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My Tumblr In Words Jennifer Ha May 19, 2014


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Picture This

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Look Who I Look Up To

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Metaphorical Definitions

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Remembering the Child

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A Quality Personality

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One Medium Suitcase

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Color Your World

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The Perfect Present

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Room Sweet Room

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Memorable Event

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Personal Metaphors

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How to…

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Extended Metaphors

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Always Say Never

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Symbolic Recipe

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Are You Hungry

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Where I’m From

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The Examined Life

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Annual Report

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Visually Speaking

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The Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse

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Telling Tales

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Unfinished Sentences

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Personal Symbol

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Map of Life

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A Mysterious Place

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A Day in the Life

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These Words Belong to Me

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Lessons I Learned After It Was Too Late

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The Door

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Advice to the Young

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In Other Words

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Who Am I?

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Rewarding Experiences

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Valuable Lesson

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Futures – Fantasy and Fact

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Remembrance of Things Present


1. Prologue Tumblr is my blog. It is somewhere I can pour my heart out. It is the one place where I can be completely me. If anyone were to look over at my tumblr, they would fully know what my likes and dislikes are and understand why. That is why the title is “My Tumblr In Words.� In this project, I was able to write out my likes and dislikes and explain why. I pointed out my flaws but also pointed out what I liked about myself. On my tumblr, there will be times where I would hate myself, and other times, I would completely love myself. Some might say a little too much. My tumblr is my own little world that only I get to live in. This project is a little view into my wonderful world. So, welcome to My Tumblr In Words.


2. What’s in a Name? I am the first and oldest child out of 3. I was going to be my parents first ever child. I’m sure they were pretty excited to have me. I was going to be their joy. However, they got my gender wrong. Up until I was actually born, I was assumed to be a baby boy. So, because I was assumed to be a boy, they came up with many boy names. They asked many people for suggestions for names. They asked friends, family, and priests, anyone you can think of. They were obviously excited to have their first child. On August 16, 1996, a baby girl with no name to be thought of was born. My parents were quite surprised. However, they still had to name this child. So they asked the doctor for a name book. Right when they opened the book, they found the name “Jennifer”. My parents told me that they just simply wanted that name. For 17 years, I have been stuck with the name “Jennifer”. I never really thought much about it. I didn’t even know how my parents deiced such a name until they told me this story. After about 13 years being stuck with a boring name of “Jennifer”, I decided to finally search up the name to figure out what the name actually means. Turns out that it actually doesn’t mean anything. It’s simply a name. I was initially sad. However, I completely forgot that I also have a Korean name. It’s weird. But I have one. I can’t reveal what that name may be, but I can say that it mean wisdom. When I was able to learn this, I realized that I’m Korean, and I actually love my Korean name a whole lot more than my English name. So it just showed me that although I live on Guam around the English language, I should never forget about my Korean side. Therefore, my names means wisdom, and I’m quite happy with it.


3. Personal Alphabet A: Abnormal I’m actually very rarely normal because it’s too boring to be normal. B: Balanced I am able to balance between my priorities. C: Candid I don’t like telling lies. It’s very hard for me to. D: Dazzling I’m a very bright person. I always try to smile. E: Eager I always want to do things. Whether it’s learning or having fun. F: Fabulous I’m simply amazing. G: Gallant I’m kind and respectful. H: Happy When I’m happy, I can make others happy. I: Ideal I try to be the best, because only the best of the best may succeed. J: Judicious I can give other people wise advice when they need it. K: Klutzy I fall over my own feet at times. L: Lazy Sometimes I don’t want to even get up to eat. M: Marine I love the ocean. N: Neat I try to keep everything clean. I don’t like things unorganized. O: Observant I am like a wallflower. P: Peaceful I want to be happy and calm. Q: Quick I can catch things fast and understand them too. R: Radiant I will have a bright smile on my face. S: Sane I’m not completely crazy. I know my limits. T: Tenacious I am very determined. I will go through with whatever I say. U: Undaunted I’m not scared of anything. I am fearless. V: Venerable I respect others, so I deserve respect back. 6

W: Watchful I am aware of things that happen around me. X: Xenodochial I love making friends. Z: Zealous I will always try to bring a smile out from others.

Peer Edits: Jermaine C: @Jennifer H. I like the words you used although I didn’t know what “X” was.


4. Likes / Dislikes List: 

Likes: Guam’s beaches My phone Twitter Tumblr Yoshi My bed Guitar Marine Mania Internet Manta Rays Food Music Money Dislikes:  Slow walking people  Ungrateful people  Undeserving people  Roaches  Slow Internet  GW’s bathrooms  Uniforms  Cars that don’t signal before turns  Really bad Ombre hair  “No Skinny Jeans” Rule  People who can’t hold their tongue  Working             


5. Sensory Experiences: Camping trips 1. Warm hot dogs over firewood 2. Burnt marshmallows 3. Soft sand against my feet 4. Cool breeze against my skin 5. Crashing waves 6. Loud laughter 7. Firewood burning for hot dogs and marshmallows 8. Fresh salty water scent 9. Beautiful sunset 10. Puffy soft clouds


6. Metaphorical Definitions: 1. Envy is bitter alcohol. 2. Despair is a sour candy. 3. Reality is sharp glass. 4. Faith is holding on to loose rope. 5. Childhood is fresh baked cookies. 6. Pride is burnt food. 7. Anger is burning fire. 8. Compassion is softly crashing waves. 9. Wisdom is a whisper. 10. Truth is screeching.


7. A Quality Personality: Disappointment: Disappointment walks around to people to tell them that they will promise you the world. They will get you anything you want. They will promise you that you will never again see sadness. And you believe them. You fall for their clever lies and schemes. Then they turn right around and do the exact opposite of what they promised you. The worst part is, they don’t even come back to you to tell you the truth. They walk away to promise the world to someone else. And you just watch, because disappointment will strike another one, just like they hit you. Sadness: Sadness always seem to end up alone at home. He was never the type to want to go outside to meet with friends. But his family wasn't the type to stay home next to him. His mother and father has differences so decided to no longer stay together. Sadness didn’t understand at such a young age. No one understood him. But he tried to ignore the world, until someone special came along to change his world. Escape: Escape didn’t know what she wanted, but she sure did know what she didn’t want. Everyone she met was what she didn’t want. Even when someone that cared for her came along. She was too blinded by what she didn’t want, that she didn’t bother to see what she did want. She never told anyone why she didn’t want them. She just left, without a word, because she didn’t want to explain herself.


8. Color Your World. Why is the ocean so blue? Well, simple, that was the color the ocean represented her the best. The ocean never started off being blue. She was actually pink, at first. However, no one wanted to swim in her, because she looked too feminine and boring. So the ocean got sad. She felt very lonely, being pink all by herself, while all the trees got along happily being green. The ocean had a brilliant idea, and decided to become green. The ocean was so excited. She was finally going to be swam with and not be called feminine and boring. Then the ocean waited, and waited, and waited, but no one showed up. No one. Not even one. They didn’t even come near to criticize her. So the ocean was sad again. She was almost going to give up. But on one beautiful red sunset, the ocean asked the sun, “Why won’t anyone swim in me?” The sun laughed and replied, “Because you’re green. You look so dirty. Who would want to swim in that?” The ocean realized, she didn’t like the color green on her. She thought that the sun was right. That she did look dirty. She now hated the color green. But what color would she be next? But while watching the beautiful red sunset, she decided she wanted to be the color red. The sun made it look so pretty, the ocean knew she could do it too. When the ocean turned red, some animals passed by, but looked horrified and ran in fear. The ocean was so confused. She didn’t understand. “Why are people running away from me?” the ocean cried, “The sun was able to make it look so pretty. Why can’t I make it look as pretty?” A brave little frog heard the oceans cry and nervously replied, “Y-You look like blood.” and ran off. The ocean became sad again. She thought she finally got it this time. But she was wrong again. She didn’t know what to do anymore. As time passed, the ocean became sadder and sadder, because not even one animal would come to visit her and all the sun did was laugh at her. She became blue, then bluer, and bluer. And before she knew it, the color red faded away and her next color became Blue. However, she didn’t see it as much. She thought that everyone wouldn’t like her again. She was wrong. The color blue fit the ocean so perfectly. She was blue, so she became blue. And all the animals wanted to swim in her that soon enough, there wasn’t enough space. The ocean was so happy, but the color stayed. She was finally no longer lonely, and she found the perfect color to represent her.

Peer editing: Henry E: @Jennifer H.= Wow classmate. You are a really good writer. You got me interested and continued to sway my imagination with your story. Nice way of ending it Jennifer. 12

9. Room Sweet Room My room, like every other room, I have a bed. However, I don’t have a very big bed. Just a simple one person bed. But I have a lot of things piled on this bed. I have five regular pillows, one cat pillow pet, two stuffed Jake dolls, and one stuffed duck. I also have three blankets. One thin Elmo blanket, one thin Adventure Time blanket, and one big comforter to top it all off. If I took all this out, it could probably fit two people. I also have a desk. A desk that I do homework on. This desk is designed in the shape of an L. My desk has all my personal everything’s on it. It just has everything. Under my desk, where my feet lay, are all my books. On the top, where I write, are all my school supplies and ever more books. To the left of me, is my secret stash of sweet things. While I do homework I tend to get bored. Finally the top of my desk is my favorite part. It is just full of more stuffed dolls and memories. I have dolls, masks, my sad painting, lucky stars, bubbles, and a jar of my favorite memories. Then, my closet. When you open it, the first thing that catches your eyes is my cap and gown, hanging waiting to be worn once, then never again. Then a bunch of clothes everywhere. My closet isn’t the cleanest. On the way left side there are three square cubbies. The way bottom ones have more books and a 100 piece puzzle I finished in 5th grade. The middle one has all my hair ties and little accessories in little dividers. My top one holds all my skin care products and more clothes. On the way top is my line of two heels, and bags. In conclusion, I have a lot of studded dolls and books.


10. Personal Metaphors 1. Animal Manta Ray. They are so peaceful swimming around in the ocean, not bothering anyone. Just swimming and enjoying the views. 2. Car Truck. I can carry a lot of load and lift it off other people so that they can be comfortable. But eventually they’ll have to empty that load. 3. Article of Clothing Sweater. I would happily wrap myself around someone when they feel uncomfortable about themselves and want to hide it. Or simply if they’re cold and want to be warm again. 4. Day of the Week Saturday. Saturday is when everything and anything may happen. I’m always able to change my schedule and always want to have an adventure. 5. Food Rice ball. You can put anything in rice balls and it’s always a surprise. My actions will always be a surprise. There won’t be a boring day with me. 6. Color Blue. It is a calming color and is never an unpleasant color. I don’t want to be unpleasant to anyone, whenever someone sees me, I want them to feel normal and calm. 7. Movie Mulan. The movie shows how Mulan wants to prove herself that she is simply more than a woman. I want to show others that I’m not just a girl. I’m a person who is strong and independent. 8. Fragrance Fresh laundry. It’s a smell that makes you feel like you’re home and you can relax. I want people to come to me anytime and talk. Make me their first person they think of when they are stressed. 9. Type of Building Very tall building. I love seeing the view of everything. I want to be able to see and everything and show others everything. 10. Plant Water lily. They are independent and not so dependent on roots. I don’t want to depend on something or someone to keep living my life. 14

11. Musical Instrument Guitar. It’s something that people either want to learn or already know how to play. I want people to get to know me or already know me. 12. Geometric Shape Circle. There are so many ways to solve a circle. I have many ways to solve my problems. Not just one. 13. Piece of Furniture Coffee table. I can hold on to their problematic things until they need to take them back. 14. Song Weightless by All Time Low. I don’t want to have burden of my own. I want to be happy and that should be enough. 15. Season of the Year Winter. Although I could be an amazing person, I can also be very tough on some people if they need to hear it. 16. Television Character Mulan from Once Upon A Time. I would do anything for the people I love. 17. Cartoon or Comic Character Finn from Adventure Time. Finn never wants to give up and always has hope. But at times, he also has his faults and troubles. I always want to be happy and look at the bright side, but I can’t be perfect, so I also have my downfalls. 18. Appliance or Machinery Fork. I can pick up anything solid for you. But I can’t do everything for you. 19. Natural Phenomenon Bioluminescence Beach. It’s amazing to look at but it’s amazingly more complex than you think. I can be fun and happy. But they is always a frown under ever smile. 20. Word Enjoy. You can’t spell enjoy without jen. I want people to enjoy my company and talks.


11. Extended Metaphors 3. Article of Clothing Sweater. I bring along sweaters if I know I’m going to some place that I’m not familiar with. If I’m not familiar, than I don’t know if this place will be hot or cold. So I wear a tank top and bring a sweater. Other times when I bring a sweater is when I’m not fully comfortable with what I’m wearing. I know later on I would want to cover myself up, so I bring along my sweater. Whatever the reason may be, I bring it because I might need it. I want to be someone that will be there for anyone when they simply think they might need me. Whether they are uncomfortable about themselves and insecure, or simply if they’re just cold. 7. Movie Mulan. In Mulan, the movie starts off with Mulan being shoved into her future. She is showed that she is forced to do things that she does not want to, but she knows that it is better for others around her. However, what she is doing doesn’t make her happy. So she decides to take her father’s name and go out into the war. Mulan does this to show to her family that she doesn’t need to be treated like this. I want to be the moral of this movie. I want to show others that I have my own future in mind. I don’t want others to make my future for me. 14. Song Weightless by All Time Low. This song is about how some days, it’s just not the best. The day is just going really badly and they don’t know what to do to make it better. However, they are looking at the brighter side of things. There is a line “Maybe it’s not my weekend, but it’s going to be my year.” This line has the deepest meaning to me. At time, I have my worst days, absolutely the worst. However, I know that it is simply an obstacle in my way. That when I wake up tomorrow, it will be a new day and a new morning. No one else can make it the best day of my life except for me. I can’t rely to people to make my day. I need to smile and face the world myself. 15. Season of the Year Winter. Winter is a beautiful season. Everything is so white and pure. Standing outside with friends and family, making snowmen and memories. However, winter can be harsh and very dangerous. This is the season that best represents me because I can be very sweet. I can give you memories that will look back and say, “Man, that was fun.” But when someone needs to hear the truth, I will end up telling the person. If I know that telling them will better the person, I will notify them and maybe be harsh. 17. Cartoon or Comic Character Finn from Adventure Time. 16

In this show, the cartoon Finn is an adventurer and a hero. Whenever someone needs help, he is always there and is always willing to do whatever he can to solve the problem. He never gives up, and he always fights with the best hope. He seems almost perfect. However, he isn’t. In some episodes, he is shown to be weak and simply wants to show off. He isn’t perfect. He is also a human, he has feelings and thoughts. I’m am like Finn. I try my best at everything and enter battles with my highest hopes. However, sometimes, things just don't work out the way I want them to. I fail, but I know I have to get back up and try over and over again. Sucking at something is the first step to being kind of good at something.


12. Symbolic Recipe Ingredients: 1 stick unsalted manta ray 1 cup laughter pinch caring 1 teaspoon attitude ¼ cup adventure time 1 tablespoon tumblr 1 teaspoon tv shows 2 apple phones ¾ cup listening ¼ cup chopped friendliness Directions: Begin by preheating the oven at 350 degrees. In a bowl, begin by mixing the unsalted manta ray, laughter, attitude, and add a pinch of caring. Then in a separate bowl, mix in adventure time, tumblr and tv shows. After it is mixed well, add the 2 apple phones and mix well. Slowly begin to add this to the bowl with the manta ray, laughter, attitude and caring mixed together. Add in by thirds. Stir everything well, making sure there isn’t any ingredients unmixed. Finally, fold in listening, and pour into a baking pan. Sprinkle the chopped friendliness and bake at 350 degrees for 15-30 minutes. Tip: Be very careful when adding in attitude. Don’t want to overdo it.

Peer Edits: David S: Jennifer H: This was very interesting, but you should’ve added Twitter in to the ingredients. Jericho Y: @ Jennifer H.- Well it is a really good recipe, but it is supposed to be abstract things. That is the only thing I can see wrong with this. But other than that, I'd say that is very good work. Nadine N: @Jennifer H.: Your recipe is awesome! Can't wait to try it out. xD Your directions are just like how they write it in the books!


13. The Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse First of all I would like to apologize for being late to class and tell you how much I really appreciate the time you dedicate to teach us all the wonderful important things that will eventually help us. Now I know teachers don’t like it when their students are tardy, I mean I wouldn’t like it either. I hope you don’t see my lateness as a sign of disrespect to you because I totally respect you. You might be wondering why a wonderful child like me might be late but I assure you it was not of my will to be late. So I shall begin my story with your permission of course. I’ve never told you this before, even though I would have if I could but I am a spy. No, I don’t mean one of those lame people who go around butting in people’s business and spreading nasty rumors about them. I am a professional agent hired by the government to obtain certain information I can’t talk about in this explanation. This morning I was going about my usual spy business (putting on my disguise, getting my gadgets ready, forging documents and analyzing data) when I discovered a rival spy signal on my SPYdex. I quickly called headquarters and was informed I must eliminate this rival in order to keep government secrets intact. I quickly obtained my weapons including silencers, and followed the GPS on my SPYdex to school. I discovered that the rival spy was a pseudo-teacher here at our lovely school. I quickly took the matter into my hands, and disposed of the rival. I’m afraid he was a bit heavy, it wasn’t easy to get him to the dump, it took more time than I thought. Again I am truly sorry I’m late. Excuse me I have a call from headquarters.

Peer Edits: Austin D: @Jennifer H. Great Post! I really like your ultimate excuse! It was creative and sounds legit!


14. Telling Tales: Once, there was a small family that consists of a mother her two kids. The oldest son and a younger daughter. They weren’t very rich, but they were happy. One day, the mom had to leave the house to sell some rice cakes out in the village. So the children waited. However, it soon got dark and the children began to worry. Meanwhile, the mother was busy hiking over the mountains, but thinking of her two beautiful children helped her walk faster. Then appeared a frightening tiger. The mother begged for her life and said that she must return to her two children. And the tiger asked for one rice cake in return for her life. So she gave it to the tiger. However, the tiger wasn’t satisfied so he asked for all of them. But the tiger was still not satisfied, so he killed the mother and ate her. As if that wasn’t enough, the tiger remembered what the mother had said and proceeded to put on what used to be the mothers clothes and walked over to where the children was waiting for their mother. When the tiger got there, he asked the children to open the door. But the younger daughter asked, “Mom, your voice sounds different.” The tiger replied, “That’s because the cold wind gave me a sore throat.” The children didn’t believe the tiger, so they asked to see the mothers’ hands. So the tiger stuck his big paw through the door, but the children asked, “Why is your hand so big and furry?” The tiger replied, “That’s because I’ve been working too hard.” The children peeked through the small hole that the tiger made and saw that it wasn’t their mother. So they snuck out the back door. The tiger realized that they did not reply for too long, so he opened the door and search all over for them. The children climbed a tree to get away from the tiger. But the tiger saw their shadow from the tree so the tiger looked up. He asked how they got up there. The oldest brother told the tiger that they used oil to climb the tree. So the tiger grabbed some oil from the kitchen and rubbed himself all over and climbed the tree. But he fell right back to the ground. The younger daughter laughed and told the tiger that he could use an axe to climb the tree. The oldest brother quickly shut his sisters’ mouth, but it was too late. The tiger quickly found an axe and began climbing. The tiger began to get closer and closer. Both the siblings began praying to the heavens. Begging them, that if they wanted to help them, help them now. That’s when a rope from the heavens lowered and the siblings quickly grabbed it and they went up. When the tiger reached the top, the children were already gone. So the tiger began to pray just like them. Then a rope lowered and the tiger quickly grabbed it. But as he was climbing, the rope began to break because it was rotting. As the tiger began to get higher, the rope broke off, and the tiger landed on the ground and died. As of today, the oldest brother is the moon so that it wouldn’t be too dark for people and the younger daughter is the sun to bring life into the day.


15. Unfinished Sentences. I usually worry about my future. I’m so young and there are so many things to experience. However, I need to get there somehow. I have so much plans, but so many things may be in my way and I’m worried that I won’t be able to overcome it. I feel angry when people are ungrateful. There are so many people that are grateful for the smallest things and here is this person who is unhappy with everything, and is always unsatisfied. People like that don’t deserve anything good. I’m moody when I’m craving a specific food. I usually don’t like to eat out, but when I want to and I want something specific, I really want it and I have to have it now. I would do anything to get it. I’m happiest when people make me laugh. I really enjoy company that is able to make me laugh. Laughing is a cure for sadness. Every time I laugh, I seem to forget all the stress that I have, and I just laugh and am really happy. I feel confidant when people want to talk to me. I love company and I love talking. When people come up to me just to talk to me, I feel much appreciated and confidant about being myself. I don’t have to pretend to get them to like me. I feel frustrated when I can’t get something I’ve been wanting for so long. When I really want something, it means that I have thought about it for a long time. Which means I’ve asked myself, do I really need this. And even after contemplating it with myself and I can’t get it, it’s very frustrating. I feel depressed when I’m alone. When I’m alone and have a lot of time to myself, I tend to think a lot. And when I overthink, I think about things that shouldn’t matter and things that I shouldn’t even worry about. And overthinking depresses me. I am comfortable when I am around my friends. My friend make me feel so comfortable being myself. I know that I don't have to watch what I say or be careful. They give me a comfortable environment to be myself. I feel nervous when someone finds out my secret. I always have a reason for not telling people things. But when they find out what I didn't want to tell them, I don't know what to say. I don't know how to reply, because I don't want to lie, but I don't want to tell them the truth. I feel sentimental when I look back at old pictures. I see the old pictures and realize how much my friends and I have grown. I'm a senior now, and it's hitting pretty hard that I'm growing up. It's coming way too fast.


16. Personal Symbol:

I have a scented teddy bear. When I first saw this little guy, my friend was holding him. When he showed me this bear, I thought it looked very weird, but it smelled so good. It smelt like flowers. I was absolutely fascinated. This bear was then given to me one year later as our one year friendship anniversary. It was my first friendship anniversary present. To me, it means our friendship.


17. Map of Life:


18. A Mysterious Place A cool shudder down my spine, as I glanced around nervously seeing portraits staring at me from behind heaps of dust. Nothing else mattered and all I could think about was how alone I was, how alone in the dark left in the eerie hallway. Cold as stone just like the strange stone figure standing and looking towards me at the end of the hallway was how I felt. The only sign of life is the light, the light streaming in through a cracked window, causing shadows to form on the dark wall before me. As I walk forward, I can't help but feel that someone is following me, and watching me. Whirling around, I saw nothing but the empty hallway and the faces in the portraits staring at me. “Turn back” they seemed to say through the fear of their eyes, but I swallowed a nervous whimper and a gulp continuing into the dark rooms of the house. I entered a dark room in the center of the house. Shadows seemed to be swirling around my feet, sucking me in. In a burst of panic, I fumbled for a light switch. I flipped it up and down frantically waiting for the light, but none came. The room remained immersed in darkness. Fear settled in and deep down I knew that I was not alone in the dark. Something brushed across my back. I turned, but there was nothing there. Nothing I could see, that is. Outside I could hear the wind howling, which almost sounded like laughter to my panicked and confused mind. A low laugh broke my thoughts, directly in front of me. I screamed, but heard nothing in the overwhelming blackness. I was being drawn in, sucked in; drowning in pure evil, there was no escape… I couldn’t escape I felt so trapped and that was all I could think about then. In my head there was no one there, but in my mind there was. The thing that stood before me 24

was like nothing I had ever seen. I had no idea about what I was going to do. I screamed again, but heard nothing in the overwhelming blackness. I was still being drawn in, sucked in; drowning in pure evil and there was still no escape...


19. Synaptic: 1. Which is like a contest? A cloud or a sunset? A sunset, because at least the sun is aiming for a goal. The goal is to no longer show. While clouds just keep going and going. 2. Which is more fearful? New or old? New. It is change and change is always scary because we’re not used to it yet. 3. Which is more difficult? A dream or a nightmare? A dream. Dreams are very hard to make reality. Nightmares are something we don’t want to see at all, but they usually come a lot easier to us. 4. Which has more pride? An entrance or an exit? An entrance. It brings people into show what they are holding inside. To show off whatever is inside. 5. Which costs more? A home or a house? A home. You can always buy a house with money. But a home, it takes emotional effort. 6. Which is more suspenseful? Rain or snow? Snow. Snow falls slower than rain. Snow also may be swayed by the wind. 7. Which has less charm? A signature or an autograph? Signature. You never ask a famous person for their signature. 8. Which is more trustworthy? History or literature? Literature. It shows vividly the truth. They don’t try to hide anything unlike history. 9. Which is more useful? A friend or an enemy? An enemy. They will tell you the flaws about yourself so you can fix them. Friends might lie to you to not hurt your feelings. 10. Which is sadder? Seek or find? Find. It might not be what you wanted to find.


20. A Day in the Life After a long sleep in front of an ocean surrounded by great wonderful people, Jennifer woke up to the sound of crashing waves. When she woke up, she realized that she wasn't home, and remember that she was still camping with Marine Mania. She looked out her tent to be welcomed by the sun and the smell of salt water. Other people were already awake, but right in front of her, a few feet away, she said someone. Someone in the water, snorkeling already. It was Maile snorkeling in the early morning. When Jennifer checked the time, it was only 7:30am. Jennifer hurried and changed into her swimming clothes to join Maile. She grabbed some snorkels, put on some tabbies and hurried to the water. However, she did not jump in. Maile turned to see Jennifer carefully entering the water and laughed. They both laughed and Jennifer decided to fully enter the water. It was cold at first, but she got used to it. She was now ready to snorkel. She saw many fish and a lot of hard coral. They were everywhere. The current was also quite strong. So the water pushed her around so it was hard to stay at one area. However, it was beautiful and fun. When she left the water, she wished to go back every time.


21. These Words Belong to Me 1. Serenity This word is so peaceful. Just the way it sounds and its meaning. This word just makes me feel calm. 2. Smile Smiling is something I always want everyone to do. Smiling is so contagious. When you smile, the shoe world smiles with you. 3. Lazy Lazy would totally be my name if Jennifer wasn't already. 4. Hella Hella means more than a lot. It is fun to use and awesome to say. I love using it.


22. In Other Words Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid. - Albert Einstein The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive. - John Green We’re all damaged in our own way. Nobody is perfect. - Johnny Depp If today were the last day of your life, would you want to do what you are about to do today? - Steve Jobs She was a girl who knew how to be happy even when she was sad. And that’s important. - Marilyn Monroe Never say goodbye, because saying goodbye means going away. And going away means forgetting. - Peter Pan All our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them. - Walt E. Disney Scary monsters don’t have plaque! - Mike Wazowski The past can hurt. But you can either run from it or learn from it. - The Lion King Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are. - Ellen Degeneres


23. Flashback I would love to relive the one day when I was at Soul, Korea at Lotte World with my family. It was an amazing day. We all had so much fun. Recently everyone in the family is quite busy. I have to start getting ready for college while my parents are working to send me to college. Everyone is so busy, we barely get to eat dinner all together, and it’s very rare. If u were to relive it, I would laugh a lot more and take more pictures. It was so much fun, why wouldn't I want to relive it?


24. Remembrance of Things Present              

Marine Mania High School club that gave me a lot of memories. Manta Ray My favorite animal. Yoshi My favorite character. Iphone/Ipod My first ever hand-held device. John Green The first author that actually made me cry over a book. Hiking Seeing and experiencing amazing sightseeing views on Guam. Camping Sleeping under the stars with all my friends. Upward Bound College preparation program where I made a lot of friends. Adventure Time Favorite cartoon Naruto First ever anime I’ve watched. Highschool Friends People I’ve made memories with. Peekaboo Hair My weird highlights that I’ve had since sophomore year. Tatreau The one teacher that has given me amazing memories. My first guitar My dad got me it even though we were having financial issues.

Peer Edits: Frankieann B: @ Jenifer H. It will be helpful if you would explain to us readers what these things are because some of us don't know what these things are. For example, Upward Bound. Give us details. For example, what is Upward Bound about? For example, when did you get your first guitar? What kind of guitar. Little details can help readers understand what you are trying to tell us.


25. As Time Goes Bye-Bye Carpe diem 1. Learn how to surf Surfing would be an amazing and fun thing to learn and do as a hobby. I love the ocean and I love the beach, what more than to learn how to surf and learn to do something on what I love. 2. Dive with a Manta Ray Manta Rays are very peaceful animals. They don’t harm any animal, and because of its enormous size, no animal comes near harming it. Manta Rays just seem to enjoy their life as they swim around from place to place. I would love to dive near it, without it being afraid of me, while I get a little taste of the peaceful, happy life of a Manta Ray. 3. Leave to Hawaii Leaving to Hawaii means that I have come to a point in my life where I am old enough to separate from my parents and start my own life by paying bills and actually working. I believe it would be difficult, however, it would be the beginning of my life. 4. Swim with a whale shark Whale sharks are near extinction, just being able to see one in person is a once in a life time opportunity. However, being able to swim with the harmless creature would be a dream come true. Being able to experience its peaceful life. 5. Skydive straight into the Blue Hole I fear skydiving, however I love diving. I am willing to do something I fear to be able to do something I love. The blue hole is a great place to have an adventure and skydiving down is something that just seems like an extra adventure.

Peer Edits: Aubreylynn C: @Jennifer H. I haven't started on this prompt yet, but after reading yours I think I just might. I like how the things you wanted to do aren't extreme and over the top, but still attainable.


26. My Own List of Lists 1. People who have influenced me… 1. Mom 2. Deion 3. Maile 4. Tatreau 5. Dad 6. Timothy 2. Places that make me happy… 1. My room 2. Kitchens 3. A place with TV 4. Places with wifi 5. Infusion 6. Oka point 3. Places I would like to go… 1. Hawaii 2. Paris 3. Japan 4. Galapagos Island 5. Blue hole 6. Disney World 4. Things in people which I like… 1. Giving off happiness 2. Good listeners 3. Interested in Adventure Time 4. Also like the color blue 5. Love adventure 6. Looking at the bright side of things 5. Things in people which I dislike… 1. Liars 2. Attitude 3. Ungrateful people 4. People who are unhappy with everything 5. People who come to me for advice and do the complete opposite 6. Things that worry me… 1. My future 2. College tuition 3. Death before I swim with a Manta Ray 4. Endings of my favorite shows 5. Death of family 6. No money 7. Things I would like to know how to do… 1. Surf 2. Play the electric guitar 33

3. Be pretty 4. Put on flawless make up 5. Understand Trigonometry 6. Free dive 8. Things that have moved me… 1. Blackfish 2. The Cove 3. Tumblr 4. Peoples pasts 5. The Fault In Our Stars 6. Looking for Alaska 9. Ideas that intrigue me… 1. Going on a road trip 2. Swimming with a Manta Ray 3. Shutting down SeaWorld 4. High School reunions 5. Majoring in astronomy 6. Not going to college but being successful 10. My personal favorites… 1. Apple (products) 2. Color blue 3. Manta Rays 4. The ocean 5. Green Tea Tropical 6. Adventure Time 7. Boat Trips

Ariana F: @jennifer- I really enjoyed your story. It sounds so cute, I loved the way you wrote it. To me it seems like it’s a children story, but that’s a good thing. You can be an author for children books.


27. Cheer Yourself Up! 1. Watch TV 2. Go on tumblr 3. Listen to All Time Low 4. Look at a picture of a Manta Ray 5. Think about all the good things in my life. 6. Drive around blasting music 7. Sleep 8. Avoid people 9. Watch Teen Wolf 10. Draw what I feel 11. Watch a Disney movie 12. Read 13. Clean


28. Metamorphosis: I used to be: 1. shy 2. quiet 3. mean 4. closed 5. negative 6. awkward but now I’m: 1. outgoing 2. loud 3. kind 4. open 5. positive 6. still awkward


29. Picture This:


Julian Beever British chalk artist who has been creating trompe-l'Ĺ“il chalk drawings on pavement surfaces since the mid-1990s. He uses a projection technique called anamorphosis to create the illusion of three dimensions when viewed from the correct angle. It is often possible to position a person within the image as if they were interacting with the scene.


30. Look Who I Look Up To: Walt Disney. He was able to create a whole company with such an amazing mato. I admire that the message is “You can do anything you dream of.” It’s very simple and nice. I also admire that he also dreamed of a better world for everyone and that’s exactly what he created. John Green. I love how John Green actually studied to be a priest, but after his experience working at a children’s hospital and experiencing children illnesses, he was able to write “The Fault In Our Stars.” I admire how something like that inspired him to create such an amazing book and be so famous. Steve Jobs. He never really graduated from college, but he was still able to end up very successful. I don’t completely agree that you’ll end up fine even if you don’t go to college, but he was able to do such a thing. Simply because he felt like college didn’t exceed his abilities. I admire that about him. It’s great that he did all that simply because he “wanted to.”


31. Remembering the Child: My mom’s favorite memory of me was when I was in elementary school. Because I was her first daughter, she would always do my hair before I went to school. She did it because she enjoyed it. She loved the way it looked and she would send me to school so proud. But then, I would always come back from school with my hair an absolute mess and my hair pins, nowhere to be found. And then the next day, a teacher would call and notify my mom that she found one of my hair pins. And my mom would just always laugh but be so mad at the same time.


32. One Medium Suitcase: 1. My phone I cannot live without my phone. It is my everything. You can tell because it’s the first on my list. 2. Charger for my phone I cannot have a working phone without its charger. 3. Three pairs of clothes I still need things to wear. I mean, I could have the clothes on my back, but I’ll still need clothes to wear for when I wash the ones I’m wearing. 4. Wallet with money I would take all the money I have, because I’ll need food and water to actually survive.


33. The Perfect Present The perfect gift, the one gift that I always secretly yearned for, is quite simple. It’s happiness. It sounds so cheesy and too simple, because everyone wants happiness. Yes, true. However, what a lot of people cannot do, is define happiness. People may be able to describe their happiness and what makes them happy. However, what is true happiness? Happiness would be the perfect gift for me because I would be able to enjoy life at its fullest. I don’t want to go about my life trying to survive. I want to live. I want to enjoy every moment of it, without looking at any of the negatives and just simply be happy. As a human being, it is hard not to look at the negatives. We point out our own flaws and mistakes, other’s flaws, and flaws in the world. I, as everyone else, noticed that I have been doing that a lot more often. I remember as a child, I was so happy about the smallest things. I was grateful for the slightest thing. However, now that I have grown, I’ve noticed flaws and dislikes, which prevent me from enjoying some things and being happy. Happiness could impact my life in the greatest way possible. I can be able to live my life enjoying the smallest things. Happiness is also very contagious. Which means, not only will I be happy, but I can make others happy as well. This gift will not only change my life, but it is capable of changing someone else’s entire day. What can be a greater gift than making yourself and others happy?

Peer Edits: Marlena I: @Jennifer H., The writing was great! Although, you may have to look at it one more time. I saw a few things that need to be corrected.


34. Memorable Event: I’m not sure why this is so memorable to me, but it is when I watched one whole season of Teen Wolf in one day. This was something that I have never done, mainly because I never was so interested in such a show. I also just recently got into it. I always disliked it. But one day, once all of my friends convinced me to watch the show, I couldn’t stop watching it. In just 2 weeks, I caught up to all 3 seasons of the show, and each season contained 22 episodes. I was just so fascinated that I actually accomplished that.


35. How to… How to make a friend. Step 1: Find someone you want to be friends with. Step 2: Put a smile on your face. Step 3: Slowly, but not awkwardly approach. Step 4: Say hello. Step 5: Introduce yourself. Step 6: Ask him/her to introduce themselves. Step 7: Find a common interest. Step 8: Yes common interest, skip to Step 14. No common interest, keep reading Step 9: Act like you’re interested in what they’re interested in. Step 10: Let them keep talking, smile and nod. Step 11: Get to understand why they are interested in that topic. Step 12: Ask questions. Step 13: Now you have a common interest. If not, repeat Steps 9 to 13. If so, keep reading. Step 14: talk about that common interest. Step 15: Keep the conversation going by asking questions or by coming up with new topics. Step 16: You just made a friend. Note: Don't be rude! Be friendly, keep the ball rolling, and SMILE!

Peer Edits: Joshua F: @Jeniffer- your story is awesome.


36. Always Say Never 1. Repeat middle school. I hated middle school. I never want to repeat it again. There are really bad memories and really bad people that I had to bare with. 2. Live in Dededo. The traffic going up and going down from there is absolutely horrible. I never want to live up there and have to deal with that. 3. Go camping in a jungle. The misquotes are awful. I hate them so much. I feel like they have no purpose except to cause irritation towards people. 4. Study social studies. I don't like history. I think it's boring. After high school, I never want the seriously study social studies. 5. Live without my phone. I love my phone so much. I can't see a day without my phone. I actually won't be able to live without it, so I don't want to.


37. Are You Hungry? The best dish I ever tired wasn’t really a meal. It was a dessert. I loved this ice cream from Frostbite. It’s a shaved ice cream. It’s such an interesting form of ice cream. It was literally shaved ice cream. Just like shaved ice, it was shaved, but with flavoring. But at the same time, it wasn’t just shaved ice. It was as if they melted ice cream, then froze it again, then shaved it up to be served. It was very interesting and very tasty.


38. Where I’m From: I’m from a small island called Guam. It isn’t very big or well known. But it’s really nice. A lot of people don’t appreciate Guam, but those are the people that have never actually experienced the beautiful places on Guam. This island has some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. Throughout my life as a high school student at George Washington High, I will never be able to forget the friendships I’ve made and the people I’ve met. They have all shaped me in so many different ways. Guam has made me to be who I am today.


39. Deck of 52: 52 Things About Me Suit: Things I like A. Iphones 2. Being lazy 3. TV shows 4. Manta Rays 5. The ocean 6. The color blue 7. Surfing 8. The moon 9. Food 10. Beautiful views J. Music Q. My Car K. Money Suit: Things I don’t like A. homework 2. fake people 3. attitude 4. bad parking 5. people who turn without signaling 6. tan lines 7. insects 8. roaches 9. skirts 10. bad glue J. Japanese class Q. spitting K. annoying people Suit: Things I’ll never do A. hate the color blue 2. quite apple products 3. cliff dive 4. say no to watching finding nemo 5. leave home without my phone 6. die my hair pink 7. eat turtle 8. read a book twice 9. have a child before marriage 10. voluntarily watch a horror movie J. cry over a love story 48

Q. hate the rain K. be youtube famous Suit: Things I’ve always wanted to do A. skydive 2. dive with a manta ray 3. see a sea turtle in the wild 4. live where theres a view 5. get a laptop 6. go fully blond 7. dive in the blue hole 8. ride a convertible 9. own a go pro 10. have a care free day J. sleep for a whole day Q. explore more than Guam K. meet a queen


40. The Examined Life Bad Side: 1. Skin 2. Envious 3. Nose 4. No cash 5. Lazy 6. Inactive 7. Easily angered 8. Can’t manage time 9. Dislike people easily 10. I compare a lot Good Side: 1. Hair 2. Quick to understand 3. Neat 4. Good listener 5. Creative 6. Fast Reader 7. Laugh a lot 8. Easy to talk to 9. Adventurous 10. Finding reasons to be happy

Peer Edits: Armani O: @Jennifer H : You’re simply great, did what was told. Raff B: @Jennifer H. I like the honesty about what you're saying and I can compare to some


41. Annual Report:

A year ago, I was a junior in high school. I had less friends last year. However, I feel as if I was slightly happier last year than I am this year. Maybe it’s because of the stress in my life, currently. Last year, school and everything was a lot less stressful. Now that I’m a senior, I have to prepare for college, finish high school, and finalize my high school life to start a new. Everything is very overwhelming. However, I do feel like I learned a lot more this year than I did last year. So I would not like to go back to my old life. I like my life, here now.


42. Ekphrasis:

“Son, I’m so sorry that I have put you through this.” said the Edward as he looked at his frightened son. “No. I’m okay. We both will be.” said Connor as he knelt down before his father. “We’ve made it this far.” “But in the process, we’ve lost your mother.” Edward replied. He could no longer look at his son. He covered his face with one hand, covering his face with the blood of the enemy. Connor stayed silent, listening to the sound of the water crashing into the side of whatever was left of the ship. He looked around, knelt before his father, seeing nothing but dead bodies. His hands were covered in their blood, but that was the least of his worries. “I just wished a better life for you.” Edward finally said, breaking the silence. “But father, what more could a son ask for, from a father who has become a hero?” “A hero?” Edward said in disbelief. “What kind of hero kills countless of men? I am no hero.” 52

“But you are. My hero.” Connor said with whatever energy he had left in him. “You saved me. And now, together, we can sail these seas and take revenge on the men that killed my mother. Together. You and me.” “Then today, we have become pirates.” Edward announced. “We can never go back to the life we used to live”


43. Visually Speaking:


44: Lessons I Learned After It Was Too Late: I always seem to learn to keep my mouth shut, after it's too late. This happens in too many occasions. It's happens a lot with my mom. Whenever I am angry, I tend to say everything that is on my mind to her. Then the minute I let it out, I realize that had made a mistake, but it is too late for me to take it back.


45. The Door: When I walk out that door, I want mountains and mountains our ice cream. There will be ice cream everywhere and I will have a spoon ready, to eat everything. It's always so got on Guam, it would be nice to walk out the door and enjoy something cold. Of course snow would be a nice choice too, but you can't eat snow. Well, I guess you can, but it's not delicious like ice cream. And it will be free too! When I walk out that door, I don't want a group of teachers giving me homework or telling me that there are upcoming assignments that I need to start on. I don't want to do anymore work. I don't want to get ready for more work. I don't want to do anything. I would like to go home and take a long nap and not worry about homework. So, no teachers should be outside that door! Nope, not allowed.


46. Advice to the Young Dear youngling,

You're quite very young, which means you have so much more to experience in life. By my experience, I can honestly tell you, to be yourself. I know, you hear it all the time, "Be yourself." "Don't change yourself." That's all true. Although you hear this so many times, you cannot understand how true it is. While you're young, you shouldn't try to change yourself for people to like you. Because when you're being yourself, people that like you for you will come into your life when you least expect it. Also, be happy and enjoy life. Live life everyday like it's your last. Because it just might be. Smile more and take every opportunity that comes to you. I guarantee you, by doing all of this, you won't regret anything. Why? Because you just lived your life, and you're going to keep living.

You're welcome, Jenn


47. Who Am I? 1. Mother: I know what you're thinking. No, I am not a mom. I simply have two younger siblings and parents that constantly work to keep food on our table. So, as the oldest, I am expected to be a mother figure when my actual mom isn't able to be around. I pick up and drop off, feed, and look after them. 2. Maid: I'm always constantly cleaning. Maybe it's because I'm the oldest or maybe it's because I just want things clean. But I'm always the one cleaning. I get very irritated when things around me aren't clean. I am also expected to be the one cleaning at home. If something is put away, my parents will turn straight to me first. 3. Chauffeur: I always drive people around. Especially family members. Now that I drive, I always have to be the one to drive them around. Mainly because we don't each have a car. So I have to drop my mom to work, my brother to wherever they want to go, and places anyone else needs to go. They mainly ask me because I don't complain. I don't mind driving, it clears my head. 4. Artist: Don't get me wrong. I'm not the best artist in the world. Actually, I'm not even that good. However, I can draw. So when it comes to projects that need to be decorated or anything that needs to be drawn, I'm almost always asked to do it. No one ever makes me do it, they always ask and I agree to do it. 5. Phone addict: Every time you see me, I will always, and I mean always, have my phone with me. I will either be texting, in twitter or tumblr. Either way, I'm on my phone. It is the one thing that I will never be able to live without. If I were to grab one thing from a burning building, it would be, without a doubt, my phone.


48. Rewarding Experiences: 1. Hiking to Augue Cove The view was so amazing. The waters were crystal blue and so pretty. We also jumped off a rock and into the water. It was so beautiful. 2. Hiking to Mt Lam Lam Although we couldn’t do anything except look, the view was definitely breathtaking. I was able to hiking to the highest point on Guam and it was an amazing feeling and view. 3. Flying to Korea When I was in the airplane going to Korea from Guam, I was able to get an overview of Korea. It was so pretty and the lights were amazing. 4. Doing my homework I finally got a good grade and it was an awesome feeling to get some good grades after not getting them in a while. 5. Finishing my G3 project I got a really good grade, but I also got to present my project to almost the whole school. It was so much fun. Everyone had to pay attention and look at my beautiful board and fun game.


49. Valuable Lesson: 1. Starting a conversation first: I can now start a conversation first, and not wait and hope for people to talk to me first. 2. Typing: I can type fast and get essays done quickly on a computer. 3. Driving: I don't have to rely on anyone. 4. Writing an essay: I need it in so many situations, such as college applications and scholarships. 5. Smiling: It makes yourself more approachable. 6. Diving: It's so useful for what I want to do with my life. 7. Articulation: I can present in front of many people without being nervous. 8. Letting go: I won't let things bother me so easily. 9. Walking: Without it, I would be a vegetable. 10. Sitting: If I didn't learnt I sit, my legs would kill me.


50. Futures - Fantasy and Fact: Fantasy: My life 10 years from now would be perfect. I would be living in a beach house in Hawaii, finishing up my masters degree in marine biology. I would be coming home from surfing. My house will have a lot of windows so that I can see out into the ocean and the sun setting. I will have already swam with a manta ray and a whale shark. I would be invited to explore the oceans to study manta rays and whale sharks. Fact: I would still be on Guam, attending UOG. Aiming for a masters degree in marine biology. I would have moved out of my parents’ house and have gotten my own apartment, nothing big and fancy, just a small affordable one with a roommate. I would spend most of my time down at the marine lab, concentrating on my studies to get my degree. I can apply to a college in Hawaii after I get my bachelors degree. I wouldn’t be able to afford a beach house, but I could work my butt off to get an apartment near a beach. I would love to take lessons to learn how to surf, but only during my free time, because I would still need to focus on my studies to be able to graduate with a masters degree.



If someone were to pick up my portfolio and read up to page 39, the first thing they would say is, “Man, this person loves Manta Rays.” I have mentioned Manta Rays countless of times. They would also get the impression that I love the ocean and also get a brief of what I want to do with my life after high school. They would think that I am a quite shy person. Someone who isn’t that outspoken of out there. But soon enough learn that I want to do something with my life. That I would change myself, from being shy to being outspoken, just to do something with my life. I don’t want to die without being able to help someone or made an impact with my life.


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