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Every woman has her own unique beauty. Our goal is to show you just how amazing you can feel about yourself - and how easy it can be to see yourself as the incredible, sexy woman you are. Our magazine-styled boudoir imagery is artfully guided to capture you at your best. These confidencebuilding sessions are for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. Our studio specializes in making women feel fabulous. From your first consult, to your in-studio experience and the reveal of your photos - you can count on leaving feeling like a rockstar. We invite you to come be transformed!


YOUR CONSULTATION Every session begins with an in-person meeting (or call) to personally style your shoot and answer any questions you have. We want to get to know you and your vision to help create images that will “wow” you. You’ll also be presented with the beautiful products we carry so you can envision your session’s final outcome!


BOOKING YOUR SESSION Booking your session is easy! All contracts are handled electronically. Sessions fees are due in advance of the shoot. Your info is kept privately and conveniently in an online portal available to you anytime to view your contract or make payments. Upon booking you’ll receive a booklet to help you prepare for your session. Tips to choose your wardrobe, how to treat your hair, skin, nails etc. - We are here to make this an experience you’ll never forget!


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THE DAY OF YOUR SESSION Imagine: You sitting propped in a cozy chair, wearing a cozy robe sipping bubbly with your favorite music filling the studio. You’re offered a chocolate-covered strawberry. Our stylist is pampering you withthe world’s most phenomenal makeover. We shoot, you are surprisingly comfortable. And all of a sudden, you realize: You’re Gorgeous.


YOUR REVEAL We recommend all image reveals be done during an in-person session. This is the best way to ensure the first view of your images is on a calibrated screen, optimized for view and we can assist you with your selections for your final products. We’ll pop open some more bubbly and make it an event! You’ll have 7 days to finalize your order - and a sea of choices to select from!

“Jenna was absolutely amazing. She made me feel extremely comfortable throughout the entire day and helped me create the best birthday gift for my husband. I felt like a million dollars leaving her studio, and when I look at the photos she took, I feel beautiful.” - Ali

What our clients

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“I just wanted you to know that yesterday was one of the more powerful experiences I have had in my life. I felt so beautiful and sexy during the shoot- and that feeling has lasted. I know that I would not have been able to do that with anyone but you- because this really is something you were made to do. I just wanted you to know that the experience was so much more than a photograph- and I am so glad I did it.” - Laura

“Thank you so so much, this has been such an amazing experience from start to finish!” - Jen “ Today when I got ready for work and saw myself in the mirror, naked, I didnt let myself judge every angle ... I thought of yesterday and your encouraging words ran through my head “don’t ever say you aren’t sexy” I shut the door with the full length mirror and walked away!! I think [yesterday] I learned to love myself a little bit more…” Abby

“I love all of the photos! They are absolutely gorgeous!” - Amie “YOU are the best! It was so easy to open up and get in the groove of the shoot with you as a guide! :) Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have spent the entire day in a good mood thinking about yesterday’s experience…” - Sam

“I am sooooo happy I did this. I think {the photos are} beautiful, artistic... I can’t wait to see the finished album!” Amy


e offer in-studio boudoir and

special boutique hotel bookings. All Boudoir bookings include hair and make up styling with the session fee. Product collections are available for purchase, as well as a la carte items. Leather albums, Little Black Books, Peep Shows, Calendars & Gorgeous Wall Art are among our most popular products. Private Individual Sessions: beginning at $450 Couples Sessions: beginning at $500 Group Sessions: Custom Quote Required

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