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Evaluation Part 3 How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

The Products…

House Style


Here, I created a subtext that was also consistent throughout the Magazine Advert and the Digipak. I complimented the writing with splashes of orange on certain letters, so that it would relate to the band’s colour scheme or Orange and Blue.

The majority of the typography we used was hand drawn by myself, and this one in particular is used on the Magazine Advert, C-D, Digipak and also our Bonus Poster. This helps creates an identity for the band as well as a sense of branding through the products.

House StyleColour and

We kept the same shade of blue through the majority of our products to symbolise a fresh and youthful band. It also helps the audience to recognise the Band’s products through the colour scheme.


Here is the same photograph used on two of our ancillary products; Magazine Advert and Digipak. However we manipulated the board they was holding by changing the text to make it relevant. I think this works quite well and is again easier for the audience to recognise as an association with “Ambush Creep”.

Representation of the Band The band is represented through the clothes they wear. They all wear snap-backs (Caps) to represent the youth of today and the current fashion trend. They all wear bright colours to connote a certain happy vibe to their audience. Their friendship is also portrayed in the way they act and behave making it verisimilitude. The group photos from the Digipak and Magazine Advert also reflect this.

Representation of the Band


Lamar takes the first verse of the song. His style is very similar throughout the music video, wearing big Jumpers with a matching Snap-back. This reflects his personality of being comfortable and stylish. His specific location for his verse was the roadside outside of school. This connotes he is lovestruck and just an ordinary boy.

Representation of the Band


Karim is seen as the cool guy out of the band and takes the second verse of the song. He tends to wear different types of clothes depending on his mood but he continues to wear his snap-back. His facial expressions reflect his funny personality within the group. His particular location for his verse was the alleyway, connoting that he is the cool kid, and thinking he has won her heart.

Representation of the Band

Raphael‌ Raphael is seen as the funniest guy of the group, with him taking the last verse. His personality comes across with his facial expressions and gestures through the music video. He also dresses for comfort reflecting what most boys wear today. His particular location for his verse was Christie Park, near school. This reflects his sporty personality as he is on a basketball court as he sings.

Mode of Address

The mode of address we have used throughout all of our products is a humorous tone. We wanted to keep it quite light-hearted and represent love-at-first-sight. We wanted to appeal to a working/middle class audience, who has a sense of humour and would enjoy following the narrative. Our music video follows the 3 boys love-struck, in hope that they will win the girl at the end. We wanted people to be able to relate to this story and laugh at their own experiences of first time love. To keep the humorous tone throughout, we added a lot of comical scenes, like when the boys trip up Raphael and singing the lyrics from behind a tree.

Themes A theme we used across the music video was Loveat-first-sight, with all the boys after one girl. Another theme we used across all the products was the snap-backs, representing the current fashion trend as well as being a commonly related image for boys. This was specifically highlighted on the bonus poster with us having 3 specific snap-backs layered on top of the images of the boys. They also wear the snapback in the photo shoot as well as throughout the music video.

evaluation part 3  

evaluation part 3

evaluation part 3  

evaluation part 3