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Whether you’re looking for a subtle change or to make a loud, loud statement, dip-dyed hair is the newest craze. When it comes to deciding on what color to dye your ends, keep in mind your current hair color, your skin tone and the colors you most frequently wear. Go ahead, go crazy. Step 1: Brush out unwashed (but not that dirty) hair, pulling an even amount in front of shoulders—if long enough—on each side Step 2: Bleach (OPTIONAL): If you have darker hair and wish to prep your ends for a brighter color or simply to leave blonde, you first must bleach this section. Mix bleach and apply to ends with a brush, working your way up to where you want the dip-dye to end. Wrap ends in foil, checking on color periodically until it reaches desired shade. If you’re going to dye a color over this, make sure the blonde is as light as possible

Step 3: Wash out bleach and blowdry ends. You may want to wait a few days before step 4 to allow your ends to rest, but depending onhow much bleach you had to use, you could apply color right away.

Step 5: Wash out dye but DO NOT SHAMPOO. If needed, apply a bit of conditioner on ends after thoroughly washing excess dye out. Towel- or blow-dry and style hair as normal.

Step 4: Color: Pour dye in a bowl and apply color to bleached (or non- bleached!) ends using a brush. I recommend Manic Panic, which can be purchased at Ricky’s, but there are plenty of products and colors to choose from! Once again, wrap ends in foil and leave on for whatever length of time the product recommends.


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