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Jennifer Bray University of Cincinnati Architecture

Table of Contents DAAP Parametric Model


Dissection of a Medical Literary Center


Spatial Analysis and Emblematic Object


Space Installation


Artist’s Retreat


Unit Project


Monumental Gate Design: Classical


Other and Handwork




Photoshop and Photography


DAAP Parametric Model

Project: Paramertic model developed while working for Anton Harfmann. Project was presented at the DAAP Symposium Fall 2012 and also contributed to Defragmenting the AEC industry through a Single, Component-Based Building Information Model. The purpose of the project was to push Revit in a new direction of development revolving around parametric design.

Dissection of a Medical Literary Center

Project: University of Cincinnati Library. Located on Ludlow, just East of the Clifton and Ludlow intersection. Each design decision was based on the concept of dissection, creating an East-to-West courtyard in the center of the building, three patios, and two outdoor overhangs. The North-to-South cut divides the program into public and private on each level. Floor Plans, longitudinal and transverse sections, exterior model, site model, presentation board, diagrams, renderings. A variety of programs were used to develop this building including: Revit, Photoshop and Rhinoceros.

Spatial Analysis and Emblematic Object Project (LEFT): Analysis of the gallery space within the School of Design Architectire Art and Planning showing views, material, rhythm, and space use. Project (BELOW): Small structure representing the analysis of the structure, space, and lighting within the University of Cincinnati Engineering building.

“Jennifer is a bright, hardworking, open minded individual and a pleasure to work with.� -Anton Harfmann

Space Installation Project: An installation based on the information gathered from the Spatial Analysis. This project was designed to strengthen and properly represent the space based on analysis of forms, space, and use. Located just outside of the fifth floor art gallery in the University of Cincinnati’s School of Design Architecture Art and Planning, the concept was to restrict the view into and out of the curtain windows that define the space. The materials used were laminated cardboard, MDF, chipboard models and plaster case of the assigned space.

Artist’s Retreat Project: The project site was located at Grailville in Loveland, Ohio. The program was to create and artist’s retreat for 7 to 8 artists to reside during wamer seasons. The program was not defined, however research was encouraged and glassblowing was the underlying media that drove parts of the design. Buildings include a residence and studio for each artist, then a public community building for all to gather if need be. The residence was given special attention and includes two outdoor spaces, northern lighting, storage space, and a cupola designed to reflect soft light throughout the space

“She is an effective team player, and adaptable to the problems encountered within the multidisciplinary team of our group.” - Pietro Cassinadri

Unit Project Project: Building block to create an interesting space, where the individual unit is lost within construction. Initially starting with small pre-made units and eventually using the inspiration to design our own unit. Starting with forks with string and binder clips, the final materials of OSB and insulation foam were chosen based on their rough appearance which is not usually exposed after construction.

“Very good team player. Strong technical skills, willingness to learn new things, enthusiasm for architecture.“ - Anton Harfmann

Monumental Gate Design: Classical

Project: Design for a classical gateway to Burnet Woods using the Doric Order. Burnet Woods is not a place of royalty, but a place of beauty in nature. The Doric Order was used because of the strong sturdy nature as well as simple beauty. The center portal is for cars to pass through while the left and right are forpedestrians and bicyclists. The site plan shows a opening to play with the daylighting throughout the day.

Stratford Heights

Other and Handwork Project: Case study and analysis. Examining the Mount Adam’s location showed buildings stretching in a vertical direction. due to the lack of space high on the hill. The image to the left is a watercolor drawing showing a combination of views that show the state of the existing buildings and alleyways.

Project: Modeling the Dieterle Stairwell in Google Sketchup. The addition part of the project (RIGHT) was a material study with the same image as a base. From left to right, 2B pencil, black charcoal, .5 Micron pen, and a combination of all three.

Project: Designing a medical literary center on Ludlow Drive in Cincinnati, Ohio. The preliminary design was hand drafted and presented midway through the quarter. The design dissection concept was still appearant this early in the design. The final design has a change in program and more specific ideas for material and details.

Project (FAR LEFT): Ink drawing of hand and ribbon done with caligraphy pen. Done prior to acceptance into DAAP program. Project (TOP RIGHT): First drafted project of a single room, floor plans and elevations. The room chosen is a living room located in Morrow, Ohio. Project (BOTTOM RIGHT): Section cuts of a pepper done in graphite. Project was to cut the pepper three times and draw what we saw.

“Brilliant intelligence,superior technical preparation, great attitude, patient and attentive.� - Pietro Cassinadri


Project (TOP and RIGHT): A guitar necklace and diving penguin pendant done in a Metals class prior to being accepted into DAAP program. Materials are sterling silver, copper, and fused glass. Project (BOTTOM): Retriculated sterling silver and copper bracelet with brass plates and bead settings connected with sterling silver links.

Miscellaneous Photoshop and Photography

Project (TOP): Digital art prior to DAAP, the experience and enjoyment out of playing with Photoshop. Creating something special with two passions: art and horses. Project (BOTTOM): Photography. The capture of a moment in time. A friend was photographed during various activities during the day. At the playground, with flowers, and in the rain.

Thank you,

Jennifer Bray -

Current: Spring 2013 - Program Study

JLB Portfolio 2013  

First year through third year BS architecture portfolio 2013

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