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Puƫng an End to Distracted Driving Dylan Caldwell—Senior

—McKayla Castano

Mckayla Castano—Sophomore Jennie Collins—Sophmore

The Facts of Diversion

Tyler Collins—Freshmen

—Dylan Caldwell New Tech Academy at Wayne High School

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Everything You Need To Know About Distracted Driving —Jennie Collins and Tyler Collins

“The Facts of Diversion” By: Dylan Caldwell global campaign against texting while According to the Distraction Government website, three-thousand- behind the wheel (Parkview Health.). thirty-one people died because of dis- They are not alone in this venture; quite a few other groups have spoken tracted driving in 2011. There were out in an attempt to keep people fosixty-four less deaths from diverted cused on the road. Overall, 41 states driving in the previous year have laws against text messaging and ( Though many organizations are fighting to reduce dis- driving. Indiana, in particular, prohibtracted driving and the accidents they its texting for all drivers and any cellphone use for minors cause, society as a whole is only in( creasing these distractions. Parkview Health has begun a

By: Mckayla Castano groups to diminish distractions, it seems more of them are materializing daily. Corporations like Facebook generate a large amount of profit from their mobile users ( With the induction of mobile internet use, global positioning navigation, and mp3 inputs for car sound systems, people are literally inventing new ways to divert themselves from driving.

Despite attempts from these

“Statistics of Distracted Driving” By: Tyler Collins and Jennie Collins An Algebra 2 class at New Tech Academy observed a total of 5,616 cars all through Fort Wayne, Indiana to see how many drivers were distracted. A total of 71% of the cars were driving distracted which means that their full attention was not on the road. Using this data, we created a pie chart to show which distraction we found is the most common. In the pie chart above, you can tell that 40% of the pie chart is people that were caught using a cell phone while driving. This means that 2285 drivers were either texting, calling, or surfing the web while operating a moving vehicle. 23% (643 drivers) of the pie chart shows people were caught eating and or drinking, 12% (320 drivers) were

“Putting An End to Distracted Driving”

distracted by a GPS system, 10% (276 drivers) were distracted by talking to their passengers, 8% (239 drivers) were grooming, and 1% (46 drivers) had a pet in the car that was distracting them. Those statistics are a very concerning number in the United States.

and forth quickly. In other words, your attention is divided on other tasks other than operating a moving vehicle. By taking your attention off the road and not being fully focused on driving, you are putting yourself and other innocent people at risk of their own lives or serious injury.

We’ve all noticed the “Don’t Text and Drive” campaigns and how they are trying to make a difference; However, distracted driving is so much more than just texting. Distracted driving can be eating or drinking at the wheel, lighting a cigarette, or even putting on makeup in the car. Many people think that they can successfully multitask, but by multitasking you are really doing two or more things back

Think about it this way, if moving at 70 mph puts you at a speed of 103 feet per second, a football field is 300 feet in 2.9 seconds. You have traveled the distance of a football field in an up to 6,129 pound vehicle, that is a potential of 191,833 pounds at full force. If you are not paying attention, you have the power to kill or seriously injure yourself or someone else you may know and love.

Teenagers, adults, children, and the elderly are harmed and even killed every day due to distracted driving. Many do not realize the dangers that come with owning a car and a phone. People have that desire to use a phone and text, surf the web, and call people when in a vehicle. It can wait for what the risk is in the end. Having the use of cell phones should not be allowed in the United States because we are 23 times more likely to get into a crash and thousands of dollars are spent cleaning up these crashes. “We just jumped in and pulled the truck off of him and started CPR,” Stephens said, the father of a 14 year old boy, Tyler, who died hours later. Tyler and his six year old brother were riding go karts in their driveway when a man, Kenneth Gill, struck Tyler and his younger brother with his dodge pickup. Tyler pushed his little brother out of the way right before the car struck him and the little boy only received minor cuts. On the other hand, Tyler did not. Tyler was pinned underneath the back tire. His mother and father appeared on scene when the accident occurred. Stephen said, when they saw the truck on him, they ran to help. A medical helicopter took Tyler to Georgia Regents Medical Center where he was pronounced dead on October 13th. This could have been avoided if Kenneth Gill had not been using his phone while driving.

According to the Centers of Disease Control, 15 people are killed every day due to distracted driving. That 15 people can be children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly. That’s 15 families that have to deal with the loss of a loved one and the financial problems that come with it. If Kenneth Gill knew that he was 23 times more likely to get in a car crash while using his cell phone, maybe he wouldn’t have had to feel guilty that day.

tracted driving.

In 2011, 3,331 people died due to distracted driving. The people that harmed them were either being cognitive, manually, or visually distracted. This is taking their eyes, mind, and hands of the wheel. A dirty conscious will be what you have when you harm a person because you were texting in a car. The two word text message is so important that you would take your eyes off the road for 5 seconds and jeopardize the life of Many people do not realize that distracted driving costs quite a bit someone? It is not the right thing to of money. In the state of Indiana, a car do. It can be viewed as selfish and crash on average cost $23,288 as of wrong. 2011. In 2011, 4.4 billion dollars were Having the use of cell phones spent on cleaning up and medical for should not be allowed in the United those crashes in that state. That is States because we are 23 times more coming out of your money that you likely to get into a crash and thoupay for taxes or the taxes you parents sands of dollars are spent cleaning up pay. If a distracted driver wrecked his these crashes. Tyler would agree with car into a gas station, that’s going to the idea if he had not been killed by a be costly to clean up. They take your motor vehicle. 2,796 people died on money and clean up the mess that the horrific day of September 11, someone else recklessly caused. Hard 2001. More people died in 2011 beearned money is being taken away cause of distracted driving then the because a person did not want to put deaths of 9/11. We need to stop distheir phone away for 10 minutes. Do tracted driving. Spread the word and you want this to keep happening? If let people know what is happening. there was a ban on cell phones used in The government is doing all that they a car or even an app on every ones can to help prevent accidents so now phone where it shuts off in the car it is up to us so step up and take when it is started and will not start charge. Distracted driving will come until the car is turned off, your money to an end someday. and life would be protected better. We need to put a stop to reckless and dis-

By: Jennie Collins 

Safe Transit Today  

Dylan Caldwell, Mckayla Castano, Jennie Collins and Tyler Collins New Tech Academy at Wayne High School

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