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Analysing a music video 3

Chris Brown – Yo (Excuse me miss)

First sighting‌

Before the song even properly starts, Chris brown notices the girl from the window. She looks at him too, even though she is with her friends. The use of shot-reverse-shot is useful here as we get an insight into them being interested in each other. This is quite comical for the audience as he is getting told off by his boss and ignoring him to look at her. Mine will be the other way round, where the boy is with his friends and notices a girl sitting on a bench.

Direct Address‌ Here is an example of Direct address, where he tells the story of what just happened to his audience. This makes the audience empathise with his situation and understand that he likes her a lot.

Narrative‌ Here, the lyrics are actually directed to the boys outside the shop, as if he is speaking to them. The audience can understand that they are his friends and it makes the situation relatable.

Dance Routine‌

The boys break into a choreographed dance as they walk down the sidewalk. This is to catch the girls attention as well as add something different for the audience to see. It also markets Chris Brown as he is known for his dancing.

Location‌ There is a change of location to a basketball court. This could be targeting a younger audience as they can relate to the sport. Again he tries to impress her with his basketball skills by spinning the ball on one finger, but she doesn’t seem to be interested. The dance routine continues on the basketball court to make her look back, but she seems to be flattered/embarrassed at this point.

Direct Address again‌ There is quick jump-shots used throughout this video so the audience doesn’t get bored. Here Chris Brown is speaking directly to the audience again, this time sitting on a bench, perhaps suggesting he is thinking about her all the time. There is also another boy in this shot but in the background, making the situation seem more realistic.

The Girl‌ Here we finally see what the girl is thinking about him. She has an argument with her girlfriends as she wants to stay at the basketball court and they want to leave. The main girl is in the middle putting more focus on her than the other two. They do leave her in the end and she feels obliged to follow them. We can see this through her facial expression. This is something I would like to incorporate into my own video with my main girl flirting back with the guy.

High Angle Shot‌ The girl gets into the back of a car, but leaves the door open, connoting how she wants him to follow her in. A high angle shot is used here to show the tension/chemistry between them. This allows the audience to see everything including facial expressions and body language. She begins to flirt with him and touch him as well as give him her phone, connoting to the audience that Chris Brown’s hard work paid off.

A solo dance routine‌ A low angle shot is used here to see Chris Brown on the bonnet of a car. The lighting is very dark as well as what he is wearing apart from his shoes and the yellow strip on his jumper. His shoes being white means the audience can see his feet as he dances. We can also see the car bouncing as he dances, making it look better for the audience to watch.


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