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For an opportunity to meet and date Single Parents go to: Do You Have Bad Relationship Patterns? Six Aspects of Bad Relationship Patterns Choosing our lovers, the whole process appears to go through stages. First, we become aware of someone’s attractiveness, and their fun personality (or vice versa). Second, what follows is the discovery that we possess certain interests, principles etc., that are common to us. Third, we come to a state of emotional arousal, where we seem to “click”, before finally, a greater, psychological attachment develops. Conflict: Regardless of how you felt about your boyfriend/girlfriend, deep down you always recognized something wasn’t quite right about the relationship. You had feelings of jealously, uncertainness, nervousness or stress down to the relationship you were in. Feeling of loneliness: At the end of the relationship, you feel a sense of deep loss. Where you once enjoyed a ‘connection’ with someone, now there is only emptiness, regardless of how bitter or stressful that relationship may have been. Repetitiveness: The majority of your relationships began full of promise and hope, only to badly fail later . Even though the people involved are new, the ending always turns out badly. Physical sensations: Something your lover says or does, leads to a familiar physical sensation that is deeply uncomfortable, like a headache or a knot in your stomach. Obsession: You believe that it is your own actions or words that push your partner(s) away, yet you remain convinced that you can change things and turn the object of your desires into the caring, loving person you desperately want. But for many of us, things hardly ever go this cleanly. Instead, we go through what are known as ‘bad relationship patterns’, where we constantly begin relationships that start out full of promise, only for them to end up in disappointment and sadness. If this sounds anything at all like you, if you experience bad relationship patterns, then you need to learn to recognize what the problems are. This is the only to get out of that constant cycle of heartbreak and sadness. If you have bad relationship patterns, then surely you’ll recognize these signs: Vulnerability: You have a deep-seated vulnerability; you are acutely conscious of your own self-worth and as a result are always attempting to ‘prove yourself’ to your other half. If you suffer one or more of the symptoms detailed above, and you struggle to forge long-lasting relationships, then you may have a problem with bad relationship patterns. So what can we do? Simple – you need to discover your own psychological needs are. By learning about yourself, you will recognize the forces at work that shove you into the arms of undesirable partners. Once this is understood, you will quickly be able to avoid bad relationship patterns and into a much more stable, loving relationship that you yearn for.

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Do You Have Bad Relationship Patterns  

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