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July 2012





Message from the Area Coordinator It is my great pleasure to introduce our first issue of the OB/HRM Area Bulletin! Every year, our SBE colleagues generate an amazing set of accomplishments but these often fly under the radar. With this newsletter, we hope to update everyone on the impressive work being done by the OB/HRM area, celebrate these accomplishments, and foster communication, connections, and potential collaborations with our colleagues in all areas of SBE. With that in mind, I would like to highlight some of the fantastic OB/HRM accomplishments! Research. Our area continues to generate an impressive amount of high quality research. In the last year alone, we published in a notable array of top-tier outlets including the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Management, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, and Personnel Psychology. Our faculty members have also been awarded prestigious external grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation (Ontario Early Researcher Award). Teaching. Our faculty members had another tremendous year in the classroom, amassing an impressive number of teaching commendations and accolades including an award for SBE Faculty Member of the Year for D’Arcy Delamere! Service. Our faculty members were busy participating in a remarkable number of committees and initiatives that enhance SBE (e.g., new building committee, staff review committee), the university (e.g., senate), the Waterloo community (e.g., Board of Directors), and our academic community (e.g., editorial boards, executive of the Conflict Management division at the Academy of Management). Administration. Lisa Keeping became the Undergraduate Business Programs Director. She joins Kim Morouney (Associate Dean of Business: Academic Programs) and Gene Deszca (Associate MBA Director) as OB/HRM members who are making significant contributions to SBE through administrative roles. Graduate Programs. Our graduate students have collected an extraordinary array of awards, presentations, and publications. They also won prestigious awards including SSHRC grants and an award for the Best Masters Research in Canada. Personally, I am extremely proud to be a part of group that is generating so many achievements which reflect positively on all of us in the SBE. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy getting to know us better and will celebrate our accomplishments with us. Laurie J. Barclay

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Introducing our New Faculty Members A warm welcome to our recent additions! Dr. Yujie (Jessie) Zhan

Another stream of Jessie’s work, older worker employment and retirement, is stimulated by the trends in global aging. In the summer of 2011, the OB/HRM Her research integrates multiple theoretical perspectives to area welcomed Dr. Yujie (Jessie) Zhan examine the factors that contribute to employees’ retirementto Wilfrid Laurier. Jessie came to related decision making process and their adjustment process Laurier from the University of to retirement. Jessie’s research has been published in top tier Maryland where she completed her academic journals including Academy of Management JourPhD in 2011 in the area of Industrial/ nal, Journal of Applied Psychology, and Personnel PsycholoOrganizational Psychology. Jessie’s gy. Jessie also sits on the editorial board for the Journal of research explores the dynamic nature Business and Psychology. Also, her research on the health of psychological processes. Her curoutcomes of working after retirement has received attention rent research primarily focuses on two areas: emotion regula- from several media outlets including BBC News, New York tion at work and employee retirement. Times, US News & World Report, etc. The first research stream, the expression and regulation of emotions, examines emotional labor of people with service jobs. Given that service providers are required to consistently express a cheerful emotion at work, they may experience high levels of work stress, and they may have to adopt certain strategies to regulate their emotions and behaviors in interacting with different types of customers. Applying a multilevel perspective, Jessie’s research examines both temporary and time-invariant factors to explore the dynamic process of emotion regulation process in customer-employee interaction.

Dr. Ivona Hideg Dr. Ivona Hideg will be joining the OB/ HRM area from the University of Toronto (Rotman School of Management) beginning in July 2012. Ivona has already published in several top-tier outlets (e.g., Journal of Applied Psychology and Psychological Science) and received numerous awards (e.g., Best Paper awards from the OB division at the Academy of Management and the Canadian Psychological Association). Her research interests include cultural variations in the social effects of emotions, diversity, and culture in the workplace. In addition to her research prowess, she has also received an Excellence in Teaching Award.

Since arriving at Laurier, Jessie has been involved in many areas, from teaching BU288 to sitting on graduate and tenure track search committees for the OB/HRM area. In the spring and summer of 2012 Jessie has several papers to be presented at various conferences including the 2012 Annual Conference of Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology in San Diego, CA and the 2012 Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Boston, MA.

Dr. Manuela Priesemuth In July 2012, Dr. Manuela Priesemuth will join the OB/HRM area from the University of Central Florida (Department of Management, College of Business Administration). Manuela is an extremely active researcher. In addition to numerous manuscripts that have been invited for revision at top-tier outlets, she already has several publications including an article in the Journal of Change Management. Her dissertation was nominated for the Best Dissertation Award from the Social Issues in Management Division at the Academy of Management. Manuela has also previously won a Best Paper award from this same division. Manuela’s research interests include workplace deviance (e.g., abusive supervision), leadership, behavioral ethics, and organizational justice.

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Get to Know Our OB/HRM Tenure-Track Faculty

The 411 on the OB/HRM Area

Dr. Laurie Barclay, Associate Professor and OB/HRM Area Coordinator The past year has been a busy one for Laurie. On the research front, Laurie had four papers accepted for publication, including two top-tier publications. She has also been nominated for the Cambridge Scholars Best Paper Award at the Institute of Work Psychology conference. The winner of this award will be announced at the conference, so keep your fingers crossed! Laurie has also been successful at attracting external funding. In addition to the SSHRC grant that she was awarded in 2011, she was also the recipient of the Ontario Early Researcher Award from the Ontar-

io Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation in 2012. Together, these grants will allow her to further develop workplace interventions that are aimed at helping employees who have experienced unfairness in the workplace recover from these negative experiences. In addition to her intervention work, Laurie currently has over 10 research projects in development focusing on issues surrounding workplace fairness, aggression, and emotions. These projects include collaborations with scholars in India, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. In addition to her research, Laurie has also been busy with teaching and course coordinating, serving as the OB/HRM Graduate Field Coordinator, as well as chairing and participating in a number of committees. She began her term as OB/HRM area coordinator on May 1.

Dr. Amy Christie, Assistant Professor

Amy’s research interests focus on status, power, leadership, and Amy has been extremely busy personally and employee well-being in the workplace. Amy has a number of professionally over the last year. On a publications, including two papers published in the Journal of Applied Psychology (a top-tier publication). In one of personal front, Amy is responsithe papers, Amy and her coauthor tracked National ble for our group’s “most Basketball Association (NBA) players over the course adorable” contribution – her son of five years. They found that status inequalities in Micah was born in August, basketball teams were associated with the players’ 2011. Micah joins big brother individual performance and physical health over the Callum as one of our “honorary” course of time. Amy currently has 10 projects in area group members (they are also, hands down, the development, including two manuscripts that are curcutest members of our area group). Micah rently invited for revision and one paper that has been accepted for publication. On a professional front, Amy continues to do exceptional research. Amy is very humble about her research, so we are On a teaching front, Amy’s undergraduate students have continpleased to toot her horn for her! In 2009, Amy was not only the ued to reward her innovative lectures with teaching commendarecipient of a SSHRC grant, but she was also nominated for the Aurora Prize. This prize is awarded by SSHRC to an outstanding tions – which she receives every time she teaches! Amy is excited to get back to the classroom and we are all so excited to have new researcher in the social sciences or humanities. Amy back from maternity leave!

Dr. Gene Deszca, Professor and Associate MBA Director

Gene has been actively involved in the development and continued coordination of the international concentration for the undergraduate program. This program adopts an integrated approach to Gene has been on sabbatical over the last teaching and culminates in a two-week international field trip year but that was not an excuse to put his with the students. feet up! Gene has been busy working on a variety of initiatives for our undergrad- Gene also published a book (with co-authors Tupper Cawsey and uate and MBA programs as well as Cynthia Ingols) entitled Organizational Change: An Actionbuilding international connections be- Oriented Toolkit. The book discusses how managers at all levels tween SBE and several partner universities. While at the Univer- must diagnose organizational issues, develop a compelling vision, sity of Stellenbosch (in South Africa), he was invited to present a engage others in this collective journey, and bring change to fruitwo hour talk as part of the university’s “Leader’s Angle” series. tion. An edited version of the talk is taking YouTube by storm – at the time of publication, this video already had 300 views which is Gene has also been busy sharing his expertise with a variety of quite impressive for an academic clip! You can check it out at: public and private sector organizations. He is on the board of Turbosonic Technologies and is a past board member of the Society of Management Accountants of Canada (2004–2011).

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Get to Know Our OB/HRM Tenure-Track Faculty The 411 on the OB/HRM Area Dr. Greg Irving, Professor

place depend on the type of breach that occurred and employees’ trust in the organization.

Greg has been heavily involved in the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC). In addition to organizing the annual ASAC conference in 2009, he also served as President (2009-2010) and Past President (2010-2011) for this organization. Greg also recently completed a term as the Editor-in-Chief for the Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science.

Greg is also working on a multi-wave study exploring expectations in WLU undergrad students. This includes examining how expectations form and how these expectations then influence students’ attitudes and behaviors. Greg is particularly interested in how met expectations influence student satisfaction and commitment. He is also exploring the role of disappointment in the relationship between expectations and employee reactions, such as turnover interventions.

On the research front, Greg has continued to explore issues related to met expectations. In an article published in the Greg recently finished a term as the OB/HRM area coordiJournal of Applied Psychology, Greg and his authors found nator and is currently serving on the Research Ethics Board. that employees’ reactions to broken promises in the workhas also been providing executive coaching as well as conDr. Lisa Keeping, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Business Programs sulting for organizations in the domains of employee selection and development. Director If you spot a whirlwind going through the halls of the Schlegel or Peters building that would be our own Lisa Keeping! Lisa began her term as the Undergraduate Business Programs Director in 2011. She has been extremely busy with a variety of initiatives for our undergraduate program as well as serving on a vast array of committees and boards that are aimed continually improving student and faculty experiences in SBE.

Lisa’s research examines the process and outcomes of performance evaluations from the perspectives of managers conducting the evaluations and employees being evaluated. Her most recent paper, published in Human Resource Management Review, provided an integrative review for research on conscious rating distortion – the notion that managers can rate their employees with motives other than accuracy – and used regulatory focus theory to provide a framework for understanding this phenomenon.

Lisa is known for her coaching and consulting abilities – Lisa is currently hard at work on three manuscripts that skills which are recognized by her students who reward her have been invited for revision at top-tier outlets. with teaching commendations every time she teaches! Lisa

Dr. Kim Morouney, Associate Dean of Business: Academic Programs and Associate Professor Kim Morouney is our resident “firefighter”. In her position as the Associate Dean of Business: Academic Programs, she is constantly putting out the fires that can flare up when you are responsible for curriculum, program design, and academic integrity issues for 4500 students! Kim is also proactively leading a number of initia-

tives in SBE – we would list them all it would be exhausting to read, let alone execute! We don’t know how she does it! In addition to her work as an Associate Dean, Kim also develops software to analyze language. She is the founder and president of Listen Corporation, which works primarily with market researchers. Her company tagline seems to apply equally well to her approach with faculty and students: “If you want to know what your customers really think, just LISTEN.”

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Get to Know Our OB/HRM Tenure-Track Faculty The 411 on the OB/HRM Area Dr. Chet Robie, Professor Chet is our resident expert in personality testing. Personality testing has become a critical component of personnel selection. However, prospective employees often try to “fake” their answers to personality tests. Chet examines the implications of faking and how to prevent it. His work helps organizations ensure that they are hiring the right people for the job. His research has been funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and published in top-tier journals such as the Journal of Applied Psychology and Personnel Psychology. He has also served on the editorial boards of Human Performance and the

Journal of Business & Psychology. In addition to his research, Chet has been busy consulting for a variety of organizations on issues related to personnel selection systems and web-based reference-checking. He has also served on the Professional Advisory Board for SkillSurvey Inc. and on the Board of Directors for Community Justice Initiatives. Chet has also been extremely busy serving the OB/HRM and SBE community. Chet runs the SBE research participation system, course coordinates 354 (Intro to Human Resources Management), and serves on the research ethics board, just to name a few of his many responsibilities.

dents will be presenting their work at the annual conferences of the Academy of Management and the AdministraSimon’s research interests lie in the areas tive Sciences Association of Canada. of creativity, teams, leadership, and the impact of aligning human resources Simon has also been actively involved in the EMTM promanagement policies and practices with gram. In addition to supervising several student projects, he organizational strategy. created the course “Designing and Leading the Innovative Organization”. Over the past year, Simon has been busy supervising three PhD students: Michael Kay, Lisa Kuron, Simon has served as the Associate Editor for Personnel Reand Sarah Vermunt. Simon’s students work on a diverse set view as well as on the editorial board for the Journal of of topics, including entrepreneurial values, job search strate- Business & Psychology. gies, and interpersonal communication. This year, his stuDr. Simon Taggar, Professor

Did You Know All of our faculty members with supervisory status in the graduate program have at least 2 top-tier publications, including our newest faculty member who graduated in 2011! According to Google Scholar, one of our faculty members has over 1770 citations…we would tell you who, but we would prefer if you would read our research to find out  OB/HRM folks are everywhere – one of our faculty members served on 18 different committees in the last year alone!

Since 2011, one of our faculty members and her two graduate students have been awarded $442,985 in external funding! As part of our internationalization initiatives, one of our faculty members has been building bridges all over the world including Belgium, France, Germany, and South Africa! Don’t you wish that you had stamps in your passports like that?! Our tenure track faculty have amassed more than $1,250,000 in external funding! And that doesn’t even count grants awarded to graduate students or internal funding!

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Meet Our Graduate Students (SSHRC). This prestigious award provides $105,000 worth of funding to exceptional graduate students. Congratulations to both Annika Hillebrandt and Dave Whiteside who are the only graduate students from the School of Business & Economics who have ever received this impressive award!

search in Canada Award from the Human Resources Research Institute, which is part of the Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario. Our students are also busy Graduate Programs presenting and serving as symposium Our OB/HRM graduate students have chairs at prestigious international conhad an extremely successful year. For ferences (e.g., Academy of Managethe second year in a row, we are very ment; Society for Industrial/ proud to announce that one of our OB/ Organizational Psychology) as well as HRM students has received a doctoral Our students are also garnering napublishing their research (e.g., Journal -level Joseph-Armand Bombardier tional and international recognition for of Business Venturing, Relations Canada Graduate Scholarship from their research. We are thrilled to anIndustrielles, and Research in Social the Social Science and Humanities nounce that Dave Whiteside was the Issues in Management). Research Council of Canada recipient of the Best Masters Re-

Annika Hillebrandt is currently completing her MSc in OB/HRM and will be joining our PhD program in September, 2012. Annika has a background in psychology (from McGill) and served as a full-time research assistant for two years at the University of Pennsylvania. Her passion for research combined with an impressive work ethic has resulted in a Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship (awarded by SSHRC) at both the MSc and PhD levels. Annika’s research focuses on justice and emotions in the workplace. Specifically, she is exploring how coworkers’ emotions impact whether people feel fairly treated in the workplace. Annika’s doctoral research will use a combination of experimental and field methodologies and aims to address important theoretical gaps in the field of organizational justice.

Michael Kay is a PhD candidate in the OB/HRM graduate program. His dissertation research focuses on attitudes to success and failure with particular focus on choices made by entrepreneurs. Michael recently published his research in the Journal of Business Venturing. He has also presented at leading conferences including the Academy of Management and the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada.

Lisa Kuron is a PhD candidate in the OB/HRM graduate program. Her dissertation research focuses on issues related to job search, including what goals job seekers hold and how these goals impacts job search strategies and outcomes. Lisa has presented her research at the Academy of Management (a premier conference in the OB/HRM field). Lisa was also part of a collaborative research team that won a Best Paper Award from the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada and has published an article in Relations Industrielles. Lisa has been awarded an Ontario Graduate Scholarship to help support her doctoral studies.

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Meet Our Graduate Students Continued from page 6

Saba Sharih is a PhD candidate in the OB/HRM graduate program. Her dissertation research focuses on the role of interpersonal traits in the development of work relationships. Saba has presented at leading conferences including the Academy of Management and the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada.

Teodora Trifan is currently a student in our MSc program and we are delighted to welcome her to our PhD program starting in September, 2012. As part of her Masters’ degree, she has been exploring why, when, and how people’s expectations change and how this influences their attitudes, emotions, and behaviors in the workplace. This research not only has important theoretical contributions, but it will also help managers better understand how to manage their employees’ expectations and what events are likely to lead to changes in expectations.

Sarah Vermunt is a PhD candidate in the OB/HRM graduate program. Her research interests focus on interpersonal communication in the workplace, with a specific interest in how computer-mediated-communication impacts employees’ relationships with their managers. Her research has been presented at the Academy of Management, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada. Sarah’s research has been supported by an Ontario Graduate Scholarship. Sarah is also an enthusiastic teacher and has taught BU288 (Introduction to Organizational Behavior).

Dave Whiteside is a PhD candidate in OB/HRM graduate program. Dave joined our program as an MSc student; his MSc research focused on employee silence and highlighted why this phenomena develops in organizations and the consequences of silence for employees. This research won the Best Masters Research in Canada Award from the Human Resources Research Institute/Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario. Dave has also been awarded the prestigious Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada. This grant will support Dave’s doctoral research examining issues related to fairness in the workplace.

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Alumni Update Where are they now? Joel Marcus graduated from our PhD program in articles in Business & Society, has a number of manu2010. Since that time, Joel has been busy developing his research program. His dissertation was nominated for the Best Dissertation Award from the Social Issues in Management at the Academy of Management, one of our premier conferences. He has also published two

scripts under review, and was awarded the Best Paper Award from the Social Responsibility division at the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada annual conference. Congrats to Joel!

Blast from the Past In addition to being a group of highly prolific researchers and dedicated teachers, we also take the time to have some fun. In addition to our annual “Hot Dog Roast” in September, you can find us “striking out” (in a good way!) at the local bowling alley or rocking a pair of shades in “exotic” locales like San Antonio, just to name a few of our many talents.

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Recent Publications Refereed Journal Articles Barclay, L. J., & Kiefer, T. (in press) Approach or avoid? Exploring overall justice and the differential effects of positive and negative emotions. Journal of Management. DOI: 10.1177/0149306312441833 Christiansen, N. D., & Robie, C. (2011). Further consideration of the use of narrow trait scales. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science, 43, 183-194. Christie, A.M., Barling, J., & Turner, N. (2011). Pseudotransformational leadership: Model specification and outcomes. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 41, 2943 – 2984.

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Kiefer, T., & Barclay, L. J. (in press). Understanding the mediating role of toxic emotional experiences in the Wang, M., Liao, H., Zhan, Y., & Shi, J. (2011). Daily customer mistreatment and employee sabotage against relationship between negative emotions and adverse customers: Examining emotion and resource peroutcomes. Journal of Occupational and Organizaspectives. Academy of Management Journal, 54, tional Psychology. DOI: 10.111/j.2044312-334. 8325.2012.02055.x Liu, S., Zhan, Y., & Wang, M. (2011). Person-centric work psychology: Additional insights on its tradition, nature, and research methods. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, 4, 105-108. [The first two authors share equal contribution to this article.]

Wang, M., Zhan, Y., McCune, E. A., & Truxillo, D. (2011). Understanding newcomers’ adaptabilities and workrelated outcomes: Testing the mediating roles of perceived P-E fit variables. Personnel Psychology, 64, 163-189.


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Recent Publications

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Barclay, L. J., & Kiefer, T. (2012, June). Approach or avoid? Exploring overall justice perceptions and the mediating roles of positive and negative emotions. Ostroff, C., & Zhan, Y. (2012). The role of personPaper Presentation at the Institute of Work Psycholenvironment fit in selection. In N. Schmitt (Ed.), ogy Conference, Sheffield, UK. Handbook of personnel assessment and selection (pp. 252-273). Oxford University Press. Bies, R. J., Tripp, T. M., & Barclay, L. J. (2012, August). Barriers on the road to forgiveness: A macro perWang, M., & Zhan, Y. (2012). Employee-organization relaspective. Paper Presentation at the Annual Meeting tionship in older workers. In L. M. Shore, J. A-M. of the Academy of Management, Boston, MassachuCoyle-Shapiro, & Tetrick, L. (Eds.), The employeesetts. organization relationship: Applications for the 21st century (pp. 427-454). New York: Psychology Press. Chan, V. W. S., Lian, H., Robie, C., & Brown, D. J. (2012, April). Leadership prototypes based on the Big Five Zhan, Y. (forthcoming). Designing early retirement incendimensions. Paper presentation at the Annual meettive package. In M. Wang (Ed.), Handbook of reing of the Society for Industrial and Organizational tirement. Oxford University Press. Psychology, San Diego, CA.

Book Chapters continued...

Refereed Conference Proceedings

Christie, A.M., Dionisi, A., & Barling, J. (2012, June). Gaining power, reactive egoism, and self-interested Kuron, L. K. J., Lyons, S., Schweitzer, L., & Ng, E. S. W. behavior. Paper presentation at the 2012 Canadian (2012). Growing up and settling down? Comparing Psychological Association Convention, Halifax, NS. the work values of pre-career and working Millennials. Proceedings of the Administrative Sciences AssoDawson, A., Sharma, P., Irving, P.G., Marcus, J., & Chiriciation of Canada, St. John's, NL. co, F. (2012, May). Predictors of next generation family members' commitment to family enterprise. Kuron, L. K. J., & Taggar, S. (2012). Understanding job Paper presentation at the annual Family Enterprise search strategies and behaviours: A regulatory focus Research Conference, Montreal, QC. perspective. Proceedings of the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada, St. John's, NL. Dionisi, A., Christie, A.M., & Barling, J. (2011, May). Feeling more powerful than you should: Objective Vermunt (Gandhi), S., Taggar, S., Kuron, L. K. J., & and perceptual changes in power. Paper presentaWhiteside, D. (2011). The development of affective tion at the 2011 Association of Psychological Scicommitment: The role of job enrichment and psychoence Annual Convention, Washington, DC. logical states. Proceedings of the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada, Montreal, QC. Hershcovis, M.S., Reich, T., & Christie, A.M. (2012, April). Observer reactions to towards perpetrators Zhan, Y., Wang, M., & Shi, J. (2012). Influence of customand targets of incivility. Paper presentation at the er mistreatment on employees’ emotional well-being. 2012 European Academy of Occupational Health Conference Proceedings of Bi-annual Meeting of the Psychology Conference, Zurich, Switzerland. International Association for Chinese Management Research, Hong Kong. Hoption, C., Christie, A.M., & Barling, J. (2012, August). Followership and work performance. Paper presenConference Presentations tation at the 2012 American Psychological Association Convention, Orlando, FL. Barclay, L. J., & Whiteside, D. B. (2012, June). It’s not me, it’s you: Exploring the precipitation of injustice. Hoption, C., Christie, A.M., & Barling, J. (2011, May). ImPaper Presentation at the International Roundtable plicit followership theories: The leadership in folfor Innovations in Organizational Justice, Nice, lowership. Paper presentation at the 2011 AssociaFrance. tion of Psychological Science Annual Convention, Washington, DC.

Recent Publications

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Vermunt, S. M., & Taggar, S. (2012, August). A cross-foci examination of perceived team support, organizational commitment and performance. Paper PresenKuron, L. K. J., & Taggar, S. (2012, August). I want it and tation at the Annual Meeting of Academy of ManI want it now! Antecedents and outcomes of the goal agement (AOM), Boston, MA. to find employment quickly. Presenter Symposium at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of ManageVermunt, S. M., & Taggar, S. (2012, June). Email and text ment, Boston, MA. message norm differences and person perception in organizations. Paper Presentation at the Annual Lian, H., Brown, D.J., Liang, L., Ferris, D.L., & Keeping, Meeting of Administrative Sciences Association of L.M. (April, 2012). Abusive supervision and superCanada (ASAC), St. John’s. visor-directed aggression: The role of self-control. th Paper presentation at the 27 Annual Conference of Vermunt (Gandhi), S. M., & Taggar, S. (2011, April). Mithe Society for Industrial and Organizational Psynority dissenter biased information search and anticchology, San Diego, CA. ipated group tasks. Poster presentation at the Annual Meeting of Society for Industrial and OrganizaLiu, S., Zhou, L., Shi, J., Zhu, W., & Zhan, Y. (2012, Autional Psychology (SIOP), Chicago, IL. gust). Self-regulation during job search: Different roles of employment and behavior self-efficacy. Paper Presentation at 2012 Academy of Management Whiteside, D. B., & Barclay, L. J. (2011, August). Sounds Annual Meeting, Boston, MA. of silence: Employee silence as a mediator between

Conference Presentations continued...

Liu, S., Wang, M., Zhan, Y., Zhou, L., Wolkoff, L., & Shi, J. (2011, April). A study of the antecedents of perceived overqualification. Paper presentation at the 26th Annual Conference of Society for Industrial/ Organizational Psychology, Chicago, IL. Schweitzer, L., Kuron, L. K. J., Ng, E.S.W., & Lyons, S. (2011, June). Gender and career expectations: New findings from the Millennial generation. Paper Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada, Montreal, QC.

overall fairness and employee outcomes. Paper Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, San Antonio, TX. Zhan, Y., Shi, J., & Liu, S. (2012, August). Influences of customer mistreatment: Moderating roles of employees’ emotion regulation strategies. Paper presentation at the 2012 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Boston, MA. Zhan, Y., & Wang, M. (2012, April). Employee – organization relationships and older workers. Paper presentation at the 27th Annual conference of Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology, San Diego, CA.

Spence, J. R., Brown, D. J., Keeping, L. M., & Lian, H. (April, 2012). Employee gratitude and organizational citizenship behavior: A daily investigation. Paper Zhan, Y., Wang, M., & Shi, J. (2012, June). Influence of presentation at the 27thAnnual Conference of the customer mistreatment on employees’ emotional Society for Industrial and Organizational Psycholowell-being. Paper presentation at the 2012 Bigy, San Diego, CA. annual Meeting of the International Association for Chinese Management Research, Hong Kong. Tett, R. P., Christiansen, N. D., Robie, C., & Simonet, D. V. (2011, May). International survey of personality test Zhou, L., Wang, M., Belanger, J., Zhan, Y., & Liu, S. use: An American baseline. Paper presentation at (2012, April). Mood influence on training motivath the 15 annual Conference of the Association of the tion and training transfer. Paper to be presented at European Association of Work and Organizational the 27th Annual conference of Society for Industrial/ Psychology, Maastricht, NL. Organizational Psychology, San Diego, CA. Uruena, A., & Robie, C. (2011, April). Effects of warnings Zhou, L., Wolkoff, L., Liu, S., Zhan, Y., Wang, M., & Shi, and moral suasion on the Big Five. In T. Kantrowitz J. (2011, May). Commuting stress and self(Chair), Innovations in mitigating faking on personregulation at work: Moderating roles of commuting ality assessments. Symposium conducted at the anmeans efficacy and task significance. Poster prenual meeting of the Society for Industrial and Orsented at the 9th International Conference on Occuganizational Psychology, Chicago, IL. pational Stress and Health, Orlando, FL.

OB.HRM Area Bulletin (July 2012_1)  
OB.HRM Area Bulletin (July 2012_1)  

OB.HRM Area Bulletin (July 2012_1)