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November 30, 2016

The Pink Ladies

Our 12 Days of Gifting campaign kicks off tomorrow! Share this with your customers so they can finish up their holiday shopping and get some awesome gifts for the names left on their list! Check out and share the graphics on to help you spread the word! Plus, be sure to print off the PDF to share at your parties. There is an informational flier and a wish list!

Jenna Irvine Director 832-948-0769


Join us online!

The campaign will run from December 1 through December 12 - but there is MORE! Home Office will be posting a new gift idea to our Thirty-One Gifts Facebook page each day that will feature products from the Holiday Gift Guide, December specials, and qualifiers! Woohoo! Be sure to check for all the details on TOT and get the word out today!

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LastMinute BOOKINGS In a perfect world, you’re keeping your party calendar booked anywhere from four to six weeks out, giving you plenty of time for hostess coaching and your hostess time to plan her party at a nice, leisurely pace. In reality, however, there will always be times when, either because of a cancellation or just a dry spell with bookings, you find yourself with empty spaces in your calendar within the next few weeks. What can you do? Is it even possible to “pull a party together” in just a week or so with any success? Of course! During the holidays, believe it or not - it’s simpler! This time of year, people are wanting to

get together - so what are you waiting for? It will require you to work fast and a little harder, but in the end, if it adds to your monthly paycheck, bookings, and sponsoring results, the extra effort is worth it. Right?

Kick hostess coaching into high gear! Plan the guest list on the phone and get the invites out that day! E-vites will save the day here! Use them & followup.

Keep it fun and inclusive! Select a fun theme for her party! Have Here are a few tips for securing her invite families, not just the those last-minute bookings and girls, to boost attendance. making sure you have a strong plan in place so that the party Gather those outside orders! is successful for both you and With any event, they can take it from good to great! You know your hostess: it! Ask guests bring one too! Sweeten the pot! Since you’ll be asking hostesses to work a You can pull together a party little harder (and faster), you’ll in a short period of time! If need to sweeten the pot for her. you work a little harder, give a When she chooses to party little more, and provide great with you at the last minute, offer coaching, you’ll be surprised at her a special gift at her party how easily you can go from no to show your appreciation for bookings to a full calendar by next week! booking so close!


Dates to EVERY MONDAY! Listen by Web

Listen by Phone 646.558.8656 or 408.638.0968 Meeting ID 320 391 153 Monday, December 5 at 9 pm EST “Using the Who Do You Know List” Melissa Wilkinson, Director

NOVEMBER 30 Last day - submit November orders DECEMBER 1 12 Days of Gifting Campaign begins Continue to shop December Specials 5 LAST DAY: Remote Canada Orders 10 SS2017 Product Premiere 12 LAST DAY: Domestic Holiday Orders 31 Last day - submit December orders


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Meet& Greet

It’s the holidays! What a great that you will be there mingling if time to host an open house meet they have any questions. and greet! Spread a little holiday cheer and party at your house! As the hostess, gather them all together and share your story! Be prepared! It’s important to Next, share a few of your favorite have your display and paperwork products and encourage them to already set up. ask you questions. Keep things light and cheerful. Give them an Greet guests as they arrive. Ask abbreviated version of a full home them if this is their first time at party! a Thirty-One event. Invite them to making their way around the Your open house should engage table and check out some of our people and pull them in. It amazing products. Let them know also helps you develop new

relationships. The experience should leave them thinking “she’s really nice” or “I thought this was a lot of fun.” Be genuine! If they think you’re nice, they’ll like you. And if they like you, they’re more likely to introduce you to their group of friends. An open house is a great way to network and meet new people! Remember, people do business with people they know, like, and trust. Give it a try this season!


party GAMES

Time to

Want to have some retro holiday fun? Ask party guests to bring in a picture of them as a child at Christmas time.

Retro Holiday

photo fun!

As guests arrive, have them place their photo in a designated spot and assign it a number. Ask everyone during the party to take a gander at the photos and

News and Notes

see if they can guess who each person is in the photos. Have them write their name on index cards and hand them to you after they are done guessing. At the end of the party, ask each guest to identify their photo. Have guests check their cards to see how many they got right! The top guesser wins a prize!

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ASK:What kind of Consultant are they?

Are they looking to pay off those holiday bills or get control of their credit cards? Regardless of what their goals are, Thirty-One can provide them with the support and encouragement they need to make it all happen! Are you sharing that message with the people you meet? Do you leave them thinking about what an impact starting their own business can make in their lives?

The BEST offer you have is not the monthly special or the Hostess rewards - it’s not the LUT or something from our Promising Picks. The BEST offer you have is the opportunity! Ask questions and listen! Help them discover which kind of Consultant they are and then show them how it

can impact their life!

PARTY FOR A PURPOSE They have a specific financial goal – like a family vacation, a home remodel, math tutor, piano lessons, or braces for the kids. They would love the ability to work as much or as little as they want in order to meet that goal - Thirty-One gives them the flexibility to do that!

they’re looking for a consistent extra source of income. They might be a student that needs to earn some money but needs that flexibility. Thirty-One is their own business they can work on their own time.

PARTY LIKE A BOSS Thirty-One as an unlimited career opportunity is definitely what they want! They want to dedicate to a full-time PARTY JUST FOR FUN business and to building a They love earning free and team and helping others reach discounted products or want their goals while reaching their the occasional “girls’ night own. They are 100% all in! out.” Party any way and any time they want – it’s the ThirtyRegardless of what they One way. Love it! choose, ask them where they fit in. Give them realistic PARTY PART-TIME Their life is busy with kids, options. Invite them to pick activities or another job, so their future Consultant style!


c@ this! ! K O O L


blessings YOU have been given, each day.

Gifts and giving - it is part of who we are! We have a passion for serving and supporting girls, women and families. We believe strong, confident girls will grow up to become strong, compassionate women, who will be the driving force behind strong, healthy families and communities. Our mission is to celebrate others for who they are, giving them the support and self-esteem needed to lead a purposeful, thriving life. When we all work together and give a little piece of our heart, we

News and Notes

can make a huge difference. Don’t forget to include Thirty-One Gives when you are talking to others about their gift giving this season! Ask them to be part of the give! This year we are helping fund lifesaving behavioral health research, helping girls everywhere. It’s part of a new partnership with Nationwide Children’s Hospital, America’s largest pediatric hospital and research center.

The pink ladies news&notes 11 30 2016  
The pink ladies news&notes 11 30 2016