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Jagged Edge

Name of the band just in case people don’t recognise them. This is also the typography they have used for a number of their albums.

They name the 3 most famous songs to grab the audience’s attention of what is already out in the charts.

A summery image of all of the band members near the ocean, connoting a summer vibe for the album. Shops the album is available from.

Special features from other music artists.

Full Analysis • The typography used for the band’s name is the same on their actual album cover as well as previous album covers. This is a sense of their own branding. The photograph used on this magazine advert is also the same on the album. • The photograph used, connotes a friendship between the men as they are dressed very similarly, all in black vests and tracksuits. They are also all facing the same direction on their motorbikes connoting they may be “Bad Boys”. Their location being near the ocean suggests the album will be for summer vibes as well as quite calm. • The advert includes their most famous songs on there, to draw the audience in with what they are already familiar with. They also do this by adding other famous artists with a similar genre of music.

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analysis of mag advert

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