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Jenna Wilson Portfolio

I think the kind of landscape that you grew up in, it lives with you. I don’t think it’s true of people who’ve grown up in cities so much; you may love a building, but I don’t think that you can love it in the way that you love a tree or a river or the colour of the earth; it’s a different kind of love. - Arundhati Roy Let’s bring nature back into the built environment for everyone to enjoy. Let mother nature, in all her glory, give us inspiration and hope for a better world. Let us set the foundations for future generations.


1 Athens

Land Trust

2 Taqueria

Del Sol

3 Downtown Pocket Park 4 Ethnobotanical Garden 5 Watercolor 6 Resume



Athens Land Trust 150 Cannon Drive

In cooperation with Athens Land Trust we worked with local contractors to impletement a residential planting design for sustainable starter homes in the Athens community. By utilizing microclimate and considering sun angles, wind patterns, and local topography, along with a limited budget of $500, plant selection was made. The end result was a colaborative design that we then as a class installed.

Planting Plan

150 Cannon Dr Plan Final Plan Original Scale: 1”= 10”

Front of Residence Rendered in Ink

Western Side Perspective Rendered in Ink

2 The client at this local eatery wanted a low maintance design that would create an atomosphere to enhance the diners’ experience and would be a landmark and destination to the community. Taking the client’s wishes and the surrounding aesthetics into account, a low maintance, naturalistic garden with a meandering path and pops of seasonal color was proposed.

Taqueria Del Sol

Plant Sample

Coreopis ‘Cosmic Eye’

Ajuga reptan ‘Black Scallop’

Carex grayi

Illicium floridanum

Redesign Plan View Original Scale: 1”= 10’

North Facing Garden Perspective

Norther Walk Perspective

3 The project proposed an urban oasis in the downtown district of Athens, GA. By redesigning an existing parking lot nestled between two buildings, the concept birthed the idea of a secluded sanctuary from the everyday hustle of this diverse community.

Downtown Athens Pocket Park

Form Study 1

Form Study 2 Photos of Inspiration

Final Plan Rendered in Colored Pencil Original Scale: 3/16= 1’

Downtown Athens Pocket Park Continued

3D View of Water Feature

3D NorthEast View

Section Elevation of East Side In AutoCAD

Plan View in AutoCAD

4 Working with UGA’s Office of International Education, a design program was formed that consisted of and educational ethnobotanical garden that would contain a number of plant species from each of the continents (excluding Antartica). The idea was to create an enclosed space that would allow exchange students to feel safe and familiar countering the large campus setting they would be placed in. With a low budget in mind and an emphasis on low maintance, the design concieved, utilized micorclimates and drainage patterns, while providing an inviting outdoor environment.

Office of International Education Ethnobotanical Garden

Initial Concept Plan

Perspective from Back Entrance Rendered in Maker and Pencil

Perspective From Patio

Rendered in Maker and Pencil

Ethnobotanical Garden Plan Rendered in Marker Original Scale: 1�= 10’

In collaboration with Mia Bohmar and Matthew Cartledge


Watercolor Studies

In an effort to further my perspective renderings I took a two week watercolor class, which since has led to a creative outlet. The process creates a loose interpretation of subject matter that gives each piece it’s own attitude and flare.

Northern Mountains Study

Elk V.2

Garden Cottage

Palm Study

Elk V.1


Jenna Wilson | 307-331-3173


Bachelor’s | July 2018 | University of Georgia - Major: Landscape Architecture - Certification: LEED Associate - Major GPA: 3.71 | Cumulative GPA: 3.48 Computer Skills - AutoCAD - Illustrator - InDesign - Photoshop - SketchUp

Related Experience Tiny

Dawg House - Collaborated with multiple disciplines at UGA to supply Geor gia Organics with housing for their volunteers. - Provided multiple floor plan options along with proposed budgets for sustainable building products. - Attained hands on construction experience.

Other Experience

Server | Last Resort Grill | 2011- Present - Improved multitasking aptitude in a fast-paced working environment that averaged 400 covers a night. - Increased sales by recommending nightly specials and wines. - Enhanced interpersonal skills by communicating efficiently and ac curately between customers and chefs. - Maintained an average of 30 hours a week while enrolled at the Uni versity of Georgia.

Honors and Involvement

- Member of GSLA | 2016-Present - HOPE Scholarship Recipient | 2012-2017 - Campus Kitchens | 2014 o Prepped, cooked, and delivered meals to senior citizens in the Athens area. - Shop With a Bulldawg | 2013 o Raised $100 for a low income child in the Athens area, to go on a shopping spree at Target for Christmas.

Jenna Wilson 2017 Portfolio