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Jenna Pye

Architecture Portfolio North Carolina State University

Leave the earth better than you found it. Robert Baden-Powell


North Carolina State University

Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture- May 2014 NCSU Prague Institute- Fall 2014 Caldwell Fellow | University Scholars Program 3.74 of 4.0


NextEra Energy Resources | Juno Beach, FL

Construction Estimator Intern | June-August 2013 Worked with the Estimation team on developing cost estimates for wind and solar projects. Focused on sizing concrete foundations for wind turbines. Learned factors that affect the cost and design of wind farms and project cost management. Went on site visits to large scale power plants.

Global Renewable Energy Education Network (GREEN) | Costa Rica Program Participant (August) and Counselor (December) 2012 Helped lead an experiential educational trip in Costa Rica. Learned about renewable energy implementation in Costa Rica while gaining leadership skills. Continuing to work with the GREEN program to develop training procedures for future counselors.

The Sustainability Institute | Charleston, SC Unpaid Intern | May-June 2013

The Sustainability Institute is a non-profit agency that works with homeowners and contractors to retrofit homes with the purpose of making homes more energy efficient. Responsibilities included researching neighborhoods that would be ideal for renovations and contacting homeowners. Organized opportunities for outreach, such as hosting booths at public events.


SATELLITE- Science and Technology Enriching Lifelong Leadership in Tomorrow’s Endeavors Co-Director 2012-2014

SATELLITE is a student run non-profit organization that brings high school sophomores to NC State’s campus for a five day program to expose students to higher education in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. Responsibilities as Co-Director include grant writing, coordinating the admissions process, scheduling, and counselor training.

Engineering Building V ARC 302 | Jianxin Hu | Spring 2013 Designed in Collaboration with Kira Fallon

Engineering Building V is located on NC State’s Centennial Campus. Sited to be the final building on the Oval by the campus master plan, the building is adjacent to the landmark building, Hunt Library. The design holds the line of the Oval and respects the iconic nature of the Hunt Library while still serving as a notable building on campus. The interior atrium creates gathering spaces to encourage formal and informal collaboration between students.

The Oval

Site Plan Interior Rendering

Interior Rendering

Exterior Rendering

View of East Elevation

View of West Elevation

Charleston Analysis ARC 201 | Paul Lipchak | Fall 2011 Model Designed with Mason Lehman

The city-scale analysis of Charleston, SC was divided up in two parts. Working individually, I used historic and current maps to analyze the city, creating a synthetic map showing three layers of information. Then, working as pairs, we translated this information into a 3-D model.

Flood Zones Business District Synthetic Map

Road Expansion

A Traveler’s Dwelling ARC 202 | Maria Papiez | Spring 2012

The dwelling for a traveler is designed for a single businessman who spends most of his time away from home. When he does return home, he enjoys quiet, reflective time. The design for the dwelling reflects his lifestyle by having a relatively closed off front façade and having views that open to the backyard. The dwelling also includes a living space that the traveler can use to entertain his guests and display cultural souvenirs from his travels.

Site Section

Section A-A

Section B-B

Section C-C

North Elevation

Aerial View from West






Rolesville Elementary School ARC 302 | Jianxin Hu | Spring 2013 Designed in Collaboration with Kira Fallon and Haley Moore

Rolesville Elementary School is outgrowing its current facility and would like to add an additional building to its campus without losing play space for children. Our team was able to work with the Wake County Public School System’s architects and the school’s principal to design a building that meets the school’s needs by adding classrooms, a music room, and a rooftop classroom, while having a designated area for children to play.

Site Plan

Site Model Roof Top Area

East Elevation

South Elevation

North Elevation

Exterior Rendering

NCMA Visitor Center ARC 301 | Jim Grady | Fall 2012


The North Carolina Museum of Art Visitor Center, located at the entrance of the sculpture park, is intended to be a connection from nearby Blue Ridge Road to the sculpture park and greenway. The Visitor Center is also designed to showcase sustainable building features. The gallery space is lit by natural light without letting in direct sunlight, which led to a unique roofing system in the gallery. Other sustainable features include an interactive green wall and sunshades on south facing windows.



B 3 1







2 A


1. Mechanical 2. Offices 3. Entry/Reception 4. Gallery 5. Loading/Storage 6. Kitchen 7. Outdoor Eating 8. Cafe 9. Bike Rental

Summer Solstice Equinox Winter Solstice

Section A-A

Section B-B

1. Mechanical 2. Office Suite 3. Reception 4. Gallery/Flex 5. Storage 6. Kitchen 7. Outdoor Eatin 8. Cafe 9. Bike Rental

Final Model

Aesthetic Model

Aerial View

West Elevation

South Elevation


A sample of works from my time at NCSU's College of Design

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