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Tooth Decay Prevention in Children We have discussed about the food for good dental health in our earlier post. Continuing with the discussion for good dental hygiene, it is important for the parents to know how they can prevent tooth decay in children. As many of you must be aware of the phrase that prevention is better than cure, preventing tooth decay can actually help the children in many ways than getting treatment of tooth problems later in life. Apart from imparting health, it helps in building and maintaining the self-confidence that your kids might lack if they do not have good teeth. Of course, no parent will ever want to compromise on that part. Therefore, we have listed here the common practices to prevent tooth decay in your children starting at a very early age. Children are particularly vulnerable to tooth decay; parents should: 1. Provide a good diet throughout childhood. 2. Brush your kids teeth until they are mature enough to do a thorough job by themselves (usually by 6 or 7 years of age); 3. Supervise twice daily brushing and flossing thereafter; 4. Never put babies or toddlers to bed accompanied by a bottle of milk (which contains the natural sugar lactose), juice or other sweet drink; 5. Never dip pacifiers in honey or syrup. These simple preventive methods can save a lot and offer a lot. Why not try them! Visit for Information on your diet,health,nutrition,weight loss,skin care,healthy lifestyle and much more!

Tooth Decay Prevention in Children