

Stress – Exciting New Discoveries By : Greg Menz We are continually bombarded with articles regarding stress in our lives..... good stress, bad stress, too much stress, too little stress, healthy stress - the list is seemingly endless. Our ancestor’s ‘healthy stress’ was to avoid the sabre tooth tiger - fight or flight, with a volatile, harsh, but simple life based on survival.

This common denominator has been found to be CHRONIC INFLAMMATION. Chronic inflammation creates many immunological challenges and changes in our bodies and plays a key role in arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, sleep disorders, dermatitis and many other diseases.

Today - we live a much more sophisticated life. Our ‘survival’ is much more complex but what price do we pay?? Increasingly, we have either personally experienced, or know someone who - one minute is ‘healthy’ - then suddenly there is a diagnosis of chronic or debilitating disease - ie: heart disease, stroke, cancer, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes…. to name a few.

Over the past few decades, scientists have discovered the process of inflammation is virtually the SAME in different diseases. It is now believed to be the cause of more than 80 chronic illnesses and each year millions die from these conditions. This rise in awareness has even spawned a new term: “inflamm-aging.” What is very clear is that our immune systems are being overwhelmed and not coping.

What to do about this? The ‘usual suspects’ like poor diet, lack of exercise, inadequate sleep, obesity, air pollution….obviously require attention. But what if….there was something much simpler and far more powerful that you could do for yourself? And what if it did not require any lifestyle changes, did not require you to “do anything extra” and As someone who has studied health all my life - was hands down the easiest and most affordable I would like to share what research is now showing way to promote YOUR optimal health?! THERE IS A COMMON DENOMINATOR with conditions that robs us of our health and too Stay tuned for next month’s article where all will often sends us to an early grave. be revealed. You will be shocked at the simplicity! Why is this happening? After all, compared to our ancestors, we live with good sanitation and all the whistle and bell amenities, medical advances in diagnostics, etc. - but we are literally ‘dropping like flies.’

Why isn’t your business

thriving? Ask any business owner and you’ll get a myriad of responses as to why things aren’t going so well in their business. You’ll probably hear things like it’s the GFC, I can’t get good staff, my customers can’t afford to use my services, I haven’t got time to work on my business, I’m too busy just making ends me. Really none of these things alone are to blame. Obviously something you are or are not doing is causing you to have the results you’re getting.

Successful entrepreneurs know themselves and the game of business and therefore play the game very differently, they understand what they are good at and focus only on that, and they engage and inspire others to contribute what they are good at to achieve what they require in their business.

So what can you do about it? First thing is to stop making excuses and adopt an attitude of responsibility. By this I mean stand in your power as the creator of this business and recognise that you are at the core of everything that is happening whether it be considered good or not so good. You can either stay stuck where you are and continue to receive less than you deserve or be willing to accept responsibility and deliberately go about playing the game differently!

Wealth Dynamics was developed to take the Trial & Error out of the process. It provides you with a map to guide you on Your Path to Wealth, allowing you to identify which strategies, and six steps you need to be focusing on, learning about, and taking action on. Of all the vastly different ideas, strategies, businesses and investments that you could pursue, Wealth Dynamics narrows it down for you ... precisely. What sort of entrepreneur are you and what is your path to business success?

As a SME owner we invest a lot of ourselves in our businesses and become emotionally involved, which impacts our ability to play the game. As you all know every game has its rules but many SME owners never take the time to understand how to play the game or what role they should play in the business game we are creating.

Would you like to learn the game that best suits your natural entrepreneurial talents?

Helen Bichel from

helps entrepreneurs apply the principles of wealth dynamics to achieve business success.

These are the Eight Ways to Create Wealth 1. The Creator Builds innovative products

Examples: Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Richard Branson

Over $696+ of value for just $97 when you take the test now

2. The Star Builds an influential brand

Examples: Oprah, Paul Newman, Bill Clinton

3. The Supporter Builds high performance teams

Examples: Steve Ballmer, Jack Welch

4. The Deal Maker Brings deals together

Examples: Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch

5. The Trader Buying and selling commodities Examples: George Soros

6. The Accumulator Buying and holding assets

Examples: Warren Buffet, Paul Allen

7. The Lord Controlling cash flow producing assets Examples: Lakshmi Mital, IngavarKamprad

8. The Mechanic Creating a duplicatable system Examples: Michael Dell, Ray Krock

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What’s Your Wealth Profile?

Creating A Profitable Asset From Your Intellectual Property Intellectual Property or IP has been described by the Financial Times as one of the key drivers of business competitiveness in the 21st century, but what is IP? It stems from creating something new or original from your intellect and can be an invention, brand name, film, book, trade secret or artistic creation. Some IP rights are automatic, such as copyright, while others should be registered with IP Australia, the governing body, to afford the IP the best possible protection. IP Australia administers four main types of Intellectual Property in Australia, Patents, Trademarks, Designs and Plant Breeder’s rights but IP can be confusing initially. It is important to find someone who works with …….trademarks and strategic IP advice helping SME’s protect peoples’ brand, concepts and ideas and has provided several steps to protecting your IP. In the case of trademarks, owning a trademark can ensure your piece of mind as you grow the business and owning a trademark can add significant long term value on your business and brand. Geoff Moller is a business strategist and management consultant advising on IP strategies and helping people protect their brands and secure IP assets such as trademarks. His next Brisbane based trademarks workshop is on the 17th of July at Una Vita in Banyo, contact Geoff at for more details.

Steps to protecting and profiting from your IP: 1. Treat your Intellectual Property (IP) as a business asset - IP is really just another form of asset. 2. Understand the different types of IP e.g. Trademarks, domain names, patents, copyright, designs and trade secrets. 3. Keep your idea confidential until it’s adequately protected. If you talk to others about your ideas use a ‘confidentiality agreement’. 4. Protect your ideas through the right IP mechanism, in the case of brands (products of service) register a trademark and make obtaining a trademark a priority as it can take several months or more before you know if you’re fully entitled to own the respective trademark for which you’ve applied. 5. Keep track of your costs as you proceed and create an IP register with dates for registration renewals. 6. Do an introductory workshop such as the one coming up in Banyo on the 17th of July. 7. Keep an open mind as to how to make money from the best use of your IP – you could license the use of it, sell it or keep it and use it for yourself. There are many ways to profit from IP.

By : Geoff Moller

How to Make YOUR Business Grow in the Future

One of the things that many business owners find hard to achieve is working out their niche market and how to make their business grow in the direction they want. First it is critical to identify what it is that you want to achieve and whether it is what the marketplace is looking for! Sometimes this is harder than it sounds as we can become very blinded by our desire to go one way without realising it may not be what the marketplace is looking for. Many business owners have fallen into this trap... they have a wonderful business plan, great systems, a huge vision for their business but no customers wanting to purchase their product or service. For many of my clients, MasterMinding has become a wonderful way to gain objective ideas from peers as well as being made accountable to create what we desire. By being in a solid group, which meets on a regular basis, you can move forward much faster than without that support. It is important that you develop good relationships with the others in the group as this will move you and your business towards your goals. Mastering the skills of business networking and honing them will give you another opportunity to move toward your desired goals. Find your niche marketplace and develop the relationships with other businesses that you can support to achieve their desired outcomes. By doing this, as a result you will move closer to your outcomes. With a financial new year just started, are your goals set in place? Do you need help with a new strategy and some goal setting? It is easy if you know how and doing this process will bring great benefits to you, if you learn how to determine what you want in your future and to bring it towards yourself.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) has become essential in the business world of today. The Fortune 500 companies would not be there if it weren’t great benefits!! So, are you developing your skills and profile in this area too? Having a Mentor or Coach is also essential if you wish to move forward fast. This gives another dimension to looking at your business. Note that this is very different from being in a MasterMind group as the process is very different. MasterMind groups are not coaching sessions and/or networking or referral groups. Note that all the successful business entrepreneurs around the world all have their own mentor or coach to take them to their next level. With a new year about to start, it is time to set your goals for 2012. Do you need help with goal setting? It is easy if you know how and doing this process will bring great benefits to you, if you learn how to determine what you want in your future and to bring it towards yourself. Connexions Unlimited offer all of the above services, like a one-stop shop. So let us know if you are interested in pursuing any of these great business building strategies mentioned here.

Video Interviews


Paul Humphreys

Services: Video Testimonials 30-60 Second Commercials Promotional Business Interviews Video Coaching Address: PO Box 534, Chermside South Qld 4032 Phone: 0406 942 421 Email: Website: Testimonial from Allan Pease

Systems for a Successful Business Is your business costing you $ rather than making it?

Do you want a simpler and more profitable business? As Business Systems Specialist Tamara Simon explains, it’s easier than you think because by reviewing even just 5 areas within your business, you will be amazed at how much time and $ can be saved. Many businesses could become simpler and more profitable if they simply reviewed their internal business systems to ensure they were operating as effectively as possible. But as we know, many business owners/managers focus solely on the day-to-day activities rather than putting time aside to ensure that unnecessary and controllable costs have not crept into the business. But even once you’ve made the decision to work on your business – what then? Where is the best place to start? Often the areas costing the most - especially in terms of time – can be hidden and/or qualitative costs so here are 5 common areas to start reviewing within your business.

Tamara Simon was a Queensland Finalist in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards. As a Business Systems Specialist with extensive experience in over 10 industry sectors including building design, training, auditing and marketing, she is passionate about helping her clients build better service-based businesses.

Tamara Simon - The BSI (Business Scene Investigator) for your business 0438 262 727 Evidence Suspects Solutions Email | Website |




Lack of documented procedures

• consistency and quality • poor induction • different/lack of understanding of requirements • bad habits • no back up when people are away • inefficiency

• develop flowcharts and documented tasks for each position/work function • ensure at least 1 extra person trained in each position/work function • develop templates to streamline work and ensure consistency

Being too nice to your clients

• being available 24/7 • not always being available for clients but • clients running your business not YOU! rather having blocks of time for client • little or no holidays/time with family meetings and phone calls and friends = NO LIFE! • categorise clients as A. B or C and • starting work without $ determine processes for each • start work ONCE deposit paid • charge for variations to agreed brief/fee proposal • don’t give away the world for $0 • review hours and priorities to regain work/life balance

Only verbal advice/instruction to your clients and/or team

• different or misunderstanding – I said/they said • no written back up – legal ramifications • reliance on memory – yours and theirs • communication problems

• write it down – email follow up • using email or tracking software to keep clients informed about their work • develop client information about what will happen on a job/expectations – client phonecalls and emails • support verbal instructions/advice with written back up • put FAQs on website

Lack of attention to detail

• rework • productivity • profit • attitudinal issues • domino effect on other jobs

• professionalism performance management • get it right the first time • instil pride in work • educate team re true costs of rework = profits jobs • checking is everyone’s responsibility

Not charging enough ie inaccurate hourly charge out rate

• rate not covering all business costs • rate not including profit • just charging market rate rather than at least break even figure • rate not including PI insurance run off figures

• gain advice from accountant re actual business costs – not just estimate eg 20% • Using excel spreadsheets or Feepro calculators to accurately calculate hourly charge out rates as well calculating budgeted hours and costs for all parts of a job (including your time and administration) • know break even figure as well as profit (not just turnover) • review business costs to reduce where possible eg stationery, fuel, incidentals • review charge out rates when salaries change

Finally remember the words of William Arthur Ward, “most of us are too critical of ourselves, but not critical enough to make any changes.”

BEWARE Investing In A ‘Socially Responsible’ Company

Might Be Doing The Environment More Harm Than Good! by Janiece Giraldo

World Environment Day on 5 June conjured up discussions of the environment – species extinctions – climate change - carbon taxes etc. However in the Finance and Investment arena the discussion turns to ‘Ethical’ Investing vs. other forms of investment. I thought I would start with a little history and explanation of the meaning. ‘Ethical’ investing became popular in the 90’s however – it seemed to degenerate into whose ethics these fund managers were using. Since then it has become known as ‘Socially Responsible’. Investing as this is supposed to be a little more transparent. Many of these funds exclude tobacco companies but not alcohol. They may exclude all mining and energy companies and others may include only those companies that are doing all that they can to reduce the harm to the environment around their facilities. Some may exclude the major supermarket chains – others may include them on the basis that these companies employ many young people. Some have very experienced fund managers on their investment boards others only have scientists. So as you can see this is not an exact science. Then there is the philosophy that when you purchase a company directly from the Prospectus ie when Telstra or Commonwealth Bank first became available to invest in – and you purchase shares in them – then your funds go directly to that organisation. However – once these shares have been purchased and then are sold on the Australian Stock Exchange or Secondary Market – the money is exchanged between two parties and does not go back to the company named on the shares. Therefore this buying and selling on the secondary market has very little direct impact on the company itself apart from possibly influencing the share price that day. The other side to this is that until you are financially self sufficient (your income is greater than your expenses) – your first priority should be to maximise your investment returns. Then when you are financially self sufficient I encourage everyone to distribute their income from their investments in any fashion they feel comfortable with. However have your capital invested and continuing to grow so that you are generating more income to be more philanthropic and generous as time goes by. The benefit of this strategy is that you are keeping your capital so that if – no when?? – your circumstances change you are still in a position of strength and will be able to adapt easily to changing circumstances.

Networking Tips • Practice saying your name and company in the mirror.

• Prepare a statement that describes your business that is 15 seconds or less – keep it unique and memorable.

• Make sure your name and business name on your name tag is easy to read.

• Better still get a professional magnetic name tag made. They are not expensive and will serve you well.

• Put a keyword under your name on your name

tag that describes you (i.e. ‘the people connector’). This works especially well if your company name has initials or a name that means nothing to others.

• Your name tag should always be placed on your right so that when shaking hands, the name tag is in the sight line.

• Never leave home without your business cards and NEVER run out of them! Your card is your shop window!

• Practice your handshake with a friend so you are comfortable with your grip.

• When you receive a business card, DO NOT EVER

write on the card in public. Make sure you put in your database where and when you met though. Do not rely on your memory.

• Carry a note pad and pen with you to take notes!

Photos taken by

Kerrin Smith

Keywords Matter !!! These days, most website owners recognise that to achieve decent search engine rankings (and the important traffic they generate), unique, fresh, keyword rich content on their website is important. You also probably understand that the content should be focused on keywords that are relevant to the products/services that you provide. However, it can be a challenge to work out exactly what keywords you should be targeting, and what types of content are likely to be best for optimising your website. You could probably rattle off a list of what you think are the important keywords for your site – but how do you know that these are the phrases that your potential customers are likely to be using on Google ? Often, the “important” keywords that owners come up with are terms that they use in the day to day running of their business – which may be quite different to the ones used by customer. Keyword Research is Critical Keyword Analysis is one of the first (and most important) activities that you should undertake when optimising your website. Effective Keyword Research makes use a variety of tools and techniques to identify and analyse actual search volumes of keywords (for searches undertaken by real people on the internet) that are relevant to your “important” keyword phrases.

An initial goal of Keyword Research is to identify those keyword phrases related to your business that are searched most often. These high volume keyword phrases (which may very well include keywords that you probably hadn’t thought of) provide an excellent basis for defining the structure of your site, and inspiration for creating content.

Explaining “How To” undertake Keyword Research is way too big a topic to cover in this brief article, so: • do some research on how to do keyword analysis online • talk to a friendly Search Engine Optimiser, • get some SEO training… but make sure that you do something towards identifying your primary keywords today !

Andy Henderson, In-A-Day

Outsourcing by : Angela De Palma

Outsourcing is no different to taking on a staff • applying good managerial practises - if you don’t member in your business. Before you place the have any experience in this, it can be challenging job add, you need to know what you want help • conducting performance reviews, checking time with. You will have written a job description to sheets weekly (min), referencing back to the attract the right person. original job description to check that each thing is being handled You could be needing help with invoicing, quotes, • constant monitoring, excellent time management formatting documents, ordering, recruitment or and excellent communication marketing material. You might want help with • setting up good communication systems sales and generating new leads. Who you hire • being organised depends on your business goals. • setting up excellent tracking systems • setting up effective computer cloud software Clarity is the key. Using a remote worker from Asia systems such as Skype, dropbox, gmail and gdocs and preferably the Philippines will significantly (set up a gmail email account, you get much more reduce your costs. Instead of paying a minimum than just an email address) of $25.00 per hour you will pay a maximum of $6.00 per hour. Taking on staff is always a learning curve for any To make the working relationship successful you business and offshore remote staff outsourcing is will need to have hired the right person in the no different. All obstacles can be overcome. first place with the right skills.

If you would like more information on how to But even with this in place failure to perform the succeed with this model, reduce your business costs following can reduce your success with the off- and create incredible leverage in your business shore outsourcing model: • setting aside time in the short term for training is here to help. • tracking through an online system, this is imperative Call us today on 0414 707 751 especially initially

Three Simple Steps

To Getting Results In Your Lead Generation by : Samantha Lyttle The Internet is crammed with information on how to generate leads and yet most small business owners still struggle to get results – and it’s totally understandable! Too much information being constantly thrown our way can create confusion and overwhelm. In this Marketing Tip I share three simple steps that will guide you through the overwhelm of lead generation and get you focused on the steps that get results. Step 1: Brainstorm all the places (both online and off line) that your target market is currently spending time and actively looking for a solution to the problem that you can solve for them. There’s no point focusing on implementing a marketing tactic that doesn’t maximize the places where your market is already looking for solutions. Step 2: Once you have your list, choose three places that you’re going to start creating a presence where you can be seen as the “go-to” person, the expert that can help them solve their problem. Choose the three that align with your current strengths or that you can outsource to someone else.

I often see business owners move from one marketing tactic to another in the hope that something might work but never really spending enough time on any one tactic consistently enough to the point that it gets them results. If this sounds familiar to you then I encourage you to stop and stay committed to the one tactic that you know: a) is proven to get results b) is appropriate for your market and c) is one that you can take ownership of and realistically complete. The results will be worth it!

Samantha Lyttle is the director of Market Launch, a company that is dedicated to working with micro business to create greater impact and influence in their marketplace all on a shoestring budget.

If you’re ready to market your business with greater passion and purpose then contact her Step 3: today at Be consistent! Focus only on your chosen top three or access your FREE marketing tools at lead generators until you’re getting the results you want.

Joint Ventures can be as easy as ABC By Sally Curtis Joint ventures can be as easy as ABC, 123. Know- In other words, they know who they are and ing where to start and with what sort of focus is what they stand for and people see and feel this the pot hole that trips most people up. instantly. Imagine trying to ‘talk a client up’, saying how fabulous they are but their story changStep 1. Where to start? es constantly. They are creating mixed messages with the potential to damage reputations and Alignment to you & your values. credibility for both parties. The start for me is always alignment and Simon Sinek has shared this from his marketing So, consider this when you interact on a daily perspective - “We are only looking for those that basis with people: the bottom line is, if you are believe what we believe”. This concept is so sim- lying or trying to communicate something you ple that it is often overlooked in marketing as we don’t really feel or believe, your body will tell on mass market to everyone with our common one you. People get an instant sense or gut feeling size fits all pitch. It’s also a brilliant place to start that something is not right and they move away. when looking for opportunities, alliances and This is why every success book tells us you joint ventures. must love what you do with passion, and more Let me explain it this way. If you have a strong focus and passion about customer service, or even more the customer experience, would it make sense to join forces or align with someone that is in it for the quick buck and the desire to ride off into the sunset fast. Drrrh of course not! It sounds like hard work, let alone what it would feel like if you were a part of it.

importantly, you must be able to communicate this effortlessly and with certainty. If you can’t explain who you are and what you do can you expect others to be able to talk about you, refer or introduce you to their network?

When clients know who they are and what they stand for, it is very easy for me to communicate to others, who then in turn understand the reason for the introduction and see a potential JV So look for people that feel the same way, and act opportunity straight away. It just feels right and the same way, as you do in regards to outcome makes sense. for your customer’s perspective, as well as the outcome you are both looking for. Look for people It’s these very concepts that you should be looking that have complimentary skills set with similar for when considering long term Joint Venture beliefs around business and opportunities that partnerships and relationships. communicate well. For example when I work with clients for whom I am securing joint venture opportunities, what I look for is:

Next issue will have Step 2.

1. An alignment with my values around customers’ experiences and a sense of community. 2. A very strong giftedness in themselves and what they deliver.

Visit my Website Today!

Leadership Skills

Handling Conflict Tips Things don’t always go smoothly. Some conflicts, of course, are minor irritations that we can quickly and easily forget. Others are more serious and can do lasting damage if we don’t manage them well.

Once you have pondered over the above questions, and you have decided to work towards agreement, here are four steps that may assist you in achieving a collaborative solution:

When a conflict or a difference of opinion, priorities or perspectives arises in the workplace, we need to take special care to keep the communication flowing. Just as a ball rolling down a hill gathers momentum, so doe’s conflict. Ignoring it or sweeping it under the carpet leaves it unaired and unresolved, to intensify and worsen.

1. Open the discussion – have a short framing statement 2. Give good information – State your point of view clearly and concisely using “I” Statements 3. Gather good information – Listen and understand the other person’s point of view – remember empathy 4. Problem solve – use a problem solving approach – look for a good workable solutions and implementation As a matter of fact, conflict and differences of strategies opinion are natural and healthy. If you recognise conflict and deal with it openly and honestly, you I hope that you have found this article useful. High won’t end up with hard feelings, bruised egos or Performance Coaching and Training conducts lingering hostilities. The time, energy and patience leadership and conflict management workshops you invest in finding a solution that everyone can externally and in-house to meet your current challive with will be well spent. lenges and objectives. If you need any assistance just give our office a call. One successful conflict management skill is to turn the conflict into an agreement. Here are some questions in mind when dealing with conflict: • How can we move towards the same side? • How can we reach a joint understanding? • How can we prevent problems or misunderstandings from occurring again?

Lee Stemm PCC

High Performance Coaching and Training

Today the topic is going to be about nutrition. People talk about it all the time, we see it on T.V and we all love it. Most people eat a certain way because that is how they were raised. Without it, we can’t survive. Most people don’t think it matters what they eat. Would you put any type of fuel in your car? No. We understand that for the car to get us from A to B we must have the correct fuel. Our bodies are no different. The main macro nutrients that our bodies need are proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Amongst other things our bodies also need vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and trace elements to function properly. Think about it our body is one of, or if not the most complex organism in the universe that we know of. There is more happening in our body every second of the day, compared to the busy streets of a large city. Our bodies need to regulate temperature, the eyes need to focus and our heart, lungs and other organs are continuously active and performing vital functions to keep us alive. So after considering this for a couple of seconds, do you really think we can just put whatever we like into our bodies. There is so much that could be said about the way we eat in this day and age. The best advice I always give is to eat as naturally as possible. If it comes in a packet and there are 100 different ingredients inside, I’m guessing that it will not be too good for you. Also if there are ingredients that you have never heard of, I would give it a miss. I must admit we all need a treat every once a while in this crazy world. But try not to make that treat an everyday occurrence. Eat whole foods, fresh from the earth if possible. Prepare foods with little or no added extra sugar and salt and let herbs and spices do the talking. Give it a try, I bet your body will thank you.

Give us a call on

1300 661 453

Training is now Affordable and Designed to meet your requirements Providing your in-house professional development training and coaching solutions

We specialise in Leadership and Performance Coaching and Training

Programs start from $150 per person per month – We adjust according to your budget For further information go to our website Developing your most important asset – Your Staff Special Offer – Receive 10% off our workshops and coaching programs – Just mention the magazine Lee Stemm PCC – Leadership and Performance Coach/Trainer

What is a Director’s Penalty Notice? By David Gifford

If you are a director of a company one of the more important notices you need to be aware of is a Director’s Penalty Notice (DPN). This is a notice issued by the Australian Taxation Office and is sent by mail to the directors of a company for tax debt.

The really important thing is to take a DPN very seriously. A DPN is sent to the current or last registered address for the company. It is important to ensure that the address is kept current otherwise the DPN could be mailed without being received in time by the director.

If you get a Director’s Penalty Notice you must act immediately to avoid personal liability. You will have 21 days to comply otherwise you will become personally liable for the tax debt of the company.

The most important thing to do is to act immediately and get advice. The most common solutions are to liquidate the company through a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation or to appoint a Voluntary Administrator.

Each director becomes separately liable for a penalty equal to the debt owing. The taxation debt of the company becomes the personal debt of the individual director.

At Professional Turnaround Solutions we can help you with deciding what to do. If time is really tight we can organise a liquidation within a couple of hours.

So what do you do if you receive a DPN ? You have 21 days to do something and no extension is granted.

To discuss these matters further please contact David Gifford on 0418 730 755 or email at There are four alternatives 1) Pay the debt in full or 2) Enter into an arrangement to repay the debt visit our website 3) Appoint a voluntary administrator 4) Appoint a liquidator.

Computer & IT Frustration... The New Disease Of The Information Age And How To Overcome It It doesn’t need to be that way. Finally, you can easily afford to have someone help you with your IT challenges from the comfort of your home or office to: • ask questions and get simple, easy to understand answers in non-geek speak. • get private one-on-one training that you It’s Not Your Fault. direct to learn whatever you need at the time. Technology is changing much faster the ma• get any computer problems fixed, plus jority of the population can keep up with. get a tune up and speed up! There are constantly new viruses, trojans, malware, worms and more popping up ... The best part is it’s just $49 for 90 minutes that easily get past your virus protection with a super-helpful, polite, understanding, senior technician to work with via remote (that’s part of the fun for their creators). screen from the comfort of your desktop. Then, you may be subject to spontaneous They just call you on your landline and walk freezes, crashes, update issues, lost sound you through everything, whilst working on your computer at the same time. and more. Many of us in business cope with the basics of computers and IT... but all too often an IT related problem jumps out of the ethers for the “apparently” sole purpose of raising our blood pressure...

Then there is a plethora of the other user Note from Jennie Gorman: This service has related problems that people have if they been a real life-saver for me. It’s quick, affordable and it feels so good to have my problems haven’t spent weeks in a computer lab. solved by such a wonderful, understanding Sadly, it’s exorbitantly expensive to get an IT technician. technician to come and help out... and often For more information go to they’ll confuse you with jargon, leaving you feeling as if you’re technology challenged! or contact Natasha Howie on 0412 095 235.

You Are Not Alone

Most of us just put up with computer frustration... and the stressful chemicals it releases into our bodies. The Good News Is.... This Is A Real Life-Saver!

Upcoming Events for July Business Ideas Brisbane

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DIRTY ELECTRICITY The generation of electricity in the final years of the 1800s would usher in a new way of living which would eventually enable us to live twenty-four hour days in artificial light and artificially created electromagnetic fields - EMFs. However, with this new way of living what also was delivered was a new plague - silent and invisible – that would eventually spread over the planet. The previous and other current plagues in history will pale in comparison to the current dirty electricity plague that went unnoticed for nearly 100 years. Even though the Republic of Kazakhstan very quickly mandated in 2003 to protect its workers from dirty electricity, it was not until dirty electricity levels were measured at a California school where there was a cancer cluster that the harmful effects of exposure to dirty electricity were taken more seriously in the western world. In 2009 a ground-breaking study of the history of electrification of the USA was published which looked at when forty-eight states of the USA were electrified. The urban populations that lived with electricity were compared with the rural areas which did not have electricity which led to the conclusion that most of the twentieth century diseases of civilization, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and suicide, are caused by dirty electricity. Due to the very nature of how our electricity is delivered, dirty electricity has existed from the first generation of electricity. Last century we should have become healthier due to improved hygiene practices and medical advancements. Our brain, our heart, and the trillions of cells in our bodies depend on sending and receiving naturally produced electric and electromagnetic signals and it is crucial that this process is not altered or damaged. Exposure to dirty electricity is compromising our bodies at a fundamental level leaving our bodies unprotected from the constant assault from chemicals and other toxic agents. An invisible parasite, dirty electricity is riding along the wiring in our homes, our schools, our workplaces and in our hospitals. It is everywhere.

Donna Fisher

Protect Your Family’s Lifestyle By Amanda McCall

In the lucky country where most Australians can boast an easy-going attitude and comfortable lifestyle, the idea of becoming sick or injured is not something that we like to consider. However, during the course of a normal working life there is a real risk of sickness or injury. In fact, studies indicate that one in three working persons who have income protection can expect to suffer from an illness or injury that will prevent them from working for at least three months between the ages of 20 and 50.

It is ironic that while most people insure their homes, cars and even holidays, they neglect to protect the one asset that makes all these possible – their income. It is crucial that anyone who is dependent on their income to maintain their own or their family’s lifestyle has an income protection plan.

Whilst it is important for families to have income protection it is also imperative that single people include income protection in their financial plan. Some families may have a second source of regular income from the other spouse but single people Many families are dependent on the regular income don’t have this option. of one or both spouses. If either income earning spouse were to become totally disabled and Why is income protection necessary? Have you unable to work as a result of sickness or injury, the ever paused to consider the impact on your family family would suffer both emotional and financial if you were to fall seriously ill or suffer an injury? hardship. At a time when family members may Apart from the emotional distress, would they be distressed, they are compelled to deal with manage financially? Without your regular income, a multitude of expenses that demand payment. could they meet home and car repayments, credit The absence of the regular income of the sick or card debts and household bills? For many people injured person may cause a strain on the family the answer is “no”. finances, as many people don’t have the resources Income protection provides you and your family to fund a long period of sickness or injury. Even with financial security. You will have peace of those that have accumulated savings would not mind knowing that if you were totally disabled want them depleted or used up by the adversity. and unable to work due to sickness and injury An income protection plan can provide some your family would be able to survive financially. financial protection against this type of adversity by covering up to 85% of your gross income (net of business expenses) if you are totally disabled and unable to work due to sickness or injury. To find out more about protecting your family’s lifestyle please telephone Amanda McCall at A McCall Financial Services Pty Ltd on 0412 447544 or email

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July issue of Connexions Business Magazine by Jennie Gorman

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